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hey netflix for 2 seasons youve always notified me whenever a new episode of st discovery came out. when were you planning on telling me season 3 started today?? was i just supposed to find that out for myself? netflix i thought we had something special :(

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okay so i had this vision 

wes and kairi are off doing their Thing™ and it’s an easy job, they’re just there to basically guard the place and protect an important item/place/person. opal is also off doing her thing which is mainly stealing from the rich/taking vengeance for whatever ghost that has been pestering around her. she’s trying to scout the place for an entrance when she sees wes and kairi there with the usual flock of photographers and fans around them. there’s no way to contact him now, and she surely knows he won’t let her just waltz in and steal whatever she wants so! baby girl decides to fight him off for once, like old times. give him a little challenge. she uses her powers to disguise the situation around them (so the photographers can’t take pictures/see anything inside the building. opal is being kind that day <3). the illusions also help to disguise her like a mask so kairi and wes can’t see her face, even though he knows its her. they know each other’s fighting style like the palm of their hands. opal uses her illusions on them which caughts them a little off guard. she manages to escape with whatever item she was looking for (not without a fight ofc) but opal knows she won’t get away with it again. opal probably gets wes pissed since she messed up his gig but at least he actually got to use his abilities at higher capacity for once. and i think he probably admires her powers and prowess a lot. kairi might get annoyed at wes for letting her escape, also curious about who got him so agitated and i’m sure she’s not happy about hearing from their higher ups

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maybe a hot take but “elon musk is a shitty person with shitty views who has done shitty things” and “spacex engineers have accomplished some incredible things in the field of spaceflight” are not conflicting statements

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