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#is he jewish

Can someone please tell me if harry styles is or is not jewish

I could have sworn he went to catholic school or some shit

 pls tell me

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It’s okay anon, I’ve started to view MCU Spiderman as an AU with a Christian Spiderman. Like, wow, look at this expensive piece of fanfic. Lol y’all are wrong but Kink Tomato or whatever.

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remember how literally 2 days ago i said i don’t give a FUCK about y'all coming to me with whines and complaints about black women being problematic, especially for tiny little nit picky shit that you would never bring up abt a man or a white woman ? remember when i specifically mentioned that idgaf that azealia banks is problematic? okay well recall all that again and then take this to someone who cares

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an excerpt from the dean-centric fic I’m working on wherein Mary was jewish and her name was Miriam (Mary for short):

“I’ve started keeping kosher,” Sam says with a little shrug, “makes things kinda difficult sometimes but it – feels right. ”

Dean hums in answer and swallows down the bile of jealousy that’s rising in his throat. Why should he be jealous anyway? So Sam is reconnecting with Mum’s religion or whatever, good for him. See if Dean cares.

“Do you go to service too, then? Talk to the rabbi?” he finally manages, and it comes out almost conversational, with only the slightest hint of bitterness, only a little bit sarcastic. He counts it as a win.

“I do,” Sam says, “or I did. I – I don’t know if it’s possible to keep up with it on the road but –” He breaks off and gives Dean a little look that clearly says stop talking, dude.

Dean pretends not to notice. “And your girl?” he asks instead, “she go too? Kosher and that shit?”

“Yeah,” Sam says, quietly after a moment, “she is – was – we met at the Jewish Students’ Association. She introduced me to her family at – after service one weekend.”

“Her whole family?” Dean says, surprised, and then, because he’s an asshole, sarcastically, “don’t know why I’m surprised that she’s jewish, what with a nice hebrew name like ‘Jessica’.”

“More jewish than 'Dean’, asshole.” Sam says coldly and, yeah, Dean deserves that. He knows he’s being a dick; hell, Jessica hasn’t even been dead two weeks yet, and he’s already – well.

They’re quiet for several long heartbeats. Then:

“Anyway, she wasn’t 'Jess’ at shul” - Sam says the word softly, like it’s halfway between familiar and unknown; like a word that’s learnt, rather than come by naturally; unlike Dean and the yiddish that he sprinkles, sometimes liberally, through his sentences; to him, Yiddish is home and safety, it’s Mum’s s cooking and the peeling linoleum of the kitchen floor and the curtains with the faded sunflower print; he doesn’t know what it is to Sam, other than a set of rules to follow; Sam cares about keeping kosher, lighting the candles, saying the blessings, going to shul; and Dean figures he must’ve got that from, well, Jess.

Sam stops talking.

Dean waits.

Sam doesn’t appear to want to finish the thought but Dean’s not gonna let him stop.

“Yeah?” he says. “What name?”

Sam hesitates, takes a breath, hesitates again. Then finally:

“Miriam. Her name was Miriam.”

And Dean wants to die.

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Hello, fellow Jews! I have a debate going on in my house and I want your opinions

Hamentashen filling: jam vs poppy seed?

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So I’ll begin by saying that I personally do not keep shomer shabbos. People are not supposed to discriminate against people for religious reasons, but I think that the unfortunate truth is that observant Jews probably do miss out on opportunities because they don’t feel comfortable with the circumstances.

I think that your best bet is to find somewhere where you can stay by yourself (like an Air B&B) so that you can keep shabbos as you want, and be upfront with the dig supervisor about not working on Saturdays.

And happy early Purim to you too!


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every couple of weeks i have to remember that adam birkholtz technically in canon is a cis straight white econ major former hockey player turned corporate consultant just to keep me humble

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Hey the fact I had to see a post talking about how an ethnically jewish man had beautiful eyes if they werent so hooded? I will kill

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people who Only, out of the entire fe3h cast, draw hubert with a hooked nose despite him not having one in canon when he’s got the aesthetic of the evil advisor trope and ur DRAWING him reveling in killing etc,,, im not jewish but maybe just,,,consider some things on that one

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okay but I actually loved loved LOVED that Schmidt refused to dump Elizabeth for Cece even though I believe that present-day Schmidt was more in love with Cece. He couldn’t do it because he still cared about Elizabeth and because choosing Cece over her once she was available would have actually BEEN a total asshole move.

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no thoughts head empty just Louis Maskell In Fiddler On The Roof……… i would like to see it.

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