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Lance just

He really did just

I mean did he

Did he really


I mean I’m not complaining but YES I AM KEITH COME BACK WYD

//allurance is cute and all but lotura is my number 1 sorry not sorry

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me, staring at the OTI talk on twitter: should i make a twitter? i mean, i’m on every other social media site so i probably should…

me, immediately after making a twitter account: waht the f uck is this sh it?? i’m too old for thi s young, h ip website i don’t unDERSTAND ANYTHING. 

me, immediately after trying to navigate twitter: /deletes twitter account

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Me, relaxed and rested. My undergrad thesis defense is over. My presentation was a work of scientific genius the like of which powerpoint is unworthy to be the vessel of.

and then i fucking grADUATE ALREADY

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Welps .. my vacation is over . Being home this time made me realize that I am much happier at home, being with my friends and family . However, I also know that I wouldn`t be happy without HM either . I was only away from him for 5 days before he came to America, but I missed him so much . It was really hard staying in touch with the time difference and all . It was nice spending some time with my parents again, and being with my mom of course . It was nice getting the chance to show HM around my city too . Although we didn`t get as much privacy as we wanted, it was still really nice . Every night when my parents were asleep, we would go to his bedroom and have sex hahah . And guess what . Remember that weird thing where I wanted to be the first girl HM cummed inside without a condom ? Well, it finally happened the first night he came because he forgot to bring condoms and we didn`t have a chance to go buy them . However, I had afterpills to take so that was why we went through with it . I could really tell how much more he liked it hahah . It was his first time ever not using a condom . Every night after that we used condoms though . I do feel bad that I couldn`t spend that much time with my parents, and I felt bad I couldn`t take HM everywhere because of my parents . I owe both sides but .. yeah . Luckily, my parents weren`t mean or rude to HM . HM even brought presents over, which really surprised me . I never thought he would spend so much on presents for my parents and I was really touched . He also got me a wallet from J. Estina for Christmas hehehe . My mom would be sarcastic a lot of the times but it was only towards me, and HM wouldn`t understand anyways since she spoke in Cantonese . There was one day when my parents got mad that we slept in late and I think they waited for us to eat lunch . They were saying to me how we were being rude and whatnot . I got upset and went to HM and kinda cried . I swear I am such a crybaby now I hate it . Later my mom asked me to sit down to have a talk . She apologized for getting angry with me and started crying .. that was when my heart broke . She said that all she wanted was for me to be happy and that she didn`t want to get mad at me but she just can`t control it .. She said that I should just stay in Korea with HM if that makes me happy, but she`s just really worried about my future and that I would have it hard if I stay with him . Seeing her cry like that in person broke me down too . I just kept hugging her and told her to stop crying . It was such a sob story . I feel like such a horrible daughter . I want to be home with her but I want to be with HM too .. hopefully HM and I can think of a plan for him to stay in America and find a decent job of some sort . Even when we went to the airport, my mom kinda teared again . I am just so not used to seeing my mom so weak that I hate myself for being the cause . However, HM has been treating me so great lately and he would tell me that he`s sorry that he`s the cause I`m staying in Korea .. at least he knows haha . I only have 11 months left to go . It might sound like a lot, but HM and I would really need to start thinking of a solid plan if we are serious about staying together ..

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