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#is that even how you spell it?

A’s friends have been ignoring them lately, and A has no idea what they did wrong. A sinks deeper and deeper over the course of a week, and when they walk into their house and find a surprise party, well, A handles it as well as they possibly could. By freaking out, but not in a good way.

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Not entirely sure how I’m gonna go from Adulthood,jpeg’s earth clone setting to. The mid-tech fantasy world that’s how it is once all the people species are well established…

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i think teachers should stop sending me emails, mind your own business please!😊

#i’m failing 6/8 of my classes and i feel terrible and it’s only because i have a lot of missing work, #and i’m getting so many emails, #i really don’t want to have a video call with you i’d rather just ignore everything and then it will all turn out ok, #i also know that you’ll never understand why i can’t do things (which sucks) and also having an entire conversation about all my missing wo, #it’s so annoying too because they keep telling me i have missing stuff as if i don’t already know 🙃, #also i don’t want to keep using stuff as an excuse as to why most of my work isn’t done but??? it’s literally the reason so..., #idk i’m just being stupid i guess, #but i don’t want people to think i’m annoying or over exaggerating or trying to get sympathy or something, #because if anyone thinks that about me i’ll feel terrible, #i speak, #also a teacher now knows that i’m not able to talk in front of the class and it’s good but it also feels so embarrassing!, #i guess it’s just that i don’t want to stand out or be treated differently than my classmates even though i really should be treated differ, #i guess i just don’t want to seem like a burden etcetera (idk how it’s spelled) ❤️, #i know i’m being immature about this but it just hurts, #i don’t feel like anything anymore it’s like i’m not even here like i only have school and that’s it it’s constantly on my mind and it’s no, #the semester ends in like january so i have until then to get my grade up but i don’t really care if i fail this because i’ll probably be f, #i’d rather just not have school this year if it’s like this
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pwease someone explain 😭😭😭😭 i do understand the “science” behind the universe resetting but i wish i understood why the characters who look like the ones we know have different names but then there are completely different new characters with the names of ppl weve known for a long time in parts 7 and 8. like WHO are these ppl who look like jolyne and co who are now apparently irene and co like????? bc before pucci died and couldnt be there for the moment he started speeding up time there was the first version of the reset world and jolyne and jotaro were there but the only different thing abt them were some small facial features (and jolynes prison sentence?)????? so how did things change now that pucci didnt make it to the reset point and the universe just collapsed on itself? well its like 4 am rn so ill go to sleep and talk to my brother after i wake up

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Ahh I wanna draw Darlene in a Halloween costume but I cant think of anything pink her

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