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memeverse2k21 · an hour ago
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Crossover 🔥 #marvelstudios #marvelmovies #marvelcomics #marvelvsdc #marvel #marvelmemes #mcu #mcumemes #mcumovies #dc #dcuniverse #dccomics #dcvsmarvel #ironman #captainamerica #batman #superman #falcon #loki #thor #wintersoldier #wandavision #blackwidow #scarlettjohansson #elizabetholsen #rdj #chrisevans #blackpanther #eternals #shangchi
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emilia-gadot · an hour ago
#chrishemsworth #thor #marvel #avengers #chrisevans #robertdowneyjr #ironman #captainamerica #avengersendgame #scarlettjohansson #mcu #tomholland #blackwidow #loki #spiderman #tomhiddleston #tonystark #marvelcomics #endgame #markruffalo #avengersinfinitywar #hulk #thorragnarok #marvelstudios #infinitywar #sebastianstan #steverogers #elizabetholsen #captainmarvel #bhfyp
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etchartist · 3 hours ago
Iron Man's Mask . . #ironman #marvelcomics #marvel #stanlee #disney #disneyplus #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #etchasketchart #etchasketch #etchartist #spinmaster #art #tiktok #etchasketch @EtchArtist @spinmaster @marvel_entrtainment @marvelstudios @playavengers
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uncomicmas · 4 hours ago
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Reseña de Heroes Return #1 con spoilers, ya a al venta por Marvel ¿De qué viene? Una pelea épica y de gran tamaño entre el Escuadrón Supremo y un grupo de Vengadores de otro mundo por el destino final del mundo devastado de HEROES REBORN. Trama Esta entrega comienza con la batalla final en Wakanda entre el Squadron Supreme integrado por Power Princess, Blur, Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion y Nighthawk versus Capitán América, Thor, Echo, Black Panther, Blade y Starbrand, los Avengers que sobrevivieron a esta realidad alterna creada por Phil Coulson usando el Pandemonium Cube de Mephisto. Coulson se dirige a Wakanda para ayudar al Squadron Supreme, es el actual presidente de este mundo demente controlado por Mephisto, está convencido que los Avengers son un grupo sobrevalorado, que han causado daño a la humanidad y que su versión de un mundo libre de ellos con su Squadron es la solución, está embriagado de poder, es un dios en esta realidad perversa. La batalla comienza, Thor vs Hyperion, Black Panther vs Blur, Doctor Spectrum vs Starbrand, Phoenix vs Power Princess, Blade vs Nighthawk y Capitan América vs Phil Coulson. Todas la batallas son épicas, pero la más intensa es sin duda la de Thor vs Hyperion, Hyperion es demasiado poderoso. Los Avengers logran vencer al Squadron, pero la batalla la definen Phoenix y Starbrand que destruyen el Pandemonium Cube, esto hace que Coulson quede atrapado en el y todo vuelve a la normalidad, solo que los integrantes del Squadron Supreme recuerdan todo lo que pasa y tienen un gran conflicto existencial. Excelente cierre de un evento brillante, profundo que juega con las probabilidades de ocurrencias más originales del Universo Marvel. Arte Mcguiness es un genio artístico, brillante que asombra en cada una de las esquinas de cada panel de cada hoja. Resumen Los Heroes más Poderosos de la Tierra logran arreglar la realidad y vencer a Phil Coulson Calificación 5 de 5 Créditos Fecha de lanzamiento: 23 de junio Escrito por JASON AARON Arte de Ed Mcguiness Portada de LEINIL FRANCIS YU Fuente @marvel #avengers #captainamerica #ironman #blackwidow #marvel #marvelcomics #mcu #squadronsupreme #dccomics #hyperion
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uncomicmas · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
A partir de octubre, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN regresará con una historia tan grandilocuente que se necesitará el mayor equipo de escritores y artistas de arácnidos jamás reunidos para contarla. Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason y Zeb Wells se unirán en el título tres veces al mes para sacudir el mito de Spider-Man de una manera que nadie verá venir ... La saga comenzará en AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 75 donde Ben Reilly regresará para recuperar el manto de Spider-Man. Respaldado por Beyond Corporation, el cautivador clon de Peter Parker está decidido a ser la mejor versión de Spider-Man que haya existido. Y como mostraron los avances de ayer, esto podría tener consecuencias fatales para Peter Parker ... Los fanáticos podrán echar un vistazo por primera vez a lo que vendrá el 14 de agosto en el DÍA DEL LIBRO DE CÓMIC GRATIS 2021: SPIDER-MAN / VENOM. Fuente @marvel #spiderman #marvel #captainamerica #ironman #marvelcomics #deadpool #peterparker #avengers #civilwar #tomholland #blackwidow #hulk #blackpanther #thor #captainamericacivilwar #antman #hawkeye #scarletwitch #spidey #mcu #spidermanhomecoming #xmen #comics #tonystark #daredevil #venom #superman #marveluniverse #chrisevans #wintersoldier
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ijansempoi · 6 hours ago
Harga Bandai tapi Quality Hot Toys (Unboxing ZD Toys Iron man MK6)
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accio-mjolnir-icons · 7 hours ago
Request by:@wingedpassenger Hope you like these!!Thanks for requesting!♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞.
𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐫𝐞-𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞.
𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞.
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queenofinsanity-6 · 9 hours ago
Science Fair
“I knew you could do it kid; I told you you had nothing to worry about.” Tony threw an arm over his shoulders. “They loved you! You did amazing.” Tony rubbed his shoulder. “I’m proud of you.” Tony had to practically force the words out of his mouth. It wasn’t that they weren’t true or that he didn’t want the kid to know but Tony wasn’t used to saying what he felt. Emotions were something to be hidden away, buried and only released in the dark and when he was alone. But the smile that lit up Peter’s face made the discomfort worth it; it was almost blinding in its intensity and Tony wanted to look away but couldn’t bear to tear his eyes away from it at the same time. He smiled back at him.
“Say cheese!” May’s voice sang near them. Both boys turned to face the camera with smiles on their faces. As soon as she snapped the shot, Peter turned back to face him.
“Thank you Mr Stark.” He looked up at him with gleaming eyes and Tony decided he was quickly approaching his sentimental limit for the day.
“Don’t get all mushy on me kid.” Tony said before ruffling the kid’s hair. Peter laughed and tried to duck away, unsuccessfully might he add.
“Mr Stark.” Peter whined. Tony could, absurdly, feel laughter bubbling up inside him and he couldn’t stop the wide smile on his face even if he wanted too. They heard another snap of a picture being taken and looked over at May who was smiling down at the camera.
“Oh, that’s a good one.”
“Why don’t you get in the pictures if you’re so insistent on taking them.” Tony called to her, reaching for the camera but May batted his hands away.
“Peter and I will take pictures together but I want one with all 3 of us too.” Tony blinked at her feeling strangely touched that she wanted him in her photo. Photos were to capture moments; family photos were of times together you don’t want to forget. There weren’t many people left who would want to include him in them and the fact that the Parkers did brought feelings up that he viciously forced down to consider later. Or never. Preferably the latter but realistically the former. Unfortunately.
May called Ned over and tasked him with taking the picture. It took him a second to get over being star struck at taking a picture of Tony Stark, who was in front of him, right there. That was a good photo too. Then Tony took over and took plenty of photos of May and Peter, Peter and Ned, May and Peter and Ned together. He hadn’t been on this side of the camera in a while. He had had countless pictures taken of him over the years, most exceedingly unflattering, but had never really cared enough to want to capture something or someone forever. Sure, he had the odd photo of Rhodey or Pepper or the Avengers, but he had never been all that invested in photo taking. God, what was this family doing to him? First, the kid inspires all these protective and amused feelings, then his aunt actually succeeds in making him feel vaguely sentimental. Now they have him going to competitions and feeling pride at something he didn’t even do and taking family pictures. What impossible thing would they get him to do next? Not that he would hang around and get attached. Last time he did that, it didn’t end well for him. He isn’t going to give the universe another chance like that to rip the rug out from under his feet. But as Peter bounced over to him, stopping just short of hugging him again, smiling that dimpled smile up at him that is brighter than all the stars in the sky, Tony had a sinking sensation that it might be too late for that. Oh God.
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allywritesforfun · 12 hours ago
{Trusting You; Chapter 2} Loki x Reader
summery: You are a superhero from out of town. After getting injured by a frost giant, you are taken in by the Avengers. To keep yourself safe, you have to decide who can trust
pronouns: she/her
word count: 979
“So I'm gonna die?”
You softened up. The blast did hurt and made you colder every second, but you never thought it could kill you, “Is it certain death?”
The last thing that you wanted was to die. You’re the main protector of Britain. Who else was going to help the citizens there?
Loki shrugged, “Brother, do you think we can sneak her into Asgard?”
“Why? She's going to die,” Thor asked.
You started to feel some resentment toward Thor. You could trust him, but he didn’t have much interest in you. He’s honest though, and you like that.
“If we can take her to the BiFrost, then we can go to Olympus and see if Asklepios can heal her. Unless you just want to let her die and have Fury at our throats,” Loki explained
Fury? Nick Fury, the guy arrowboy was talking about. Must be their leader of some sort. But why would he care if you lived or died? Something more was going on with your capturing.
“Asklepios? I thought Zeus killed him?” You asked.
The two brothers laughed and replied, “You're such a mortal!”
“So he's alive?” You questioned.
They nodded. Thor was first to speak, “I'll take her to the BiFrost then-”
“Can I join you?” Loki interrupted. “I would love to go back home, I need to get off of this dredged tower. How else will I prove myself worthy of freedom if I stay locked up here?”
There it is, Loki’s true intentions: he wants to use you to set him free. Even you could tell he needs to stay up here, locked away. He already causes enough trouble. Him getting lose could be a threat to Britain.
Thor looked back at the others. They didn’t seem amused by the idea. They all stated back at Thor, emotionless. That was enough of an answer.
You spoke up, “He just threatened multiple times to kill me! Not to mention he's an illusionist! He can be anywhere at any-”
“I'm a trickster,” Loki interrupted. “It's in my blood. I can't help it.”
“She has a point,” Tony agreed. “Maybe if it was just Thor and him, he could go. But we have her mortal life and he has so many enemies. We can't allow him to put her in danger.”
Loki gave Thor a pleading look. Thor nodded, seeming to have a splur of emotions, “My brother lost our trust a long time ago, but he regained mine. He saved the people of Asgard and rebuilt it. I think we can allow him to join us on our little mission.”
Cap and Tony looked at each other and started discussing, you only heard a bit and realized they weren't gonna let him. Something in you wanted him to come with. You couldn’t explain it. Maybe it was the unsaid bond you had with Thor or liking the idea of traveling with Loki, but for some reason you had a change of mind. If Thor trusted him, maybe you could too. Besides, all you want to do is help people, and maybe you could help Loki a little bit.
“I can handle myself. If Loki does betray us... well we have a god and me to take him down,” You chimed in.
Steve and Tony discussed a little further. The more they talked, the more they nodded and seemed to come towards a neutral agreement. Tony turned back towards Thor and nodded, “If Loki puts anyone in danger, including you, you are to call us right away and put him into custody. He better not hurt anyone on this trip, if he does, he will never see daylight again.”
“Don’t go killing thousands of people!” Clint added.
“I won't, you should have full trust in me,”  Loki sighed and offered you his hand. You took it after a moment of hesitation and allowed him to pull you up. “Do you feel alright to walk?”
You were taken back by this unexpected compassion. This was totally out of character- well that you’ve seen so far. Maybe you were wrong- maybe he didn’t trust you so he felt threatened and needed to protect himself. You letting him go with and giving him a little freedom meant something to him, “I-I'll be okay, I can handle myself.”
He nodded and followed his brother into the elevator. You took a few steps and felt uneasy, but continued on. You leaned against a railing in the elevator and looked at your reflection in the glass. You noticed some blue on your neck. When you were a kid, you would play with face paint. One day you got it all over your body. Your mom was so mad but your father found it hilarious. For one second you couldn’t remember that you were on the brim of death. You grazed your hand over it and shivered at the cold touch.
“I would leave it be if I were you,” Loki’s soft voice startled you. “You got lucky, people are usually dead by the time it spreads to their neck.”
“Will I be okay?”
“You're dying, you're not okay,” Thor answered.
You rubbed your arms, trying to get warmer. Loki shrugged off his cape and wrapped it around your shoulders, “It's not much, but it should keep you alive for five extra seconds.”
You nodded slowly, “Thank you.” You looked at yourself in the mirror, the green complimented the blue in a nice way. You normally don’t get dressed up, but it was a nice change of outfit. Green didn’t look too bad on you.
How come people don't trust Loki? Like I can see if he pulled out his daggers on them but he's such- such a sweetheart almost. Yeah he has the biggest ego ever but he still cares for other people. Why can't those people see that?
taglist: @zizzlekwum @classyunknownlover
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uncomicmas · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
YA VÍ #BLACKWIDOW....y es ALUCINANTE..... superó todas mis expectativas y las llevó a otro nivel. Muchísimas gracias a @cinecolorve @marvelstudios @disneystudiosla y la oficina regional de Disney por esta magnífica oportunidad. Felicidades al elenco por su ESPECTACULARES interpretaciones' Scarlett Johansson (“Black Widow”), Florence Pugh (“Yelena Belova”), David Harbour (“Alexei Shostakov”), Rachel Weisz (“Melina”) BRILLANTE trabajo de la directora Shortland y otra impecable producción de Kevin Feige Black Widow estrena el 9 de julio en cines por @CinecolorVE y en streaming por @disneyplusla a través de Premier Access! Los suscriptores de Disney+ podrán ver BLACK WIDOW en Disney+ tantas veces como lo deseen en sus dispositivos favoritos desde el mismo día de su estreno en cines. SINOPSIS En BLACK WIDOW de Marvel Studios, un thriller de espías lleno de acción, Natasha Romanoff, también conocida como Black Widow, se enfrenta a lo más oscuro de sus cuentas pendientes, cuando surge una peligrosa conspiración que tiene lazos con su pasado. Perseguida por una fuerza que no se detendrá ante nada para derribarla, Natasha debe lidiar con su historia como espía y con las relaciones rotas que dejó a su paso mucho antes de convertirse en parte de los Vengadores. Scarlett Johansson vuelve como Natasha/Black Widow, Florence Pugh interpreta a Yelena, David Harbour interpreta a Alexei/The Red Guardian y Rachel Weisz es Melina. La película está dirigida por Cate Shortland y producida por Kevin Feige. Información General: Fecha de Estreno: 9 de julio 2021 en cines y Disney Plus Director: Cate Shortland. Estudio: Marvel Studios Elenco: Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour , Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle y Rachel Weisz. Fuente Disney Prensa Argentina @cinecolorve @marvellatam #blackwidow #hawkeye #captainamerica #scarletwitch #natasharomanoff #steverogers #avengers #scarlettjohansson #chrisevans #ironman #thor #buckybarnes #tonystark #hulk #wintersoldier #antman #civilwar #blackpanther #falcon #loki
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gbrailyn · 17 hours ago
Aquí les dejo un pequeño tease del Reportaje Especial “Todo por un sueño” Una entrevista que refleja la trayectoria del Campeón Cubano de Triatlón Yunior Rosete. Un recorrido visual a su Leyenda personal a manera de homenaje a su esfuerzo, a su carrera, a lo que dejó atrás, y a lo que forjó aquí en Estados Unidos, y claro, a todos los sueños que están por venir. A él Gracias por permitirnos contar su historia. Gracias al excelente camarógrafo @listestudio por confiar en mi. Y gracias a cada uno de los que aportaron un granito de arena. Cada opinión significó mucho. 🙏 . . . . . . #reportajeespecial #todoporunsueño #telemundo49 #noticiastelemundo #triatlon #yuniorrosete #cubanathlete #citibikes #ironman #florida #daniabeach #videography #photographer #sports #sportslife #storyteller #documentary #underwater #reporter #reporterlife #periodistacubano #brailyngarcia
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