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stark-strange-love2 · 2 days ago
Stephen: Whats everyone’s favourite horror movie? Mine is midsommer
Tony: the shining
Harley: the purge
Peter: After watching High School Musical I spent all my middle school years terrified that the entire school would start singing something and I'd be the only one who didn't know the lyrics.
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blackburrie · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m doing a DTIYS contest to celebrate hitting 500 followers on Instagram! 🎉 Feel free to participate if you want!
Rules and prizes info 🎊 Instagram ✨
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000ctopal · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Baby, come back to bed pls :<
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melina-mellow · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tony : Stephen let me go...
Stephen : no.
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cyberdelph · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
by @nekomimipii
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One prompt, all the ships :
That I know of, all the arranged-marriage stories I've read go like this : A doesn't know B but hates em and vehemently opposes the wedding, meets B, falls in love with em, decides the wedding was actually a great idea. Right?
I want : A and B are princes/ses (or business heirs, something fancy) and are supposed to get married. They've never met, they don't have an opinion. They finally meet and fall in love. And they throw the biggest fucking tantrum you've ever seen, go to any lengths, until the contract is taken back and they're not betrothed anymore. And then they say thank you very much, I want to marry for love, here's my lover, the person I was supposed to marry for business.
(emphasis on the tantrum part, I want a big whole ass "fuck you" to the parents/guardians)
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skiplo-wave · 12 hours ago
Eddie: so yeah this my boyfriend, venom. We do tentacle sex
Tony: oh same.
Eddie: you have a symbiote???
Tony: No, my boyfriend a wizard plus big slut.
Stephen: Says on begging for more tentacles in bed last night.
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Stephen: doesn’t matter, no ones ghost proof.
Tony: I’m ghost proof.
Stephen: You’re not ghost proof. You’re just an idiot that refuses to see proof.
Tony: I’m ghost proof babyyy
Stephen: no you’re not!
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imma-musical-nerd · a day ago
[Stephen & Tony playing with an ouija board]
Stephen: Why won't the ghosts talk to us?
Tony: Maybe they're homophobic.
Stephen: We aren't gay, Tony
Tony: We aren't?
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this is long and confusing but hear me out; little peter used to be in a foster system for littles and has now been adopted for a little while, but he visits his old foster cgs and has a bittersweet reunion ? that made no sense haha
that wasn’t long or confusing at all babe!! in fact its a wonderful idea and i love it sm🥰🥰 i hope you like what i came up with💓💓
Daddies Stephen and Tony, +18 Little Peter, foster caregivers Steve and Bucky, past Beck, mentions of domestic abuse and neglect, fostering, adoption, Littles are Known, angst, comfort
Tumblr media
Sometimes, Peter thinks he has lived three different lives, or maybe even that there are three different Peters that have existed on this earth. His therapist says that it’s not a good idea to think of himself as three different people. But, all those three different phases in his life are a lot for one little Peter to keep within his body and mind. He’s working on it, thinking of himself as just Peter, who has been through a lot. Specifically, three stages.
Bucky and Steve.
Stephen and Tony.
All those three stages have many distinctive events that Peter will never forget. It’s a blur of happy and sad colours, soothing and scary sounds, calming and eerie smells. Some scenes Peter plays over and over in his mind. Peter had explained that it is like there is a TV in his head, and he has lost the remote to control what is on the screen. His therapist praised him for expressing his thoughts so well when he said that.
When the TV is on Beck’s channel, the pictures and sounds are fast and confusing. Few things are clear, but the feelings they evoke in Peter’s tummy are very easy to recognise. Fear, sadness, disappointment. Shades of black, dark blue and dark purple. Some reds too.
Steve and Bucky’s channel is clearer. The pictures are in some ways messier, with more colours blurring, but they don’t move as fast. There are also many scenes of pure white, muffled sounds and sticky warmth. The sounds aren’t as sharp and rapid. Some scenes are in shades of pastel. Peter feels light pink when thinking of those times, but that pink can quickly change into a deep blush of shame and embarrassment.
Stephen and Tony’s channel is happening live. Peter doesn’t have as many memories of them. His days now are in ways very similar to when he first met them. The colours are distinctive, with clear changes from one shade to another. Things move at a speed at which Peter feels like he can breathe. Sounds, sights and smells come to him in real time. It feels good to be calm like this. It is a new feeling for Peter, but one he has quickly learned to love. Like a love song with comforting springy sounds of a guitar.
Peter got adopted by Stephen and Tony a year ago. It is autumn again, a changing of the seasons. But, Peter is here to stay. He has cried about it a few times, mostly out of happiness. But, on Tuesday he found the courage to ask his Daddies a question.
“Can we go see Steve and Bucky?”
Daddies seem surprised, and they don’t have a clear answer right away. They say they have to talk to Peter’s social worker first. The next day, Daddies tell Peter they can go on Saturday. Peter squeaks out a reply, and then dashes to his room to start making a drawing for his ex foster caregivers.
A year ago, Peter left Steve and Bucky. The couple had fostered Peter for nearly a year, after the police finally took Peter from Beck’s abusive and neglectful grip. It was a chaotic year, but the growth that Steve and Bucky’s calming presence allowed for Peter was worldchanging. At least for one little boy.
Peter had his own room at Steve and Bucky’s house. His room was right next to theirs, and Peter never closed the door to his bedroom. No matter how mad or upset he was at his foster CGs from time to time. The room was painted a light blue, and Daddies gladly painted Peter’s room the same shade of blue at their house once the adoption was going through. It made moving a tiny bit easier.
Even if Peter loved that room, there was at least a 6 month period where he didn’t always sleep there much. Instead, Peter was hospitalised in white rooms with muffled sounds. Steve and Bucky always held his hands so gently, kissing his fingers softly. Peter remembers their breaths tickling his fingertips.
Daddies don’t kiss him like Steve and Bucky used to, but Peter thinks he might prefer Daddies’ forehead and cheek kisses more. They feel closer that way, but still Steve and Bucky will always have a special place in Peter’s heart.
They truly deserve an amazing drawing when they meet on Saturday.
let me know if you wanna be tagged for part 2
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Tony, smiling as he watches bruce eat his lunch: someday, brucie is gonna be my second husband
Stephen: oh yeah? What happened to me then?
Tony: Why would anything happen to you? I'm marrying both of you. We’ll all be together.
Stephen, cheeks pink: I don’t know if that’s allowed-
Tony: shhh… we’ll all be a big happy family together! I’m Tony stark, I make the rules!
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ironfam-wizard · 10 hours ago
*open portal at the compound*
Stephen: Are you going to act like this whenever I use my power?
Tony: ???? like what???
Stephen: did you see your face? you look like a teenage girl in love...
Tony:.......I am very much in love, Strange... and it’s killing me, I’ve never though your love could make me feel this way.
Stephen: *blush*’s all yours, Stark
Rhodey: I-
Carol: *whisper* shhhh!! don’t interrupt them!!
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000ctopal · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tony , I’ve come to bargain🍪🥞🧈
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melina-mellow · a day ago
Tumblr media
Anyone interested in some Ironstrange cuddles?
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cyberdelph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
by cristinadrawss
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[In the flying donut]
Tony: Correct me if I'm wrong-
Stephen: You're wrong.
Tony: But- I haven't said anything yet. How could you-
Stephen: I've had enough conversations with you to know that you're usually wrong.
Tony: Do you realize we've just met?
Stephen: Yes.
Tony: *stands inches apart from Stephen and narrows his eyes*
Stephen: *smirks*
Peter: Could you just kiss already? The tension is killing me.
Cloak of Levitation: *nods*
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itschocopiggysart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey y’all! Here’s day 16 of CozyToberFest, and the prompt is ‘warm,’ so here’s ironstrange cuddling for warmth under cloakie. 💛
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skiplo-wave · 12 hours ago
Just want Peter have his gay uncles and gay dads but mouse will say no
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fwutterr · 2 days ago
sooo i’ve read a lot of ironstrange fanfic and i have not read one where everyone who was dusted in IW was dusted EXCEPT for stephen and i’m angry
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