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Sisters Madrigal
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Surface Pressure, Camilo's 10 minute version.
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They all look so good like this! 馃ズ.
Artist: @zhukong24 on Pinterest :) and @itohaku on Tumblr :))
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loook at them
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besties (Mirabel is also kinda like: what am I doing here)
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poor girl always has to do the same pose
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big bro Camilo (Antonio鈥檚 so cute)
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just perfect couple (looking so cute together)
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Tumblr media
Agust铆n is just happy to be there you know
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#proudabuela 馃槒
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encanto icons! (part one of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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Sorry, I found this on twitter and thought I should share here IMAO
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Mirabel: What are you doing?
Isabela: Stargazing.
Mirabel: Why are there pictures of you taped to the ceiling?
Isabela: The stars are beautiful tonight.
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A small detail: during various stages of Casita's fall, we see Isabela, Luisa and Dolores taking care of Abuela.
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Sisters鈥 down time
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Isa and Abuela Alma
So obviously Isabela is Abuela's favourite grandkid, it's clear that while she doesn't show her irritation with other grandkids (except Mira, my beloved), she favours Isa. But why?
The easy answer is that Isabela behaves in that perfect manner, always does as she's told and really, who wouldn't want such a kid? However, quoting Pepa's famous:
Tumblr media
Have any of you noticed that Isa looks identical to young Alma?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same lips, face shape, eyes, ears, hair (not hairstyle), Isa only has slightly thicker eyebrows and smaller nose and her skin is darker. Even in Bruno's vision, when he still had a problem to see who Mirabel was hugging, the person looked like young Alma.
It might have been that Abuela wanted to direct Isa's life like it was her own, if she and Pedro didn't have to leave their house, hence if Pedro lived.
Also notice that while Pepa's side of the family all wears the shades of yellow, oranges and reds (ignore the fact that Antonio's clothes are white here)
Tumblr media
And while Julieta's side of the family dresses in blues and teals, Isabela does not exactly match
Tumblr media
Isabela wears a pastel purple/pink dress and it doesn't exactly match her side of the family, if anything, it matches Abuela's magenta dress more (plus notoce how similar their earrings are)
Tumblr media
And when she finally breaks the spell of forced perfection and gets her dress all dirty and wild in "What Else Can I Do", it turns that deep navy color, that matches her with her family
Tumblr media
Do with this whatever you want
(Side note, notice how F茅lix's face is all serious in the gif but brightens up with an exited smile when Pepa mentions their wedding day, too cute)
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fanonical a day ago
thinking about luisa and isabela's different reactions to talking to mirabel
when luisa talks to mirabel, her gift starts to fade. the reason for this is because luisa realised she needed a break, to relax, so her gift responded by giving her an excuse to work less hard, not realising that'd upset her
whereas isabela didn't need a break, she needed something different - so her gift got stronger and added more possibilities to what she could do
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ramshackledtrickster a day ago
Also rats have hinged rib cages? So imagine Owl House Bruno figuring out he can fit through small openings. Also rats do this thing called bruxing that sounds like purring but is just grinding their teeth together when they are happy.
(psa: this is cartoon physics鈥 no rat people were hurt in the making of this panel)
Tumblr media
Bruno figuring out he could squeeze through small spaces in this form is great and I imagine he doesn鈥檛 really use it wisely at first (example: trying to run back into the walls. Old habits die hard鈥 but he gets better !!)
And yes yes the bruxing!! It鈥檚 so adorable I love watching videos of it鈥 wasn鈥檛 super sure how to draw it out but it鈥檚 definitely something he does without being aware of it in this form (as well as boggling)
This kinda led into a train of thought where once he compromises with the curse to reach the mid-form, it鈥檚 still harder for him to change back since it still operates on him being hyper-aware of everything around him and generally being anxious and on his toes, so when he鈥檚 in a truly happy and relaxed state, the curse ebbs away and he can turn back
Thank you so much for the headcanons and the idea springboard !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrect-encanto-quotes a day ago
Camilo, seated at the kids table: Why does Mirabel get to sit at the adults table and not me??? I鈥檓 older than her! Isabela: It鈥檚 not about age, it鈥檚 about maturity Mirabel: * sticks out her tongue at him * Camilo: ???
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Luisa: Tio, do you have 12 dollars?
Bruno: why?
Luisa: I want to watch a movie
Bruno: why pay, when you can watch our family for free?
Bruno: there's romance [points at Isabela and Mariano walking hand-in-hand while Dolores follows behind]
Bruno: there's action [points at Camilo parkouring while Pepa chases him]
Bruno: there's educational [points at Antonio while giving his animals food in the kitchen, much to Julieta's protests]
Bruno: endless of genres to choose from
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lunairk 2 days ago
Hello! Good morning/afternoon/night!
Its okay to request something from encanto where the 3 rd generation have their S/o and when their So was going to meet with them they see someone else kissing them because they were confessing but didnt know the madrigal was in a relationship
What do you think they would do if they after they pushed the person away they Saw their S/o stading there crying and then running off??
A/N: I finished writing it! (鈼徦団垁藝鈼) I know you said 3rd generation but I didn't write for Antonio. He's five anyway
Fandom: Encanto
Paring: youngest generation of Madrigal x gender neutral reader
Word count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
You know Isabela is very popular but she promised you she only has eyes for you so you aren鈥檛 particularly worry about it
Isabela isn鈥檛 very open about your relationship and she is pretty subtle about it, so here鈥檚 some guy who mistaken Isa鈥檚 politeness as mutual affection, and he kissed her while confessing
The only reason Isabela is willing to stand outside under the burning sun that day is because she has a deal with you to hang out. She dressed up for you, but that guy took advantage of her
When you arrived, excited to see your beautiful girlfriend, you found out she is kissing someone else. The dude she told you to not worry about. What can you think about this situation? You just stared at them in disbelief
鈥淵/N wait!鈥 Isa pushed that man off and tried to explain to you but you already ran away
Isabela instantly wanted to go after you, but her arms were caught by that guy and all the rage just busted out of her graceful disguise
She is going to grow vines all over that guy, trapping him in it and grow some big flowers to slap him and keep him this way until she鈥檚 back (or she鈥檚 not going to be back at all)
She will find you at a little private place that is filled with your favourite flowers she grew just for you
鈥淵/N I feel nothing about that dipshit. He forced it on me you have to believe me鈥 She kneed in front of you
You believe her because she came to you really shortly after you left. So it proves she cares about you, but you played along a little longer just to see her comforting and promise things to you
After this if you are still in doubt, she will take you back to see the guy still trapped in vines and get slapped
This will bring a laugh out of you and the laugh eased Isabela too. Then you will carry on your date and have a nice time, completely forget that guy
Tumblr media
Luisa is a very busy person since she always needs to help around the town. So to spend time with her you just follow her around. Luisa doesn鈥檛 mind if people know about her relationship so she didn鈥檛 pay attention to hide it, but she is just too busy that she doesn鈥檛 look like she is in a relationship
Some fan-girl or fan-goy admires her and is obsessed with her. Someday Luisa has a plan with you to hang out on top of a mountain to watch sunset after she鈥檚 finish with the jobs around the town
While she鈥檚 carry the last sacks of cereals of the day, someone came to her. They took advantage of her hand-full status to confess and try to stand on their toes to kiss her
Luisa will be like leaning all the way back with terror, trying to not get their lips touch hers, but you still saw it
Part of your sight were blocked by the sack she is carrying so you thought they actually kissed. You cried and left the area
Luisa heard you and she knew it鈥檚 messed up, so she just throw the sacks down, trying to stop you
Then she got a little complains from the person she鈥檚 helping, so she just throw the sacks all the way across the sky to its destination. Completely ignoring that person
You were heading to the hill you were supposed to be at, and Luisa caught up with you at half way
鈥淏ut you kissed them!鈥漎ou argued, looking sad
鈥淣o I didn鈥檛!鈥 Luisa is actually a little offended you would accuse her like that. She actually dodged at all her might
She even demonstrated how she was dodging. Her sincerity made you believe her
鈥淎ctually come with me鈥 She carried you all the way back down to the town and shouted to announce to everyone, 鈥淟isten to me everyone, this is my s/o! I鈥檓 taken and so is them!鈥
This pleased you a lot and Luisa carried you straight back up to the hill and you just got there in time for sunset
Tumblr media
Mirabel runs along with you all around everyday. She is really happy with you and people thought you are just a close friend
One day you and her are supposed to meet up in the morning. You and her are going to help her mother around
Mirabel is just singing and telling story with the children before you arrive and one of their brother or sister is listening as well. In the middle of the story they just came up to her and hold her hands, confessing a lot of things
Mirabel is just standing there froze, startled and confused. It鈥檚 a very touching confession really, but she just feel awkward
Before she knows how to react, that person just pulled her in and kissed her. You arrived just at that moment to witness all this
鈥淢irabel?鈥 She heard you call her, your voice is filled with disbelief
Then she saw tears fall off your face, running away too. Mirabel pushed that person away with random arm movements, trying to get to you, but then she got surrounded by the kids again
Mirabel has to pick her dress up and step outside the surrounding circle of the children to get to you.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 like them, not even a tiny bit.鈥漇he explained frantically, tears also running down her cheek, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry all I want is to make you happy. I don鈥檛 want to make you sad or cry. I鈥檓 so sorry. It鈥檚 all my fault鈥
You had to take off her glasses and wipe off her tears to comfort her. In the end you talk everything through and get all back together happily
Tumblr media
Dolores is holding a plate of snacks when some random dude come to her (Imagine how Camilo was holding a disk in Dolores鈥檉orm in the film)
He is literally startling Dolores by the way he is talking. Like, he is so touched and moved by himself, not even noticing the look on Dolores鈥 face
He鈥檚 like 鈥淚 love you Dolores鈥 and pressing his arms onto the table to support himself to lean forward, pouting his lips out to her
Dolores can hear your foot steps coming this way and she鈥檚 like, 鈥淵eah鈥︹o鈥
Pushing that dude away then walking to you to meet you half way
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 You will notice her little nervousness
鈥淣othing鈥 Dolores is not a perfect liar
鈥淚 love you Dolores!鈥漈hat dude is back again behind her and this time he鈥檚 shouting really loud, 鈥淎nd we were about to kiss!鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 You stared at her, 鈥淚s he telling the truth?鈥
Dolores was really nervous that she didn鈥檛 blurt out a 鈥榥o鈥 quickly enough. Just as you are heartbroken and trying to get away, Dolores grabbed your arm, pulling you in front of her
鈥淟isten!鈥 She accidently called out too loud that hurt her own ears, but she needed to be determined, 鈥淚鈥檓 taken by them! I don鈥檛 care if you love me. I love them! So get away!鈥
She didn鈥檛 even bother to hear their response. She just pulled you away
鈥淗e was not telling the truth鈥滵olores said to you, 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 even planning on letting him touch me鈥
鈥淩eally? You meant every words you said?鈥
Dolores holds your face and peppers kisses down
鈥淓very鈥 kiss 鈥淪ingle鈥 kiss 鈥淕oddamn鈥 kiss 鈥淲ord鈥 kiss
And of course you believed her. Dolores shared with you the snacks she took and everything is right as rain between you again
Tumblr media
Nobody took Camilo too seriously other than his family, because he is always goofing around in town. So since he always joked about you, nobody actually believed you are his s/o
So in my imagine you are probably playing hide and seek with Camilo around town that day. You are hiding because he always win is he is hiding
When Camilo is out there seeking for you, some girl just comes up to him. She likes him and feel like she is just the right person for him
Camilo just keep backing up and tell her he is taken by you, but she didn鈥檛 believe him. Then she just straight up kissed him
Camilo was startled so bad his shapeshifting gift lost control and he turned into everyone around him. You were out there looking for him because he took so long and that鈥檚 what you saw. You ran away
He saw you and finally came to sense that what he should do, pushing that girl off, no caring if she is a lady or not.
You went to hiding because you need some alone time to straighten your thoughts, but Camilo isn鈥檛 just good at hiding. He鈥檚 the master of games so he is good at seeking you too
He found you eventually. 鈥淲hat do you want鈥 You turned your head to not look at him
鈥淪he just threw herself at me. I should have pushed her off the instant. I鈥檓 sorry鈥 Camilo said to you very seriously, and he is rarely serious
After you are willing to listen to him, he talked about a lot more, but it鈥檚 gonna take more than that to get you forgive him
He sighed, 鈥淗ow about this鈥 Camilo dragged you up and hide you somewhere in town and he found the girl
He takes your form in front of her, 鈥淟ook at them. They are the most amazing and gorgeous human being I know and I love them. So go off at someone else鈥
She got really awkward and left. 鈥淗appy now?鈥 Camilo turned back to you try to play it off like he didn鈥檛 say anything really sweet and against his personality
You love me?鈥 You are just teasing him now.
鈥淥h shut up鈥 Camilo blushes, 鈥淟et鈥檚 just go back to Casito and eat鈥
鈥淚sn鈥檛 that what you always like to do鈥 You giggled and walked with him while holding his hands
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yoursweetdenial 21 hours ago
~You run towards them~
The Madrigals x reader
馃 Mirabel:
She simply spreads her arms, smiling from ear to ear and wanting to hug you.
馃 Camilo:
He will run towards you, hug you and immediately start playfully ruffling your hair.
馃挭 Luisa:
She runs towards you and almost strangles you in her embrace, that's how much she is glad to see you.
馃尯 Isabela:
She will most likely want to speed up your meeting, and therefore will use her gift, so the vines will attract you to her and then she will give you a big hug.
馃對锔 Pepa:
She sees you running towards her and the sun instantly lights up the cloudy sky.
馃崻 Julieta:
As soon as you get to her, she starts softly rubbing your cheeks, saying what a cutie you are.
鈴 Bruno:
Until the last second, he refuses to believe that you are running to him, but when you get so close and stop right in front of him, he embraces you as tightly as he can.
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sneakydraws 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
full disclaimer i don't really share that "camilo carries a picture of himself to remember what he looks like" headcanon HOWEVER. if he did. do you think he'd eventually end up looking young for his age
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