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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
Omg i love the camilo, dolores and isabela with a s/o who's mute, can you make one where their s/o talks for the first time and how they would react hearing their s/o voice for the first time?? Thanks! :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela hear their mute s/o's voice for the first time
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
It all started with camilo mentioning your voice and joking about if you talked and you thought that it would be nice to respond in your actual voice
But, you didn't just talk because camilo asked because he literally asks you to talk or what your voice sounds like all the time and because you've been mute for a long time and you weren't just going to break that vow because he asked, you actually thought about it for a while
When I tell you camilo was shocked when you spoke, he literally questioned if there was a ghost in his room or not but when he realized that it was you, he hugged you and told you how much he loved your voice
He literally loved your voice and asked you to talk more but if you weren't going to speak around anyone else then that's fine because whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can just drag you to a secluded area
You and camilo were chilling in his room together and just enjoying each other's presence while you two sat on the floor and camilo had his head in your lap as you brushed through his curly brown hair, he had purposely tangled his hair just so you could brush it.
You looked at Camilo's pajamas that sat beside you and you tapped Camilo's shoulder as you set the brush down making him look back at you and you signed "Cami, do you have pajamas to throw them on the floor or to just look at them because every time I come over here they're on the floor" and it took camilo a bit to realize what you said because he's not that good as reading and understanding it as he is when it comes to speaking it.
Camilo chuckled a bit "I do wear them, they're just not my favorite." Camilo explained making you chuckle a tiny bit and camilo then thought of something "What if you just randomly responded to me with your voice like I'd probably shit myself out of surprise." Camilo said as he turned his entire body around to face you which made him lay on his stomach "Well, that would be quite a surprise." You said making him freeze and look you in the eye, he looked around the room to make sure that no one else was there because he didn't believe that it was you speaking but then when he realized it was you, he looked back at you and he shifted into you then back into himself.
He then grinned and hugged you "Aw, your voice is so cute!" He yelled as he hugged you tightly making you chuckle at his actions as he sat up to hug you fully and not just your torso "Your voice truly did almost make me shit myself though." He whispered in your ear making you burst out laughing while camilo snuggled into your shoulder "But talk more! I like your voice!" He yelled as he smothered your face with kisses "Okay okay! That tickles!" You yelled as you laughed from the tickling feeling of Camilo's lips pressing every inch of your face.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores always hears everything so she's always prepared when someone wants to tell her something but she was not prepared for this, she didn't hear you debating whether you should or not because she can't hear your thoughts
When you spoke, dolores literally froze and dropped the basket of fruit she was holding because she literally couldn't believe her ears for the first time ever
It started when you two were picking fruit from an apple tree and she was asking did you think that they were ripe, she expected you to sign an answer but instead, you said an answer with your actual voice
Dolores loved your voice so much and would ask you to talk so that she could hear it or even whisper it, everytime you go to sleep, you whisper a small "Goodnight mi amor' for dolores because you know that she can hear you and because you love to wish her goodnight and before you were never able to tell her with your voice
If you're not comfortable with talking around other people then that's fine too! She'll just settle for your whispers because even whispers are loud for her, it's just as good!
Dolores and you were just looking up at the apple tree observing the apples to see if they had any worms in them "Do you think that they're ripe?" Dolores asked as she picked one of the branches and looked closely at the shiny red apple. you hummed as you looked at the apples "Yeah, they do." You said as you picked off an apple and dropped it in the basket full of pears, oranges, and other types of fruits.
Dolores froze and dropped the apple on the green grass that had a few flowers spread out in the field, the apple rolled down the hill you two were on as dolores squeaked as she slowly turned her head to face you "What'd you say?" She asked you as she pursed her cherry red lips together.
You turned your head to face her as you halted your apple-picking "I said, yeah, they look ripe." You said as you chuckled a bit and dolores grinned and she kissed your cheek leaving a red kiss mark on your cheek "Your voice is so nice." Dolores said as she chuckled a bit "Though, you almost gave me a heart attack." Dolores said as she put a hand over her chest as she let out a deep breath making you chuckle more.
Isabela Madrigal
When I tell you that you almost died because of how shocked isabela was, she grew spiky plants and carnivorous plants around you because she was so caught off guard
Though it wasn't like she didn't like your voice, she loved it but she didn't expect you to talk, and just like camilo, she didn't even think it was you
Isabela loves your voice so much and likes to hear you talk about many things especially when you talk about your day while she's making flower crowns and flower necklaces for you
If you don't feel comfortable talking around anyone else then that's fine, she'll just take you to a secluded area or to her room so she can hear your voice or so you two can talk
It started with you and isabela growing flowers and plants in her room when you asked isabela what was one of the flowers she grew and she was about to answer but then she realized that you said that and not someone else
Isabela and you were just chilling in her room, you were sitting on one of her flower and vine strings while she sat on one beside you while she grew flowers beneath both of your feet "Hey isa, what's that plant?" You asked as you pointed at the bleeding hearts that she had just grown over your head "Oh those are bleeding hear-" She said but she cut herself off as she had to make sure that she had heard you and not someone else.
Isabela looked at you with confusion written all over her face then she looked around to see if anyone else was there before looking back at you with the same confusion on her face "Was that you?" She asked as you chuckled a bit at her reaction "Yeah, it was me." You said and isabela froze and stared at you with blank eyes making you laugh more but then the swing you were on came undone as isabela grew yuccas, agaves, cactuses, and different spiky plants along with carnivorous plants underneath the both of you.
Your eyes widened as you started to fall from the air but luckily you two were pretty high in the air so you didn't fall on the ground immediately "Isabela!" You yelled out making isabela snap out of her thoughts and look down at you, she hurried and removed the spiky and carnivorous plants and replaced them with a giant sunflower to catch you, you landed safely on the sunflower as isabela hopped off her swing with only her hand resting on one of the vines as she lowered herself to the sunflower.
Isabela sat next to you on the flower "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard is all." Isabela said kissing your cheek as you dusted the pollen from the sunflower off your clothes "It's fine, I would've been shocked too." You said as you leaned on her shoulder with a small smile "Your voice is (beautiful/handsome), talk more, please? I'm not gonna drop you this time." Isabela said as she smothered your face with more kisses as she grabbed your hands, at least you knew that she almost killed you because she liked your voice and not because she hated it.
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bumblesimagines · a day ago
Isabela having a crush on you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
Isabela crouched down infront of the child, making a rose grow from the ground. The child gasped in amazement, the action causing Isabela to smile. She gently plucked the rose, tucking it behind the little girls ear.
"There, now you have a flower as beautiful as you." She cooed, rising as the child ran off to show her parents.
"That was sweet." Isabela froze, feeling the hairs on her arm rise along with goosebumps. She swallowed, smoothing out her dress before turning around. She was greeted by your smile, the one that could make flowers grow in her hair. Your soft eyes followed the little girl, a chuckle leaving you at her distant excited rambling.
"It was the least I could do. She looked like she needed some cheering up." Isabela responded, pushing her hair over her shoulder. Your straw hat casted a shadow over your face but she could still see specks of dirt. You held a basket at your hip filled with blueberries. At first glance, one would think you were a farmer and while yes, you did grow vegetables and fruits, you were more focused on plants and flowers. It was ironic. The girl with the power to sprout plants had fallen for the person who grew them naturally.
"I'm sure your presence was enough." You teased, unaware of the heat the flooded her cheeks and ears. Who knew the typical confident and perfect Isabela Madrigal could turn into a puddle of mush at some simple teasing?
"Oh!" You grabbed the basket with both hands, extending it towards Isabela. "Julieta had wanted me to grow some for her. You wouldn't mind giving them to her, would you?"
"Of course not." Isabela gently took the basket from you, trying to ignore the chill that went up her spine when her fingers brushed against yours. She picked one of the berries up, chewing and feeling the flavor explode in her mouth.
"Wow, these are amazing!" You shrugged, letting out a soft chuckle.
"Oh, it's nothing. Don't be getting jealous now." You smiled as she giggled, her eyes rolling playfully.
"Mamá will love these, thank you." She let some flowers bloom along the basket, decorating it. You tilted your head, hands resting on your hips as you looked over the basket.
"You know... I've got more baskets back home. You could help me decorate them if you'd like. You could take a break from everything." You offered, looking back at her. Isabela blinked, feeling her heartbeat rise. She nodded, unable to form words.
"I-I'd love that." A wide smile spread across her face, slow nodding getting quicker. You hummed, giving her one last smile before walking away. Her hands tightly clutched the basket, flowers blooming at her feet. All her worries and anxieties had faded away, leaving her thinking about just one thing. You.
Gifs aren't mine.
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camilosangelita · 2 days ago
How would Mirabel, Isabela and dolores react to seeing their girlfriend (or partner you choose) wearing glasses for the first time?? ( They only use when they are studying/reading a book for a longo time)
Dating Headcanons!
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Twinsies!" was the last thing you heard before being tackled onto the floor by your girlfriend Mirabel, the book in your hands being thrown right across the room.
"Ay Mirabel." You held your chest, laughing. "You scared me!" You exclaimed, picking up your glasses from the floor to make sure they weren't cracked.
"I'm sorry! I just can't believe you wear glasses!" Mirabel picked up your book, reading the title before gasping. "You read this too?!"
You nodded your head enthusiastically. "Have you gotten to the part where they-?"
Mirabel proceeded to tackle you again. "Don't spoil it for me [Name]!" She whined out, before proceeding to fangirl about the book with you.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Dolores, could you pass me my glasses?" You asked, taking out a book you brought to read with her on your picnic date.
"Your glasses? On it!" She responded, rummaging her hand around in the basket before finally taking them out. "Here you go!"
Dolores already knew you had glasses, since you accidentally left them in her room when you stayed over one night.
"Thank you, now, what page were we on?" You opened your book, pushing your glasses up.
"Page 156! The part where they almost kissed!" She swooned, laying her head on your lap, eagerly waiting to hear the next part.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Where are they?!" You panicked, looking everywhere for the thing you needed the most, your glasses.
You needed them to study, and now you had no idea where they are. You were so focused on finding them, that you didn't notice a vine opening your bedroom windows.
"Did someone say, glasses?" Your girlfriend called, swinging inside your room to hand you your lost possession. "Mi Angelita!" You smiled, taking your glasses from her.
"You never told me you wore glasses." She pouted, crossing her arms and turning away from you. "I didn't think it was important." You defended yourself, planting a kiss on her cheek, watching her face grow red.
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Dating HCs For the Madrigal Girls
Ok so I'm just doing the ones over 18, respect that or be blocked.
Also for convenience these will all be pre-movie hcs. Just so we don't have to get into my ideas of how all of them would change as they heal and grow.
Warnings: Romance, kissing, probably swear words, kinda long post
Isabela Madrigal
You two meet in town. Maybe you're impressed with her from the beginning, maybe she has to work for your recognition but either way she is hooked on you.
She starts hoping to see you around but can't work up the courage to really seek you out for a lot of reasons, some of them dealing with her need to be perfect and some with the compulsion to do as Abuela would see fit.
Pines after you a lot because she's really into you but is seeing someone else and doesn't want to risk disappointing the family by breaking up with Mariano
Ends up seeming a lot like she hates you. She's just so frustrated by her circumstances and can't figure out how to help herself bc all her options seem terrible, and it ends up making her mouth off to you a lot because it relieves a bit of that stress.
Maybe when she accidentally pushes it and can tell she actually hurt you she panics because the last thing she wants is to hurt you or make you leave and she opens up and it's... a lot.
She yells. At one point there are tears born of some emotion she can't identify. Her fuming face is so cute.
After that you come up with the pragmatic if not morally upright solution that Isabela wishes she'd considered: secret relationship.
It's so damn easy to pull off oml
Isabela knows what's going on when in her house so she can tell when it's a good night for you to come over. She'll grow bright pink flowers on your door if she wants to see you that night, and she lets you up into her room with vines.
It's very Rapunzel-esque
You two are the cuddliest couple in private. She can't get enough of you and she demands you stay well into the night to make up for all the affection you can't share during the day.
Apologizes (albeit awkwardly) for everything she said/did before. Explains herself but not in an excuse way, she just wants you to know she never, ever held any real ill will toward you because she adores you.
Doesn't feel as guilty as she probably should for cheating on Mariano. What can she say, she's selfish. She never wanted him anyway, and it's not like he's gotta know you exist
Prefers to sneak into your room to lessen the chance of Dolores hearing you two. That loudmouth (as much love as Isa has for her) is not ruining her happiness.
She likes you playing with her hair as long as you don't tangle it, and likes to play with your hair if you'll let her. She'll definitely put flowers in it, it's a nice touch that ties you to her visually
If anyone finds out about you two she will intimidate them into silence and then run to you to privately panic.
Dolores Madrigal
You meet in town while Dolores is out getting something the family needs, idk flour or something. She finds you so cute immediately and shit she's in love this is a lot-
Gets to know you a bit and now she's really really in love. Pines a little but not much. Only, you're not engaged to her sister so she's happy to tell you exactly how she feels. And boy does she, her confession is something out of a book.
Your noise is the only good noise. If she can hear you just a bit more than she can hear everyone else she's happy
Not extremely touchy but she is affectionate. Knows all the little details of your life and has very sweet and specific compliments for you
Wants to feel like you notice her above all others. She knows she's quiet and easily overlooked when paired with flamboyant siblings who have flashy gifts and three outspoken, charismatic cousins. You're the one person whose focus is her and she loves that.
Goes to you when she's overwhelmed from all the noise and just wants to hang out quietly.
Probably reads to you when you're cuddling, I see her as a reader of romance novels.
Has a very sneaky sense of humor. You don't realize how funny she is until you're together but man is she a firecracker.
Probably introduces you to her family very quickly. She wants them to know who has her so happy.
Camilo is a menace as usual and will try to pass himself off as your friends and relatives to see what you say about her. He needs teasing material for his big sis okay?
Félix needs you to simp for Dolores the way he simps for Pepa or he doesn't fully approve. But he likes you fine either way and he knows his baby can handle herself.
Pepa cried and soaked the room. Antonio immediately asked if you're going to be the next Madrigal. Dolores was so embarrassed but like 👀👀👀👀 would you like to???
Likes to steal your clothes or accessories and wouldn't mind it if you did the same. It's just nice to see you parading around flaunting something that you got from her
You'll rub off on her and she might pick up some of your mannerisms. She doesn't mean to, you're just so cute it's contagious!
Tells you the hottest gossip and the rat telenovelas. She likes to come to you with all this information because a lot of the time like with Bruno she can't tell anybody else.
Couple with the vibes of a pair of old cats.
Luisa Madrigal
Oh god. Are you trying to kill her?! She sees you for the first time while she's hauling the donkeys around and she nearly drops one because sweet mother of fuck you're pretty.
Her crush on you is obvious from the beginning. She goes out of her way to talk to you, invites you on walks with her when she's working (gotta be efficient improvise adapt overcome), pretty much memorizes everything about you and if she had it her way your feet may never touch the ground again with how often she carries you.
Please put her out of her misery and ask her out, she's never gonna get a hint because her default setting is 'I am physically incapable of emotions that are unproductive'
Still more or less the same. "I have such a crush on my gf" vibes
Calls you every nickname in the book, and even the way she says your normal name feels like a pet name
Such a sucker for the soft affection. Kiss the back of her hand and you can see the flustered feeling bubble-ify her lungs.
Scalp massages when she takes her hair out of its bun? Rub her neck and shoulders because damn babe you sure do carry all that tension right here? Any excuse to have you touching her babe, it's the most soothing thing in the world to her.
Bear hugs that crush your soul back into your body quite nicely. Weighted blanket? Who needs one? You have Luisa.
Her parents trust her so you can sleep in her room and she gives the best cuddles. You always feel so warm and welcome and safe.
The secret room Casita gave her inside her normal room is a fantastic date spot, she loves it in there
She has a huge sweet tooth (I picture her being specifically a sea salt and caramel kind of girl) and if you get or make her something she's gonna be so happy
You're gonna have to build your schedule around her schedule because her work comes before even her own health
If you manage to convince her to take a break or rest a bit she will need you to take her mind off her responsibilities completely or else she'll be too anxious to have a good time
She'd loooooove to have a relaxing girls' night in type deal where you do those at home spa treatments and face masks and paint each other's nails and watch movies. It just feels so soft, which is something she never gets to be.
Opens up to you... kind of. She tells you stuff like how she wishes she had more time for you and on bad days she lets you comfort her but you don't truly know for certain how much it's all weighing on her until she completely breaks. She relies on you so heavily when that happens.
An early riser but won't force you to be. She'll be happy to bring you breakfast in bed on special occasions though, and she really treats you like royalty.
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somethinginthethunder · a day ago
could you do headcanons with a isabela x reader where reader notices how isabela treats mirabela so they refuse to give isabela kisses/smexy times unless she's nicer to mirabel
``refusing kisses``
notes: the term smexy times made me laugh skdjashdj
warnings: none!
-although isa never straight up said she didn't exactly enjoy the company of her youngest sister, she still clearly showed it
-whether it was rolling her eyes at the sight of the 15 year old, or taunting her after she'd done something particularly embarrassing, you knew that your girlfriend had less than one good thing to say about poor mirabel.
-you knew that it was normal for siblings to pick on each other, but you couldn't help but pity the second youngest madrigal
-after all, she was simply trying her best as the black sheep of the family.
-one day you had gotten particularly tired of isabela's mistreatment of her, shaking your head at your girlfriend as she walked over to you.
-just seconds before she leaned in to give you a kiss she had told mirabel to "stay out of the way so she wouldn't ruin anything today."
-it was getting on your nerves at this point, so much so that you dodged her kiss moments before her attempt was successful.
-leaning back into her regular position, she quirked an eyebrow at you.
-"what was that for, mi flor?" she'd ask innocently, putting her hands on her hips and tilting her head in curiosity.
-"i'm not going to kiss you anymore," you stated.
-"what?!" she'd quietly shout, her hands dropping to her side and her face contorted into only more confusion.
-"not until you act nicer to your sister."
-the moment you said 'sister' she knew exactly what you were talking about. however, she thought she could get away with a little denial.
-"but i am nice to luisa! i've never said anything rude?" she claims.
-"you know who i'm talking about, isa," was the only reaction you'd give her.
-she'd sigh softly and try to give you a kiss on the cheek to see if you were actually serious, and it turned out you were.
-"come on!! she literally can't do anything right, why is that my problem?" she whined, leaning her head back to look at the ceiling.
-"my love, she's a kid. and more importantly, a madrigal-born kid who wasn't given a gift. cut her some slack, okay?" you reasoned with her, placing a hand on her shoulder gently.
-you'd think that she'd immediately start bowing down to mirabel the moment she'd see her next, but she still thought she could get around it.
-instead of saying passive-aggressive statements to her sister, she'd just ignore her entirely.
-you did not like that, of course. you told her to be nice to her, not to ignore her existence.
-coincidentally, the day after you told her to be nicer was the day mirabel was given the prophecy from bruno. you didn't know it, but as you were wandering the market looking for the ripest fruits, your lovely but stubborn girlfriend was slowly on her path to healing her strained relationship with mirabel.
-when her perfectly imperfect plants appeared from the ground and all around town, your first instinct was to run toward casita in case something happened to her.
-you stopped right in your tracks when you saw what was happening. there she was, dancing on the roof with mirabel, a genuine look of happiness on her face as she let the colorful plants flow around them.
-you were halfway through to getting to casita to give her the well-deserved kiss when you saw the house crumble and fall, the mood immediately changing.
-you completely forgot about the mended relationship and instead set to work helping the magical family. you had become part of the search crew to search for mirabel.
-when she arrived back home and guided the family to rebuilding their house you remembered then what had happened between her and isa.
-so while the family was busy talking and apologizing to each other, you whisked the flower girl away and gave her a big kiss, her face in your hands and body pressed against yours.
-"i could hardly believe it was you up there with her," you laughed once you pulled away, giving her one last kiss on the cheek.
-"you don't know how much i've missed your kisses," she said, pouting when you finally stopped kissing her.
-but not to worry, there was more where that came from :)
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totallyawr1t3r · 2 days ago
Hello, can I ask Yandere Isabela, and her reaction to the reader (gn or fem please), where the reader manages to escape from Isabela, what will Yandere Isabela do, will she look for them or what? Thanks in advance!
Escaping Yandere Isabela:
Man is she fucking pissed-
She doesn't know how you manged to free yourself from the vines, she knows none of her family would have helped you, they promised to stay out of it.
But she could worry about that later, right now her main focus is finding you.
While the Villagers also wouldn't do much to help you, because they'll do basically anything for the Madrigals, She had to find you before you left Encanto.
Once you're out of Encanto, she'll lose the upperhand.
So first thing first is Isabela's going directly to Dolores, asking her to listen into you.
She learns that you're hiding with the Guzmáns until you have at least some mental stability to go alone in the forest.
Still as forgetful as ever it seems.
Isabela doesn't think of a plan by the time she's kicking down their door, startling you and Mariano.
The next few minutes are a bit of a blur as Thorned Vines dig into your skin, while flowers bloom inside of Mariano and kill him in the process.
The villagers immediately look away as Isabela is dragging you back to Casita as you let out a few Pathetic sobs.
After all that, She's gonna make sure her vines are extra tight around you with thorns.
She isn't gonna be sweet Isabela for awhile around you, and instead turning into mean Isabela as she throws a few insults at you and more.
Does Dolores feel bad about this? Yes because it resulted with the man of her dreams dying but there isn't much she can do as she just listens to you cry.
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pepa-madrigal-enthusiast · 2 days ago
~Come, mi corazón, let's rest~
Isabela Madrigal x gn!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After Isabela has an especially stressful day, (Y/N) invites her to relax <3
Warnings: Anxiety mentions, Isa getting yelled at by the town :(, mentions of a random guy getting stabbed by a cactus, happy ending tho.
A/N: Ahhh tysm for all the love on my last two stories! It makes me so happy to know that people enjoy my writing. Btw, if you don't like hot cocoa, you can change it to a different drink for this story :)
Isabela Madrigal knew pressure. Its dreadful presence was not uncommon in the girl's life. After all, she was the 'golden child', the perfect Madrigal, and Abuela's comments had never helped. After her proposal to Mariano had been called off, she had a lot of work to do to maintain her image.
Even after Mirabel showed her that she didn't need to be perfect, that she was allowed to be herself without any worries, Isabela had had high standards of herself since she was young, and she did not intend on slipping anytime soon.
Until she met you.
You were a breath of fresh air, a tulip amongst a rose bush, a flamingo amongst a pack of penguins.
Isabela adored you from the moment she saw you; your hair messy and blowing in the wind, eyes glimmering in the summer sun and a thick layer of mud up to your knees. Surely it would have bothered anybody else, but not you.
Despite how cliche it may sound, you were different, and your difference from the world around you only intrigued Isabela more.
After Casita had been rebuilt, the Madrigal finally got enough courage to talk to you. She was a bit taken aback by how easy-going you were, and it would only be a few weeks before she asked you if you would be willing to be her lover.
And of course you said yes, how would it even be possible to say no to those cinnamon-coloured doe eyes?
Having Isabela as your girlfriend meant you also had a big responsibility, to make La Familia Madrigal like you. But it wasn't a problem, within only a few hours you were having your hair braided by Isabela's mother Julieta, while you and her father spoke enthusiastically about a book you'd bonded over.
The Madrigals loved you, almost as much as Isabela did.
Isabela's day had been stressful, to say the least.
She had accidentally grown rhododendrons instead of sunflowers for Señora Ozma, to which she responded by scolding the girl for about fifteen minutes instead of calmly pointing it out.
The woman's rant had taken valuable time away from Isabela's day, time that was needed for her other jobs.
Next, she had sneezed abruptly, resulting in a few members of the town being bombarded with brightly coloured flowers, the equally as bright powders spraying over their clothes and hair. Luckily, Isabela had managed to get away before the whole town could yell at her.
Next she'd injured a random tradesman with a cactus because he made a comment about Mirabel. He deserved it, of course, but Isabela didn't deserve being shoved into the lake.
And then there she was, drenched from head-to-toe with shivers shaking through her tall frame. Despite her Tío Bruno's attempt to talk to her, she stormed up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door open, wanting and needing the only thing that could possibly cheer her up.
She noticed you almost immediately, curled up on her extravagant bed, a book in your hands and two cups of hot cocoa on the table beside the bed. You noticed her too, marking your page in your book and shuffling off the bed. Your merry grin quickly faded once you saw the soaking-wet state of your girlfriend.
Isabela quietly shut the door behind her, and profusely burst into tears, the plants at her feet shrivelling up into dust. The sight of your completely and utterly distraught love made you feel like shrivelling up into dust.
You had stood there frozen for a few moments, before striding towards Isabela and wrapping your arms around her. She returned the gentle embrace, nuzzling her nose into your neck for comfort.
You pulled away and rested your hands on her tear-stained face. After pressing a light kiss to her lips, you whispered,
'Come, mi corazón, let's rest.'
The mugs of cocoa on the bedside table were empty and the room was quiet, besides the soft breathing of your peaceful girlfriend. She had gotten dry and changed into something comfortable, instead of her normal frilly dress.
She lay still in your arms, her face peaceful with sleep, while you twisted your fingers through her dark locks of hair, your eyes fluttering with fatigue.
Yes, Isabela's life could be rather stressful. But with you by her side, the world seemed to be a lot less nerve-wracking.
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fairytale-writes · a day ago
╔═══━━━─── • ───━━━═══╗
Tumblr media
╚═══━━━─── • ───━━━═══╝
╔═══━━━─── • ───━━━═══╗
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oh-no-a-whovian · 7 hours ago
Two more lonely people Part 7
NSFW 18+
Summary: “you made me love you! I tried to fight it for both our sakes! You can’t just pull away the moment things get tough!”
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem werewolf! reader
Warnings: age gap (Y/N is 24 and Bruno is 50) swearing, porn with plot, PinV, eating out, emotions, any others let me know please.
Word count: 3761
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Tumblr media
Nervous excitement thrums through the air as the last touches are made to the newly rebuilt casa Madrigal. Tomorrow is the big day. Nearly two months and the home is nearly whole again.
The new tiles on the roof shine in the sun, the glaze catching the light just right and each stone making up the wall sitting strong under the weight of the building. The only thing missing from the rebuilt casita, is Isabela’s flowers and plants blooming in every crevice, bringing colour to the house. You know that, if they get their gifts back, your friend will make short work with fixing that. Even if it makes you sneeze a thousand times, you grin.
Birds sing in the trees nearby, telling unknown stories to each other as you watch from your seat next to Bruno. He wanted some time away from everyone and you found him sitting with his back pressed against the rear of the building, his mind so lost in thought that it took him a moment to even notice you there. To your surprise he asked you to sit with him when you offered to leave him alone.
He told you he was scared, and you listened as he explained. He’s scared that the moment the doorknob is placed on the front door, the magic will return with his gift. He wants casita to be itself again and for everyone else to get their gifts back if they want them, but he doesn’t want his. It’s always felt like a burden. People would beg for their fortunes to be read then scream hateful slurs at him when the bad ones came true. He doesn’t want to go back to that.
you reminded him what Alma had said though and it seemed to ease his thoughts a bit. If his own mother said that as long it makes him happy, he could never see another fortune again and it wouldn’t matter because that would be it. you also joked about charging an extra peso every time someone did complain if he did go back to doing it, but he just said he’d feel bad.
You’ve been sitting together in silence ever since, not bothering to move, just enjoying the nature that sits behind el casita and each other’s company. The birds the bugs and the other creatures making noises in the trees as you both just listen.
His hands hold yours close as you lean toward each other, his thumb rubbing soft circles on the back of your hand while he plays with your fingers. You’re not sure what to think of such a peaceful moment with him. It’s sending tingles of joy through your body, but the back of your mind is screaming that these are the moments you’re meant to avoid. To protect your heart and his from the inevitable destruction of whatever this is.
“I should probably start heading home.” You mumble as you pull away from him. You don’t even notice the sad sinking look that crosses his eyes as you rise from the ground. “I need to pop to the market and the butcher for some things before it gets too late”
“Will I see you later?” he asks, stumbling to his feet to follow you around the side of the house.
“I don’t know. Mama asked me to do some chores while she’s out tonight” you tell him. “Then Dolores and Isabela are coming around for a few hours. You’ll probably be asleep by the time I’m free.”
“Oh, uh yeah I understand. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He smiles as you glance at him over your shoulder.
“See you tomorrow.” You smile turning the corner to make your way home.
You needed a moment to breathe and think, to let your mind translate your feelings. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone this far? Visiting him practically every night, teasing him, and fucking his brains out. Surely that’s not a recipe for feelings to develop… right?
Maybe it’s time to stop? To find someone else to release some tension and move on so neither of you can get hurt. He deserves a human not a beast. It’ll be better for the both of you. Your father’s harsh words echo in your mind, constantly reminding you that you’re just a monster. You know everyone in town would despise you if they knew the truth. They’d probably hunt you down with pitchforks and guns.
Why does the thought of leaving him hurt so much though?
You’re not really listening to your friend’s conversation as you braid and un-braid Isabela’s hair over and over. Your eyes are unfocused, and you barely hear any other word, just going through the motions with your hands in her long dark hair.
“[Y/N]?” Dolores calls out with a tilted head, finally bringing your mind to the present.
“Uh yeah, what?” you ask, shaking your head of your dark spiral.
“We were talking about what you wanted for your birthday party?” Isabela tells you, turning her head enough to see you but not pull her hair from your hands.
“that’s still over a month away… and as per usual I don’t exactly want a big party…”
“We know you’re not fond of big birthday parties… but! Maybe we can have something small at casita. invite a few people around our age.” Isabela says as she leans back to squish you on the bed. “abuela would never be opposed to holding a party.”
“si maybe you’ll find someone you’ll like!” Dolores smiles.
“Oh, it must be so painful for you to witness me live my life without a man to bed.” You sigh dramatically, covering your face with your arm. “Oh, how do I live without a man telling me what to do with my life!”
“[Y/N]!” Dolores giggles, flinging a pillow at you but hitting Isa instead.
“Maybe I should marry Isabela, so you’ll get what you both want, me in a relationship AND in your family!” you joke, wrapping your arms around Isa, squeezing her. You barely notice her cheeks darken but you chock it up to frustration with you. “Seriously though. You gotta chill out with that shit. Life doesn’t need to be about relationships, and you know why I’ve not been seeking a permanent one. This is my formal request for you to literally never mention it again.”
“Ah! No! I said never! You have your boyfriend; Isabela can get anyone she wants, and I can choose whether I get one at all.” You stop her, with a raised eyebrow as you release Isabela from your hold.
“fine” she squeaks “but we’re still gonna have a party for you!”
“Fine.” You huff. “You know I was actually thinking of talking to someone at the celebration tomorrow but now I don’t think I will since you brought it up. Think I’ll just sit in a corner and sulk, make you feel bad.” You tease.
“noooo” Isabela and Dolores groan in unison, both sporting playful smiles.
“Yep! That’s what you get” you grin. You love your friends so much.
The sun has long since set and you want to go see him. Isabela and Dolores left about two hours ago, and you’ve been laying in bed staring at the ceiling since. All you’ve been thinking about is him. The hopeful look in his eyes at the prospect of you sneaking to his tent. He’s probably asleep though…
Eventually you lose the battle and leave your home. May as well have one last time before breaking it off for the better. You lie to yourself, pretending it doesn’t hurt just to think of.
The street is silent as you make your way barefoot along the cobbled stones, the chill of the ground sinking into the soles of your feet and the night air flowing through your dress. Different snores echo around you, each one coming from a different window. They’d have no idea if you shifted right now and ran through the town covered in your white fur. The only signs you’d have ever done it would be the massive paw prints made in the dust.
The night animals call out from the tree line as you walk around the side of casita, and you wonder if they’re warning of you. Can they sense the wolf hiding underneath your human form, ready and willing to hunt them down? Are they warning of a human or a predator?
“I’m surprised you’re still awake.” You say quietly as you reach the tent, the flap hanging open revealing Bruno laying on his cot, talking to the rats on his bare chest. The lantern on the stool beside him fills the tent with flickering orange light, fracturing the darkness and making him clear in the night.
“[Y/N]!” he says, launching upright, practically sending the poor rodents flying. “You came” his smile melts your heart and breaks it at the same time. You don’t want to hurt him. You should never have let it get this far. You hope that what you’re seeing isn’t really what you think. One last one then you’ll let him find someone better.
“What are you still doing awake?” you ask him as you close the opening of the tent and take a seat on the cot next to him.
“I um heh… I was hoping you’d come.” He smiles shyly, looking away from you. “I was waiting up”
“Mmhmm and I told you I probably wouldn’t.” you smirk, trailing your finger up his arm, leaving goose bumps in your wake. He was waiting for you even though you said you weren’t coming.
“But you did.”
“So hopeful.” You hum as you press him down onto his cot and straddle his hips. “What should I do with you hmm?” you ask him. His eyes darken with lust as you grind your heat against him, the layers of cloth preventing any real friction but making him gasp at the pleasure anyway. “Perhaps I should make you beg first?” you accentuate each word with the movement of your hips, watching as he becomes a horny mess underneath you.
He moans your name as his breathing becomes laboured and his heart races in his chest, singing out in your sensitive ears. You grip his wrists and pin them above his head, moving your face mere inches from his with a smirk on your lips. Your nose brushes against his as you grind your clothed cunt against him and He chases your lips, desperate to taste you but groaning and rutting against you as you pull away just enough for him not to catch you. He’s a mess beneath you, hungry for whatever you’re willing to give him.
“you’re gonna be so good for me, aren’t you?” you whisper as you pepper kisses on his neck and shoulder, smiling at his accepting nods. Everything you do draws desperate little gasps and delicious moans from the man beneath you. Perhaps it’s a good thing if you end this tonight. There’s no way you’d be able to hide this from Dolores if she gets her powers back.
You climb off him and smirk as he groans and thrusts into nothing, watching you with dark hooded eyes as you trail your fingers down his chest. You want to commit this night to memory, every moan, every breath, all of him.
His eyes trail hungrily down your body, taking in everything as you pull off your dress. He looks like a man desperate for water in the middle of the desert, pleading with his eyes for what he’s seeing to be real. He doesn’t care that he might down if he takes too much.
He licks his lips as he watches your hand dive slowly to your clit, rubbing sensually for him to see. The sight of his tongue makes you clench around nothing and excitement sparks in your gut. You weren’t sure what you wanted to do with him until you saw that. With a mischievous smirk you move toward him and position your dripping pussy above his face, your front facing down his body. If you wanted to, you could lean forward push down his pants and take him in your mouth.
“Show me what your mouth can do, and I’ll think about touching you properly.” You hum. Without second thought he wraps his arms around your thighs and pulls you down onto his mouth, moaning into your wet cunt. Your breath catches as his nose rubs against your hole while his tongue plays with your tiny bundle of nerves.
His stubble scratches out a delicious warmth around his dutiful tongue and you try not to grind down on his face as your lewd moans fill the tent. His moans would be just as loud if not for the fact they’re sinking deep into your wet heat. Your mouth falls open with curses and prayers as his tongue dives into your hole, licking at the juices practically pouring out of you.
He grinds into the air, his straining cock desperate to be touched as he feasts on you. Leaning forward you place your palm upon his clothed member and his grateful groan vibrates into your clit. The sight and the feeling making you cum, coating his face in your release.
“Pl-please” he begs as he lifts you off his face a little.
“Please what, Bruno?” you ask, pulling your hand from his needy cock, trailing your hand up his stomach just to tease him a little more.
“I need… please.” He gasps. “I need you.”
“Need me to what?” you smirk. You know he doesn’t like saying it, his face turns red at just the thought of saying these things out loud.
“Please. I ne-ed to be i-in you.” He begs in a stutter.
“you’ve been so good for me, and since you’re clearly desperate, I think I can do that.” You tell him, your voice triumphant as you rise to change positions. He yanks his pants off and lifts his pulsing member, making it so all you have to do is line your self up. “Fuck, Bruno.” You gasp as you lower yourself onto him, his cock quickly filling you completely. You taste yourself on his lips as you set your pace, moving desperately with your hand on his throat. His length dragging against your walls and hitting your G-spot everytime.
“Mi cielo. Mi vida” he whispers into your mouth, his green eyes closing in ecstasy as he gasps. You don’t pause your movements, but your mind freezes at his words, staring at him with your heart racing in your ears. You feel his release fill you, coating your walls in white, but your mind is lost, repeating the names over and over.
You climb off of him and grab your clothes, pulling them on a bit too fast for his comfort.
“Are you okay?” he asks, watching you in confusion as you seem to be rushing to get the fuck out of there and away from him. You’re sure it looks bad to him. Hell, it looks bad to you and you’re the one doing it.
“Um yeah. I’m fine.” You lie. “Just remembered that I left a candle lit in my room.” you tell him, peeking out the tent then rushing off without another word.
You know it now. You fucking love him and it’s gonna hurt like a bitch to leave.
What the fuck am I gonna do?
Bruno’s POV
The magic is back. it burst to life, filling the house with life the moment Mirabel placed the doorknob into its home. He felt his gift return, which he hated, but for the first time he’s tempted to look into his own future. Wanting to know where his life stands with [Y/N], especially after how she ran off last night.
He’s been standing in the same corner for pretty much this whole party, only walking away from it to get a drink or food. he’s been watching her, wishing he could talk to her ask her why she ran away like that. He’s not sure he can though, at least not openly, not out here. Dolores has her power back and [Y/N] is surrounded by others around her age. He didn’t realise she had so many friends, she spent most of the last month with him and his family. He was staring to think she didn’t have friends outside the Madrigal family.
“I swear they have no tact.” Isabela muses as she follows Mirabel to their uncle, shaking her head as she stares at the people around [Y/N].
“What do you mean?” the younger girl asks. “hola, tio Bruno.” She smiles at him before turning back to her sister.
“Them all vying for [Y/N]’s attention.” She says gesturing to the group of four men and three girls including [Y/N]. “Could they make their crushes anymore obvious. They’re all flirting with her, trying to one up each other and honestly it’s painful to hear” he would never have thought that from the sight of it but hearing his niece say that… he’s never considered himself a jealous man, but it flares to life knowing that.
“I’m surprised she’s even been listening to it…” Mirabel shrugs, not really caring about it. it’s all he can think about now though. “You been enjoying the celebration tio?”
“Um yeah, yes. It’s nice being back with my family” he answers, his heart racing, scared that he’ll give himself away. He just needs to know. “Why wouldn’t she be interested?” he asks, pretending to just be curious.
“She doesn’t see a relationship in her future.” Isabela tells him sadly, swirling her glass of wine. “we’ve tried but she still sees a monster when she looks in the mirror. She knows she’ll pass it on if she has kids…” he’s starting to suspect his niece has also had too much to drink, her words too honest.
“So, she’s not been in a relationship?” he asks. She seemed fine being with him pretty much every night for the past month. Her confidence out matches his tenfold and he loves it. he loves her.
“she’s been in relationships; she just doesn’t let them get too far.” She tells him and he watches as the girl in question smiles at one of the other girls, leaning toward her in a way he hates. He has tight fight himself from going over there and pulling her away, claiming her as his. “Last guy who said he loved her hasn’t heard more than a few words from her since.” She says taking a sip at her wine.
That’s why she’s doing this… he’d called her his life and his heaven, and she freaked out. He’d found it in himself to start telling her how he really feels, what he really wants and she’s backing away. And it fucking hurts.
He needs to talk to her. He can’t just let her go like this. She’s the best thing he’s ever had. He loves her more than he even thought he could.
“See you tomorrow” you call out as you leave Isabela’s room, stumbling toward the stairs. You know you drank too much, and way more than you usually would but you needed something, anything to distract you.
You tried not to think about Bruno, to only pay attention to the cute girl that was flirting with you but all you could think about was him. And the fact that he was staring at you pretty much the whole time. You don’t want to hurt him, you’re not worthy. He’ll be better off without you.
You focus super hard on not falling down the steps as you approach them but squeak as you’re pulled away, stumbling up a different set. Bruno’s hand is wrapped around your wrist as he pulls you up into his room, making you stumble when he lets you go.
“What were you doing with those people today?” he asks once the door is shut, and you look at him confused, tapping your ear and gesturing to mean Dolores can hear what the fuck are you doing? “She can’t hear us in our rooms.”
“Nice to know…”
“What were you doing?” he asks again after a breath.
“I was just talking.” You shrug, trying to play it off. You never thought of him as the jealous type, or the type to push so hard for something he wants. You know he can you just didn’t think he would.
“You were flirting.” He states, irritation curving his eyebrows.
“Does it matter?” you ask, leaning against the wall and watching the falling sand instead of looking at him. Your head spins with regret and wine, you really did let this get too far. You didn’t want to hurt him. You fucking love him.
“Yes.” He snaps.
“Why? You said you didn’t know what you wanted.”
“Well, I lied.”
“Well, I don’t….” you start.
“Maldición [Y/N]! I’m in love with you!” he shouts, aggressively wiping away a tear. “it hurt to hear from Isabela that not only were you flirting with them but were planning on ending things with me without a word.
“You told Isabela?”
“no. no, of course not.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair. “She was drunk and told me about a boy you’d been seeing and that you just left him without a word when he told you how he felt. And that you’ve done that with all your past relationships…”
“Did she tell you why?” you frown, your eyes watering and heart aching. “no one knows what I really am except for your family. they deserve better than me. You’re the first person I’ve trusted because you know completely what I am, and fuck! I’ve fallen for you hard, but you deserve better than me too!” you cry out. “You deserve better than a monster.” He freezes at your words, staring at you with wide watery eyes.
“If there’s one thing, I’ve ever been sure about…” He finally says, shaking his head as he steps close to you, his warm hand cupping your cheek, thumbing away a tear. “you’re not a monster and I could never do better than you.”
You pull his ruana, yanking him close, your lips colliding with his as tears stream down your cheeks. His right-hand threads into your hair and the other pulls you tight to his chest, un-willing to let you go.
You don’t want to breathe if it means pulling away from Bruno ever again.
A/N: hope you all liked this chapter! Got me in the feels and I was the one that wrote it! remember! Like and reblog to share the love!!!
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madrigalbrainrot · 23 hours ago
DW i'm not dead, i'm working on a draft
Tumblr media
ok bye :)
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definitely-not-v · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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camilosluvr · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Mirabel Madrigal x GN Reader, Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader, Luisa Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader, Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Julieta Madrigal x GN Reader, Pepa Madrigal x GN Reader and Bruno Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: How the Madrigals react when you hold their face
Taglist:@doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Mirabel looked up from her book and looked at you through her glasses lens "Yes amor?" The Colombian girl asked as she slightly raised her eyebrow at you and you grinned "Nothing, I just wanted to hold your face." You said as you giggled and mirabel smiled back at you then she kissed your nose as she set her book down and put her hands over yours "Okay, and I think that I wanna smother your face with kisses!" Mirabel said as she grinned wider and started smothering your face with kisses making you chuckle.
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela looked at you with a raised eyebrow "Why are you holding my face?" Isabela asked you as she started to avert her eyes from you due to how flustered she was becoming because of how close you two were but it wasn't like you two have never been this close it's just because it was randomly and you grabbed her face out of nowhere "I just wanted to kiss you!" You said as you grinned at her then you kissed her lips and ran away giggling leaving isabela standing there with flowers blooming on her head as she became more flustered than before while also being confused.
Luisa Madrigal
Luisa looked at you with a confused look plastered on her face "Did you need something from me?" She asked as she picked you up because you were too short and she was too big for you to fully reach her face, you giggled as you squished her cheeks together forcing her lips into a pout and you kissed her "I just wanted a kiss." You said as you grinned at her while she became flustered and luisa rolled her eyes at you "You should've just asked." Luisa said as you let go of her face to allow her to speak while you laughed at her flustered reaction.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores looked at you as you turned her head to face you "Need anything corazón?" Dolores asked as she kept trying to look back at the scene she was currently looking at because she was being nosy "Yeah, I need you to look at me." You said as you chuckled and dolores looked at you with her cherry red lips pursed and you looked at her shiny red lips and kissed them leaving a translucent red lip mark on your lips "I wanted a kiss." You said as you smiled and dolores smiled back at you "Want some more?" Dolores asked as she pursed her lips to give you more kisses and you nodded as you grinned wider.
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo didn't look at you when you grabbed his face, he was currently occupied with playing with your hair "Yes cariño?" Camilo asked as he glanced down at you for a quick second "Can I have a hug?" You asked as you grinned at the boy and camilo looked down at you with a smile and he dropped his arms to his side before wrapping them around your neck as he hugged you, you hugged him back "Of course, you can have a hug, you don't have to ask. Just hug me if you want one." Camilo said as he kissed your cheek making you smile wider.
Julieta Madrigal
Julieta turned her head from the arepa's she was cooking to face you since you had your hands on her face "Yes mi vida?" The Colombian woman asked as she turned her body towards you to talk to you, you rubbed your thumb across her cheek as you grinned "Just wanted to hold your face, your skin is so soft." You mumbled as you hugged her making her chuckle "I love you too amor." Julieta said as she kissed your cheek making you grin but then you smelt something burning "Julieta..." You mumbled but julieta was already flipping the arepa that was slightly burnt making you chuckle a bit.
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa looked at you with a frown on her face as the thundering cloud over her head shifted with her head "Yeah?" She asked as you held her cheeks and then you squished them together "Ya gotta calm down pepa, you're gonna get everyone wet.." You said as you glanced up at the cloud that was going to become a raining thundering cloud and you kissed her then pulled away from her, pepa blushed as she put her hand over yours, the cloud faded away and was replaced with a sun as pepa smiled from how (beautiful/handsome) your smile was.
Bruno Madrigal
Bruno looked at you with a confused look plastered on his face "Yes mi alma?" He asked as he tilted his head slightly making his curly black hair tilt a bit with his head "Can I do your hair?" You asked as you ran one of your hands through his hair that had gray streaks all throughout his curly shoulder-length hair and Bruno smiled softly "Sure mi amor, you didn't have to ask. You know I love it when you play with my hair." Bruno said as he grabbed your other hand that was currently on his face "I know, I just wanted to hold your face." You said as you chuckled slightly.
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dos-oroguitas · a month ago
madrigal grandkids in minecraft headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would be off to a flowery hills/ plains biome in order to pick flowers and.. get a bucket of lava? Not sure where she's going with this but anyway..
Usually in the nether? for some reason? Maybe she likes the flora there.
Most likely be armor-less with bonemeal and flowers the only things in her inventory.
She wouldn't be the builder, rather she'd be the decorator. She would fill the Minecraft houses up with flowers.
Favorite flowers? Probably Allium, Cornflowers, and the Wither rose.
Bonus (flower?) block: Cactus
If her builds get destroyed, she will lure you into a false sense of security and then place lava on your feet.
Aesthetic skin for her character.
Luisa would most likely be the one who gets her siblings and cousins some gear.
Most likely to be decked out in armor. And in the first in game day no less.
Storage room extraordinaire. Luisa would most likely have an auto-smelt/ auto storage room system.
Would probably be in charge of fighting mobs, especially when it comes to Isabela who's practically running around and only armed with flowers.. plus a bucket full of lava.
The actual builder of La Casa Madrigal in Minecraft.
Inventory is filled with different blocks to build, build, build.
Especially loves the loom and would most likely hoard sheep wool to make pretty banners. Most probably would make pixel art or banner art in Minecraft.
Most likely to die first in game. Probably from running around and not seeing a massive ravine in her path.
"Ay! How should I know that the ravine was right there!"
Probably has Mizuno's texture pack installed.
Has a YouTube tab open for relaxing songs to vibe with while playing Minecraft.
Probably tamed a parrot so she could quickly be informed of nearby mobs.
Absolutely loves note blocks and the juke box, pig step supremacy.
Fills her Minecraft room with parrots.
Mutes the group call since it's always composed of Camilo shouting that he was being chased by mobs, and Mirabel and Isabela arguing about their builds.
Has his siblings/ cousins skins saved in a folder so he would trick them in game, to give them free stuff.
Most likely to rig someone's base with red stone connected to bells he stole from villages he passes by. Only to annoy.
Though he would accidentally manage to set a build on fire..
He was promptly banned by Isabela before he begged to be let in again with the condition he'd be careful.
Would probably get lost since he can't figure out how to navigate with the coordinates. Even with the help of the compass.
/spawn or /teleport is on because Camilo can't find his way back when he wanders around.
Randomly attacks his Tio Bruno.
Sweet little baby Antonio would have tamed every tamable mob in Minecraft.
Of course with the help of Mirabel.
His Minecraft room has every mob you can think of. From ocelots to axlotls. It's crowded but he says he likes it that way.
With the help of Camilo, he manages to build cozy homes for each mob.
Constantly has dogs following him everywhere he goes.
The baby uses default Steve Skin.
Bonds with the kids in this block game.
Lives in a square dirt shack next to Mirabel's gorgeous and aesthetic build with a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.
Most likely to wear only leather armor he finds while looting the villages with the kids because for the life of him he can't figure out how to craft other upgraded armors.
Probably has the 'Rats Mod' installed.
Can never understand why he's being attacked by Camilo but just goes along with it since hey, it's bonding with the kids!
Achievement unlocked: Best Tio Ever.
Tumblr media
Don't ask how I came up with this. I was playing Minecraft then poof! Headcanons.
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camilosbf · a month ago
Well, since I love Isa and saw u maybe wanted some more request of her, what about a fluffy Isabela with s/o who are in a secret relationship but never have time alone cause the Madrigals keep interrupting them? And in the end, Isa just shouts "CAN I HAVE ANY PEACE WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?" and carries s/o away to her room
≡;- ꒰ °peace and quiet ꒱
↳ ISABELA MADRIGAL, fluff, isa just wanting some alone time with you
a/n : ahh i love all the isabela requests i’m getting!! shes such a sweetheart honestly. i enjoyed writing this :))
Tumblr media
Isabela had been itching to get some alone time with you. The past few days were quite tiring and all she wanted was to lay down with you and talk.
But her stupid family just kept stealing you away from her!
The initial inconvenience was her mother, Julieta. Isabela had been dragging you through the gates of Casita and before she could make her way upstairs, her mom shouted out for you. Isa had to wait through a 10 minute long conversation about ingredients, recipes and an invitation for dinner, and when she finally got you back…Tia Pepa came out of nowhere with thunder above her head. This lead to you worriedly asking if she was okay, and then an added 5 minute conversation involving the both of you complementing each others clothing choices.
Isabela had snatched you away as soon as the conversation ended, not wanting to waste another second when the two of you could be in her room by now.
You were only a metre away from her door when;
‘Ooo Isabela, is that your girlfriend?’
On any other occasion, Isabella would’ve shouted at Camilo and told him that you two were just friends, but right now, she really couldn’t be bothered. But you could,
‘Just jealous you’ll never get one yourself, Camilo?’
And thus, Isabela had to wait through yet another 5 minute long conversation consisting of the two of you insulting each other. That was it.
Isa pulled you away from Camilo and dragged you the remaining distance to her door. Right as she touched the door knob;
‘Time for dinner!’
Seriously?! Isabela felt her eye twitch. No, it was okay! As long as you both ate quickly, you’d be able to go upstairs and finally get some alone time together.
Yeah… about that.
Dinner ended taking much longer. Everyone at the table had something to say to you. Even Alma! Wether it was asking how the food tasted (Julieta) or asking about your favourite animal (Antonio), each person wanted to speak to you.
As soon as the last person said what they needed to say, Isabela grabbed your arm and pulled you up from the table.
‘If you’ll excuse us, we’re heading up to my room.’
‘Oh but I just wanted to ask-‘
And with that, Isabela picked you up bridal style and began carrying you up the stairs, ignoring the shocked faces of everyone at the table (excluding Dolores, who had known for a while.)
Lets just say, when you finally entered her room that night, you didn’t leave for a looong time.
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bozowrites · 22 days ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
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Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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somethinginthethunder · 2 days ago
ok im a sucker for cliché romance plots, so could i please request hc on isabela secretly dating someone from a rival magical family, sorta like Romeo and Juliet? thanks!
``dating while being from a rival magic family``
notes: i feel like this wasn't written as well as it could've been so forgive me for any disappointments!
warnings: death of two characters (but none that are active in the story)
-the madrigals were only one of the two magical families of encanto.
-the second one was yours, la familia florez.
-despite how much the two families clashed, there weren't actually many differences.
-your grandmother happened to be one of the fleeing citizens that alma had been a part of. and just like her, your abuela had suffered a great loss.
-at almost the same moment as the madrigals got their miracle, your abuela had lost her youngest son to a terrible sickness, causing the miracle to be given to her as well.
-at first, the two women were trying to figure out how to operate with this new found magic, helping their children cultivate their power so they could do the most for their home.
-eventually, though, it spiraled into a rivalry. how, exactly? you weren't sure.
-as both families grew so did their competitiveness. who could be more helpful? who could be more likeable? who could be more approachable?
-and it went on likes this for years
-it wasn't like the two families absolutely hated each other to death. the rivalry was still strong, though.
-but somehow there was an idea planted in each of the head of the family's brains that only one can be the most superior
-your siblings and yourself had been raised to be the best of the best and to believe you were the best as well.
-any time you had come into contact with any of the madrigals, they'd give you a stiff greeting and then be on their way. you'd return the gesture just as emotionlessly.
-so you could imagine your surprise when you'd find yourself in a relationship with the eldest granddaughter of your abuela's rival.
-the two of you had stood out to each other since the moment the two of you were allowed to interact without adult supervision
-and soon enough you had not only become secret friends, but secret lovers as well.
-every night you'd sneak off with your girlfriend to hang out in the outskirts of town, careful not to be seen.
-the both of you would usually bring in some food to share with each other, gazing up at the stars and cuddling each other as you'd talk about your day to one another.
-dolores had caught wind of this, but luckily isa was able to bribe her into keeping quiet, somehow. she never told you what it was, but you left it since it seemed to work.
-every night she'd remind you how much she loved you, finding comfort in the fact that she didn't have to be an absolute paragon when she was around you.
-and for a while the two of you were able to keep it down low, sneaking around and sharing quick kisses or looks of admiration to each other when you couldn't be fully with the other.
-however, one night, your sister had gotten up and left her room to go steal a snack from the pantry. and unfortunately for you, you had forgotten to completely close the door
-so, when your sister saw you weren't in your bed through her periphery, she started to panic.
-she'd wake up your parents and your family would immediately go out to search for you
-since you were supposed to be the oldest (and therefore most well-behaved), they'd suspected you were in danger more than just running away.
-your cousin, dani, was the first to find you. her powerful gift of light shining on the two of you embracing each other.
-when the rest of your family was finally gathered an argument erupted quickly, with your parents yelling at you for not only being out so late but associating with a madrigal
-this loud commotion had caught the attention of isabela's family, with dolores finally confessing that her dear cousin was caught in the mix
-this news led the family to get out of bed (except for felix, who offered to help antonio get back to bed instead of going) and go retrieve their family member
-when they caught sight of the florez family the first thing they heard was, "i can't believe you'd even think of talking to the likes of her!"
-this clear insult would set off augustin, him pushing through the crowd to say, "don't you dare ever talk like my daughter is the issue!"
-that was enough to spark an even larger argument, the commotion of the two families eventually being too loud for the both of you.
-"will everyone please stop talking?!" you would shout, taking everyone around you by surprise. you were typically labelled as the quiet but carefree soul, your ability being the power to change one's emotions.
-"can't you see how ridiculous this is? we're the florez and madrigal family, the sworn protectors of encanto! isn't our job to help people, not fight them?" you'd argue, looking at your own family in distress.
-i'd tell you their answer, but they had none. your grandmother was only giving you a frustrated stare, her brows knit together as she though of all the reasons of why you would possibly do this to your own familia.
-as you looked toward your family isabela looked at hers, half afraid that she'd never be able to see you again and half expecting alma to blow up in her face out of rage.
-but the two head-women were silent, unable to handle the idea that their decades-long feud was for nothing but competitiveness. why were they constantly fighting? the reason why seemed to be lost in their memories.
-it was alma who broke the long silence first, asking her granddaughter carefully, "are they taking care of you?"
-of course your mother was offended at this, her volume rising as she said, "how dare-"
-but isa cut her off, instead giving her grandmother a nod and an immediate, "yes. and i'm in love with them. so please..." she'd take your hand and turn her head toward your family, "look past yourselves."
-it was hard for both families. well, that was obviously a given. but seeing the two of you in love reminded them of what they claimed to strive and work for.
-silently admitting defeat to the two of you, your abuela stepped up from the center of the florez crowd.
-"perhaps, alma, it is time we put this foolish quarrel to bed. both for our village and for our children," she'd say solemnly, putting out a hand for your girlfriend's grandmother to accept.
-she was hesitant to agree, even going so far as to wonder if perhaps this was a huge ploy against her family. that maybe you had roped her dear grandchild into fooling her and the rest of the madrigals.
-but when she looked back at you and isabela, she knew there was no situation in which you could muster up the acting skills to look so in love as you were now. the way you grasped each other's hand like it would be the last time, and the desperation on both of your faces was enough for her to take her now old rival's hand.
-with that handshake was an agreement between the two powerful families, that you'd all work together to help your town, not to prove that one family is better than the other.
-the new development not only allowed for your home to prosper in more ways than it ever could before, but it also allowed for your relationship with isa blossom.
-the two of you no longer had to hide away in the shadows, scared that any second you'd be caught and separated.
-the two of you were free to love each other, always holding each other's hands at any passing moment together, and giving well-deserved kisses out in broad daylight.
-this relationship also served as an example between your two families, helping to show them that the combination of your two families is anything but terrible.
-"te quiero, mi princesa," you told her the first night since the one where you'd been caught.
-"i love you more, mi flor."
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totallyawr1t3r · 2 days ago
Hey! How are you? If I may, how do you like the idea of ​​Yandere Isabela and a female reader who has a boyfriend/girlfriend that I know that Isabela is obsessed with the reader and the guy/girl tries to tell the reader about it, but the reader does not believe because Isabela is her best friend, and that will Yandere Isabela with the other half of the reader? Kill or threaten? Would like an Possessive Isabela who hates little innocent angel soul mate(reader) Thanks
Yandere Isabela with a Fem!Reader who has a S/O:
S/O didn’t think too much about your relationship with Isabela at first, as you kept telling them that it was pretty normal.
But they couldn’t help but notice how Isabela’s eyes seemed to darken when you peaked their cheek, how she invited herself to whatever date you guys had dated, how there was always a vine just a few inches away to pull you away from them, etc.
It was getting to the point where they couldn’t ignore it anymore once Dolores had told them about some of the stuff Isabela had been saying about them at the dead of night to herself. 
They’ve tried to bring it up to you many times before but you just always seemed to put it off. Saying everything was fine and normal and that Isabela couldn’t have any feelings for you because she was your best friend!
They wanted to believe that but they just couldn’t.
And soon enough, They started to get death threats from the flower girl. Whispering in their ear about how they didn’t deserve you, and if they didn’t break up with you that flower will be growing inside of their stomach. 
Then things started to get a little physical, there was always some type of flower or vine to trip them or hit them hard enough for a bruise. 
But you just kept putting it off.
So, They planned to confront Isabela about it while you were taking care of your mother for the day.
Biggest mistake of their life, because once they and Isabela were fully alone, vines wrapped tightly around their body with thorns digging into their skin. 
Isabela glared at them, and went on a rant about how she should have been the one to date you, not them. How she should be the one to kiss your perfect face, your perfect lips, not them. How she should be the one to marry you and take you on dates, not them!
Of course, Isabela wanted to kill them but she just couldn’t. Not yet at least, so she forced them to leave you finally. Because if she couldn’t have you, no one could, and S/O couldn’t afford you dying because they so selfishly wanted to stay with you.
So, even though it broke their heart, they did as promised and broke up with you, saying a few disheartening things.
Isabela was there to comfort you throughout it all, enjoying the way you cried on her shoulder. And not even a full week later, you somehow started to date Isabela. 
S/O hated every moment of it but they couldn’t do anything about it.
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luna-writes-stuff · 27 days ago
The Madrigal family’s love languages
Includes Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno, Camilo and Dolores
Just to be safe: Mirabel and Camilo are canonically 15 in the movie, and I really did debate on whether or not I wanted to include them, so please, don’t make anything creepy of it. Thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words of affirmation, definitely. He’d call you so many names, that you forget which ones are used as a joke and which ones are for genuine affection. You could make an entire essay about the nicknames he had given you within a week.
He isn’t that private when it comes to relationships either, so he has no problem walking with you around Encanto while constantly gushing over the way you look or the way you walk. He’d be right beside you the entire time, telling you things such as ‘Your hair looks amazing today’ or ‘your hand is really soft’. Has the need to remind you how much he loves you every five minutes.
Tumblr media
Quality time. She gets overstimulated quite easily thanks to hear enhanced hearing, so when she finds some alone time, all she really wants to do is just sit next you while she’s reading a book or simply staring out of the window. It takes out a lot of her energy, but she truly enjoys being around you, even when there is not much to do.
She does really enjoy walks around the Encanto where there aren’t any people. It is necessarily quiet, but it’s a lot calmer. She can really find her rest in the places between the mountains. Usually, it’ll be just the two of you at those occasions. She’ll try to keep you talking because she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in the silence, but in all truth; you don’t really mind. You know silence is something she doesn’t get very much of, so you’ll let her enjoy of it every second that you can.
Tumblr media
Gifts. I’m not talking about the big, ‘look what I bought for you’ gifts. Small things. Such as leaving little notes around your room, having already prepared your cup of coffee/tea in the morning, sewing together broken clothes that you do not want to get rid of etc. etc.
Since he spent a lot of time in isolation, he picked up some pretty diverse skills he somehow always managed to use; candle making, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy….he even knows how to build his own guitar from scratch. He loves surprising you with any new gift. Or sort of gift. Your favorite thing you had gotten from his was a self made blanket, that turned out way too gigantic thanks to Bruno’s enthusiastic knitting. So now you have to share the blanket with him. Such a shame….
Tumblr media
Physical affection. It is obvious she really enjoys hugs, but any form of physical connection would make her happy. She has the constant need to simply hold your hand, run her fingers through your hair, shower your face in kisses or simply wrap her arms around you. She is very patient if you are not comfortable with the constant affection, but she always finds a way to merely connect your pinky with hers.
Words of affirmation. I couldn’t really decide on one love language, so I used two. Just like Camilo, she loves to remind you how much she loves you throughout the day. And though she often does this with hugs and cuddles, she simply needs to express herself verbally at times. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. She simply needs to. She might love you more than she loves herself.
Tumblr media
Acts of service. While you have told her that she has nothing to prove to you, the lingering thought of ‘never being good enough’ and ‘I have to prove my worth’ is constantly on her mind. She can’t just switch it off. Certainly not for someone she holds closest to her heart. But she does slow down on it around you.
She does not push herself as hard as she usually does, and the acts of service usually consist out of clearing place on the couch or bringing you a snack so you won’t have to walk. And you do tell her to sit down once in a while, but she has trouble getting herself out of that mind set. It’s a process that takes some time, but eventually, she will let it go around you. And the patience is totally worth it when you see the look on her face when you are the one to bring her the snacks from the kitchen while she lays down on the couch.
Tumblr media
Gifts. Isabela enjoys leaving special plants for you anywhere and everywhere. And while the whole town is in bloom thanks to her, you know exactly when something is meant for you and when not. For example; when she discovered a new plant to bloom, she’ll plant it in your room. You’ll be the first one to see the thing from the entire town. Or she will grow a wall filled with your favorite flowers, or plants that hold a special memory to you. She knows what she’s doing.
Quality time. Once again, torn between two love languages. Before her talk with Mirabel, she would just sit down next to you and rant about everything that was going on, simply needing a listening ear. After the whole events of Encanto though, she would love to run around the town with you, finding new places for her plants to grow. She refuses to let anything bloom without showing it to you first. It’s a whole trial you go through, but it’s a wonderful experience to share.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 25 days ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 941]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- My first Encanto piece because I'm lowkey scared to write for this movie. It's short for that same reason, sorry! -
Pt. 2
Camilo and Mirabel involved, 18+ DON'T READ THEIR PARTS (they're last)
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She was just helping out with moving carts around when she saw you out of the corner of her eye
After doing a double take, she almost dropped the cart she had in her hand
You were the most stunning person she had ever seen
Luisa instantly became mesmerized with how you moved, elegantly and with purpose as you looked about the Encanto
When you looked back at her and smiled, Luisa felt her heart stop for a moment
She wanted to go up to you and say something, anything, but her mind had drawn a blank
And so she just stared as you turned and walked down the opposite road, waving at passersby as you went
She didn’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day, running through speeches in her head so that next time she saw you, she would have something to say
Through the haze of countless purple and pink flower petals, Isabela almost didn’t see you at first
Once the curtain fell, though, you were the first person her eyes went to
You were just a member of the crowd, watching and cheering along with everyone else, but you stood out enough to catch her eye
You seemed to glow as if you were made of the sun itself, illuminating your frame as you clapped for her show
She would never admit it, but Isabela knows that a few mismatched flowers sprouted along the length of her hair when you smiled at her
After the kids had run off to go be entertained by Camilo, Isabela rushed towards you to make her standard greeting
For some reason she couldn’t explain, she fumbled with her words for a moment, stuttering as you took her hand to shake
Dolores watched the whole thing, and needless to say, the whole Madrigal family was instantly in on the plan to get their dear Isabela to talk to this mysterious newcomer
The commotion of Encanto tends to keep Dolores away, but something compelled her to visit just this one day
As she was wandering about, picking out certain fruits for Julieta to cook with, she accidentally bumped into someone at a stand
Dolores turned to apologize, but the words got caught in her throat when she made eye contact with you
Time seemed to move slower than usual as you smiled at her, apologizing for running into her
“No, no, I’m sorry for bumping into you,” Dolores said, her quiet voice even softer than usual
You and her actually struck up a conversation, and Dolores realized just how easy it was for her to talk to you. It felt natural, and she instantly got a sense of safety just from this one moment with you
When you parted ways, Dolores couldn’t get you off of her mind, even spilling her own secret to her family at dinner that night
She would later send Camilo out to search for you while he did his chores so he could tell you that Dolores wishes to see you again, and that she wanted to invite you to a dinner at their Casita
Camilo was supposed to be entertaining the kids when you stopped by
He shifted back into himself, watching with a slightly parted mouth as one of the children he was playing with ran into the arms of the most enchanting person he had ever seen
You stood, chuckling at your younger sibling, and thanked him for watching over them
Camilo nodded numbly before he came to his senses, literally shaking himself out of it
He caught you before you could get too far away, gently grabbing you by the shoulder and introducing himself
You two hit it off better than Camilo expected, and you even stuck around to help him handle the kids while he went off to help with some more chores he had around Encanto
When he returned, Camilo thanked you profusely, and offered to meet up with you again sometime
While on the surface it looked like a smooth way to ask for you to hang out with him more, Camilo’s face was probably hotter than a summer’s day and he was fighting the urge to shift bodies just so he wasn’t sweating as badly
When he watched you walk away with your little sibling in tow, he couldn’t help shifting into you, completely lost in thought (the kids loved this and now refuse to stop mocking him for it, much to Camilo’s dismay)
Mirabel figured that day to be just like all the others until she saw you talking to a sweet old lady that seemed to be pointing out the way to somewhere
She watched as you thanked the lady and turned to leave before she came to her senses and scrambled to follow you, insisting that it wasn’t in a creepy way or anything and she just wanted to say hi
You heard her footsteps and abruptly stopped, spinning on your heel to be met face-to-face with Mirabel Madrigal - her glasses askew and fists clenching the fabric of her skirt
Mirabel hastily introduced herself with a nervous grin, violently extending her hand for a shake
You could tell she was nervous but humored her, acting like this was any old greeting (which you had been doing lots of as of late)
You explained that you were new to Encanto and that your family had moved here only a week ago, to which Mirabel offered to show you around
When you accepted, Mirabel waited for you to turn around before holding a mini-celebration with herself, quickly fist bumping the air
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hopepunk-fanfics · 27 days ago
Encanto Imagine: How do they act around their crush?
Bruno: VERY flustered. Red a tomato around you, especially if you’re directly interacting with him. If you ever do interact with him, he’s like a deer in the headlights. He can’t imagine someone like you would actually want to interact with him. You’re perfect in his eyes, and he stares at you in awe a lot. Daydreams about you a lot, but refuses to have visions about you because he doesn’t want to see something he doesn’t like. Gets pretty awkward around you and makes jokes that don’t quite make sense, but also has really down-to-earth moments as your bond grows. Is always looking out for you. Gets very protective because he never wants anything bad to happen to you, and he’s kinda scared it will.
Mirabel: Delightfully dorky around her crush. I feel like her love language is gift giving, so she’d probably give you a bunch of things then try to play it off all cool. But you can tell she’s so flustered on the inside. Probably rants to her Mom about you a lot, since she thinks you’re so amazing. If you reciprocate her feelings she gets pretty red in the face and is more flustered than usual. Also has a habit of daydreaming and looking at you. She confides and you and insists that you do the same.
Luisa: Is constantly trying to help you out. She’s always been busy with chores, so if she takes the time to help and hang out with you, she means business. She takes her relationship with you very seriously. Luisa tries not to rant about you that much, but sometimes she can't help herself and seeks out Isabela or Mirabel to get it off her chest. She talks very fast around you because she’s nervous and that’s how she shows it. Her chest and ears are always a little red around you. Also, she definitely shows off a bit by lifting the heaviest things when you're around, just to impress you. She’s a dork, please love her.
Isabela: You’re, like, the first person she’s known who can make her flustered. Constantly accidentally growing flowers when she’s nervous around you. You know that scene where she sprouts flowers in her hair after hearing Mariano wants 5 kids? That’s her whenever she’s around you. Isabela surprises you with the prettiest flowers whenever she can, and is constantly trying to show off and act her best around you. But her favorite moments are when she can let loose and be herself around you, and she finds that you still like her anyways. Once you told her she didn’t need to act perfect around you and she got so flustered, it made her feel so special. Will 100% fight anyone who says bad things about you, she is perpetually ready to throw hands. Calls you cute nicknames like ‘Princesa’ a lot.
Dolores: Quite shy around you, but when you do interact with her she’s pretty good at dropping hints. Well, not really hints, because that girl can’t keep a secret to save her life. It’s pretty clear when she’s crushing because Dolores has no filter. Her favorite thing to compliment is your voice, because she’s always listening for it. She can hear you from miles away so she likes to listen in and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard day she can be very stubborn about getting to help you, she really wants to comfort you. I think she’s a little more guarded than the younger ones, so she always listens for anything suspicious. Of course, when she doesn’t hear you doing anything wrong, she falls even harder. She constantly advocates for you.
Camilo: Aside from Dolores, he’s lowkey the coolest around his crush. Though sometimes when he’s around you, he randomly shapeshifts from the nerves. Tries to laugh it off though. Makes a ton of flirty jokes, but refuses to play pranks on you. You’re that special to him. Does kind of mess with you, just to see your reaction though. He surprisingly gets kinda shy sometimes, particularly on harder days, and that’s when his nerves act up. May even lowkey avoid you on bad days because he wants to be his best around you. Definitely shows off with his shapeshifting, like 100%. He smiles a lot when you're around, like the biggest dopey grin and heart eyes ever. He also lowkey gets kinda jealous but doesn’t show it much since he doesn’t want you to find him weird.
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