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jacobbyart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve took his hand, feeling a rush of electricity along his fingers at the brush of skin against skin. “It would be an honor to dance with you.”
- a winter's ball, read on ao3
art for my collab with AJ, who wrote the amazing fic!!! for the historical au square on the PoTS fluffernutter bingo!
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tinytony-snack · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Look what I got!
The cutest charm ever from the fantastic @firulaispng , and freebies! How lovely, I love her version of Steve and Tony. Amazing 😍
And what about those tiny fruits?? So cute!
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Tony: So it turns out a squirrel would need to fall about 4800 miles in order to die because that would give it time to starve to death because they can survive terminal velocity.
Steve: Tony, I am begging you it is 2:30 in the morning.
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bohemienne-221b · 13 days ago
bitches be like watching falcon&winter soldier finally expecting some good ol rom-com relief
and then getting massive stony angst and feels and crying all over the keyboard even if neither tony nor steve are in the fuckin show
it's me
i'm bitches
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jacobbyart · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
"Tony stared at him in wonder. His heart fluttered in his chest like a small bird that wanted to break free. A shiver ran down his spine when he felt the warmth of the blonde, who was standing close enough that they almost touched."
art piece for mine and @myperlmuttpearl's collab for the PoTS Fluffernutter Bingo! you can read the amazing fic 'good things in small packages' written by pearl here!
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You know what I love about Steve and Tony? It's that for the majority of the universes we have been shown, they are each other's one constant.
Say what you will about each one but if there's one, the other is there somewhere. And they always have some sort of relationship to one another, whether it be friends, enemies, practically married, actually married. And I find it rather poetic. Because these two almost always love one another. They can bring out the best and worse in each other. They're such foils to each other, heck even some of their epithets are too. The man out of time and the futurist. Despite these differences these two always loved each other by the end of the day. And that's also what makes civil war hurt so much because they love each other so deeply but this time the differences were too much and caused them to break up.
And what I love most is that it's hard work and love for the characters by the writers that have brought them to this point. I love that someone said, hey let's make these two completely opposite characters friends. Becuase orginally these two had nothing to do with one another, it's not like Tony was created to be Steve's foil like some other characters, no, Tony was created as a challenge for the writers. Then with an idea to combine different characters as part of one group from different storylines instead of predesigned team like Fantastic Four or arguably the X-Men someone said, hey let's realive this character. Now years later Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are one of the most iconic pairs in Marvel.
To have that deep of a connection that it spans across a multiverse, it really makes me believe in soulmates.
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tinytony-snack · 25 days ago
Natasha: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks through that door.
Steve: I’m not kissing anyone.
Tony: *walks in*
Steve: fine. I’ll do it. I mean, a dare’s a dare.
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captainhandsome45 · 29 days ago
Looking for an RP partner for an 18+ Stony roleplay!
So picture this: the year is 1991, Tony is 21 and has just lost his parents to a car crash mere days before Christmas. He was in the midst of finishing his last PhD, but now he's suddenly been thrown into the responsibility of not only needing to bury his folks, but also needing take care of the looming giant that is Stark Industries.
The start of this RP would take place during/right after the funeral, where Tony's clung to Steve for comfort as the man is (sort of, but not really) an unofficial godfather, but he’s really more akin to a family friend than anything else. Looking for a slow to moderate burn of Steve taking care of a grieving Tony and encouraging him when he gets around to finishing school and manning SI, and falling for one another in the process. The starter is below the cut, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about it, are interested, or are interested and want to switch up the starter a little bit!
Looking for 18+ people who can respond with well written, longer responses (a paragraph or more) that are in the third person, aka Steve’s POV. Hoping to continue on Discord, and as a side note— I do write in present tense!
Please PM me or interact with this post and I’ll message you! ♡
[Noncanonical AU, Young Adult Tony (21), the year is 1991; Stony is the endgoal. TW: talks of death and funerals. | After the incredibly sudden and brutal death of both his parents, Steve offers for Tony to stay with him while he grieves and hopes to eventually get back on his feet, as Obadiah runs the company for now. Steve’s sort of an unofficial godfather, but he’s really more akin to a family friend than anything else.
Steve had been in the ice for twenty five years before scientists found him again, and he and Peggy had married— marriage simply hadn’t been on her mind until he returned. However, they've since divorced, having fallen out of love, and Steve's been burying himself in his work since. He's lonely, up until Tony loses his parents and Steve invites him to stay at his house for as long as he needs to. Steve is 48 years old, not including the years in the ice. Please lmk if you have any questions!]
Tony's held it together for much longer than anyone else had anticipated. During the call from the police at four in the morning that sent him into shock during his study session with Rhodey, and on the silent drive home when Jarvis picked him up from Cambridge. He kept it together for the following two days afterward that it took him and Jarvis to painstakingly pick out his parents' coffins and gravesites that Howard hadn't done himself, because his father had evidently assumed that he would live much longer than seventy-four years.
Astoundingly enough, he even had a stone face during the service. Every word from the priest was like a punch to the gut, every glance to the two beautifully decorated coffins and his own eulogy to the hundred-something people in the room had made him nauseous. And regardless of the fact that he hasn't seen Steve in almost two years, Tony had stuck to him for the entirety of the viewing, the service, and the burial, becoming more and more high strung with every flower and bouquet tossed onto the surface of his parents' final resting place.
After all was said and done, Tony is tightly arm in arm with Steve: familiar and strong and warm in the drizzling winter rain. Peggy, Jarvis, and Ana lead them toward the awaiting two blacked-out Bentleys that'll take them wherever they need to go. He and Steve take the second one alone, having briefly discussed Tony staying with him before the service began, but he isn't sure of its certitude yet. Tony doesn't realize he's shaking and shivering until the driver closes the car door behind them, and it's like something shatters in him-- heavy breaths turning shaky before he lets out a whimper and shoves his face into the crook of Steve's arm as the sobs violently wrack his body, his grip on the other man vice-like.
[I also have another, more self-indulgent and *spicy* version that involves Steve and Peggy still being married but being currently unhappy with their relationship. Let me know if you're interested or want to talk more to see if we'd be a good fit! Thanks!]
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jacobbyart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more sketches from tonight's ✨GOLDEN HOURS✨ this time we have sheep!tony who confused many but captured their hearts anyway. written by the awesome @bladeofthenebula27
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Tony: Do you have plans for tonight?
Steve: No.
Tony: Want to come over? 😏
Steve: Sure, what you wanna do?
Tony: 🍆🍑
Steve: Eggplant and peach? Seems like a weird dinner.
Steve: What?
Tony: Just come over and I'll show you 😤
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cyberdelph · a month ago
Tumblr media
by @Smile_Star16
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