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I’m ... Pregnant? | Isabela Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Prompt: You and Isabela had been married for two and a half years now. For the past three months, you've been feeling sick – having nausea, and even vomiting often. This concerns the rest of the Madrigals, especially Pepa who had always loved you as her own niece ever since you and Isabela got together. With this concern, Pepa requested a vision from Bruno. Later on that day, the Madrigals all have dinner together.
You find out that you’re pregnant during dinner with the family.
Warning: SMUT 
"Are you still feeling sick, Y/N?" Abuela asked you with genuine concern in her eyes after noticing your distressed nature.
You turned to look at the old woman with a sigh, "Unfortunately, I still am."
Isabela looked at you with sympathy, she truly felt sorry for how you were feeling and wished that she could do anything to make you feel better. Honestly, she was even more stressed about the situation than yourself. A conversation about going back to your hometown to see a professional doctor occurred between the two of you yesterday, but you merely shrugged it off, not wanting to make it an even bigger deal than it already was. 
"I've been feeding her arepas, but they only work for about two or three hours before she's feeling nauseous again," Julietta sighed, feeling down that she couldn't heal her daughter-in-law completely.
Pepa and Bruno exchanged knowing looks, sitting across from each other. The older of them sent Bruno a look which said, "Are you telling them or am I?"
"You do it!" Bruno sent a look to her sister's way.
"No, you!" 
Abuela noticed her two children exchanging intense glances at each other, looking like stupid birds trying to communicate with their eyes bulging out of their sockets. She cleared her throat rather loudly, causing everyone at the dinner table to look in her direction.
"Yes, Mamá?" Pepa and Bruno asked in unison.
"Would you care to share whatever it is you both are talking about with the rest of the family? Or would you rather keep conversing with your eyes like idiots?" Abuela said sternly, though with a hint of amusement in her voice.
"Well, erm," Bruno started, "We may or may not know why Y/N is feeling sick all the time."
"And you're telling us just now?" Isabela said with growing frustration evident in her voice.
"Isa," You spoke, calming your wife down, "let them finish."
"Okay, so-"
"Y/Nispregnantandit'sIsabela's." Dolores spoke very quickly, interrupting her Tío Bruno.
Bruno laughed awkwardly, "Ha ha, uh, yeah, that."
"Dolores, what did I say about keeping the things we hear to ourselves unless we are asked about it?" Pepa whispered to her daughter as tension grew on the dinner table.
Everyone at the dinner table except for Pepa, Bruno, and Dolores had their jaws drop to the floor in surprise. Felix, being his usual self, spit out the wine he was in the process of drinking due to his shock, causing Pepa to hit him lightly on the back of his head.
"I'm…" You started, in disbelief, "I'm pregnant?" 
"Yes," Bruno confirmed, "Your Tía Pepa asked me for a vision about your constant nausea and I didn't want to at first but you know how she gets and a storm started to form when I said no and of course I had to-"
"Brunito," Abuela put an end to her son's rambling, "Tell us what you say in your vision."
"I saw, well, I saw you and Isabela holding two adorable little boys-"
"But Tío Bruno, I don't exactly have the, uhm, tools to get Y/N pregnant," Isabela reasoned, her hand holding yours underneath the table.
"Yes, Tío Bruno, it's impossible," You said.
"Impossible?" Pepa spoke, "You act as if you haven't seen magic in its most wondrous form!"
"Your Tía Pepa is right, Isabela," Abuela said, "Casita has helped you in creating life in your wife's belly. Oh! This calls for a celebration! My first great-grandchildren are on their way!"
"I'm going to be an Abuelo!" Agustin exclaimed in excitement, taking a smiling Julietta up with him, "We're going to be grandparents, mi amor!"
All of a sudden, Isabela remembered how and when it happened.
Three months ago, you and Isabela were laughing as you entered the plant-filled room both of you shared after a long day of festivity in Encanto. You and Isabela threw yourself on the bed, loving how soft the mattress felt beneath your skin.
Isabela hovered on top of you, making her way between your legs. Looking in your eyes, she whispered, "You are so beautiful, mi amor."
You laughed as you wrapped your arms around her neck, "I'm nothing compared to you, Isa."
"Bullshit!" Isabela exclaimed, "I hope you could see how beautiful you truly are."
"Such a sweet talker, you are."
She sweetly smiled at you before kissing the pair of lips that have been tempting her all day.
You moaned in surprise, but quickly melted into the kiss as your fingers found themselves tangled in her perfect hair.
"I want you, mi vida," she said with her hands tugging on your skirt, begging for your consent to rip them off of your body.
"Then take me, I am all yours," you breathed out, looking in her dark eyes.
"All mine?"
"And no one else's, mi amor."
She wasted no time connecting your lips together once again, swiftly removing your clothes and mindlessly throwing them somewhere in her spacious room. Once you were completely naked and vulnerable right underneath her, she took the time to kiss your exposed skin, leaving marks all on your neck and chest.
After she was satisfied with the love and attention she's given your skin, she took off her own clothing. Revealing her own beautiful body. She looked at you for a moment before attacking your lips once again.
Your legs found their way around her slim waist, where they rightfully belonged. You felt her fingers brushing against your core, teasing your sensitive clit. She ran a finger through the opening of your womanhood, eliciting a moan out of your parted lips.
"Is this okay?" She asked you, in the way she always did right before making love.
"Yes, mi amor, take me," You said in a tone both pleading and demanding.
She slid two fingers inside of you, causing you to moan loudly as she skillfully thrusted in and out. She watched as you completely broke apart right in front of her. Your hair was everywhere as your nails relentlessly left marks on her back. 
She felt her heart burning, and so did you. You, for an unknown reason, were in so much pleasure, you felt more than you usually did. Your body was sensitive to everything that was happening at the moment. The way Isabela's long fingers were plunging in and out of you in the most delicious ways possible were stimulating you much more than it usually did, which says a lot. 
Uncontrollable moans left your pretty lips, which was music to Isabela's ears. She just hoped that Dolores was somewhere far away in the village with Mariano, so that your moans wouldn't deafen her poor cousin. And also because your moans are meant to be heard by your ears only, she wouldn't want to share the experience of hearing the beautiful sounds escaping from your beautiful lips with someone else.
Suddenly, a certain warmth came over the two of you, flecks of gold surrounding you both. It was magic, and both of you knew that. But you didn't know why it was there.
Isabela groaned in your ear, whispering as her fingers kept doing what they do best to your womanhood, "You feel so good, Y/N."
"Isabela," You breathed out, "Do you feel that?"
"I feel it, mi vida. I feel it so strongly."
"I love you, Isa," You said as you closed your eyes, fully immersed in the pleasure you were receiving from your wife.
"I love you too, Y/N," Isabela said with utter sincerity, her pace quickening as you felt her body's sweat against yours.
"I'm almost there, Isa!" You yelled out her name, "God, you make me feel so good."
"Come for me, baby. Be a good girl and come for me." 
With those words, you were pushed over the edge. Yelling out Isabela's name as you came for her, and for her only. She moaned out as she came as well, and her turn hadn't even come yet, but her body responded to yours. And thus, her climax arrived at the same time as yours.
She looked at you as she recovered, your hair a mess and your naked chest heaving up and down. Golden sparks flew around the two of you before being absorbed by your body which made your skin glow for a moment. She found it quite odd, but was too tired to point it out or question it.
Isabela smiled for the first time that evening, excitement flowing through her bones at the realization. Looking at you with loving eyes, she exclaimed, "Mi vida! You're pregnant!"
"With twins," Bruno added in, "We saw two of them in the vision, real charming boys."
You exclaimed happily, "Two baby boys, can you believe it, Isa?" 
Isabela smiled at you with the purest form of happiness in her eyes, "I can't believe it as well, mi flor. I remember how it happened, I remember it so clearly!"
"How did it happen?" You asked her, genuinely curious.
"We, erm, we were-"
"Isabela, we're happy for you but we do not need the details," Camilo said with a half-disgusted face.
Isabela threw a glare at her cousin's direction before saying, "Fine. After we did it…"
Isabela paused to look at her cousins' faces – all struggling to act like decent human beings at the topic of sex, except for Antonio who didn't really fully understand anything that was happening. She continued, "Y/N glowed. And I found that odd but I thought it wasn't a big deal until now. And it all makes sense!"
Pepa's eyes started to tear up, and a cloud started to form above her head, "Oh, I remember when Isabel was born. Now, she has her own babies on the way. And she’ll be raising them with a wonderful woman, our Y/N.”
The rest of the family kept gushing about your pregnancy, and you felt pure joy in your heart at the thought of raising your own family with Isabela.
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✧ Kiss The Girl ✧
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/n - Anyways here is my very first Encanto fic. I hope you all enjoy and if you do, please like and if you could reblog, it helps a lot.
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There you see her Sitting there across the way She don't got a lot to say
And you don't know why But you're dying to try You wanna kiss the girl
Yes, you want her Look at her, you know you do Possible she wants you too
There is one way to ask her It don't take a word Not a single word Go on and kiss the girl
Sha-la-la-la-la-la My oh my Look like the girl too shy Ain't gonna kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Ain't that sad? Ain't it a shame? Too bad, she gonna miss the girl
Now's your moment Floating in a blue lagoon girl, you better do it soon No time will be better She don't say a word And she won't say a word Until you kiss the girl
Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don't be scared You got the mood prepared Go on and kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don't stop now Don't try to hide it how You want to kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Float along, And listen to the song The song say kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la The music play Do what the music say You got to kiss the girl You've got to kiss the girl Oh, don't you wanna kiss the girl You've gotta kiss the girl Go on and kiss the girl
There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don't got a lot to say
Isabela was out on her balcony when she spots a girl she has never seen before, the girl wore a white blouse showing off her cleavage, a short navy blue skirt, and simple white shoes, with her hair flowing freely in the wind. The wide-eyed girl couldn't help but stare at the girl painting her family home.
Then it dawned on her, the girl was the towns, painter and artist. Isa has heard that she was beautiful but she didn't believe that the rumour was, in fact, true, the girl was more than beautiful though, she was gorgeous, she looked as if she was sent from the heavens to grace the earth with such beauty, even having Isabela question if her endless rows of flowers were anywhere near as beautiful as the girl she has just laid eyes on.
She just watched the girl paint until the very said girl looked up at her and threw her a loving smile that causes Isa to redden in the face and sprout flowers from her hair. For what felt like hours, Isabela felt the world stop, her heart skip thousands of beats, and her hands clam up.
The girl waves at her, Isabela waves back and almost fell off of her balcony.
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl
Camilo, a close friend of yours was talking to Isabela when you casually walk past, she immediately notices you and just stares, her cheeks redden once again at the light but noticeable scent of mango radiating from your body and straight into the air.
You walk over to her and Camilo with a smile. "Hi, Camilo" You greet him. "Hey, Y/n. Oh, let me introduce you to Isabela, my cousin. Isabela this is the friend I was telling you about, Y/n" You're sweet with no brain friend introduces you both to each other.
"I know who you are, Camilo talks about you all the time," You say with your hand out. Isabela says nothing, she just stares at you and your glossed lips. The shade matches your skin perfectly, it bought out your complexion and drew the starstruck girl in without even trying.
She bit her lip and imagined how soft your lips may be, and how you'll taste, sending fruity butterflies through her uneasy, twisted stomach.
"Isa, say something" Camilo waves his hand in front of her face. "Oh, Uhh-hi" Isabela snaps out of it and shakes your way too smooth and soft hand.
Her eyes travel down to your cleavage with her hand still holding on to yours, she just hoped you didn't notice whatsoever, but you're not blind so you remove your hand from hers and cover the clear show to your breasts with your hand. "It was very nice meeting you, Isabela" You walk away, feeling your cheeks heat up.
"Wow, you were just clearly staring at her boobs" Camilo comments, rewarding himself a face full of flowers.
Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
Possible she wants you too
Mirabel stared at her sister, she wondered what she was staring at until she noticed her gaze was attached to a girl sketching in her book. Isabela stood there with a flower crown in her hands wondering if she should go up to you after making a fool of herself three days ago.
"Isa!!" Mirabel comes up from behind her. "Ah, don't do that!! What are you doing now? Besides getting into my business like you always do" Isabela crosses her arms and scowls at her younger sister.
Mirabel makes a face at her older golden child sister before noticing a flower crown in her hand. "Are you going to gift Y/n that?" Mirabel points at the crown in her hand with a confused look. "NO!! She just dropped it" She lies.
"Well, the last time I checked, Y/n is deathly allergic to those" Mirabel takes the crown from her sister. "And you'll know that because Y/n on your 12th birthday broke out in hives and mother had to aid her right away" Mirabel tosses the crown to the side.
"Y/n wasn't at my 12th birthday party. If she was I would have known" Isabela rolls her eyes. "Really, Isa? She was the girl who you had a secret little crush on" Mirabel whispers and elbows her sister. "I DID NOT- I mean I didn't have a crush on her, I had a crush on Mariano and maybe his sister " She whispers.
"Isa, she is Mariano's sister. She is just no longer following him everywhere and look she isn't even wearing braces - wait did you just come out as a lesbian to me?" Maribel looks at her sister with curious eyes.
"What? No, I'm not a lesbian. Wait that's, my little thorn rose?" Isabela stares at you a little longer, trying to piece the pieces together. "If you stare for way too long you'll lose what's left of your brain cells" Mirabel whispers into her sister's ear.
Isa throws her sister a dangerously angry glare. "Oh, I think that's my cue to leave" Mirabel waddles over to you as Dolores joins you with a cup of tea. "Thank you" Mirabel snatches your tea. "Mirabel!!" You whine with an annoyed look.
"Sorry, but I kinda need something to drink" Mirabel gives you an apologetic look. "Here" Dolores hands you her cup before walking off to get her another cup of tea for herself.
Mirabel brings her voice to a whisper before whispering something to you. "You didn't hear this from me but Isa has had a fat crush on you since you both were kids. She thought you were someone she had never met before until three days ago but I would think the same thing if you looked completely different from when you were a kid" Mirabel stares at you with her wide eyes while Dolores whips her head around.
"Isa, has a crush on who now?" Dolores sits across from you while looking right at Isabela who is still staring. "Her" Mirabel points at you, causing your face to redden. "I knew it" Dolores almost yells. "I knew she had a huge crush on you, after all, she couldn't stop talking about how lovely you were when we were kids but here's the kicker, she never spoke a word to you until Sunday" Dolores recalls her eavesdropping.
"Sorry, I have to go" You hid your blushing face behind your book. You lock eyes with Isabela before running off with embarrassment. You trip but get right back up with most eyes on you, thanks so much for being graceful.
Isabela's face quickly turns to anger when her eyes meet Dolores. "What did you both do?" Isa storms over to their table with anger in her eyes. "Nothing!" both Mirabel and Dolores run for their lives.
There is one way to ask her
It don't take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl
You were walking towards casita for Antonios ceremony when you spot Isabela swinging her hips and washing the small crowd around her with flowers. You hid beside your brother who is checking himself out and cleaning his teeth with a steel tray.
You just watch him check Isabela out with puppy love seeping from his eyes, causing a feeling of anger to stir in your stomach, but you didn't have feelings towards her, did you? Your anger didn't last long when you felt someone tug at your arm and drag you to the dance floor. Aww it was the kid who you thought was on crack but he is just a coffee alcoholic.
Him and his little friends dance around you and cheer you on, soon you were swinging your hips, swaying to the music, and spinning each of your little friends around, one by one. Feeling electricity scorching through your veins and manifesting into laughter.
You felt her eyes glued to you, her scent dancing in the air. Your brother casually talking to her but her eyes glued to you, giggling and having fun, giving no mind to Mariano and the eyes clearly gazing at your dancing form.
Isabela just watched, completely ignoring your brother's boring attempts to sway her. She just kept on staring stars at the girl who has her heart in her talented hands. Beads of sweat forming on her forehead, her chest rising and falling with every single breath she takes, her hips swaying with the music, and her smile dangerously drawing Isabela in.
"Sorry, Mariano I have to get something to drink" Isabela excuses herself as she walks over to one of the tables to get herself a 'drink'. The drink she was getting was of you.
"So this is the so-called drink" Luisa teases her sister. "What?" Isa clinches her empty cup in her hands. "I mean her" Luisa points at the girl in blue.
"She's Mariano's sister, Isa. Come on, really? You can't just lead the poor man on like this, if your feelings are aimed at her then stop what you're doing and just tell Mariano. Look at him with his puppy dog eyes, how can you not tell him that you are in love with his little sister?" Luisa explains, trying her best to sway her sister.
"You better kiss the girl before someone else does" With that Luisa knew she had her sister on the hook. "What if she doesn't like me back?" Isabela twirls her hair in her finger while biting her lip with an unsure look. "Well, there is only one way to find out" Luisa disappears with a tray of sandwiches ✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*
My oh my
Look like the girl too shy
Ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad?
Ain't it a shame?
Too bad, she gonna miss the girl
You sat next to Dolores as your brother and mother sit beside Isabela, enjoying their food. But something about the atmosphere did not feel right, which caused you to question what's going on until Dolores whispered something in your ear, making you shiver and throw Mirabel a worried look.
Before you knew it, Felix was spitting up his water, a cloud appearing on top of Pepa's head causing it to rain, a bright green glass sliding across the table, and oh my god your brother's nose have never seen better days. You looked over to see Luisa sobbing - a flower-like vine breaks through the floor and grabs hold of your ankle while your older brother runs away crying with everyone else.
You scream and squeal, the vine pulling you and dragging you. "ISA!!!" You scream her name hoping she would help you out. Isabela looks around, trying to find where the screaming is coming from. She spots you and without a second thought, she runs towards you.
She successfully frees you from the vine she unknowingly created. Wrapping an arm around you, you both run out of the cracking building. You trip over your twisted ankle, Isa picks you up and gets to running.
Once you both were outside your heart stopped. "Y/n I'm so so sorry I had no idea what happened I just had no control" Isabela starts to throw apology after apology causing you to laugh.
"Isa, it's just a twisted ankle. Nothing that major. I mean have you seen my brothers face, his nose looks like -". "A squashed papaya" Isa finishes your sentence with a laugh.
"Yeah, like a squashed papaya" You nod while giggling.
You both gaze into each other's eyes, just realising how close your faces are. Isa's breath dance across your lips, the smell of summer flowers flow through your nose, her fingers intertwining with yours, and her heart beating faster by the minute.
You lean in a bit - Isa backs up and helps you up. "Sorry again about dinner I really hope I didn't do any major damage to your ankle" Isabela hands you over to your mother who came looking for you.
You wave her goodbye while Isabela smacks her red flushed cheeks. "Isa, what are you doing? She's Mariano's sister goddamn it" Isabela shakes her head.
Now's your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
girl, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don't say a word
And she won't say a word
Until you kiss the girl
You were helping Luisa put up a pillar while your brother tries hammering nails. The whole town came together to help the Madrigal family after the falling of their family home.
You felt bad for them, they did nothing but help the town just for their home to fall to pieces and the loss of their gifts. But if you were being honest you loved the Madrigals with or without their gifts.
"Let me" Your voice spooks Isabela. You help her place a cactus into its flower bed. "I love the new look, by the way, it's cute and reflects a lot of who you are" You compliment the older Madrigal sister, causing her face to redden.
"You do?" Isa was more than shocked to hear that you liked her new and improved look. "Thank you, I was actually trying to hide from you so you wouldn't see my mess of an outfit" Isabela hides her embarrassed face. "This a mess? This is art, love. And art should never hide" You bought her face to yours.
"You are a masterpiece, Isabela Madrigal. A beautiful masterpiece" Your kind words deepen the redness in her cheeks. Luisa, Mirabel, Dolores, and even Camilo watch you both giggle and make each other blush.
"Oh, my god when are they going to kiss?" Mirabel moans. "I really wish it's not when I'm looking" Camilo walks away with a disturbed look. "Hey, I might have a plan," Dolores says out of the blue with a mischievous grin.
"Isa?" Luisa called. "Yeah? What is it?" Isabela answers while walking around the corner. "Can you go and take these to Y/n? She is just down at the river" Luisa hands Isabela a box of paints and paintbrushes.
"Sure!!" Without a second thought, Isa picks up the box and almost runs down to the river to find you. When she got there she was not expecting you to be swimming in your undergarments.
She watched as you sat on a rock wearing your black laced underwear and bra, thinking no one knew you where you were but Luisa must have seen you walk down to the river with a towel. You dove in and came back up, feeling the cold water washing over your skin, cooling you down.
Something cracking and breaking caught your attention. "Isabela?" You stood up showing her your whole entire body. "I'm sorry" She covers her face with the box, causing you to laugh a bit.
"No need, I should have known someone was going to catch me at some point" You smile while running your fingers through your hair and walking up to Isabela to take the box. "Sweet, Luisa finally came through with her promise" You look inside the box.
"I-I-Umm-wow" Isabela just continues to stare at your exposed body while her cheeks flush bloody red.
"Do you want to join me?" You randomly ask. She just stares at you wide-eyed. "If you don't want to then that's understandable, I mean-"
"No, I'll join. Just look away while I undress" Isabela shyly watches you turn around.
When she turned around you were already back in the river soaking up the cold. "Isa, are you coming in?" You ask with your eyes closed.
Don't be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it how
You want to kiss the girl
Float along, And listen to the song
The song say kiss the girl
The music play
Do what the music say
You got to kiss the girl
You've got to kiss the girl
Oh, don't you wanna kiss the girl
You've gotta kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl
You feel her arms wrap around your waist. "Don't open your eyes" Isa stops you from looking. "Just tell me if you want me to stop" Isabela whispers into your ear.
With the feeling of her soft lips pressing kisses up from your shoulder to your neck, she kissed and sucked until a bruise formed. Sweet little moans slip through your lips as she reaches the sweet spot on your neck, causing you to crave more. "Isa" A hungry moan leaves your ladylike lips while your fingers tangle in her hair and grip for dear life.
She was more than surprised that you were enjoying it. Her grip grew once she felt that you were in fact okay with what she was doing. Throwing your head back, looking her in the eyes, gliding your thumb over her soft intoxicating lip, you drew her in for a soft gentle kiss.
Her tongue whipped across your lips asking for entry, which you gladly accepted. Isa grabbed and kneed your breasts, rewarding her a few horny little moans.
Her heart raised, her hands grew greedy, and her tongue grew hungry. Your free hand pressed to one of her hands on your chest and told her to keep going.
You both missed the cracking of twigs behind you both due to being consumed in your own little worlds of lust and desire. Until you both heard someone clearing their throat, did you both realise someone was behind you both?
You shot your eyes open as did Isabela, disconnecting your lips, your chest rose, with your eyes shot with love. "Umm, so I'm just gonna leave this towel here and go" The sound of Mariano's voice caused you to tense up.
"Dolore was also wondering if you both wanted to join us on a date when you both are done. Anyways see you at home sis. Don't let me ruin your fun" Mariano says with a cheesy smile.
With her hand deep inside your bra and your lips smudged, you both smile at each other and laugh until your ribs hurt. "Well, at least he knows," You say with a laugh. "Yeah, but where were we" Isabela giggles against your skin before diving in for another kiss.
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Tumblr media
Till death do us part
Isabela x F!Reader Headcanons
Request: No
CW: Swearing, Not my best writing (This was made in a hurry)
Tumblr media
First off, Isabela loves you.
Always has, always will.
She’s been utterly infatuated with you for like.. forever.
She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in-love with you.
Of course, she’s supposed to be perfect. She’s supposed to be what everyone wants her to be.
And everyone wants her to marry Mariano.
That pains her.
But it’s whatever.
She’ll just sneak out at night to see you and pray that Dolores doesn’t mention it
One time Camilo caught her sneaking out and she had to bribe him to not say anything.
She lost so much money off of that.
She’s the best girlfriend EVER. Like E V E R.
You’re crying? Boom, you get flowers and an unbelievable amount of affection.
Someone’s bullying you? She’s murdered them (metaphorically)
Between her family and maintaining a good relationship with the village, you guys can’t see eachother alot during the day.
Sometimes you’ll like,, stand next to her during the day, but that’s it.
She’s so cheesy.
So fucking cheesy.
She gets pissed if she can’t see you for a while.
“*grumble grumble* lemme see my damn girlfriend >:(“
She’s pissed.
You encourage her to be more in-tune with what she actually wants to do with her life, and to rebel a little,
Y’all just want what’s best for eachother.
9.5/10 power couple
Tumblr media
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Antología | Bruno Madrigal x Reader
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7
Tumblr media
On the following days, neither of them could stop thinking about the other, reminiscing over and over again their first encounter. (Y/N) desperately wanted to see him again, but couldn't find the right moment to sneak off to apologize for what her mother had said. She wanted to know more about him: his interests, dislikes, fears, hopes, his story and everything else in between. However, her mother never took her eyes off her, as if she suspected something was off, she wouldn't even let her go to the market alone. 
On his part, Bruno daydreamed about the youngest Cortés all of the time, from the way she smiled to the way she spoke. He spent all day looking at the door, waiting for her to appear with arequipe and arroz con leche, as she had promised him, but every time someone knocked, it turned out to be someone else looking for him. His patience ran out after three days, and in an act of uncharacteristic courage, he went to look for her at the Cortés workshop, just to end up cowering at the last minute and hiding among some planters outside her house.  
For the next week, he kept prowling her house, trying to talk to her, only for his insecurities to get the best of him. It wasn't until a Thursday morning, after he spent an hour practising with the bathroom mirror, that the solution appeared in front of him as he opened the door.
“Who's (Y/N)?” Dolores, then just a ten-year-old girl, was standing outside the bathroom, wide curious eyes awaiting his response. 
Bruno panicked, unable to decide which lie or truth to say. "Bye" Overwhelmed, he walked around her to go to his room, the girl following him closely behind. 
"Dime! Dime! Dime! You haven't stopped talking about her... Well, practising how to talk to her for days, I need to know!”
"You shouldn't be spying on people, Dolores."
"I can't help it!" Bruno reached the stairs that led to his room, but his niece took him by the arm, looking at him pleadingly. “Please, I won't tell anyone. Is she your girlfriend?"
“You have a girlfriend, tío Bruno?” Isabella had come out of her room without them noticing.
“No, listen, (Y/N) and I…”
“(Y/N) Cortés? You don't seem like her type."
"You know her?" Dolores ran to her cousin, taking her by the hand to bring her closer.
“Sí, she's the tailor's daughter. They made our ceremony dresses, remember? (Y/N) was the one who embroidered the flowers.”
“Uh!, I remember." She squeaked. "She's that pretty girl with the butterfly skirt, right?"
"Niñas!" They both turned to see him surprised, as they were used to him only muttering and mumbling "I'm sorry, sorry, sorry." He's sighed. "Listen, I barely know (Y/N), we've only met once. And yeah, of course, she's really pretty and funny and interesting… But I'm not." 
“So you do like her?” Dolores moved her brows up and down.
“Yep… I mean, no!” he blushed, looking away from the pair.
“You do!” Both cousins ​​look at each other in excitement. “You should ask her out!”
“Absolutely not, and I don't want to hear another word about this. Bye” He turned to enter his room, but once again, someone stopped him by the hem of his ruana.
“She's talking about you too right now.”
"Dolores! What did I just tell you? It's rude to listen to other people's conversations." The girl looked at him with puppy eyes as he nervously fidgeted with his hands, his curiosity winning. “And… What is she saying?” His niece smiled at him. She had been hearing the young woman's conversation with another person at the Cortés household for a few minutes already. 
"You made arroz con leche again?" Catalina asked (Y/N) upon entering the kitchen. "You've been cooking arroz and arequipe for days... Who's it for?"
"Oh, no one in particular" her cheeks turned pink.
"Uh-huh, then why you've been trying to get away from abuela all week?" She didn't know if she had been that obvious, or if her niece just knew her very well. "Now tell me, who's it for?"
“I met someone recently and promised to make him this as part of a bet, that's all." She tried to end the conversation, turning around to escape her niece's questioning gaze, but the girl grabbed her skirt to stop her. 
“You don't fool me. Could it be that you have a secret boyfriend out there?" Catalina said it as a joke, accustomed to (Y/N)'s voluntary singlehood, getting caught off guard by her answer. 
"It's nothing serious, I just think he's... Interesting."
"I can't believe what I'm hearing, this is a historical event!" Catalina took her hands excitedly, shaking them. "You like someone!"
“Like is a very strong word for someone I've only met once, and all I said was that I find him interesting.”
"And who's the lucky man who has accomplished the impossible task of rousing your curiosity?"
(Y/N) bit her lip nervously, looking for a way to escape from the uncomfortable situation. It wasn't that she was ashamed of Bruno but rather wanted to avoid a conversation like the one that had ensued with her mother at la Casa Madrigal.
"Uhm... Well, he's very sweet and charming, with curly black hair, beautiful jade eyes, and about your height."
"That doesn't answer my question."
“You're going to judge me, he's older than me.” That was the least of her problems.
"How older?"
"Thirteen years"
“Oh, no… Are you in love with a married man!?” She whispered, alarmed.
"No! No, he's not married” she didn't remember seeing a ring on his finger. "And I'm not in love with him."
“Uff, you scared me for a second there. So, let's recap: your mystery lover is sweet, charming, has black hair, green eyes, is single, and has…” she counted with the help of her fingers. "38 years."
“(Y/N)!” Suddenly, Amparo called her sister from the workshop. “Could you come with me to the mercado?” 
"Comming!" She got up as Catalina kept trying to remember someone in town with those physical characteristics.
"Argh, I can only think of Doña Alma's son, the one with the rats, what's his name?" (Y/N) had stopped a few steps from her, remembering the joy in his eyes as he told her about his rats in their way back from his Tower.
"Bruno." She said his name in a sigh, an indiscreet smile crossing her lips.
“Ah, sí” Catalina laughed, getting up to follow her to the workshop, convinced it wasn't him. To her, it seemed ridiculous to imagine her aunt -  a woman full of energy, happiness and beauty - would be attracted to a man like Bruno Madrigal, a man feared by the whole town for his creepy reputation. However, it's upon seeing (Y/N)'s smile and red cheeks that she stops laughing, stunned.
“Por Dios, you're in love with Bruno Madrigal!”
"Shh!" (Y/N) covers her mouth, looking around in fear someone had heard her. “You can't tell anyone, understand? Besides, I already told you I'm not in love, I'd just like to get to know him more."
"He doesn't scare you? I mean, with all those rats and the eerie premonitions. In town they say he's…” 
“I don't care what they say, it's not true. Bruno's a very kind man, he just wants to help others.”
“(Y/N)!” Amparo called her again, so she leaned close to Catalina's ear:
"Not a word, okay?" And with that, she ran to the entrance, where her sister was waiting with a basket. 
In la Casa Madrigal, Dolores recited to Bruno word for word what the young Cortés was talking with her niece, watching his face brighten up with joy.  
“She thinks I'm charming?” His heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to burst out of his chest.
"What are you waiting for? She's going to the mercado, it's your opportunity to talk to her.” Isabella started to push him towards the stairs while Dolores pulled from his hand.
“But her sister's not going to let me get anywhere near her. Besides, I wouldn't know what to say! What if she thinks I've been following her?"
"Haven't you?"
“N…No!” It was impossible to hide anything from his niece. "I wanted to talk to her, but I don't know how to approach her."
"Gift her something" Dolores suggested. "Uh! You can give her flowers, right Isabella? Men give flowers when they're in love, like my dad does with my mom." 
“I think she likes daisies” he remembered seeing them in his vision. 
"Perfect!" Isabella appeared a bouquet of pink daisies and handed them to Bruno. “Go to the market, find her and give her these flowers, she'll understand.”
“Understand what?”
“Just give them to her!”
The cousins ​​managed to get Bruno out with Casita's help, locking the entrance door so he couldn't come back inside  "Good luck!" Dolores yelled behind it as she high-fived Isabella. 
Btw, thanks for the beautiful comments! I got so inspired thanks to them. Also, I think it’s a little confusing, but Catalina is the daughter of one of the eldest sisters of the reader, so they’re the same age. 
@moocat-caboose | @hymnofthevalkyrie | @a-hopeless-fan | @quesowakanda | @endurablerose | @staradorned | @aerichoi | @sunshineyrosie | @girl-next-door-writes
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nuggiesnoogie · 24 days ago
Rose Petal Kisses
Isabela Madrigal
-> city au//Isabella owns a flower shop//female pronouns//reader-insert//third person POV//kissing//Romance
*Mild make out scene
Desc: The flower shop girl across the street from the cafe you work at has won your heart and you go through great lengths to make her happy
Oh goodness, she was beautiful. The way her hair swayed with the flowers in the wind as she watered them, the gentle sway of her hips and delicate stride as she moved from one to another, and the angelic grin on her face like she hadn’t had a care in the world.
The gorgeous hue assortment and vibrancy of her collection of flowers she displayed on the outside always drew eyes of those who passed by, captivated them, like a spell, eventually ending in them one by one trailing inside. It was a perfect mirror of how she saw the shop owner. Two years ago Isabella opened her quaint shop and she thought nothing less of it than an absolute gift.
“Are you seriously staring at Isabela again?” [Y/n]’s coworker teased, elbowing her side. The barista swatted their hand away.
“How can I not? You’re telling me she isn’t absolutely perfect?”
“Uh, yeah, suuure. It’s just kinda weird how from day one you were—mmphm!”
“She’s coming, she’s coming, move!” [Y/n] quickly muffled her coworkers mouth as she scrambled to replace them in of the ordering section. Isabela walked in and flashed her a smile. She put some of her weight onto the counter as her legs nearly became putty.
“The usual?” She asked, shuffling her feet in an attempt to compose herself.
“As always, [Y/n]. You know how I like it. I only trust you to make my drinks now.” The florist lightly said, flicking back her thick, sleek hair.
[Y/n] nodded, taking a few final moments to trust her legs before going to the brewing station and began working on her drink, making sure to raise her voice to he heard. “Now? You say that like you went somewhere else. Isa, don’t tell me you cheated on me.”
“Pft, corny.” They mumbled, gaining a scalding glare with eyes that screamed ‘shut the hell up.’
Isa laughed lightly, “maybe. I’m not the kind of woman to settle.” [Y/n]’s heart sank as she momentarily paused. “Though… maybe I should make an exception for you. I would be lying if I said the others were any better.”
As if brought back to life by an electric shock, her heart dramatically thumped against her chest, going into over time. Keep it cool. Keep it cool.
“Oh wow, I’ll remember that if you ever come in and [Y/n] isn’t there.” Her coworker said with an slight offended tone that didn’t reach their face.
The barista gently set down the cup toward Isabella while giving her other friend a comforting pat. “You’re second best, don’t worry. Do you mind grabbing her—“
“Strawberry turnover, yeah, yeah.”
“Alright, I’ll ring you up then. Anything new?”
“Not really. My familia wants to visiting me but they can’t decide when to leave, they’re all so busy living their life’s back home.”
“Ah, at least they have good reason. Oh, how is Mirabel? Does she still want to get into counseling? Does Luisa still want to sell a unicorn clothing lin-“
She put her hands over her mouth and gave her a strained look, “shh, shh, no one is supposed to know.”
“Uhh… anyway,” the other worker started, gaining both of their attention. “Is there any other you wanted, Isabela? I totally forgot to let you know we actually discontinued those in our store.”
“Really? Aww.”
“What!?” [Y/n] exclaimed. “When?!”
“I dunno, but the one we sold yesterday was our very last. Sorry.”
“Oh… then I’ll just pay for the drink.” The flower shop owner said simply.
She tilted her head a bit. “Are you sure? I can-“
“Do what? Call corporate?” Isa sassily interrupted with a playful look and hand on her hip. “It’s fine, don’t worry, love.”
Isabela long left before she got out of her stupor, now determined with one set goal in mind. She tore off her apron and bursted through the back counters doors.
“I’ll be back, don’t tell Julius! Dana should be on her way!”
“H-Hey! Where are you going? You can’t just—and she’s fucking gone.”
She hopped onto her bike and road to the bakery just around the corner. She arrived and caught her breath, glowering at the closed store. Of course.
She moved onto a different cafe, one obviously far more popular than theirs as they actually had a line, much more, a long one. She looked in the casing, or tried to, but couldn’t get a good look with the way the line curved and blocked it.
She didn’t want to get out of line either, four more people arriving behind her. She waited and finally reached the front. “Do you have strawberry turnovers?”
“Uh, no, sorry. We ran out a while ago. I think Josies sells them though.”
She got out of line, wasting no time in arriving to said location, only to be met with yet another disappointment.
“So sorry, honey. You can try 24 Slices on Bleecker though. I believe they may have some.”
And yet another store she went to. Her spirits lifted as she saw someone leave with a turnover in their hand, internally cheering as her search would finally be over-
“One strawberry turnover please.”
The elder, most likely the owner, grimaced then gave an apologetic smile.
[Y/n] ran her hand over her face. “Don’t say it…”
“Apologies… we just ran out. But hey, would you like to try a sample of something new? Freshly made.”
She sighed then weakly bobbed her head in defeat, “yeah, sure.”
The worker handed over a tiny cup and a plastic fork, a piece of a yellow treat with a dark bottom sitting in it. She took a bite and hummed, her previous sadder mood defrosting a bit. “What is this?”
“It’s coconut flan. I am hesitant to add it, but I think it would make a good addition. What do you think?”
[Y/n] feverishly nodded. “It’s delicious, really good! You absolutely should.” Another idea sparked to mind as a hopeful smile spread on her face. “Are you selling any? Can I have one of these?”
The woman disappeared behind some doors, then came back with a pink box and slid it forward.
“How much?”
“Free of charge, as a special for being the first to buy it.”
She shook her head, “no, I can’t-“
“Take it. I made the exact face you made whenever my mother would make these for me. I am sure I want to sell them now. Go on.”
After profusely thanking the owner, she left and went straight to Isabelas shop.
“Welcome, flowers for special occasion are on… oh, [Y/n], it’s you. Aren’t you still supposed to be-“
[Y/n] put her hand up. “No, I’m on a break. Here.”
She handed over held the box and fork to Isa, taking her time to open it as of scared something would jump out. Her eyes widened, immediately taking a few bites and contently sighing. “I haven’t had this in so long. My mother made the best flan de coco, it was one of my favorites. Here, try some.”
Before she could protest the fork was in her mouth with a mild heat to her face. As she chewed, she held her thumbs up, “Mmhm. Gud.”
“I know! Thank you so much!” Isa then leaned in a placed a quick kiss on her cheek. It took all of [Y/n] to not collapse as she touched the spot. She hadn’t even noticed, until her breath tickled her ear, that Isabela had leaned in. “I know you worked hard to get it.” She whispered.
[Y/n] bit her lip. “H-how do you know?”
She drew her head back. “I saw you immediately leave and watched until you came back hours later out of breath.” Using her free hand, Isa trailed her fingers up [Y/n]’s arm. “Did you do all of that just for me, love?”
She couldn’t help but squeak. Isa gently laughed. “Y-Yes, I hated seeing you disappointed.”
Isabela let her fingers trail along her collar bone, going up to her jaw then turning it to face her, slowly coming closer, then placing a rose petals touch of a kiss on her lips.
[Y/n] was frozen as she short-circuited, too surprised to lean into it before it was too late and Isabela pulled away.
[Y/n] deeply breathed out. “Are we alone?”
This time, [Y/n] initiated the kiss. Isabela shuffled them backward to the counter, where [Y/n] assumed she put down her treat because Isabela then wrapped both her arms around the barista’s waist.
They finally pull away for air, leaning their foreheads against each other as they exchanged breathy laughs. “So is it too late to officially confess?” [Y/n] asked, leaning back a bit, but not by much as Isabela still held on.
She raised an eyebrow with a confident gleam in her eye. “Your stares at me from across the street are enough.”
[Y/n] nervously laughed. “So you noticed that…”
“After two years I would hope anybody would. And…” she coyly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, giving [Y/n] a teasing and seductive expression that set her body ablaze. “I may or may not purposefully made sure you kept your eyes on me.”
[Y/n] kissed her cheek, her jaw, then her collarbone before lifting to her ear. “I knew you put a spell on me.”
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ransperfect · 12 days ago
Well it’s not a he, it’s a she.
Pt 5! Last part of ‘Well it’s not a he, it’s a she.’ Luisa x Fem! Reader (recap) Agustin helps Luisa realise that she has to be her true self when trying to love others. c: @hexedcoffin @god-like-eyebrows
No warnings!
Fluff romance
Reader’s pronouns : she/her
Tumblr media
“I don’t know Lu, maybe you can plan your own date?” Agustin suggested,
“How?” Luisa answered.
“Anything up to you mi vida. I am sure Y/N will love it either way. And since you like her, maybe you would know things that she’d like?”
“Are you sure this will work Pa..? Maybe I should ask Camilo or Isa to know what to say. I don’t know.” She looked at him, Agustin sighed and slowly shook his head,
“Listen to me, being your true version to others will make you feel the best version of you.”
You sat on the edge of a bridge, the same bridge you stood at yesterday. Except it was over a different river. You were confused, Luisa walked out this morning like that night never existed. She didn’t overdo or under-do any of her work. It’s like you were forgotten. Except the fact that she stared at you a couple of times. You didn’t want to forget it though, you wanted her to talk to you about it.
Why was she this way..? Did she really just brush it off..? You thought Luisa was like, more. You had your cranky self today as you continued to write angst with no shame. The guy dies and the girl began to find other guys but continued to be even more heartbroken about it blegh. She ends up giving up in other love and decided to drink and be depressed. You were so focused in that writing, that your certain someone was sitting right next to you.
“That story is quite depressing.” She spoke up softly to you. With a shy smile. You looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Luisa Madrigal was right next to you, the one who told you to go away that night. You stuttered,
“It is a cool story though. With plot twists and all that.” She told you and shrugged timidly. You laughed softly to her,
“Yeah, I sort of crossed the line huh?”
“Maybe just a lil bit.” She pressed her lips together. Awkwardly as you both sat in silence. You continued writing your foolish and dramatic novel. She exhaled before asking,
“Was this because of me..?” Luisa questioned, you turned stiff right next to her. You tried not to admit it but didn’t wanna lie. So you mumbled your answer to her, resting your palm on the crook of your neck embarrassingly.
“Can I make it up to you?” She said holding a hand out. Jeez they were huge, you gulped and took it anyways. She led you up from your position.
“Luisa where are you bringing me to?” She covered your eyes for the whole way. Making you anxious as you felt that you tripped some way along the walk. It made her slightly grin at your curious thoughts. So you depended on your hearing, the closest thing you could hear was Luisa’s heartbeat. It was rather raced and her heart pounded like a hummingbird’s wings. Making you smile without realising. She finally let go her palms from your face.
“Can I open my own eyes now..?” You asked her politely. She said yes. As you open your eyes, you saw such a beautiful river in your sight. You gasped in surprise, much different than your reaction to the dinner that night.
Right next to the large river was a picnic blanket. Along with a picnic basket right on it, waiting to be opened. You smelled the fresh air, feeling your heart burst as you spun yourself around. Luisa felt lost seeing you so much happier and her eyes lovingly gazed at you. You turned around seeing her dazed,
“Where did you find this place? It’s amazing!” You exclaimed to her. It did take you long for her to answer. But she later said,
“Oh it’s uh, where my Abuela got a miracle.” She shyly said to you. This shocked you even more, were you really that special to her to the point where she brought you somewhere, where her family’s legacy is from? Your taken aback look made Luisa stutter,
“Is this too much..? We can go somewhere else if you’d like.”
“No! Not at all.. I love it really.” You said your honesty to her before mouthing a thank you. Making her cheeks glow with blush as she was happy you loved it. She walked over to you and reached her hand out. Nervously, you took it as she sat you down next to her on the picnic blanket. You both sat yourself in a position you two liked, next to each other.
“Well, what is there to talk about?” You asked her, looking at herself feel the wind blowing to her face. When she took her attention to you, she shrugged. Unsure herself on how to start a conversation.
“So you like writing and reading right?”
“I do! I want to be an author one day. How did you know that?”
“Well I observe.” She said without realising how creep that sort of sounds. She became wide-eyed at what she said. But luckily you giggled at her words. Letting herself exhale in relief. You spoke up agin changing the subject,
“So I am curious, what do you do in your free time?”
“If I feel like it, I might do some lifting. Well there’s this theme park thing in my room and I have a puppy too!” Her response made you tilt your head. You never knew she liked puppies and those sort of soft animals.
The two of you learned a lot about one another. She was actually more towards being softer than being intimidating. Your friends used to tell you how she was more different and strange. But that was only because of her height difference towards others near her age. She also learned more about you, why you moved, your parents and what you loved other than your passions.
You also ate some arepa con queso made freshly by her mother, some fruits given by the local farmers and some water bottles accompanied in too. She even made you laugh unintentionally sometimes too, this whole thing made her even more confident. Like she was talking to someone close to her.
Her Pa was right, everything he said was right. Finally, she felt it was right to ask you,
“Can I ask you one last thing Y/N?” She asked you, you turned your attention to her. She didn’t know how to really ask you. So being quite oblivious at dating she is, she held your face and kissed you. Not on the forehead, not on the cheek, on your lips. It was quick kiss, like a peck. You were shocked, Luisa too. She did not think of her bold move before. You stuttered trying to find you words. You don’t know if you liked nor hated it, but you felt like your heart skipped a beat. So instead of getting mad at her,
“I think I like you?” Blurting it out. You felt breathy, because.. it was your first kiss. Luisa looked at you wide-eyed.
“Y-you do?!” She said, yet like she yelled. In your face really. You backed yourself from her because of your overwhelmed emotions. But slowly, you went back. Looked at her in eye. Anyone could describe it like the eye of the tiger.
“I am sure of it, I like you Luisa Madrigal. No.. I think I love you.” You told her before making the bold second kiss. Except it was much better for the both of you. Even when Luisa was still slightly taken aback of your sudden doings, she held your face and kissed you back gladly.
You two both walked back together from your lil’ picnic. Still in silence as you yourself tried to recap all that happened during the kiss. In your head of course. While Luisa kept glancing over to you, wondering at why you were so in thought. But instead of being so anxious about it, she tapped you on the shoulder. Which you stopped your thoughts by. Luisa started
“Y/N, I really want to ask you something. I want to ask you what I wanted to ask before.” She held your wrists with her hands. Beaming towards you before you.
“What do you want to tell me..?” You questioned to her, she tried not to panic. So she sighed slowly and looked at you again.
“Y/N, since I learned what you thought about me. And the fact that I really, really like you back in that way. And y’know how I learned a lot about you. And sorry I am getting away from the point. But would you do the honour? And be my girlfriend.” She rambled, regretting some of her choice of words. But,
“Sure, why not.” You smiled before hugging her, as tight as you can. She hugged back carrying you, and sort squeezed you.
“Too tight..! Tight!” You loudly yelled before she dropped you gently back down.
It’s done! Well it’s not a he, its a she is finally finished c: I hope those who read all the way found this fic entertaining. The parts where Luisa talked about her room were all based on the concept art that I found! My next fic was requested (Luisa and Male! Reader) and if I do not have any other requests by then, I have a plan with a Mirabel x reader fic.
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magicalencanto · 26 days ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Isabela having crush on you ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Isabela Madrigal x Female! Reader
✎ ⁞ requested by @leslienjazzy
✎ ⁞ date: 29.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela, ah the perfect Isabela Madrigal. Breathtaking girl, with soft, long hair and warm eyes. Her gift was just perfect for her, giving her the ability to create even more beautiful plants.
She was the golden child of the Madrigal family, who everyone admired.
But that was all on the outside. It was a masked given to her by her own family, that she had to wear everyday in order to satisfy everyone around her.
But on the inside, Isabela was everything but perfect. She had a her own dreams, that didn't focused on getting married and having children. She wanted to be able to fully experiment with her powers, creating something other than those perfect little flowers. She wanted to find herself.
Just like you. A girl who wasn't afraid to show what she was feeling, dressed how she wanted and did what she wanted. You were a free soul, who wasn't afraid to express herself with her body.
And that Isabela admired greatly. Whenever she saw you, she felt jealousy bubbling in the depths of her mind. Jealous because you were accepted for who you are. Jealous because you weren't perfect and you were free.
The things she wasn't but longed to be.
In her eyes, you were perfectly imperfect. She still remembers, when one day, you run up to her and gave her a cactus. With a bright smile, you gave her the pink pot.
❝ A unique cactus for even more unique girl. ❞ And you left, giving her a wink before you fully turned around. Isabela was left, blushing brightly, and holding the small pot in her hands.
That was when she started crushing on you.
She secretly loved the cactus you gave her that day. She though that it was very cute, like you. She took care of it and tried to create one of her own, but somehow always failed.
Anyway, since she realized that she have some feelings for you, at first she tried to hide it. The fear of failing her family and being seen as imperfect ate her alive. So with a heavy heart, she choose to hide her feeling and watch from afar.
When Isabela was alone, she liked to dance among her flowers and imagine that you were there with her, laughing and having good time. Together.
Her world completely shattered when Abuela announced that she'll be engaged to Mariano. Not only Isabela didn't feel anything towards him, she couldn't imagine having children, at all. Especially five.
That night, she cried in her room, praying for some miracle that this wouldn't happened. That she won't have to marry Mariano, have children and maybe, she could be with you instead.
And that miracle happened. Unfortunately, it came with her home crashing down but this tragic events brought the Madrigal family closer. Everyone realized their mistakes and forgave each other for their wrongs.
Finally, Isabela could be herself. Finally, she could follow your lead. Where she can be free and happy.
That's why, after rebuild Casita, she made a beautiful cactus, put it into a nice pot and run up to you, with a big smile, new dress and colorful hair.
❝ A unique cactus for even more unique girl. ❞ Isabela quoted you, and with blush on her cheeks, handed you the plant.
You laughed wholeheartedly, taking the cactus from her.
And that my dear reader is how you and Isabela came to be the cutest couple in Encanto.
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno, @yelenamybelovas
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lilioli · 5 days ago
una conversación cordial ente dos amigos (amantes)
in which isabela reveals something to you while you brush her hair in an attempt to make her feel better after that awful proposal dinner. (fem. reader)
Tumblr media
“oh isa; i’m so sorry that happened to you. it must have been so... humiliating!” you frown at the back of your friend’s head, bringing the hairbrush back up to the top of her head.
you heard isabela let out a sigh. 
“it was all mirabel’s fault.” she grumbled. you were so understanding. so sweet
“isa..” you started, “maybe... maybe it’s a good thing it got ruined! you didn’t want to marry him isa, perhaps you owe mirabel a thank you.”
she groaned at your words. 
“i’m just saying isa! maybe now you can find a guy you realllyyyy love!” you giggled, wrapping your arms around her shoulders and leaning against her back with the last words of your sentence.
your own heart shriveled at your words- oh, you loved your isa so, so much. you wanted her to be your beautiful, shining flower.
isa felt the same way. frowning at your words. she just needed to tell you how she felt. why the flowers seemed to bloom so much bolder, so much stronger when you were around. so she did. 
“i need to tell you something.” she blurted. 
you tilted your head at her words, pulling yourself off her shoulders and giving her space to move around towards you. your face turned red when she grabbed your hands, holding them so delicately in her own. 
you met her eyes, shyly glancing at her through your eyelashes.
she took a breath in, closed her eyes, and then spit out a jumble of words at you, face turning a deeper shade of red with each word she said.
“y/n.. i’vebeeninlovewithyoubasicallysincewemetandican’tholditinanymorepleasepleasepleasei’msosorryijustloveyousomuchi-”
your giggle cut her off.
isabela slowly opened her eyes, breathing in the sight of your own gleeful, red face. 
you let out another giggle.
“isa...” you smiled, giggles coming to a stop, “i feel the same way!”
you squeezed her hands with your own, you leaned your face towards hers. she felt your breath fan over her face. 
“te amo, isabela.” you breathed out, leaning even closer to her.
you saw her eyes flutter closed, letting your own do the same. 
you pressed your lips against hers, smiling against them. you don’t remember how long you stayed like that, hands together, lips closer than ever, before you pulled away.
you let out another giggle at her red face and wide eyes and puckered lips.
“te amo también.” isabela muttered out, watching as you picked up her flower patterned hairbrush once more.
Tumblr media
hi everyone! i hope you enjoyed my first writing piece! i apologize, it’s a bit short. nonetheless, i hope you enjoyed.
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simpgirlsposts · 12 days ago
»𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚊𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚜𝚜«
‼️𝙳𝙽𝙸 𝟷𝟾+ 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙲𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚘 𝚒𝚜 𝟷𝟻‼️
‼️𝙿𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚝‼️
‼️𝙲𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚑 𝚒𝚏 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞‼️
‼️𝙵𝚎𝚖 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝚏𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝙽‼️
Camilo X Fem!Reader
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Tumblr media
You love your family, but this was the last straw, getting your important stuff including golden coins, just in case you run to a village on your way.You were fed up, your older brothers tried to talk your parents out but it couldn't be help.Why exactly are you trying to runaway? As cliche as it may sound, it's because your parents had sign you on a marriage contract.At first you wanted to give it a try by getting to know your future Fiance, at first he was nice, just like any other story he was apparently a possessive nuisance.Then had the audacity to force you to kiss him, thanks to your twin brother who save you just in time.Your eldest brother Denzel said that it was no use since he was practically threatened that war will happen if it was canceled.And now your so called fiance is practically a possessive maniac, when you tried talking to him about you not liking him, he threatened you in which made you mad and led you to this.
“Hey sis, I know you're upset--”Your twin brother state as he opened the door as you look at him with an awkward smile.
“Hi?..”You said, it came out more if a question.Your twin brother blink as he sighs,closing the door from behin him as he walk towards on your clothes.
“Don't bring this, It's white,it'll be hard to wash off, bring something brown or dark.”Your twin brother stated as you blink.
“You're helping me?”You inquired surprise.
“Yea, tho that doesn't mean I'm fully supportive of this idea, but what else are we gonna do?”Your twin brother stated as he help with the packing.
“...You aren't coming?”You inquired as your twin brother look at you.
“..I'll follow after I've distracted the guards...I know a safe place for you,we'll meet there.”Your twin brother stated.
“What?..”You ask confused as you furrowed your eyebrows.
“Listen we don't have much time,within the next 2 hours your Fiance and his family are gonna be here to plan your future with him.I've heard from Abuleo there's a safe place where you-we can hide for the time being.”Your twin started as you help with the packing.
“Abuelo?Wait, how did he know I was running away?”You inquired,as you grab some brown boots.
“Abuelo's powers are still the same, plus that old man may be underestimate but he's still..well..him!”Your twin stated.He grab a small bag as he hand it to you along with a small bottle with a paper.
“Listen closely, DON'T loose this bottle.Abuleo has a picture of how Encanto looks like.Go there and live there for a while, oh and he mentioned that he knows someone who lives there.”Your twin stated as you took note about the bottle.
“What about you?”You ask concerned.
“Like I said, we'll meet in Encanto,as for now you run away first.I'll explain everything there from what will happen here just...go as far away from our kingdom as posible...the dark will protect and guide you.Now I'm gonna distract the guards while you run away.”Your twin explained as you nodded.Putting on your cloak as you grab your satchel and bag.You were about to go to the balcony that has a shadow ladder to climb down ready.
“Wait.”Your twin said as he grab your arm.
“Be careful and once you've reach that place,it's best not to use your powers there.Tip is to follow a lake.”Your twin said as you nodded he hugged you and let you go as you run to the balcony while your twin walk away from your room closing the door.
You climb down the shadow ladder as it disappeared being one with the shadow again, the moon was bright, it seems like the moon was positive about this idea of yours and so were the stars.You look around the dark area of the garden as you ran avoiding some guards.
“A thief is getting away with my jewels!Go and block that way!And get it back!”Your twin brother said pointing at the opposite direction.
“Yes!You heard the young prince!Catch the theif!”The guard stated as the others followed running past your hiding spot.Once it was clear you ran as if your life depended on it which it did, as the shadow that followed you help you from going directly to the forest.
‘I can't believe I'm running away for the first time!AHHH FORGIVE ME BIG BROTHER!’You thought as you run not stopping to have a breath.After a few hours of running to who knows where you stop,holding your knees as you breath.Once you've calmed down you look around,it was dark and cold you look at the shadow that followed you as it pointed a way which made you walk towards the direction.
‘I'll just rest once I've seen a lake.’You thought as you walked through the forest silently,hesitating with every step but not stopping.You weren't worried about yourself you were worried about Denzel your eldest brother, he was always the calmed person and overprotective one too.If he finds out about your running away plan he will freak out.
‘Oh I hope everything is fine back in the kingdom.’You thought as you walked.
It's been two hours after knowing you have run away, everyone was shock and worried including your eldest brother who was yelling at you supposed to be Fiance.
“Denzel-”(M/n) tried to say but was cut off.
“Mother with all respect,Don't tell me to calm down again!If it wasn't for this thing!Everything would've been okay!Y/n wouldn't have run away!”Your eldest Brother Denzel said as Celìo your twin brother agreed.
“What did you just call me?!”Youe Fiance inquired pissed.
“Oh shut it you nuisance!If you weren't here in the first place EVERYTHING WOULD'VE BEEN FINE!”Denzel hissed his eyes darkening as Thiago your so called fiance started to choke.
“Denzel that's enough!”(M/n) stated as she grab his arm which startled him as he click his tounge.Thiago held his neck as breath deeply.
“Tsk.I'll commence a search for Y/n.Until then,if I see this thing some where in OUR kingdom,I'll kill him with my bare hands.”Denzel threatened as he close the door,Celìo followed his eldest brother.
“Brother you're too worked up for this.”Celìo stated as Denzel furrowed his eyebrows as he gave him a side glance.
“Oh please,if I didn't put up an act like that they'd think something's off.”Denzel stated which Celìo was surprised.
“The wind is everywhere.You won't be able to avoid that,so go and keep your twin company.Before she runs off too far.”Denzel stated as Celìo was surprised.
“I'm not supportive of this either,but there's no choice.To keep my mind at ease, go with her.”Denzel stated as he grab his younger brother's arm and push him inside his room.
“And be careful.Even if I threatened Thiago he won't give up.If he finds her first it's over for her.So go and hide together,it'll ease me knowing she isn't alone.”Denzel stated as Celìo nodded.
Tumblr media
Don't fret for La Familia Madrigal will be included soon.Not sure if this is a shitty writing or not but slowburn will be on it later.Oh this will be after the movie Camilo is between 15-16 in this story.
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roxylexie01 · 10 days ago
Her favorite rose (part 1)
Yay, I did it! Long story short, I just had this name pop up in my head and all I could think of was how perfect would it be if it was the name of Isa's girlfriend.
So here it is, a little (not so much) first part of a fic about Isabela and her girlfriend Rosabel (I still haven't figured out Rosabel's surname and whole design to be honest, but I'll get there sooner or later😅). Briefly how they met ('cause it seems I can't write a proper first meeting without it getting boring) and their interactions through all the movie. The usual basically😅😂 I just really wanted to get this out of my chest.
It was getting pretty long, so I decided to split it in 2 parts.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to my beta reader @ataraxianne for helping me through this madness🤣💕 there would be no fic if it wasn't for her.
Friendly reminder that english is not my first language and neither is spanish, so let me know for any mistakes or typos and I'll try fixing them. I also apologize if you find any of the characters to be "off character" (except for Rosabel of course). I tried my best to keep them all "in character" as much as possible.
It's nothing special, but I hope you enjoy!
Isabela was not having a good day.
It was sunny and warm outside, you'd think with a weather like this, who could be having a bad day? Well, that would be señorita perfecta Isabela, since nothing could take her mind off the conversation she had with her abuela that morning.
Abuela just broke the news that she has been discussing her betrothal to Mariano Guzman after he asked her permission to marry Isabela, a real blessing for the family as she called it.
Isabela didn't see it that way. She didn't want to marry him, but she didn't want to disappoint abuela either and make the family unhappy. She was cornered. Her only option would be to carry on with it, for the family.
And... well, she also had another reason why she didn't want to marry him. You see, Isabela was already in love with someone else.
She would never forget that day in the Encanto's plaza, when she first met the love of her life...
Two months before Antonio's gift ceremony
Isabela was wandering in the plaza, making beautiful roses bloom whenever she was kindly asked by the people of Encanto.
After finishing another patch of roses, Isabela didn't notice a cracked tile while standing up, so she tripped and landed on her butt. Perfect señorita-perfecta-Isabela style indeed.
"Are you alright?" a girl rushed to her side, offering her hand to Isabela.
"Oh, gracias." Isabela replied a little flushed, taking the girl's hand to get up "I'm okay, don't worry." she said with a tiny smile.
"That's good. You scared me for a second there." the girl responded to Isabela's smile with a crooked grin.
Isabela could see a pair of beautiful green eyes shining bright in the sunlight. That shade of green in particular reminded her of summer leaves.
"I'm Rosabel, by the way." the girl offered her hand once more, this time to shake.
"I'm Isabela." she shook her hand in return "Uhm, I really like your name." 'and not only that' Isabela thought.
"I can see why." Rosabel smirked looking to the side at the roses that bloomed just minutes ago thanks to the beautiful girl in front of her.
Isabela blushed and tried to hide some flowers that grew on her head from Rosabel's sight, unsuccessfully. She was so screwed.
Present day
A magical meeting you could say, really.
And now, Isabela might have to say goodbye to her forever, even though she absolutely didn't want to. But how could she even hope to escape her fate? Going against abuela's wishes... it terrified her.
Isabela saw her lover in the distance putting on a wagon some boxes full of decorations for Antonio's party. Then, as Rosabel went back into her house to retrieve another box, Isabela sneaked in too.
She found Rosabel with her back turned, so she got closer and hugged her from behind. Rosabel didn't even flinch, recognizing immediately the smaller body against hers.
"Hola, mi vida." greeted Isabela. It came out a little muffled since her face was buried in her lover's back.
"Hola, mi flor." Rosabel turned to plant a light kiss on Isabela's forehead, but just for a second. As if remembering something, the taller girl retracted from the sweet moment a lil too quickly to go unnoticed by the eldest Madrigal.
"So... how is your day going?" asked Isabela.
"Pretty busy. All the preparations for your little cousin's ceremony take a lot of energy."
Rosabel sighed, not meeting Isabela's eyes. The eldest Madrigal noticed that something was off with her girlfriend. And she probably knew what was bothering her.
"You know already, don't you?" Isabela guessed.
"I heard your abuela talking to the Guzmans. They were talking so loudly, I think everyone knows at this point." she was still avoiding her gaze.
"Abuela told me this morning. But Rosa, that doesn't have to change anything-"
"The whole Encanto knows about your imminent engagement, Isa. It's pointless pretending nothing is going to change between us."
Rosabel was now face to face with Isabela, light green eyes shining in the daylight, but her voice gentle as if trying not to upset Isabela more than she already was. Isabela really wanted to find a solution, one with her and Rosa together at the end. But at the same time she feared there was none. That her destiny was sealed and not by her own choice.
"But I want to be with you, I don't want to leave you!" Isa protested.
"I know, mi princesa. Me too. So much." Rosabel brought their foreheads together. "But you know as much as I do that your abuela already decided and there is no turning back." Rosa spoke softly, almost defeated.
"I know... I just... I wish there was another way." Isabela sniffed.
It was too painful. Isabela's eyes begin to fill with tears. Rosabel wrapped her arms around Isabela, letting her vent against her chest, not caring for her shirt getting a bit wet.
"It's going to be alright, mi amor, no te preocupes. Everything will work out in the end, I'm sure of it." Rosabel said, caressing Isabela's back up and down to soothe her sobs and hugging her tighter, never wanting to let her go.
"I hope you're right, Rosa." thought Isabela.
Rosabel was planning to keep her distance from Isabela for the whole party, considering that the Madrigals didn't know about her. Well, maybe Dolores knew, but luckily never told anything to anyone. Much to Isabela's surprise, since she knew her prima wasn't the best at keeping secrets.
Rosabel also had the opportunity to watch first hand the act of señorita perfecta that Isabela was putting on to reach abuela's expectations. Which was simply exhausting for the poor girl, Rosabel could tell. She wanted so much to relieve Isabela's mind a little from all of that, to cheer her up and to make her smile, but she restricted herself, at least for now. There were too many people around.
Rosabel watched from afar Isabela dancing, surrounded by a little crowd of people while showering them with petals-like-confetti. Out of the corner of her eye, Rosabel spotted Mariano staring at Isabela too. She felt a tug of jealousy in her heart. That big dumb hunk would marry Isabela in a matter of weeks and there was nothing she could do. Let's be clear, she would have certainly done something by now, anything... but she could not risk to jeopardize Isabela's future and relationship with her family. She loved her enough to let her go... but that didn't mean she was also strong enough to take the pain that came with it.
Rosabel cursed under her breath. They were in the same place, and yet she missed her like crazy. She's down bad for her.
Her thoughts got interrupted while everyone was gathering for abuela's speech.
Rosabel was fuming.
She was currently in Antonio's room with everyone else, leaning against the massive tree, not joining the dance. She was happy for the youngest Madrigal and the gift he received, of course she was. Her enraged state was caused by the sight of Isabela dancing with Mariano!
Rosabel was also glaring at him and not in a subtle way, but luckily for her everyone was too caught up dancing and partying to notice. In the meantime, Isabela was talking with Mariano, smiling and laughing at whatever he was telling her. Rosabel wished to be the reason of those smiles so bad...
Obviously, she knew she shouldn't be so jealous of him, but she honestly couldn't help it. He would have by his side the most amazing woman she had ever known, potentially forever. And Rosabel would be the biggest liar ever, if she said that it didn't irritated her beyond measure.
Suddenly Mirabel rushed to abuela out of breath, interrupting the party and the music and, therefore, the dance.
Rosabel discretely bumped her fist.
The young girl with glasses talked about cracks on Casita and how the candle almost went out. Many followed Mirabel and abuela out to check what was wrong, but found nothing. Soon the music filled the air once again and everyone got back in the room.
Isa and Rosa have been exchanging glances all night. So when Isabela walked past her, flashing a longing look in her direction, Rosabel could see how her expression saddened from not being able to be together even for a few minutes.
Rosa felt the same. She felt the need to be near Isa and to adore her more than Mariano, more than anyone in Encanto, more than anyone in the entire world!
The urge got so strong that she threw carefulness out the window and silently approached her. The people around them were too distracted or wasted anyway.
Rosa got close enough to Isa to touch her arm to get her attention. When she turned and saw her lover, Isabela's eyes went wide with surprise, along with a bit of amusement too. Rosa nudged Isa to go to a secluded place to have some privacy.
The pair looked around to make sure no one, especially abuela, was watching as they sneaked out the room. Away from prying eyes and ears.
Crossing above the kitchen, Isabela recognized the voices of her mamá and Mirabel talking.
In a matter of seconds the two lovers got to Isabela's room. Casita even opened and closed the door for them as quietly as possible.
"Thank you, Casita." smiled Isabela.
Once inside Isabela hugged tightly Rosabel, hiding her face in the crock of her neck. That way she could smell the relaxing scent of her girlfriend.
Rosabel welcomed her with open arms. After she's been enduring not being able to touch Isabela the whole night, now she would take her time to enjoy her company.
Isabela created a giant cotton flower with her and Rosa on top of it. So that even if someone were to burg in the room, they would be out of sight, giving them all the time and privacy they needed.
The couple relaxed as they laid down on the soft cotton, face to face.
"Perdóname for stealing you like that. I couldn't go another second without you in my arms." Rosa said, kissing Isa's nose and stroking her flushed cheek with the thumb of her right hand. Isabela places her left hand on top of Rosabel's, smiling fondly. A few red petunia flowers grew on Isa's head.
"I'm glad you did actually, I think you took the perfect chance. I wanted to be alone with you too." Isabela scooched in for more physical contact. Head on Rosabel's shoulder and arms around her torso. The other girl wrapped her left arm around her.
They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying the silence and the warmth of each other's bodies.
"Do you- uhm... I mean, would you consider the idea of..." Isabela broke the silence, not looking at Rosabel "like, hypothetically, running away... with me?" her voice almost a whisper at this point.
Rosabel was too stunned to speak. Isabela started panicking for the loss of words of her lover.
"Forget I ever asked you th-"
"No no! I'm sorry, I was just processing your question in my mind and of course I would be on board with the idea of running away with you!" Rosabel reassured her "But only if that's what you really want, Isa. I love you and I was ready- well not ready, but kind of, to let you go. If that's what had to be done. I don't want you to leave your family because of me... I just... I don't feel worth the trouble."
"Don't say that!" Isa sat up, looking at Rosa with a serious expression on her face. "I can't even begin to explain how much you mean to me, Rosa. I love you and-" her voice cracked a little. "I can't accept a life without you. It'd feel... lonely and empty."
"I understand what you mean. My life wouldn't be complete without you neither. Eres mi media naranja, Isa."
They shared a long embrace.
"I have a question though... How do you plan to get over the huge mountains?" Rosabel asked.
Now it was Isabela's turn to remain speechless. Yeah, she didn't thought about that.
"I might have forgotten about that problem." she admitted.
And with that the prospective of a getaway together blown off.
"Hey, that's okay. We'll just meet in town and spend time together, like we always did. I could introduce myself to your family as your best friend or something and no one would suspect a thing!" joked Rosa.
"My really close best friend." Isa followed in the fun, making both of them laugh.
As the laughs died down, the cotton flower descended to the floor.
"I think it's time we get back to the party, people will start noticing our absence soon." Isabela declared.
"You're right."
Rosabel took both Isabela's hands in her own, giving a soft kiss at the knuckles.
"Do you mind if I just leave through the window? I wouldn't want to get you in trouble if we run into someone on the way out."
"Oh, sure." Isa agreed. It was a little high up from the ground, but nothing some climbing plants wouldn't fix. She made them grow right away and payed farewell to her girlfriend with a kiss on the cheek, which Rosa reciprocated.
Rosabel slowly started climbing down the plant. She was a little bit more than halfway down when it could be heard a knock on Isabela's room door. Not even the time to answer that it swing open, revealing Julieta.
"Oh Isabela, here you are!" Julieta headed towards Isabela and the open window.
Rosabel in a rush of panic to not get caught, jumped from the vine, landing with a dull thud on the grass covered ground.
Isabela resisted the urge to check on her girlfriend and made the climbing plant disappear with a wave of her hand.
"Mamá! I was just taking a minute to rest from all the dance and music, what is it?"
"Nothing, mi hija. I was just worried because I couldn't find you anywhere at the party."
Isabela appreciated her mother's concern.
"I'll get back in a couple of minutes, okay?"
"Alright, let me know if you need anything."
Isabela nodded and waved to her mother until she was out of the room. Then she turned to the window and called out to Rosabel.
"Rosa, are you okay?!" she yelled worryingly.
Rosabel, face on the ground, gave her a thumbs up.
End part 1
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abrianadesaphi · 12 days ago
Could you do a story, where the reader decides to take a bath in the river to reduce her anger, because of mariono's marriage proposal with isabela, and isabela sees her and ends up "helping the reader relax"? please?
BESTIE IM NOT SURE IF YOU WANTED SMUT OR NOT SO IM SORRY 😭 i wrote smut tho mwahahahah ok anyw here we go
some curse words
lowercase intended
light angst (?) like super light
the reader tends to get angry quite often and isabela knows the best way to calm her gf down ;)
u're a bottom so uhm yea
let's go for a swim, mi vida | isabela madrigal x fem!reader
you were furious, and everyone who saw you as you walked along this particular street of encanto knew. i mean, it was obvious by the way your face looked.
in response to your distressed body language, the villagers cleared their path when you came across them, knowing better than to do something that’ll rile you up even more.
you knew that isabela was to do whatever her abuela alma told her to, being the perfect golden child that their family was blessed with. she’s always been that way — protecting her precious reputation and doing whatever was needed to be done just to get her grandmother’s validation.
you accepted her that way because you loved her and you would do anything just to keep her, and in order to do that, she had to keep you a secret. don't get it wrong, you knew that she loved you dearly since she makes it known to you in so many ways whenever you have your time together. however, when it came to everyone else, you were nothing but isabela madrigal’s best friend.
and when you were told that the madrigals were preparing for mariano’s proposal to isabela, you felt absolutely hurt and betrayed. you felt your chest tighten as your pain led you to be angry at isabela. and then you were angry with yourself as well.
after walking without a destination in mind, you found yourself at the river hidden within the trees and hills which surrounded encanto. you took a deep breath in, the fresh evening air pleasantly invading your lungs.
you took your buttoned shirt off and then slipped out of your skirt, carelessly dropping them on the rocky ground. you were about to take off your undergarments when you felt familiar arms wrapping themselves around your naked waist.
you took a shaky breath in as you tried to free yourself from her embrace, “isabe-”
she held your waist tighter and closer, feeling your back against her, “can we talk?” 
“why? so you can feed me more of your lies?” you removed yourself from her, facing her as you spoke, “shouldn’t you be picking out dresses for next week? mariano’s proposal has to be perfect, i heard.”
“i didn’t even know until yesterday, mi vida,” isabela explained, “abuela just decided everything for-”
“exactly, isabela!” you exclaimed, “you can never decide anything for yourself because other people make your choices for you. and you just let them!”
“i know that,” isabela caressed your arm, “i apologize, mi cariño."
“you didn’t even tell me!” you turned your back on her as you yelled, not minding whatever it is that she previously said, “i had to find out through the baker, for God's sake!”
“i knew you would be angry so-"
“well, did you expect me to just let this kind of thing slide?!” you yelled as you looked back at her, seeing her pitiful face, “leave, isabela. i don’t want to see you any more tonight.”
despite you telling her to leave, she walked closer to you, running her palms through your shoulders and arms. her hands found themselves on your hips before whispering to your ear from behind, “i’m sorry, mi amor.”
you took a deep breath in, completely distracted by how her hands were now traveling to your waist so teasingly slow.
“i’m sorry for being a coward, and i’m sorry for not telling you,” she genuinely apologized, moving your hair to one side as she kissed the side of your neck, still holding you from behind, “by tomorrow, i’ll figure something out, alright? i’ll talk to mariano about it.”
you found yourself slowly nodding to whatever she spoke of, feeling as if she put a spell on you to make you calm down and completely melt into her. 
she spoke softly once again, “let’s go for a swim, mi vida.”
you found yourself complying with her, doing whatever it is she wanted you to. you felt as if you were hypnotized, or was it just how she naturally made you feel when her hands were on you? you didn't know, but you enjoyed it.
you both were now naked as she led you deeper in the river, her hands never leaving your waist as her dark eyes looked into yours. 
isabela started to kiss your collarbones, causing you to close your eyes as your arms wrapped around her neck. she marked wherever her lips landed on your skin, not leaving that certain area until it bruised.
she looked up at you before wearing her heart on her sleeve and saying, "(y/n), i was wrong. and i get why you're angry, but i love you. and i'm going to be better for you. i promise that i'll do all that i can, alright mi amor? but for now, i want to make love to you."
you gave her half a smile, your anger completely vanishing at her words. you teased, "only if stop making me angry."
she smiled at you as she said, "that's impossible, you're always angry."
"well, it seems like you won't be getting some tonight," you pretend to leave and get out of the water, but she quickly held onto your hand.
"no, no, no," she said, "you're not going to leave me hanging this time, princesa."
she kissed your lips hungrily, pulling you closer as her hand made its way around your throat, making you moan in surprise.
isabela parted your legs with her knee, her other hand trailing down to touch you where you needed her the most.
her finger teased your womanhood, eliciting a moan from your pretty lips. she smirked at your reaction before finally entering you.
she felt so good, God, she felt too good. your moans were an invitation to make her go faster, rougher, just the way that you liked it.
"i never thought that my good girl would enjoy getting fucked in a river this much," she commented with a shit-eating grin, "tell me, do i make you feel good, mi princesa?"
she had two fingers thrusting in and out of you in the most pleasant ways possible, which gave you trouble in responding to her question.
"corazon, i asked you a question," isabela said in a warning tone.
"you make me feel so, so good," you moaned.
she smiled cockily, "i know."
she kept going, and God, it all felt even better with each thrust. soon enough, your nails were scratching on her shoulders as your moans started to sound like whimpers and pleads. 
"go on, mi vida, come," and just like that, you did.
you felt tired as you wrapped your arms around her, your body collapsing. 
isabela laughed, "you okay, cariño?"
"i told you, getting angry takes a lot of energy!"
"you take a lot of energy!"
she laughed at you before saying, "it's getting dark. do you wanna join us for dinner?"
"i don't think i can face your family knowing that you had just…"
"made love to you? in a river? and you enjoyed it a little too much?" she teased.
you rolled your eyes, "i'm getting you back later."
"oh? am i also getting my turn this evening?"
"we'll see," you gave her a wink.
i'm officially taking requests! <3
edit: requests are now closed!
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lilian-maximoff · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
= Isabela Madrigal =
Key - Fluff<3 Angst** Smut/Lemon*** Dark****
= One shots =
Kiss the girl <3
Goes by the lyrics, so pretty explanatory
= Series =
Coming soon
= Polyamorous Relationships =
coming soon
= Preferences/Headcanons/Reacts =
coming soon
= Playlists =
Dating Isbela Madrigal
Isabela Madrigal
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batemanslut · 28 days ago
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x GN Reader
•reader will have female anatomy, but will use gender neutral pronouns. also was inspired by @incubum !! this is my first fic so I hope it turns out well!!!!
WARNING: There is an age gap between Bruno and the reader. MINORS DNI 18+
Bruno Madrigal was a creep, a pervert, and most of all, a sexual deviant. God only knows how long he's wanted you. He watched you through the cracks of the wall for years now, longing for the day he'd be able to touch your smooth skin, to know how you smelled, to taste you. You were the object of his desires, what he thought about when he wrapped his hand around his aching cock, wondering what it would feel like to grope your soft tits, or to grind his needy cock against your ass.
He never thought he'd have his fantasies fulfilled, that he'd forever be a whorish virgin dry humping his pillow in desperation.
Oh boy was he wrong.
༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺ ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
Sticky summer air clung to your clothes as you tried to battle the heat, and losing. Sweat beaded across your forehead as you pushed your way into the Madrigal home, Isabela following quickly behind you. She had wanted to go venture into town, but the duo had quickly discovered that it was too damn hot to do anything.
Isabela sighed, fanning herself with her hands as you tried to wipe the sweat off of your face.
"Well..." Isabela sighed out, disappointed that their adventure would be cut so shortly by the sweltering heat.
"We could always try tomorrow?" You say, setting yourself down on the stairs, leaning and resting your arms on the step behind you. Little did you know there was someone watching you from afar, a secret admirer.
Bruno groaned quietly as he saw you lean back. His eyes scanned your body over slowly, watching as you glistened from sweat. You had just pulled your skirt up, trying to cool yourself off, and Bruno nearly lost whatever sense he had left. He was a 50 year old virgin, I mean what do you expect?
He knew he had to have you. A little mischievous grin spread across Bruno's face as he thought about all the things he'd do to you. He nearly came like the little pervert he is at just the thought of ravaging your perfect body- biting down on your neck, pulling your hair, and especially (his favorite of his daydreams) fucking your cute face.
Isabela invited you to spend the night, because although the adventure into town didn't work out, that doesn't mean the day should end there.
Later on in the evening, the weather was just as hot as ever, and your clothes basically became one with your body.
"Isabela, do you mind if I showered?" You asked. You were sprawled out on her bed, your head in her lap as she played with your hair.
"Do you even need to ask? You basically live here." She joked, giving you a genuine smile. You grinned back at her, pushing yourself up from her lap.
You walked your way over to the bathroom, not noticing the man who was lingering behind you, creeping. Bruno obviously overheard your plans to take a shower, and he decided this was the perfect time to strike. It's now or never.
Before you shut the bathroom door, a short scrawny man slipped his hand over your mouth- shutting the door for you. You tried biting his hand, flipping the fuck out.
"Calm down." Was all he said, a bit awkwardly at that. You freaked out even more, because who the fuck calms down when someone says calm down?
You glance at your attacker, soaking in all his features. Unruly curly hair, sprinkled with salt and pepper, soft doe-like eyes, and somewhat of a stubbly beard and mustache among his face. You don't know why, but you feel like you know him.
Oh. Oh fuck you do know him.
Bruno Madrigal. Which didn't make sense, because no one had seen Bruno in years. It didn't make sense.
Your body relaxes. Maybe Bruno wanted your help, maybe he wanted you to pass a message along to someone in the family. Maybe this isn't as sinister as it feels.
Bruno notices the change in your body language, slowly removing his hand from the lower half of your face. His fingers felt rough, yet comforting at the same time. He was rethinking his actions, maybe this wasn't the best thing to do, maybe he should turn around and go.
"Ah- just.. I'm sorry?" he stuttered, backing away to the door as he started to grab the door handle. You reach out to him, grabbing his free hand.
"Wait! Don't go!" You exclaimed. He paused, lowering to your connected hands. His pulse shot up, and his blood rushed to certain places. Dios mio, he wanted you. He was tired of waiting. Years of pleasuring himself to you wasn't enough, he needed the real thing.
"I need you.." He gasped out, falling to his knees, grabbing handfuls of your skirt and looking up at you needily. Bruno was grinding himself against your leg, letting out a soft whine. He needed you more than anything.
You stood there flabbergasted, trying to soak in what was happening. Bruno Madrigal was on his knees, after being missing for years. But god, was he hot. It felt wrong, being attracted to your friend's tío.
Fuck it. You bend down and yank his hair back, attaching your lips to his. Your teeth clashed as you both groped each other. Bruno grunted, tearing down your top to expose your tits. God they were perfect. He latched his lips and started sucking. You were as dreamy as he had always imagined. A goddess. He was hungrily biting and licking down your chest, suddenly ripping down your skirt. Fuck your scent made him feral.
He buried his face into your underwear, inhaling your scent before he started licking your clit through the cottony fabric. Bruno's nails raked down your thighs. His moans were muffled. Your knees buckled as he pulled your underwear to the side, slowly teasing his fingers at your lips. You were already so wet. Nobody had ever touched you like this before. His salt and pepper hair tickled your thighs as he leaned in for another whiff.
"Bruno..please touch me.." You begged, grabbing his wrist and forcing him to finger you. He groaned, hearing how wet your pussy was. All he could think about was how beautiful you were. You had this ethereal glow to you. He pumped his fingers diligently, like it was the only thing in life that mattered. Seeing your face twist up in pleasure nearly made him cum on the spot. Your hands wandered to his hair, tugging him closer to your body.
He bit his lip, eyes rolling back into his head. His cock was straining against his clothes. Bruno removed his fingers, heart fluttering when he heard your disappointed whine. Quickly, he pulled down his shorts and underwear down, letting his cock pop out. His cock was thick, veins pulsing on the underside of his shaft, and he had bushy curls leading up to his belly button. The tip of his cock already leaked with precum, dribbling out in little pearls.
He aggressively grabbed your hips, pulling you closer to him. Immediately he rubbed the tip of his cock against your clit, shoving his head into your neck. You moaned loudly, before he shoved his fingers in your mouth.
"Keep quiet, Mi Querido." He warned, before he bit down on your neck. You grunted, sucking on his fingers like it was his cock, bobbing up and down. Bruno continued teasing his cock, slipping the tip in and out of your slit.
Without warning he slammed into you, causing tears to roll down your cheek. It hurt but it felt so fucking good. He continuously pounded into you while biting and licking your neck, fingers still in your mouth. This wasn't your first time, but it surely was the best so far.
He forced your mouth open, spitting into it. You nearly fell to your knees. Bruno noticed and pushed you against the wall, moving his fingers out of your mouth, as to hold your legs up as they wrapped around his waist.
"Bruno.." You whined out in a low voice, moving your fingers down to rub your clit, the other tangled in his hair. Bruno only fucked you harder after you moaned his name. He was determined to make you cum before him.
"You're mine." Was all he grunted out, destroying your body. He went back down to your tits, sucking your nipples. Your brain malfunctioned, and your mouth stopped working. All that came out was quiet rambles about how good he felt.
He wanted so badly to cum in you, to breed your cunt. You clenched around him and he huffed, having to tell himself to calm down before he busted. You worked your fingers faster, climbing faster to your high. Who knew that you'd be fucking your friend's missing tío in a bathroom tonight.
"Cum in me." You demaned, staring him straight in his glowing eyes. He lost his mind. Bruno wasn't even processing what was happening as you orgasmed, arching your back and thrusting your tits further into his face. He felt you clench around his cock again, and that was it.
He came deep inside of you, your body's sticking together as you both reached your highs. He soon pulled out, dropping down as he watched his cum drip out of your pussy. Before he realized it, he was lapping his mess up, licking up your thighs to your lips. He loved how you tasted, both of your tastes mixed together.
Bruno stood back up, panting as he leaned in for a final kiss. You slumped against the wall in shock as your legs shook and your breath wavered. Holy shit.
Bruno slipped back on his clothes, grinning as he scanned you up and down.
"Until next time." He said, leaving as quickly as he entered. You gaped your mouth open. He did NOT just fucking leave.
Little did you know this would become a daily occurance, that every time you spent that night with Isabela, Bruno would creep out to find you.
To perv on you, to watch you from the shadows.
And god you loved it. He was your pervert. Only yours.
And you were his.
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heretohelptheidiots · a month ago
Isabella x Female Reader. The Reader belongs to another magical family and their powers is that they can glow like a lamp. De Lampara They can glow their eyes or even their whole body. They can control their glowing but it is also based on their emotions. Their magic can change colors whatever they want. Their blushes can glow too uwu Some of the townspeople rumored that this person is like a sun goddess or a spirit when they've visited Encanto for their first steps. God we also have ideas to make encanto OCS holy crap-
So good!
Rumors of another blessed family had reached your home a couple weeks back, and you had set out to find them. You felt the inextricable pull of something telling you the next stage of your life was just over there.
You reached Encanto, looking around at the tidy little town with the massive house on the hill. You stopped at the church first, finding the most beautiful woman you had ever seen standing outside tending to some cacti.
“Hello there, I’m new to town. I was looking for a family called the Madrigals.” You said, struggling to keep from lighting up.
“Well, you’ve found one.” She said straightening and looking you over. “Can I help you?” Her gaze was critical.
“Possibly.” You said, your face starting to heat up. “I heard that your family had magic, and well, so does mine, and I uh.” You got distracted by the way the plant kept trying to move towards her.
“You have magic?” She asked, looking at you more closely.
“Yes.” You said, paying attention again. You held out your hands and let light glow from them. She gasped in amazement and put her fingers out to touch. It was warm, but not enough to burn. Her fingers brushed along your palms, playing with the light. She looked up and arched a perfectly shaped eyebrow.
“Your face is glowing.” She pointed out. You nodded.
“It does that from time to time.” You said, trying to deflect.
“It’s pink.”
“Yeah, does that to.”
You could hear whispers behind you. ‘It’s a spirit.’ ‘Something divine’ were what you could make out. You turned and offered a little wave.
“Uh, hello.” You said. You felt a delicate hand on your arm.
“She’s coming up to Cassita, you can have her later.” She announced, starting to pull you through town.
“Thank you, could I have your name?” You asked, realizing you’d forgotten to ask before.
“Isabela. You?”
“Y/n.” You supplied. She nodded and lead you right up to the house on the hill. Introductions were had and Señora Madrigal spent hours talking to you. Your story was in many ways similar to that of the Madrigals, and ancestor had been displaced, a major loss had occurred, and they had been blessed with gifts. The door thing was definitely different though.
At dinner that night you were sat next to Isabela. You fought to contain the light trying to come from your face. It was so unfair that she was so pretty.
“Why is the light pink?” Antonio asked, noticing the shift in colors.
“Each color relates to a different mood.” You said. “And the intensity of color relates to the intensity of feeling. For example blue is sad, the darker the blue, the deeper the sad.”
“So is pink Looove?” Camilo teased, earning a smack on the back of his head from Dolores. “Oow!”
“Just a shyness or embarrassment.” You deflected. Isabela’s foot brushed yours setting the shade even darker.
“Oh, just shyness?” She questioned.
“Mmhmmm. This meal is excellent Señora Julietta.” You said, trying to change the subject. Isabela left it alone the rest of the evening. The next day you walked down with them to assist around town. Isabela insisted that you go with her, and you used your powers to give hers a little boost. It wasn’t much, but it did seem to help a little. As weeks passed, she began to insist you go with her even if there wasn’t anything to do with her powers going on.
“Can I ask you a question?” You said one day as you sat in her room.
“Better than anyone I know, aside from Mirabel anyway.”
“Why do you keep me inviting me around?” She fixed your with a ‘God you’re dense, but it’s cute.”
“Plants need light.” She said kissing your cheek.
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teddybear-named-george · 18 days ago
Time for dinner!
Isabela Madrigal x Female!Reader
"Isabela your girlfriend's here!" Camilo called out, reminding all within hearing range of when Isabela and Marino were dating before they split up.
"Shit, I'm not even ready!" The young woman panicked, earning a strange look from her youngest sister.
"Isa, you look fine."
"No, I was going to wear this dress- stall her!" She hissed at her cousin and sister, before hurrying out of sight to change.
"How do we stall her?" Camilo asked, both Madrigal's approaching the older woman.
"I don't know. What do lesbians like?" Mirabel asked.
"I don't know. What do you like?"
"Hola!" Y/N waved at them both with a grin.
"Y/N!" Camilo jumped forward. "How's the shop? Wait, stop, stop. I can't walk and talk."
"What, why?"
"It gives him bowel problems." Mirabel said before her cousin could answer, earning a glare from him.
"Really? You might want to get that checked out." Y/N gave him a concerned look.
"It's a shapeshifting thing. It's fine." Camilo shrugged it off.
"Right." She gave the younger two a strange look before shrugging. "But yeah, the shop's good. What's for dinner?"
"Empanadas. My mama's special recipe." Mirabel beamed.
"Great! Shall we go in?" Y/N moved closer to the house, but the teens caught her by the arms.
"No!" Camilo panicked.
"You can't!"
"Why? Is something wrong? Is Isabela okay?" Y/N panicked.
"No, she's fine." Mirabel winced at the older girl's questioning glance. "Okay, fine. We're supposed to stall you because Isa is changing. Apparently, she wants to change her dress even though she looked fine earlier." She rambled.
"Mirabel!" Camilo huffed, rolling his eyes. "Ugh, come on then. The truth's out now." He began to walk up the hill towards the house, ignoring Y/N's confused look. "I don't have bowel problems, by the way. That was a lie." He turned to glare at his cousin, who gave him an innocent look.
"Hola, Y/N!" Julieta greeted the woman with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. "Isabela's upstairs. Why don't you sit at the table? Everyone else is already there."
"Gracias, Julieta." She thanked the older woman.
"Y/N!" Isabela ran down the stairs, greeting her girlfriend with a short kiss and a hug. "I didn't know you were here." She gave a pointed glare to Mirabel and Camilo, who held their hands up in surrender and walked to the dining room.
"It's cute that you wanted to change your dress for me, Isa, but you don't have to ask your sister and cousin to stall me." Y/N laughed at the scowl that overtook her girlfriend's face. "Now, come on. I'm told we are having empanadas."
They both sat at the table, enjoying the small talk and questions thrown their way.
"So, when are you two getting married?" Abuela asked conversationally, making Y/N choke on her water and Isabela to sprout flowers around her.
"I don't know." Y/N gasped out, earning a firm pat on the back from Augustín. There was an awkward moment of silence. "So..." Y/N asked in the same tone as Abuela had. "When is Camilo getting his bowel problem fixed?"
Mirabel burst out laughing, snorting into her hands as Camilo shapeshifted into a bunch of random people in surprise and embarrassment.
"What?" Pepa asked in alarm. "Mijo, you have a bowel problem?"
Dolores giggled under her breath as Mirabel laughed harder, Y/N joining in as Camilo's cheeks dusted pink.
"What's so funny? This isn't a laughing matter. If Camilo has a bowel problem, then we need to get it che-" Pepa was cut off by Mirabel sliding off her chair and landing on the floor, making a few others at the table giggle.
"I hate you both." Camilo covered his face with his hands.
When the laughter had abided, and the confusion was cleared, Isabela broke the silence. "Soon." She hid her smile with her hand. She met Y/N's confused gaze with a flirty gaze of her own. "Very soon."
A/N: fuck i love her. i say that about all the madrigal women. is it a lie? no. no it isnt. this is a repost from wattpad! if you want to check out my acc, my user is wizzy357 ((:
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nuggiesnoogie · 16 days ago
okay I have an idea... and if at a family dinner, Isabela asks her mom to give her something and it's her girlfriend who does. and then dinner becomes chaos
Tumblr media
Don’t pass the salad
Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: Yes yes and yes, absolutely beautiful love this idea issa classic, thank you for requesting hope you like it I had a lot of fun writing <3
-> female reader insert//girlfriend to Isabela//she/her pronouns//dinner//Julieta has a hidden murder skill//no Bruno slander intended//Mami is reader
Desc: Isabela and her girlfriend are over at her families house to have a nice dinner. However, along the line, there seems to be some confusion involving names.
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
She and Isabela sat side by side at her families table, merrily enjoying their meal cooked wonderfully by Julieta. Every Madrigal, plus Mariano and herself, were seated around the table, chatting casually with one another.
“How have you been Mira?” [Y/n] asked.
Mirabel smiled at her from behind Isabela after taking a bite. “Good, nothing new, really.” Despite her words, she casted a slick look to Isa. “But I would appreciate it if you told your girlfriend to give me back the satchel she took the other day.”
Isabela tensed and rolled her eyes then glared at her sister, looking ready to mouth her off. [Y/n] found her hand and squeezed a bit. The long haired woman glanced back with a gentle gaze then calmed down and looked back to her plate, using one hand to eat as she squeezed back. “Mami borrowed it I already told you.”
[Y/n] tilted her head, “I ne-mmfdm.” Her words became muffled from the flower that blocked her mouth.
Mira narrowed her eyes with confusion at her before they widen and she placed a fist on her palm, facing Isabela once more. “Ah! Right, I’m sorry, you did. I’ll get it from mamá after dinner.”
It took a minute, but after registering the blush on Isa’s face, she caught on to her girlfriends mistake and took a careful look around with the release of their hands. Thankfully people continued their conversations, more importantly, the one between Julieta and her siblings. She pulled the flower out of her mouth, tucked it behind her ear, and replaced it with more food.
Out of the corner of her eye, Isa noticed the flower in its new spot, then flowed a hand over her ear to create a matching one. [Y/n] noticed with a smile and continued eating.
Things went on as normal. Julieta called her name and she turned. “How have you and Isa been? You have been spending a lot of time together. Hopefully nothing too exciting has been going on.”
“Mamá stop. Don’t embarrass me.” Isabela said as she strained a smile.
“Things have been nothing less but wonderful with her.” [Y/n] said and placed a gentle hand on Isa’s leg under the table, giving her a loving look. Isabela returned it. “I wake up happy because I know my dreams of her laughs and smiles will soon be a reality. She’s the light of my life. I’d be lost without her. I love her and couldn’t dream of a better woman. Truly.”
Isabela put a gentle hand on [Y/n]’s cheek with a touched look, “oh, mi rosa…” she said, then gave a painfully short kiss on the lips before drifting to her ear, “I can’t wait until this is over,” she said in a hushed tone, “you deserve-“
“Seriously?” Dolores bit. [Y/n] awkwardly smiled at her, Isa hardly looked bothered, but both separated.
“Anyway was real nice, hopefully soon to be, older sis.” Luisa said with a wink.
“Bleh.” Camilo butted in, then turned into Isabela. “Oh, [Y/n] I love you so, so, so much you remind me of peaches and roses.” He mocked with clasped hands, then turned back. “So gross. I can smell the cheese from here, and it isn’t the cheese arepas.”
“Stop that, don’t be rude.” Pepa scolded her son, then turned to the pair. “Sorry about him. That was beautiful. I’m happy for you two.”
“Yeah. I’m glad it worked out for all of us.” Dolores said as she gave the man next to her, Mariano, an enamored expression.
“Love is a magical thing.” The Matriarch, Alma, commented. “I’m happy for another one of my family to have found it.”
“Exactly, happy for you sis.” Mira said, then made a face toward the teenage boy. “He’s just jealous he’ll be gross, old, and grey before he finds someone. Er—no offense tío Bruno, I’m sure you’ll find someone.”
He picked at his food with an awkward but passive expression. “None taken.”
“You don’t need someone else to be happy.” Pepa said as she slowly rubbed his shoulder.
“Exactly! We’re here for you man.” Félix put in.
“Your family loves you dearly.” Julieta gingerly added.
Bruno somewhat chuckled but looked worse than before, “alright guys I get it, can we please just drop it?”
“Uh… yeah. Thank you for your kindness.” Isabela said, bringing the conversation back, then looked to her mom. “Oh, mami, do you mind passing the salad bowl?”
[Y/n] finished in a drift off as she stood up in her chair to reach for the bowl. Everybody stood still and looked upon them. Her and Julieta stared at each other. She felt like she was caught trying to steal a diamond ring as she stood up halfway in the air. After a few painful moments, vines wrapped around her legs and pulled her down to her chair.
Julieta smiled. Not a kind one, no, no. It radiated nothing but pure malice, as if right behind it was the face of the devil. It must’ve been. That’s the only way she can explain how her body is as ridged as stone.
“I messed up.” Isabela airily spoke.
It was only when a wooden spoon nearly hit her dead in the face did she react with a flinch. She looked behind her and nearly screeched as fear etched onto her features. It, the wooden spoon, was imbedded in the wall.
[Y/n]’s soul left her body. “Oh mother Mary-“
“Julieta! Calm down! Calm down, it’s not a big deal!”Pepa exclaimed.
“Yeah, honey, she’s old enough at this point, we can’t baby her.” Agustín said, holding down the arm with a death grip on a fork.
“Mamá, when did you get that strong?!” Mirabel exclaimed.
“Calm down? I am the only one she should be calling anything related to mother.” She calmly said, which only pierced [Y/n] with more fear.
“I’m sorry, really, Julieta I-“
Isa shoved her out the chair just before a fork replaced her seat. “Don’t get mad at her, it was my mistake—eep!” Another fork. “It’s really not that bad you’re overreacting!”
[Y/n] chimed in after her girlfriend, scrambling from the ground while using the chair as a shield, “y-yeah, I call her way worse.”
There was another pause. A couple peoples faces went red, including Isa’s. Pepa covered Antonio’s ears. She was confused but it finally set in and she put her hands up.
“No, no, not in that way-“ she tried to recover, but that was the equivalent of willingly grabbing a shovel even bigger than herself to dig her grave.
Julieta appeared to look even more sweet and calm as a darker, more chaotic aura oozes from her slowly rising figure. Even with Pepa, Bruno, and her husband, she was able to rise.
Isabela turned to her girlfriend, “run! Go! She will kill you! Luisa, hold mamá down!”
[Y/n] needed no more encouragement as she scrambled out of their casita, only the sounds of incomprehensible yelling, screaming, and food and glass hitting the walls filling the air.
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magicalencanto · a month ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Frozen ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader with ice powers!
✎ ⁞ requested by @beamingbeaming
✎ ⁞ warnings: angst
✎ ⁞ date: 24.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ It's so cold here... ❞
You whole body was shivering violently, teeth softly hitting against each other, as you held your tightly to your chest. Those chest pains were the worst. It only hurts more and more, restricting your breathing and causing your heart to beat painfully. Besides, at this point you weren't able to move from your fetus position. All you could do now is to wait for death to knock on your door and take you away...
❝ I'm so cold... ❞
Tumblr media
It was so warm that day. The sun was shining brightly, no cloud was on the sky and the wind was softly blowing here and there. It was just perfect. Maybe that's why you and Camilo decided to go on a date in your "secret spot".
It was deep into the forest, in a small clearing with a pond in the middle. You both found this spot on your first date and since that day, you regularly meet there. It was so breathtaking and a place where you could find true peace. An escape from all your troubles. A safe heaven.
But nothing perfect can last forever.
❝ Why don't you want to do it? ❞ Asked Camilo, blocking your path. You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You both were about to go back to the village and eat dinner with his family.
❝ Because, Milo, I don't want to hurt anyone. ❞
❝ Are you sure about that? ❞ Your boyfriend raised an eyebrow, also crossing his arms over his chest.
❝ What does that suppose to mean? ❞ You felt slightly offended and so the air around you became a little colder than usual.
❝ What I said. Admit that you're just a sore loser and are afraid to compete against Isabela. ❞ He lifted his chin a little higher, putting his hands on his hips.
❝ That's not true! ❞ You immediately protested, setting your jaw tighter. The temperature around began to lower, but neither of you were paying attention to that. You also ignored how playful argument turned into viscous fight and where this whole thing was going to.
❝ Yeah, it is! ❞
Snowflakes began to fall around you.
❝ No it isn't! ❞
Water stared to freeze.
❝ No it isn't! ❞ Camilo turned into you and mocked you. You gritted your teeth, feeling annoyed like never before. Was this so hard to understand? Why couldn't he get that you were just trying to protect everyone? Didn't he realized that your powers could actually kill someone?
Instead of answering, you opted to cover you face with you hands and take a few deep breaths, desperately trying to calm yourself. Mist formed from your mouth and nose when you were breathing out and a frost began to form under your feet.
❝ That's what I thought, you're just a sore loser. At first, you kept your powers secret from me and my family and now you afraid to face a little competition against my prima. ❞ You heard Camilo huff and his footsteps moving further from you. Yet you still kept your face covered from the world, no ready to face it again. Your shoulders started to shake as you took a shaky breath in. You didn't want to cry. No, you couldn't cry...
When you were sure that Camilo was gone, you fell on your knees, shaking even more. You felt so exposed and hurt by what your gift boyfriend had said. How could he?! After all you shared with him?! Your insecurities and deepest fears?! That's what you get?!?
You gritted your teeth harder, gripping your face with your hands as the frost from under your body began to spread around with a fast speed, coating everything in a thin layer of ice. On top of that, snow started to fall harder around you, slowly turning everything white. At this point, the pond froze into a solid ice and wind was blowing harshly around you.
And in the middle of that disaster, was poor you, desperately trying to calm yourself. But your poor heart was fragile, like made out of ice...
❝ Aaaaaaa! ❞ You yelled loudly, releasing thousands of ice shards around you. You were so hurt, so heartbroken, you just couldn't keep it inside of you and needed to let the pain out.
Most of the shards landed some distance away from you, but one piece, a small one, springed back to you after hitting a hard and big rock. And since you were sitting up, your chest was exposed to it...
❝ Ack!- ❞ You gasped loudly, suddenly feeling sharp pain in your chest. Everything stopped and went quiet, as you fell forward, gripping the front of your shirt, just above your heart, trying to catch your breath.
It hurts so bad but most of all, why were you feeling cold?
Tumblr media
Since that day, everything went downhill. When you somehow had managed to pick yourself up and walk back home, unknowingly you had brought the winter with you.
It had started innocently, only with a lower temperature, that began to turn lower and lower everyday. Then the snow appeared, soft snowflakes landing here and there. Then it began to intensifie every day, until thick layer of snow laid on every surface of Encanto. Frost appeared shortly after the first snow fell, appearing on every window and wall. The wind slowly began to pick up day after day, until it was so strong, no one could really do anything about it. To sum it up, a harsh winter fell upon the once sunny city of Encanto.
But as quickly as villagers were to judge your parents about not keeping their child at bay, even quicker they took back their words when they found out, that the true cause of this harsh winter was your declining health.
Day or two after fight with your boyfriend, you felt fine, expect some chest pains here and there.
Day three, four and five, you felt weaker and you felt cold in your hands and feet.
On day six, you hand noticed that streaks of your hair began to turn white. Of course, you tired to hide it from you parents and you succeed but the pain in your chest only increased and your legs and arms began to feel cold. Like they were freezing...
During day seven and eight, you felt yourself breaking out into cold sweat, even when you felt extremely cold. In conclusion, you had a cold. Most of your hair in the back of your head turned white and you could no longer stay still, because you couldn't stop shivering.
During midday on day nine, you passed out. Your parents found you on the floor in the kitchen, and were terrified to discover all the damage done to your body. Without hesitation, you dad was sent to Casita Madrigal for Julieta. In the meantime, your mother took you to the sofa in the living room and laid you on top of it, softly caressing your freezing body. When your father was back, with Julieta running behind him with a basket in her hands, they woke you up, and tried to give you some of Julietas dishes. Grudgingly, you did so, but much to your parents and Julietas expectations, it didn't work.
On day ten, it was official. You were deathly sick and no one could stop it. During last night, half of your hair turned white and although your cold disappeared, now your temperature was below the ones that human should have. After you were placed in your bedroom and tucked under many covers, Julieta tried a few more time to heal you with her magical snacks. But this attempts were proven to be fruitless. You were still dying, slowly being killed by your own gift.
The next day, whole Encanto began to pray for you to get better. Your parents were the ones who pray the hardest. They felt so useless, so helpless. They were basically forced to watch their child die before their own eyes. And they could do nothing about it. Abuela hearing this, felt her own heart break, because she couldn't imagine watching her own child die before her eyes. So with fierce determination, she began to think. Think how to help you, your family and Encanto. Behind her stood her whole family, also thinking about the solutions.
But no one thought harder than Camilo himself. The cause of the whole problem, the very thing that had caused you this... sickness. And honestly, this terrified him more than he would ever thought. Never before has his teasing, hurt someone so much. Now thinking about this in his room, Camilo realized that he accidentally took his frustration in you. That day wasn't his good day. For an unknown reason to him, everything went wrong and this negative emotions build up on him, until he just had to let them out. And unfortunately, you were his poor victim. His first girlfriend, love of his life, his Vida.
Of course, day after the whole argument took place, he tried to think of a ways to apologize to you. At first, he thought that it would be the best for you to cool off, before he would go to you and apologize. Then, after three days passed, he tried to approach you, but something always seemed to stop him. Either it would be people or his chores. Then, he couldn't see you, because harsh winter fell upon the whole Encanto and shortly after, you were declared sick.
Hearing this news, his heart broke into a million pieces. His...you were...no! No! You couldn't be! You-just-just couldn't be sick! Camillo really tried to be in denial, but he had to face the hard reality of his actions. You were dying, because of him.
And believe me, that hit him harder than anything before. Because broken ice heart can't be fixed so easily.
Tumblr media
At this point, you couldn't feel anything. You turned apathetic to the world around you, as your body was turning into an ice. You just keep staring blankly ahead of you, strands of your pure, white hair covering your face and sometimes blocking your vision.
Your whole room was frozen, with the little snowflakes lazily floating around. The only thing that wasn't solid was the thin blanket around you and your clothes. Some of the frost started to form on your cheeks, slowly spreading over you head.
But you didn't care. Your chest felt like it was hollow and your emotions were gone. While looking at you, one may think that you were already dead. And you kind of were.
❝ I just want everything to stop... ❞ You let out a little breath, numbly watching the mist forming. You were so tired and so, so cold...
❝ M-mi Vida? ❞ You barely heard a very familiar voice behind you, as it was barely a whisper. Even if you wanted to see who it was, you had no strength left in you to turn around.
❝ Dios Mio! ❞ The person rushed over, kneeling before you and taking your cold cheeks in their hands. Your vision was failing you, so you could only see a blurry images but you could recognize that curls everywhere.
❝ Camilo... ❞ You let out a breathy whisper, barely heard. Although he was the reason you were like this, at your deathbed, you were happy to be with someone. Even if it was someone who had broke your heart into a million of pieces.
❝ I'm here, mi Vida. I'm here! ❞ Camilo whispered shakily, feeling tears gathering in his usually kind eyes. You were so cold. Like an ice you used to create. The boy couldn't believe that the person before him was the same girl he saw only a few days ago. The once lively and girl surrounded by colors, was now a shell of a person she once used to be. Her hair turned pure white and her skin looked deathly pale. Her eyes too, lost their shine in them, turning so dull. Now, cradling her cold cheeks did he got another heartbreak. You were slipping away from him. Fast. And he was absolutely hopeless. Just like everyone.
Without another world, Camilo gathered you in his arms, not paying attention to the prickling cold on his skin. He began to weep in your hair, holding you tightly to his chest. His curls covered his eyes, as he closed them tightly.
But you didn't felt that. You couldn't feel that. You were far to gone at this point. You had lost your vision, your touch and then the rest of your senses. You were ready to go...
❝ ...I love you. ❞ Camilo whispered to you, burying his head in the crown of your head.
And then, you felt warmth.
Tumblr media
The wind completely stopped and so did the snow. Frost began to melt and a big sweeps of snow began to travel towards the sky. Grey and thick clouds began to disappear and the first ray of sun began to slip between.
Villagers, gathered in the church, quickly noticed the change and rushed outside to see what was happening.
Before their own eyes, the winter disappeared! The temperature was steadily rising and there was no more snow! The winter was gone!
Although happy, your parents rushed towards their house, worried sick for their child. Maybe the winter was gone because you were...? No! They couldn't think even think about it!
Still running, they arrived to their home and threw the door to your room open, prepared for the worst. Only to freeze in their track, when they saw their precious baby girl in the arms of her boyfriend, alive.
Your face was hidden in his chest, but they could see your white hair and your back moving up and down. Camilo was hugging you tightly to his chest, whispering lovingly in your ear and caressing your hair softly.
Your mother felt tears falling down her cheeks as she hugged her husband tightly, crying softly. He too shed silent tears as he hugged her back, not taking his eyes off of you.
In the end, love did conquered it all.
Tumblr media
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tokidoki-imagines · 29 days ago
Mangoes // Luisa Madrigal x Reader.
A/N: just a little meet cute with Luisa! I think she likes fresh foods and fruits in particular and savory foods too.
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader (female pronouns used).
Tumblr media
It had been a busy morning.
The village was busy collecting the fruits of their labor, farmers reaping their crops and sheering their sheep and more, crates of fresh foods being dragged through the town by the donkeys. All along the streets were wooden stalls beneath color canvases, all of them selling such wonderful things:
Fresh fruits and vegetables, handicrafts and homemade jewelry, jams, candies, flowers, and more!
Miss Diaz sold her threads and yarns (Maribel was already at her stall) and the Valdez sisters sold their coffee beans and blends.
It was more of a festival is anything else, the whole village coming out to shop and laugh together. They played music and danced in the streets and shared the sweet fruits and foods they’d bought...though Luisa had never had too much fun. In the years before, she had spent the whole night working even harder then she did most days ending the night but collapsing into an exhausted heap. But now that her burdens had been lessened, Luisa actually had time to enjoy herself.
She had only worked in the early morning, helping the farmers with moving their wooden crates of fruits into the village.
The rest of the afternoon had been spent with her sisters, the three of them laughing and chattering as they picked some things up from the family and a few things for themselves. Maribel was off to buy embroidery thread, Isabela wanted to look at the perfumes and art supplies...which left Luisa by herself.
Walking through the crowd, Luisa glanced at the stalls and what they might be selling, coins jingling in her pocket.
But before she could decide, a sudden cry stole her attention.
There on the streets, a little boy cried loudly. His brothers, each only a few years older then him, comforted the crying boy. The sight of him tugged on Luisa’s heart and she went over at once, picking him up off the dusty road and cleaning up his scraps and bruises. She’s always been quite fond of children and it wasn’t long before she had all three smiling and giggling at her silly jokes.
“What did the peach and the pear say to the annoying mango?”
“I dunno, what?”
“Mango away!”
her apron pocket now empty and soundless, Luisa had spent her coins buying chocoramos for the brothers to share, waving as they ran off together.
“That was nice of you.”
Turning around, Luisa searched for the voice and found it sitting at one of the stalls. Y/N. She sat with her book in hand but her eyes were on Luisa rather then the open page, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.
In truth, she didn’t know you or your family very well.
You all lived together on the outskirts of the town, all of you quiet and often keeping to yourselves. But the little cottage you called home, she had noticed, was always bright and cheery, filled with sweet smells and music and books and surrounded by flowerbeds and fruit trees. You must have been placed in charge of the stall while your parents tended to your younger sibling. The sweetest smells filled the air around you, pitaya and maracuyá and more spread neatly in the crates.
“Oh, I just...thought I should help,” Luisa replied, rubbing the back of her neck.
“That’s what I like about you, Luisa. You’re always so...”
Strong, you were probably going to say. Super strong. Or hard working or responsible or something like that.
Oh. Luisa faltered, looking at you with wide brown eyes.
“You always treat people so gently and show everyone so much kindness. It’s sweet...people like you make the world a nicer place to be.”
Reaching over, you quickly plucked a rather large and sweet looking mango from the array of fruits and handed it to her. Brushing your fingers against her own, Luisa felt her heart flip and skip in her chest as you smiled so sweetly at her.
“I don’t have any money,” Luisa said softly.
“It’s a gift! Have a nice day, Luisa.”
“Thank you...Y/N.”
And she walked away, looking back at you so often that she stumbled and you smiled behind your book, pretending not to have noticed.
The rest of the day was no more then a happy haze, her mind buzzing and her heart still racing. Mango juice lingered sweetly on her lips and made her think of you. Even at dinner, as she sat with her chattering family, Luisa seemed so far away. Her mind kept drifting to you, a smile still on her lips as she absentmindedly ate dinner.
“Luisa?” her mother asked. “Are you feeling alright? You seem a little out of sorts tonight.”
“I know what will cheer you up!” Camilo suddenly said. “I’ve got a joke: Why were the tangerine and the mango so romantic?”
Choking on her dinner, Luisa coughed and stuttered as that smile (that stupid, evil smile!!) grew on Camilo’s face. His eyes glanced towards Dolores, who smiled knowingly and mimed hearing something. She was going to murder them both.
“Why, dear?” her mother replied, innocently playing a part in her daughter’s humiliation.
“Because together, they tango!”
Her family laughed as Luisa glared at her cousins, plotting their untimely deaths all the while. Later, as she helped her mother with the dishes, they talked quietly. It wasn’t often that they got time alone, her mother was often busy or concerned with Maribel. But now she made time for each of her daughters and tonight she was washing the dishes as Luisa dried them.
“So what was Camilo teasing you about tonight?” She asked, glancing at her daughter.
“It was...nothing. I was just talking with a girl today and she gave me a mango. Dolores must have told him.”
“Oh?” Julieta said softly. “Anyone I know?”
She said your name softer then she had meant to, more of sighing then speaking, and flushed at the thought. Julieta thought of you, remembering the sweet little girl eating strawberries and sitting in the shade of the trees, almost always reading.
“She’s a nice girl,” Julieta mentioned.
“She is! Y/N told me that I was kind...and that people like me make the world better. It was really sweet of her.”
“Y/N is right, honey,” Julieta replied, placing a warm hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “The world is sweeter because you are in it! Maybe tomorrow I’ll make some tamales and you can bring them over...as a thank you.”
Just the thought of seeing you again had her smiling.
That night, as she lay in bed, Luisa thought of you. There were so many things she wanted to ask. What books and flowers you liked...if you wanted to share her mother’s tamales with her...closing her eyes, Luisa drifted off into dreams and tasted mangoes once more.
Tumblr media
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onlybeeewrites · 8 days ago
Hii bee how are you!!
I was asking if you could do an bruno x female reader with the prompt "you're leaving already?"
I just finished the last blog you did AND I LOVED IT,you are talented af! (In a good way)
I’d be over the moon if you did!❤️❤️
You got it, love!
A/N: Hey so I wasn't sure if you wanted a fluff or maybe more angsty with this so I'm going with angst. If you'd like a fluff version, I'd be more than happy to write that up too!
f/c = favorite color
Requested by: @brunosswife
Prompt: you're leaving already?
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!reader
warning: angst :(
Tumblr media
It was a wonderful day! Your niece, sweet little Mirabel was getting her gift today. Casita and the village were buzzing with excitement for the next gift to present itself. The last gift was Camilo's, and just a few months ago on his fifth birthday, the same excitement buzzed around the town. You had never seen a child so excited about their gift. Well, maybe besides little Isabela. You had never seen a little girl get so excited over flowers before.
You had married into the family around the time Julieta was pregnant with Isabella. You had known the family for a bit longer before that. Your husband, Bruno, had needed a push from his sisters to pop the question. When he finally did, it was a whirlwind of happiness. Even his Mama, Alma, was surprised that her son had found someone. Especially someone like you.
Someone so beautiful, so graceful, outgoing, kind, patient. You came from a good family in town. And you had many features Bruno may have been lacking. But she came around, as she always did. And soon Alma grew a large soft spot for you. Besides, having you marry into the family meant more children to grow in the family. Meaning more gifts, and the miracle she was blessed with would continue on.
Though you had told her, along with your sisters-in-laws, that you and Bruno would have your child when the time was right. You knew the thought had always made Bruno nervous. That he would mess up and be a terrible father. Especially with how many people were turning their nose up at him for his gift.
You, yourself, had been scolded a few times for marrying such a man. Many of your friends had told you how much bad luck he would bring. He was a bad omen. But you knew better. Bruno was a gift and you cherished him. Bruno would hear your reassurances at night when you would lie in bed. Why would someone like you agree and go through with marrying him? It blew his mind.
But the thought of his child growing up with such slander? What if they got a gift similar to his own? Would everyone in town shun them like they did to him? Would his child's Abuela be disappointed, as she was disappointed in her own son? He couldn't live with that, so you both agreed to wait until you both were ready.
Another thing he loved about you. You never pushed the topic. You understood when not to push or question. Reassured him that you would wait, and you were happy as long as he was at your side.
And he watched as you played with your niece before her ceremony. "look at you! Muy bontia," you said as you tickled Mirabel's little tummy. You adored children and were grateful that you had so many nieces and nephews to keep you busy. As much as you wanted your own, you knew something in your husband's mind held back. One day he would talk about it, but for now, you were at peace with the little rascals running around currently.
"Tia Y/N, what do you think my gift with me?" she asked as she looked up at you with her big brown eyes, her little glasses framing her chubby cheeks. Mirabel had always been special in your heart, almost favoriting her over the others; not that you would admit.
"Hmm.." you hummed as you smoothed the skirt part of your f/c dress, pushing the dirt off of it. "I'm not sure, amor. But whatever it is, whatever you are blessed with you will always be my favorite Madrigal," you said, saying the last part in a whisper as she giggled.
"Even more than Tio Bruno?" she asked with a wide grin. And you nod, "Even more than Tio Bruno. Don't tell him though," you add in a serious tone. The little girl nodded and zipped her mouth shut. Just then Alma called Mirabel over to have a moment with her. "Go on," you shooed her away before standing up from your knees.
"Ready, Mi Vida?" Bruno asked as he finally walked over to you. He had been watching you and his youngest niece. His heart clenched at the sight of you with children and wondered what it would be like to have your own.
You turn and smile, leaning up to give him a soft kiss on the lips.
"Always. Your mother is just telling Mirabel the story again," you say as you take your places by the bottom of the stairs that led to Mirabel's door. The town's people filled the home as they eagerly awaited the new gift. Amongst you are Felix, Pepa, Isabela, Luisa, Camilo and Dalores. Julieta and Agustin are at the top of the steps next to the door.
Soon Abuela walked over with the candle, and little Mirabel stood at the entrance. You all looked and watched her proudly, happily. As she passed you and Bruno, you gave her a small thumbs up which she giggled in response before walking up the stairs.
Then that's where it started to go downhill.
Mirabel touched the candle after Abuela's speech, nervously wiping her hands on her dress before touching the doorknob. It was like everyone was holding their breath at the same time. And the shock that hit everyone as the door disappeared was heavy. "Mirabel.." you mumbled in concern as the little girl looked to her Abuela, lost and confused.
The party still occurred aftward, though everyone was confused and worried. Julieta and your worry were about Mirabel. Alma's worry was what if the miracle ended with Mirabel? So that was when Alma approached her son.
"We need to know what happens to the miracle. Please, it cannot end like this," Alma pleaded to her son. She needed that reassurance but she couldn't have anyone know about this fear. And Bruno just could not say so.
So he eventually found you in the crowd, saying that he had to leave. You looked at him confused, stepping away from the kids. "What? Amor, you're leaving already? I know the gift ceremony didn't go as expected but you should still be here," you say. He should be here with his family. But where would his family be if the miracle disappeared?
"I promise, I'll be back later on. This is important," he said, and you nodded. Of course, you did. You trusted him with your whole being. You trusted him to come back, even just for Julieta.
"Alright. I'll see you later on then. I love you,"
"I love you too,"
Those were then the last words that you would hear from him for a while. Bruno went to his tower and saw the vision.
That one vision that would change everything. Of Mirabel, the house, the Encanto, the miracle. He had to protect her. But it meant leaving you behind. It broke his heart to do it, but it was to protect her. To protect you all. So later that night, you were found panicked as you couldn't find your husband anywhere.
The search went on for days into weeks before people gave up. Him leaving broke you. You cried every night to fall asleep. His scent on his things was beginning to fade.
And one night, after a month or so after Bruno's disappearance as you looked over the Encanto, to the stars, you places a hand on your lower abdomen. "We'll find him, Mija. I'm sure of it.." you whispered softly to your baby.
Of course, a baby wasn't planned. But perhaps the baby was a gift. A little piece of Bruno for you to have. Bruno left out of nowhere and it truly broke you. But you would be strong for your baby…you had to be. For your little miracle, even if Bruno wasn't there.
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0bsessedp0et · 25 days ago
the sun and the moon
camilo x female reader
short fix
a/n inspired by something i’ve wanted to write for a while.
Tumblr media
camilo was your sun, the light of your life, after the loss of your eldest sister, you needed someone to bring joy. that person was camilo.
his bright smile always left you breathless. in you opinion, he was perfect in every way. he could cheer anyone up with his gift of shape-shifting. though it got on your nerves a lot, it made you love him even more.
to camilo, you were his moon, a bright beam in a sky of darkness. you made him happy, and were there with everything at casita.
your eyes sparkled in the night, the lured him in. little did you know that he was wrapped around you finger from the moment you met.
you both complemented each other so well, and all of the madrigals could tell.
“when do you think he’s going to propose,” isabela motioned towards the lovesick kids sitting in the grass.
“camilo is thinking of it, but he hasn’t decided on a date yet,” dolores mumbled.
the family sighed, smiling as they left the two teenagers alone in the garden.
camilo grabbed a flower by your head, plucked it from the ground and tucked it behind your ear. you chuckled at how adorable you boyfriend is.
“what mi vida?” camilo asked, scrunching up his eyebrows in a false- confused look.
“nothing milo, your just so cute,”
your lovers cheeks were suddenly very pink. “not as cute as you are mi amor.”
you scooted closer to your camilo, he wrapped his arms around you in a protective manor. you laid you head on his chest. cherishing the moment you were having.
these were the moments that made it crystal clear in your head that you had fallen for the shape-shifting madrigal.
these were the moments that camilo knew you were the one for him.
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