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#is it too late to drop out
Hi! So I am about to graduate highschool and am planning to go to a college across the country from me even though I have absolutely nothing to my name except my dog and a half edited novel. How do I get to this college and what do I do first when I get there? Btw taking my dog with me even though i'll need to find an off campus apartment.

Hi! Thanks for the question.

I’d say first try to pack light and buy what you can in your new college town instead of lugging everything across country.

For lodging I recommend looking for Facebook groups, if you’re having trouble with estate agents. I know two people who found cheap and clean lodgings through Facebook.

When you first get there, don’t be afraid to talk to people. I’m still friends with a girl I just started talking to on the bus. Another who I said hello to in the hallway. It’s a lot more fun exploring a new city with people!

I hope this helped and good luck moving to college!

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Will be about keeping a work-life balance. We’ll talk about having a job at uni, how to keep on top of uni work, and how your social life might change after leaving home.

If anyone has any questions for this episode, please send them in on here or on Instagram @TooLateToDrop

And thank you to everyone who send in questions for last episode. We had some really good ones!

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When you gotta go around the room and share “one fun fact about yourself” it’s like

  • I own a dog.
  • I speak Spanish.
  • I climbed mt. Everest, wrote a novel, and also got accepted into Harvard.
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • I killed a man
  • I went to Greece once.
  • Speaks so softly you can’t hear them.
  • I bake.
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