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#is that a thing people would do

PFFT I’M GETTING ADS ON TUMBLR NOW FOR THE FUCKING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR MY TOWN’S STATE REPRESENTATIVE WTKHETLETHK ma’am???????  you understand that if you wanna prioritize safety in this town you’re going at it the completely wrong way right????  she’s SUCH a bootlicker and i just??????  if you care about “safety” shut UP about the police and focus more on decriminalizing drug use and actually help people access resources needed!!!!  prioritize supporting the areas in this town that you consider “dangerous!”  i live in that area, it’s NOT as bad as y’all republicans make it seem, we just need people to actually give a shit and stop neglecting the area!  landlords have NO business making rent so expensive around here, the town needs to stop getting rid of the few things we have like painting over that mural at the old theatre, young adults need to be heard and acknowledged (*cough* stop acting like we don’t notice the only things that happen around town are geared towards families with young kids or old people, if you want things to get better stop with that shit), also if y’all really want my neighborhood to get any better and grow beyond it’s stigma, here’s a wild thought: YOU need to get the fuck up and do something because we can’t do that shit on our own.  it’s getting colder, we’re in our first snowstorm and people shouldn’t have to worry about where they’re going to sleep, ESPECIALLY in winter around here.  make it easier and realistic to stay here, housing is important as hell, prioritizing young people’s wellbeing too is important, if people are able to stay here people can start small businesses that aren’t goddamn package stores, which will in turn foster that feeling of community that once existed around here.  also stop treating arts as secondary if even that!!!  ever since that mural was painted over it’s been going downhill, this town especially this neighborhood has become artless, mental health around here is dangerously bad and we are in this situation right now because you have literally neglected us and our needs as human beings for so long so maybe instead of “backing the blue” or whatever you fucking call it you should open your eyes and realize the only way things are gonna get better is if you actually care about more than the white upper middle class families involved with the pto, the people who’ve already retired and will see you at bingo, and fucking cops.  stop fucking demonizing our neighborhood as “criminals” just because we’re not all fucking white or rich or ~contributing to society~ to your liking.  the people around here are beautiful and you’re too much of a racist classist ageist bastard to actually acknowledge it.

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well since i know posting this tomorrow would end up happening way too late in the day: guess who doesn’t have school tomorrow!!!

#it’s a me!!!, #tis i, #!!!, #yeah ask questions in a bit im on mobile which is lowkey hell compared to desktop but there are details if you want to ask, #this has been: mundane things with loolin, #so reasons! i said i had those right? basically tomorrow's a buy-back day which means we get a day without school, #because we need a certain number of days without school & they didnt know where to put this one so it's just here in october, #also. halloween on saturday. people want to party. even with rona. the officials know what they're doing, #what am i going to be doing? i'll tell you that as well as thanks for going back and looking at these tags well after the originally posting, #i'll sleep in because i need to & i drank tea tonight which means i'll be sleeping way heavier tonight thank god, #but then once it's gotten kinda warm i'll leave for the church as soon after noon as possible on my bike to spend the whole afternoon there, #basically until it gets cold or dark or both then i'll come home & eat supper and whatnot. it'll be great, #what will i be doing at the church? i'm so glad you asked i dont normally get an audience as attentive as you, #i'll be doing what i do most saturdays except i'll be actually allowed to use my computer as much as i want to, #as in i'll be working on transposing the mind electric & working on playing the mind electric. all day., #i mean they've not only got a steinway piano but a real organ. i'm playing a real organ for this song. what else would you expect, #thanks for reading all this jazz & i only call it jazz because it's getting late like i said i had some tea & it's time to be incomprehensib
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have  I  ever  talked  about  how  self - righteous  quinn  is  ?    everything  she  does,    she  does  because  she  personally  believes  it  to  be  the  right  decision,    regardless  of  whether  it  actually  is  or  not.    her  most  impulsive  choices  are  made  because  she  thought  they  were  good  and  right  at  the  time,    and  she  often  realises  after  that  they,    in  fact,    were  not.    she’s  just  able  to  rationalise  it  in  her  head  to  the  point  where  she  thinks  that  it  is  and  will  thus  follow  through.    frannie  is  very  much  the  same  way,    except  she’s  more  stubborn  when  it  comes  to  her  own  choices  and  is  much  less  likely  to  be  talked  out  of  them.

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ah shit, here we go again

(don’t rb)

#flick ticks, #so something that i Just realized- something that has Just Now occurred to me is that i tend to like. i guess solidify in my own head like??, #calling someone dumb or just. hating someone for such tiny things (ex. ''they were annoying'' or ''they did (xyz)'') and i guess to be fair?, #i don't Immediately hate ppl when they fuck up once...... sure i get irritated but like. if it happens on multiple occasions my brain just, #goes. ''ok i hate this person forever (passively bullies them and talks shit about them behind their back)" and Duh that's Scummy but like, #everything i'm like. realizing i guess is that i'm fuckin Ignorant lol like. i'm a Dumb Sack Of Shit sometimes l m a o. point blank, #but i'm trying to get better!! and i feel like i'm making good progress!! i just?? hate that i'm making all this progress So Fucking Late, #i fucking. Really wish i had realized all this shit fucking YEARS sooner. i would fucking. Love to restart though. i would love to fucking., #do everything right in the first fucking place. god. Back to my initial point of this post uh- i'm realizing that i'm very quick to judge, #and be a dick and . that really fucking sucks and is exactly why he's in the situation he is now with his group. i would love to fix that, #whole mess too. i know all of it is my fault and i feel like i have to fix it idk. obviously they don't want me to but like. i still feel, #like i owe All of them some sort of compensation for having been around me lmao.... i feel like i owe all of them an apology and just. a fix, #if i could go back and fix everything i would in the blink of a fucking eye. and that's?? what i Tried to do w/ that persona. obviously, #worked really well /j. i really did genuinely just. want to fix everything. i wanted to bring everyone back together. i wanted to make, #things right. i wanted to undo what i did because None of them deserve to be treated as poorly as they're being treated. it is my fault and?, #i will never stop wanting to fix it. i am Always going to want to fix it whether they want me to or not lmao. they really really do deserve, #better. they're? really genuinely good people....god. as frustrating as uh. One of them can be i? know they all mean well. they're all just, #looking out for their friend. i'm a little bit bitter about the shit they've all said about me but like. they all deserve to be happy in the, #end. and i genuinely hope they are! i really do wish them well and i do hope they're living their best lives because they deserve it, #i'll never forget any of them and i'll keep them in mind when i talk to apollo wishing them good health and clear skies, #for any of the 4-5 of you vaguely mentioned reading this: thank you for the memories. i'm sorry that i was toxic. i would love to start, #fresh with all of you one day. until that day i hope you all are happy healthy and being your most authentic selves, #i *will* learn from all of this. i *will* get better. i'm doing it for myself but i'm also doing it for everyone that i've hurt. not to show, #idk. if this comes off in any sort of negative light i'm sorry it's not my intention. idk if any of this is stupid to say or if it's, #necessary (most likely isn't yet here i am) but i just? want to get this out into the void i guess, #yeah, #have fun and be safe lads
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Every time I go to look at this blog for myself and like am scrolling down, for every post that’s like a nice thing to say or positive affirmations or some stuff like that (words hard) my immediate reaction in my brain is just to go “thanks bro” and then I remember what this blog is called

#thoughts, #oni talks, #ultimate lovely bro hours, #my posts, #just damn thanks bro except it’s at myself, #and the fact that this is literally called lovely bro it’s just ya that sounds about right, #just pat myself on the back for being a genius and also a lovely bro, #also of all my blogs/side blogs this will forever and always be my favorite one, #if I could mix Reddit and tumblr together this blog would just be infinite, #I made a new Reddit account ok not solely but it’s kind of become solely, #just for saving like wholesome memes and nice stuff and like relationship memes etc etc, #also I should start making nice doodles again at some point Lolol, #fun fact the lovely part of this blog was from the fact that on my main blog, #in my tags i would and sometimes still do refer to followers/people reading as “to my lovelies, #bc you’re all lovely and should be called as such, #anyway I still have things to do so I’m gonna continue my break for a little bit of wholesome stuff on here, #and then I’m gonna go take a bath/shower bc I really need one and I wanna work on taking less time in them, #mainly bc person I’m moving in with only has one bathroom and so obvi taking too long is maybe bad but ALSO I have new stuff to try, #also when I’m done I can get food which I know he will be happy if I eat and also food is good and I still wanna get good poke, #also Halloween costumes should get here today and so if I’m all clean and stuff it’ll look nicer when I try them on + I still have more bras, #I gotta try on and I ordered more since I’m still trying to figure out size/need bras also for when I move out (and in general) also pretty, #I just gave sapphire her meds so I don’t gotta again until like 8ish, #also I can set up sun lamps/lights I got bc my psych team said to bc I have a Vitamin D deficiency and it’s good for me lol, #okie I’m go chillax a little then bath then smth idk but you’re all wonderful and lovely, #I hope all of you have a good day and remember to eat and drink and take your meds!! I’m gonna take the rest of mine after my bath!! ILY ❤️, #to my lovelies, #hold on I can make it better (also reminder you deserve good things), #to my lovelies 💞
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I wish so much there was a way to lock posts

I dont want a private blog but I hate how easily my content gets spread because now there’s all types of people in my notes and it doesn’t even have that many notes yet but it keeps going

I just wanna think about soap and clean things but every time I start using this blog again this happens :(

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a return to my lengthy sadposting!

#op, #i am both unlikeable & unloveable & also completely undesirable, #people see me and they absolutely do not care they do not think oh this is a fun person to talk to, #people talk to me and theyre like ahah lets add eachother on insta and have 0 desire to ever speak to me again, #i message people on insta and theyre like cool haha and no desire to ever send anyhting ever again, #i do not want to have to do Everything in order to meet people or make friends or god help me get a gf or bf or whatever the fuck, #and honestly? im just going to stop trying altogether, #im not going to be meeting anyone this year nor am i going to join any societies bc i did last year and look where that got me, #i made like 2 friends from that Whole thing and both of them make me feel terrible abt myself and i dont really even want to see the, #and like that was me trying, #and other people be out here having half a convo w someone and then actually both deciding we are going to be friends <3 lets actually hang, #out, #i am so tired and so alone and i am so stressed out abt uni and i always feel like i am seconds away from sobbing or throwing up, #or both i guess, #and anyway at least i have my One Friend Whomst I love ! and maybe hopefully make some friends thru him but thats not really fixing it, #i want to know whats wrong with me but we all know that its just my personality and how i look and that i am disgusting, #swear to god if dying was an actual option i would take it, #like immediately, #maybe i should start c*tting or something to be at least a little interesting, #haha no ignore that last one
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(Heeey, I know this blog isn’t huge or anything, but if any of y’all wanted to draw your own characters dressed for Queenie’s Halloween Party that’s fine by me! I’d reblog ‘em.

Even if you have OCs but don’t have a blog tailored to RP purposes, it’s cool, it’s just a little fun! My blog isn’t tied to a fanbase and is based around crossovers, so there aren’t really any restrictions besides, you know, those of basic decency.

Thematically, the idea is to dress as something spooky and maybe a little fancy—it’s a party at a luxury villa, after all—but that all depends on your character themselves, heh)

(Oh and most importantly! There’s no fixed time limit. I’ll probably still be working on content about this a few days after Halloween itself since it takes time and whatnot.) 

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for the @ererievents ereriweek 29/10 prompt: fate 

“Oh, crap, Eren, are you okay?” Jean yells from somewhere above him, his face a blur among the foliage. The ground under Eren’s back is sturdy and unmoving, but his head is still spinning from the fall. His lungs feel too large for his ribcage as he gasps for air.

“I’m fine,” Eren calls out hoarsely once he catches his breath again. “I’m just fine.” 

At least now that he’s lying spread-eagle on the forest floor, no-one can see how his legs creak and wobble while in motion and his hands fumble with the 3DMG with none of that finesse he once used to have. His body aches in places and he struggles to sit up, the ligaments in his arms burning as he shifts his weight around.

He’s not fine. He’s not fine at all.

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#ereri, #ereriweek, #ellie writes things, #ok s o most of this is old as balls, #as in i wrote it in like 2014 or something, #after just having gotten into snk and finished s1, #babby ellie words, #it rly has that cromchy nostalgic self indulgent vibe tbh...., #and anyway i never finished it and i forgot about it and it gathered dust on my usb stick, #and then i was like oh shit idk what to write for ereriweek, #so i dug out my old wips and was like hhhmmm this already has like 4k words, #itll take me only a little while to finish it, #and then i started reading thru it and i was like oh worm, #my paragraphs used to be s o blocky, #just like walls of text dude, #anyway i was too lazy to edit this so u can probs tell where i left off like six years ago from the change in writing style lmao, #tbh if i could tell myself from 2014 something it would be this:, #things will work out somehow!! not always the way you wanted them to but they will work out, #and we humans are on this earth for such a short time, #so spend that time doing things you like without worrying about what other people think, #both irl and in like fandom, #like everyone who reads/writes fanfic is a huge nerd tbh and they wont think youre cringe if u write the most self indulgent nonsense, #bc they also enjoy self indulgent nonsense and can relate lmao, #and even if someone doesnt like it: who cares??? its just the internet dude, #and even irl if someone thinks ur annoying then thats their loss lmao, #be annoying and weird and genuine and do ur thing, #ereriweek2020, #ererievents
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