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mintyisdrawing · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What can you do when you are deeply, madly, truly in the moment?
No more golden child. Just Isabela 😊
IG: mintysarts
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carlaerosie · 15 hours ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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sugar-salt-sea · 2 days ago
notes from Encanto: A Tale of Three Sisters
Isabela is jealous that Mirabel isn’t burdened by a gift and can do whatever she wants 
would offer her help but thinks that she would snap at her because she ‘always wants stuff done her own way’ 
sometimes wishes her gift was more helpful like her mother’s
 when she makes a mistake she pushes it onto Mirabel because she recognizes that she isn’t allowed to make a mistake but Mirabel is 
she made Mirabel a little daisy necklace before her ceremony 
she’s nervous around Abuela
“Abuela’s stern voice disrupts the quiet of the courtyard. I’m not sure where she came from but she is standing over Mirabel, watching her do her project. That would make me so nervous.”
Luisa thinks that she’s ‘not supposed to get tired or worn out’ and hopes Abuela doesn’t notice when she does
everyone loves her hugs because she’s strong and she really wants a hug
Isabela made her a flower crown on her ceremony day
Mirabel decorated the nursery’s ceiling with pictures representing family members
Pepa = rainbows, Isabela = flowers, Luisa = boulders, Julieta = arroz con pollo
“I watch Abuela smile at her daughters and her grandchildren. Why doesn’t she smile at me like that?”
apparently they can feel Casita ‘smiling with pride’
“I’m not sure what to do. I want to comfort her because that’s my duty as the oldest sister, but I don’t want Abuela to be angry with me, too.” 
Luisa’s room is a gym
“I don’t remember the family having that much fun on my gift day. Mostly everyone wanted to watch me do tricks with my brand new strength. You know –lifting heavy things, moving houses and churches, digging deep holes. Honestly, I felt a little like a performer at a circus. I still do, actually.”
she has the slightest bit of repressed anger/irritation
Mirabel thinks everything comes easily to Luisa and is irritated that she does everything everyone asks of her except what Mirabel asks
Luisa never cries, gets tired, or takes naps
Isabela feels like Mirabel is lucky for not being responsible for anything
she thinks Mirabel is Agustín’s favorite child, and that she needs to try harder for him to like her
she envies Mirabel because she doesn’t need to care about what others think of her  
Félix and Agustín are good friends
parallels between Bruno’s room in the walls and Mirabel’s nursery room
Luisa doesn’t believe that Mirabel disturbed Antonio’s gift ceremony on purpose
isn’t emotionally strong and will cry when yelled at, and is impressed that Mirabel can stand up to Abuela
“I back up into the shadows a bit. Just because I’m strong– I used to be strong (don’t cry, don’t cry) –doesn’t mean my grandmother doesn’t frighten me a little, especially when she’s mad.”
Luisa has a panic attack during the final confrontation between Mirabel and Abuela Alma when the house is crumbling down
“I knew it. I knew it was my fault. Why can’t I be everywhere at once?”
she’s afraid of the dark
Abuela thinks Mirabel is similar to Pedro
Bruno’s ostarization from the family was the beginning of the cracks
before Casita was destroyed, Isabela refused hugs
Dolores becomes much more talkative after the destruction of Casita
the doors become representative of the family members’ entire personalities, instead of just their gifts
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simpscripts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tied up ( Isabela x Afab!Reader)
Warnings: NSFW, Smut, 18+, Tentacle/Vine Kink, Dom Isabela
Prompt: You love to make your girlfriend flustered in public any chance you get and it’s easy to tell when you’re attempts are successful as she loses grip on her powers, petals exploding from her frame. What’s even more fun is as you push more and more eventually vines explode out from her to tie you up so tightly in their grip, letting her get her revenge easily.
Everything about Isabela mimicked her powers so beautifully, a perfect outward expression of herself. As I trace her skin my body shivers as her own reflects the same softness and airy texture of the petals she produces. Her mind and wit hit with the same ferocity and sharpness of cactus needles. Her arms wrapped around my waist tighten like her vines. Her soft kisses whisper across my cheeks as she explores and takes over my sense completely, little whiffs of aromatic flowers tickling my nose. I wish we could spend every second wrapped up together in this paradise, bending and enveloping each other. It’s not fast or desperate, much like the natural growth of flowers we take our time exploring each other, building and building to bloom.
“Time for dinner!” Abuela’s voice booms through the casita as Isabela and I pause our ministrations with a disappointed groan.
“Mm do we really have to go down? I want to stay here with you.” I whisper against her shoulder, pressing soft kisses into the skin as my fingers trace up and down her arm.
She giggles as she pulls herself from my embrace always leaving me wanting more. Glowing as she stretches her arms out before pulling herself off the bed, reaching down one hand to escort me out of my position. Reluctantly with a groan I place my hand in hers letting her pull me up, pushing myself back into her embrace, clinging onto her for any remaining contact I can have.
“Later mi vida, you need to eat if you hope to have enough energy to keep up with me.” She smugly says while pushing back her hair over her shoulder.
“Mmhm very funny florecita, I know you want me just as bad as I want you.” I am trying to keep the desperation and whines from tainting my voice but I know she can always pick up on how needy I am for her.
It’s a game we play with each other, neither of us wanting to give in and submit to the other, always flirting and paying with each other hoping to gain any step of power ahead of the other. As we step down from the flowered pedestal where her bed is my feet get heavier with each step we take away from privacy and the promise of being enwrapped in each other. Her hand reaches out to grab the door handle but I pull her back into my arms, getting one final private kiss.
As we pull away from our embrace I can’t help but smile as little flowers, the same color as her flushed cheeks, sprout around her head as a little halo showing off her emotions for the world to see. I think back at all the times her powers betray her feelings sprouting up plants the echo out her emotions, loosing control on her abilities so easily when flustered. Oh I just got the most deliciously evil idea to mess with my beautiful girl to make up for the lack of contact at dinner.
I try leaning in once more for a kiss but before my lips can meet hers again I am choking out petals, pouting as Isabela is leaving me once again wanting more. Dumbstruck my feet are stuck in place watching her form retreat out the door, sighing as I take one glance back at the bed. Suddenly vines are gripping my waist, pulling me with force out the door and around the corner to Isabela. The vines retreat as she grabs onto my hand pulling me down to the dining room but my mind is racing quickly, formulating all the little ways I can mess with her during dinner.
“Pfft finally, I did not want to be the one to get you guys for dinner.” Camilo shivers with exaggerated disgust as we enter the room.
The rest of the family is welcoming us in as we take our places at the table, Isa slapping Camilo’s head as she passed behind his chair, beaming with success as he yelps out. I pick up my pace racing around her to pull out her chair for her, reveling in the blush on her face while she takes her seat.
I look around quickly making sure Dolores hadn’t arrived yet before I lean down to meet her ear while pushing in her chair “You’re lucky he didn’t, he would have seen that I left my panties on your floor.” Giving her a small kiss on the cheek before leaving to take my own seat next to her.
From the corner of my eye I can see her staring at me, eyes wide in horror as they flick around the table quickly making sure no one heard. Once she was sure we were in the clear her head snapped back to glare at me but I reached for the glass in front of me to sip on water to conceal my smirk.
“Abuela is um, is Dolores joining us?” Isabela chokes out quickly, trying to push down any trace of fear from her tone.
“No no dear, she is out with Mariano on a date. Why do you ask?”
“No reason! Just wondering Abuela.” Tension leaves her shoulders as she realizes that she is safe from the embarrassment of her cousin overhearing my teasing words but she keeps flicking her eyes over to me, knowing that I am up to no good.
The family settles into their regular dinner routines, murmurs of several distinct little conversations blending together in a sea of noise as the boisterous family discusses their days with each other. Isabela is focusing in on a conversation off to her left giving me a perfect opening while she is distracted. My hand quickly in one fluid motion dips under the table and glides over her lap, teetering dangerously close to her core with a tight grip, squeezing her thigh through her dress. She was raising food up to her mouth but as she felt my tight grip she squeals out loudly, a plume of petals exploding up quickly before slowly floating back down, covering the table in bright colors. The room halts, everyone peering over to see what would make Isabela squeak so uncharacteristically.
“Sorry, um, I accidentally burned myself.” She offers up as an excuse sighing with relief as the group seems to accept this reason. I’m trying to stifle my laughs under my hand, Isabela staring at me indignantly, growing deeper shades of red with each passing moment. “Oh you are so getting it later.” She huffs under her breath, directing the threat in my direction, fuming as even her threats make me giggle more and more.
Like a little kid I sit in pure glee at how much fun I am having, swaying side to side with a bright wide grin plastered on my face as I eat.
“Isa” With each sway in her direction I push the distance closer and closer whispering at her, “Hey Isa!” until eventually I sway far enough to bump into her shoulder, gaining her irritated attention.
“What!” She hisses out, burning hot red as she sees my shit eating grin. Glancing down I spot a small cactus that popped out on the ground in between us from her irritation.
My eyes narrow further now as I stop my swaying, face inches from hers as I stare her down admiring her own furrowed eyebrows angry but eyes still filled with warmth that I know she doesn’t hold too much anger towards me. Licking my lips my grin gets smugger as I watch her eyes quickly dart down watching my tongue glide across my lips before she flicks her eyes back up just as quick as they went down. I have her full attention now.
“Can I have a bite of your food.” With a pause my eyes purposefully scan down her body and back up to her eyes “It looks really tasty.”
She takes a deep sigh slowly turning to grab some food in her fingers bringing it back to hand it off to me. With one quick look to make sure no one is looking at us I dart forward grabbing the food in my mouth, managing to suck in her index finger as well. I made a show of sucking the digit, letting my teeth run along the top and bottom of it as her hand quickly jerks her hand back, clicking my teeth together in a small chomp as she removes her finger.
Just as quickly as I was in the height of enjoying my teasing of her, a familiar feeling of vines suddenly and harshly locks onto my ankles. Shocks flood down my spine quickly zapping my core, tightening as much strength as the grip of the vines as they continue to curl around my flesh bruising it slightly. Once they vines stopped curling they roughly pull apart in opposite directions spreading my thighs wide open, reminding me very quickly of my lack of underwear, as air breezes against my lips chilling the surface.
My confidence is draining out of my body as my stomach sinks, I was so happy to be a brat but now I’m staring face to face with consequence. Isa’s once flustered and angry face is twisting back to her perfect confident smirk she regularly wears. I can see the gears turning in her head and its all I can do but sit back waiting and watching her regain all the composure I fought to break down, a picture of perfect dominance.
She takes another moment to shake out any trembles out of her body’s breathing in and out deeply before smiling brightly. She leans back over to me whispering “Not a sound out of you.” And with that command she slips back up to her straight position, sipping happily on her cup while tuning back into other conversations.
My head is already reeling from the weighty pressure on my ankles holding me in place, mind slipping into submission way too easily. With a shaky breath I try focuses down at the food in front of me, the quicker I eat the quicker we can resume playing right? As soon as I try raising food up to my mouth I feel a vine crawl up my thigh with the same speed. I am swallowing a yelp in my throat as I pause, noticing the vine pause when I do.
Oh no. I continue bringing the food closer to my mouth, testing the waters again but just like before the vine continues swirling up my leg. I pause again glancing over at Isa glowing without even a spare glance at me. Ok this isn’t so bad, I can anticipate what is going to happen so it will be easier to follow her orders, right?
Hypothesis proven right as I take my first bite the vine made contact with my exposed core. Surprisingly soft and smooth vines first parting my lips as it slithers through, then makes contact with my clit. I was expecting this, so why am I silently choking on my food, coughing around each bite as the vine seems to curl around the bud perfectly, each twist adding just enough friction and pressure.
I’m lost in bite after bite, not sure when my eyes closed and scrunched together. Opening my eyes just long enough for me to reach out and grab my glass of water. Pulling the glass back brings the other vine on my ankle up my leg, glass meeting my lips water glides down my throat as the vine plunges in me. Isabela must have taken pity on me, or concerned over how dangerous this could get in as minute having me eat with actively teasing me as the vines slow and eventually stop their actions.
Finally I am taking deep purposeful breaths, setting down my glass safely on the table thanking that I was present enough to not drop the glass and draw attention to myself again. As I take a minute to pull myself together I notice everyone at the table seems to be finishing up their meals. The respite of torture was brief as I feel the vines creep back to my lips, feeling more slippery as they move through the slick that’s building. I prepare myself just in time as one of the vines pushes back inside and seems to grow in girth to fill out the space pushing and stretching it slowly.
“Goodnight Isabela, Y/N” Abuela’s voice breaks through the fog as I squeak back to attention giving a frantic goodnight in return.
Looking over at Isa she is waving goodnight to family members as they pass by to leave the room, one by one leaving. The moments seemed to echo out with every foot step clicking against the tiles, every second, every tick of the clock, every heartbeat booming in my head as all I can focus on is the tight pressure building inside me, the vine starting to push in and out slowly. Eventually the clicks of heels get far enough away that I let any and all composure left to collapse down on the table for support, whimpering soft moans that have been building for a while finally getting to escape from the lump in my throat.
Isabela isn’t sparing a single glance at me, sitting perfectly regal and she slowly enjoys the food in front of her and her drink. The vine not currently buried inside me is flicking back to my clit, rubbing against the nub but refraining from giving the nice pressure of circles I am craving. I’m whining pathetically, still hyper aware of that fact I am in a very exposed position that anyone could catch me in.
“Isa please.” I whine out, hips starting to rock in the seat to push into the vines for more friction.
“No, you interrupted my dinner. Now you’ll sit there like a good girl while I finish my food, and you’ll be quiet.” She sounds extremely happy to sit there eating her dinner with a show at my expense.
“Isa please, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything, I need you.” I’m begging her in between breaths and moans, not looking at her anymore in favor of scrunching my eyes together to chase my high.
A grin spreads across her face, scrunching her eyes together in a narrow glare, as she watches my display. “You want to apologize? Start with getting on your knees and begging.”
With a flick of her hand more vines snap out, ripping away the chair from under me, while the vines buried inside me and wrapped so tightly around my legs knocks me down to the ground. Looking up through my eyelashes I see Isa brushing crumbs her hands before slowly turning and leaning down to stare at my quivering form on the ground. Her hand comes up to hold my chin in a bruising grip, forcing me to meet her burning stare.
“Go on, beg for me.” Her voice is exuding power and control and her eyes are glowing with mirth.
“Isa I’m so-“ My words stop short as I choke out. The vines started up a brutal pace thrusting inside me. I can’t speak words loosing their syllables as they bubble up my throat and turn into moans. Tears are brimming in my eyes and through the blurry vision I can see Isa smiling wider and wider.
“What was that? Not sure I heard that.”
“Isa please I’m sorry, I cant, I-“ I’m babbling, sputtering out any words that flashes through my mind with each gasp of breath I take.
The vines start parting from my body, swirling back the way they came until I am freed from their confines. My cunt is aching, heartbeat pounding through the walls as they squeeze around nothing. Looking up Isabela is offering me a hand helping my shaky legs stand up with her. Time has stopped as she stares at me, my skin bristling with goosebumps as her eyes rake over me.
With a gentle finger under my chin she curls it slightly pulling me in for a gentle tender kiss, knocking the breath from my lungs. “Very good, mi amor.”
I’m too lost in her eyes to notice that vines started twirling around her own arm attached to me, eventually curling around my throat in a tight grip. I’m hanging on every gesture she makes, watching her step back flicking her wrist tugging on the collar and leash of vines locked on me. I’m stumbling forward following after her, being tugged along on a leash as she leads me back through the house, her eyes scanning around corners making sure no one is around before making her way down the hallway to her room.
The second the door closes behind eyes the atmosphere shifts quickly. Vines are sprouting up all around, ripping off my clothes and shivers running along my body as the cool air breezes across my skin. More vines are lifting me up, traveling me through the air towards the center of the room as they lock my four appendages in their grip. I’m spread out on display, tied up as Isa watches with glee, looking at me like I am a toy for her to play with.
The silence ticks on, the night had been building and building to this moment but right as I thought we would start the crescendo we were pushing towards everything stopped. It’s unsettling, skin crawling under her sharp gaze as Isa paces in slow circles around my tied up form. My skin jumps as her fingers and vines randomly dart out to trace along my skin, its contact but not enough, never enough.
“Are you crazy?!” Her voice shrieks out, stance coming to a stop in front of my full view. “What were you thinking?”
“That you look really cute when you’re flustered?” I answer honestly.
She hums out in response and takes a step closer, placing herself in between my parted legs in the air. Her fingers trace up my inner thigh, little whines escaping me as I struggle against the vines hopelessly. Suddenly she slaps my thigh, chuckling at my squeal that crumpled into moans as I take in the shock stinging the skin.
Her tongue makes contact with my skin, a small swipe across the red area she just slapped before her lips curl and form a suction on the skin, sucking a bruise into the skin. Begs start slipping from my lips but get cut off quickly as her hands grip my thighs tighter, the action squeezing the vines along with her actions. Her kisses and nips keep traveling in and in, dusting around the area I need so bad. She’s getting rougher with her actions, heating up my skin as it blushes under her mouth.
Finally her tongue is on my clit, swirling around the bud before taking it in her mouth sucking and licking it. Her saliva is coating me, dripping down through my lips and mixing with the build up of discharge flooding from me. Everything is so wet, a flood of liquid and sensations as pleasure rocks my core. The tension is tightening but I want her finger in me, want to feel them curl so perfectly against my walls scrapping the ridges.
Sensing my building climax she gives me exactly what I want. She has explored my body so much she knows every nook and cranny, immediately pushing in her fingers to the spot that has me seeing stars. My thighs are shaking against the vines, testing their strength as my muscles tense and flex. Toes curl, limbs trying to find purchase on a surface they cant find to ground myself to push against to assists the pleasure rippling through my body.
Right as I thought I couldn’t take any more her fingers seem to grow, vines are sprouting from the tip of her fingers swirling around the digits and expanding to fill my hole even more. Her arm starts pumping the plump digits inside at a brutal pace, obscenely wet sounds echoing off the walls along with my screams, begging for mercy.
“Cum for me.” Her voice is angelic mixed with the wet sounds of her mouth on me, pushing me over the edge.
Vines are encasing my whole body now, wrapping around my breasts flicking at the hardened nipples. Her hands steadying me as I rock in the air against her fingers, screaming out a strangled cry as my mind goes numb. Somewhere outside my bubble of pleasure that is subsiding slowly I can feel my body being lowered to the floor, back falling on a pile of soft petals that cushion my body. Vines loosen their grip as they fall away, my breath is gasping for air as my body regulates itself again.
The ghost feeling of tightness gripping my body can still be felt along every limb, now being traced softly by Isabela’s hands rubbing the skin and soothing any soreness remaining. She is softly pressing kisses on any surface of skin she can reach, tingles sparkling as her plush lips press against the bruised flesh.
I’m reaching out blindly to pull her up to meet her lips with mine. I can’t help but moan into her mouth tasting the slight tart taste of wine and cum remaining of her tongue swiping against my own. Tears fall down my cheeks from the overwhelming emotions pounding through me, her sweet scent of flowers suffocating me, her skin against mine as she swings her legs over mine to trapped my body under hers. Blinking my eyes open I gasp out slightly taking in the beautiful glow of a goddess staring down at me with so much love flooding from her gaze. The glow of lights in her room glint off her black hair giving a soft halo effect, her thumb swiping across my cheek to brush away the tears of pleasure.
“You doing ok, mi vida?” Her voice is a soft whisper.
In my post orgasm bliss all I can do is let pure happy laughter bubble from myself. With what little muscle function I have left in my shaking arms I reach up to wrap around her frame, pulling her down to lay beside me in the petals.
“Promise me you’ll tie me up with vines again, that was so hot.” I breath out in a laugh, resting my forehead against her shoulder.
She lets out a short soft giggle as well while interlocking her fingers in mine, pulling my knuckles up to her mouth for a soft kiss. “You’re a bad influence.”
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onaluvstowrite · a day ago
Lost & Found
summary: isabela thought you ditched her until she found a beautiful sight
Isabela madrigal x reader
gender neutral! reader
requested by: @jasm1nesdragons
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡
“have you seen (y/n)?”
“no sorry, i havent seen her today isabela”
“oh okay its fine!” Isabela smiles sweetly at them till she walks away. As soon she was far enough she puffed out an annoyed sigh, did you really ditch her? You couldnt have, especially since you were the one who made plans to hangout anyways. So she was stuck.
Where could you have been? were you late? no you couldnt have been, your never late! Did you get lost? thats was dumb thought you lived here in Encanto for all your life of course you wouldn’t get lost. Maybe you got sick last minute? yeah that had to be it.
So since you were “sick” Isabela thought it would be perfect to visit you and take care of her love!
Isabela stoped right infront of your house before realizing, she didnt have anything to make you feel better! But lucky enough for her her mamá Julieta Madrigal was just a short walk away.
On her way to her moms stand, Isabela was lost in thought. She only had one thing on her mind. You.
she felt so bad, you planed out a date for the two of you just to be ruined because you caught a cold you probably felt so sad about it. But not to worry Isabela Madrigal is on the way to help!
Yeah…that was until she seen her mother’s shop wasn’t open…which was weird, it was always open. She was sure she seen her mother leave out the house today Casita…So where could she have been? 
So now isabela was stuck. She was so confused. She went to go sit on a bench to think about everything so far, Until she seen her two younger sisters talking. Maybe they will know something about (y/n) or their mamá.
“Mirabel, Luisa! i have a question” The oldest out the the first of them Shouts to them as she makes hee way over the the other two. “ Have you two have seen mamá or (y/n) by any chance?”
“Uh yeah, we just seen them at the casita, why do you ask?” Mirabel questions as she fixes her glasses. “ive been looking for (y/n) this whole day! i didnt know she was at the Casita the whole time!” isabela groans out “thanks for your help” Isabela annoyedly mumbled out as her two sisters laughed at her pain.
“(y/n)? are you here?” Isabela calls out as she finally reaches her home. she thought she would’ve heard two beautiful boys but instead she heard laughing and talking. It’s sounded like…your and her mamás  voices?
walking further into the kitchen she sees her significant other and her mother standing at the counter of the kitchen mixing some thing in the bowl. “oh isa! im so glad your here amor!” her mothers calls out with a bright smile.
“hey mami…hey (y/n), what are you guys doing?” Isabela smiles at the sight. It always warmed her whenever she seen you and her mami bonding together, to be honest it warmer her heart when she sees any of her family members bonding and hanging out with you.
“well i went to come pick you up from here until your mamá asked for help! sorry i lost track of time amor” you smile sadly “but i saved you some tea me and Julita made” you nod your head to the side of you to show her cup of tea.
“ay (y/n)! i told you, call me mamá!”
“ay, lo siento!” you responded and the two of you laugh
Right then and there isabela madrigal realized something. She was going to marry you.
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veryberryghoul · 21 hours ago
Julieta: What are you two looking at?
Isabela: Mirabel put salt instead of sugar in her coffee
Luisa: And she’s too proud to admit it
Mirabel, gagging: It taste better this way
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meyerlansky · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What could I do if I just grew what I was feelin’ in the moment?
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peppermint-joys · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Oh my gosh their name is Lili all the more reason to ship them with Isabela.
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astroddon · 13 hours ago
Encanto, Agustín Headcanons ¿?
He was Mariano's piano teacher, thanks to that they got closer to the Guzmáns.
Agustín met Julieta when he was 8 years old, he was climbing a tree and felt down, breaking his arm. After that he was a regular client of Julieta's gift and they became really close friends.
He used to get very invested in his daughters games, he spent 48 hours being "El conde-come-arepas".
During his teenage years he got really famous for all the disasters he made, some people even nicknamed him as "Chico-problemas" (Trouble-boy).
He tried really hard while flirting with Julieta, there was a time he brought her flowers but they got an ant infestation and let's say abuela didn't love it.
He knows how to play the violin, the piano and sometimes he composes his own songs.
After Mirabel's ceremony, he was one of the most supportive people in her life, he treated her as good as her sisters and cousins.
He sometimes models for Mirabel's pieces, and review her designs.
There was a time he tried to do toasts but he almost burnt Casita down, after that he was banned from the kitchen.
Agustín likes herbalism, so he weekly makes a cream for Julieta's crusty hands due to cooking.
He is the youngest member of the 1st generation, just by a few months.
It was hard for him to talk to Pepa and Bruno at first, but after gaining some trust, he was part of the family.
Agustín is my type 🧃🤙
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misticdaisy · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
She's my fave and she's gay and i absolutely have put the lesbian flag colors on the bg as a subliminal message, thank me later.
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secret-ssociety · 16 hours ago
La voz de Antonio
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x oc
Warnings: hints of underage drinking and drunkenness
Summary: Finally, it is time for the Madrigals to welcome a new gift into their family, but Antonio's gift ceremony might be the start of something more chaotic than anyone expects
A/N: I'll leave this right here so you can bless your eyes
Tumblr media
[ 7 ] [ 9 ]
After sewing the buttons back on the vest in a rush that made her stab the tip of her index finger several times, Antonia pretty much sprinted out of her house and in direction of casa Madrigal. Even the cordiality she responded every greeting with on her way up was accelerated by the vibrance of that day's importance.
The Sun was bright on top of the busy town of Encanto, indicating that Pepa was either in a good mood or she was doing back flips in order to deliver the village a weather that allowed that night's gift ceremony to be set up in perfection. The girl's espadrilles moved so quickly up the stone road it was pretty much only the tips of her feet making contact with the ground, and in the trance of her hurry, she barely noticed the intense staring on her back.
No one noticed Antonia's growth in Encanto until after her seventeenth birthday, when the child she was leaving behind was impossible to ignore. As she started to make her way into an early adulthood, the boys that were younger than her poured less effort into concealing their intent gazes and the ones she was contemporary with spent hours talking about the bounce of her curls and the shape of her Cupid's bow in conversations where the word ‘marriage’ slipped far too often.
All the old childhood marks of sunburn had wiped off of her cheekbones like the Sun of Encanto was more healing that damaging, the chubbiness of her face had begun to melt away, revealing a bone structure no one could had foreseen was buried beneath her chipmunk cheeks, her voice was steadier and she carried herself with a straighter back. Every day after work, Carlos stood by the door of their house, almost fearfully, waiting for the poor bastards that would soon start coming to ask for her hand in marriage.
The inside of casita reflected the mayhem Antonia felt inspired by, everyone was running around delivering decorations, carrying ingredients and accomodating furniture out of the way. She was right in time to catch Mirabel before she fell after having bumped into the men carrying the couch.
"Woah there," she exclaimed placing her friend back on her feet and staring at the big basket full of stuff in her hands, "what's all that?"
"Oh, hum," Mirabel stammered, looking down at it, "it's señor Jorge's special— well, not special special."
It took Antonia a moment to realize what the “not special special” thing meant, and she had to suppress a sigh when she got it. Like everyone else, she knew how hard that day was going to be on her friend, the first ceremony after her failed one, and no one really knew what was the best way to act around her for it, but Antonia had the feeling condescendence was not the way to go.
Before she could say what she had opened her mouth to say, Camilo's voice resounded from the top floor. "Mi vida!"
The girl with the glasses didn't even attempt to ignore the way her friend's cheeks lit up at the nickname and the voice that pronounced it, and she had to clench every muscle in her body to hold the urge of rolling her eyes.
"Oh, no, no, I have to take these to the kitchen," Mirabel shook her head when Antonio motioned for her to come upstairs with her, "you go. Your daughter is calling for you."
True enough, Chapola was sat by Camilo's feet, howling vehemently in the direction of her other parent, who she had not seen since the day before. "Okay." She whispered, shooting Mirabel a wink before going up the stairs casita built for her as she advanced.
Oh, Mirabel loved Antonia and Camilo dearly, but her patience that day was running low enough after the humiliating exchange with the children of the village a few minutes ago and it wouldn't survive even a second of pretending she wasn't annoyed of her best friend and her cousin acting like they weren't absolutely smitten with each other. She feared she would end up grabbing the back of their heads and pushing them together: maybe they would kiss, maybe they would break their noses, honestly, whatever happened she would consider the will of God.
"Hey, you." Camilo greeted her with a smile.
Ever since his lovestruck realization, he had acquired a more flirty behaviour towards his best friend, an endeavour that had ended up developing into a natural part of their relationship.
"Hi." She met back when she reached the last step. Camilo's smile grew at the sight of her wearing the skirt he liked and the sparkly thing on the corners of her eyes.
"Mi vida, quick question," he said leaning against the column with his arms crossed as she crouched to pet their hound lovingly and waited for her to let a sound that confirmed she was listening, "have you been teaching Chapola to sleep under the covers? Because last night she wouldn't leave me alone until I opened them for her."
Antonia smiled sheepishly. "Nights have been cold."
"She gets my bed all full of hair."
"Well, I guess now you have no option but to make your bed every morning. Consider it a favor."
Their quarreling was cut off by the arrival of doña Alma, instructing José behind them to lift the poster with Antonio's name higher. "Camilo, we need another José." She said once the right side of the poster was on her desired height.
The boy shot his friend a wink and a smirk before responding with the man's name and turning into him to lift the other side of it. That was when Alma noticed Antonia standing there and her features softened, "Toña, do you have the vest?"
"Yes," she responded like she had just remembered the whole purpose of her presence there, lifting the linus vest she was holding with care not to wrinkle it. Antonio had been at her house that morning to pick up his suit for the ceremony, but right when he was trying it on, they noticed the young tailor had accidentally made the vest a few inches too big.
Alma didn't even ask to see the fixed vest and check if it was the right size now, she trusted the girl's hands, so she simply motioned for her to follow her. Antonia returned Camilo's wink before doing so.
The woman smiled at her youthful enthusiasm, as they walked and she looked around at all the decorations and Isabela's bouquets of begonias. Alma, opposite to most people, had always been aware of Antonia's growth, maybe the reason people overlooked it was that she had always something too much of an adult... but never for her.
"Are you excited for tonight?" She asked, getting the attention of the big eyed teenager.
Truth was, she wanted her to harness her childhood for a little longer, for the burdens of adulthood could comfortably wait a little longer for the moment she was ready to hold them. All the responsibility she had taken so young, all the maturity she'd had to inject in herself to overcome the pain of her loss… Alma never admitted it, not even to herself, but there was a lot of herself she saw reflected on Antonia, maybe that was the reason she took the girl's happiness at heart like her grandchildren did, that she wished for Antonia the youth that had been ripped from her own hands all those years ago.
Earning wrinkles and grey hairs sooner than everyone else, she had managed to push back the strains of grieving past times long enough for her daughters to find happiness, maybe she could do the same for this stranger that was only truly happy when Camilo cared for her laughter.
"Yeah!" She exclaimed happily, although she didn't quite know how to explain her excitement. In the village of Encanto, everyone was so used to the Madrigals' magical gifts that magic had almost became part of the ordinary, but the night that inched closer threw her back to the same wonder she had felt on that first week.
As they walked, they passed in front of the set of pictures of each Madrigal children standing beside doña Alma the night they got their gifts, and Antonia looked at them keenly, like she always did. It wasn't a shocker that her favourite picture was Camilo's, because of the pose he had in it; standing there and smiling wasn't enough, no, he had to throw his theatricality into everything.
"Where is Mateo?" Abuela Alma asked, worried that he would be late to his best friend's ceremony.
"Oh, he rolled in a pool of mud," Antonia answered with a shrug, "my mom had to give him a bath and find new clothes for tonight. They'll be here soon."
The elder woman sighed looking at the time in her wrist watch. "I hope so, because we only have an hour left." She said before announcing the remaining time in a louder tone. "Now, where is that boy?"
Out of all her grandchildren, Antonio was by far the better at hiding, she knew they wouldn't have the smallest hint of his location if he didn't want to be found, but he needed to put on his vest to make sure it was the right fitting— not that there would be any time to fix if it wasn't.
In the end, she told Antonia to give her the vest, for she would continue to look for the birthday boy while she went home to get her family, the Sun was already setting and the Garcías were nowhere to be seen.
Camilo had offered to go with her, but he was dragged by his dad right when they were about to cross the door. Everyone was arriving and they had to wait for Antonio behind the curtain, so he had to watch her leave the house with an amused smirk, one that almost sent him into cardiac arrest because it wasn't all that common in her. Oh, she was going to be the death of him.
When she reached her house, she was almost thankful Camilo hadn't been able to accompany her, because havoc had unleashed in the inside of the house. Anastasia ran behind a dripping Mateo who hated linus so much he threatened to go to the ceremony naked, while Carlos rummaged around looking for a shirt after having somehow burned the one he was planning to wear that evening.
After ten minutes of bargaining, Mateo agreed to wear clothes as long as they were cotton and Carlos had to wear the blue guayabera that left him matching with his son. The ceremony was about to commence when they arrived, the parents staying near the back while the children made their way to the front with the Madrigals.
"Took you long enough," Camilo said as soon as she was standing beside him, while Mateo stood between Dolores and Isabela.
"We almost didn't make it," she whispered back.
He had his tía's hand on his left, so she could squeeze her expectation away, and he moved his right up to Antonia's hand, intertwining their fingers. Her eyes stayed fixed on the front of the room, but he didn't bother to hide how he was looking at the blush that had climbed up her cheeks.
Maybe, he thought, he always thought. Even after almost a year, that was still his answer, there didn't seem to be one more suitable for his situation. Maybe she liked him back, and if she didn't back then, then maybe he had built some of the way on the last months.
All the lights dimmed, as if casita also had the power to control the intensity of each candle, and the two big lights that moved around like the ones on Camilo's room pointed to the end of the hall, to the closed curtains that secluded Antonio from everyone's eyes. When they opened, Toña was pleased to see the vest did fit him, but then realized he wasn't moving at all, not even when the tiles beneath his feet urged him to move.
He stood there in complete silence for at least a minute, even after the clapping that made the teenagers let go of the hold in their hands died out, until finally he lifted up his hand. No one understood what did it mean or what was he asking for, until a clearly abashed Mirabel stepped up and grabbed the offered hand. The confused and even a little offended muttering around her told Antonia that wasn't part of the protocol, she looked at Camilo with a raised eyebrow and his shrug confirmed her suspicions.
She knew her friend well enough to know the villagers stare on her burned more than the bright lights themselves, but her steps were still firm and the hold on Antonio's hand never loosened, because she knew if she got scared, the young boy would crumble. Antonia shot her a soothing wink when they passed by where she was.
The spike of courage Camilo had to initially hold her hand left the moment she had to tear her hand away, so he had to overcome a avalanche of insecurity to reach out for it again. To his surprise, when he did, Antonia welcomed him as if she had been expecting him to make the move, intertwining their fingers back again and clinging to his arm like her parents did.
Two tiny steps at a time, Toñito and Mirabel made their way to the glowing door with the golden doorknob, everyone around was holding their breath, Antonia was so anxious she might as well been a Madrigal. The boy raised his hand to the doorknob after having touched the magical candle, swearing to abuela's vow, and the whole world went silent, there was this fine air of nervousness about history repeating itself.
Upon the contact of his fingers the golden dust duplicated as a wave spreading through the wooden surface, which Antonia could only assume was a good sign. A few more seconds of unaltered silence went by until, out of nowhere, a toucan came flying down and set on his extended arm, squawking at him.
"Uh-huh." Antonio responded to the apparent conversation. "Uh-huh. I understand you." The bird squawked again. "Of course they can come!"
The bird let out the loudest squawk so far and suddenly a flock of other birds came down flying from the roof, while another bunch of animals made their way running through people's legs, a family of chigüiros, a jaguar, even Chapola and her siblings ran over to Antonio.
"¡Eh, negra!"
"¡Chapola!" Both Antonia and Camilo called for her out of instinct, as did the owners of the other hounds.
But all ten hounds stood proudly by Antonio's feet, including the composed Carlota herself, as the revelation of his gift became a golden carving on his door. "We have a new gift!" Alma exclaimed, making the whole town erupt in cheers.
The unveiling of the magical Madrigal blessing was even more bewitching than Antonia had expected, she found herself completely absorbed in it as she cheered with everyone else right before the door to Antonio's room opened and built itself right in front of everyone's eyes.
Inside, the paradise constructed by the chocoan jungle was illuminated by fireflies that swirled around one big mother tree, waterfalls and nests all surrounded the thick trunk, while a big curtain of drizzling water behind it marked the end of the room in displacement for walls. Antonia squeezed her fingers around Camilo's arm, drinking it all in with a face full of wonder that he couldn't help but smile at.
"Mi vida, breathe!" He said grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her softly.
The girl was so entranced by the full blown ecosystem inside she didn't even think of firing back at his mockery, simply laughing absentmindedly as a form of response, which made Camilo's smile bigger.
After Antonio was left safely at his parents' feet for the jaguar, Camilo made sure his friend wasn't so far gone she was at risk of falling over, even asking Nico, who was standing near, to keep an eye on her, before walking with his sister over to where the rest of the family was standing.
It took about twenty minutes of Nico and Camilo talking Antonia back to reality to pull her out of her trance, but it was a replaced by a rush of dazed adrenaline that made her follow Isabela when the girl asked her to dance without thinking twice. The Madrigal boy let out a chuckle at the energetic child like personality the García girl sometimes let out when she didn't have the need to be an adult, before making his way over to the food.
Just like it had happened predominantly on Dolores' and Camilo's ceremony, all the music being played was greatly influenced by the tunes their father had grown up listening, all the tunes that sent the Garcías into a state of ecstasy, for their homeland wasn't very far from the place Félix had been born. That fact had been discovered on Camilo's and Antonia's joint birthday, when they resulted to know by heart all the music that was played on the party.
Camilo was right in the middle of eating an empanada while talking with his tía and señora Pezmuerto, at least an hour and a half into the party, when he felt a hard tug on his arm. "Camilo," he found her with her hair wild on her head, with the trace of some drops of sweat on her forehead aggressively wiped off and her cheeks red because of all the dancing, it looked like she hadn't stayed still even a minute, "dance with me."
Squinting lightly at her, he had the frail impression that she had managed to get her hands on one of the alcoholic drinks they were giving out to the adults. She didn't look exactly drunk, but there was definitely an inebriated flame dancing in the back of her eyes... and even like that she looked beautiful. He followed her to the dance floor after handing his plate to Julieta, who took it with a knowing smile as she watched the two teenagers disappear into the crowd.
They weren't even all the way there when Camilo spun her with a smirk, which was received by a gleaming pair of eyes on a body that started dancing to the loud salsa echoing against the walls in a pace the boy had no issue syncing with. Their feet moved fastly, with the parently taught of skill that made sure they didn't tangle clumsily with each other's feet.
Camilo knotted his arms around her only to then untangle her with gracefulness as she spun on the tips of her feet when he pulled her away with his extended arm. It was almost like they read each other's mind, guessed the other's next move, that all their moves came out just so naturally.
"The house is in danger!" Mirabel's voice of alarm cut through the atmosphere, making everyone's eyes jump on her direction. "The house is in danger!" She repeated when she found herself in front her abuela. "The tiles were falling, and there were cracks everywhere. And the candle almost went out."
The whole room became silent as a feeling of dread settled on top, the quiet predominating the indistinct murmuring of those who are incapable of holding their questions when clearly no one could answer them. "Show me," the matriarch ordered, back on her usual severity.
But on the outside of the room, there was no sight of the destruction that Mirabel had described, all her explaining of the things she claimed she had just seen didn't conceal the fact that all the tiles were in their place, there were no cracks in the walls and the candle was a strong as ever. "Maybe she drank the same thing you did?" Camilo whispered, earning a nudge from Antonia, whose worry had sobered her up.
"There is nothing wrong with la casa Madrigal," Alma exclaimed as soon as she turned to face all the guests, "the magic is strong, and so are the drinks." Everyone laughed at the joke, but the teenagers' eyes were fixed on the defeated look of Mirabel. "Please music!"
Joe Arroyo's music came back to life on the instruments of the band when the two started making their way down the stairs to where Mirabel was standing, but Julieta stopped them, letting them know that she would go to comfort her daughter. Finally, they obliged and came back to the room, but they couldn't flow back into the party, all they could think about were Mirabel's words.
If the candle was to ever go out, he would feel something, wouldn't he? A tingle that told him of the expiration of his power. Had he maybe been too entranced dancing with Antonia to feel anything at all? It wouldn't be the first time something of the sort happened, his four loyal friends never failed to let him know when he was too absorbed in the sight of her to notice the world falling apart.
He kept thinking about it a few hours later, when the party ended ceremoniously at midnight, marking the end of Antonio's birthday, and he walked the Garcías back to their house, mainly because Carlos was more drunk than he admitted and Anastasia wasn't all that sober herself. He could feel Antonia's embarrassment as he helped her take her parents up to their bedroom, but assured her that it was okay as they walked back to the door.
"Will you tell Mirabel I tried to say goodbye but she had already gone to sleep?"
"Yeah." He nodded.
He had to go, he knew it, if it would've been anyone else, he would have left already, but for some reason he just stood there, looking at her.
"What?" She asked rather amused by his staring. "Are you waiting for a goodnight kiss?"
The words left his mouth before he had a chance to think them twice. "Would you give it to me?"
Antonia stood there for a couple seconds, struck by his response, but in the end she smirked and brought her lips to his cheek, dangerously close to his mouth.
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illuminatedlover · 6 hours ago
Isabela Madrigal Dating a Beekeeper !
Part 2 of this imagine but Isabela x reader centric
Requested by: @dameschnee123
Authors note: I thought I’d post this early for you, please enjoy ! <3 thanks for being patient
Tumblr media
Isabela and the two of you met when you brought your honey to her mother, the older woman taking it home to her family. The lavender clad beauty was amazed by the sweet, and smooth texture you had conjured.
You also had helped her during the annual floral festival, you admired all of the decorations she created. You kept mentioning how this would be amazing for the bees you kept.
She was so shy when you gave the Madrigals a tour of your beehive. The young woman was so impressed by your connection to the busy workers. It’s definitely what drew her to you.
She helps you and your bees by producing flowers that are safe to your encanto’s environment. As well as flowers that help increase honey production
Spending time together learning about the different wild flowers, and other plants she can create. The two of you once spent six hours talking about plants, you thought her enthusiasm was so adorable.
Bringing Isabela fresh honey before you take the rest of the jars to the market to sell, she loves to pair them with her mothers arepas
Teaching Isabela all about beekeeping, mainly to see her in the cute little hazmat suit, but also enjoying her genuine interest in your career
One day you scared the living hell out of her when you scooped up a cluster of bees with your bare hands. She knew what bees did to her father, she didn’t want you just as swollen ! She was wary, but relaxed when she noticed you were unharmed
Isabela loves to name your bees even if there’s thousands she insists on getting to know them on a personal level
She loves how sweet you smell after working with the bees, and the honey. She loves to get close to you and embrace your scent. It’s so soothing for her.
Abuela genuinely thinks you are perfect for her granddaughter, she loves that the two of you balance each other so well.
The older woman loves to tease the both of you whenever you’re together, wondering when her granddaughter will finally ask you to marry her
Whenever you’re too tired, or your body aches from the amount of pain you’re in. Isabela wakes up early to check on the hives, having learned so much from you. She takes care of you, and your loyal buzzers. It honestly made you cry.
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carlaerosie · 18 hours ago
siblings looking like they could all be different ethnicity but they still look like siblings is just so Colombian
Tumblr media
I love this movie so much
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ricosbrainrot · 2 days ago
this is gonna sound weird af but I’m so obsessed with the encanto characters’ noses like?? I can’t even say I have a favorite one cuz even tho Mirabel and I have the same nose I also love Isabela’s side profile but also Dolores has the cutest button nose but Camilo’s is literally just an upside down “m” and don’t even get me started on bruno’s nose—
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encanto-for-white-ppl · 17 hours ago
About racism in Encanto fandom (but I’m white and I feel attacked by latinos who gatekeep it)
okay so I’m pretty sure we all saw those latinos saying “we should gatekeep Encanto from gringos” or “Encanto was made for us latinos not for you all white gringos”
This is actually really sad. Encanto was a movie made for everyone to enjoy. Not only for latinos. Yes Encanto is a movie about latino family but it can represents many things. Everybody can relate to the characters and to their story. Not only latinos.
Those latinos who say shit like this are actually really sad and insecure people. Not to mention their separatism and racism. Are we gonna talk about how gringo is a slur? How they are literally bashing white people because we want to enjoy a movie? A movie which is a kid movie at the end of the day?
There is also one girl who’s entire blog is about how gringos can’t enjoy Encanto (I’m not gonna tag her but I think we all know who I mean)
please share if you agree. have a nice day!
Tumblr media
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truelyreanimated · a day ago
I find it interesting that Pepa's gift is the only one described as being affected by her emotions when Camilo and Isabela's seem to be somewhat affected by their emotions as well.
When Dolores tells him about Bruno's vision, he gets surprised and seems to uncontrollably change in Mirabel and Bruno and he mixes his facial features around. When Pepa accidentally strikes him with lightning, he uncontrollably changes again. (I've also seen interpretations of him changing into a baby because he's scared about what's happening to the miracle and feels like he has no control)
When Dolores tells Isabela that Mariano wants five babies, she gets surprised (starting to notice a pattern here) and grows a few flowers on her head. When her and Mirabel are yelling at each other, she accidentally grows a cactus out of anger.
Idk maybe it's more of a focus thing and feeling emotions like surprise and pain make them lose focus but I still find it interesting.
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ulmariaarts · a day ago
Tumblr media
takes place pre-mirabel’s ceremony; so isabela isnt being pressured to be perfect at this point and her and mirabel are more like sisters then “enemies”
so… i gave isabela (who’s like twelve here) colors better suited to julieta’s side of the family; more purple than pink
i really like the idea that they got along prior to the ceremony
more versions under the cut!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
yoooo i wrote somethin’
Pushing Up The Daisies
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Tumblr media
so what else can i do?🌵💕
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Tumblr media
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