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#is this referring to buck or eddie
eddie-diass · 15 days ago
when buck and eddie finally get together, eddie is going to be so open.
openly touching buck. openly looking at buck. openly giving himself over to the feeling of loving and being loved.
unburdened by maintaining pretenses and composure and… yeah it’s gonna be overwhelming in the best way.
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mellaithwen · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I just want…” Buck mumbles once more, and Bobby turns to him, patiently waiting for him to finish, but Buck just shakes his head, as if whatever he’d been about to say was too much to bear.  He sighs, dejected.
“They won’t let me see him—” Buck says finally, sounding as heartbroken as he looks, staring up at Bobby with wide, tearful eyes as though his Captain might have the power to fix everything now that he’s there, and God, Bobby wished that were true...
-- Are we destined to burn or will we last the night? (11,046 words)
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oh-i-ship-that · 7 days ago
“Those seconds, half seconds, that the line of our gaze connected,
Tumblr media
were the only moment in my day that I felt anything at all.”
- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 2 months ago
Eds is such a monumental occasion for Buck and Eddie, and I’ll tell you why.
In Eddie’s very first episode, he makes it incredibly clear to Buck that the only name that he’ll answer to is Eddie. Buck pushes back against the request a little bit of that episode, but after that, it doesn’t come back up.
Fast forward to seasons three and four, and someone has started to call Eddie something other than that. Ana has decided to try to show some sort of kinship by calling him his full name, which he’s implied to not really like. It comes off as awkward and uncomfortable.
This is where Eds comes in. At the point of the season four finale, Buck and Eddie have known one another for nearly three years and have been partners for equally as long. They understand one another. They love and trust each other implicitly, and one of the ways that Buck shows his affection and love for people is by nicknames. All of those in the show already have their nickname before meeting Buck, so Buck has only given a nickname to one other person on the show.
The easy shortening to Chris doesn’t happen until Buck does it. Christopher is one of the most important people to Buck; he’d do anything for that kid. This just so happens to occur very soon after meeting him.
The brings us to my point. Buck giving a nickname to Eddie after knowing him for years is no small event.
It’s a privilege he’s earned and allowed himself after knowing Eddie for so long. It’s also a privilege he allows himself when he’s terrified he’s going to lose Eddie. Eds is an “I love you” that Buck tells right to him
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Chris: Ms Flores, why do you keep calling my dad Edmundo? He prefers Eddie.
Ana: Well, when your dad and I met, and I guessed that his full name is Edmundo, I felt this special connection between us. You see, Christopher, my grandfather’s name was Edmundo so I felt instantly enamored.
Harry: So you’re saying that you date the man because he shares his name with your grandpa?
Ana: Well, yes but-... *flustered*
Denny: That’s nasty. You’re nasty.
Chris: ‘scuse me... could you please leave?
Denny and Harry: Amen, brother.
Ana: I didn’t mea-... what...
A few feet away at the open bar
Buck: *sips his Strawberry Daiquiri* Sucks to be you, huh.
Karen: *scoffs into her wine* Slutty teacher.
Michael: *gulped down his whiskey* Oh, boy! Just dug her own grave.
Eddie: I don’t even know her.
Hen: ‘Ana who?’ indeed.
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datleggy · 7 months ago
4x08 AU Misunderstanding
Eddie's torn between unimaginable relief and frustration, as he makes his way down the hall to Buck's apartment.
On one hand he wants to sweep Christopher up into his arms, squeeze tight and never let go, and on other he wants to yell until he's hoarse about how dangerous the stunt he pulled tonight was.
He's still deciding between the two choices when he opens the door quietly and slips inside, just in time to hear his kid sob into Buck's shoulder. "I want you to be my dad."
And suddenly it's as though all of the air has been knocked right out of him. It's a miracle he stays standing upright, quite frankly.
He stands there in silence, watches the way Buck cradles his son, the easy way in which he provides comfort.
Eventually Christopher falls asleep against Buck and he watches his best friend slowly get up, careful not to stir Christopher as he places him gently onto the couch. Buck drapes a knitted throw blanket over him before tucking him in.
Buck sits atop his coffee table and takes his phone out of his jean pocket--presumably to check on Eddie's whereabouts. And it's only then that Eddie makes his presence known.
"Hey." His voice comes out rough.
Buck looks up in surprise. "Hey," he half whispers, leading them both over to the kitchen where they can speak freely, without fear of waking Christopher up. The kid’s exhausted. “When did you get here?” he asks, taking two beers out of the fridge. 
Eddie leans against the sink and frowns. “You mean did I get here in time to hear my kid call you dad?” 
Buck nearly drops both bottles, setting them down on his counter just in time. “Eddie, uh, that’s--it’s not what you think.” he swears. 
“Not what I think? What the hell else is it, then?” Eddie shakes his head. “How am I supposed to take that?” he looks up at Buck and lets out a long sigh. “I’m sorry, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself. I wasn’t ready for his reaction to me dating again and then when I heard him say--” 
“Eddie, seriously, that’s not it.” Buck denies. “You don’t understand.” he struggles with his words for a moment. “I found him wandering the hallway when I came back in from taking out the trash tonight, I brought him inside, I called you, obviously, and then we sat down to talk. I told him that you dating someone new didn’t mean you two would forget his mom or replace her in any way and he said he knew that.” 
Eddie raises his eyebrows in surprise. “So, then why...?” 
Buck huffs out a big breath, preparing himself for Eddie’s reaction to this next thing. “He thought you and I were already dating and that’s why he got so upset when you told him, because the last time you went on a date I was babysitting  so he knew it wasn’t me you were talking about. That’s what he meant when he said he wanted me to be his dad.” 
Eddie stares at Buck with wide eyes. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” Well shit. “He meant...he wanted you to be his dad, too.” 
Buck nods. “Yeah. I explained to him that you know, I’m always gonna be there for him, but that uh, you and I don’t have that kind of a relationship. Honestly, I was kinda shocked, so I don’t know how well I did in that conversation.” he scratches the back of his head awkwardly. “Eddie, I’m sorry, this is all my fault.” 
“What? No, why do you think that?” It’s just a misunderstanding, Eddie wants to say, but then it begs the question of why Christopher would misinterpret their relationship the way he did, and he’s not sure he has an answer. 
“I’m the one who’s always butting into your lives, inviting myself over to your house for game nights and movie nights--” 
“Buck, no. That’s--we’re best friends, that’s normal.” Eddie denies. Isn’t it? 
Buck groans, “Eddie, I’ve been to how many playdates between Christopher and Denny, now? The last time when Karen and I were in the kitchen getting snacks for the kids she made a joke about me being your boyfriend and I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now that I do--Eddie, that’s not the first time someone’s commented something similar. Hell, remember like three years ago when we took Christopher to see Santa? An elf made a comment about how cute our son was. An elf, Eddie.” 
Eddie blinks. “I--well, that’s--” he pauses and folds his arms across his chest. “So, we’re close. That’s not weird.” 
Buck runs a hand through his hair, “It’s kinda weird that everyone around us--strangers, even--seem to think you and I are a thing. And not that I care about what other people think, because I don’t. But it’s not fair to Christopher. I don’t want him to get hurt because I suck at keeping boundaries.” 
“I know what you’re saying but then where does that leave us?” Eddie grimaces tightly. Buck is his best friend and not to mention a co worker. Their lives are undeniably intermingled, and Eddie doesn’t want it any other way. 
“I don’t know.” Buck admits. “Maybe I just need to back off for a little bit.” 
“Christopher would hate that. You know how much he likes hanging out with you.” 
“No, I know. I meant, back away from you?” 
Eddie gulps. “From me?” He clears his throat. “Even at work?” 
Buck nods, shrugging. “I’m sure Christopher got some idea from the little comments people around us make here and there and so, if we just, don’t give ‘em anything to talk about, Christopher will see we’re just friends and nothing more.” 
“Right.” Eddie agrees hesitantly. 
Friends and nothing more. 
That’s all they are. 
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spidermaneddie · 16 days ago
Ok but WHAT is Eddie’s oh moment gonna be. He got shot in the street in front of Buck and that apparently didn’t make him realise he was in love with him so what is gonna be the catalyst. I need to know
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liesoverthec · 2 days ago
V surprised I haven’t seen a gif set of Eddie saying us, w 3x06 (who could you do that to US) 3x16 (that won’t be US) and then this tonight!! I’m sure there are others even I just can’t think of so like. If the gif set exists someone send it to meeee
Cuz that’s all *I* could think during that part
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buddie-buddie · 7 months ago
i’ve built my life around you 
5k  -  g  -  white house au -  one shot
“You.” Eddie points at Buck. “Bed. Now.” 
Buck pouts. “That wasn’t nearly as hot as it usually is.”
Eddie takes a deep breath as he crosses the room to where Buck’s hovering over the coffee maker and jabbing at the buttons. “No coffee,” he says, lifting the handle on the machine to stop it from brewing. “Bed.” 
Eddie can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt that Buck is sick in the first place. A third of Christopher’s class had the flu last week, and while he was thankfully spared and remained healthy, he must’ve brought it home with him. It didn’t help matters that Buck still insisted on making good on his promise of a Harry Potter movie marathon after the two of them finished reading Goblet of Fire together. Eddie didn’t believe either one of them could sit still for the duration of four feature films, despite both of their insistence that they could. And they proved him wrong, time slipping away as they sat curled up against one other on the couch beneath Christopher’s beloved Spider-Man blanket. 
The vision of Buck tucking his legs up– in a way that had to be killing his knees– so that the two of them could share the child-sized blanket still held Eddie’s heart in a vice grip.
Buck woke up exhausted and achy on Sunday but assumed it had more to do with the way he’d been sitting during the movies followed by the, ahem, activities that he and Eddie had engaged in after Chris went to sleep. By Sunday night he was sniffling, too. And now, Monday morning, he’s got a cough that rattles against his ribs and eyes so glassy Eddie can all but see his reflection in them.
read on ao3
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sevensoulmates · 7 months ago
got me trippin, stumbling (the boy can’t help it)
got me trippin, stumbling (the boy can’t help it) by SevenSoulmates
Pairing: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Fandoms: 9-1-1 (TV)
Word Count: 4,502
Tags: fluff, drunk buck, loose lips, DILF Eddie Diaz, No Smut, Getting Together
Buck gets plastered and calls Eddie a DILF.
“What’s a DILF?” Eddie asks.
Buck leans forward onto his crossed arms on the table, like he’s about to impart some wisdom on Eddie. He whispers, “Dad I’d Like to Fuck.”
Read full story here on AO3
Y’all can thank @zeethebooknerd for this one.
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cinematicnomad · 26 days ago
911 ask: 6 & 21?
006. how did you discover the show and what made you want to watch it? i kept seeing posts of it around my dash! mainly from @tattooedsiren—i was just super compelled by the content i was seeing for buck and eddie bc it seemed like there were actual scenes acknowledging how important they were to each other and it didn't seem like one of those ships that come from fans seeing POTENTIAL for a pairing, but an actual pairing on the show (even if it's treated platonically). i think the gifset that finally convinced me to give it a shot was one of buck telling maddie that he's not "really a guest" at eddie's house.
021. favorite headcanon? i mean, i like to headcanon that buck stayed with eddie and chris for several weeks after the s4 finale helping out around the house and taking care of both of them and making breakfast for them on the weekends. and even before eddie got shot, i like to imagine that they all agree that eddie's couch is basically buck's second bed since he stays over so often 😌
911 asks
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mando-bi · 8 months ago
when buddie became canon I feel like the entire fandom will be somewhat between the feeling when your country win a world cup and "okay I knew it was coming"
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doodlemeimpressed · 4 months ago
I need someone to tase me every time i start dissecting meaningless scenes
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thisissirius · a year ago
happy, baseball game
pace of play eddie/buck, chris, baseball
Buck doesn’t understand baseball. 
It’s not his sport; he much prefers watching people chase a puck around a hockey rink. When Hen presented them with tickets—three of them—Buck remembers the look on Eddie’s face. 
“I thought they were sold out,” he’d said, eyes wide. 
“Eh. I called in a favour.” Hen’s favour had been threefold and Buck owes her like a month of cleaning duty, but it’s worth it for the look on Eddie’s face now;
Buck and Chris are settling in their seats, great seats because Hen’s a queen, but Eddie’s bouncing on his heels.
“This is gonna be awesome,” he says. 
Chris sighs. “Dad, it’s baseball, how awesome can it be?”
Eddie looks offended, and Buck smothers a smile behind his hand. “My own son.”
“Don’t be dramatic,” Buck says, tugging Eddie into the seat next to him. For once, Chris is sitting on Buck’s left and not sandwiched between them, but Buck understands; Eddie gets a little—flaily—when he’s excited. “He was like this at hockey too.”
“Liar,” Eddie says, sulking, even as he’s leaning forward in his seat. “He loved ice hockey.”
Buck snorts, kisses Eddie’s temple. Eddie immediately relaxes, a smile crossing his face. Buck’s already made a promise not to use his powers for evil, so he can’t kiss Eddie until he agrees to do something else. Besides, Buck actually wants this;
Later, when the game’s started, both Eddie and Chris are yelling. They’re getting into the action, and Buck can’t help but stare at Eddie, who looks back, grinning ridiculously. 
“Come on, even you have to admit that was great!”
“I wasn’t paying attention,” Buck admits. Eddie looks offended for a beat, before a flush starts to rise on his cheeks. He opens his mouth, closes it, then turns back to the baseball. His ears are still pink and he reaches over, takes Buck’s hand. “I love you.”
“Shut up,” Eddie mutters, shifting a little closer to Buck. Chris yells something that gets lost in the crowd and Buck can’t help but look smug. 
“Told you,” he says, kissing Eddie quickly. “He loves it because he’s here with you.”
“And you,” Eddie says quietly, squeezing Buck’s hand. Then, with a grin that lights up his whole face, he adds, “I love you—OH COME ON!”
Tearing his hand out of Buck’s, Eddie’s on his feet along with everyone in their section, including Chris. Buck snorts, hand on the back of Chris’ shirt as he stands too. He doesn’t know what he’s protesting, but Eddie’s still grinning like an idiot while offended, and when they finally sit back down, Chris is leaning against him. 
“I’m glad we did this,” Buck says later, when the game is over and Eddie’s taken his hand again. 
“We could be in Vermont and I’d be happy as long as you were there,” Eddie says. 
Buck frowns. “What does Vermont have to do with anything?”
“Dad doesn’t like snow,” Chris points out. 
Eddie makes a face, and starts listing the myriad of reasons snow is a problem. 
Buck doesn’t stop grinning all the way to the truck.    
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amourbleue · a month ago
evan buckley: the godfather
eddie diaz: “i made him an offer he couldn’t refuse”
chimney han: putting a horse head mask in their bunks
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realchemistry · a year ago
9-1-1 - “Fools” thoughts
I’m not gonna write a proper review, I figured it was better to share some of the thoughts I had while and after watching the episode regarding Buddie and Josh.
Buddie keeps getting better and better. They didn’t have a ton of scenes, but we got a lot to go through:
First, we have in-sync Buddie, which is always good cause they make such a great team.
Then we get pseudo confirmation that Buck is not a hetero. YAY!
At the same time, I think we get a whole lot more in that scene: I’m pretty sure that Eddie wasn’t there, tho he is a “solo,” because it wasn’t a “bring your kid over” type of night/he had the school meeting that same night.
Then Maddie denies setting Josh and Buck up because she likes Josh too much. From this we can go with the jokey conclusion: Josh is too good for Buck, or Buck not good enough for Josh.
But we can also go with my favored one which is that Maddie has been onto Buddie since day one, so she wouldn’t want to set Josh up with his brother because Buck is clearly into Eddie, whether he realizes it or not (and I have SO many thoughts on this, maybe another time).
There’s also Maddie saying she loves Buck too much to let him “keep being so incredibly, tragically (Chim “some might say, embarrassingly”) single” which kinda doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t you want your brother to stop being all that, if you’re qualifying singledom in such a way? Again, it adds to her being onto Buddie, cause that phrase could easily end in “unaware of his own feelings for Eddie,” or something alike, and it would’ve made ALL the sense in the world.
The Siri joke comes after, which is interesting because we know what Buck 1.0 used to be like, so to hear him say that he’s doing well and feels fulfilled shows growth. It can also indicate that, while he is dealing with the sexual part on his own, he might be getting the emotional connection somewhere else... Eddie and Chris, perhaps?
Finally, Josh and Buck talk about how hard it is out there for the solos and how they’re stuck with online dating. Again, to me this sounds like he’s completely unaware or hasn’t really connected the dots between what he has and feels for Eddie and romantic feelings. But I said I wasn’t gonna talk about this, so I will only do it once more... :P
Eddie is navigating school, and he thanks Carla for going with him. I love Carla, I’m so glad she’s around.
Let me tell you something, Eddie making eyes at the teacher feels a bit over the top. Like, IDK, maybe it’s just me, but it is A Lot. Don’t get me wrong, Ana is gorgeous and I get lusting over her at first sight, but Eddie has ZERO chills about it, which seems unlike him.
The whole scene is off to me, her guessing his name right, the whole “he was my favorite” - “mine too,” the compliments to Eddie for reading, “I’m sure you’re no slouch.”
Then Eddie plays dumb with Carla, the whole blue/brown eyes thing expose him, and I’m still here thinking, that is too much all at once.
It goes on with the skateboard accident, which is also over the top. I get worrying about your kid being injured, even going super overprotective about it, but Eddie is waaaaaaay rude to Ana. Like, he goes from 100 to -164876413 in no time. The fact that he knew her by that point should’ve made him react more calmly, specially knowing Chris was fine and didn’t actually feel the need to leave school at all. But I guess TPTB needed that unnecessary bit of drama there...
I’m so VERY glad Carla’s around, saying the exact right thing. Eddie really needed to hear both that Chris knows he’s different and that it’s up to Eddie to teach him what that means. Eddie refuses to tell Chris he has limitations, which is interesting considering a certain Buck’s thoughts...
Chris lets him know it was his idea to try skateboarding, encouraged by Eddie’s own words that Chris can do anything.
The worst date is hilarious, and Buck starts commiserating saying he knows how hard it is to meet someone as a fellow solo, yet ends up focusing on Eddie’s drama...
We go from the worst date happy ending, where the transition goes: (heart emoji) is messy but also (party hat with confetti and an opening bottle of champagne) with the right person.
To Buck and Eddie sharing a bottle of beer. Can I just say both boys look gorgeous in this scene?
And so we get a co-parenting moment. A lot could be said about Eddie’s joke, but I won’t now.
Buck is right to point out that Eddie might be overcorrecting, which takes me back to 14 and 15. Buck thinks, like Eddie, that Chris is capable of doing anything and he brings up an example from a sport Eddie knows to point out that just because Chris can’t do something the way everybody else does, it doesn’t meant he can’t do it at all. So we finish the scene with a pensive Buck, whose gears are turning trying to come up with what we’ll see at the end.
Eddie has a talk with Chris, which speaks for itself.
When Eddie tells Chris, "you’re my kid,” it gave me flashbacks to Buck seeing Chris’ picture after finding out Eddie had a son, and saying he loves kids and Eddie saying he loves that one.
Eddie goes to apologize to Ana, in what’s actually the only scene between them that doesn’t feel like TPTB are overdoing it. Ana basically says the opposite of what Eddie and Buck have been saying this whole episode. Her train of thought is: if you fail at something, it might lead you to some other things, which might be even better. It’s a silver lining type of thinking, and it’s fine, but it’s not what happens this episode with Chris.
At the end, we have a happy family, trying something new together.
Josh: I was really upset that they brought him front and center only to have him be beaten up that way. Then I read some of the actor’s tweets, and I’m guessing that he’s gonna encounter the bully (I’ll go with “bully” till I can think of something better) again, only this time it’ll be on a 9-1-1 call. So we’ll ge the whole Josh is going to help him despite knowing that it’s the bully, how great of him, yada yada.
So I am still upset because:
Society shouldn’t be at a point where people need to be reminded by TV shows that they shouldn’t be assholes towards anyone ever cause you might need them eventually. People shouldn’t be assholes to anyone ever, period.
The people ~wronged by the aforementioned assholes shouldn’t need to prove they’re good to the assholes and in spite of the bad things that were done to them. They’re good people, or they’re not, but the whole high road thing is tiresome. Be like Carol Danvers!
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buddie-buddie · 7 months ago
shamrock your heart
4.8k | explicit | read on ao3 in which a good man is hard to find, a hard man is good to find, and president even buckley manages to land himself both.  or, buck's having a bad day. eddie knows just what he needs.
“Try it.”
Buck did as he was told. Eddie could tell him to stand in traffic and Buck would call an Uber to the middle of the freeway.
“Good,” Eddie hummed, the praise shooting through Buck like a bolt of lightning, stirring something deep inside him and setting his skin on fire. “Just like that.”
Buck pretended his heart wasn’t racing as Eddie hovered over him, their eyes locked, breath mingling in the space between their lips.
read on ao3
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