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HELLO starker friends. If you don’t know me it’s because I was in a hiatus since last year. I am a starker account: I take prompts, I write, I write on AO3, and I just publish stuff about starker!! If you:

1) write starker

2) do and post starker related stuff

3) and/or you are starting and want new friends

Please reblog this and let’s follow each other! Let’s find one another again, thank you! ♥️

Also, please feel free to check my account. I haven’t written a lot since I got back, but I have some pretty long fanfics down the line. I was here for a looong period of time before I left. Thank you!

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Find our full Kinktober post right here! 


Summary: As the title says: Karen And Friday Get Involved.
Warnings: Artificial Intelligence being sliiiightly manipulative

I wrote this on a piece of paper and then typed it into my phone akfjsk, please tell me if there’s any typos!


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Find our full Kinktober post right here! 


Summary: Peter’s nightmares are so bad he just doesn’t go to sleep anymore. Tony urges him to go sleep by using his visual hallucinations in their advantage.
Warnings: Post Endgame, Tony lives, Adult Peter Parker, Sleep deprivation due to trauma, Hallucinations, Established Relationship

I took some liberties with the idea, because I wasn’t particularly inspired today. I really wanted to write some angsty fluff, so there’s not /much/ kink in here, but I hope it’s enough to keep you beans satisfied! <3 Once again not beta-d, whoops.


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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve 

Peter woke up to the feeling of his arm going numb. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see Tony cradled under his right arm and over his left. Amusement bubbled in his chest - wasn’t he supposed to be sleeping without him?

He felt around his nightstand blindly for his phone, grabbing it and turning it on. After pulling his left arm out from under Tony, he scrolled through his notifications and answered some texts.

The slow opening of his door had him tensing up and curling his fists, instinct driving him to get off the bed and fall into a defensive stance. He loosened up when he saw that it was only Morgan, climbing back into his bed and letting her do the same. She laid down on his chest, her head above his heart, and wound her arms around him. 

“Hi, baby,” Peter whispered, the term of endearment slipping out without a thought, “We have to be quiet, okay? Daddy’s sleeping.” 

Morgan nodded silently, her hair tickling his bare chest. “Where were you?” 

“I was on patrol,” Peter explained, but she already knew that part, “I ran out of webs and had to walk back home. I’m sorry I was late.” 

“It’s okay,” Morgan mumbled, “Just don’t do it again, Papa. It wasn’t nice.” 

Peter hummed in agreement, hands coming up to rub her back, “Why are you up so early?”

“I had a nightmare,” Morgan said, her small body stiffening at the reminder, “It was really scary.” 

Peter cooed in sympathy, “Yeah, those suck, huh? Do you want to tell me about it?”

After a moment of consideration, Morgan nodded, “The monster under my bed came out and ate me. Then he went and ate you and Daddy.” 

“There’s a monster under your bed?” Peter gasped, “Do you want me to go talk to him? Surely he’s no match for Spider-Man.” 

Morgan giggled, muffling them in his chest to avoid waking Tony, “You can’t fight him, Papa. He’s made of shadows.” 

“No?” Peter raised his eyebrows, “Has there been any villain that I haven’t been able to beat?” 

“No,” Morgan answered. 

“And do you really think the monster won’t be scared of Spider-Man and Iron Man?” Peter questioned her playfully.

“No,” Morgan said again.

“Then I’ll fight the monster,” Peter told her firmly, “I don’t need him scaring my baby.”

There it was again - ‘baby’. He froze immediately, waiting for Morgan to call him out on it, but she didn’t seem to notice. She just snuggled closer, and slowly, Peter allowed himself to relax. 

“Okay, Papa,” Morgan agreed, “Just don’t let him eat you.” 

“You drive a hard bargain,” Peter smiled. 

“What does that mean?” Morgan’s face scrunched up. 

Peter laughed softly, sparing a glance at Tony to make sure he was still asleep, “Don’t worry about it, Mo.”

“What are you two blabbing about?” Tony grunted, “Whatever, I don’t care, but it’s too early for this.” 

He rolled onto his side, turning his back to them, but Morgan wasn’t going to be deterred. She shuffled off of Peter and jumped onto Tony, causing him to let out a stream of curses that he barely remembered to censor. 

“You’re awake, Daddy,” Morgan shook him, “You can’t sleep anymore. And guess what? Papa said he’s going to fight the monster!”

Tony sat up then, giving Peter a hard and slightly panicked stare. “You’re going on patrol? Already?”

Morgan was already answering before he could even open his mouth. 

“No, Daddy,” Morgan sighed, exasperated, “He’s gonna fight the monster under my bed.”    

“Ah, I see,” Tony laid back down, letting her sprawl all over him and reaching for Peter with his right hand. Peter took it in his left, rubbing his knuckles mindlessly.        

“We have to get you ready for school, Mo,” Peter said, checking his phone for the time. 

Morgan huffed, “I don’t wanna go to school.” 

“And why is that, little miss?” Tony lifted a brow questioningly. 

“Ms. Macy makes me eat all my veggies,” Morgan complained, “And she always puts me in timeout if I don’t listen to her.” 

“I can homeschool you,” Tony offered hopefully. 

“No, you can’t,” Peter sent him a reprimanding look, “I swear, you’re taking this ‘school’ thing worse than she is. She can’t stay home forever.” 

Tony faltered under his stare, turning to Morgan to avoid it, “Sorry, honey, but you heard Papa. You can’t not go to school just because you don’t like veggies or following orders. You’re supposed to listen to your teacher.”

“But why?” Morgan whined, “She’s not my mommy.” 

“Because when we leave you at school, we’re trusting your teacher to take care of you,” Peter explained, “By listening to her, you’re listening to us.” 

“Okay, Papa,” Morgan relented, sliding off of the bed, “I’m gonna go choose my outfit.”

She ran out of the room, and Tony waited for the pitter patter of her feet to fade away before pulling Peter towards him. 

“You’re good at this parenting thing,” Tony purred, leaning down to capture his mouth in his own. 

“Thank you,” Peter pulled away from him, “But I’m not kissing you until we’ve both brushed our teeth.” 

“Dick,” Tony punched him playfully, rolling off of the bed and landing on his feet before starting to make his way to the ensuite.

“Oh, and by the way,” Peter snickered, “What happened to ‘you’re sleeping on the couch’?” 

The only response he got was a middle finger.

They all got ready and hopped into one of Tony’s cars, snacking on bananas because they were running late and hadn’t had time to make breakfast. 

“So, it’s almost Halloween,” Tony started conversationally, “Any plans, Pete?” 

“That depends on what you and Morgan want to do,” Peter shrugged, pulling a second banana out of his pocket and starting to eat it. 


Peter swallowed the bit of banana he had in his mouth. “Meaning, I’ve been invited to a couple of parties, but would prefer to do whatever you guys are doing. If you’re not doing anything, I might go to one of the parties.” 

“I wanna go trick-or-treating,” Morgan piped up. 

Peter glanced at Tony for confirmation before saying, “Then we’re going trick-or-treating.” 

“Do you know who you want to dress up as?” Tony asked his daughter, catching her eyes in the overhead mirror. 

“No,” Morgan shook her head, “Maybe I’ll be a pirate. Or I can be a zombie!” 

“We’ll look for costumes after school, okay?” Tony asked her, eyes moving back to the road. 

“Okay, Daddy.”

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if you think for a moment peter will ever be fully over tony’s death, you’re wrong. there is not a day where he doesn’t miss him, not a day where he doesn’t talk to him when he’s alone as if he’s still there, not a day where he lays in bed at night whispering “good night, mr. stark” because this man has left a mark so deep on him, it can never be wiped off or fade away.

the love peter has for tony runs deep, deeper than an cut could ever go, deeper than anyone else is able to get. not only was he his hero, but he was his mentor, his friend and he was the one who believed in him when no one else would, the one who protected him when everyone else didn’t, the one who held him when he died and at last, the one who died so he would live. and, the first person he ever, truly loved, even if he never told anyone that, not even tony himself.

a love so deep can never go away, can never leave a person, and when someone experiences it at such a young age, it’s even more powerful. when someone asks him about it, peter tells them it’s alright, that he’s happy, that it gets easier, but it’s only half the truth. yes, it gets easier, but only because he gets used to the ache in his heart and the feeling that something is missing.

does he believe in soulmates? no, not really. but he believes that sometimes, very rarely, two people meet who never forget each other and who share a connection that goes beyond what the eye sees. for him, tony was that person and even though he’s gone now, peter keeps him in his heart just the same. because he will never truly be gone as long as he remembers him.

and sometimes late at night, when he looks out of his window and his mind goes back to tony once more, he can almost feel his presence. almost. and then he smiles because he knows tony would not want him to be sad forever, even if he can’t turn off that he is. but peter knows that, wherever tony is now, he will follow him one day and then, finally, he will see his smile again. that smile that makes his heart feel warm when he thinks about it and that gives him strength when nothing else can. that smile, that brightens this dark, gray world even now that it only remains in his memory.

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Considering everything with RDJ and Pratt and everything else, I don’t want anyone defending Pratt for going to a church that is homophobic and racist because it’s fuckin easy to find a good, wholesome and welcoming church. My local church is an example. There are no excuses.

This is another example of white men not understanding the privilege they have and the weight they carry (especially ones who have a massive following such as these two men+ all the other cast/crew members defending him from understandable backlash)

We cannot put these people on pedestals, and with that being said, I will not be saying “Anyways, Stan xyz for clear skin”

I will, however, say that even though you don’t wanna support the actors, you can still watch the movies in which they portray a favorite character of yours. Just watch on a website ;))) that ;))) is ;))) for legal reasons ;))) non existent;)))

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Thank you for the prompt! I didn’t proof-read this, though, I got impatient. There also isn’t anything nff in this - sorry if that’s what you wanted.

Having married Peter three years ago - after five years of dating, in which they’d gone through many ups and downs - Tony had effectively turned himself into a house husband. After retiring from SI and Iron Man (only partially, though, because the world always seemed to need Tony Stark, whether it hated him or loved him), he focused on himself and Peter. With nothing to do other than work in the lab whenever Peter was out, he refined his skills in the kitchen, figuring that he couldn’t keep living off of takeout forever. He and Peter were equally terrible when it came to cooking, so he figured, why not? That way, maybe he could even surprise Peter with breakfast in bed. 

Peter was always going in and out of their apartment. He had taken over as Head of R&D at SI, which kept him busier than either of them liked. Adding on daily patrols as Spider-Man to his hectic schedule at SI, Tony only got to see his husband in the afternoons or evenings, depending on when Peter chose to start his patrol of the day.

He didn’t hesitate to put his foot down occasionally. He argued that, as Peter’s husband, he deserved more time with him than he got. Peter never disagreed or complained, just silently cleared his schedule and went along with whatever Tony wanted to do. 

This was one such occasion. Peter had been away for a science convention, one that Tony would have loved to attend alongside him, but he hadn’t been allowed to bring a plus one. He’d told Tony that he couldn’t use his fame to weasel his way into the convention, placating him with promises of several days spent together with no interruptions. 

“But you’re Tony Stark,” Sam said doubtfully, “Why wouldn’t they invite you to the convention, anyway?” 

Bucky rolled his eyes, “Because he isn’t the one in charge anymore. Obviously, they’d invite Peter and not him.” 

“You watch your tone, Barnes,” Sam narrowed his eyes, “Don’t speak to me like I’m stupid.” 

“It was a stupid question,” Bucky shrugged. 

Sam flipped him off, before turning back to Tony, “So, they want to impress Peter. Get contracts with SI, negotiate with him?” 

“They better not impress him,” Tony grumbled, half-joking and half-serious, “I should be the only one doing that. But yes, Wilson.” 

“When will he be back?” Bucky wondered, “He owes me another arm wrestle.” 

Tony sighed, leaning back on the couch dramatically, “He’ll be back in five days. Can you believe that? Five goddamn days, how am I supposed to deal with that?” 

Sam hid his smirk. “If that’s your reaction to a few days, I can’t wait to see what you’re like when he goes to Australia for two months.” 

“When he what?” Tony’s eyes widened, “He didn’t tell me about that. When is it? I’m coming with him. If he thinks for even a second that he’s leaving me behind on this one-”

“I was just joking,” Sam snickered, “He’s not going anywhere.” 

Tony’s shoulders slumped in relief, but he still managed to muster up enough energy to glare at him. “You try barely seeing your husband and see how you feel about it.” 

“Do us all a favor and go on a vacation with him,” Bucky drawled, looking bored, “It’s annoying having to listen to you whine.” 

Tony sighed heavily, “Is it so bad that I miss my baby?”

“Yes,” Sam and Bucky said in unison. 

“But speaking of babies…” Sam leaned forward from the armchair he was sitting in, “Are you guys going to have any?” 

Tony shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know.” 

“Do you want to?” Bucky asked, finally seeming interested in their conversation. 

“Maybe,” Tony said slowly, “I don’t want to be a shit father, so who knows? I don’t even know if Peter wants kids.” 

“Then talk to him when he comes home,” Sam urged, “Usually, I’d say I don’t want another Stark running around the Compound, but babies are cute. Just don’t expect me to change any diapers and we’re all good.” 

“As if I’d trust you with my kid,” Tony snorted, shaking his head, “You don’t have to worry about any diapers, especially because I haven’t even talked to Peter yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself.” 

The conversation moved on. Tony spent the next five days eyeing every clock he saw, impatiently wishing that time would go by faster. He was looking forward to seeing Peter again and getting in a few days’ worth of quality time. Peter came home early in the morning, and Tony was the first to greet him, kissing him soundly before he could take more than two steps inside.  

“I missed you,” Peter murmured against his lips, dropping his luggage and twining his arms around Tony’s waist.

“I missed you too,” Tony reluctantly pulled away, “You hungry? I made you some pancakes.” 

Like he said: total househusband now. He found that he liked it, though. It allowed him to take care of Peter in a way that he would love and appreciate; Tony had learned his lesson about expensive gifts years ago. 

Peter lit up, “Pancakes sound so good right now.” 

They sat down at a table in the common kitchen - that was their first mistake - and dug into the pancakes. Peter told him all about the convention, putting in enough details that Tony could  visualize everything in his head. 

“I had FRIDAY record everything through the glasses you made me,” Peter told him, wiping his mouth with a napkin, “You can watch everything later.” 

Tony didn’t want to anymore. He had different wants in mind, and they led him to sitting on Peter’s lap and bringing him into a heated makeout. That was what they were doing when a throat cleared behind them, causing them to jump apart. 

“Maybe don’t have sex on the table we all eat on,” Natasha pursed her lips, amused. 

“We weren’t going to-” Peter started, his pale cheeks warming with a blush. 

“Yeah, we were,” Tony cut him off, lips twitching at the way Peter glared up at him. 

When the rest of the team started filing into the dining room, Tony sighed and moved to face the table rather than his husband, though he refused to get off of his lap. Peter didn’t mind, setting his chin on his shoulder wordlessly and holding him tightly enough that he wouldn’t fall off. 

Since it was the weekend, and no one had any plans, they all shuffled into the theater room for a movie marathon. Tony had been looking forward to having some alone time with Peter, but they got roped into joining the rest of the Avengers, who claimed that Tony couldn’t hog his husband, as they had missed him too.

Tony thought he had every right to hog him, but he kept his complaints to a minimum and agreed, seething internally.

By the time they finished with their movie marathon, the sun had set and their stomachs were rumbling. Tony tried to leave with Peter so that they could have dinner in their private quarters, but Steve stopped him before he could, citing that they might as well spend the rest of the evening with the team. He suggested going to a restaurant, and the rest of the team agreed, so Peter and Tony were dragged along. 

When they arrived at the restaurant, Tony snagged two seats for himself and Peter. Halfway through the dinner, Tony leaned over to whisper into Peter’s ear. 

“How about we make a quick little rendezvous in the bathroom?” he suggested slyly. 

Peter stared at him consideringly for a few seconds before nodding in agreement. He got up first, and was followed a couple of minutes later by Tony. 

Tony locked the door to the bathroom and pushed Peter against the wall, attacking his neck with biting kisses. Within minutes, he had reduced Peter to a panting, flustered mess, but right as Tony’s hand brushed against his crotch, a sharp knock came from the other side of the door. 

Tony groaned in frustration, dropping his head onto Peter’s shoulder, “Yes?” 

“How much longer will you take?” Bucky complained, “This is the only bathroom in the restaurant.” 

The men fixed their clothes and hair with practiced hands, cooling their faces with water from the sink before Tony unlocked the door. He stepped out of the bathroom shamelessly - in cool contrast to Peter, who was hiding behind him - and went back to the table. 

The team didn’t seem to want to leave any time soon. They stayed at the restaurant for hours, which was enough to set Tony off again. He grabbed Peter and stood up, scowling at everyone who watched him do so. 

“We’re leaving,” Tony said firmly, already pulling Peter out of the establishment, “It’s time for sexy times.” 

“Please don’t call it ‘sexy times’,” Peter begged. 

“Fine, fine,” Tony paused, “It’s time for our evening delight.” 

“God, Tony, that’s even worse.” 

“You know you love it, baby.”

“I really don’t.”

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On the subject of Peter’s love for Captain America, consider;

Peter’s first Halloween party with the Avengers. He loudly and happily proclaims he’s going to attend dressed up as his ‘first ever childhood superhero’ and Tony is smug as fuck bc look at that ego stroking, that’s his Spidey boy right there.

Cut to the night of and Peter Parker struts in dressed in a Walmart Captain America costume and Tony is just like


Originally posted by canyoonmoooon

Can you tell I really stan comic!Peter’s boner for Steve yet or–

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In the biblical flames

As he walked down the hill, his feet ached to rest. He had been wandering around all day without finding what he came to look for. It was dark, the trees were singing, and his stomach growled. He couldn’t remember the last time he ate. 

He couldn’t believe all the stories and legends were false. There was no demon hidden in the woods, nor in the mountains. Why did everybody lie to him? Why would they think that was funny? 

He slowly made his way down the path he had marked with small rocks, attempting not to get lost. If he didn’t find his way back, a demon was not the biggest of his problems. 


He stopped on his tracks. That was a whisper but it was clear as day. His face slowly turned around, afraid to find what he knew was hiding. 

“Come to me”

His legs started shaking. Why did he come up here in the first place? Even after everybody’s advise not to? He looked around with his hand close to his chest, gulping what was left of saliva in his mouth. “Sh-show me the path and I’ll be out of your way, I-I promise”

Silence. The trees were not moving anymore, the animal kingdom as quiet as it could get, as if all of them were simply bowing to this evil. He stood there quite a long time, unsure whether he should continue and pretend nothing ever happend, or acknowledge it again. 

But before he could say anything, a figure emanated from the cumulus of trees and flowers. Peter couldn’t see his features until he stepped into the moonlight. His eyes were blood red, and his hair sweeped back, like an expensive actor from the 70′s. He was carrying a smile, one that went strangely well with the black suit. The boy could barely step back before he noticed the red tye. It was the same color of his eyes. 

“Well, who do we have here?” exclaimed the man as he reached out to take a strand of Peter’s hair and examine it, delighted by the unmistakable caramel color. 

“I-I came here… to find you. Sir, yes”

The man smirked and blinked, his eyes turning redder, as if that was possible. “And what can I do for you, darling?”

(hello! this is my first attempt at fuly coming back. what do you think? thank you!)

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🎃 10 Days To Halloween : Pumpkins 🎃

now that i’ve made this i have the urge to write a fic abt tony owning a rlly cute pumpkin patch and peter being his rlly sweet customer. think flowershop!au but with pumpkin patches lol. but alas I do not have the time, so pls, go wild, or link fics like this in the comments!

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A creepy thot in my head


Tony misses his flight, and so he has to get a rent-a-car and drive across half a dozen states to get to his destination. After hours of driving, he has to stop to get some rest. He finds a shady looking motel, but at this point all he wants is a roof over his head and a bed and he will be happy. However, at midnight, he is woken up by a ghost called Peter, who begs for his help in raspy whispers in the dark… But, what exactly does Tony have to do? It might just cost him his life.

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven

Tony: Baby, where are you? We’re waiting to have dinner with you.

Tony: And Morgan misses you, so hurry up.

Tony: Okay, fine. She’s not the only one that misses you.

Tony: Pete?

Tony: We had dinner without you. Morgan’s getting upset, and I don’t want to deal with the tantrum she’ll throw if you’re not back to tuck her in.

Tony: Parker, I swear to God, if you’re not home in the next thirty minutes I’m going to kill you.

Tony: Just be safe please, wherever you are.

“Daddy, where’s Papa?” Morgan asked for the sixth time that night.

Tony had managed to wrangle her into her pajamas and put her to bed, but she was refusing to sleep. She didn’t want to sleep until Peter came back, but Tony wasn’t sure when that was going to be. 

Morgan sighed when he didn’t respond, tracing the swirling patterns on her pajama pants. Tony eased himself into the bed to sit next to her, observing the conflicted look in her eyes. 

“Penny for your thoughts?” Tony tucked her into his side. 

“What does that mean?” Morgan looked bewildered, “Why would you pay for my thoughts?” 

Tony smothered his laughter in her hair. “It’s an idiom, honey. I’m not paying for your thoughts, I’m wondering what you’re thinking about.” 

“Oh,” Morgan grinned up at him deviously, “That will cost you one penny, then. Or I won’t tell you.” 

Tony beamed proudly. “Look at you – five years old and already a better businessman than Hammer.” 

His smile faded when Peter’s laughter didn’t accompany the joke (though, really, he wasn’t joking, but – semantics). 

“I was thinking about Papa,” Morgan admitted in a small voice, “Did he leave like Mommy did?” 

Tony’s chest constricted at the thought, but he ignored it and said, “Papa is just very, very late. He won’t do it anymore, Morguna, don’t worry. I’m going to talk to him when he comes home.” 

Morgan nodded silently against his chest. They stayed like that for an hour before she fell asleep, but Tony didn’t leave or move to his own bed. It would feel too big and too empty, anyway, now that Peter had slept in it with him and wasn’t here to do it again. 

“Mr. Parker has entered the building,” FRIDAY voiced quietly, careful now that there was a risk of waking Morgan. 

Tony slid out of the bed immediately, barely remembering to cover Morgan with her blanket before racing out of her room. He got to the living room right as the elevator doors opened, out of which Peter came stumbling out in his Spider-Man suit. 

“Where were you?” Tony hissed, following him as he trudged to their room, “Do you know how worried I was?” 

Peter pressed the spider emblem on his suit, letting it fall to the ground before stepping out of it. He tossed it into the hamper and sat heavily on the bed, watching Tony with earnest eyes. Tony shifted angrily in front of him, waiting for him to start talking. 

“I’m sorry,” Peter told him, “And before you start yelling, it wasn’t my fault, so-”

“I’m not going to start yelling, because guess what time it is, genius. Guess who’s daughter only just fell asleep because she was waiting up for you.” Tony stalked forward, poking his chest harshly. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” Peter groaned, “It really wasn’t my fault. My phone died, so I couldn’t call you, and I ran out of webs so I had to walk all the way back here. I had no clothes other than the suit, and there’s no way Spider-Man is taking a cab – then everyone will know where I live.” 

“What about Karen? She could have contacted me,” Tony narrowed his eyes, “Unless you were messing with the suit again.” 

Peter clenched his jaw at the accusation. “I wasn’t. She’s still malfunctioning from when I had to fight that evil wizard guy last week.” 

“Why didn’t you fix her?” Tony facepalmed, “She’s there to help you, which she can’t do if she’s not working. You’ve had all this time to do it. And if you didn’t want to, you could have given her to me.” 

“I didn’t want to bother you, and then I just never got around to doing it,” Peter answered sheepishly. 

Tony scoffed. “You wouldn’t have bothered me.” 

He yanked Peter into a rough kiss, murmuring against his lips, “This is because I’m glad you’re safe.” He pulled away from him abruptly, tugging him out of the bed and towards the door, “And this is because you worried me.”

He pushed Peter onto the couch in the living room and turned to go back to their room. 

“I have to sleep on the couch?” Peter called after him, “Seriously? It’s not like I chose to worry you!” 

Tony’s only response was to shut the door to their room. Secure in the knowledge that Peter was home and safe, he went through his night routine and fell onto the bed in an exhausted heap. He was as comfortable as his smooth sheets and soft blankets allowed, but sleep did not come. 

He knew what the problem was. Peter wasn’t laying next to him, and of course Tony would be clingy enough to struggle falling asleep without him. That was just his luck, really. 

He slipped out of bed and crept to the living room, deciding that he would sleep with Peter on the couch and wake up before he did – Peter would never have to know that he couldn’t follow through with his own punishment. 

When he reached the sofa he’d left Peter on, he discovered that Peter wasn’t there, causing his heart to sink. 

He knew, logically, that it wasn’t fully Peter’s fault that he was so late. Maybe he’d gone too far by exiling him from their bedroom. Maybe Peter had decided he didn’t want to put up with him anymore, and left. 

Tony sank onto the couch with his head in his hands. He’d fucked up again; he’d known that he was being naive by hoping that his relationship with Peter would last. 

“FRI?” Tony spoke up a while later, “Did Peter say anything before he left? Leave a message or something?” 

FRIDAY sounded confused when she answered. “Mr. Parker has not left the premises.” 

Tony’s head shot up, fast enough that his neck throbbed punishingly, “Where is he?” 

“He is resting in his bedroom.” 

Tony stood up slowly, “You mean, the room he was in before we got together?”

“Yes, Boss.” 

He blew out a long, relieved breath. Peter was still here; he wasn’t going to leave, and he still wanted to be with Tony. 

Tony opened the door to Peter’s bedroom, slipping inside with the stealthiness of a SHIELD agent. He padded over to the bed and crawled onto it, hugging Peter’s chest to himself and resting his left leg over the younger man’s hips. Clinging to him tightly, Tony laid his head on Peter’s shoulder and closed his eyes. 

Now, with Peter in his arms, he could sleep.

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Oh, Nonnie. Going through the anti tag is always a downward spiral ❤ Block the tags and follow ones with content you love and cheers you up so your dash is always full of light ❤

You’ll find that people who actively engage in anti culture are just ones who are consistently unhappy and want to have a prominent source of ‘superiority’ and 'righteousness’ in their lives. They want to feel like they’re Doing Something and Making Statements. Its very performative and misguided activism and in the end all it does is breed negativity. Its heavily an outlet for all their inner negative feelings/unhappiness.

Here’s the fluff tag on AO3, read u some soft fanfic, have a tasty snack and remember that I’m always here for you!

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I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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