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🥺😭 I’m crying, I live for hurt/comfort, especially emotional hurt/comfort, especially Steve/Tony comforting an emotionally hurt Peter bc he’s just,,,, so good when he’s sad I stg I’m not a sadist but he deserves ALL the hugs and love and comfort, and they’re so cuddly and soft and protective and oh my god I’m weak-

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Can someone please write a fic where peter has a really bad persecution complex and can’t stop thinking that all the avengers hate him and just, emotional hurt comfort? Optiomally like Steve and tony like we’re polyamorous in this house and are here for big cuddles

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I had this realization about trans poly Peter, so here it is

Peter is very on the ball about his birthcontroll that he’s been on since he was like, 14 okay guys, but his lovers are giant mother hens and Peter, even a little annoyed finds it adorable, and they get increasingly more crack headed. like we have Steve, golden retriever angel boy and steves like 'hey baby boy its 6 incase time ran way from you! don’t forget to drink water with it <3 love you handsome’

and then theres Tony who has an alarm set for 6 with Friday (and Peter obviously gets it from Karen to! Tony of all of them should know this best but whatever! and he just yells something to Friday from the desk like ‘its time to do some drugs! more and more like me in my youth every day’

and then bucky, ever the wild card but softie normally says some wild shit as if there in midivil combat like ‘the hour tis upon us.’ and just leaves it at that and Peters like!??? you absolute loon

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@skoldpaddastark for the sneaky little brat trying to get @vaguekiwi on her side, you’re not drinking caffeine at four in the morning. I did my homework, did a moodboard and wanted to apologize for taking so long to respond and what do I find? These two angry at me for being the logical thinker.


This is, what, third or fourth mb inspired by the devil all the time

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This is the most productive I’ve been in days, here, have the third tdatt inspired moodboard. I read @send-me-your-hcs and @tonystarkisaslut ’s comments on writing a dark au with Arvin Russell and I died. And then Ru (can I call you Ru?) electrocuted me back to life only to stab me in the heart with the stories spun from the word asks. Of course @puppypeter solved a very daunting problem for me and now I’m planning yet another work. The devil all the time has ruined me. (And so have these three above, I now have a longing for sad tom.)


I forgot the ship name, just whoosh, gone.

Gracie indirectly led me to one of the names, thanks love.

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Peters favorite thing on earth is watching steve and tony love eachother, without him. The times in the morning before they realize he’s awake, when their working on avengers related things together. He adores it. Steve pushing a donut into tonys mouth, and kissing his cheek. Tonys hand resting on the small of steves back as they hover over a hologram. And they evevitibly notice him and pull him into their soft tender moments but peter truly does like to just watch

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Peter shakes his head, gripping at the back Steve’s neck as he lays his back against Tony’s chest. “Nyh-“

“You can do it, baby boy,” Tony whispers in his ear. “Taking me and Cap like a fucking champ, so good for us. Always so good and precious for us. Love you so much baby. God, so fucking tight-“

“Won’t be after this,” Steve cuts in, snapping his hips up harder into Peter. The boy groans in agonistic pleasure. “Be all gaping and used up, won’t you slut? All broken and useless, just another fucked out slut, right?”

Peter wails, head thrown back onto Tony’s shoulder, hand sliding up to fist Steve’s hair. “Yes! Want daddy and you to ruin me, please-“

Steve cuts Peter off by slapping his ass, smirking as the younger man cries out. “Already are ruined, whore. No one’s ever going to want your used up hole again.”

“No one but us, sweetheart,” Tony adds, caressing the boy’s stomach before fisting his cock. “Just for your daddy and Steve, just for us and no one else. So perfect.” He smirks as Peter wails again, painting his own and Steve’s stomach with his release. “Oh, baby. So perfect. Stay still and let us finish inside you okay? Good little boy…”

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Ok but like??? Imagine Peter sending cute shit like this to Tony while he’s in a meeting and Tony just absolutely destroying his baby boy when he gets home. 😩🤟👀

If u know any good slutty Peter fics please dont be afraid to recommend them.

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Drabble game from a makeup addict (and I’m EXCITED for this one)

Also brand new page hi!

The prompts? Too faced rich and dazzling Lipgloss names.

The rules? No angst unless there’s a happy or sexy ending. No underage. Ships must include peter. No kidnaping or assault fics (we love my trauma)

Indicate fluff, smut, or both.

Here’s how it works:

1: Give a shade name or heart color

2: give a ship (poly more than welcome)

3: and if you want, an AU. (Songs are allowed too! I love music so song fics are cool!)

I listed a couple ideas I thought I would go with fire each one, but obviously you can ask for something else.

I’m warning yee, I have a polyvengers 💓 hospital au in mind already lol.

💓-two night stand

💛-all the stars (can be a song fic if you want, can be more adoration related, can be looking at stars together etc)

🧡-hustlin’ (can be work, mafia, stripper, sex work, school, anything involving hard work related.)

❤️-net worth (sugar baby AUs? Other ideas welcome!)

💖-pants off dance off (domestic fluff? Quickies? Playful sex?)

🖤-raisin the roof (clubbing, bartender au, dance AU, etc)

💘-stocks and bondage [my color, of corse] (it’s what it sounds like ladies and gentlemen. A good TIME)

💝-sunset crush (pining, vacation fic, honeymoon etc)

💜- you up? (FWB, late night dates, nightmare aftermath [also good for college AUs just saying])

💞-social butterfly (jealous, gala, social media au, friends with benefits, frat party AU, highschool popular kids or rivals)

💗-401 K (sugar baby, business fics, peter telling his older boyfriend to retire)

💙-crazy rich (crazy rich asians AU (not just Rachel and nick I know the whole series so if you ant them to be like a certain pairing LMK) spoiling)

💚-hidden talents (kink, surprise, adventure)

❣️- pretty penny (praise, feminine peter, not penny Parker just fem boy please)

Pleeeeeease send me ANYTHING

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ok so im looking for this starker kinda turns into ironspidershield at the end fic where tony ‘adopts’ peter from where ever he was sexually abused and such and peter is barely verbal and he follows tony around and everythings going fine until one day peter just gives tony a blowjob out of nowhere and they dont talk about it and he does it again and again — so on… pls link it i really want to read it again!

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ironspidershield (is that what it would be called?)

k but like!!!!! (mild degradation, daddy kink)

  • double penetration!!!!!! steve and tony fucking peter at the same time and tony’s all like “steve harder he can take it he’s a slut for cock” and steve being all “tony look at him he’s crying” and being all sweet while peter’s just laying there, absolutely fucked out (because you know tony and steve’s cocks are fucking massive and you know it took them forever to stretch peter enough for him to take both of them) on his daddies’ fat, leaking cocks, taking the dick he’s being given, probably drooling all over the place, the works
  • the cuddles!!!! peter being nestled in between tony and steve and loving it, he feels so safe when he’s there (how can he not, when he’s being spooned by iron man and captain america?) and he never fails to grope tony’s biceps (just a bit) and stroke steve’s washboard abs (just a lil)
  • and sometimes peter likes to watch his daddies too! it really gets him going to see tony, iron man slash his big strong daddy, on his knees for steve. and same for steve, the man he used to see on school TV’s in gym, muttering filthy words to tony, absolutely filthy. especially when he teases tony (that’s peter’s favourite part), groping the man’s balls and rolling them in his hand, enjoying thoroughly the whimpers and moans he draws from tony after keeping him on edge for so long. (you’re so full, huh baby? you need to cum? i can feel you just bursting with it, tony. such a fucking cumslut)
  • don’t even get me started on that time steve and tony laid peter down and overstimulated him with their mouths. don’t. but yeah, steve and tony definitely ate his ass out together at one point. definitely

send me a ship and i’ll give you some hcs!!

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this is literally smut. that’s it.

warnings: daddy kink, little bit of degradation, exhibitionism, kind of d/s relationship???


Peter has to bite the meat of his palm to keep from making any more noise. Daddy’s already angry, and he’s not in the mood to up his punishment today. Tony sighs heavily from above him, two fingers lazily dipping in and out of his slick hole. Peter keens when Tony’s thick fingers almost brush against his prostate.  His other hand caresses the boy’s almond curls gently.

“So, boys, do we have a deal? I have to get the shipments out by 9 am sharp.” Tony drawls, addressing the men across from him. Peter paid them no mind when they entered the room since he was already bent over Tony’s lap.

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Read on AO3 Here

It had been a complete coincidence that Steve and Tony found Peter Parker. The alpha couple had been walking home from dinner when Steve paused, hearing a barely there whimper.

Steve may be the ruthless bodyguard of the most feared mob boss, but deep down he was still the scrawny softy who Tony gave the super serum to, so when he heard someone in need, he helped them. It was part of the reason Tony loved him so damn much, and why he humored the blonde man.

Steve stepped into the alley the noise had come from, hearing shuffling and a rapidly beating heart next to a dumpster in the back. The man cautiously approached a dirty, shivering bundle of blankets.

“Are you alright?” Steve asked softly, crouching down next to the pile.

A little whimper sounded from the pile.

“You can come out,” Steve coaxed, expecting a starved adult, at worse a homeless child, but much to his surprise Steve was greeted with twitching kitten ears pressed flat against a head of matted, brown curls. Fearful, amber, doe-eyes blinked up at him, face partially hidden by blankets the kitten held protectively up to his face. What made Steve’s stomach clench even further was the sweet scent of pure omega wafting from the pitiful thing.

Steve couldn’t help but soften at the sight of those big eyes, that scent, and that cute cat tail wrapped tightly around the boy’s own waist. “Hey sweetheart, it’s alright,” Steve cooed, “Why don’t you let me help you?”

The boy sniffled, lowering the filthy blanket he was wrapped in. Steve gave the boy a large smile at the little sign of trust. Hybrids and omegas were naturally delicate creatures, made to be taken care of, and born with a naive trust that their owners’ were meant to protect. Being both made this boy even more delicate, but all the more precious. However, this boy had clearly been hurt before, but he was still willing to give Steve a chance and that made the alpha soldier’s heart warm, but it went ice cold when he caught sight of the chain collar wrapped cruelly around the boy’s neck.

It was far too tight, digging into the omega’s skin where it was already raw and bleeding, and was held together by a padlock that hung heavily at the boy’s collarbone.

“What did you find, hon,” Tony called as he strolled into the alley.

The little kitten flinched, body tensing once again.

“Hush Tony, you’re scaring the poor thing,” Steve sighed, giving the boy a reassuring smile, even thought his fists were clenched in anger. How could someone treat such a sweet creature so poorly? But, no matter how angry Steve felt, the boy would no doubt feel the anger was directed at him, and that would help no one.

Tony noticed his mate’s tenseness and hovered over Steve’s shoulder, humming in surprise when he realized Steve had stumbled upon a little omega hybrid.

“What’s his name?” Tony asked, tossing his cigarette butt into the alley.

“P-pet-ter,” The boy answered in the sweetest, smallest voice the alphas had ever heard.


It took a little while to coax the kitten out of hiding, but once he was comfortable enough with Steve, he simply latched onto the blonde alpha, allowing him to hoist Peter onto his hip so that his legs could wrap around Steve’s waist. The omega was so small and malnourished, Steve barely felt like he was holding anything, but being able to smell and protect him made something in Steve settle. Something he didn’t really want to explore right now.

They walked back to the car Tony had called for, the boy watching Tony from over Steve’s shoulder curiously, wary still clear in his pretty eyes. Amused, and a little endeared by the kitten, Tony gave the boy a playful wink and wave, making the poor thing blush and bury his head in Steve’s neck, no doubt chasing the comforting scent of alpha.

When they finally got back to the mansion, Peter woke from his little doze the car ride had lulled him into and returned to full alertness as he noticed the guards lining the mansion gates and entrances. His little fists were clenched into Steve’s sweater and his ears flicked with every little noise.

Steve shushed him when he began making distressed little mewls as they neared the guards. “These men are only here to protect you, honey, I promise,” Steve whispered to the frantic boy.

“You hear that, boys,” Tony called, hand resting on his holster where his gun was, “if any harm comes to this cutie, you’ll be answering to me.” Peter watched Tony say this with wide eyes, mouth parted in surprise.

When they entered the house, the boy’s breath hitched, taking in all of the luxury and opulence. The mansion was huge, and the kitten could only blink owlishly as Steve carried him through the hallways to a massive bedroom and further into the en suite bathroom.

Peter shivered when Steve placed him on the counter, the ragged, oversized shirt he wore was hardly enough to protect him from the cold of the granite, even if it did fit him like a dress. Tony leaned against the doorframe, fondly watching Steve fuss over the kitten.

“I’m gonna run you a nice bath, alright honey?” Steve told the omega “And then we’re gonna get some food into that little tummy.” Steve gently prodded the boy’s stomach as he said this, earning a tiny giggle.

“But first-” Steve paused, lips pursing into a grim line, “We’re going to have to get that nasty collar off, alright?”

Peter froze, unsure and hesitant to let the alpha mess with the painful thing around his neck. The blonde lifted a hand to rub soothing circles on the boy’s hip, and cooed gently at the omega, “I promise, we’ll be super careful, but if we leave it on, it will only hurt worse, baby.” The omega finally assented, little hands grabbing Steve’s large, calloused one for comfort.

At this, Tony stepped forward, holding a tiny saw up to them. It looked more like an electric toothbrush with a small circular blade on the end, but it was enough to make the boy start audibly panting in panic.

Tony shushed the boy, caressing Peter’s jaw, “I won’t hurt you,” Tony’s eyes darkened, “No one will ever hurt you again.”

Despite the fact that Tony’s dark expression had scared away criminals far scarier than the tattered, omega kitten, something in his eyes must have reassured the boy because his grip loosened on steve’s hand and he gave a little nod to Tony.

It earned a soft smile from Tony and he slowly turned the saw on and cut off the padlock, letting the chain fall loose and clatter to the floor. The kitten sucked in a greedy, ragged breath and clutched Steve’s hand to his chest in relief.

Compared to that, the bath was relatively painless now that the boy seemed to have gained trust in both the alphas. He was still clearly wary and hurt, if the way he flinched any time Tony shifted in the doorway, or if Steve moved too fast, indicated. He had bruises all over his tiny body, making both men growl when they were revealed. The violent marks were a harsh contrast to his milky, baby soft skin and were just so wrong on such an innocent boy. A boy that giggled when Steve added bubbles to the bath and who shyly asked Steve for the strawberry smelling shampoo.

“Alright sweetheart, let’s go have some dinner,” Steve cooed as he held up a fluffy towel for Peter to step into.

The boy looked so adorably conflicted over leaving the warm bath for food that it made Steve and Tony chuckle.

“It’s okay, I promise you’ll get to take lots more bubble baths,” Steve assured the boy kindly, helping the delicate boy out of the bathtub and wrapping him in the towel.

He gently guided Peter into one of Tony’s MIT sweatshirts and a pair of his boxers, urging the boy to place his hands on his shoulders for balance. The clothes absolutely swamped the kitten and made the alphas want snuggle the adorable boy.

“Uh-” Tony awkwardly stepped up to them, holding out a pair of fuzzy socks, “His feet will get cold.”

Steve gave Tony a warm smile, a fondness welling up in his chest at seeing Tony’s nurturing side.

Once the boy was dressed, Steve hoisted him back onto the counter. The boy cocked his head questioningly.

“We just gotta take care of your neck, alright?” Steve cooed. The boy gave a shy nod.

Tony and Steve made quick work of taking care of the boy’s neck. Steve was there to reassure him, sitting on the counter with the boy and holding him against his side, while Tony applied antiseptic and carefully wrapped a pink bandage around the kitten’s throat. The bandage had been a gag gift from Clint, but now Tony was happy they had it when it made Peter lift a small hand to admire the bandage with a pleased smile.

Steve lifted Peter into his arms once again and they made their way to the kitchen where their chef had already prepared a delicious smelling soup. Peter perked up as soon as he caught a whiff of the stew, his little socked feet kicking excitedly.

Once Tony sat a bowl of soup down in front of the kitten, he ate with vigour, his tail swishing happily the whole time and occasionally brushing the arms of Tony and Steve who sat on either side of him. He could only finish a little bit before he was full, a good indication that he probably hadn’t had a full meal in awhile.

It made Steve’s heart ache knowing that this precious little boy had been leading such a terrible life, but just maybe the boy could have a life here with them, and seeing the fond looks Tony gave the boy Steve knew he was thinking the same thing. The was so soft and sweet, that maybe he could smooth some of their hard edges.

Please leave me prompts!!!

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Peter is beautiful when he cries.

Sure, most people think Steve’s fucked up that he relishes in the sight of his baby crying, but Peter is always so pretty when his whiskey eyes shine with tears, cheeks wet and flushed pink.


Steve looks at the now open door. There stands Peter, clad in only one of Tony’s old MIT sweatshirts and white lacy panties. He dabs at his eyes with the end of his sweatshirt, breath coming in quick huffs.

“C’mere, hon.” Steve coos, forgetting the papers on his desk completely. Peter pads over, feet making soft thumps on the dark hard wood floor. He scrambles onto the older man’s lap, wrapping his knit covered arms around Steve’s neck.

“Daddy yelled at me,” Peter cries, chest heaving as more tears leave his eyes. Steve sighs deeply, rubbing his large hand against Peter’s back.

“Baby,” He says softly, pressing a kiss to the mess of chestnut curls on top the boy’s head. “Daddy had a really long day. He needs a little space.”

Peter cries out again, pink lips turned in the prettiest pout.

“But I wanted to tell him about my midterm grades,” He whines, sniffling. Steve nods understandingly. Peter looks heartbroken, lip quivering and brows furrowed. The blonde runs his thumb over the younger’s lips.

“Something went wrong with Mister Rumlow at work, baby. Tony is really upset. Just give him some time.”

Peter nods sadly and Steve feels like he’s talking to a toddler. He adores his boy though, so he’s not really annoyed.

“How about we go cuddle upstairs, hm? I’m done my work.” Steve offers, brushing a curl out of Peter’s face. He isn’t actually done his work, but it is late and Tony won’t mind if he doesn’t finish a few mundane things.

“Please?” Peter asks, voice rising in pitch.

“Of course, honey bun.” Steve purrs, squeezing Peter’s waist softly. The younger boy giggles, lips finally stretching into the smile that Steve loves so much. He slips off of the older man’s lap and reaches out expectantly. Steve hooks one arm under the boy’s legs, the other steadying his back. Peter squeals happily as Steve scoops him into his arms. He doesn’t worry about turning out the lights, one of the maids will do it.

Besides, he has a pretty boy in his arms that deserves all of his attention.

Steve,” Peter whines as they climb the mahogany steps to the couple’s shared room.

“Almost there, baby. Don’t fall asleep on me.” Steve utters as they approach the master bedroom. He nudges the half-open door with his foot, revealing a tired-looking Tony buried under the comforter. The older man looks up from his phone and over his reading glasses. Steve smiles softly, Peter burying his face into his blue dress shirt to avoid Tony’s gaze.

“My boys,” Tony hums. Steve gently places Peter next to Tony, the younger looking around awkwardly.

“Daddy’s sorry, angel,” He coos, placing a tanned hand on Peter’s milky white thigh. Steve watches the two as he gets undressed, quickly throwing on a Nike shirt.

“I was just stressed. I didn’t mean anything I said,” Tony continues, peppering light kisses on Peter’s dried cheeks. He finally giggles, snuggling up to his boyfriend. Steve climbs onto the bed, leaning over Peter to give Tony a kiss.

“Hey,” Tony mutters, “Get any work done?”

Steve captures his boyfriend in another kiss.

“Maybe.” He chuckles as Peter squeezes his bicep.

“Can I please have kisses too?” The brunette whines, causing both of the older men to laugh.

“So needy,” Tony rumbles, yet starts marking up Peter’s neck. Steve doesn’t say anything before leaning down to nip at the boy’s thighs.

“Daddy, Steve,” Peter breathes, hands moving rapidly in search of something to grab.

“God I love you,” Tony grunts, placing a wet kiss to the corner of Peter’s mouth. Steve moves closer so he can wrap his muscular arms around the boy’s lithe body. Tony props himself up on one elbow, lazily playing with Peter’s hair. The younger sighs happily, long eyelashes fluttering as he closes his eyes. Tony pulls Steve in by the shirt for another kiss, lazy and sloppy.

“It’s time to sleep now, Tones. You need it.”

Tony smiles softly, looking down at Peter.

“I think he has the right idea.”

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Could we maybe see some jealous ironspidershield (Tony x Peter x Steve) after Civil War happend? Pretty please 😁

Hope you enjoy it!! Short but full of envy ❤️

There’s some cross dressing and heavy petting, so tiny nff warning


Maybe Peter had gone too far… he might’ve broken Tony. He’d almost broken Cap earlier, strutting into Steve’s studio wearing a vintage dress from the Captain America USO show. Steve had just gaped at Peter, mouth hanging open and eyes bugging out. Peter shook his hips from side to side, letting the short skirt twirl around his thighs. Steve came back to his senses and practically tackled the boy. He was in the middle of stripping Peter out of the star-spangled blue top when Tony had walked in.

“Hey, Cap have you se—“ Tony choked on the rest of his words. Now they just all stared at each other in silence. Peter lowered his hips to Steve’s lap and sent Tony a worried smile. Finally Steve cleared his throat and Tony managed to find reality again. He straightened his shoulders and sniffed quickly before strolling over to them. Cap didn’t protest when Peter was dragged from his arms, but he did frown at Tony. He got up from his spot on the floor and crossed his arms over his chest as Tony pulled Peter close.

“Where did you get this?” Tony asked, hands roaming downward, and cupping Peter’s ass under the skirt.

“Online,” Peter answered, “Bought it with my allowance.”

Tony kissed him, nipping at Peter’s lower lip and making the boy groan. “You got an Iron Man one too, right?” he asked, tone darkening.

“I… couldn’t find one,” Peter answered. Tony raised an eyebrow at him, unconvinced. “That I liked,” Peter added. Tony made a face, moving his lips to the side and scrunching up his nose. He glanced over at Steve who simply shrugged.

“I’ll find you one,” he decided. He let Peter go and took out his phone, immediately bringing up designer websites. Peter rolled his eyes at the man’s back, apparently finding an outfit meant commissioning one.

Steve was suddenly pressed against Peter’s back, hands on his hips and tugging at the waistband of the skirt. Peter rolled his hips against the Captain. “Where were we?” Steve purred.

“Oh, Captain,” Peter lilted, bending at the hips to grind on the body behind him.

“Hey!” Tony called from his spot across the room. “Don’t start without me again!”

“Then get over here Stark,” Steve retorted, “Shopping can wait.”

Tony sighed but his set his phone down. He joined Peter and Steve, pressing up against the boy’s front and tearing the skirt off. “All this to tease,” Tony taunted.

“It worked,” Peter replied with a wink, “Got you both riled up.”

Steve chuckled against the boy’s neck as he kissed it. “Less talk, more sex,” he interjected. Peter groaned and leaned against the blonde man as Tony hoisted him up. He locked his legs around Tony’s waist.

Tony sucked a hickey to the opposite side of Peter’s throat and hummed, “Agreed.”

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Ironspidershield & the weekend when…

… Peter finally comes to believe that he’s actually dating both of his heroes,

… Tony is loved most gently by his two enhanced partners,

… and Steve spoils his boys with delicious meals and wildflowers.

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F uck okay I’m so sorry I never saw this?? that’s my bad bb


Steve and Tony would so not be prepared, those boys would be shaken and also hard as rocks and I keep imagining all the different ways it would go down…… 👀

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