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hoziersgf · a month ago
i really love that there is 0 animosity between the pair over the fact that isabela is engaged to the man of dolores's dreams. a lesser film would have featured some pointless rivalry between them, but we see dolores embrace isabela during antonio's gift ceremony and gently tease her by telling her mariano wants five kids. during the would-be engagement dinner she is trying her best not to spoil the evening even though she knows about mirabel and bruno's last vision and is an anxious wreck. you just know she went to isabela after the almost-engagement was called off and before she confessed her true feelings to mariano to triple-check she was okay with it all. encanto one of the films of all time
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magic-ofthe-madrigals · 13 days ago
It really means the world to me that Mariano wasnt for a moment seen as a villain or bad guy in any way, every scene that they talk about him every scene that he's in he's always a handsome caring generous respectful loving man and it is seen as completely okay that Isabela doesn't want to be with him not because she likes someone else or there is anything anything at all wrong with him she just doesn't want to be with him and that's it they don't even explain why, they don't give her a different love interest, it's just that she doesn't want to be with him. I honestly cannot think of a single piece of media in which that happens, that a girl does not want to be with a guy who respects and loves her not because he's a villain or unattractive or she likes someone else but just because she does not want to be with him and that is painted as completely okay and she's not seen as a b**** for it
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bwall-7204 · 25 days ago
Encanto Headcannons #14
* Camilo and Isabela will aggressively fight over what they think will happen next in Bruno’s telenovelas
* Antonio is very clingy when it comes to Bruno making his tio pick him up at any and every opportunity
* Luisa is actually very competitive but ignorantly so where her siblings and cousins will trick her into competitions where she ends up taking care of herself. “I BET I CAN FINISH THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU!” “YOUR ON!” or “I BET YOU CANT CHUG THAT WHOLE BOTTLE OF WATER!” “WATCH ME!”
* During the summer the whole family will take one day a week to hangout and swim in the river
* Antonio becomes best friends with that coffee kid, much to the families dismay. Pepa worries about there friendship due to the kids over hyper ness. Little does Pepa know he enjoys his hyper company reminding him of his mom and siblings
* Bruno is a really good baker. He can’t cook for shit but Julieta and Pepa’s wedding cakes were both baked by him
* Agustin will buy small things for his daughters when he spots something while shopping. Usually buying Mirabel sewing supplies, Isabela painting supplies, and Luisa cute earrings or a small stuffie
* Camilo has tried to trick Mariano into thinking he’s Dolores (he’s shape shifted as Dolores) Mariano realizes every time acting extra lovey dovey to make Camilo panic into changing back
* Camilo has threatened Mariano about treating his sister right, making sure he’s not just there for a rebound
* Julieta and Luisa are early risers. They sit and watch the sun rise a bit more in the sky while drinking coffee
* Luisa’s designated bedtime is at 10, but she’s always to busy to ever get to sleep at that time
* Isabela has more than once stayed up till the early hours of the morning when working on an art project
* Bruno sometimes purposefully waits downstairs at the dinner table, waiting for Camilo to come get his midnight snack. They’ve both been yelled at for waking everyone up due to Camilos highpitched scream
* Antonio try’s to sneak food into his room for his animals, Pepa or Felix catching him every time. He gets better at it with age
* Once Bruno returns Isabela and Dolores give him a long and much needed hair washing. Luisa braiding it up after the fact
* While Mirabel was making new clothes for Bruno the whole family was fighting on which color coded side he’d be on. Mirabel ignoring all of them sticking with green and maroon
* Luisa says that she’s a tea expert. She actually hates tea
* Camilo steals Isabela’s eyeliner
* When Dolores was little and she would become overwhelmed with all the noise she would have fits where she would hit her head. Her parents, aunts, uncles, and even Isabela would go and cover her ears until she stopped
* Some days Camilo will come over to a family member and just stand there till they notice and question him. He’ll open up his arms slightly. Each family member knows right away to just hug him till he lets go
* Luisa will sometimes just carry him around while she does chores during these moments. She’ll do the same when she babysits a sleeping Antonio
* Bruno wasn’t super thrilled when he first opened the door to his room. All the stairs looked tiring. At least he could make sand castles
* Anytime Bruno was bullied his sisters would be right there to defend and beat the shit out of whoever it was.
* Anyone who touched the Madrigal sisters though, Bruno never hesitated to kick them in the stomach
* Julieta always healed them up right after so Abuela would never know
* Bruno is always protective over his sisters and didn’t like most guys they dated or warded them off with his presence. Agustin was just clueless and Felix was way to friendly
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motionoftheocean · a month ago
In need of a Dolores Disney short that is set a couple years later, here’s the plot;
Her and Mariano have been dating for a while and he’s thinking of proposing but he needs to find a way to do it without her finding out so the whole family resorts to planning everything via passing notes. The first half is the family/Mariano trying to get everything sorted and Dolores is just going about her day but noticing some little things are off. Anyways they manage to get Dolores to the proposal location but she doesn’t stop rambling the entire way there (in typical Dolores fashion). Then she notices what’s happening after seeing the beautiful set up and goes completely shy.
[Insert touching proposal scene here]
And then she says yes (hopefully) and makes a passing comment about it making sense why she was always hearing paper and pens scratching.
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cubesandbones · 15 days ago
Encanto head canons because why not:
*Mirabel makes Antonio’s animals some toys to play with, and Antonio makes sure they don’t destroy them and tells the animals to play with them gently.
*Antonio will be whispering with his animals and then look over at a certain family member and then giggle and quickly look away, and everyone knows that he’s talking about them to the animals. Everyone gets a little freaked out by this, because they have no idea what they could be talking about, but even though she can only understand what he’s saying, Dolores knows that it’s not really anything bad and is mostly silly things, like Camilo tripped over a sock the other day.
*Abuela starts to indulge more in Mirabels interests and they make crafts together, and start to grow closer that way.
*Pepa and Felix dance together super often, and at the most random times, Felix is usually the one to initiate it.
*When Bruno left, there were such terrible storms and a huge risk of flooding, so Felix had to get Pepa as far away from town as possible and console her.
*Felix sings to Pepa a lot and she loves it.
*Julieta has tried teaching Augustin how to cook, and if he weren’t so accident prone in the kitchen, he’d probably be pretty good at it.
*Felix is a huge hugger, and is the only one who can handle Luisas long, back cracking hugs.
*Luisa has a box containing a collection of things she likes and finds really pretty, like a crystal she found in a lake, a gold button, a locket with little gems stuck to it, some rings, a tiny bow with a pretty design, etc.
*When Bruno is back the whole family helps to revamp his room and make it livable again, and they all get really excited and all start adding their own touches to it, until it’s kind of an unorganized mess full of random things bruno doesn’t really want, but he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings either. Later Mirabel helps him sort it all out and make it much more to his liking. He does keep some of the drawings that Antonio stuck to his wall up though.
*Bruno likes Antonio’s capybaras a lot, as they’re super chill and the largest rodent, and will listen to Antonio talk about his capybara and other animals all day.
*Bruno thinks that Camilo’s description of him in the song was actually hilarious, but gets a little bit of revenge when he starts describing what Camilo was like when he was a baby to the townspeople, and describes him as a little terror, that was super cute and chubby but would throw his food into peoples faces constantly, and Camilo also thinks it’s funny but is still a little bashful about it.
*Camilo is very protective of Antonio because he’s so quiet and doesn’t know how to make friends with a lot of the other kids in the village, so sometimes he’ll shape shift into a kid and brag about how cool Antonio is to the others, and will stay with him like that until he feels comfortable enough around the other kids.
*Dolores likes to write poetry with Mariano, and they watch a lot of romantic telenovas together.
*Isabela wants to travel and learn more about herself, and starts exploring the mountains of the encanto.
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secret-ssociety · a month ago
oh if you're taking mirabel requests. mirabel x touch starved reader?
Pairing(s): Mirabel Madrigal x reader
Warnings: none, just fluff <3
A/N: I swear I tried to make this gender neutral, but I feel like it came out more fem than expected. I hope you enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
How could she?
How could she stand there and look so beautiful when you couldn't touch her?
It wasn't fair that your brother could look for whatever excuse to touch Isabela without anyone batting an eye, but you had to hold your urges to brush that rebel strand of hair out of Mirabel's forehead.
For all your parents cared, the evening was perfect, they were happily discussing the someday engagement between Isabela and Mariano, while the raven haired girl was nothing but smiles to your brother's never ending flow of compliments, they were all too busy to notice the way your leg bounced under the table.
The air felt sour and the food tasted dull in your mouth, and it wasn't that Julieta's cooking was anything else than spectacular, it was that the bitterness of your situation took over all your senses.
Already three months since you and Mirabel were together, the happiest months of your life except for the goddamn secret you had to keep your relationship in. Your parents were dying for a relationship with the Madrigals, but if they found out they already had it, they wouldn't react well because it was yours and not Mariano's.
"Dolores," Mirabel spoke, making your head pop from your plate, "can you switch seats with me? I'm not used to sitting on the head."
The older girl shot you a knowing smile and you had to keep a blush from creeping up to your cheeks. Of course, you suspected Dolores knew about your relationship with her cousin, with that gift of hers there probably wasn't anything in town she didn't know, but still you weren't sure.
You didn't hide your smile when Mirabel sat beside you in silence. Now it would be even harder to push your urges into the back of your head, but God, you loved having her near.
And then, you felt her hand tangle into yours under the table.
Your breath hitched and whatever effort to keep yourself from blushing went right into the trash. She started caressing your hand with her thumb and your whole body started trembling, oh, Mirabel knew just the effect she had on you.
Thankful like you had never been for the little attention everyone else payed you when Mariano was around, you squeezed her hand back as you tried to eat a little more cheerful. Even the adults' conversations sounded less boring with her by your side.
Her touch calmed down the anxiety on your nerves and, at the same time, made it nearly impossible to keep your composure. How could you crave someone's touch as badly as you craved hers? How could you be so starved of it that the simple gesture of holding your hand threatened to throw you over the edge.
"Can I go with Y/N to my room?" Mirabel asked when the dinner was over. "I want to show them some stuff."
"Of course," Alma nodded with a smile while your parents nodded approvingly, "make yourself at home, Y/N."
"Thank you," you said before following Mirabel upstairs.
Once the door of the old nursery was closed, you threw yourselves into each other's embrace. Her fingers cradled your face while your arms wrapped around her waist, your lips meeting up in a desperate kiss. She held you as close to her face as it was physically possible and your hands traveled across her column to close any gaps between your bodies.
"Hi," she said out of breath when you broke the kiss.
It took you less than five minutes to find your way to her bed, where you laid together for what felt like hours. You talked about everything and your long conversations were complemented with white gaps of silence where you simply gazed into each other.
Your hands were still around her waist, holding her close to you while hers rested on your face tracing over the constellations of your freckles. Very small actions were required to have you a beaming mess in her arms. She traveled her hands to the back of your head from time to time, tangling her fingers into your head, and your body could barely contain the shaking.
"I like when you do that," she told you.
"Do what?"
"Shiver like that," Mirabel answered and you gave her half a smile.
"Keep doing that to my hair and I'll do it more," you suggested, refering to the little swirls she was doing in your scalp with the tips of her fingers.
She obliged and you simply closed your eyes, resting the full weight of your head against her pillow and allowed yourself to completely melt in her touch. Whatever possessed you when Mirabel loved you like that, you could stay and live in it.
After a little while of drawings on top of your scalp, you felt Mirabel's breath hit closer to your face before she started to pepper slow pecks across your forehead, your eyelids, the bridge of your nose, making her way down to your mouth. She was sweet against your lips, tender, loving, and you wondered if maybe she had a secret magical gift linked to controlling time.
Was it possible that maybe Dolores heard the dangerous way of your heart beating itself against your ribcage?
Her kisses were small, one pressed into your lips after the other, soft and warm, before diving right into a long one that ended were your top lip resulted prisoner of her teeth. Her kisses were never ending, which you liked the most.
At least, they were until the door burst open.
You both jumped from the bed, completely out of breath, to find Dolores looking at you from the entrance of the room. Now your heart was definitely going to explode, but not exactly with the warmth as before.
"I knocked," she anticipated the possible claim of invasion of privacy.
"Dolores," Mirabel swallowed heavily, "please don't tell anyone."
The tall girl stared at her cousin for a few seconds before bursting out laughing. Telling someone? She had been keeping that secret before you even started dating.
"Y/N, unless you're going to ask to sleep over, you're going home now, your parents are waiting for you at the front door." Dolores turned around to leave, but stopped in her tracks to say one last thing. "And you might want to fix your hair before coming down. Hm." And with that high pitched sound that was so characteristic of her, she left.
Mirabel and you shared a relieved look, before you reached out to cup your girlfriend's face and give her one last kiss.
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soundofalling-sand · 14 days ago
When a character calls you, “mi vida”, “mi cielo”, “mi cariño ”, “mi amor”, “mi querida/do”, “mi corazón” in an Encanto fanfiction or headcanon. 
Tumblr media
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carlaerosie · 21 days ago
I love how Dolores was keeping the secret about Bruno for whole 10 years but as soon as she noticed she had an opportunity to “ruin” Mariano’s proposal to Isabela she did it by saying about the vision Mirabel saw and causing a total chaos
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hup1hty · 28 days ago
Started: 29/12/21
Camilo Madrigal x Reader
Staying With The Madrigals’ :
 in which staying with madrigals’ shows camilo your true feelings for him
Tears Of Joy :
 in which you suddenly start crying and your boyfriend comforts you
Daughter In Law : 
in which you’re in a secret relationship and your boyfriend’s family finds out about your relationship
Win My Affection  -  pt 1 , pt 2 :
  in which you return to encanto after staying at a boarding school and your childhood best friend tries to woo you
Blush, Blush, Blush : 
  in which camilo has a crush on a flirty girl
Lost And Found : 
 in which you secretly sneak off to the forest to pick fruits and your boyfriend doesn’t know where you are
I Hate Him (But I Want His Last Name) - pt 1 , pt 2 :
  in which you fall in love with your enemy and confess your feelings to him
Baker Boy : 
 in which camilo tries to bake a cake for you
Soft Spot :
in which camilo assumes you are stuck up because you are close with Isabela but realises you aren’t so bad after all
You’re Just Like Me : 
 in which you are chased out of your old town because of your gift (shapeshifting into animals) and meet camilo 
Puppy Love : 
  in which the Madrigal family try to get you and Camilo together
Heal My Aching Heart : 
  in which Camilo hurts himself shapeshifting and you try to comfort him
Fashion Fiasco :
 in which you wear Camilo’s clothes and wear them to dinner 
Excuses for Loving You :
in which the reader is very shy 
Dolores Madrigal x Mariano Guzman
Do My Best : 
 in which mariano goes to pepa for guidance about how to be a good father
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rae-arts777 · 24 days ago
Dolores: are you sure you want to be with me?
Mariano: My love of course!!! I love you! And I love your family!!!
Dolores:…you sure about the family part?? You really haven’t like…truely been around us.
Mariano: My love please!! I love them no matter what!!!!
~later that night during Telanova night~
Dolores: *crying* It was so beautiful…..the scene where he ran in the rain to her..*sobs* so romantic!!!!
Mirabel: MARIANO!!! Which team are you?! Lopez or Juan?!
Mariano:….López of course…..
Dolores: WHAT?!
Mariano: MY LOVE!!! Please!!! Don’t you see how much Juan and Dulce are us?! And it’s not his fault about Sofia!!!! She just wants to ruin Dulce’s happiness!!!!
Mariano: Juan is a hopeless romantic!!! Don’t you see?! At the end of the day he would travel to the ends of the world and end all wars for Dulce!!! Like I would for you my love!!!
Dolores: >:( hmmm!!!! You’re so lucky you’re with me and not Isabela, cause unlike her, I can forgive you for being team Juan.
Isabela; EXCUSE YOU?!
Dolores: AM I WRONG?!
Isabela:….No. STILL FUCK YOU.
Mariano:…*just chuckles and smiles* *kisses Dolores’ head* yeah. I love your family.
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 11 days ago
Dolores: I kissed Mariano. Isabela: Wow... I owe Mirabel so much money.
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soft-and-exhausted · 14 days ago
I don’t know if you do these but!
How would encanto characters would react that’s y/n told them she’s pregnant
the characters bruno and the others of your pick^^
I would be over the moon if you did it!
Oooh I've literally never written or thought up anything y/n related tbh, but you know, this sounds fun! So thank you for asking for my 2 cents haha
Y/N: Okay. Here it goes, Bruno. The reason I have been a little off lately...uhm... I- I'm expecting... Bruno, wincing: ...disappointment? Yeah, I get that. Bruno, with a heavy sigh: this is just like my prophecies. You know I just got yelled at over a fish? A fish! Y/N: What? No! A baby. I'm having a baby, Bruno. We're having a baby! Bruno: W-wait! Are you messing with me- Because if so, ha ha good one! You're so funny, amor. B-but on the off chance that you're not - Y/N: I'm really not. Bruno: A tiny little baby- with little hands and feet and itsy bitsy toes, and - oh wow, okay, calm down Bruno! We're really having a baby? A real one? Like Isabela and Dolores? Are you sure? Y/N: Oh, very! Bruno, sobbing: I'm- I- I'll have to ask Augustin for a list of dad jokes!
Y/N, overly serious, probably: ok, this is very important! Listen to me, Isabela... Y/N: We're having a baby. I'm pregnant and it's yours. Isabela: wh- WHAT! We've only been dating for 12 weeks, and we're not even engaged- Oh no, Abuela will be furious with me, I can already feel it. Is it getting warm in here? This can't be happening. Not to even mention that I'm not ready to be a parent- Y/N: Isa. Isa! I was joking! Oh my god, Isa - We're literally lesbians! And you have no way of getting me pregnant?! Isabela: You don't know what seeds I can grow. Y/N: WHAT?!!!
*GROWN UP* Camilo
('cause I can't do Julieta and Pepa dirty & there are no other men?!)
Y/N: knock knock. 23 yo Camilo: who's there? Y/N: baby. Camilo: baby who? Y/N: your baby! Camilo: your baby who? Y/N: I'm having your baby, idioto! Camilo: I'm having your baby, id- This is a terrible joke. Honestly worse than what Tio Augustin comes up with. You need to work on your comedic timing. I can help you tho. Y/N: it's not. Camilo, twirling away: duh-uh, the absolute worst joke I've ever heard with my own two ears. Y/N: it's not a joke, pal. I'm pregnant. Camilo, sputtering: p- you? with a baby?! Y/N: oh my god. Yes, with a baby. Camilo having Y/Ns face, miming a big belly: Like-?? Y/N: Yup. Camilo, changing face five times, then himself: Wow. A real baby. Dolores! Did you hear that? I'm having a baby! Camilo: Oh my god, I'm- we're having a baby!
+1 Mariano & Dolores
Dolores: Mi vida, we're expecting - Mariano, already falling to his knees in front of her: a baby?! I swear I will be the best Papa you can imagine! Dolores: - your grandmother over for dinner. Dolores: are you okay?
That last one might be an incorrect quote that I've subconsciously absorbed??? I'm sorry if that's the case haha also sorry if any of these disappoint greatly, it was fun thinking about them!
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bwall-7204 · 26 days ago
Encanto Headcannons #13
* When Dolores said Mariano wanted five babies, she was lying to mess with Isabela’s head😘
* During we don’t talk about Bruno, Dolores kept pulling Mirabel back and forth so she wouldn’t see there uncle behind them
* Though Camilo and Mirabel have obvious different features they were able to pull the whole twin stunt tricking some towns people
* Camilo and Mirabel have ridiculous conversations that none of the adults can understand there siblings and cousins mildy confused
* Camilo and Mirabel have aggressive playful banter. Example: Camilo: “Hey! Watch your elbow!” Mirabel: “Watch your life span.”
* Isabela and Dolores will absolutely just have days where they sit and gossip
* Camilo is always and advocate for sleepovers, hinting them every chance he gets
* Even in there older age Camilo will sometimes sleep over in Mirabel’s room when he’s having a bad day
* Antonio will sometimes get overwhelmed by all the animal noises and go to sleep in Dolores room
* Antonio punched Mariano in the face when he once said, “I want your sister to be mine forever.” Thinking he was gonna steal her away forever
* When Camilo and Dolores are fighting Antonio will come up with an elaborate plan that only a five year old could come up with. “I can get them to build a treehouse that Luisa needs for all her stuffed animals. They’ll have so much fun they’ll be friends again!”
* Either that or he just starts crying.
* Antonio hates when Camilo turns into him. It frightens him a little
* Isabela smacks Mirabel and Camilo upside the head at least once a day. Julieta maybe a couple of times.. a day.
* When Luisa was little, she broke so many things, Abuela giving her an off handed look each time causing her to train her gift quickly
* Isabela use to spend hours practicing flowers to get the right color and her emotions to not control them as much
* Isabela does hit Mariano in the face with a flower when she’s drunk on night thinking he was a robber
* Camilos drank. He was fine.
* There are baby photos of Mirabel eating Isabela’s flowers. Another one of her trying to push them into Camilos mouth
* When Dolores becomes a mom She has a hard time dealing with her baby’s constant crying. Mariano working with Mirabel to make her earmuffs to lessen the pain
* Mariano proposing to Dolores was ridiculously difficult as she could hear everything. He had to drag each family member far away to the side to get there blessing or tell them his plan
* Mariano’s proposal was after all a mess. The whole family mixing up there parts and timing. Leading to Dolores laughing hard in her mother’s rain accepting her boyfriends proposal
* The triplets birthday wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows ever since Bruno left. Pepa would try hard to keep herself together the whole day while Julieta clings onto her husband. Once the party is over and everyone’s asleep, the two sisters will go down to the kitchen, eating there birthday cake, sharing stories as they laugh and shed tears. They always leave the cake out on the table when they head to bed hoping maybe Bruno will show up and take a piece. Bruno joins them every year, listening behind the wall.
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mxssromanoff · 5 days ago
prompt; isabela, dolores, and mariano with an s/o who woke them up in the middle of the night just to tell them weird 3am thoughts
warning/s; slight mention of gore...?
a/n; i'm new to tumblr and it's 3am, spare me
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
she'd be annoyed at first
you're really waking her up just to tell her that she could kill everyone in the Encanto by making plants burst out of their bodies like some sort of alien xenomorph?
it was such a gruesome and disturbing thought
but you were just so adorable that she couldn't get mad at you
especially with the way your eyes lit up as you explained to her the different ways she could use her powers
it was endearing
not everything you said made sense to her but she still listened to all of it anyway
you did get drowsier somewhere along the way though
isa noticed that and decided to pull you closer, wrapping her arms around your body
then your words started to slur until she could hardly understand anything at all
but isa didn't close her eyes until she was sure you were done with your story, incomprehensible mumblings and all that
the moment she heard your soft snores, she gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead
“Good night, mi vida.”
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
this girl was confused as hell
was something wrong? were you in pain? why were you waking her up?
then you told her about how humanity could possibly be immortals but oxygen might be slowly poisoning everyone
she'd stare at you as if you just grew a second head
until she actually thought about it herself only then would she get you
of course, dolores wouldn't actually believe that but it was still a fascinating thought
you went into detail about how that could be
and she listened intently to every word that came out of your mouth, nodding to every piece of information
she could honestly listen to you all day (night?). sleep be damned
although she'd regret that later on as she grew sluggish on her duties later that day for staying up so late
her abuela would scold her for it and you'd apologize to her, actually feeling guilty
“I'm sorry for making you lose sleep, mi amor.”
but Dolores would only brush it off and kiss you on the cheek, a fond smile on her face
“It's okay. I love hearing you talk.”
Tumblr media
a/n: need more content for this beautiful hunk tbfh
Mariano Guzmán
he'd be concerned, asking you if you were alright
“Racecar backwards is still racecar.”
and he gasped so loud upon that realization
okay, maybe he was just doing it to humor you
mariano writes songs and poems, he's bound to notice the existence of palindromes at some point
regardless, this sweet guy had offered a few words he knew that were the same read backwards
“A nut for a jar of tuna” had you absolutely looking at him like he was some sort of wizard
he felt a little proud for that, not gonna lie
then you asked him if he's ever written something similar for poetry
he never did
but you can bet on him writing exactly just that for his next poem for you
which he actually did and presented to you the following week
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cubesandbones · 14 days ago
Even more encanto headcanons let’s go~
*Luisa sleeps with a tiny teddy bear.
*She can also play the piano.
*Mirabel can also play other instruments other than the accordion, she can play the piano as well, and the guitar.
*She also knows how to cook, and likes to add fun designs to whatever she makes.
*Mirabel babysits a lot of the kids in the village, and a lot of them see her as an older sister, which she really likes getting to be the older sister for once.
*Mirabel suggests the family should have game nights together. Alma is very competitive, but so is Pepa, so the game usually ends with those two (not actually aggressively) fighting about who’s winning with Felix on Pepa’s side, while the rest of the family is sitting there, very tired, wanting desperately to get to bed, but Alma won’t let them leave. Bruno quietly uses his power to see when this will end, and starts weeping when he sees it lasts for another two whole hours.
*Julieta and Pepa had many relationships that all ended up turning sour, a few times for Pepa because she would excitedly ask Bruno to look into the future and tell her if this one was the one, and Bruno would, very cautiously and nervously, tell her that, no, sorry sis, but this one isn’t the one yet. And as gentle as he tried to be, she was always a wreck. Julieta told her to stop asking Bruno for visions, and told Bruno to stop giving them to her.
*She didn’t have to ask Bruno when she’d started dating Felix, because after a little while she knew she didn’t have to, he was definitely the one for her.
*Alma was not very impressed with Augustin at first, she thought he was handsome but too much of a klutz, but Julieta had seen him so many times for her healing that she was already enamored by him. Abuela was finally charmed by Augustin when he ended up getting stung by bees (again) and had a terrible allergic reaction to some beautiful blue flowers that he went out of his way to get for Julieta around the mountains, and decided that if he were willing to go that far for her daughter, he was a good man for her (Julieta, however, was NOT impressed, and was quite angry that he put himself in harms way for her like that, and made him promise to never do that again.)
*Augustin used to pick up Luisa and throw her into the air when she was little, and when she received her gift she started to do the same to him. It scared him at first but then he thought it was kind of fun.
*Isabela started drinking coffee when she was young, but it didn’t make her too hyper or anything.
*When Mirabel was little she would switch glasses with her dad a lot for fun, but he only let her do it for a few seconds so she wouldn’t get a headache.
*Despite how clumsy he is, he is a bit of a thrill seeker, and likes doing all kinds of outdoorsy things. He loves sports and loves bike riding.
*Pepa knew Felix for a while now, and was super oblivious to his crush on her. She had a crush on him too, but didn’t think he liked her, especially since he was sometimes surrounded by other women charmed by him, even when he would straight up tell her he would love to take her out sometime.
*They finally went on their first date when he was flirting with her again, but Julieta was there with her, and was like oh my god this really is all just going right over her head, and finally took the initiative and said “my sister loves picnics. There’s a certain flower patch she likes to go to, I’ll make the food, you two have fun.” And left them both just standing there stunned. Pepa was blushing so hard and the wind started blowing but Felix took her hand and smiled at her and his smile somehow calmed her down.
*The picnic was a disaster, pepa had been so nervous that it started raining and wind was blowing everything away, and she felt humiliated. Felix, however, just shrugged all of that off, told her “a little rain never hurt anyone,” and took her hand again and led them somewhere more dry, where he sat close to her and started to play his guitar for her. Pepa fell in love right then and there.
*Isabela would decorate her sisters and cousins hair with flowers and other accessories a lot when they were kids, their hair styles were usually pretty crazy since they were all so little but they loved them.
*Felix loves dogs, and Pepa loves cats (get it, because it’s raining cats and dogs) and are really excited when some come hanging around Antonio but get closer to them.
*Bruno is a very restless and deep sleeper, but he prefers sleeping in a hammock so he’ll often get really tangled up or accidentally throw himself out of it and wake up confused with a mouth full of sand.
*Alma is very hesitant to let his rats eat dinner with the rest of the family, but Antonio and him insist, and she figures that since they’re eating Julieta’s food, the risk of disease is probably pretty low, so she begrudgingly allows it. Camilo and Mirabel end up bonding with a few themselves.
*Dolores loves puzzles and riddles, and gets really excited when solving them.
*She’s also really into dancing, and learned from her dad. He would twirl her around and let her stand on his shoes and as he taught her the steps.
*Camilo likes to perform, and always knows how to make his sister laugh the most. She has a really loud and long laugh, and Mariano loves it.
*Augustin, Julieta, Isabela and Dolores liked to read a lot, and would often excitedly talk about which books they’ve been reading lately. Dolores loves drama, romance and mystery, Augustin and Isabela like adventure stories, and Julieta loves fiction and history books.
*Antonio gets art lessons from Mirabel, but she charges hugs for each lesson.
*Bruno kept himself isolated from the family most of the time, but sometimes one of the kids would just randomly pop up around him and scare him, and he had no idea where they came from. He would still play with them for a little while, usually as one of his personas.
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abrianadesaphi · 12 days ago
Could you do a story, where the reader decides to take a bath in the river to reduce her anger, because of mariono's marriage proposal with isabela, and isabela sees her and ends up "helping the reader relax"? please?
BESTIE IM NOT SURE IF YOU WANTED SMUT OR NOT SO IM SORRY 😭 i wrote smut tho mwahahahah ok anyw here we go
some curse words
lowercase intended
light angst (?) like super light
the reader tends to get angry quite often and isabela knows the best way to calm her gf down ;)
u're a bottom so uhm yea
let's go for a swim, mi vida | isabela madrigal x fem!reader
you were furious, and everyone who saw you as you walked along this particular street of encanto knew. i mean, it was obvious by the way your face looked.
in response to your distressed body language, the villagers cleared their path when you came across them, knowing better than to do something that’ll rile you up even more.
you knew that isabela was to do whatever her abuela alma told her to, being the perfect golden child that their family was blessed with. she’s always been that way — protecting her precious reputation and doing whatever was needed to be done just to get her grandmother’s validation.
you accepted her that way because you loved her and you would do anything just to keep her, and in order to do that, she had to keep you a secret. don't get it wrong, you knew that she loved you dearly since she makes it known to you in so many ways whenever you have your time together. however, when it came to everyone else, you were nothing but isabela madrigal’s best friend.
and when you were told that the madrigals were preparing for mariano’s proposal to isabela, you felt absolutely hurt and betrayed. you felt your chest tighten as your pain led you to be angry at isabela. and then you were angry with yourself as well.
after walking without a destination in mind, you found yourself at the river hidden within the trees and hills which surrounded encanto. you took a deep breath in, the fresh evening air pleasantly invading your lungs.
you took your buttoned shirt off and then slipped out of your skirt, carelessly dropping them on the rocky ground. you were about to take off your undergarments when you felt familiar arms wrapping themselves around your naked waist.
you took a shaky breath in as you tried to free yourself from her embrace, “isabe-”
she held your waist tighter and closer, feeling your back against her, “can we talk?” 
“why? so you can feed me more of your lies?” you removed yourself from her, facing her as you spoke, “shouldn’t you be picking out dresses for next week? mariano’s proposal has to be perfect, i heard.”
“i didn’t even know until yesterday, mi vida,” isabela explained, “abuela just decided everything for-”
“exactly, isabela!” you exclaimed, “you can never decide anything for yourself because other people make your choices for you. and you just let them!”
“i know that,” isabela caressed your arm, “i apologize, mi cariño."
“you didn’t even tell me!” you turned your back on her as you yelled, not minding whatever it is that she previously said, “i had to find out through the baker, for God's sake!”
“i knew you would be angry so-"
“well, did you expect me to just let this kind of thing slide?!” you yelled as you looked back at her, seeing her pitiful face, “leave, isabela. i don’t want to see you any more tonight.”
despite you telling her to leave, she walked closer to you, running her palms through your shoulders and arms. her hands found themselves on your hips before whispering to your ear from behind, “i’m sorry, mi amor.”
you took a deep breath in, completely distracted by how her hands were now traveling to your waist so teasingly slow.
“i’m sorry for being a coward, and i’m sorry for not telling you,” she genuinely apologized, moving your hair to one side as she kissed the side of your neck, still holding you from behind, “by tomorrow, i’ll figure something out, alright? i’ll talk to mariano about it.”
you found yourself slowly nodding to whatever she spoke of, feeling as if she put a spell on you to make you calm down and completely melt into her. 
she spoke softly once again, “let’s go for a swim, mi vida.”
you found yourself complying with her, doing whatever it is she wanted you to. you felt as if you were hypnotized, or was it just how she naturally made you feel when her hands were on you? you didn't know, but you enjoyed it.
you both were now naked as she led you deeper in the river, her hands never leaving your waist as her dark eyes looked into yours. 
isabela started to kiss your collarbones, causing you to close your eyes as your arms wrapped around her neck. she marked wherever her lips landed on your skin, not leaving that certain area until it bruised.
she looked up at you before wearing her heart on her sleeve and saying, "(y/n), i was wrong. and i get why you're angry, but i love you. and i'm going to be better for you. i promise that i'll do all that i can, alright mi amor? but for now, i want to make love to you."
you gave her half a smile, your anger completely vanishing at her words. you teased, "only if stop making me angry."
she smiled at you as she said, "that's impossible, you're always angry."
"well, it seems like you won't be getting some tonight," you pretend to leave and get out of the water, but she quickly held onto your hand.
"no, no, no," she said, "you're not going to leave me hanging this time, princesa."
she kissed your lips hungrily, pulling you closer as her hand made its way around your throat, making you moan in surprise.
isabela parted your legs with her knee, her other hand trailing down to touch you where you needed her the most.
her finger teased your womanhood, eliciting a moan from your pretty lips. she smirked at your reaction before finally entering you.
she felt so good, God, she felt too good. your moans were an invitation to make her go faster, rougher, just the way that you liked it.
"i never thought that my good girl would enjoy getting fucked in a river this much," she commented with a shit-eating grin, "tell me, do i make you feel good, mi princesa?"
she had two fingers thrusting in and out of you in the most pleasant ways possible, which gave you trouble in responding to her question.
"corazon, i asked you a question," isabela said in a warning tone.
"you make me feel so, so good," you moaned.
she smiled cockily, "i know."
she kept going, and God, it all felt even better with each thrust. soon enough, your nails were scratching on her shoulders as your moans started to sound like whimpers and pleads. 
"go on, mi vida, come," and just like that, you did.
you felt tired as you wrapped your arms around her, your body collapsing. 
isabela laughed, "you okay, cariño?"
"i told you, getting angry takes a lot of energy!"
"you take a lot of energy!"
she laughed at you before saying, "it's getting dark. do you wanna join us for dinner?"
"i don't think i can face your family knowing that you had just…"
"made love to you? in a river? and you enjoyed it a little too much?" she teased.
you rolled your eyes, "i'm getting you back later."
"oh? am i also getting my turn this evening?"
"we'll see," you gave her a wink.
i'm officially taking requests! <3
edit: requests are now closed!
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chameleon-madrigal · 2 days ago
I have a request for a Camilo x GN Reader!
Maybe where the reader is Mariano's younger sibling, and Camilo tries his best to ask for the approval of the relationship between Mariano's beloved younger sibling and him, and like he tries to man up and decide to turn away any urge to ask Dolores for help (considering that by then, they are either married, dating or courting-)
Thank you!
IX | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: Speak the words of love
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Camilo is definitely a cool guy, full of confidence as what you would compliment him. But ever since you two started dating, he started to become shy atempting to get both of your families approval. Knowing that Mariano and Dolores' relationship is going well, he wants that also to happen to the both of you but he would end up backing away.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/them pronouns for Reader
Note: I was sick so sorry this took so long! This is actually cute, can be a hc for Cami being a confident guy but genuinely acts shy when its about you two's relationship. Hope I got the right plot of what you suggested, sorry for waiting :(( Enjoy and Thank you for all your support <3
Tumblr media
Camilo can't deny the fact that he started to take a liking into you, the moment his Abuela invited the Guzmans to a dinner again, but this time it was for Dolores and Mariano's proposal. And was the first time you showed up to see the Madrigals, pretty much meeting them for the first time.
You are sitting between Mirabel and Dolores where your brother, Mariano is on the other side. You are facing Camilo on the other side of the table.
"Its a great pleasure to have you back here with us" Abuela said as she raised her glass of water. "Salud"
"Salud!" Everyone said after and raised their glass also. They started eating as the adults started to discuss about the matter between the engagement.
"Yeah, I was glad I wasn't here when mi hermano got punched on the nose" You whispered as Mirabel heard it and playfully nudged you, causing you both to chuckle at each other.
Camilo saw how your eyes lit up as you laugh and the sound of your voice that caused his heart to beat faster. He didn't realize he was staring too long, luckily for him you didn't caught his stares but Isabela saw it and decided to tease her primo.
"Oh is that love, I see primo?" Isabela said as Camilo started coughing on his drink to shapeshift into you, then Isabela and calmly shapeshifted back to himself as everyone started to look at him, including you, on why he suddenly shapeshifts uncontrollably.
"Camilo, stop playing games on the table" Felix scolded his son, as everyone started to go back at their business.
Camilo could just smiled awkwardly at everyone, as he turned to glared at Isabela, who is laughing at him.
He continued distracting himself by eating arepas, but as he took a glance at you. Both of your eyes met each other, which causes you to look away with a blush evident on both of your faces. The others could just chuckle at the cute interaction you both shared.
And thats where it all started.
You became best friends with Camilo as you would always stay on the Casita, because your hermano would always visit his fiancé.
"Not the thing I expected to see but hello to you too Camilo" You said as the moment you went inside Casita. You saw Camilo secretly stuffing some few arepas inside his ruana and eating one.
He turned around to look at you as he finished eating the arepa, while holding the other arepas with his other hand.
"Aye geez, I thought you were Tía." He said as he sighed happily seeing it was just you.
You went up to him and he suddenly uses his other free hand to put it around your shoulder.
"Why are you stealing arepas, again?" You asked as he guided you upstairs going to his room.
"For my stomach, mi vida. I'll starve to death if I won't get any" He said which causes you to laugh at him. You both entered his room, as he put down the arepas from the table beside his bed.
You immediately went infront one of his mirrors and checked yourself. He went up to you as he watches how you fixed your clothes, face and everything.
He grabbed your wrist and dragged you carefully to his bed.
"Hey, what the..im not done yet!"
"You can just look at me and I'm willing to tell you that you are perfect for who you are" He said as you decided to not say anything, because of how hard you are stoping yourself from smiling.
You both sat down at his bed, as he gave you one arepa and suddenly he ate again too. Which cause you to chuckle at him.
"So, what do you feel about having your brother be a part of the Madrigals as being mi hermana's husband soon"
You shrugged as you took a bite of your arepa and looked at him.
"I mean I really don't know since I am not the one that is getting married but its nice to think that my brother finally found that love he has inside" You said as you both chuckled at it.
"Well, do you think like you know in the future, you'll be a Madrigal?"
"Depends, are you gonna ask me out soon?"
You jokingly stated but then turned to worry, as Camilo started choking on his food and shapeshifted super uncontrollably. You gently patted his back as soon as he shapeshifted back to himself.
"Geez, don't joke like that again"
"Who said I was?" You stated as he shapeshift uncontrollably again as you laughed at him
Tumblr media
You and Camilo would hangout often, and ofcourse you two had catch feelings with each other. And when he confessed, you two started dating after that.
Both of your families didn't know about this, knowing you two are just really close friends. You cannot find the right time to tell even your brother about it, since they are busy about the engagement between him and Dolores, same case with Camilo to his family.
"I mean a little privacy wouldn't hurt us for awhile right?" He said as you leaned on his arms that os currently draped around your shoulders.
"They are busy with the engagement to notice us"
"I mean Dolores the only one probably knows but also busy to talk about it with me" He said as he caress your head.
"But after the wedding, they need to know Milo" You said as you kissed his cheeks and stood up from your spot.
"I mean, yeah they do—" You cutted him off by helping him stand up and cupped his face.
"Amor, don't worry too much. They will accept us just like your sister and my brother's relationship okay?" You said as he nodded but nervousness is still evident on his face.
That night, as Camilo was trying the urge to sleep he can't seem to do it because of the things he keeps on overthinking.
'Gosh, what if Abuela won't accept us?'
'What if they want another person for me that's from another family? So that the generation of Madrigal would be bigger'
'Damn it Camilo ofcourse that won't happen!'
'But what if it will?'
"UGHHH!" He frustratedly shouted and held his hair, until Dolores suddenly burst to his door. Which made him shot up in his bed and placed his hand on his heart as he got shocked at the sudden thing his sister did.
"Dios Mío, knocking isn't familiar to you?" He exclaimed as Dolores just gave him an aplogetic smile.
"Lo siento hermanito, I heard you scream so I immediately rushed into you. Are you fine?"
'Should I ask for her help? Nah thats uncool but..'
"Yeah, im fine. I just had a lot in mind, I guess?" Dolores went up to his brother and patted his head. As she nods and went out from his room.
Camilo just plops back into his bed, scolding himself for why he acts this way. Like how his confidence would just fade away, and doubting the acceptance of your relationship.
The next morning, Camilo was in town doing his chores when Mariano went up to him.
"Hey, Camilo. You've been so hardworking lately" He said and patted his shoulder.
"Thats Camilo Madrigal to you" Camilo stated as he turned into Mariano and did faces.
"Anyways, have you seen mi linda hermanita/o?"
"Nope I haven't...and yeah ofc Y/N's cute.." He said whispering the last part, but Mariano heard it.
"Oh you think they're cute, huh? Why don't you date my sibling, camilo" He said teasing Camilo, which causes him to have a blashful face.
"Yes! I mean—"
"WAIT, YOU'RE DATING THEM??" Mariano exclaimed as Camilo tried to say the truth but his words are losing control.
"Yes, what No!! I MEAN NO. Wait, its like not now but maybe soon what am I saying..Oh hey look at the time! Time to get arepas okay Bye!!" Camilo said and ran away from Mariano, who's shouting his name.
"Gosh, Camilo why can't you just say that you're dating Y/N" He said to himself as he got closer to the Casita.
Tumblr media
Weeks after the wedding of Dolores and Mariano, you could say that Camilo is a mess. He would always tell you that he is planning to speak to both of your families about the relationship but would always end up telling you he can't do it. So he would usually say it in his actions rather than words.
The Guzmans moved in the Casita, and Camilo would act strange when it comes to your brother and your grandmother. He usually doesn't show off his goofy side that you love about him and would help them with simple task which was odd.
After Camilo helped Señora Guzman with things, he show you outside and decided to talk to him.
"Cariño mio, speak up whats this all about?"
"What? Nothing is up, just the ceiling" He said laughing awkwardly as you gave him a knowing look which he sighed.
"You barely hangout with me, now that I am on the same roof with you"
"I am sorry, mi vida. Its just that I want to show your mother and brother how great of a person I am"
"And you really are a great person. What are you still trying to prove, love?"
"I don't know, I just want them to accept me as your boyfriend"
"You barely show them your playful and fun side, Cami"
"I know, I just want them to think that I'm more than fun and games, and that I am serious with you" He said as he looked at you in the eyes and you just smiled at him and kissed his lips.
"They'll love you as much as I do" You said which made him smile and hugged you tight.
Later that day, you were out with Mirabel to play with the kids. And Camilo could have just face back and forth in his room, and he knows that Dolores can hear his mumbles but he is too occupied to think of that.
"Just tell Mariano, hey I like your sibling..wait ugh no. That sounds unformal?"
"Or subtely ask Señora Guzman what if I'm dating her younger child, and atleast I get to know what she thinks...but thats obvious"
"AHH GOSH, WHY IS THIS SO HARD" He said as he fall into his bed.
"Its not hard, you're just overthinking it" He heard Dolores said and felt the side of his bed plop down. As he sat down to talk and face his sister.
"I am just worried"
"You know, Mariano said—"
"Hold up!! No don't say a word. I don't want help"
"Cami, you need my help well for atleast to ease that tension building up inside of you"
"I know and thank you for that but I want to resolve this on my own"
Dolores secretly smiled knowing how hard the situation of her brother right now, but still determined to do it.
"Allright, Im just saying that you should—" Dolores stopped as Camilo gently dragged her to his door and smiled sarcastically.
"Okay, adios gracias hermana" He said and closed his door.
After a minute, he heard a knock so he opened the door groaning.
"Dolores I told you I don't want your—" He stopped noticing it was you. "—Hey, you're back!"
You entered his room after hugging him, and looked at him weirdly.
"You don't want Dolores what?"
"Nah, its nothing. Cuddles?" He said pouting at you, trying to change the topic and luckily you didn't questioned him again and both of you laid down in his bed.
Tumblr media
It was dinner time, and Camilo is ready to tell everyone about the relationship between you two.
"So far, how were things going as you are now here in Casita?" Abuela asked which by then got Camilo tensed for no reason at the moment. And ofcourse, you noticed it.
"Ah its really nice, the house was so lively to make us feel welcome" Mariano said as he looked lovingly at Dolores.
"Thats true and Camilo is such a helpful guy, he really does his best at everything. I really thought you're much more of a playful boy but luckily you're not as what I saw" Señora Guzman commented which made Camilo more nervous knowing your mother likes it if he is not that goofy, but thats what he is. So he worries that he might not be accepted to be your boyfriend.
His three primas could just look confusedly at him, knowing Señora Guzman's description of him is far more than who he is.
Pepa could just look at worry at how his son is acting, all nervous and would shrink in his seat.
"Amor, why do you have a cloud?" Felix whispered and vanished the cloud above his wife's head.
"Lo siento mucho, watch My milo he looks...worried, nervous and scared?" Felix turned to look at his son beside him as he noticed that you are trying to calm Camilo down when there is nothing to be panic of.
"Hey, hermano Camilo are you alright?" Antonio said which caused everyone to turned their head to Camilo.
Camilo could have sworn that he wants to disappear at his seat right now. You held his hand under the table and squeezed it lighlty while looking at him, encouraging him to not be nervous.
"I have something to..say" He said and stood up.
"Abuela, Señora Guzman. Me and Y/N are dating..." Everyone was shocked at the table, except Dolores.
"Abuela, I know you probably want me to marry someone in another family so that the Madrigals will be have a bigger set of generations. And Señora Guzman, I may be pranking a lot of people, I talk a lot and play a lot but I am serious with your youngest child. I hope you would approve our relationship" He said as he looked down which you gave him a pat on his back, giving him a thumbs up.
Abuela stood up and come up to him while smiling.
"Milo, who said I want to marry you with another person when you have Y/N here. And who am I to stop you two, you both look perfect for each other. Ofcourse, we would approve your relationship" Abuela said and hugged Camilo as Pepa and Felix joined the hug too as everyone nodded.
Camilo pulled away and looked at Señora Guzman whose having a smile on her mouth.
"Camilo, you're a great person. You make Y/N/N happy ofcourse I would approve the both of you." She said as Mariano went up to Camilo and ruffled his head.
"I knew you have a thing with them" He said as you went up to hug Camilo as everyone watched you two with a smile.
"I told you they'll love you as much as I do" You said as he pecked your lips infront of everyone which cause you to blush. As the dinner went on, with everyone teasing you or asking you about the relationship.
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carlaerosie · 6 days ago
matching Encanto profile pictures (part one)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hup1hty · 27 days ago
Any chance there could be Dolores and Mariano? Maybe she's in labour and Mariano doesn't really know how to comfort her until he talks with Pepa!
ofc! i loved the dolores x mariano storyline sm!!!
Do My Best
dolores madrigal x himbo!mariano guzman
this is set a few years after the movie and they get married
Ever since Dolores became with child, Mariano had been at her beck and call. Well, he had always been at her beck and call, getting everything she needed even before she was pregnant. The moment a baby bump appeared on her stomach, Mariano hadn't even let her do chores, becoming the ultimate house husband as his wife relaxed.
As Dolores' due date approached, she noticed that her husband had become more and more anxious, not even touching his poetry book, which was filled of vents about his life. With age, Dolores learnt how to tune people's voices out, allowing her to live life without using her gift.
But today, she decided to find out what was going on in Mariano's mind. She knew that her mother and her husband had a good relationship, and would always have brunch on Sundays. Dolores could already hear his voice clearly.
"But how will I know what to do when it happens?"
"Trust me, just do what I said and it will be fine." Pepa responded in a reassuring tone. Dolores' mind raced, confused, trying to piece context clues together. When what would happen? What did Mariano have to do? Dolores kept listening.
"I'm just so nervous, what if I'm not a good father?"
Dolores' heart felt heavy at this, upset that he didn't have faith in himself. She knew that he would treat their kids well, and that he'd do his best when taking care of them.
Their talk ended shortly after, and Pepa left Casita to do chores. Mariano walked up the stairs and went back to their room, where Dolores had been waiting. She groaned as she felt another sharp pain in her stomach. The doctor had said it was normal, as she was 9 months pregnant already. She had shrugged the pain off, he husband entering the room.
Mariano's eyes widened after seeing Dolores.
Her water had broke.
do you guys want more dolores x mariano?
also idk much ab pregnancy n stuff so sorry
happy new years!
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e-elizabeth-l · 15 days ago
Ok but can we talk about how beautiful everyone looks
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