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#is this about the fandom or the actual shows
The Old Guard Fic Recs pt 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To celebrate the year's end, I thought I'd make a second Netflix fic rec list! (plus I just really enjoy making these) So here's a grab bag of fics I enjoyed, reimagined as Netflix shows, all written in 2021. Titles and authors below the cut!
This list is missing so many other fics and authors that brought me great joy this year! I tagged all the authors i could find (and that tumblr would let me tag) but let me know if I missed any or if you'd rather be untagged/have your fic removed, as the case may be. Also I didn't link to the fics in an attempt to make this post actually show up in tumblr tags, but I'll try to reblog with that later.
Fics in Order of Appearance:
nowhere i wish to stay crooked by @prevalent-masters (such a high stakes fic!!! i think about it constantly! so good!!!)
Matters of the Heart by @cypresssunn (i love and miss this author in this fandom on the reg)
ghost town by Nanashi07 on ao3 (fun/spooky case fic!)
this song is new to me by @captainshakespear (as with last time, wanted to tag a real recent one i read and enjoyed!)
Recover what was lost by @pinkninjapj (this fic is just !!!!!!!!!, as with everything she writes)
Dying of the Light by @non-un-topo (v cinematic, netflix would do well with it)
Stringimi Forte by Srin on ao3 (a fic about cuddling, what's not to like)
disregard and fidelity by lol (i put my 2 of my own fics in for the little cut off ones cause its my netflix fantasy and no one can stop me)
down for you always by @dreamtiwasanarchitect, @bewires (i contributed to the head canon that sparked this fic's inception, part 2 in the series is gifted to me, i mean this was always going to be on the list :D. i imagine the netflix version of it has coming of [immortal] age vibes, just so you know)
wounds such as this by @kneesofthebee, my FTH fic, ft all the h/c! 🥰)
Frost and Fjords by @ao3-arkada (another epic fic that would do well as a netflix show and that i think about lots)
Every day (always) by @boudoirwriter (me the whole time reading: 😳)
more of a saint to you by @maddielle (i often want the world building of a 50k AU but dont have the mental fortitude to read one, so i love when fics give me a tight narrative that i can read in one go, but with hints at this broader world and this is one of them)
Lustration by @chinchillinator (I'm the wonder woman A BABY! gif with this fic)
The Golden Horn by goldsaffron on ao3 (love a good canon compliant historical setting)
And lastly... the second of the little bonus nods to my own fic: Window of Opportunity
base netflix template by @storytellerdorian
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shanastoryteller · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
I posted 1,765 times in 2021
886 posts created (50%)
879 posts reblogged (50%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 1.0 posts.
I added 1,982 tags in 2021
#asks - 465 posts
#anon - 359 posts
#untamed - 218 posts
#progress report - 205 posts
#prompt answers - 204 posts
#prompts are closed - 201 posts
#this is your grandma talking - 137 posts
#harry potter - 80 posts
#woh - 66 posts
#video - 47 posts
Longest Tag: 132 characters
#but perhaps we should not equate mass murderes taking on personas because they want to be known as especially good at mass murdering
My Top Posts in 2021
Are real people as kind as you characters? I mean, it's not just yours, other fictional people are like that too, but what do YOU say? Are you guys actually like that on the inside?
today i got a coffee on my lunch break and a man had his daughter on his hip and two coffees in his hands and he held the door open for me anyway
i went to go pick up a skirt that was being held for me and the employee said to me “uhg, i’m so tired, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet” and i said “your hair is so beautiful” because it was long and red and shiny and had blown out curls and she perked up and said “thanks! it’s to distract from the fact that i didn’t put on makeup this morning” 
i was driving home and i realized i was in the wrong lane and i needed to move over and a car slowed down so i could merge in front of them
that was just today
whether or not you think people are kind is a sort of confirmation bias, i think
if you go through life expecting people to be terrible, that’s what you’ll remember, that’s what you’ll focus on
but if you go through life looking for kindness, that’s what you’ll find
overtip your waiters. let the car go in ahead of you. smile at the homeless person and give them your spare change. compliment people. 
you yourself are likely never more than one rushed morning away from a bad mood, one missed paycheck away from suffering, one accident away from ruin
you are probably not a politician or a ceo or a god. you cannot remake the world in your own image
but you can make other people’s lives easier and softer in small, effortless ways that cost you nothing. you can be the silver lining not just for your friends and family but for hundreds of thousands of strangers you haven’t even met yet. life is nothing but one opportunity after another to both show and be shown kindness
life can be cruel. people can be terrible. 
but the simplest way to increase the number of kind people in the world is to be one
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sometimes people are absolutely WILD about comments, acting like the idea that they shouldn’t be a jerk is a violation of their first amendment rights 
last week i read a fic i HATED. it was well written and highly recommended and i wish i had never read it. hours of my life i will never get back. 
i disagreed with: it’s interpretation on canon, it’s take on mental health, the social contract between loved ones, recovery, trauma, boundaries, and ... more tbh
i could NOT stop thinking about how much i disagreed with it. me and this fic have philosophical differences so large i could give a ted talk and i was still super irritated about it days later. 
so you know what i did?
i called up my friends and was like “you guys have no context but i’m going to bitch about this fic you haven’t read in this fandom you haven’t consumed for the next thirty minutes” and they were like “okay sure it’s a tuesday night, we’re in a pandemic, i have nothing better to do”
what did i not do? 
leave a comment on this person’s fic because i’m a human person
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wish there was a non rude way to be like "I understand your criticism, I don't even necessarily disagree with it, but I am doing these things on purpose, because I like them and I want to, and therefore your opinion has no value, because you might think me painting a room entirely pink is tacky, but I did it on purpose"
37654 notes • Posted 2021-10-11 04:34:48 GMT
in the sixth months after graduating from college, with my very expensive degree from a good college, i ate nothing but bread. i worked at a bakery / cafe / restaurant and got half off one meal per shift but it was still too expensive even then. but at the end of every night we would throw out all the bread loaves that hadn’t sold, which was most of them, every night. we would fill up ten boxes to give away to a shelter and then we could take anything we could carry, and i couldn’t afford a half off deconstructed sandwich, but i could fill the cabinets of my apartment with bread. everyone who worked there was just like me, subsisting on discarded, overpriced bread. 
(when the managers’ backs were turned i was taught to leave the trashbags of bread behind the dumpster rather than inside it, because it was locked after everyone left to prevent people from stealing from it. we would say we were going out to stack chairs and instead stack prepackaged salads prepared that morning in the narrow space between wall and dumpster, but that’s not what this is about.)
we were working valentine’s day, a little bit miserable about it, because customers are somehow worse on a holiday about love, and even if we were single we didn’t want to be here, and most of us had people we’d rather be spending the day with, and the snappish, hardass manager was working that day, and everyone could not wait for the day to be over. 
we had a boxes of those bakery tissue sheets around and i was twisting it in my hands and i thought about how the first night my uncle spent with my aunt he had to get up early for work but didn’t want to wake her and the whole thing hadn’t been planned, exactly, so he (a roofer by trade and a golden glove boxer by sport) went into the kitchen and took some paper towels and twisted them between his big, scarred hands until it formed a sweeter shape and when my aunt work up it was to a paper towel rose on her pillow. 
so i used a couple sheets of bakery tissue to make a rose and walked up to my coworker who stared at me with a rictus smile and i gave it to her, trying not overthink if it was a weird thing to do. her smile slipped and she asked “you made this?” holding it carefully, like it wasn’t something her two year old son could have made with his pudgy hands, and i shrugged and got more milk from the back. 
then another coworker held the steamer too long when frothing milk, not on accident but because he was irritated, so i rolled another rose and tucked it in his apron pocket as i walked by. then it was just one more of us up front and it was nothing, thirty seconds of twisting paper to take the stack of cookies out of her hands and hand her a tissue paper rose, her lined face lifting into a grin as she proudly tucked it into the chest pocket of her shirt and i may as well have been standing in front of the ovens for how hot my face felt. 
it was such a silly thing to do, i felt ridiculous, giving away hastily constructed tissue paper roses on valentine’s day, clumsy artful garbage. then one of the servers walked by and noticed and so i made her one too, and then other servers came by, leaning over the glass, and complimenting the flowers with big eyes, and i laughed and made more, still not sure if it was sincere, but even if it wasn’t, i figured making them one and handing it over was better than saying no. 
then i went to the back again and the dishwasher yelled out “where’s mine? what about us?” and he was too sweet to ever be anything less than sincere, so someone kept an eye on the door to the manager’s office as i stood in the sweltering kitchen and rolled clumsy tissue paper roses, enough for everyone 
and by the time the day ended, everyone had one, everyone wore one, tucked in their shirt or their apron or stuck in their hair or taped to the top of their pen. everyone was a little less miserable, smiling like we were all on in on the joke, although i don’t think any of us knew the punchline 
this story doesn’t have a punchline either. i just sometimes think of how much better some crumpled tissue paper made things and think that it can be that easy, sometimes, if we’re sincere and don’t overthink it too much
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I worked at a McDonald's as a cashier in high school and it was during a time when they changed their POS system (point of sale, not piece of shit) so everything was now in a slightly different, less logical place, but I was working 20ish hours a week so I picked it up really quickly
Anyway I was out with my friend in the next town over and we went to a McDonald's because she really wanted an ice tea and we go through the drive through. The man greets us out of the little speaker and asks for our order and she says "Hi! Could I get a large sweet ice tea please?"
Longer silence.
And I knew in my heart what was happening.
So I leaned over and said, "It's on page two of drinks, under juice, then the third one down."
Another much shorter silence.
"What the - how the hell did... Uh. I mean. Thank you?"
And it's been literally ten years but I'm still riding the high from that.
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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zuko-always-lies · a day ago
I had this weird idea based on something I plan to have in my fic so I kinda want to ask. How would the story change if Azula was the first blue spirit. The one that snuck into Pohai stronghold and broke Aang out.
I know Zuko would likely still get blamed for the blue spirit fiasco by Zhao but likely this would cause Zuko to answer truthfully about getting trained in broadswords. My personal head-canon is that he’s better at swordplay then her which fills him with no small amount of pride.
This also has quite the potential to ripple effect. Aang would recognize Azula when he sees her in Omashu. I also thought because of that it would also make Aang try to act more friendly towards her which would be awkward for both of them.
Also if this actually happened in the show fandom audience would be very confused cause wait there’s that girl again the one from the Agni Kai flashback.
This is an interesting idea. The big question would be why Azula does this. It would be a huge deal for her, much more than it is for (banished and disgraced) Zuko. She's not one to commit treason lightly, so she would have to have a very powerful motive.
Of course, if Aang saw Azula's face, he would have no idea who she was.
And honestly it would a shock for those in the show who noticed Azula in the Agni Kai and then proceeded to recognize her again. I assume some people would suspect that she was royalty(because the crown) but most probably wouldn't get the connection. And her identity and motives would be a huge mystery, especially if she demonstrated that she was a firebender.
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go-learn-esperanto · 21 hours ago
I sometimes go to my archive and think “oh, the Wilbur Soot tag has a lot of posts, gods, that would be like 2 posts per day in a year— That's a lot specially when there are days when you can't post for varied reasons.”
Then the Tumblr year in review came along and as it turns out the archive doesn't really give you the full number—
Tumblr media
Well, I'm happy with my top tags. Just never make me realize how much I post about Wilbur and Grian ever again.
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dalloga · 3 hours ago
Hi Euna! So I'm an international army who's recently got into Kpop, about a year or so ago. I've recently seen an uptick in people claiming that some of the official subtitles for BTS content are not subbed correctly and we don't really get the true character of the guys because we don't fully understand how they express themselves.
I've also seen this conversation come up in regards to the new Korean show on Netflix called squid games where a lot of multilingual people are calling out how the English subtitles take so much out of the actual show and sometimes they even misrepresent what characters are saying. So I just wanna know if you see this as a problem with BTS at large and with jikook specifically. Does the way jikook speak to each other really leave little room for interpretation and basically heavily implies there's something there? If yes, is that why k-jikookers are always so confident?
Thanks for your time!
Hello anon!
While the official subs occasionally makes mistakes, for the most part I feel like you can count on it to accurately reflect what the members are saying. (And with Squid Game, I think the problem was with the CC subtitles? I heard the official English one was still pretty faithful to the Korean).
I don't always turn on subs so it's hard for me to comment in-depth on its particular successes or shortcomings, but I'd say that there's sometimes this misconception in intl. communities that official subs are wildly misleading. Which isn't true. It's just a matter of different priorities, I think. Translations embedded in video or generated in a live setting often have to prioritize conciseness and clarity due to technical/situational restraints. As a result, yes, it's possible that some nuance gets lost in the process. Other times, some concepts are just untranslatable.
Luckily we have a fandom that's big enough to have lots of dedicated fan translators who can point out mistakes and cover the gaps, also showing in the process all the different ways the same sentiment can be translated.
Of course, there's no such thing as a perfect translation, especially since language is so intricately tied to culture. Some things can be clarified with a few extra footnotes; other things are more difficult to fully articulate. But either way, there's a reason why KM is so popular with Koreans, and a lot of that comes from how their bond and their dynamic sets them uniquely apart. Much of that is able to be perceived and understood no matter what culture you're from — some of it is more limited to those with native context.
As a general rule of thumb, whenever you consume content from different cultures, I think it's good to keep in mind that despite the best efforts of translators, there will always be gaps in understanding. Listening to native speakers in these moments and remembering that you're a guest here would be the best thing we can do in my opinion.
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artpunkfuckup · a day ago
I have something so so so brave to say about succession right now and I need everyone to listen I have only been watching the show 2 days so im sorry if this has been said before but I personally haven't seen it but um. I really think there is a lot of untapped potential in this fandom for Tom wambsgans crying during sex
I look at this man and I think you can fit so much shame surrounding vulnerability and healthy physical intimacy in this beast. I think Greg could say one (1) sweet and earnest and vulnerable thing to him while topping him gently and he would just break down and I think that is something that has so much untapped potential, for me personally, and also possibly others. Tom wambsgans crying during sex is something that can actually be so personal
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crose84 · 2 days ago
I’m going to say one more thing about The Rookie and fandom and then I am done thinking or talking about both for a long time. Here’s the thing that’s so frustrating to me, The Rookie has potential to be a decent show. It was a decent show for 2.5 seasons. A decent show with great moments, like DOD, that kept people hoping for more.
It stopped being a decent show, at least in terms of Chenford, when it decided in 3x9 to pander to shippers without actually committing to the ship. This isn’t a slow burn this is a will they/won’t they trending towards won’t they. Three and a half seasons in we’d be deep into the outside of work friendship, longing, and pining phase and moving away from outside love interests if this was truly a slow burn they were committed to.
Could the show turn it around and do better? Try harder? Sure. But they don’t have to. Not when a portion of the fan base eats up every little crumb of catnip thrown out there. Not when that portion is actively trying to gatekeep the fandom and shut down critical voices by telling them they’re too negative or watching incorrectly or my personal favorite, encourage them to just stop watching altogether. I think that portion of the fandom is getting smaller just based on the insightful anon asks I see some my friends getting and answering so eloquently, but they are still seemingly the most vocal portion.
The larger more complex conversation that absolutely needs to happen about The Rookie is one that addresses the threads of misogyny and racism that have always run through this show but have become more glaringly obvious in S4. This needs to happen at a fandom level and in a behind the scenes come to Jesus moment with everyone involved in making the show. And maybe a behind the scenes conversation on how to meaningful write and address trauma in a compassionate and empathetic way, because once again, this episode proved they don’t know how.
To sum it up. The show could be decent, was decent, but has a long way to go to be decent again.
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give-me-a-moose · 2 days ago
Slow & Steady: Ruined Second Chances
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Relationship: Peter Maximoff/Fem!Reader (Eventually)
Words: 1,180
Summary: You receive a sign from the universe.
Slow & Steady Masterlist
Tumblr media
You kind of tuned out of the conversation as Alice and Peter caught up. You could feel the strange glances that Peter kept giving you, but you didn’t bother to look back at him. You had been seconds away from telling Peter how you felt about him, and Alice from middle school interrupted. Alice, as in the first girl Peter ever went on a date with, Alice. Alice, as in the first girl to ever break his heart, Alice.
This was a sign from the universe. 
You had been about to make a terrible mistake. For the second time. You barely suppressed a shudder as you thought about the potential outcome of your actions. What would Peter have said if you told him how you felt? You didn’t want to imagine it. 
“I should be congratulating you two as well,” Alice said, gaining your attention again. “I heard the good news last week.” 
“Oh, well-” Peter began but you joined the conversation for the first time. 
“That was actually a misunderstanding,” you jumped in. “Peter is 100% single.” 
Peter turned to look at you, utterly dumbfounded, but you noticed the way Alice’s eyes lit up at that news. Yes, this was the right choice. 
“Really?” she asked. “How has no girl snapped you up yet, Maximoff?” 
“I wouldn’t say no-” Peter began but you interrupted him again. 
“And Alice, I heard that you’re recently single, isn’t that right?”
Her eyes widened a bit, at your blunt delivery. “Yeah, me and Dale split up last year.”
“You and Peter should go out,” you suggested, feeling your heart tighten painfully. “It’s a sign from the universe!”
“Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter whispered to you. 
“Being a good friend,” you hissed back at him before turning back to Alice. “How about dinner? Tonight?” 
Alice looked at you and then Peter, who just looked confused by everything that was happening. 
“I’d love to,” she pulled out a pen and piece of paper, quickly jotting down her phone number and giving it to Peter. “Call me! And good to see you, Y/N!” 
With a final wave, she left you and a shocked-looking Peter alone on the sidewalk. 
“What the hell was that?” Peter finally asked you. 
“That,” you gestured towards where Alice was walking away from the two of you, “was me being an amazing wingman.” 
“I don’t need a wingman,” Peter huffed, crossing his arms. “What were you about to say when Alice showed up?” 
Your heart skipped a beat. You had been hoping he would forget that. “Don’t remember. Must not have been important.” 
With a half-assed shrug, you headed towards the car, leaving Peter to stare after you. After a moment he sighed and followed after you. Muttering to himself as he walked.
“It’s your own damn fault for getting your hopes up…”
Later that evening, you sat on the couch aimlessly surfing through channels when Peter came back up the stairs. 
“How do I look?” he asked, doing a little turn for you. 
In his trademark silver jacket, he looked amazing, but you could never tell him that. “You’re wearing jeans on a date?” 
“I wore jeans last time we went out and it was fine!” he said defensively. 
You rolled your eyes. “You were thirteen the last time you went out with Alice. You’re almost thirty now.” 
“Don’t say that!” Peter moaned. “I’m nowhere near thirty. I’m still young and sexy.” 
You couldn’t help but laugh at that, “Very young. Very sexy.” 
Peter opened his mouth to argue when a car horn went off outside. 
“That’s probably Alice,” Peter glanced at the door before looking back at you. 
You forced a smile onto your lips. “Have fun, Pete. You deserve it.” 
“Try not to get into anything crazy while I’m gone.” Peter gestured to the TV before shooting you a lazy smile. “Don’t wait up.” 
With that, Peter sped out the door and you let the smile plaster on your face crumple. Yes, setting Peter up with Alice was a good idea, but that didn’t mean that you were going to like it. 
Just as you were about to turn off the TV, Wanda walked into the room, holding a carton of ice cream and two spoons. She made her way to the couch and plopped down next to you. “What are we watching?”
“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” you asked, looking at her incredulously.
“Probably,” Wanda shrugged before opening the ice cream carton and handing you a spoon. “But unlike you two, I’m not a complete idiot.”
You gave her an assessing look but she did not falter. If anything, she raised an eyebrow at you and continued to hold up the offered spoon. She knew. Wanda knew and you had no idea how. 
With a sigh, you took the spoon and dug into the ice cream. “You pick, but I’m in the mood for a bad movie.” 
“Is When Harry Met Sally too on the nose?” she asked with a grin.
“Fuck off, kid.” 
Across town in a small Italian restaurant, Peter sat at a table across from a beautiful woman. Many men would consider themselves to be lucky to be in his shoes. However, Peter’s mind was miles and miles away. 
You had been about to tell him something before Alice showed up. You looked nervous, and Peter stupidly let a flicker of hope take hold. For a second he really thought you were going to tell him you had feelings for him. New feelings. Different feelings. Feelings not befitting two best friends. 
But then you pushed him to go out with Alice. Your enthusiasm for this date took that flicker of hope and squashed it immediately. 
“You’re not even listening to me, are you?”
Speak of the devil. 
Peter shook himself off. “Sorry, I have a lot on my mind.” 
“Y/N?” Alice asked, an amused look on her face. “Once again she’s getting in the way of our chance.” 
Peter locked eyes with her, an angry look on his face. The instinct to come to your defense was not questioned. 
“Bad joke.” Alice waved her hand dismissively. “I’m sorry, but I have to wonder. What’s stopping you?” 
“What’s stopping me?” Peter repeated, tilting his head. 
“From telling her,” Alice crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat. “What do you have to lose?” 
Peter sighed, catching on to what she meant. “It’s pointless.” 
“How so?” 
“If she felt the same way, she wouldn’t have pushed for this.” Peter gestured between them. 
Alice rolled her eyes before rising to her feet. “Good luck, Maximoff,” she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “Seems like you’re going to need it.” 
“What about our date?” Peter asked after her as she left. 
She chuckled as she looked back at him. “What date? This was just two old friends catching up, but I should go let my sitter off the hook.” 
“Fair point,” he couldn’t help but smile a little as he reached for his wallet. “Have a good night, Alice.”
 “Good night, Peter.” 
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(I don’t normally do taglists, but I got some requests, so I’ll use this series to try it out! Please let me know that you are still interested in being tagged!)
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ladyqueenofwinter · 2 days ago
Hello! I would like to know your jonsa journey, plz and thx. Also, how are those 21 metas coming along? 😈
Alright, alright, I'm telling you... This is a cautionary tale, by the way. [Also I'm going to sleep after this, it's four am right now.] Anons, please don't kill me.
It is 2015. Season 5 is happening. Sansa marries the worst character in the series. I see a video of the wedding scene through a YouTube recommendation. The comments make me almost puke.
Between this and 2016, my interactions with ASOIAF end up with one post here about how Sansa, even though she doesn't look it, really is a Stark even physically. (It involves weirwoods.) All I know is that I don't mind her. The second time I see something about ASOIAF, it's a DT stan post about how really she's the racist one, while DT has POC allies and a husband and how TargARYAN is nonsense. I decide to stay away from everything.
It is 2016. GoT is blowing up. I get thoroughly annoyed because I don't even know back then that it's the same thing as ASOIAF - in a fashion - just on TV. There are fights and anti anti anti debates everywhere. I block the tag.
2017, I block literally everything. Jonerice is everywhere. I am also neck deep in the Marvel Fandom now. I couldn't care less.
2019. The show ends. Everyone is frustrated. I also very briefly had interactions with stan twitter for aforementioned Marvel phase (killed by Endgame) and get exposed to all the discourse and tweets about Sansa being the only sane person left. I decide I like her. But also, of all things... DT/Sansa shipping. Regret asking yet? Too bad, you're getting it in full detail now.
One thing's for sure, they don't have half bad artists. Or fanfic authors, some were actually a pretty good read even for those who are Sansa fans first and foremost. I was always in it for her, she intrigued me the most. I must also say, between my very first fandom being super ship warring and truly as toxic and misogynistic as DT stans and Jonerice shippers claim we are [and regretting every thing I did or said or even thought back then. I was eleven! But it is still vivid in my mind.], and the nightmare that was Post-Civil War MCU fandom even if I wasn't there yet for the movie, I really wanted to take the third option. Avoid discourse and just peacefully water my crops and watch the grass grow.
They're also very convincing. Later on, it reads as supremely entitled and bitchy. When you don't know anything... Oh, and they made a point about the lack of incest. The huge waves of anti/proshipping discourse back then were also a major turnoff, so that seemed a nice, peaceful ship.
Eventually, it occurs to me after a few weeks, that multishippers must truly have the answer. No fights ever. I look up fic, and if you see D/J/S fic, you cannot escape The Northern Conqueror. I still haven't seen the show then, because I don't have access to HBO. Nor read the books, since I still barely know the difference or connection.
If you haven't read it, the first third is basically Jon and Sansa reclaiming Winterfell and falling in love, bypassing the Vale and Ramsay entirely. They suck me in right away. I love them. So much. Then DT shows up and she's? Boring? 0 chemistry with Jon? Everything feels like I've been cheated given the knowledge that they're show canon, that it was written between S7&8 and apparently predicted by the fan base for decades. Oh, and Sansa and her are only very narrowly hinted at for five seconds in the epilogue, I feel double cheated.
It is October by then. This has all taken place over a matter of weeks, mind. For the first time, I look for Jonsa fics. Deliberately. Of course, back then, some were still DT friendly. Until at last I encountered the fic. I don't remember the name. I can't find it in my AO3 history. But DT was depicted negatively in a way I had previously only encountered in that one article about how hindsight allowed us to see that her endgame was actually foreshadowed even in the show. I see points about what had previously been framed as plus points in the side of fandom I had been in. I end up back on tumblr, and look at meta by Jonsas/Dark DT truthers. I still don't believe in the endgame. I just ship it, now, with only a little shame.
The Ashford Tourney. The Snowflake kisses. I had never seen anyone else talk about this before. (Except the rare S@nsan about the former, and I encountered them once and ran like hell.) Then that one meta firmly against DT happens.
The fucking "Slave" line. I had never cared that much about DT in the first place, was bored by her even, and then I see... that. I lose my faith in the fandom, in BNFs. I lose my faith in the education system worldwide, that apparently failed so many people that they see this line, and somehow not only don't realize this person is evil, but even still cult-like worship a person who does this and deny that they would burn down a city. It's like a bucket of ice water. I swing like a pendulum, and I never swing back. Fuck her.
Jonsa, I still don't think will really happen. Now I think of Jon as an idiot who will have to pay for aiding and abetting her by killing her and being sent to the Wall. Until Jonnel Stark and Sansa Stark... Stark.
That post made everything seem different. Suddenly, this was in reach. I engage. I read more fanfic. I get my hands on the books at last. First via library (translation only), later I find a full boxset of the main series, original. I conclude that everyone except Jonsas or Dark DT fans has been brainwashed by BNFs. The Hound disgusts me. Tyri0n is an asshole of epic proportions. Arya and Bran are cool with me. Ned (and Robb too) is like watching a train wreck and unable to stop it. Cat is great but also complex. I like Jon fine, except when he's entitled at the start. DT is a little sympathetic, at first, but also a little strange in the bad way. Then Lhazareen happens and she makes me vomit mentally.
Previous fans have almost had me think that this was a non-black and white situation, that maybe DT and MMD could both have been victims somehow in that situation. Not any longer. Not when she openly blames Jorah, but kills her. Not when she pours oil down on her head. Not when all of this happened for her throne, and she didn't even care until it was so much she couldn't watch any longer.
I eventually take a break around a year after my conversion to Jonsa, because greener fandoms are a-calling.
I return because the pandemic sucks big time, so I go for comfort stuff, and I miss them, your honor. The 'Bell Meta' happens, because I remember the 'Dr0go's bells in his hair' and 'the King is dead' from DT and Sansa's chapters. And then find the ASOIAF search engine with more examples. It gains traction, including in the Jonsa circle I follow but am too intimidated to interact with because everyone is so smart, educated, cool and honestly quite a bit older, more mature, more experienced and far longer in the fandom than me. I switch to a side blog, because I want to talk about Jonsa without crazy stans hounding my main and at least one person from real life follows me there, and I would like to avoid this conversation. [Ultimately I don't, because the topic comes up at some point and I have to discourage my sister from stanning DT even from afar. This is my duty as the eldest sibling. Thankfully, she's smart. Jonnel was the last bomb needed for her to wordlessly accept they were going canon. You just need to be open-minded. I think I've told this story before on a Jonnel/Sansa post.]
And here we are, at now almost five in the morning, discussing how I went from a Da*nsa to a Jonsa. What a ride, and it was only what? Two years? Half of which spent in a different fandom? I dare you to find a crazier story than this one. The moral here clearly being: Don't get into a fandom through the fandom. You can end with violently different opinions.
As for the metas:
Honestly, I have been swamped with real life stuff, and then your re-read was more interesting than anything else, this was old-but-new. The direwolf name meta still has the most progress. I briefly had inspo for a "Who's the Perfumed Seneschal?" one, but hit a brick wall midway through and discarded it. The one about the ways romance affects the series is haunting me, honestly. I see mental drafts of it everywhere I look, but I have never written a word. Then I got my hands on the Dunk novellas, and I decided that reading operation would take priority. Life is hell. Jonsa is hell. I am dancing with the devil anyway.
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galvanizedfriend · a day ago
Director’s cut of The Wolf please!
Omg, anon! 🤣🤣 That is so broad! It's hard to talk about _The Wolf_ because it's like 800k words long? lol If there's anything specific you'd like to hear about, let me know! I'll try to think of some general aspects.
Under the cut because, as always, I don't know how to shut up. Apologies. 🥲
I started writing that because I was one day watching some reruns of The Originals, can't remember what season, hating everyone's reactions to whatever was happening, and started thinking 'If Caroline was there, she would say this, and this would be different, and Klaus wouldn't do that' etc, etc. And then I was like 'I'm gonna make that happen' 🤣🤣 I wasn't going to post it, though. It was more like a very self-indulgent writing, and I was in a particularly bad moment in fandom, I had just gone through The Big Purge and all, but @definedareasofuncertainty asked to read it and then encouraged me to post it and the rest is history. 🤣🤣
That story has caused me to feel the most joy and also the worst things since I joined fandom. But at the end of the day, I do love that universe. I love their dynamic, I love the relationships built, I love how they grow and develop over the two stories and I love how realistic (in a canonical sort of way) it all feels. It's believable to me that Caroline and Elijah would love each other like family at the end of the story, that Caroline and Cami become so close, that Klaus and Bonnie would have a conversation that is only mildly hostile in which they agree to be cool for the sake of Caroline. All those things bring me immense joy and I feel proud of them because it took a lot of work to get there. Almost a million words of story, actually. 🥲 I've come to a point where I can just replace canon in my heart and just pretend that TO never happened, and that's all I wanted tbh. 🤣 I was watching TO yesterday and thinking 'wow, this is so much better with Caroline there' and for a small second I was very happy that my past self decided to write that story. 😂
I never had any plans to actually fix the parts of canon I hate (there's a bunch of dumb stuff there I would've never done if it had been my story), I just wanted to stay close enough to the show that it could feel *real* and like something that could've actually really happened. At the same time, I DID make considerable changes, some more subtle than others, and if anyone comes at me again saying Caroline and Hayley are the same or that the story is exactly like the show, I WILL DIE. I can only be responsible for what I write, not for what people understand, and if someone doesn't *get* what they're reading, it's their own fault, not mine.
I could name a thousand differences between show and fic, but the most important one, that I think makes the biggest difference, even though it might not even be the most obvious, is that this story, unlike The Originals, is not about the baby. The baby is an artifice, an excuse, just a prop (look away, Ennie). Nothing Klaus does or doesn't do is about the baby. The story is about *Caroline*. She's the one at the heart of absolutely everything. I had no shame whatsoever in making her the center of all attentions, a legit special snow flake, because I love her and that's the place I wanted her to occupy. She has agency, she pushes the story, she motivates everything, she forces Klaus' hand time and time again - not because she's pregnant, but because she is her. Caroline has the same kind of sway over him she had in TVD, which is one of my favorite things about them actually, and I wanted that to be very much the thing that moves the story forward.
Caroline grows into herself and her own influence, and by the time I got to the end of TW2, she was absolutely my favorite in the whole fic (Elijah was my favorite at the beginning lol though I hardly think that's surprising to anyone who read it). I just loved to see how far she'd come, how strong she'd become, how she'd turned into everything I wanted her to be in TVD: someone who was sure of herself, in charge of her destiny, making her own choices, demanding the kind of care and attention she deserved, fierce and loyal still, but more importantly able to put herself first, all the way being put first by others. For me, it's natural that she'd start as someone who gets a little swallowed by the Mikaelson orbit, because they are these larger than life creatures and New Orleans is their kingdom and she's just overwhelmed by the situation she's in. But it doesn't take her long to start carving out her own space, showing them under no uncertain terms that she is not an orphan who's just glad to be taken in by someone like Hayley, neither is she just a baby growing inside of her. She has a family, friends, a whole life that she was taken away from, and for that reason Klaus and Elijah have to make it worth her while to stick around. They have to prove that with them is where she belong, but not by treating her like a princess, but rather taking her seriously, listening to her, compromising, empowering her so she can find her full potential. Stakes are just different, and Caroline's standards are a hell of a lot higher. But at the same time, Klaus does care a hell of a lot more as well. lol He couldn't give a flying fuck if Hayley lived or died for most of TO. With Caroline, he's in it for her from day one. Figuring out how to navigate all that is impossibly hard for him and he makes mistakes, but he loves her, pure and simply, and Caroline has always been the one person who gets him to consider consequences and actually develop a modicum of conscience. Slowly bur surely, they grow into a family. So yeah, my friends say that I can't take a compliment and can never say good things about my own stories and they're probably right. 😂 The kind of awfulness I've had to read about TW made me terribly self-conscious and also made me doubt myself as a writer a lot. But I think I've come to a point where I can just embrace the fact this is a *good* fic that might not be for everyone, but that I am very proud of.
Also, I have like 100k words worth of headcanons for what would happen if I kept writing seasons 3 and 4 of TO. 😂😂
And this has probably NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU WANTED. 🤣 I'm sorry, anon! But thank you very much for your ask!
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calamity-unlocked · 13 hours ago
Can I ask, was it ever confirmed that 'the Night' is a personified being? I've seen people talk about how they're still waiting for the Night to show up and/or that the Core couldn't be the Night.
I've always thought of "expel the night" more as the girls preventing an event from happening instead of fighting an actual creature, and the fandom just called the thing in Andrias' basement that by lack of an actual name.
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buddiebeginz · a day ago
So I need to rant about some stuff.
Now I know I’m biased because of my love for Buddie but still. Can someone please tell me what 911 is doing with Buck and Taylor? I mean honestly? They say I love you to each other in one ep yet they don’t know each other well enough to even know what to get each other for Christmas? They have Buck seem totally uninvested in Taylor in most of season 5 then they try to play his Christmas gift to her as this really sweet lovey moment. It just seems like they don’t know what they’re doing with them.
The thing is if the show was never going to put Buck and Eddie together I’d deal with it (though I have more to say on that topic in a minute. 👇)
More than anything though I just want to see Buck and Eddie happy and with someone who gets them, who they really are. I want to see them with someone who makes them happy and who they can finally be themselves with. Someone who doesn’t try to change them but who also helps them grow as a person. Who respects them and supports them and has their back. Who isn’t just a bf or gf but is a partner.
That person wasn’t Ana for Eddie and it certainly isn’t Taylor for Buck. So why does the show keep pushing that relationship on us?
The writers at 911 know how to create amazing long term romance stories ones that the audience can really relate to and care about, like with Maddie and Chim and Bobby and Athena. I honestly can’t tell you what they are doing with Buck and Taylor. Part of me wants to believe this is all leading somewhere so that Buck can realize what he wants in a relationship finally and be the one to end a relationship on his own terms for once. But he could have realized that already. Like I don’t think they needed to have her stick around this long to accomplish that goal.
There were moments that happened in this episode like with the couple from the elevator where I was like okay good Buck is going to realize that this is what it’s supposed to feel like when someone gets you. And this is what he doesn’t have with Taylor. I thought at first when he was telling Hen he didn’t feel like going to Athena’s it was because he knew something was just not right with his relationship and maybe we were headed for a talk with him and Taylor and instead we got that ridiculous gift scene with them.
The thing is if the plan all along was for Buck to be with Taylor long term why was the build up not better? In most of season 4 Taylor just didn’t seem interested in a relationship with Buck and then going into season 5 she’s seemed way more into her work then Buck and Buck has 98% of the time he’s with her seemed either unhappy or indifferent. Yet I’m supposed to root for this couple???
I just don’t know what the writers are thinking.
The show creators know that a large portion of their audience ships Buddie even a lot of people from the general audience have commented on the “gay firefighters” so if Buddie is never gonna happen they’ve seriously been going about things in the dumbest way possible. And honestly it’ll be their own fault if they loose viewers or people get angry.
I’m not saying that shows have to cater to every whim of fandom. Shows and movies would be awful if that happened. What I am saying is that when you look at something like episode 4x14 serious deliberate choices were made that made Buck and Eddie feel like lovers and there was no need for it if the show didn’t plan on going down that route. If they wanted to have Eddie get shot and have Buck be there fine but then why have the shooting be staged so dramatically like a lover reaching out for his soulmate? Why have Eddie’s blood all over Buck? Why was Ana (you know Eddie’s actual gf) barely in the whole episode? Why have Buck sobbing over Eddie and not being able to function until he knew Eddie was okay? Why was Buck the one responsible for not only telling Chris but caring for him? Or the entirety of the scene where Eddie talks about the will. Why have Eddie put Buck in his will? Why have Eddie tell Buck like it was some kind of love confession while they were alone? Why have Buck watching Eddie and Christopher at the very end the ep there was a montage  focusing on families?
And even though Eddie was still with Ana and Buck with Taylor in season 5 they were still very connected. Why have Buck be so laser focused on Eddie’s health and love life? They could have had Eddie talk about his panic attacks with Bobby. Why have Buck be the one to help Eddie realize his relationship with Ana wasn’t enough? Why have that scene in the firehouse with Ana coming by with Chris and Buck being the only one to notice that something was wrong with Eddie?
Why was it Eddie and Buck taken hostage instead of anyone else? Why have Buck screaming out for Eddie?
Why have Eddie be the one to know how to talk to Buck and support him (in 5x04) and parallel it directly in 5x05 with Taylor who basically tells him to suck it up?
The point of what I’m saying with all of this is that choices were made and it’s not all just stuff we’re seeing because we want see it. If 911 isn’t planning on developing Buddie any further I wish they would write them like they do other friendships on the show because the fact is they don’t. When you compare Buck and Eddie to Buck and Hen or Hen and Chim or Bobby and Michael (when Michael was still on) there is an intimacy with Buck and Eddie that just isn’t in any of the other relationships.
I’m glad we had a few Buddies scenes in tonight’s ep but honestly this episode felt like a let down for me with a lot of missed opportunities. I think that the show could have at least given us a hint about where things with Buck and Taylor are headed cause it seems we’ll be getting more of the same with them in 5b. And I am not here to watch Buck be miserable every other ep or Taylor using him as her source every chance she gets like no thank you. 🙄
More than anything though I was sad at the lack of Buddie and Chris family scenes. We haven’t seen them all together in a really long time and I miss that. Plus I really would have liked to see Eddie talking to Buck more about all the stuff he and Chris were going through. I especially would have liked to see Eddie talking to Buck before he went and talked to Bobby. Like here’s this guy you trust and care about enough to give him your son plus he’s your partner at work but you won’t tell him you’re thinking about quitting. Make it make sense. 🤦🏻‍♀️
I just feel like so much has been left unsaid between Buck and Eddie like about the shooting and the will and I’m beginning to feel like the show is never going to address any of it again. You can’t write characters going through trauma and having panic attacks and then just drop it like it’s no big deal.
Sorry this got rambly and long I just have a lot of thoughts about the ep and Buddie. Thanks for reading if you made it this far down. ❤️❤️
Btw I don’t think Eddie is leaving the 118 at least not long term and I don’t think Ryan is going anywhere either don’t panic.
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faustandfurious · 2 days ago
Every time I make a non-fandom-specific post about my favourite ship dynamics or tropes and it gains a bit of traction, someone will inevitably tag it with «it’s ok you can say supernatural» and I will be left with the realisation that I, as a person who has never watched a single minute of Supernatural apart from the confession scene I found on YouTube last November, would probably be going feral over Destiel and the sibling dynamic between Dean and Sam and the religious trauma and the family trauma and all those fan edits set to objectively good songs, if only I’d sit down and actually watch the goddamn show. Which I’m not doing, because I’m not an idiot, obviously.
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twopoppies · a day ago
Hi Gina!
So I was just thinking about the fact that in this tour, Harry waived pride flags at literally every show. Like. Every. Single. Show. And that is just so?? Idk just thinking about it makes me tear up.
Even though the stunts were pretty bad this year, he still seemed to be so free in a way. In the earlier tours, he has raised pride flags but never at every single damn show. He helped people come out. Said things like "when I raise this flag, you will be officially out because I've heard that's how it works" while simultaneously doing it every time. For himself. He dressed as Dorothy.
And I might get a bit hate for saying this but I read this somewhere "harry isn't gay because he dressed up as Dorothy. He dressed up as Dorothy because he is gay" and while I don't label him, and I know that someone doesn't have to be gay to dress like that, I still found it funny.
But basically I just want to say that this was my first year of being a larrie and it has been very bittersweet. While so many people "unlarried" because of the stunts, I'm glad I could still find a lot making it worth to believe they are together and still going strong than believing that they would ever even think about being with people like olivia. Your blog has also been very helpful as have been many others. So I'm taking this moment to thank you for everything. Thank you Gina.
Anyway, I hope your cat gets well soon and I also hope you have a great day/night! xx
Hi sugar. I'm glad fandom turned out to be a good place for you, despite some of the difficulties. Just to correct you a little, Harry raised a pride flag every single show during his first tour, as well. And he helped someone come out, as well (maybe more than one, I'm blanking now). He also had the "gay vodka" moment and the "we're all a little bit gay" moment. So, he's been very consistent about that sort of representation.
Harry dressing as Dorothy was a very, very pointed choice. If he just wanted to "dress in drag", he could literally have been anyone. But Dorothy and the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow are so closely connected to the queer community, I can't imagine it was just a coincidence.
So, yeah... he's free in some ways. And it's beautiful to see. He's flamboyant and signaling all over the place when he's on stage. He was able to film My Policeman which would have been an unbelievable thing just a few years ago. But, as we've all seen by the Watermelon Sugar discourse, and the gross het signs, and the endless stunt with Olivia, and the way such a large part of the GP reacts to his image, he's far from being actually free.
I think the both of them still need and appreciate the support of fans who continue to show up and show support for the two of them as queer people. They still need to know we're out here and we accept them just as they are.
Thank you for your sweet note (and the kind words about our kitty), here's to a better 2022.
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misfitmccoward · a day ago
if you've been here a while you may remember my Tobirama/OC thing (bulletpoint outline, excerpt). you may also remember me whining about how it's hard to develop an OC who's just as interesting as the other main characters (who in this fic would be Tobirama, Tsunade, maybe Jiraiya) but also seems like an organic product of the setting. anyway under the cut is some discussion of the OC and possible story so I don't fucking forget.
Okay, so to review: I originally thought of this as wanting to write an SI soulmate fic. The OC, Ren, is an SI in the sense that it's a character designed with some aspects of myself in mind, but I don't think this fits with the way the Naruto fandom current uses "SI." She's not a real world person reborn or anything like that; she's a tokubetsu jounin who works in R&D in Ame. Soulmates in this AU have the "first thing your soulmate says to you" written on you. Ren has been assigned to a project that involves trying to move people around in a hiraishin-style jutsu, and through that she accidentally summons Tobirama (her soulmate) from the middle of his fight with the Kinkaku Squad or whatever they're called.
I wanted to justify why she has this deep knowledge of hiraishin-adjacent jutsu and ended up with a fairly complicated background. I think I'll have to be pretty careful about how I present it in writing to not turn readers off? So it will go a little like this:
The first thing Tobirama asks her, after he's demanded to know where he is and stitches himself up, is how the fuck did you do that. She shows him the jutsu formula and he's like: oh so she's a little bit of a maniac.
Tobirama cannot go outside so he's stuck in her lab. He often gets left alone while she goes around and pretends she didn't break time with her research and they both try to figure out how to smuggle him out of the village once he's healed enough to travel safely. As far as Tobirama can tell, Ren's research is mostly agricultural? Like she has bays of plants under different treatments growing. He recognizes her surname (Kaentake) as an old ninja clan whose Thing was mushroom cultivation, so it makes sense to him that she went plant-fungi symbiosis (which is a lot of the research) -> general agriculture (GM crops, etc). However he doesn't get why she also knows time-space jutsu?!
When he asks her about it, Ren is like: WELL, this isn't really a secret, I guess. So she tells him that when she was a kid and the Third Shinobi War broke out, her genin team was captured by Iwa. Iwa cut off some of their fingers so they couldn't perform handsigns for ninjutsu but could still do manual labor. Then, once Iwa realized the Yellow Flash was going to be a Problem, they started using their prisoners (who were expendable) to try and counter act him. They tried stealing hiraishin seals, and then they started trying to send prisoners in as a vanguard to physically fuck up hiraishin seals. None of this worked particularly well, but Ren was stuck in the thick of this for years and has an intimate knowledge of how the hiraishin works.
(But, also, note: even if you know all the ins and outs of the jutsu, it's stupid hard to actually execute, which is why no one has successfully reverse-engineered it from the seals left behind.)
Tobirama senses there's a lot Ren isn't telling him-- like how she ended up back in Ame, or how she even survived doing that for so many years-- but he doesn't press for more details.
One of the things we see when Ren is away from the lab is her going to meet with Konan about a request she put in to honor a specific person (currently named Ayaka but this could change) by adding her name to some sort of war memorial. Konan is basically like, "No, I understand you were friends but she wasn't an Ame-nin, why did you even request this?" and Ren is like, "Well, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try..." We also see that Ren doesn't have many social connections but is very dedicated to a shrine for Ayaka.
We also see that Ren getting into an argument with the head of R&D because he's like "why are you modifying rice to make more vitamin A if you could be working on making us a new bloodline limit like everyone else?" and she goes back into lab and rants at Tobirama about how vitamin deficiencies are one of the leading causes of childhood mortalities in several prefectures, and we could be solving THAT, but everyone is like "WHAT IF WE POISONED ALL THE RICE INSTEAD?"
Tobirama agrees with her that Vitamin Rice Would Be Good but is also like: no civilian farmer in their right mind would trust the product of some ninja's crazy science experiment to eat? How are you going to scale production up just in your little lab's greenhouse bay? You'd have to work with the Daimyo or local nobility to coordinate directly with farmers, not a ninja village, and Ren is very >8C
Anyway the point is that even though Tobirama is grumpy and critical, he's critical in a way that helps Ren's goals, so when they start to work out how to get him out of Ame, Ren asks what would happen if she went with him to Konoha.
In the morning, she shoos Tobirama away from remaking expired reagents and into her office.
“What…” she says slowly, unsure of how to even suggest her new plan for getting him out. “Hypothetically speaking… what would happen… if I came with you?”
She watches Tobirama’s face closely, expecting to see surprise or excitement or maybe even disgust at the idea of taking her with him back to Konoha. Instead he just looks thoughtful for a few seconds and replies:
“We’d get married.”
“What the fuck!” Ren hears herself cry, throwing her hands in the air.
“What?” Tobirama asks, helpfully scooting himself into a corner of the office so Ren can pace anxiously. “We’re soulmates.”
“It doesn’t follow that we’d get married,” Ren hisses back. This is… this isn’t at all what she was expecting. She doesn’t have a plan going forward for this option.
Tobirama’s eyes narrow-- a move which looks deeply intimidating and like he’s debating how to slice you open, but which Ren is fairly sure just means he’s thinking-- and he tilts his head slightly to the side.
“It would have been expected in my time,” Tobirama says slowly, “for different-sex soulmates to marry and produce children. Is this not still true?”
Ren pauses in her pacing, staring and her old-fashioned soulmate. Oh gods, she thinks, he’s being completely serious about marrying me.
“No,” she snaps immediately. “Well, maybe for big clans, but--”
She cuts herself off. Tobirama just raises an eyebrow at her.
Oh gods, Ren thinks, feeling hysterical, he’s being completely serious about making me wife of the Senju clan head.
Ren’s face must look suitably horrified, because Tobirama says, “Marriage is an option we can explore at a later time. As a former Hokage, I would guarantee your safety in Konoha.”
He also seems deadly serious about this, and yet Ren doesn’t feel calmed at all.
“And what does that mean?” she asks, waving her arms and going back to pacing. “Like, chuck me in a holding cell until I spill all of Ame’s secrets but hey! You’re still alive! safe, or-- I don’t know-- end up permanently possessed by Nakayama, or-- what the fuck could an Uchiha do to me--”
Tobirama looks… vaguely startled, and that makes him hesitate a moment before he spins Ren around and places both hands on her shoulders. They’re big and heavy, and Ren glares at his clavicle.
“Safe,” he says, “as in physically and mentally unharmed, and able to live freely.”
Ren shrugs off his hands and takes a step back so she can glare at his face.
“Live freely as in your custody, live freely as in be watched by ANBU, or actually live freely?”
Tobirama’s face twitches, and it almost looks like he’s fighting back a smile.
“I’m not a demon trying to trick you with misleading promises,” he says.
“Then answer the question,” Ren answers, narrowing her own eyes.
Tobirama’s ultimate promise is: he’s confident in his ability to sway (command) Hiruzen to let Ren live under her soulmate’s custody, and that Tobirama has no intention of controlling what she does as long as she’s not actively sabotaging Konoha. With badgering he also promises the possibility of her leaving Konoha altogether if she wants to.
“And what if,” Ren asks very slowly, when she’s done badgering Tobirama for details, “you can’t sway Sarutobi, because he’s old and you’re supposed to be dead?”
Tobirama leans into her, replacing his hands on her shoulders. “If Hiruzen cannot accept you after you’ve risked your life to help me,” he says, very firmly, “then I have no problem reclaiming my status as Hokage.”
“Oh,” Ren says quietly. “Okay, then.”
The way they get out involves some bullshit with Ren's soulmate summoning seal, which I haven't ironed out the details of yet. The main blocks to getting out is that Pein can sense anyone moving around in the village (so Tobirama needs to be super covert unless he wants to fight a whole village); Ren is not actually allowed out of the village because she spent so long working for an enemy village, even if it was under duress; I am going to let Tobirama figure out Hiraishin but not at this time because it would make fleeing a ninja village to easy. :P
...also, very important, Ren has a cat with anxiety she makes Tobirama help her smuggle out too.
“Miyuki is a cat?” Tobirama asks, confused, while Ren runs to catch her.
“What did you think she was?” Ren asks, bemused, as she dumps Miyuki into Tobirama’s arms. The cat lets out an unhappy yowl, which Tobirama ignores.
“A child,” Tobirama says accusingly, as if Ren has deprived him of a human baby.
Anyway! They have a roadtrip to Konoha and Hiruzen is like What the FUCK but Tobirama checks out as being a bonafide 100% real Tobirama, and they call in Jiraiya to verify Ren's jutsu. (Which, several people note, has to potential to change they very nature of war?! And Ren is like, "uuuh I would rather it.... not?") Also at some point this happens:
“Yeah, well,” Ren says, nodding. Here’s the awkward part. “You know how I said I couldn’t use any ninjutsu?”
Instead of looking annoyed or angry, Tobirama just laughs. It’s a full, loud laugh that takes years off his face and makes Ren jump.
“You lied. Of course you lied,” he says when he’s gotten control of himself. “You’re going to make presenting you as harmless to Hiruzen either very easy or very tricky.”
“Just you wait,” Ren says dryly, collapsing onto her loveseat. “This one I learned in Iwa.”
(Living as a prisoner in Iwa was a dangerous dance between "get good enough to survive" and "not so good Iwa perceives you as a threat," and part of her safety in Ame is that even though she spent a decade working for an enemy, she's one of them and not even that dangerous)
They move into the ancient Senju household Hashirama built. Ren sets up Ayaka's shrine, and Tobirama gets some fo the story of Ayaka out of her: Ayaka was another kidnapped genin, from Kusa, Ren's "best friend" (read: girlfriend) during the war. Toward the end of the war, more effort was put into recapturing prisoners, and a mixed group from some of the smaller villages (Ame, Kusa, Taki. etc) freed their prison group and distributed the prisoners, some of whom didn't remember where they were from, sort of haphazardly between the villages. Ren and Ayaka ended up in a group shuffled back to Ame, where they sat in prison for a while while Ame tried to figure out what to do with them. Ren was eventually shown to be a Ame-born and raised kunoichi and allowed to re-integrate. Ayaka was not, and was eventually executed.
Anyway! One of the first things Tobirama wants to do, finding his clan nearly extinct, is hunt down Tsunade and drag her back home. Idk how the details of this would go yet, but at some point they all get kind of drunk and are comparing battle scars and Ren is like "YEAH THE YELLOW FLASH TOTALLY STABBED ME. missed my vitals tho" and Jiraiya is like "Minato wouldn't miss" and Tsunade is like "no, no, you can clearly see in the scarring pattern it was one of his stupid kunai" and eventually someone goes, "hold on, are you going to be okay with his giant stone face staring down at you for the rest of your life?!" But Ren is very adamant that even though she does low-key have nightmares about Minato (she doesn't say this part outloud to Jiraiya/Tsunade, but she might confess to Tobirama), she's not like. Bitter? And up until now Tobirama has gotten the impression that Ren deeply hated Iwa so he doesn't really question this answer.
I kind of want Tobirama to get pulled into Uchiha Coup shenanigans in a way that prevents the massacre but idk how exactly it'd go. Kind of want him to take Shisui on as an apprentice as a show of good faith? And probably he tried to bully either Tsunade or Jiraiya into being Hokage (I'm leaning towards Hokage!Jiraiya so Tsunade has free time to do other things)
Anyway, since Jiraiya is in-village now, he's going through old shit and discovers Minato had drafted a pardon for a random Kusa-nin for some reason, and he recognizes the attached photo as the same photo as the one in Ren's shrine. So he goes to Tobirama and is like: YO WHAT THE FUCK? Tobirama shows the photo to Ren and she has a pretty emotional reaction but refuses to explain; this ends up their first real argument.
Later, Tobirama decides to fill Ren in on whatever the fuck he's doing with the Uchiha as a show of trust, and eventually she tell him her Full Dramatic Backstory: she'd basically been sabotaging Iwa's moves against the Yellow Flash by memorizing the countermeasures they had in development for the Hiraishin and telling him about it. In exchange, she'd begged him to spare Ayaka's life (and only Ayaka's). Minato had never reported this to anyone to prevent Konoha going over his head to makes moves against his informant, and he had severely but non-fatally injured Ren a few times to prevent suspicion on Iwa's end. Ren was planning to take this secret to her grave.
Ren is actually devastated to find out Ayaka would have been safe if Konoha had picked them up. Ren is the one who'd had them go to Ame, and it'd gotten Ayaka killed, even though the only real difference between them was were they happened to be born.
Thematically, I like the idea that One Small Action from an unimportant person could change the tide of war, and I want to sort of... figure out a way to tie it into how the Uchiha are being treated? Like: You cannot mistreat people in your community and expect it to not destroy you. Idk. It's being workshopped.
What I ultimately want the Senjuu household (Tobirama, Ren, Tsunade, Shizune) working towards is what Ren wanted to aim her research at all along. Like, improved agriculture and public health and medicine to help communities that were devastated after war, even outside of Fire Country. I want it to be rocky and filled with a lot of mistrust of ninja. I want Minato's hiraishin seals left all over the continent (which conveniently map almost perfectly to the most effected places, bc war) to be hijacked as a way to move supplies around.
...and I guess if it's a "soulmate" fic then more soulmate shenanigans should be happening, so we'll make Kakashi and Obito be soulmates as a plot point? Idk.
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outrunningthedark · 20 hours ago
Will never understand the people in this fandom who exhibit a superiority complex about the show.
It’s great that YOU have enjoyed the season so far, but you are not better or smarter than anyone else just because of it.
And fyi, we can speculate all we want, but we don’t actually know what the writers are planning until it plays out on screen.
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itsclydebitches · a day ago
They had Tai narrate the story to Ruby and Yang, and in it he inserted himself onto the boy and Summer and Raven onto the Warrior. The result was that the Warrior, once a POC, was turned into a white person. It makes logical sense, but it's also kind of stupid. It's not as if the parallels were difficult to spot, but if they were difficult to spot there were still other options. Like, just change things other than the hair and skin color... It's not as if there were no options.
Thanks for the info, anon! I want to stress that I haven’t watched the episode myself yet, but based on this and what else I’ve seen in the RWDE tag… I’m inclined to agree that this was a bad call on RT’s part. A couple of my own thoughts include:
1. Why does Tai have to do a visual comparison? Can’t he just tell his kids a story? We're capable of connecting with characters even if they don't look like us.
2. Fans fling out the “hand-holding” complaint a lot when reviewers mention that such-and-such wasn’t explained or established, but this sounds like the closest thing to hand-holding we’ve gotten in a while. As you say, does RT think we’re incapable of drawing comparisons between the fairy tale and the rest of RWBY unless we're given a visual guide going, "This is meant to be [insert character here]"?
3. As you've also pointed out, they could have easily made a change that doesn’t involve stripping this character of her established identity. And if they want to make sure we 100% understand that this is Tai's version of the tale, we can just lean into that and get some dialogue between him and Ruby, replacing the partial exchange we lost between the mother and child in "The Shallow Sea" (which I loved). Imagine something like this:
Tai: Once upon a time there was a fearsome huntress with silver eyes [animation shows the woman from Myers’ book]
Little Ruby: Like me??
Tai: Just like you. [A red cape pops into existence on the woman’s back]
Ruby: Did she like cookies too?
Tai: She loved cookies. [The woman whips out a cookie, eats it Ruby Volume 1 style, and then grows serious. The tale continues…]
Obviously I'm making up an introduction because I haven't learned the plot yet, but the point is, you can establish that Tai is making changes to this story for his and Ruby’s benefit without erasing the character's identity. You can also do that work whether the VAs are available for lines or not. Dialogue is just one option.
4. I’ve seen a couple, “Well, the books aren’t canon” takes and while acknowledging that yeah, the fandom has always debated the canonical status of RWBY’s supplementary material (with RT sometimes coming in to say that such-and-such does or does not count), do we honestly believe that there wouldn’t be controversy if the identity was something other than race? Queerness remains RWBY’s primary example. The fandom has long upheld Myers’ works as proof that RT as a whole is good with queer rep, so imagine if, say, Volume 9 comes along and Coco is depicted as straight. Then a bunch of fans started defending that with, “Myers books aren’t actually canon. It doesn’t matter how he writes the characters, or what illustrations are attached to his books. Only animated content counts,” well… people would probably be pretty upset about that.
5. Finally, I think it’s worth noting that the adaptation has mostly followed the illustrations in Myers’ book, except for two cases.
The King in the animation looks remarkably like the King in the book: a good-looking white man with long, wavy black hair and a black beard. The Crown is even depicted as gold despite Myers writing that it was silver: “he pulled a silver crown from the sack” (40). Clearly, the illustrations were an inspiration for the adaptation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poppy, though depicted as older than she is in the book, still has her illustration’s most defining features: white skin and curly red hair. Despite the difference in style, RT pretty obviously used the illustration as inspiration for her looks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The Hunter’s Children” doesn't provide an illustration of the family, just the symbols that represent what they’re most focused on, and given that we already know that the “Girl in the Tower” is Salem, it makes sense that they’d draw her to look like the Salem who existed in “The Lost Fable.” “The Judgment of Faunus,” on the other hand, moves from a generic God/Jesus like depiction of a bearded white guy to the far more creative Animal God.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So it’s worth praising both RT’s decision to forgo that Christian-esque depiction and their choice to animate the Hunter’s children as black when given full freedom… but praising some parts of the story doesn’t erase the problems inherent in other parts. Yes, I find it a problem that outside a single exception, RT has clearly been using these illustrations as a guide, up until they had a woman with darker skin and textured hair to adapt. Making the Hunter’s children black isn’t a way to excuse breaking their almost-pattern here. That just raises questions like, “What? We can’t have more than one fairy tale staring a person of color?” The fact that she was a SEW just makes it feel like we lost even more. Yes, Maria has dark skin, but Maria is also a mostly retired fighter who has been used primarily for comedy and has been forgotten by the story twice now, her status as The Grimm Reaper utterly meaningless. I wouldn’t call her the best rep anymore, despite the hope we had for her at the start. This woman, however, looks badass
Tumblr media
and though the rest of the episode might have a lot to offer, I am disappointed that we didn’t get to see the animated version of her like we did with Poppy and the King. The message, across the animated portions of RWBY, whether intentional or not, is that 'real' SEWs have light skin. Ruby is a SEW. Her mother was a SEW. So is the woman from this fairy tale. So is the Hound, made into a tragic case who lost his fight against Salem. They're all light skinned. Meanwhile, Maria is the warrior who has fought once in three volumes and freaks out about cashews, disappearing for long stretches because she's just not important to the story. Ozpin's children existed for a single scene in one flashback, unconfirmed in the story whether they ever became SEWs or not. And Violet Tobacco's version of the SEW here has now been ignored. As with so much in RWBY, it's not about a single example. Any individual problem can be explained or brushed aside with excuses or forgiveness for a mistake, rendering it inconsequential. Rather, it's about the pattern each example helps to establish and in this case, the pattern doesn't look great. Toss in RWBY's terrible handling of the White Fang, the recent refusal to acknowledge Ironwood's design within the fandom, the fact that eight of our nine main heroes are depicted as light skinned (with Oscar acting as the exception, even though frankly his skin tone seems to change with each Volume)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and that's why fans get upset when something like this happens. RWBY has such a bad track record overall that they can't afford to 'just' make a change like that.
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its-tie-kir-ra · 17 hours ago
I find it really interesting (but not surprising) how most of the negative comments I've gotten on my Yashahime videos have been deflection, looking for validation, and really defensive (the rest of them have been just hate comments).
"Well, you don't have to like it but I like it." (Defensive) "Only real fans are watching." (Deflection) "It's very popular in Japan." (Validation) Rather than responding to my actual...points.
Tumblr media
I've stated in both videos that I do not have a problem with you shipping SessRin or you liking the show. Like what you like. I can't take away your enjoyment of something. Don't pretend that I can. If I could do that...the shows I would destroy. *Rubs hands together, evil cackle*.
It speaks to a huge gap in what a lot of fans and creators perceive in what you need to have a successful show. Because I hate to break it to y'all; mainstream creators need more casual fans to keep a show above water. They just do.
Because the casual fans group is much bigger. There were more people who casual watched GOT than there were people who obsessed over every single episode and compared it to the books, and the first group is the priority for creators. Because they know that the second group are going to keep watching regardless, and even so, if they stop, its not much of a loss, because the first group is much bigger.
They need to appeal to as much as a broad audience as possible to keep the show running, because there are just not enough hardcore fans to keep it going. A show is not going to keep running if only SessRin shippers are watching. They need people like me, who don't care about SessRin, to watch and enjoy the show. Inuyasha has a large fandom, but how many of them are still watching that aren't SessRin or maybe a few Inukag shippers?
Like if you're thinking about watching a show, who are you going to listen to? A person who watches the show with a critical eye, or a person who loves it so much and doesn't have a bad thing to say about it? And I say this as a person who has participated in shipping culture; I don't listen to people who cannot be critical of the media they consume. I don't. And you shouldn't either.
Critism is a necessary part of art. It's needed. And when you go onto the pages of people who critisize their artwork and send hate (I am not the person who has gotten the worst of it) or even just silly comments like this, it does nothing to further the conversation or make it better. Comments like "only real fans are watching" is technically true, but you need more than just the real fans to watch. A show needs people like me far more than they'd need people like you.
(but in all seriousness did something happen? Because there's been an uptick recently in comments and stuff and I don't know why)
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why-i-hate-rwby-now · 21 hours ago
Okay so I just saw a rwde post that apparently was deleted while I was writing this reblog, sooo if the person who wrote it sees this, I just want you to know that what you said was perfectly innocent and if you deleted it because of the comment I'm about to discuss, I'm sorry you were falsely accused. Please know that you didn't say anything wrong and the person who attacked you was just being an ass.
For those who don't know what I'm talking about:
The rwde post in question was a perfectly innocent post which stated that perhaps one reason there is a toxic subgroup of RWBY-stans who lose their shit whenever the show faces criticism is because they relate to the protagonists, and when toxic people are presented with evidence that the characters they relate to are toxic, they get just as aggressive and violent and abusive as the toxic characters are. The post posited that, the more similar a person is to the members of Team RWBY, the more likely they are to emulate Team RWBY's more toxic, aggressive, and hypocritical traits - thus, they are more likely to direct that toxicity, aggression, and hypocrisy towards the people who point out those traits in RWBY.
To paraphrase, the rwde post basically said "Team RWBY are toxic and attack everyone who criticizes them, so it makes sense that the people who relate to them the most are toxic and attack everyone who criticizes them."
And this is the comment they got from one such toxic RWBY-stan:
Tumblr media
[ID: Reblog from [redacted] which reads:
Ah yes. The good old "dehumanize those who disagree with you" tactic.
End ID] (dislosure: I just blocked this person because I'm making it a rule not to engage with people who are toxic enough to seek out differing opinions and attack them in their comments and reblogs. This person wasn't mature enough to cultivate their own online experience, so I removed myself from their online experience manually. I'm only commenting on this rude remark because my god this is hilarious)
Because I can't believe this just happened I can't believe that a rwby fan literally just said that *comparing a person to Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang* is, in fact, *dehumanizing.*
That comparing a person to the protagonists in RWBY is "dehumanizing."
That pointing out a toxic, hypocritical subsection of a fandom (and in OP's post, they specifically named a person who has repeatedly and incessantly attacked people for disagreeing with them, openly and without apology, and has also attacked at least one person in DM's - namely, me - so it's not like they were even making wide blanket statements, just calling out a specific subsection and naming a particular example that proves the subsection exsits) and comparing that toxicity to the main protagonists in the show is, somehow, dehumanizing
(CW: ableism mention, death threat mention, examples of ACTUAL dehumanization)
"Dehumanizing," of course, refers to the practice of denying that a person is human, and usually involves things like using slurs, invalidating or denying someone's experiences and feelings if they don't adhere to a specific "standard" of humanity (most often, a "standard" involving being CisHet, Neurotypical, Thin, White, and Ablebodied) or literally calling them inhuman in one way or another.
Sometimes, dehumanization can occur through the use of literally dehumanizing language like calling someone a monster, animal, demon, etc, which is a milder case than most (usually it's the context of these words that determines whether or not they're actually dehumanizing.) Sometimes it occurs through the more severe methods that I listed above; using slurs that are specifically designed to imply that a person of a specific marginalized background is somehow inferior to the speaker because of it (note that there are some marginalized groups for which one of the 'milder' words is a slur to begin with and should never be said regardless of context) or stating that a person should have never existed or that their existence is somehow "wrong" and "bad," and insinuating or implying that they shouldn't be allowed to live. In extreme cases, it can include major abuses of human rights like slavery, trafficking, or locking people in cages and taking their children away. Sometimes it can be even worse than that.
What does NOT count as dehumanizing is saying "toxicity exists" or "hypocricy exists" or "there is a group of people who are guilty of embodying such behaviors" or "they act like the protagonists of their favorite show." OBVIOUSLY, these things are NOT dehumanizing.
I have been actually dehumanized by rwby stans in the past, having been told I "should have been aborted" and that I "should die of covid" and I "should be shot by police" and I'm "retarded" (got that one in an anon ask around a week after posting about being Autistic) and that it's "wrong" that I was upset about them "saving Penny from herself" and "curing" her of MY TRAITS, and the reason it was wrong for me to be upset about it was because "people who are like pre-meat Penny" (namely, me) "aren't human and don't have a full personality," and also I've LITERALLY BEEN CALLED "SUBHUMAN" MULTIPLE TIMES, because I criticize RWBY. But noooooo. Saying "toxicity exists" and then saying "they are a lot like Ruby Rose" is apparently """dehumanizing."""
Apparently, saying "you remind me of Ruby Rose" is DEHUMANIZING.
like wowza lol if Ruby is so much of a monster nowadays that even her defenders are offended when compared to her, guess that validates everyone who calls her and her teammates "unlikeable." XD
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The first time I watched that last episode of Loki I immediately thought that Sylvie was manipulating Loki, shifting constantly the blame on him, because she didn't want to think about her actions, she only wanted revenge. I thought that scene was meant to show Loki's growth and Sylvie's lack of it. But then all I read online and in interviews was that Loki was to blame, that he made a big mistake, etc. And I started to believe it. Now I've just read your meta and I understand... I'm easily manipulated, I'm still learning the patterns, and that's exactly what's happening in the fandom and in the serie. It's not just about a fictional charachter. I think it's a very dangerous thing... Thanks for your meta, really.
Oh thank you dear, I truly appreciate it.
It's alright, the framing is a powerful tool and we all fall for it in some capacity. When I was watching TFATWS there were a few things I didn't like but mostly I was pretty happy with the series. It wasn't until I started reading criticism on this site that I realized many things I thought were good were actually pretty bad. That's the good thing about meta posts.
And yeah it is a very dangerous thing because what Loki goes through in the show is textbook abuse (emotional, mostly) and yet Disney frames it as positive. And that specific scene in ep6 is insane, I'd go as far as to say Sylvie acts like a monster and yet not only the fans but the writers claim she didn't do anything wrong (Waldron is quoted as saying she's a "hero on a crusade for good"), so no wonder many of them side with her.
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