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#is a tag I need to resurrect now that the show is coming back
mittensmorgul · 3 years ago
I feel like this is probably something you have a lot of thoughts on, but you don't have to go in depth if you don't want (if you do that's also great!) Do you think about cas classifying dean as family and vice versa is a hurdle to be overcome if textual d/c is a thing that's happening? Obviously family includes your significant other, but as far as fiction, I feel like it's code for platonic feelings, because I try to think of any tv couple that started as "family" and I can't. Thanks :)
Hi! I’m sorry I’ve been sitting on this message for a couple of days, but it’s not actually something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. At least not specifically like this.
I mean, the first thing that came to mind at your question was @destieldrabblesdaily‘s post from back during s11 (aah, s11 gave us so much...) about how they were slowly ticking off all these things from a checklist labeled “Obstacles to Canon.”
There are four main points on Shirley’s list, only two of which I think are so completely obvious in canon now that there’s really nothing more to say on either subject:
the vessel consent issue: It’s Cas’s body. There’s no Jimmy in there. Cas has been rebuilt and resurrected multiple times by God, died and been burned, and came back from the empty with what must be yet another entirely new physical body. That is Castiel’s body. Period. There’s no “but what if...” left to argue on this point.
the concern that the show would morph into something it’s not: the focus of the show wouldn’t somehow shift to Dean and Cas’s romantic adventures. It wouldn’t become a comedy, or exclude Sam. The tone and format of the show wouldn’t need to change at all, and that was pretty conclusively proved not only back in 11.19 with the way Jesse and Cesar’s relationship was presented, but *waves hand across all of s13* the show’s gonna do what the show’s always done. Nothing needs to change about the show’s format or structure.
The other two points might be conclusively obvious to some of us (and honestly I have personally been satisfied by how they continue to handle these issues), but there’s still ground they CAN cover toward making these things more explicit for the general audience. And I’d argue that they HAVE been doing just that consistently, and even rather explicitly now in s13:
Dean’s sexuality: Shirley’s original post covered this extremely well from where we were back in s11 (so go read that right now if you haven’t already). I’ve added a heck of a lot to my Dean Is Bi tag since 11.19, so I’d argue that at the very least it’s not something they’ve tried to back away from over the last few seasons. They may not have come out and explicitly said it in so many words, but the show has continued to escalate the subtext to the point where even the general audience has been noticing it in droves.
The Bromance Zone: Back in Shirley’s original post, this was accepted as fairly conclusively evident from Dean’s pining for Cas back in s11, and how it was made painfully and explicitly clear in 11.18... but whoa have we ever had a lot of logs thrown on the bromance pyre since then. And I think this is the point you’re concerned about in your question above.
You stated you couldn’t think of a single romantic couple in fiction that began as “family” or, I suppose in this case as “found family,” or “family of choice.” But I’d like to suggest that most successful romantic couples do begin as friends, regardless of whether they consider each other “family” before their relationship becomes romantic.
Confession time: I have never watched the show Friends, but I believe they considered themselves a sort of found family, right? And there was at least one pair of them that were actually brother and sister? And didn’t several of them become romantically involved by the end of the series? I remember seeing posts to this effect, but correct me if I’m wrong...
Another canon ship that’s often been paralleled to destiel is Castle/Beckett. If you’ve never watched Castle, they’re a pretty textbook enemies to friends to lovers to HEA, and it took like five seasons for them to get to that point. Thing is, the nature of the work they did together (police work) created the same sort of “found family” feelings that the Winchesters’ collection of allies and friends has. And their relationship included so many of the same tropes that Dean and Cas has... right down to the “deathbed love confessions,” amnesia, miscommunication, mutual pining... you name it... And we thought FIVE YEARS was a slow burn. Thing is, every time they seemed to get close to making some sort of dramatic love confession, for years, they’d back down at the last moment for one reason or another. For YEARS, they settled for what could arguably be considered a sort of familial closeness, because that’s all they thought they could have. Circumstance just kept stepping in the way...
So on that note, I’d argue that practically EVERY slow burn romantic endgame story progressed through this “awkward found family” stage. They’re closer than what could be called “friends” in the strictest platonic sense of the word, but short of confessing undying romantic love and attraction, the strongest word in their vocabulary for the care and affection they feel they’re allowed to demonstrate to one another is family.
So back to Supernatural...
S12 approached this issue from two directions for most of the season, with a Compare/Contrast using Mary’s story paralleled to Castiel’s for most of the season, showing us a distinct difference between what FAMILY feels and does for one another, and whatever the heck it is that Dean and Cas feel and do for one another. On the other side of the coin, they doubled down on demonstrating the blatant differences from how Sam sees Cas as a brother, and how Dean sees Cas as a /////brother/////. It was demonstrated over and over again that despite using the same word to describe what Cas is to them, it’s unequivocally DIFFERENT for Dean. That leaves us to wonder WHY.
12.10 makes it clear what the angels believe Dean is to Cas, his “human weakness.” We were shown Dean’s feelings for and connection to Cas, that Dean refused to save himself from Ishim when he knew that using the banishing sigil could possibly have injured Cas further, or even killed him. It wasn’t a risk he was willing to take. That moment may have been a small part of that episode, but right there, Dean had no reason to believe that Ishim wasn’t about to murder him. He surrendered his own life for Cas.
12.12 has Cas’s deathbed love confession, which people are still debating from a linguistic standpoint. But I’d argue that the fact we’re able to debate it at all is even further evidence that it’s something that we’re supposed to be thinking about, and wondering about. Or else why would it even be a debate in the first place.
12.15 has Cas disappearing back to Heaven, the ambiguous phone call moment where Sam hangs up with Mary and signs off with “Love you,” while Dean hangs up with Cas. Loads of us had a holy hell did Dean just say that??? moment and had to rewind to confirm that it was Sam saying it to Mary. Because of that debate left over from 12.12. Again, the fact that we all had to stop and blink at the implication shows that something is definitely different now.
Which brings us to freaking 12.19 and the goddamned mixtape. No amount of Bro and Pal and Buddy on Dean’s part can negate “It’s a gift, you keep those.” Sorry folks, them’s the rules.
And can we talk for a moment about how explicitly clear s13 has made Dean’s feelings, his grief that he textually admitted by yelling it all in Sam’s face was all about Cas. Grief so powerful it somehow activated Jack’s powers (which he had no control of at that point and didn’t even understand that his powers had any part in Cas’s resurrection even after 13.06) and poked Cas awake in the Empty.
And then we have 13.06. I still haven’t recovered from 13.06.
The connection between Dean and Cas intensifies in 13.07, both through Dean giving Cas that same line from 12.10 (Don’t do anything stupid) which he clarified back in s12 wasn’t borne of anger, but of worry. Worry that 12.12 had honed into love, and 13.01 punched us all in the face with as Dean broke down and screamed his grief at God. I mean, the differences between how Sam considers Cas “family” and how Dean does is inarguable at this point.
I’d suggest that the definition of “family” isn’t so much something the show needs to clarify at this point, but something that’s been written all over the last season and a half in invisible ink, and all they need to do at this point is hold it up to a light bulb for the entire text to become clearly visible to everyone.
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I Don’t Know You
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @itsgirl17321 @aw-hawkeye @caswinchester2000 @onjacks-blog @superheroqueen @societiesholyskittle @ladyarisu1
Fandom: Batfamily  
Relationship: Post-Established; Jason Todd x Reader
Summary: Jason and the Reader were together before he died; now that he’s come back, he doesn’t remember her.
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Mentions of death
Tumblr media
You were a good friend of Jason’s. The two of you had met through him being Robin. He, obviously, was Robin, and you were a smaller vigilante who operated out of Crime Alley, Jason’s old neighborhood. You wouldn’t really consider yourself to be a vigilante, you just wanted to create some order in your neighborhood. And since Crime Alley was Jason’s old neighborhood, he would stop by a lot as Robin and the two of you met when he pulled your ass out of a situation you weren’t prepared for.
Since then, he came back to Crime Alley more frequently to check up on you and the two of you became good friends. Jason trusted you and knew that if he ever needed anything, he could go to you. Which he did on multiple occasions. The two of you teamed up to take down petty thieves or track down leads and what not. You and Jason grew closer over the months and you became one of the only people Jason could trust.
But there was more to you and Jason than just platonic feelings. There was tension between the two of you that both of you could feel.
Really, the first move was when Jason pressed you up against an alley wall and kissed you after the two of you were arguing. After that, Jason, well Robin, asked you out on a real date. A few dates later Jason, against Batman’s orders, revealed to you his secret identity.
The two of you had been together ever since, and both you couldn’t be happier.
Then, the unspeakable happened.
Jason had gone silent. You hadn’t gotten a text or a call or seen him in weeks. You were terrified, and the sinking feeling in your gut got stronger and stronger the more days he was away. Then, Nightwing showed up on your door.
It was like in the movies when the police officer showed up on the wife’s door and the wife knew without them having to say anything. You knew Jason was dead without Nightwing having to tell you.
But, Jason didn’t stay dead.
Jason had been resurrected by Talia Al Ghul through the Lazarus pit. The only problem was, was that when Jason came back, he didn’t remember much of anything. He was, as Talia put it, a shell, an empty vessel.
So, she brought him to the mountains, to the All-Caste to be trained, and when he left, Jason dawned a red mask and called himself the Red Hood. He had begun to remember bits and pieces of his past life. He knew who he was and Batman and how and why he was killed.
But, he didn’t remember you.
When Batman found out that Jason was alive, he told Nightwing, who told you. Batman and Nightwing didn’t know that Jason didn’t remember you. Honestly, the only reason you found out was because Nightwing came to you looking for Jason, believing you would know he was alive and where to find him.
The news that Jason was very much alive took a long time for you to wrap your head around. You had spent the past year and a half grieving for Jason and now you were finding out that he wasn’t dead and that he was back in Gotham and he never even told you.
It hurt. It really hurt. You loved Jason so much and you thought that Jason loved you, too. But, you were beginning to doubt that since he never came to tell you he was okay. You were hurt and angry and sad and happy all at the same time.
Because Jason was alive.
In the end, you tried to contact the Red Hood. You had to see for yourself that Jason was alive, and you had to know why Jason never bother to tell you.
It was hard trying to contact the Red Hood. But, in time, and the help of Nightwing, you were able to succeed. You left Jason a little note saying that you wanted to meet with him, signed Your Princess, (Y/N). Since that was what Jason called you, his princess.
And Jason got the message and he wanted to ignore it, to pretend it didn’t matter and that he never got it; but, there was something familiar about the note, about the Your Princessthat he just couldn’t shake, so he decided to meet with you to know why you were so familiar to him.
You went to meet Jason alone.
You were alone in the warehouse when the doors opened and a man a bit taller and much more muscular than Jason was the last time you saw him who wore a red helmet walked into the room.
Danger washed off him in waves. You knew that this man was dangerous, but you also felt the familiarity there and you knew without him having to come closer that it was Jason.
“It’s nice to see you alive, Jason.” You said breathlessly once the door had closed behind him.
Jason took the red helmet off and you were met with an emotionless expression and cold eyes. It was Jason, but it wasn’t Jason.
“What do you want?” He asked you, his voice deeper and much rougher than it was before.
You swallowed at his words and took a minute to reply. “What happened to you?” You whispered, stepping forwards to touch his arm. Jason tensed immediately.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t know who you are. So, what do you want?” Jason said, this time harder.
I don’t know who you are.His words bounced around your head and you felt as if all the air had been knocked out of your lungs.
“You don’t know who I am?” You asked, your hand coming off his arm as you took a step back in surprise.
“Should I?” He asked, and you knew he wasn’t lying. His body language, his tone, his eyes, they were all too cold and distant. He didn’t know who you were.
When Jason died, your heart had been broken, and then you found out he was alive and the pieces were being put back together, but now your heart had broken all over again. Jason was alive, but he wasn’t your Jason.
“You loved me.” You whispered, feeling tears come to your eyes. “Before you died, you loved me.”
Jason hadn’t flinched the entire time you were there, but his gazed faltered at your words and he felt a pang of pain in his chest. There was, very briefly, a moment of recognition of you and what he had with you; but, as quickly as it came, it was gone.
Jason shook his head. “Well, I don’t anymore.”
You closed your eyes at his words and nodded. After a moment you opened your purse and pulled out a pad of sticky notes and wrote down your phone number before handing it to him. “There. In case you remember.”
And then you turned and walked out of the warehouse, leaving your heart shattered at Jason’s feet.
Jason looked down at the sticky note. He wanted to crumple it up and throw it away; but, he couldn’t. A part of him, buried deep inside, the same part that caused the flash of recognition inside him minutes ago, had latched on and wouldn’t let go. So, he folded the stick note up and put it in his pocket.
He never called or texted you, but you knew he had your number, and Jason knew he had it, and it was enough. For now.
But ever since he met you, Jason was beginning to remember you. Fragments at first, but slowly they became bits and pieces and he was beginning to be able to put the puzzle of his mind back together.
But he didn’t know how to talk to you; how to be the person that you knew and loved. He had changed a lot since he died and he knew that he wasn’t a man that you could love, so he kept his distance from you.
But then you were walking home.
You lived in Crime Alley, so it was normal for the crime and gangs. Mostly, there was a rule about never being by yourself in this part of town because it was dangerous to be by yourself. But, you knew how to take care of yourself, so you would walk home alone anyways.
And Jason remembered Crime Alley, so he would keep tabs on it and patrol it frequently. The Red Hood was killing bad guys and Crime Alley was the best place to do that. And since he had remembered you, he liked to watch over you from the rooftops when he could.
So, you were walking home. It was something you had done countless times before. But, tonight ended much differently than normally.
You were about halfway home when you noticed the two shadows behind you. You felt your heart rate pick up and you started to walk faster. The men behind you also picked up their pace. You, slightly intoxicated and scared, focused on the men behind you, which was how you didn’t notice a third man come out of the alley you were crossing in front of. You only noticed him when he grabbed you and pulled you into the alley, his hand covering your mouth so you couldn’t scream. The two men who were following you entered the alley after you.
You knew what men like this were capable of and you weren’t going to be one of their victims. You knew how to take care of yourself, how to fight.
You bit the hand that was covering your mouth and stomped your foot down as hard as you could on his toes. The man yelped and let go of you. You tried to make a run for the alley opening, but one of the other guys grabbed you by your arm and slammed you against the wall.
Your face bounced off the brick from the amount of force and you were gifted with an instant headache, your eyes a bit out of focus. You shook your head a little to regain focus and noticed blood on the wall before you.
You were so focused, or so unfocused, that you didn’t hear the men talking to you.
“Listen to me you stupid bitch.” He yelled before going to throw you down onto the alley ground.
But you had come back to yourself before he could and grabbed his arm, twisting it enough to hear an awful crack.
“No, you listen to me you pathetic douche bag. Let me go and we can end this right here.” You hissed to him and the other two.
But they didn’t listen. Instead, the two other guys pulled knives out and stepped forwards to attack you. That was when you heard the loud bang come from deeper within the alley.
Jason had been in Crime Alley and he saw a woman being attacked in an alley. He really hated it when men went after women. So, he decided that the Red Hood would pay them a little visit. He didn’t know it was you until he dropped down into the alley and got a better look at your face. And when he saw that it was you, his anger intensified.  
“You should have listened to the lady.” He said coldly, walking out of the shadows.
You smiled when you saw Jason before turning to look back at the men, you still holding on to the one. The two men who had pulled the knives out looked terrified. Everyone knew the Red Hood and what he was capable of.
The two men who were free quickly made a run for it and you released the third and he, too, made a run for it. You and Jason were left alone in the alley.
You released a deep breath and turned to look at Jason, at the Red Hood. You opened your mouth to thank him, but nothing came out.
Jason waved his hand in understand and took his helmet off. He wore a mask under the helmet, but you could see his eyes. Before they had been cold and distant, now you found bits and pieces of Jason in them.
“I have been remembering.” Jason whispered.
You swallowed and nodded hopefully. “You have?”
Jason nodded, a familiar smile crawling up his lips as he raised his hand to touch the alley wall. “Our first kiss was in an alley like this.”
You felt tears well up in your eyes and you nodded. “Yes, it was.”
Jason’s smile faltered and looked back to you. “I don’t remember everything, and I’m not who I used to be.”
You stepped closer to him and brought your hand up to grip his jacket. He didn’t flinch.
Jason let out a shaky breath. “But I want to try.”
“Okay.” You whispered without hesitation. You needed Jason again and he needed his home.
“Okay?” Jason asked you, surprised.
“Yes. I don’t care that you’ve changed, Jay. I’ve changed, too. I want to try. I want you. I needyou.” You said with a smile.
Jason matched your smile and pulled you into a hug, a hug that lifted the weight from both of your shoulders.
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elizabethrobertajones · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean & Cas Are In Love
A hopefully one day conclusive study of these assholes, hopefully told as briefly as I can.
Written for the people in the fandom who care but sometimes need a pick me up on this, and not written to prove a point to anyone who doesn't already care. <3
Cas finally returns in the third episode! \o/ But not without some serious struggle to get him here. In 6x01 Sam explains that Cas never answered to explain why he was resurrected, and he repeats this here, but this time Dean is determined to get Cas to come talk to him for the first time in a year, now that he's back in the game.
Dean listens as Sam explains how Cas hadn't been answering, and his face is thoughtful, because he knows Cas should be loyal and helpful and "we had an appointment" style prompt to swoop in with answers, if he's operating at the "don't ever change" ideal version of Cas that Dean has built in his head.
He decides to try anyway, hopeful before it's ever stated from his own perspective of Cas and their "profound bond" that Cas may answer him if he won't answer Sam - that it's still worth a try when Dean is the one reaching out.
What he doesn't know is that the reason Cas comes is solely because Dean is calling, and because Dean is calling about a heavenly weapon gone rogue situation aka more twists and turns of the angel war which is exactly what Cas has been dealing with all year - because the last thing Cas wants is Dean back in the game, and specifically tangled up in the angel war, though working with Sam is bad enough because of Crowley's side of the Campbell scheme.
Random other detail that made me laugh: I'm trying to focus on the interpersonal narrative rather than the little details but Dean sitting there all on the bed, legs spread, suggestively with the beer bottle upright in his crotch right as he reaches out to Cas for the first time in a year... Pfft. Sometimes there's just imagery you have to point at. :P
Cas shows up and Dean still looks genuinely stunned to see him, looking at Sam in a way where he should have been gloating it worked if he wasn't making this weird stunned sparkly-eyed face to see Cas again, too over-come with his presence to try and score points with Sam after taking a gamble on getting Cas to answer.
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veliseraptor · 3 years ago
if possible could we see loki seeing some of his other friends after his resurrection in the everything is awful au? maybe bucky? love your writing :D
homecoming, 900 words, bucky pov, so I guess now I can write in this au again. previous installments under #the everything is awful au tag
Bucky was very deliberate about dropping off the grid.
He didn’t want anyone looking for him, especially Steve’s friends. He didn’t want anyone finding him. If anyone caught his trail, they weren’t going to trace him back to anyone else. Not that anyone had even gotten close.
He might not be Hydra’s Winter Soldier anymore, but he was still good at his job. His job right now was a little different from his usual, though: he was trying to track down Loki’s body.
Might be pointless. Might be there was nothing left but bits and pieces, but if there was anything then Bucky was going to make sure whatever was left got the send-off Loki would’ve deserved.
The news took a long time to filter down the grapevine to him, and when he first heard it it stopped him dead, because all he could assume was that someone was trying to lure him out. A rumor of a rumor: Steve Rogers was in Wakanda.
Even more surprising was the word he picked up a few days later, in a code maybe three people knew: We need you. He’s back.
He. Steve, Bucky thought, and he shouldn’t, not like he was now, but…
He shaved, changed his clothes, swapped identities, and headed for Wakanda’s border.
Bucky was sort of surprised they let him in. Must’ve built up some solid goodwill, somehow. Or maybe T’Challa still felt bad about trying to kill him.
Sam met him first. “Welcome back,” he said, voice flat. Still pissed, clearly. “Heard about Ross.”
“Real tragedy,” Bucky said. “Where’s Steve?”
Sam took a deep breath. “He’s with Loki.”
Bucky blinked. “He’s what?”
“With Loki,” Sam repeated. “That’s, uh. I don’t really get it, but Steve and Thor brought him back.”
“From the dead?” Bucky said.
“Yep,” Sam said. “It’s been a month and a half.”
“A month and a-” Bucky swore. “And you didn’t get in touch with me before now?”
“And how,” Sam said, his voice going tight again, “were we supposed to do that?”
“You figured it out, didn’t you,” he snapped, but then realized - three people knew that code. Romanov. Him. And Loki.
He’d never told Steve. One of those Hydra things he didn’t want to touch him. Unless Loki had shared that at some point…he hissed out through his teeth. So it was Loki, probably, who’d told them how to get in touch with him. Eventually.
Bucky hoped it was because he’d been stalling, for some reason. Maybe he was pissed at Bucky, too. For leaving him on that field. Bucky was pissed at Loki for staying, so they’d be even.
“Bucky,” Sam said, after a pause. “It’s…not great.”
“How so,” Bucky said carefully. Sam blew out a breath.
“Turns out coming back from the dead ain’t easy,” he said after a moment. “Steve’s taking it hard.”
Should’ve been here, said a nasty voice at the back of Bucky’s mind. He shoved it aside. “Show me where to go.”
“Sure thing,” Sam said. “But two rules. No physical contact unless he does it first, and no raised voices.”
“Sure,” Bucky said tightly. “Easy enough.”
Steve looked - fragile. Exhausted, and he hugged Bucky a little too tightly. “You’re okay,” he said quietly. “When you weren’t here…”
“Sorry,” Bucky said. “I came as soon as I heard.”
If Steve was fragile, Loki was…Bucky didn’t want to say broken, but that was a little bit of the feeling. At the very least bent. Dented. Bruised. Too thin and his eyes were too wide and Bucky remembered what Sam had said, keeping his distance.
“James,” he said, with a faint smile. That cat was curled up on his lap, watching Bucky intently but not budging from his perch. “Welcome back.”
“Thanks for calling me in,” Bucky said. Loki blinked, momentary confusion flickering across his expression before it cleared.
“Ah,” he said. “My apologies for…sharing your secret.”
He needs your help. Yeah, he wasn’t so sure that’d meant Steve anymore. Like Bucky knew what to do in this situation. Like he was any good at helping. “It’s fine,” he said. “Jesus, Loki, you’re…it’s good to see you.”
That faint smile widened just a second toward something more genuine before it fell back. “And you,” he said. “Though I am afraid I am not…the best of company, at the moment.”
Bucky snorted. “You came back from the fucking dead,” he said. “I don’t think anyone’s expecting you to be just peachy.”
A faint shiver ran through Loki’s body. “Well,” he murmured. “I’m certainly not that.”
“I shouldn’t’ve left you there,” Bucky blurted out. “I should’ve thrown you over my shoulder and dragged you to that plane kicking and screaming. You know that, right? Shot Stark in the face and just fucking-” He realized his voice was rising and cut himself off. Right. Five minutes and he’d already broken one of the rules.
“You couldn’t have made me go anywhere,” Loki said. “It isn’t your fault. That I died.”
Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.
“I killed Ross,” he said, after a moment. Like that fixed anything. Fuck, he was bad at this.
Loki lifted his head, and for just a moment some of that old fire burned in his eyes. “Good,” he said, low and hard. “I hope it hurt.”
Looking at Loki, Bucky thought it hadn’t hurt nearly enough.
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elizabethrobertajones · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean & Cas Are In Love
A hopefully one day conclusive study of these assholes, hopefully told as briefly as I can.
Written for the people in the fandom who care but sometimes need a pick me up on this, and not written to prove a point to anyone who doesn't already care. <3
How long can Cas avoid meeting Dean's eye...
Blatantly cannibalising this post’s point and its gifs.
There's multiple reaction shots from Sam and Dean in between these looks, I just once singled them all out and coming back to this gifset a couple of years later for this project, I think it tells the story pretty well as Cas comes to terms with what exactly he has done to Sam, and the struggle he has to meet Dean's eye and give him the news, because with all hindsight, this is NOT a dramatic twist in the story devoid of any context except adding drama and explaining Sam's weirdness, but a heavy character beat for Cas on the 2nd run through.
In this moment Cas is thinking hard, realising where Sam's soul is, how long it has been there, and that it was his own oversight, this first moment of truly even noticing he had some serious hubris due over his actions.
He makes the token gesture of checking Samuel's soul, while knowing full well that Crowley resurrected him from his apparent stock of hellbound souls (will we ever know why he was there? The longer Mary is around for real the more it makes me itch for answers :P) and is quick to flap off and return to his angel war, leaving them to move on to the seemingly utterly unrelated Nancy Drew adventure to work out they're working for Crowley and he's the one pulling all the strings.
I think Cas is lying by omission here, but that his horror and the weight of what he knows he's dealing with it all very true, and he genuinely feels this - in 6x20 I believe his horror when Sam asks if he brought him back like this deliberately.
And through this moment, Cas knows he's going to have to meet Dean's eye eventually, and deliver this news, while knowing he has caused the cardinal sin to Dean - hurting Sammy. By the end of the season it is a sign of how far gone Cas is that he uses breaking Sam's wall as a manipulation to keep Dean out of the way, as his desperation and the truth being out takes over his short term compassion for the long-term hope of winning and establishing a peace where he can fix it all later. When it has moved to the hope of winning them back, and if not, sacrificing their relationship entirely for the fact they will be protected.
For now, he has the luxury of this being one of the few scenes where, without Dean knowing Cas bears any responsibility, they can talk like adults about things and work together on the problem, as of course Cas genuinely didn't know what was wrong with Sam up to this point. For Cas, this is very bad, but there is still a hope of pretending things are somewhat normal and that this is just another problem - and Crowley being revealed as running the con this year takes a weight off his personal responsibility for this as he knows Dean sees it, that lasts until the end of the season.
For Dean, I think he's just glad Cas is acting even somewhat normally and helpful and like he cares about them, as there's no on-screen wrangling to get him to come and it's implied that after their conversation in 6x06, Cas came when called this time, and purely to help rather than for purposes to do with the angel war, so far the only way to get him to show up this season.
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girl4music · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
In honour of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’, I’m presenting 5 TOP episode scenes where I use the original writing displayed in the scene to give a brief synopsis of each episode and interpret the meaning behind the dialogue it so it can have a greater emphasis and impact for you. These are my TOP 5 character dialogue scenes. They are in no particular order.
Chakram - The prayer scene
Xena prays for a sign to know whether to restore her Darkness that she lost when her and Gabrielle were resurrected. Gabrielle gives Xena some insight that she’s recently learned herself about how Light and Dark are needed to keep balanced and so she has the capability to protect and defend herself and others.
Callisto - The promise scene
The consequences of Xena’s Dark past have come back to haunt her in the form of Callisto, a woman who lost her family due to Xena’s army setting her hometown on fire in her childhood. She wants revenge and tries to ruin Xena’s reputation as the do-gooder by attacking the innocent. In an intimate campfire scene Xena wrestles with her mind on whether to bring her to justice or not as she would only do the same thing, knowing full well she’s the reason why evil Callisto even exists. Gabrielle asks her to promise that if she gets killed, she’ll remain on the path of atonement and not let her heart be eaten away by hatred.
Dreamworker - The water scene
After a tumultuous event at Morpheus’ temple where Gabrielle was captured to be his bride, she confesses to Xena that she was capable of killing and was scared of it. Xena explains to Gabrielle using a clever water metaphor that everyone is capable of making the kill, but what’s important is that you don’t cross the threshold. Warning her that if you do, everything changes and there’s nothing you can do to go back from it as you can’t change the past or the person it has made you become, only what you’ve learned from it and what you do now.
Forgiven - The before bed scene
We are introduced to a teenager called Tara who is lost and confused and wants to turn her life around but doesn’t know how to. In order to get Xena’s attention, she picks a fight with Gabrielle in a bar and stalks her and Xena endlessly until Xena gives in and allows her to tag-along, much to Gabrielle’s dismay. A conversation as they’re about to go to bed happens and Tara asks Xena how she knows what is good and what is bad. Xena tells her that it’s not always easy to tell but that going with your gut and asking others who are not selfish is best.
Eternal bonds - The ending scene
This episode doesn’t really relate to the scene I’ve chosen but several other episodes do. I’ve only chosen this particular scene from the ending of this episode because Xena and Gabrielle talk about something very specific to do with the recurring themes in the show overall. Gabrielle senses that something is on Xena’s mind. Xena expresses to her that she’s worried about Eve being exposed to violence and blood and asks Gabrielle whether it’s right to act in it and even kill to protect and defend her from harm. Gabrielle responds with that she doesn’t know for sure whether it’s right to do so, but she does know that it’s usually the only option they have. Xena further comments that perhaps it’s more wrong to be a bystander of it as that can have much more devastating effects for all the innocent involved. That making a stand in any way, violence or nonviolence, weapon or no weapon, killing or not killing, is right because you can’t just let it happen. It’s probably, for me, the most important lesson in Xena because I keep coming back to it over the years and analysing again and again.
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