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vulnonapix1234 · 16 days ago
Isabel trying to reconnect with Mirabel is just her remembering stuff her little sister once mentioned and then bringing it to her.
Isabel: MIRABEL! Remember when you were 6 and said you found an blue frog?!
Mirabel: no? I-, Isabel, why are you wet?!
Isabel: I got you an pet.
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sugar-salt-sea · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they’re such good siblings im going to lay down on the floor and start screaming
the way they addressed that the strain on their relationships was because of positions of stress that none of them deserved and they recognized each other’s struggles and now theyre inseparable?? ??? ?? hell yes
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idontcareaboutcanon · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Encanto x Spider-Man crossover 👀👀
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kianapaints · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Cute sisters ❤️❤️❤️
I had lightened their skin color a lot and now I have made them a little darker
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visceralcoma · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tweet from @thejaredbush
Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asked A LOT - “how tall is Mirabel?!” Official answer: 5’2” - all other characters’ heights are relative to hers, so that’s all I got… except Bruno who has, you know, a seven foot frame and 🐀🐀🐀 along his back. #Encanto
Based on this, I used this photo:
Tumblr media
And several shots from the movie to figure out the rough relative height for the rest of the 15 years and over characters.
So left to right
Luisa: 6'4" / 193 cm
Isabela: 5'5" / 165.1 cm
Julieta: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Agustin: 5'10" / 177.8 cm
Alma: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Mirabel: 5'2" / 157.5 cm
Bruno: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Camilo: 5'3" / 160 cm
Pepa: 5'6" 167.6 cm
Felix: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Dolores: 5'5" / 165 cm
Antonio could be between 3'6"-3'8" (106.7 cm - 111.7 cm), but he's still only 5 so his height can change with time.
Edit: Seeing a lot of people complaining about them being so short. Need I remind you the average height for Colombians is 5'7" for men, and 5'2.5" for women in modern times. It would have been shorter in the movie's time period. Camilo is still only 15 and he could easily have another growth spurt.
Edit 2:
Just going to give the evidence to support heights for certain characters
Keep in mind, curly hair,depending on volume, also adds to perceived height. As someone with curly hair much like the characters in Encanto, I accounted for that.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First thing I did was compare the known height of Mirabel to the tallest person in the group, Mirabel... with the tallest, Luisa. I used this website this to create models and used these two pics as it has the two characters side by side in the best conditions. I fiddled witht he height of Luisa back and forth and settled on 6'4" because she has a wide stance and that does tend to remove about an inch depending on how wide it is. She could be closer to 6'5"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From there it was just comparing the characters in other scenes where they are close.
Tumblr media
And barring that, I broke down Mirabel's height into sections for relative comparison. For instance it is 4 inches between the bottom of her eyes to the top of her head. So if there were no shots where she's standing straight next to someone with a clear shot of her full figure, I could just count from there.
Tumblr media
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cartoonsoda · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Art of Disney’s Encanto Artbook (2021)
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radiorenjun · a month ago
shape-shifting frolics || camilo madrigal
Tumblr media
¤ pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
¤ genre : fluff. Just fluff.
¤ synopsis: isabela was right. camilo should really man up and talk to you instead of turning into his sister so that he could have an excuse to see you or talk to you.
¤ warnings: slightly out of character(?), utterly nonsensical I was just camilo brainrotting OKAY HIS "ISABELA YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE" GOT MY HEART BACKFLIPPING
¤ wordcount: 1.4k
¤ a/n: mutuals, look away, you ain't seeing me simping for a 3d Disney character I swear this is a fever dream. ALSO I AM NOT HISPANIC OR COLUMBIAN SO UH PLS INFORM ME IF I SAID SMTH WRONG
¤ tagging: the fellow members of the camilo simp club yes sir @roochcooch @c-sanshine
Tumblr media
“I don’t think there would be a single boring day if I were to live here,” you exclaimed with a light giggle, one of Antonio’s birds nuzzling its beak against your head before flying away (presumably back into Antonio’s room). “Well, that’s the amazing Madrigals for ya,” Mirabel shrugged with a laugh of agreement, clasping her hands behind her back as you both wandered down the halls filled with glowing, golden doors.
“However, sometimes it isn’t as fun considering I have to deal with Tia Pepa’s irregular moods or the amount of flowers blooming from Senorita Perfecta Isabela’s gift,” she added, shuddering to emphasize her words. 
Finally entering her room, you sat down on her bed, bouncing on the mattress with an enthusiastic smile. “I like your room the most though, Antonio’s may look like something out of heaven itself but yours seems so minimalistic and artistic,” you felt a small tap under your feet, looking down to see the tiles moving as if they were agreeing with you. “Thanks, it was Antonio’s room too, you know. Right before he got his gift, I mean,” she chuckled, placing her hands on her hips as she examined her own room. 
“This is just proof that you have magnificent taste in room decor,” you grinned, giving her an enthusiastic jazz of both of your hands. “I guess so,” she shrugged with a giddy smile stretched across her face, clearly thrilled to have a friend around her age to talk to for once. She was just about to say something when a distant call of her name pierced both of your ears.
"That's Isabela," she shook her head with a small sigh, visibly deflating as her older sister let out another call of her name from God knows where. "Wait here, I'll be quick," she gave you a small smile, waving slightly before frowning abruptly and exiting the room, jogging down the halls while responding with an equally loud "coming!"
Chuckling, you scoot around the bed to get into a more comfortable position. Looking back up to the opened doorway, you spotted Dolores, Mirabel's oldest cousin, standing silently with a plate filled with food. "Dolores, it's good to see you again!" You exclaimed, waving enthusiastically at the woman before getting up to your feet to walk towards her. 
"How have you been? Hearing any gossip lately?" ou been, one of mi favorite Madrigals? Heard any good gossip lately with those sharp ears of yours?” you grinned, nudging her arm with your elbow. The older girl’s eyes darted from her plate of food before giving you a nervous smile, shrugging without uttering a word. “Hmm?” you hummed, tilting your head to the side in slight confusion. Usually Dolores wouldn’t miss an opportunity to spill any juicy gossip around town to you, after all, you two have been pretty good friends ever since Mirabel introduced you to the whole family. 
“Oh Dios, Camilo! Stop pretending to be me to talk to Y/n. Wait, did you take extra food from the table too? I’m telling Abuela!” Dolores exclaimed from her own room, her head poking out of the doorway with brows furrowed in frustration before letting out a small ‘humph’ afterwards. You watched the older girl snuck her head back in her own room, the sound of her wooden door being closed shut could be heard from a mile away as you slowly turned to the person you were talking to. 
“Turning into your sister just to talk to me again, Camilo?” you shook your head with a laugh of disbelief, putting your hands on your hips as you turned to the boy who was still shaped as his older sister. Camilo then proceeded to shapeshift back to his usual self with a slightly bashful, yet cheeky expression, shrugging softly at you as he shoved an arepa into his mouth to keep himself from answering you. He let out incomprehensible answers through the arepa in between his lips, hands moving around to emphasize on whatever he was trying to say. 
“Tio Felix would not approve of you for being such a scaredy cat, primo Camilo,” Mirabel’s voice appeared right behind the boy, who made even louder incoherent noises through a mouthful of food. The freckled, brown haired boy paused when he realised you were still watching him argue back against his cousin with a look of silent adoration, slightly catching him off guard. “You know, you could just talk to me like a normal person,” you raised your eyebrow at the boy, a loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
Gulping down the remnants of his food, the boy simply gave you a smile that mirrored your own, however, it had some glint of soft bashfulness to it that was simply adorable. Camilo then let out a small grunt when the door moved to make contact against his back, indicating that the casita was silently hyping him up so that he could finally gather the courage to just straight up make a conversation with you without any nervous skedaddling. 
He scrunched his face together cutely as he glared at the door, receiving an amused tap from the tiles of the floor in response. Looking back at you, he raised a hand up to scratch the back of his neck with an awkward laugh. “Well, if I did, that wouldn’t be very fun now would it?” he asked with a wiggle of his own eyebrows as his hand grabbed an arepa from his plate, grabbing your wrist with his pinky and ring finger to raise your hand up towards him before placing the treat on your opened palm. 
“That’s the only talking I’m going to do today, adios,” he grinned, shapeshifting into an exact copy of you as he gave you a finger gun salute before transforming back to himself and running away without another word in case their Abuela was around to see him with a second serving of food on his plate. Mirabel shook her head in second hand embarrassment, walking up to stand beside you as you watched the boy disappear right around the corner with the same loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
“I still don’t understand what you see in that boy, he’s too cowardly to even talk to you, let alone confess,” she sighed, half lidded eyes bored through the lens of her glasses as she gave you a pointed look. Glancing down at the arepa he had given you a few minutes prior, you simply shrugged with a small chuckle. “At least he’s somewhat trying, I find this equally as amusing as you do, amiga,” you exclaimed with a giddy smile, your shoulders raising as you took a bite from the arepa. 
Ah yes, Camilo Madrigal. The older brother of the youngest Madrigal, one who bears the gift of being able to shapeshift into anyone you know. One who often pulled harmless pranks on you but never made the effort to make a decent conversation with you due to his slight bashfulness, his liking towards you was never subtle in the slightest considering he would silently shapeshift into whatever Madrigal you were most comfortable with (usually Dolores or Mirabel) just to give you a small bit of whatever he had stolen from the pantry. You would usually ask a couple hours later if they actually gave you the snack, only to receive ‘no’s for an answer. 
A sweet gesture, nonetheless.  
“Wished he could just stop posing as other people to try to talk to me though, would be nice to talk to Camilo face to face and admire him straight away,” you shrugged, chewing idly as Mirabel gave you a perplexed, concerned expression. “What? It would be nice to receive food from the boy you like without him shaping into your friend or his older sister to do so, you kno-”
“Camilo! Stop being a coward and talk to your girlfriend face to face like a man,” Isabela’s loud, high pitched voice could be heard from the second floor. Attracting both of your attention as you looked down from the railing of the stairs to see the pastel dressed girl with a snarky grin on her face, arms crossed as loud choking noises could be heard from the distance.
You giggled at the image of Camilo in the middle of eating his food when Isabela suddenly said that, imagining how he would’ve shapeshifted into you out of reflex before punching his own chest to get himself to stop choking. 
“Shut up, Isabela, she’s literally upstairs!”
“Exactly my point!” 
Tumblr media
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ben-m-l · 24 days ago
*everyone in the crowd waiting to find out what Dolores's gift is*
Tumblr media
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brunoencantofandom · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
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sunhealings · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I grow rows and rows of roses Flor de mayo, by the mile I make perfect, practiced poses So much hides behind my smile What could I do if I just grew what I was feeling in the moment? What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect? It just needed to be? And they let me be?
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vulnonapix1234 · 8 days ago
Alma does this thing where she looks inside everyones room at night, to make sure everyone is save at home.
When Bruno left, she would spend hours standing in the empty room, at least till August & Felix naild it close.
On the bright side, she would often sit on the bedside, if she had the feeling that one of her (grand) kids seemed to have an bad dream.
(she often sat next to mirabel, when she dreamed about her failed ceremony or when Isabel had nightmares about having to marry or when Luisa felt as if she couldn't rest or when Camilo is shifting in their dreams or if Dolores can't sleep because everything is too much.
The problem is that only Dolores and Antonio know, because Alma can be really sneaky.
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nightanddusk · a month ago
I want all of the Madrigal Kids to have the most cracked sense of humor possible
Like :
When Bruno used to live in the walls, sometimes at dinner Camilo would say something absolutely stupid and Dolores would look straight at the family portrait with a deadpan face like in The Office and it would scare the shit out of Bruno every time
Camilo unironically quotes vines at the worst of times and everytime he does one of his cousins or Dolores threatens to abandon him in the woods
Camilo once had a breakdown about his identity and not feeling like himself and wouldn't stop quoting "You either die or get killed, whatchu gon do?" And was not left alone for 2 weeks
Any of the "PATRICIA!!!" vines are constantly used to torment Dolores.
Isabella once, jokingly of course but I feel like her brand of jokes are dry, said to Camilo after he pranked her "You're a disappointment." And he snapped back "Oh my god, are you kinning Abuela now?" Isabella started wheezing immediately
Sometimes Bruno goes back into the walls and when he does- and all their parents are gone - the kids will grab plates full of food and random candles and make an sacrifice circle to "The Ratman" and the sacrifice is always Camilo and everytime Bruno leaves the walls to see them doing this he goes right back in. He'll never admit he thinks it's kind of cute that they think of him and remind him to eat even if it's in strange ways
Camilo and Mirabel have climbed into trees together to jump on branches and sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight multiple times and each time they do they fall and break something
Antonio got sick once and mistook Dolores for Pepa and her instinctual reaction was to say "Do I Look Like-" before remembering that normal people don't quote vines to 5 year olds
Antonio will purposely roam around the house with more weirder looking animals at night to scare Camilo after he goes too far with a prank. There's at least one photo Mirabel has that she took of Camilo bolting while Antonio shares a cookie with an alligator in the kitchen
Luisa firmly believes in "It's my mental breakdown I get to choose the music" and it's always KK Bubblegum. Mirabel and Isabella lose their minds trying to comfort her and not laugh as the song plays for the 5 time in a row
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scottwatanabe · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some early development sketches of Encanto characters and they're possible powers. 
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krimreader · 7 days ago
Haven't watched Encanto yet but
Here's my impression on the characters, based solely on their vibes and whatever gifs I saw floating around on my dash:
Tumblr media
Sorta the protagonist? Seems the sanest of the lot (which is probably not saying much), but is willing to put up with all the crazy
Tumblr media
Queen. She's exercising so much so her back won't hurt from carrying the whole family. Probably the eldest daughter
Tumblr media
Peer pressured queen. Doesn't she dye her hair at some point? Anyways, she's gorgeous and is learning to come on her own and will probably become my favorite character when I finally watch the movie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We don't talk about him
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visceralcoma · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Figured out the placements of the doors and entrances to rooms. And where Mirabel's door would have showed up.
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thenightwolf51 · 29 days ago
Ok so, just went last minute Christmas shopping for my cousins and with them all being no older than 7 we of course went to the toy aisle. I got to see some Encanto toys and they were just so cute!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tiny Bruno has a much fuller beard for some reason but still. There was also little Mirabel dresses, Mirabel's accordion, and stuff jaguars and capybaras but i didn't get pictures of them. However, my absolute favorite thing was this doll set.
Tumblr media
Look at them! I love them! They're all different heights and body shapes like in the movie.
Tumblr media
Luisa still has her muscles and figure, and there's tiny little freckles on her face!
Tumblr media
Again, the heights! And their noses and the little beauty mark under Isabela's eye!
Tumblr media
And look how freaking adorable little Antonio is! His smile and his hair is just too cute.
I can not begin to explain the sheer joy i felt at seeing these, i adore them so much.
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poyojpg · a month ago
Fuck your zodiac sign, who's part do you sing in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Encanto?
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oh-no-a-whovian · a month ago
Two more lonely people Part 2
NSFW 18+
Summary: “should we fight this?” “Si.” “I don’t know if I can” “neither do I”
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem werewolf! reader
Warnings: age gap (Y/N is 24 and Bruno is 50) thinking nsfw later on idk yet but imma tag it as such. Any others let me know please.
Word count: 2665
Masterlist PT1 next
Tumblr media
The air is cool as the sun makes its descent into the western horizon. The birds sing and call to each other as they prepare for the night and the colony of fruit bats nearby are probably preparing for their nightly flight, waking from their day of restful sleep. What a wonderful idea to watch the sun set and admire the colours painting the clouds.
You breathe in with a smile as you listen to your friends chat about whatever comes to their minds, Dolores mentioning nearly every little secret she hears across the town. You noticed though as the day went on that her mood wasn’t as bright as usual, slowly turning blue but pretending everything is fine.
When Isabela got up at one point, heading inside to get a drink, you asked Dolores what was wrong. She’d sighed and pulled her legs close to her body, looking away from you. You didn’t push her, just smiled gently and offered your thigh up as a pillow, softly stroking her curly locks when she laid her head down. For once she didn’t want to say just yet but you knew she would when she was ready.
“I should go home soon” you sigh as you lean back against the plush grass, taking in the scents of the evening air. Some days at this time you’d go for a swim at the river, enjoying the cool water as it washes away the dirt from the day, making you feel at peace. Or you’d run through the jungle listening as small animals scattered in your presence.
“You’re not gonna stay for Antonio’s gift ceremony?” Dolores asks, sitting up to look at you. “Abuela has planned it for sunset.”
“I suppose I can stick around a little bit longer then.” You tell her as you get up, offering your hands to the girls to help them to their feet. To be honest you thought it was tomorrow.
Others are already gathering within the courtyard of casita as you enter, the long carpet laid out along the centre of the room, leading to the curved staircase and candles placed in even intervals across the space. Flowers adorn the railing above and spotlights aim down to where Antonio will start his special event. All eyes will be on him as he receives his gift.
Everything looks perfect as you take your place among the crowd. Right at the bottom of the stairs, able to see everything. The people chatter amicably as the last few file in, nearly the whole town squishing into the walls of casita, your mother taking a place near the back. Isabela and Dolores quickly hug you and race up the stairs to join the rest of the family as they gather beside what will hopefully be Antonio’s new door.
A hush falls over the crowd as the red curtains are pulled back revealing Antonio, his hands clasping Mirabel’s arm tight. Her eyes are wide as she walks her cousin down the aisle, looking around at the people surrounding them. You wonder if she’s secretly hoping for him to be like her, to not receive a gift so she isn’t alone anymore. You know she wouldn’t want that though, she was devastated when the door faded before her hand, she wouldn’t wish that heart ache on anyone let alone her family.
She smiles at you as she approaches the stairs but you can almost see the memories behind her eyes, flashing through her mind like splinters into her heart. When she was younger she cried about it at times, ‘why didn’t I receive a gift?’ what did I do wrong?’, you told her that sometimes things happen for a reason and that even though we don’t know it yet, it’s waiting to reveal itself. It was what your mum always told you when you cried about the scars in your arm and the pain of your first few transformations. It’s what she told you when she carried you for miles trying to find the town with magic that she’d heard about. It’s what she told you when the seer said that there was no cure but that in time you’d be accepted in Encanto, treated like family by all. So far no reason has appeared to you but you hold onto that belief. After all what’s stopping you from just being the wolf if that isn’t true?
As they reach the stairs Antonio looks up at you and to your surprise, takes your hand too, dragging you up the stairs to be with his family, whispering that you should be up there too. You can tell by the look on Alma’s face that she didn’t entirely approve, her high standards well known, but the rest of the family smile widely as you walk up the steps behind Antonio and Mirabel, greeting you with open arms as you take a place beside them.
The magic in the door shines bright, waving in patterns like electricity through wire, just waiting for the boy to touch the door knob so it can give him his gift. This is the closest you’ve been to one without its gift already given and the portrait already on it. Peppa and Felix wait with bated breath, their arms locked together as their son places his hands on the candle, abuela Alma saying a few words before moving aside and allowing the boy to receive his gift.
Antonio reaches his small hand out, the glow of the door reflecting golden in his eyes and making his skin shine a beautiful bronze. Sparks cement themselves into the door and an image forms on the enchanted wood and something in your mind tugs as he receives his gift. You tilt your head curiously as a toucan lands on the boy’s arm chattering away.
“Yes I can understand you!” he grins as he looks upon the beautiful bird perched on his arm, chattering away to him. “Yeah they can come!” he tells it. The toucan calls out loudly toward the forest at Antonio’s answer like signalling to all that they are welcome. That something new and amazing is happening.
Dozens of animals run into the courtyard and up the stairs as Antonio opens his door, revealing a beautiful jungle with swings and waterfalls and everything a little boy and a bunch of animals could ever dream of. His bed dangling down from vines.
You stand still casting your eyes to the ground as his family follows him into the room, not wanting to intrude on the amazing moment. Camillo doesn’t let you stand alone long though, coming back out, grabbing your wrist and dragging you into the room too with a smile.
“Antonio was the one who decided you should be up here, Princesa” he smirks. You shake your head at him and turn to the wide open space.
Antonio takes in his room in style, speeding through the space on the back of a jaguar as other animals explore as well. Swinging on vines and ducking under logs as he laughs the whole way. You fidget with your skirt as you look around at the wide open space, instinct pulling you to play as well but training keeping you locked in place.
The family smiles and rejoices as the boy giggles in excitement, finally returning and practically leaping into the arms of his family.
The moon shines bright through your window as you collapse at the end of your bed, watching the small clouds pass through its light. On your way home you finally figured out why Dolores was getting more and more upset as the day went on. Just a little bit behind you along the long cobblestone path to your home, Mariano and his mother were speaking about the dinner at casita tomorrow. The dinner is for him to propose to Isabela, he has a ring and was trying to think of what to say as he walked home. Apparently his mother and Alma had it all planned out.
Dolores could hear every minute of them planning to wed the man she likes to her cousin. She’d told you one night when it was just you and her that she believed him to be the man of her dreams. That he was handsome and kind and perfect. She also told you of the vision her uncle had told her. The man of her dreams would be just out of reach, betrothed to another. Her being able to hear for a mile in every direction means she gets to experience his prophecy come true, every single second of it.
“Dolores.” You say quietly into the night as you watch the tiny bats fly outside. “I figured out why you were so upset earlier and I’m sorry. I’ll be there for you, ok. No matter what.”
You sniff at the ground as you wander around the town, your massive paws leaving marks in the dirt as you follow each interesting smell. For some reason you couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning and uncomfortable no matter what position you tried. Too hot or too cold and no in-between. Eventually you just gave up, wishing to feel the wind in your soft white fur instead.
As you walk alongside the casita you look down the hill into the trees toward the river, seeking any little movement or smell to stimulate your mind. Any reason to go for a run through the trees. Tiny squeaks draw your mind back to the path before you as you pause in your step, your front paw hovering just above the ground.
Four little rats stand before you, squeaking and sniffing curiously, staring up at you like they’re not even worried. You tilt your head, your ears flopping to one side as you watch the tiny animals with interest. Normally animals smaller than you give you a wide berth, not wishing to become your prey. Maybe they realised you’d literally never eat one cause eww.
“Where did you go? It was a quick trip out to the kitchen, nothing more!” you hear a male voice mumble, approaching the corner the rodents had just come around. You rise to your full height with your ears back, ready to figure out who this intruder with rats is and deal with them appropriately. “Dios mio!” he practically screams, launching backwards onto his ass, his green eyes wide as they meet your cyan ones. You relax though, tilting your head and sniffing as you recognise the man, approaching tentatively. Bruno?
One of the small rats runs up to you, climbing your fur and placing itself upon your head squeaking at the man while the others run up to Bruno, pointing you out with great excitment.
His long dark curly hair is peppered with white streaks and his jaw is covered in a thin layer of stubble. You pause near the end of his legs reaching your muzzle out as close as usually acceptable, recognising the scent that had drawn your attention twice already.
“H-hi [Y/N].” he says quietly, rising from the ground slowly, glancing between you and the rat on your head. You’re not sure why but your tail starts to swing and you see the moment he notices, a small smile curving his lips before he shakes his head. “I need you to do me a favour.” He whispers, reaching to lift the rat from your head, fixing your fluff where it sat. “I need you to not tell anyone you saw me, ok?” he says, tapping you twice on the head before spinning on his heel and racing back inside.
You stand there stunned, your tail falling still, not even thinking of turning back into a human to follow him inside.
Didn’t he leave like ten years ago? You faintly remember the disappointment in abuela and his sister’s faces when he just disappeared. They’ve pretty much refused to even speak his name this whole time and if someone asks about him they pretend they didn’t even hear it.
Has he been here this whole time? Hiding in the walls where you’d first caught his scent? Why did it smell so… good?
For ages you stand there, contemplating going inside to search for him. But what if one of the others find you inside when you’re not meant to be there? He asked you not to tell them… why did he leave? Why did he stay?
Eventually you huff deciding to just go home, staring at the ground as your paws kick up dust as you think and collapsing into your bed still covered in white fur when you finally get home.
Your nose tickles as you slowly wake up, the smell of a feather strong as you sneeze and paw at your snout and the sound of a familiar giggle making you peek an eye open. Dolores leans over you, a massive colourful feather in her hand hovering just over your snout. You grin at her with massive teeth before shifting back, laughing at her widened eyes as she takes in your form. You don’t exactly wear clothes when you go to bed.
“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?!” Dolores gasps, covering her eyes and laughing while she smacks you with a pillow.
“Why are you in my bedroom? Keep your eyes covered and I’ll put some clothes on.” You laugh, snatching the pillow from her and throwing it at her head as you get up. “What are you waking me up for?” you ask her as you pull on your dress and fasten the skirt around your waist.
“What were you doing at the casita so late last night?” you freeze at her words, glancing at her. You’d thought she’d have been asleep, it was well past midnight.
“I couldn’t sleep and went for a walk… went where the interesting smells took me” you told her as you put your hair up in different styles, trying to decide the best one. “What were you doing awake so late?” you smile, tugging at the ribbon in your hair. “All clear”
“I was having a hard time sleeping too” she sighs as she peeks up at you with tired eyes, making sure you’re dressed before relaxing. “You won’t tell anyone will you? About mi tio Bruno?”
“I haven’t decided yet…” you sigh, sitting down next to her. “Has he been there the whole time?” you decide as you speak that you’re gonna take him some things. Food, maybe a blanket or something and if he decides to tell you then that’s a bonus.
“Si… I’ve been able to hear him this whole time…” she tells you, spinning the feather she was tickling you with between her fingers.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“He asked me not to.”
“You saying just because he asked me not to tell anyone I should also listen? It’s not exactly healthy…”
“no and I know” she sighs sadly. You realise she probably wanted to help, to tell someone but feels powerless, like she has no choice but to just not say anything. Which is rare for her, usually she’ll say just about anything that comes to mind, except how she’s feeling.
“Was this really the reason you came all the way down here from your casita?”
“Everyone is getting the casita ready for the dinner tonight” she frowns as she stares at the ground. You reach for her rubbing your hand up and down her back and squeezing her to your side, hugging her tight with one arm. You see no reason to try say something comforting though. What would you even say? Maybe it won’t happen like that? Maybe he’s not the one? Bruno’s visions have never been wrong. There’s been misunderstandings and blame being placed on him but he’s never wrong.
“How about you help me get some things from the market? Then we can head back to casita together?” you grin, jumping up and offering her your hand.
A/N: I was so amazed by the amount of people who liked chapter one. Thank you all so much!!! This probably won’t be a slow burn because I can’t stand waiting! Characters in disney have gotten together way faster though so I don’t have an issue speeding through to smut 😉 Like and reblog the share the love!!!
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Tumblr media
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ryawinters · a month ago
So I just watched Encanto.
When Mirabel introduces her family and the first “We don’t talk about Bruno” appeared, I laughed.
Waiting on a miracle hits. Just. Hits.
When we see the amount of pressure Luisa puts on herself, man she really needs a hug. Yay, Mirabel gives it to her!
Bruno’s room is just stairs. Lmao. JUST STAIRS. And then a cave. Like talk about recluse.
WE DON’T TALK ABOUT BRUNO. Lol Pepa, you really went, we don’t talk about him BUT 
Also Pepa is so cute, I can’t. And Pepa and Felix are relationship goals.
Dolores, I did not know you could rap so beautifully. I am now a fan.
Camillo, HAHAHAHAHA. That was hilarious.
The villagers’ prophecies though, made me think that it was going to happen regardless of Bruno’s knowledge. Hmmm.
Of course, Isabela gets the perfect prophecy.
Oh no, Dolores. It’s okay. Don’t get that hung up on a boy.
HAHA DOLORES. Everyone just whispering it to each other and straight up losing control as soon as they find out.
Oh no, abuela, no.
Oh rat man. Wait, rat man is BRUNO. Huh. LOL YOU ARE VERY SWEATY. Man straight up saw his niece for the first time since his disappearance and went BYE. What a mood.
The plate. No, Bruno, no. That is so so so sad. Someone let this man go home. Oh wait. That is eerily similar to Hector Rivera. Awwww.
Bruno’s reasons for leaving. Just. That.
Mirabel’s expression at being told to hug Isabela HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Mirabel singing Bring it in, bring it in as Isabela. Just. Casually. Dances. Away.
And good on you, Isabela, for realising that you don’t have to be so perfect. Golden Child syndrome is real.
Mirabel and Isabela’s hug <3
Oh no Abuela, go away.
Mirabel, leave the candle and run!!
Dos Oruguitas. Ugly crying. Man, we knew the story this whole time, but actually seeing the real reactions to the situation faced just hits hard. Abuela was so young and she had to actually WATCH it happen. Literally watching her cry out in grief, holding her THREE CHILDREN. And even when the miracle saves them, she is not actually happy. She is relieved, that her children are safe, but she is not happy. Her mindset of wanting the miracle to live on because she wants to keep everyone safe. Abuela, you went about it in the wrong way, but your heart was in the right place. I paused and rewatched this scene multiple times.
BRUNO AND PEPA AND JULIETTA <3 (Pepa and Julietta literally LIFTING Bruno in the air for a hug. Lmao, this makes it look like he is the youngest of the three)
Lmao Pepa was sweating before her wedding and Bruno tried to crack a joke and failed miserably - the funniest explanation possible.
Huh, I genuinely did not see Mariano and Dolores happening. But okay.
The doorknob <3
And that, is Encanto. I absolutely loved it. Bruno’s plate and Dos Oruguitas hit hard. They really do. I have been listening to Dos Oruguitas on repeat since I watched.
Looked up the translation, and. ORUGUITAS ARE CATERPILLARS??? MARIPOSAS ARE BUTTERFLIES???? But actually reading the translation led me to realise that it fits with the scene. They have to separate, to move on, to build a future. Something Abuela has yet to do.
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