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Ooh, I’ve never even thought about writing CNV fic! I’m afraid it’s been ages since I’ve read the books, but I feel like this would be some sort of exploration of the effects of losing Julie on each of them. Probably with some sort of nightmare component (oh boy, that would be PAIN).

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the tumblr desktop update now shows….all the mentions i’ve missed in the last 2 months (oops) and i do like to talk abt myself so thank you to @selling-my-soul-for-tony-stark  @lazaefair  @bedalk @joe-nicky @h-yb for the tag, i am responding very belatedly!  

last song: the night we met, lord huron. it is the perfect tone for the autumn i’m currently experiencing. 

last movie: if we don’t count the german miniseries it’s…..kfjddsfdsk. it’s eclipse. i’m sorry. my roommates and i started an ironic group rewatch.

currently watching: ……………… girl.

currently reading: basic criminal procedure, 15 ed.🙃  school saps a lot of my will to read for fun but i’ve kept a mary oliver anthology next to my bed and have been slowly working through it

currently craving: a vacation, a massage, & a manhattan  

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Today’s session is set up! Anyone is free to join as long as you’re kind to your fellow crewmates! We’ll be playing for a few hours, but check the blog for an update if you want to make sure we’re still going!

Map: Polus (Map 3)   
Imposters: 2  
Players: 10      
Rules: Classic
Server: Asia

Classic rules are exactly how it sounds, the game will be played as normal! If the group gets bored we may switch to Hide and Seek or Tag rules, but unless stated otherwise we’ll be sticking with the classic gameplay for now.

Come on in and have fun! Anyone of any skill level is welcome to play, this is a server specifically built to be chill so we can all have fun!


The code is FAWUGF

(Server will be private unless getting members becomes a challenge, in which case it will be switched to public to prevent getting kicked for inactivity. Standard chat rules apply, if anyone is downright mean to anyone else they will get one warning before being temporarily kicked)

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