#is this where we end
emptyheartfoolbrain · a year ago
Led Through The Mist
By The Milk Light Of Moon
All That Was Lost Is Revealed
Our Long Bygone Burdens
Mere Echoes Of The Spring
But Where Have We Come
And Where Shall We End?
If Dreams Can't Come True
Then Why Not Pretend?
How The Gentle Wind
Beckons Through The Trees
As Autumn Colors Fall
Dancing In A Swirl
Of Golden Memories
The Loveliest Lies of All...
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catilinas · 6 months ago
big fan of the genre that’s just “what if there was a fucked up city”
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queenangella · 6 months ago
obsessed with sokka’s name kinda popping up everywhere in school books years after atla. like yeah ur learning history about the end of the hundred year war? oh right with the avatars amazing team and some non bender named sokka who probably wasn’t all that important. on to gym class where u learn different fighting styles, did you know btw that the first guy to ever train with the kyoshi warriors was some random guy named sokka? oh well. can’t be late for physics where we learn about the invention of the air balloon and the submarine by … sokka? huh okay I guess, on to politics where we learn about all these important decrees over all the different nations which were first proposed by.. ah man, sokka? again? anyway art class now, here look at these paintings made by sokka
#‘well at least this fucking dude won’t come back in my favourite class spirits and mythology where we will read how princess yue became the#moon spirit with one last kiss to fucking sokka again I guess. anyway here’s a list of the very little people who ever managed to go into#the spirit world and come back guess who’s on there too’#‘aw man I’m still so mad about the loss of the spirit library imagine all that knowledge. the only thing we have left is a description of#one of the last people who visited the library. guess fucking who again’#like obviously all the names of the gaang will be remembered but everyone else’s#name when u first learn about them u know you need to remember them bc of course they will be important to history. like of course you’re#gonna remember avatar aangs name bc you know his name will surely come back. of course you remember firelord zuko who led the fire nation#into an era of peace. meanwhile sokka’s name is kinda a side note like yeah this guy was also#here you might need to remember this random detail for a test#except then he keeps coming back in every single class and by the end of your school career you’re just like ‘oh this test is asking me for#the name of whoever invented this or did that? well if I just answer sokka there’s like a 50% chance it’ll be correct do’#obviously then it becomes a meme#if tumblr exists 200 years after atla someone would make a post with a screenshot of some show with the text ‘ah they really invented love’#and someone also will reblog with ‘nice try but I think we all know who really invented love’ and then it’s one of those long posts in which#everyone reblogs with ‘sokka’ probably in a bunch of different fonts#atla.#sokka#mine.
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visit-ba-sing-se · 2 months ago
my fellow queers, if i ask nicely, will you reblog and put in the tags a thing younger you did that looking back was obviously fruity? I will even go first, I kept getting jealous at the male love interest in any media i consumed
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sivsii · 2 months ago
I sincerely hope every artist gets to have the experience of falling in love with their art someday. even if you have to fight for it. i think we all deserve to look at the result of our creativity all giddy and go holy shit, I loved making this! I love the lines I put down and the colors I used and the indulgences I’ve taken. I love seeing things I liked and taking it for my own, pushing and molding and playing. I can’t wait to do it again
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closet-keys · a month ago
I think all ghost stories should end with someone holding the ghost’s hand and now they’re friends
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thenegoteator · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
wow what a lovely bit of cinematic foreshadowing to the part where Reva ultimately decides to protect Leia by keeping her force sensitivity a secret :D no I'm not wearing clown makeup why do you ask
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can there be more fun fantasy books for adults? emphasis on fun?
it's great there are so many stories for young readers about kids and teenagers having adventures and saving the world. I love that! but the desire for magic and wonder doesn't go away as you age, and I'm tired of this pretense that fantasy geared towards adults has to be dark and gritty and edgy. adults want to escape too! we also want heartwarming stories about magical worlds and grand quests, where characters we relate to save the world and learn important lessons along the way! we want stories that fill us with wonder and hope, stories with happy endings, fantastical worlds that contain more joy and goodness than suffering and cruelty. we still want those stories! give us lighthearted fantasy for adult readers, gosh fuck it
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piedpip3rrr · 5 months ago
Even more c!Niki stuff!
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therivertm · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I think Willow deserves to cuss out Amity a bit, it's not gonna kill her.
Also Hunter having a positive interaction with someone for once, maybe more than one person (shocking, I know).
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you-can-always-come-home · 4 months ago
man kira and garak are one of the funniest ds9 duos because they're mlm-wlw hostility at its finest except when they're put in a room with dukat and they're both like okay yeah i hate him more than i hate you and unite against him in the funniest possible ways
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buggachat · 6 months ago
I don’t think I’ve said it here because I didn’t wanna end up a clown, but I’ve been spending this entire season going “Adrien’s not gonna end up being forced onto Hawkmoth’s side by the end of the season, right?? Haha.... Riiiiiiiiggght?” and every single episode the “Right?” gets more and more desperate. 
Wishmaker made me doubt it and think “well, if Chat Noir was evil, Luka would know his identity so that would get snuffed out real quick” but now?? with Catwalker??? a new black cat form of Adrien’s that nobody knows the identity of, that Adrien can call upon whenever he’s feeling particularly submissive?? whenever he doesn’t feel free??? hello???
I’m losing my mind
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fuckingguide · 24 days ago
And the shapes that you drew may change beneath a different light, and everything you thought you knew will fall apart, but you’ll be all right | Nandor the Relentless + Constellations by The Oh Hellos
the thesis of this video can be boiled down to this: Nandor is, fundamentally, a man who is struggling to cope with the realisation that while he has stayed the same for years, the world around him has been changing without his say so. he clings to what he's always known - for example his image as a relentless warrior - and the boxes he's put people in, without realising that these things don't quite fit him anymore. and when he does start to make an active effort to make a change, despite having every good intention, things rarely work out for him because, often, what he's seeking out in new places, he actually already has. all he needs to do is look around himself and see things in a new light to realise it.
(this vid only uses footage from the first 3 seasons btw, you don’t need to be caught up with the latest eps to watch it)
#what we do in the shadows#wwdits#nandor the relentless#everyone else also features in this but the focus is on nandor#it's about the found family#if the last third especially the audio seems a bit nandermo heavy it's because NONE OF THE OTHER VAMPIRES EVER SAY ANYTHING NICE smh#do you know how much time i spent looking for a clip of any of the others saying anything remotely loving about nandor#i found some nadja in the end but had to give up on laszlo#it's so frustrating I KNOW YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER CAN YOU MAYBE SAY IT OUT LOUD ONCE PLEASE#anyway thank you guillermo for carrying the entire 'nandor actually has a family that loves him and is there for him' section on your back#where would i be without your speeches about family#this video has been (and this is not an exaggeration) six months in the making#i started it at the end of january bc i really wanted to explore nandor's character and then i got SO STUCK#but hey we made it in the end! i'm pretty happy with how this came out 😊#and i think the message i was trying to convey is pretty clear while still leaving room for thought#hope you guys enjoy it!!!#nandor is such a fascinating character i love to analyze him and rotate him in my head#i'm excited to see how his arc continues in the coming seasons. you can do it baby you're so close to realising your family is right there!!#edits.mp4#video.mp4#oh btw i'm still not super happy with the video quality on tumblr so i've also uploaded this to youtube (link in the caption)#eventually i'll also upload everything else there too
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untiloblivions · a year ago
Tumblr media
i am once again thinking about this passage from normal people 
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destinyandcoins · a month ago
lmao i know it’s 2 seasons later but it just occurred to me: what if, at the beginning of s1, instead of deciding his funeral was the best way to get everyone back in one place, reginald decided to have a wedding instead
not only do we get the entertaining side-plot of this poor person reginald has bribed/blackmailed/begged to marry him For The Con, but the only reason any of the kids show up is because they got a wedding invite and immediately went “oh now this i gotta see”
#the episode is titled ''we only see each other at WEDDINGS and FUNERALS''#i'm just saying it could have gone the other way#the umbrella academy#half the kids are there to check in with their new stepparent and make sure they're there of their own free will#''idk what he told you but you don't have to do this. say the word and i'll get you out of here''#''no i promise i. definitely....want to...be here :) :) ''#i can't decide if it's funnier if five knew because time travel and he's already had time to adjust to this concept#so is perfectly polite and accommodating if slightly confused because the personality he built for them in his head isn't accurate#while the rest of them are going through the 5 stages of grief over discovering their dad is capable of romance#or if through some time fuckery five came from a timeline where he saw the news that reginald is dead#and then drops into the timeline in the middle of a fucking wedding and is COMPLETELY blindsided by this#but doesn't have time to deal with this shit#somehow THIS is the timeline where they do manage to prevent the apocalypse#and at the end of everything the new stepparent divorces the fuck out of reginald ASAP because holy shit they were not paid enough for this#and yet they're like ''well i did what you asked (even if you didn't mention the LOOMING APOCALYPSE)#but holy shit i'm taking these kids in the divorce because what the fuck dude what the FUCK. idc if they're all adults#they need a better family and now i'm obligated to be that for them''#and reginald was playing fast and loose because of the LOOMING APOCALYPSE and didn't sign a prenup#so the new stepparent gets the academy (the property AND the actual kids) and reginald has to move out and live on the streets
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michaeljoncarter · 2 months ago
kyle is such a fun character because he’s so positive and friendly and good 99% of the time, and then the other 1%, he’s just a straight up sadistic manic
like he’s an artist. he’s a hopeless romantic. he’s become a god multiple times and never let it go to his head. he uses his ring to make bouquets of roses for his loved ones more than anything else. and also he’s tortured and killed multiple people and never shown an ounce of remorse about it. the range ❤️
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soni-dragon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
All hell
and the fire waits for us—
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