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Stephen: So, the tailor shows up at noon tomorrow.
Tony: Great, and while you do that, I’ll check in on the ring bear.
Stephen: ... I’m sorry, you’re saying “ring bearER,” right?
Stephen: Tony, look into my eyes and say ‘I promise I’m not bringing a dangerous wild animal to our wedding’.
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Definition of a tragedy: Stephen has loved Tony across millions of timelines, through space and time itself, yet in reality only had a handful of hours with him and the sensation of physical touch just twice. Followed by a lifetime or more haunted by guilt and what-if’s, perfectly preserved in his memory but never more than that. The memories of other, long dead versions of himself loving the man destined and doomed to die so that the universe can live.


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Tony: man I’m so cold if only someone can use their magic and set me ablaze like it’s Salem witch trials

Stephen: can’t you just ask for blanket or cuddles like a normal person???

Tony: Yes but I’m feeling bit more dramatic for attention today

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