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Peter: Do you think lava would taste spicy?
Tony: Please do not eat lava. 
Harley: Actually, since lava is really just molten earth, it probably tastes bland and dusty. 
Peter: You are the only one here who understands me. 
Tony: *facepalms*

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Daily rituals are viewed as more meaningful practices. Often, there is symbolism involved, and a real sense of purpose. A big part of it is your subjective experience of the activity. Ultimately, the more meaning you can add to your daily activities, the more motivated you become to do them. #justdoit #prayreciteruneatschool #ily #love #staymotivate #stayfit #trainhard #gakbolehmales #kidstri #youngtriathlete #ironkids #iamilyas #justdoyourbest

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Peter: Wake me up!
Morgan: Wake me up inside!
Peter: I can’t wake up.
Morgan: Wake me up inside. 
Peter: Saaave me. 
Morgan: Call my name and save. Me. From. The. Daaaark. 
Tony: *hearing this for the fiftieth time today* PEPPER! Where are the earplugs?

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Peter: *singing* Your heart is a muscle the size of a rat. 
Peter: Your brain’s about four times the size of a cat’s. 
Peter: Your lungs can hold 5.5 liters of air. 
Peter: The soles of your feet can never grow hair. 
Tony: *banging his head against a wall*

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Young adult Morgan: I’m gonna be Aunt May 2.0

Peter confused: What do you mean?

Morgan: When you ultimately die because of your line of work in a few years and I get to raise Ben to be a man his dead family would be proud of.

Peter apprehensive: I’m not gonna die because of work.

Morgan: It’s the family’s curse. Your parents died when you were four and my dad when I was 4.

Morgan looks at Peter dead in the eyes: Your days are numbered, brother.

Peter completely terrified.

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Just some ironkids for an irondad zine that didn’t end up happening. The drawing itself is kinda old and my style has changed a bit since then but all the ironkids are supported in this house and it was a fun project to be part of.

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*toaster explodes*
Peter: *aggressively swats at the smoke* IF IT DOESN’T SET OFF THE SMOKE ALARM, IT WASN’T AN EXPLOSION! 
Harley: Peter I don’t think that’s how–
Peter: *jumps up to the ceiling and tries to aggressively blow the smoke back down to the ground*
Harley: *smirks* You know what you’re right. That’s exactly how that works.

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whole family

This is my gift for @faynia for @irondadsecretsanta! I was so thrilled with your prompts list and the fact that you liked all of the ironkids, since that’s my favorite dynamic:) This one was so fun to explore, and such a joy to write. I hope you enjoy!

summary: Peter has never looked forward to summer more. Until Tony reminds him that Harley Keener will also be spending the summer with them. Is Harley about to push Peter out of the picture?

read it on ao3

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