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#is that your anon tag now
howdydowdy · 2 months ago
i'm going through your yunmeng bros tag (which is, may i say, IMPECCABLE) and it's amazing because i just recently read a fic that got me thinking about how much i love the platonic version of mutual pining (ESPECIALLY SIBLINGS) and that flavour of yunmeng bros is just.... *chef's kiss*. and you, YOU GET IT
like come ON, watch them gaze at each other across the courtyard and tell me it doesn't scream "mutual pining" to you! i just want more of this at every opportunity (including a version where they both know that the other one wants to be family but they're holding back for Reasons)!
i know you only mentioned mutual pining, but now you've got me thinking about how i want fraternal versions of every single romance trope for these guys. consider:
forced reveals
nonconsensual honesty is always great for any sort of mutual pining situation, especially one so rife with miscommunication, but it hits extra hard for these two because of the reciprocity yet unevenness of the whole canon golden-core-swapping thing, in which they both made a similar sacrifice but only one of those sacrifices is still a secret. but it doesn't even have to be about that particular secret, because they're also both too insecure to recognize how important they are to the other person, so there's lots of room for a more standard reveal of that nature. some examples:
animal transformation: have one of them transform into an animal unbeknownst to the other so we can get that classic "oh no he's missing and i'm worried about him, i guess i'll tell this random small cuddly animal my deepest darkest secrets about how much i love and care about my missing brother" shtick going.
hanahaki: speaks for itself. i am not the only person thinking about this.
in vino veritas: the great thing about this one is always 1) plausible deniability on the part of either the person who reveals something or the one to whom it is revealed (e.g., jiang cheng getting drunk and crying to wei wuxian about how much he wants him to come home, and wei wuxian telling himself he probably didn't mean it or thought he was someone else), and 2) the possibility of either the revealer or the revealee forgetting all about it in the morning. this is especially juicy for these two in particular because wei wuxian's alcohol tolerance may have changed in the second life without either of them being aware of it. so imagine jiang cheng pouring his heart out and expecting wei wuxian to remember in the morning because he didn't drink THAT much, and then the next day wei wuxian acts like nothing has changed. yowch!!
honesty curse: i'm obsessed with wangxian honesty curse fics but where are the yunmeng bro honesty curse fics?? jiang cheng in particular has a HUGE SECRET he doesn't want wei wuxian to know!
contrived schemes
also known as "excuses for them to work as a team, which is good because that's secretly all they want to do," to which you can add "but they both think the other one is doing it for purely practical reasons and that makes them sad" if you want some angst. very versatile category which includes:
arranged fratrimony: they have to become sworn brothers, for ~Politics~
(arranged fratrimony + jealousy: this isn't really about them working together, but i would be remiss if i didn't mention the arranged fratrimony variation in this post and tags.)
fake hating: the mock duel in canon!
fake relationship escalation: they keep one-upping each other in their fake relationship, but instead of getting engaged, it's jiang cheng making wei wuxian his heir :D
heirage of convenience: i just came up with this pun. please clap. and please see here for more on this concept.
undercover as brothers: imbo (in my biased opinion) the best way for this to happen is here.
a mainstay for obvious reasons. bonus points if they're each trying to rescue the other one at the same time and getting in each other's way, or they've gotten kidnapped together and they're each trying to persuade the kidnapper to let the other one go. for best results, combine with:
emergency contact: maybe wei wuxian gets injured on a night hunt and the villagers search him for flares to call for help and the only ones he's carrying are yunmeng jiang flares (probably jin ling gave them to him). maybe jiang cheng has set up the wards around lotus pier to specifically notify wei wuxian if anything happens to them. (there's also the possibility that wei wuxian's old core can still communicate with him somehow, maybe through suibian, but that's not really equivalent to the emergency contact trope because it's not a manifestation of jiang cheng's trust in wei wuxian (kind of the opposite, lol). it's still very good though.)
protectiveness: jiang cheng protecting wei wuxian from dogs, obviously, but also remember at the second siege of the burial mounds when jiang cheng loses his spiritual energy and wei wuxian is immediately standing in front of him blocking a sword from hitting him? yeah. more of that please.
the great thing about hurt/comfort for these guys is that whenever wei wuxian gets hurt, jiang cheng can always feel indirectly responsible for it because he's the reason wei wuxian is no longer indestructible. add in some wound-tending for that special vulnerability/intimacy touch and the "gruff scary man has a soft side" element. or, you know, think about how not wanting jiang cheng to be hurt was the motivation behind one of wei wuxian's most drastic decisions. or try:
amnesia: one of them gets in an accident and wakes up thinking it's pre-sunshot times when everything was hunky dory. the other one goes along with it but it's just tearing them up the whole time because obviously it's all going to end when they get their memory back. bonus points if the one who retains their memories feels responsible for the accident in some way.
bodyswap: i'm putting this in this category solely for the golden core drama. jiang cheng losing a core again and panicking about it, then remembering this is how wei wuxian feels all the time and hating himself. getting up close and personal with the actual capabilities and limits of his brother's body without any of wei wuxian's smokescreens obscuring everything, and then using this opportunity to take care of wei wuxian's body as long as he has it - healing and pampering and training and just generally being tender in a way he can't allow himself to be directly to wei wuxian because of his fear of rejection. plus wei wuxian's strategy of "just don't think about it (tm)" not working very well when he can feel his old core spinning away inside him again.
sickfic: yes i've seen a million yunmeng bro sickfics and yes i still want more. what about it.
waking up in the hospital: this exact thing but yunmeng bros. it's so them, i assume i don't even have to explain it.
physical intimacy
bed sharing: i've already given this some thought and here's how i think it would go down. please also see here for the lead-up to them both sleeping on the floor.
cuddle for warmth: a great way for jiang cheng to feel guilty (because wei wuxian never used to get cold) and for wei wuxian to assume he's only doing it because he feels guilty, all wrapped up in the confusing nostalgia of being close in a way that was once unremarkable to them and is now fraught with obligation and perceived rejection.
hair brushing: idk man, they run into each other on a nighthunt, wei wuxian gets guts in his hair, jiang cheng drags him back to an inn to wash them out and then he braids his hair the way yanli did when they were kids or something.
hug pollen: wei wuxian will literally die unless he gets a hug, but he wouldn't want to force that on someone who hates him. meanwhile jiang cheng would love an excuse to hug his brother without having to be emotionally vulnerable first. eventually he finds out what's going on and is super hurt that wei wuxian would rather die than hug him :((
Do It For Them (the nephews)
baby trapping: i hate baby trapping in a romantic context, but in the yunmeng bro context suddenly i'm all about it.
fake dating but brothers: this isn't exactly "pretend to be brothers even though you're not" but more "pretend to be brothers who get along," probably because jin ling's therapist took his two remaining uncles aside like "listen. it would be really good for him if you guys could model a healthy, loving familial relationship," and they were like, "so, put on a happy face and pretend we're normal brothers with no baggage. got it."
kidfic: literally just one of them getting a kid and the other one being the kid's uncle. i've seen so many takes on this already but i can never get enough.
uncle trapping: jin ling and sizhui go to summer camp together and discover they're cousins. the swapping doesn't actually happen because they don't look anything alike, but at least they get jiang cheng and wei wuxian to run into each other in the parking lot.
never moved on
jiang cheng never getting dogs and preserving wei wuxian's old room is like a widower always sleeping on the same side of the bed and keeping their spouse's clothes hanging up in the closet and jiang cheng disbanding the first disciple position so he doesn't have to give someone else wei wuxian's title is like a widower never getting remarried and wei wuxian finding out that he's still listed as a member of yunmeng jiang is like in sweet home alabama when reese witherspoon finds out her ex-husband never filed the divorce papers!!
as you can see the possibilities are endless! the sky is the limit, the world is our oyster, and we are manifesting fraternal tropes out the wazoo tonight. thank you for joining me in this journey.
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itllsetyoufree · 8 months ago
Kara eating lucky charms in bed, just happily munch munching. Lena trying to work, typing and doing her thing but very distracted by how loud the crunching is.
All the credit to @littlemousejelly for the very last (and very best) line.
It’s not that it’s late or anything, it’s just that sometimes Lena gets her best work done when she’s laying in bed. Especially if it’s after dark and she’s had a glass of wine. It’s calming, and it’s cozy, and this particular bed smells like Kara’s laundry detergent, so what’s the harm of indulging herself and relaxing a little while she finishes up for the evening. It is called a laptop, after all. This is what laptops are for. 
The bed jolts under Lena as Kara jerks her head backwards and comes within millimeters of splitting the headboard in two with the top of her head. Kara giggles then, rolling her head to the side to grin sheepishly at Lena, and Lena’s heart squeezes in her chest as Kara turns her head back to look at the ceiling again. 
Alright, so sue her if the real reason she’s working in bed is to spend a little more time with the girl laying next to her. 
Kara raises her elbow and flicks her wrist, and something shoots out of her hand toward the ceiling. Lena tracks it, eyebrows pinching together in confusion as it falls back down. Kara lunges again, the bed shaking as the little projectile bounces off Kara’s forehead and onto the floor. 
“Aw, shoot,” Kara whispers quietly. She’s already tipping her elbow up toward the ceiling again when Lena interjects. 
“Kara, what are you doing? You’re shaking the whole bed.”
Kara flushes pink and her eyes stray south of Lena’s, and Lena bites down on her own tongue when she feels her ears heat up in response. 
“Nothing,” Kara mumbles, but she gives in when Lena raises an eyebrow. “I’m trying to catch Lucky Charms in my mouth.”
“You’re what—” Lena cuts herself off with an amused sigh when Kara slowly unfurls her fist to reveal a handful of cereal. “Okay. Can you do that without breaking the bed?”
Kara goes even pinker than before but continues her game more gently for a little while. Lena’s just gotten back into her work when Kara’s hand shoots out over Lena’s trackpad just in time for a little rainbow marshmallow to fall neatly into her palm. 
“Hah! Got one.”
Lena turns her head to the side again to see Kara popping the piece of cereal into her mouth, crunching happily on it, and Lena thinks that maybe she’s done with work for the evening. 
“No you didn’t. You have to catch it in your mouth or it doesn’t count, darling.”
Kara huffs, face scrunching up in mock offense, and Lena can’t hold back a smile as Kara wiggles back into position and blows out a slow breath, eyes locked on the ceiling. She flicks her wrist again and a little green clover shoots into the air. Kara opens her mouth as it starts to fall back down, but it hits the side of her nose instead and ricochets against Lena’s neck. 
Kara rolls her head toward again Lena and smiles cheekily, her eyes dipping toward the little marshmallow resting an inch above Lena’s collarbone. 
“You missed. Catch it with your mouth, not your nose,” Lena drawls, triumphant as she’s ever been until Kara raises up onto her elbow, her head dipping in close, close, close, and suddenly Kara’s forearm weighs gentle across Lena’s stomach and a hand braces against the mattress near her hip. There’s a puff of warm air against Lena’s neck and her abdomen clenches and never in her life has she lost her cool this quickly. “Kara—” 
“Hm?” Kara hums, her breath warm against Lena’s neck. Lena feels something warm and wet flick over her skin, and her eyes roll back as Kara’s tongue catches on the marshmallow resting in the dip of her collarbone. 
“What was that?” Lena hears herself say, cursing herself as Kara picks her head up to gaze down at her. Kara’s eyes are lidded, focused somewhere below Lena’s chin, and her stomach twitches under Kara’s arm again. 
Lena watches Kara watch her, blue eyes blinking slowly when Lena wraps her fingers around Kara’s forearm. And then Kara’s dipping down again, lips ghosting over Lena’s neck as she murmurs, “Five second rule.”
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cornerly · a month ago
As lovers pt.2
:D future me... did i manage to post the very next day?
edit: no you did not dumbass :skull:
content: gender neutral reader x childe, kaeya, xiao
rating: pg, it's fluff!(and angst, got carried away my bad)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
being a harbinger is surely no easy job, no matter how goofy and care free a character may seem,
this much is true for childe as well.
dedicated to his title as childe man be, he is still a family oriented man
and he deeply wished he could spend most of his time with you.
that being said he still had duties to fulfil, and joining him was simply not an option!
he'd bask in the silence that'd fill the room whenever he had the opportunity of staying the night and wake up to the sight of you,
enjoying nothing more than the unguarded gesture you wore while fast asleep.
Ever so often would he find himself admiring your willingness of presenting yourself at your utmost vulnerable, fast asleep without a care in the world. He was a man of blood, and yet, you trusted him all the same. And right now, as he cuddled into you, he was nothing more than a man of silence and appreciation.
Childe would pull you into him, and sigh in wonder as you dug in further into his body warmth in such a cold morning. Staying in the mountainsides of Liyue had its dangers, like any other place, really, but there was truly no other place like this one to enjoy the chirping of the birds in the morning. The cracking wood as it expanded, the light rain washing over the house, the workers getting ready to tire away from home, in the distance. He would genuinely stay there forever. Even so, he'd muster the energy to get up and out of bed and make you breakfast.
There was nothing as rewarding as the face you wore when you came down to eat. "You're awake," Childe would greet you, an endeared smile painting his face. He'd take a few moments to take in your worn out expression as you walked across the room, eyes still closed as you rubbed the tiredness out of them, and a slight trot to your unsure, sleepy and sluggish pace, and his heart has never felt fuller. He'd catch you in his arms when you finally make it close enough, and you'd managed to pull at his heartstrings once again, innocently taking in his scent as you sighed into his embrace once again. "Let's eat before it gets cold, darling," And just like that, he'll know you're finally awake. It's not like anyone could sleep through his attack of kisses, "Come," and with a final one on your lips he'd pull you to the table.
"Eat up tons, today's going to be a long day! We're going finishing," And even as you sleepily nodded and ate your food, he'd make sure to inform you of everything you're getting done while the sun is up. He has to make sure that he's making up for all the times he isn't there of course!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kaeya is literally the only one i can imagine being on the polar opposite side of the spectrum.
sure, childe IS a goofy lover, but he's a family man to the very bottom of his heart.
kaeya though? commitment issues.
not kaeya slander on a fluff post, but if you think about it for a second...
he'd probably forget about important things like anniversaries, but he's definitely not the type to leave you hanging at events!
expect meeting him tons outside for little hang out dates, keep him on the move often!
he's specially a fan of going to the tavern,
You'd often find yourself cursing under your breath for things like these, like how often you tended to go to the tavern on the rare night that Diluc actually tended the counter. It's not like he was a bad man or anything, you actually had lots to thank him for, but it was just a little harder to have a laugh when he was around. Kaeya's sense of humor was just a tad bit more bitter on nights like these, and that really just wasn't the vibe you wanted on a date night now, was it?
To make things weirder really, Diluc left you with a warning: "Won't you look out for him tonight? I'm leaving the tavern to Charles for what's left of the night," He told you. And though he didn't give much context to what was special about tonight, the little gesture was both enough to give you a heads up but to comfort you with the knowledge that your boy was still cared for. The lad even went out of his way to clear a table for the two of you upstairs.
"I'm so sorry for being late, love," Was the first thing he said as he stepped through the door, pressing a wet kiss on your temple. A dripping kiss on your temple. The drops keep falling?
Confused, you'd turn around, "Baby... was it pouring?" And it most definitely was. He was soaked. His poor fur looked like a mop now, though he didn't like you saying that. Charles found it funny at least. "Let's go upstairs," You offered him, taking the small towel Charles handed to you. "You'll warm up up there, I'll grab the drinks soon." With a smile, you thanked Charles and gestured for drinks, holding two fingers up as you stepped away from the stool.
"Oh, honey..." You cooed, "now this won't do at all." Using a drunkards cup as aid, you squeezed as much water as possible out of his coat. The pour went on for a concerning amount of time. "What even happened?" His face was colder to the touch when he was soaking wet. It was really such a pitiable state.
"Ah," He sighed, planting a kiss on your palm, "really, all this fuss. I got caught up in a little rain while running from Springvale." A little rain... surely, he wasn't referring to this one. And yet, as bad as you felt for him, you couldn't help but enjoy pampering him like this a little.
Carefully slicking his hair back, retying his eyepatch securely as he held it in place, hanging the coat on the closest chair, patting his face dry with towel. Peace... and quiet. It was really just on nights like these... when you couldn't help yourself. And you'd plant a perfect and quiet, private little kiss on his forehead, his cheeks still held and being all warmed up by the towel in your hands. Ah... he was too vulnerable like this.
"Let's go home, captain. We'll go out for those drinks sooner or later," And he'd give you a funny look in return, but after you ran your hands over his eyebrows and water dripped down... your offer was convincing enough. Sometimes running a bath and sleeping in was enough, "I'll let Charles know, don't worry. I'll catch you on the way back."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
while he's a similar case to kaeya... in terms to his variance on the spectrum... he's just... not in it at all.
he's definitely a lover alright :'D
xiao just has a funny little approach to it. (derogatory)
if you didn't have patience before him... well you're definitely gonna learn about it while being with him,
for better or for worse.
he's a caring lover,
to a concerning extent, really.
he adores you, but he's sometimes just too self sacrificing
if his karma is getting to bad, he won't seek help...
expect him to disappear while he self-soothes elsewhere.
it can be years into your relationship and he'd still be doing the same thing after all the experience you've collected
it's not that it's tiring... but it's just ...
A thing you haven't learned how to deal with yet. Of course you grew concerned too, was it not obvious? Was he not willing to read your emotions? Surely, Xiao knew better, but sometimes he was too stubborn to care. Even when it came to his own health.
Sometimes... you needed to step away and self soothe as well. And only then did you realized that this side of recovery was so destructive as well. It wasn't healing if you were beating yourself up about it, and neither was he. As for Xiao... you did eventually have that talk. And he did try turning you down on the offer, because, well, of course he did. "That's not something for humans to care for," Wasn't him pushing you away the way you thought he did, it was an apology for all the trouble he put you through.
"I'll meet you at the Dihua Marsh then," Whenever it is that the time came. And eventually it did, after weeks of not seeing him.
Xiao caught you on a quiet night, dimly lit by the statue of the Seven near by, splashing your feet on the water. His expression would grow fond as he'd study you, poking at the fish with a stick you'd found laying around, and how gently they'd resurface with a playfulness to their reappearance. The way creatures found comfort in you as well, with how all the other gentle axolotls would waddle close enough, and even in the way you tended to your own necessities even there. It was noticeable in how you'd carefully roll up your pants as to not drench them, mindful of the troubles you'd bring yourself later on if that had been the case. "Mind if I join?"
"Xiao..." You'd gasp, taken aback by his sudden reappearance and lack of trace. "Come here," You called. If you had waited a moment more, surely, he would've changed his mind and flee the scene once again. His face looked a little lost as to where you wanted him to join you exactly, between the grass, the water and the mud... really, what else was there? Your lap, of course. Surely the adepti would survive this one too, you snickered, tapping your lap as you reached for his hand, guiding him down gently.
"You seem tired again," The bags under his eyes were awfully discolored, his eyes hollow. Couldn't help but feel your heart sink, and to think it'd happen again and again. "You can rest now, I'll wait." He wanted to protest, you could feel it. But there was something just so soothing about having hands run through your hair, with the sound of leaves and water running near by. He couldn't help but drift off to sleep right there, and for once, behind his eyes he saw nothing and felt at ease.
As for you, you remained with the leaves. Comforting the grounds to wherever the winds carried you to, of this he was sure of.
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limewence · 3 months ago
Hi! Was wondering if you had any dnf fic recs on ao3? :)
hi!! this is perfect timing actually, anon--i've been diving into the dnf tag as of late and i have so many new (and old!) faves to share under the cut :D
first off, i don't actually read a lot of irl/"canon" dnf? i know this is usually the most popular genre so i apologize in advance if this is what you were looking for </3 anyway what i consider to be the undisputed king of this particular strain is @netheritedream's hey there delilah songfic...this was Such an era, and sometimes i go back and reread hari's fic just to recapture the contact high of mid-jan dnf because nobody else has encompassed their dynamic as well as she did w this
in terms of lore aus, martyr wrapped in butcher paper by @aetherknit is the og god/king smp!dnf fic. one of my all-time favorite dnf pieces and one of my favorite pieces of writing EVER. isaiah knows how much i love this and since i've read it, i have never shut up about it.
another lore fic i think about Constantly is @boatstrats' an extant form of life, which is the thing that finally pushed me into caring about canon lore. dnf is more implied in this but (slight spoiler here) the motif of decay that boat uses is something that i continually embarrass myself about whenever we dm. definitely an incredible read!!!
a lot of my absolute faves are weird and slightly offbeat aus--case in point, guy.exe, again by isaiah (for maximum impact check out zin @taxolotl's incredible comic after you're done). this is a sci-fi au where george constructs dream's consciousness into a hologram and they work through their Issues
i've also really been enjoying Phosphors' ongoing dystopian/nosedive au!! this is quite unsettling and definitely leans more toward the "fiction" part of fanfiction, which never feels tiresome. they have such a subtle and detail-oriented writing style too and i'm incredibly excited for the next chapter <33
if sci-fi's not your jam then you might like this 500 days of summer au by squigly!! perfectly toes the line between funny and quietly pathetic in a reaaaallly cool way and it's such a clever subversion of the manic pixie dream girl trope
i've also always always adored @dontrollthedicesideblog's super smash bros commentator au. dice is such a pro at dialogue and getting a reader situated in a new world and this is just lovely, heartwarming, and all round hilarious <33
last but not least, your hands were warm (though you came in from the cold) by @didntstand is so...... okay so it's a roommates/housemates au, after george returns from a long trip abroad. really nails the unspooling of a complicated relationship and i revisit this one all the time.
i genuinely consider all of these to be beautiful works of fiction and they all come from writers i really admire so once you're done with the fics here i REALLY recommend you check out everything else on their profiles <333 ty for asking and happy reading!!
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dynyamight · a month ago
I’ve been reading A Study in Kacchan and oh my goodness it’s so good 😭, I just started chapter 10 and AaAaHhhhH!!! Very good fic!!
💥🥦( totally didn’t mean to make this my tag but oh well, it’s pretty befitting)
Tumblr media
AHHH !! that’s @dekusneakers fluffiest fic !!
i absolutely love the hilarity it brings out of midoriya; super intuitive & hyper aware of bakugou,, yet oblivious to his romantic advances.
she does such an incredible job with not only writing bakugou & midoriya’s relationship, but also the relations bakugou has with his classmates !! i— my heart tingles at his efforts in all his friendships, including deku’s. 11/10 would recc !! though, i always recc fics from sneaks <3
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hunxi-after-hours · a month ago
Hello! Firstly, thank you for everything that you do- your meta is always fascinating and your fic may have gotten me into ballet. Secondly- She Who Became The Sun: why is that book so good? I went in with such high expectations and yet somehow it completely met them!
words cannot contain how excited I am that folks are enjoying She Who Became the Sun!!!! look I just want the best things for Shelley Parker-Chan, all the time, okay
I feel like the reason SWBTS is so good is because it's so goshdarned competent on multiple levels of fiction writing, like:
plot: did you see that second-to-third act twist coming because I sure didn't
character: I feel like a lot of epic fantasy (or historical epic!) can struggle with humanizing their characters and allowing them to be flawed, hesitant people beyond their epic, prophesied purpose, but SPC manages to strike that careful balance between human and legend
themes: sometimes you read a book with excellent plot and characterization but then you get to the end of it and you're like "well, guess that was that" because when you actually look at it, the ideas and concepts in the book aren't all that complex. and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! I love rollicking good yarns! but SWBTS deals with some very morally gray characters and situations, especially with its main characters (love it when authors make their protagonists morally gray in a morally gray world, instead of morally pure in a morally gray world), and that's what gives it staying power in my mind
language: I lost my goddamn mind over SPC's use of translation and style in this book, the absolutely mind-boggling thing is that SWBTS reads like it's in translation and I'm just. yelling
content/concept: I mean, just like "founding of the Ming Dynasty but make it queer/historical fantasy/not at all what you'd expect" is just. SPC your MIND. and the fact that SPC sets their novel in identifiably Ming Dynasty China, from material details (can we talk about the scene where Ma is repairing armor with pages torn from books because holy shit) to place names to twists of language is so fucking cool. look, I respect authors who take their East Asian inspirations and set them in secondary world SF/F. in fact, I prefer those works (Ninefox Gambit my beloved), but for SPC to go "nah, I'm going to set it in what is identifiably China" is super fucking kickass, okay
novelty: Brandon Sanderson wrote a wild epilogue in Stormlight Archive where one of his characters (Hoid, I love you) muses on the nature of art, asking what is the most important thing in establishing the greatness of a work? And he comes to the conclusion that's not quality, nor is it ingenuity--it's novelty. It's doing something before anyone else does it. And I don't think anyone is doing it quite like SPC is--not Ken Liu, not R.F. Kuang, not Zen Cho (though don't get me wrong, those three authors are also creating incredible content). SPC really was like "I couldn't find any cdrama-like stories in English so I wrote my own" and then proceeded to do exactly that
tl;dr SWBTS is a tour de force on multiple levels
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carnival-phantasm · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Gotta list my favorite aspects of asks like these because there are many:
I didn't get them back when I was actually active on tumblr, got mad notes, and cared about "viewer approval".
The more unpopular my interests and posts get, the more they show up.
These people think I'm influential in this dead husk of a website.
Thinking calling people pathetic has any impact when that gray blob with sunglasses is attached to their message.
When I block the anon I usually find out they were hatefollowing me.
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simpingforthisonedeer · a month ago
mama anshi I feel like your blog is the only safe place I can say this but Noelle admitting to Asta is really eh like why is everyone so hyped up we been knew💀💀
First of all, love how everyone calls me mama Anshi(Mamshi) or big sis Anshi💀💕💕
And secondly anon, you just opened a big can of worms for me😩🤚 I’m sorry you don’t feel safe or comfortable enough to share unpopular opinions elsewhere but I can assure you that I never take an opposing opinion personally so everyone on my blog are free to speak their mind safely😌💕💕
That being said, I completely agree anon💀💀 I’m personally not an astelle shipper but a lot of my close friends on this site are so I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t wanna rain on their parade💀🤚but it really was an eh moment😭😭
Look, you ship Asta and Noelle? Great! It’s gonna be the endgame couple WOOHOO 🥳 I want it to happen but do I ship it so much that im waiting for it? Nahhhh cus it’s all so one-sided💀💀💀
Asta is really focused on becoming WK and his character is completely oblivious to Noelle. I’m not abt to support my homegirl’s fruitless endeavors like that💀🤚 it’s really more of a “poor noelle🥲🥲”situation not a “yay noelle is finally over her denial phase” like okay😭?? What abt Asta? Y’all forget that Asta treats Noelle almost the same as everyone else and his harem? Heck he even forgot abt sister Lily cus he’s so focused on saving the world😭 are we going to have to wait another 300 chapters before Asta realizes too? I mean prolly cus Tabata said that he was gonna make this bih long💀
What I will appreciate is that her self-improvement doesn’t seem rooted in romance but rather her romantic feelings for Asta stems from the acknowledgment that he was the reason why she was changing for the better. To simplify that, I mean that Noelle isn’t improving because of her crush on Asta, but rather she has a crush on Asta and finally admitted to herself because she realized she was improving cus of him🥰🥰 and I really really really love that and honestly, props to tabata for maintaining a good vibe and conveying it properly in his storytelling😎🙏
But still not an Astelle shipper yet💀
Another reason why is that, if I was Noelle’s friend, I would totally discourage it because would y’all really tell your friends to go after someone who’s not really interested??
I will start shipping it when it’s no longer one-sided. When Asta begins to also notice Noelle and return her feelings and mistake her tsundere moments for dislike and create some really cute misunderstandings, then I will become the biggest astelle shipper you know👹🙏 I just really dislike one-sided attraction guys 😔🤚
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tag-oc · 3 months ago
tag the ocs you ship together but it isnt canon
(i need to know im not the only one KJHKJG)
- ☣
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searidings · 2 months ago
I've been reading fanfiction for over 24 years (shhh I started young but yeah that's tens of thousands of stories) and have written it for about 13, on and off, and I think that these stories you've written for Supercorp are collectively the best output I've encountered in any femslash fandom to date. Thanks for playing in this sandbox; you're a treasure and I hope you get to do something with this immense talent for $$$ at some point if you want to. <3
Tumblr media
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the-golden-ghost · a month ago
40 for Lupin
40. "I rock between dark and dark/my soul nearly my own/my dead selves singing"
He could see them lurking in the shadows, the ghosts, his ghosts, every one of them a fiend of his own creation, every one of them wearing his face. They laughed without joy and sang without spirit, machines more than people, dead more than alive.
He could not outrun them. There was nowhere to run to. Only the hazy circles, only the city lights and the never-ending streets. He could run til he wore down, burnt up, crashed and vanished and there would be nothing left of him. He’d just die and join the chorus, this motley gang of grinning wretches, these pied pipers who wanted to sing him down to hell to pay the price of his years upon years of wicked intent.
If he caught the smell of smoke and whiskey he could follow it briefly and wake up from the spinning graveyard in his mind, wake up in Jigen’s arms, shaking and burning, his head throbbing, tears on his face. He could briefly be soothed by the soft and gentle touch of a hired killer and then his body would force him back down into unconsciousness where he would again be whirling, tumbling though the images in his head and waiting for the crash.
After two days of this he was seeing the ghosts out of the corners of his eyes even when he was awake. After four days he was so desperate that he was begging Jigen to kill him and get it over with. He didn’t care anymore. He’d been called crazy before but this was true insanity, the most painful kind he could imagine.
It was only him and Jigen in the hideout but he heard the voices still. They sang. Jigen had put the radio on so he would have something to focus on, but this was no melody that played on any earthbound airwave. This was his mind finally cracking and spilling out because he’d split it so many times over the years that it couldn’t help but shatter.
Jigen’s answer to all the screaming ghosts surrounding him was to remain steady and insist he could not see them. To cool Lupin with a damp cloth to his forehead, give him a blanket when he shivered and hold him tight enough that he couldn’t break his own bones with his thrashing. “When the fever breaks, you’ll sleep.” Jigen’s voice was a rock in a hurricane. Lupin clung to it. “You’re delirious, that’s all. Give it a day more. You’ll be okay.”
Lupin, in his frenzy, squeezed Jigen’s arms til he raised bruises and clawed at his face when he was again denied the peace that would come with death. Why had he hired a killer who wouldn’t kill!? He screamed that - maybe in his mind, maybe in his throat. Both felt raw as anything.
On the fifth day Jigen slept beside him. Lupin could see the shadows that now clouded his blurry mind reflected on Jigen’s face. It was quiet, and nighttime, and there was no singing nor screaming now, but they would come back. It was just the shadows.
He took a cigarette from the bedside table, lit a match. Smoking quieted his frayed nerves just a bit. He still felt dull and achy and he knew without the slightest doubt that the ghosts would be back to yell in his head. He knew his soul was on the chopping block and he was thrown about and helpless.
And Jigen would do nothing.
He lit another match, watched it burn, let it nip his fingers as it ran down. The little bite of pain was oddly soothing. It was a focal point, at least. The light, the heat. Keep away the shadows and the screams.
He lit another. His fingers trembled, wanting to drop -
Drop the match onto the sheets that covered him and let himself go up in smoke and flame. He was so wrung out now that he was sure he’d blaze up and be burnt to a cinder in moments. Instantaneous. Bright and wild and gone in a blink. The world seemed to shrink and waver before his eyes. There was nothing but the light. Nothing but the fire.
He could end it. His guardian slept; he had the reins, and the means.
One deep breath and he’d do it. He’d show the ghosts who they were dealing with. They thought they could keep him, hold him, spin him in circles until there was nothing left? Not so; Lupin was going to forge his own ending, and he would do it beautifully.
He’d forgotten his shaking hands. He could not hold the match true. It dropped like a warning flare and missed its mark - falling instead onto Lupin’s partner who slept beside him.
The screaming that followed was deafening, and all too real.
Time had ceased.
Lupin’s head rang with the knowledge that he was alone now, alone, and falling. The smell of smoke was no longer a guide but a hell, taunting him in his loneliness. Did he really think he could escape? Did he think the universe was done playing games?
He could still hear the laughter, the singing, the screams. But beyond that there was the scent of burning flesh and the sting of smoke in his lungs, and the floor he was lying on was cold and hard.
He cried out and received no answer. He reached out for his partner and found empty space and shadows - endless empty space. He gave in then and just let the whirling take him. If this was hell he’d jump in, join the chorus if that’s what fate demanded. Weakly, he began to sing in harmony with the voices around him.
Eventually that all faded and he slipped into the deep depths of unconsciousness.
It was only then that the fever broke, and silence reigned, and Lupin’s mind began to shift back into place.
Lupin did not know what day it was. He had slept. He awoke to merciful quiet - his head clear, his body exhausted and drained. There was no sound but the wind outside, the birdsong. No screaming, no laughter, no wild taunts. He lay down and slept again.
He woke again in the sunshine. The window was cracked open, allowing light and air. He’d been rested on a mattress in the corner, away from the burnt one. And as he got his bearings, he could see now that he hadn’t ever been abandoned. He had a glass of water, a bowl of soup by his side, still warm. Extra blankets within easy reach. His glasses, his favorite books, a few painkillers in a little cup. He’d been cared for.
He got up on trembling legs, weak as water, but feeling like a person again. Not just any person, either. He knew who he was. He had a face, and a name, and it was his and his alone. He caught sight of that face in the mirror. It looked back at him with a slight smile. Yes, he was real, and alive.
Once he was dressed, he was complete. He never felt quite himself without his jackets, anyway.
He left the room vowing never to come back to this apartment. He’d take Jigen and they’d go someplace warm and inviting and they’d rest. But this place... no, this place was cursed. Lupin slammed the door on it.
Jigen was on the couch. He smelled like burnt skin and cheap scotch and Lupin could tell he’d been keeping himself just this side of blacking out for the past few days - wobbling, but just steady enough to be able to take care of a sick friend.
He was bandaged and blistered. That would heal - burn marks on his legs and chest and stomach but they’d heal. Lupin, by some miracle, didn’t have a mark on him anywhere. How could that be? They’d been right beside each other.
Jigen woke up then, sensing Lupin’s presence. He looked him over through glazed eyes. “You’re better,” he muttered. “That’s good.”
“Jigen...” Lupin said, but he didn’t know what else to say. There weren’t words or promises that he could make that would amount to anything. Instead he just lay down beside Jigen, careful not to brush up against the bandages.
“You’re okay now, though, right? You’re not gonna -”
“No,” Lupin said. “I’ll be fine.” He was already making plans. The first was to get out of here. Take Jigen somewhere good - anywhere he wanted to go. Call Goemon and Fujiko back and from there... who knew? But Lupin was alive and kicking, and whatever came of it would be an adventure to remember.
But no adventures yet. Right now he was going to make sure Jigen had time to rest and heal. He’d take care of his partner; he owed him that at least.
Jigen had fallen asleep against Lupin’s shoulder, and Lupin held him gently. Fatigue was pulling on him, too. He’d fought hard the past few days, and he was still drained, but getting stronger.
He drifted off, a sweet and peaceful sleep this time. Tomorrow would be another day, and after that, the world was waiting.
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tomlerinnit · 4 months ago
NooOOOooooOOOOOOoooOO!! And I’m not a leeeeee!!
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wooteena · a month ago
so true ass anon
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attllhak · a month ago
Getting to the point where there’s a lot of stuff on this blog now. Thinking I might start composing a masterlist of sorts for everything.
Figured I’d ask though, beyond my writing what else should be on it? Should I include links to all my worldbuilding stuff? Add a section for people asking me about headcanons? Or should I just include the tags I use?
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thrill-seeker-if · a month ago
Angst Anon here: Before sending more asks, I want to know what your limit of angst asks are. The last thing I want is to send something that will make you uncomfortable!!
Hello Angst Anon!
You're so polite, thank you!
I guess my limit would be things that are seriously toxic or abusive. Like making someone cry, unintentionally, is not so bad (especially if you were just airing out your grievances and none of them were personally targeted, like an argument a couple might have about not being home enough or not showing them enough love), but I read an ask here someone asked that the MC had a mental breakdown instead. It takes a lot of hurt to get to that point, and I just know my ROs would never do that.
An ask that symbolizes a continous and harmful lack of trust ('what are you looking at on your phone?'), that display controlling behaviours ('I don't want you hanging out with them'), physical or mental abuse, etc
I see a lot of fanfic writers romanticizing abusive behaviours, like yeah, he slapped me, but I can change him <3 and that mindset is just so damaging.
I won't answer these, and if I do, it'll just be something like 'you two broke up'. I want to make sure that both my MC and my ROs are happy!
So maybe send in more asks like 'MC gets hurt' or something like that? Where the ROs aren't the one inflicting the damage.
Hope you're having a wonderful day <3 Don't be shy to send in angst asks, there are a lot of really good ones!
Edit: I think it’s less about making me uncomfortable, but more towards others who might start romanticizing and for those who can actually relate to the angst. 
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