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I know I’ve been posting lots of fair game content!! And I do like the ship

but my favourite Qrow ship will always be Ironqrow James and our bird boi.

Yeap, so… I got inspiration and tomorrow I will post something for this ship

Pls do not let this pair fall unless it is in love!!!

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Looking into that scene with nebula and rhodey where they call Peter an idiot just imagine there reaction to ironquill

Rhodey and nebula : “almost having their 15 th mantel break down for the day” ahhh no there is two of them

And imagine tony is pregnant with peter’s child I think rhodey would take full time job at the air force and nebula would change the galaxy they cant handle any more idiotic behavior

But let’s be honest they’re soft hearted they love there idiot children

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I think the reason it’s so easy for me to ship literally All the (non-toxic and gross, I’m looking at you st//ar///ker) Tony ships out there is because I just see him as someone who falls in love easily. Like, it’s just an ordinary thing for him. He’ll fall in love and get crushes all the time so it’s not really a big deal anymore. He’s learned to not expect too much and so it’s just kind of a Thing that happens to him and he’s just “alright cool another one”. That, obviously, doesn’t mean the love he feels is any less real than others. He’s just learned over time to have sort of a laid back attitude towards it

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Title/Link: Persistence 

Square Filled: First Kiss

Ship: Peter Quill/Tony Stark

Rating: Teen+

Major Tags: First Kiss, Flirting, Canon Divergence

Summary: Tony was in space for a reason. It was not to form attachments to persistent Space Pirates but Peter didn’t seem to understand that.

Word Count: 2k+

Created for @mcukinkbingo

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No.44 and No.20 with IronQuill maybe?

44. Flowers of Romance  and 20. Teacher AU 

Hmmm. Tony who is the AP science teacher at the local high school and keeps getting bouquets of the most beautiful flowers on his desk every morning.

Come to find out the resident music/assistant dance teacher Peter Quill is pretty far gone on him and more than a bit romantic.

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How about some Angsty Couple StarkQuill/IronStar/StarIron/IronQuill/IronLord ??? for y’all :,)

(i felt rlly lazy but i wanted to make a MB so yeah also im working on the tony/quill ft. natasha fic so stay tuned !!)

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(Tony has gone out, leaving Quill and Peter alone together. Peter has shut himself in the bathroom, clearly not feeling well)

Quill(outside the bathroom door): Can you at least tell me if it’s a…North or South situation? That way I can figure out what to get you to help.

Peter(in the bathroom): Well, the problem is that right now it’s still kind of…Midwest.

(A couple minutes later, Tony calls Quill)

Tony:…Why did you send me a text that says, “Trouble in the Midwest, prepare for anything”…?

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Infinity War: Kills my spider son, my tree son, my wizard husband, my emo husband, my cat husband, and my beautiful alien wife, puts me through severe emotional trauma as I watch everything I’ve ever loved crumble, and is arguably darker than any other movie in the entire MCU

Me: *replaying the video of strange winking at Tony* god bless this gay ass movie

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