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bandshirts-and-books · 2 days ago
Camilo, Isabela, & Y/N: *screaming*
Dolores: *runs into the room* What's wrong, Isabela?!
Camilo: Wait, why are you asking Isabela that when Y/N and I are also here?
Dolores: Because Isabela wouldn't scream unless it's an emergency. You two scream whenever you have the chance.
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doloresswife · 2 days ago
Please, Don’t Break My Heart
isabela x reader
summary: you were in love with isabela. hell, you were over the moon when she said yes to your proposal, but it was just to please her family. she didn’t love you. why couldn’t you see that sooner?
loving isabela was tiring. you couldn’t gift her flowers, because… well, you know why. chocolate? she was sweeter than it. food? her mother was the best cook in the encanto. you just couldn’t seem to please her, much to your dismay.
but, when your mother told you that doña alma had deemed you the most worthy of her oldest granddaughter’s hand, you were over the moon. isabela had finally started accepting your small gifts, and walking around the town with you. though she did not seem pleased.
you put your life on hold to live up to the madrigal standards. you weren’t as wealthy as isa— that was a fact— but you didn’t let that bring you down. you ignored the chatter of the people as you walked down to the orphanage, like you always did. even though you hadn’t been there in a whilst, having to attend to madrigal family dinners, the kids still seemed pleased to see you.
you smiled as the vast amount of children crowded and tackled you. once they had all calmed down, you read them a book— your childhood favourite, and they listened contently. you were about to play some games with them when you were dragged, quite literally, put of the orphanage.
“mamá, i-“
“the madrigals wish for us to attend tonight’s dinner.” your mother cut you off with a pleased smile. “do you have the ring? doña alma believes that now if the perfect time.”
“oh.” your eyes lit up. “yes- yes, i do have the ring.” you nodded, pulling it out of your pocket with an ecstatic smile.
after the proposal, isabela started distancing herself once again. the dates that you asked her on? she was busy. the walks around town? her abuela changed her chores. the hand holding? well, there wasn’t an excuse for that, per say, but still…
you didn’t think much of it though, she was your fiancée now, and you were in love with her. your mother was right, though. you thought to little about the negative things in life and too much on the positive. and, sadly, you always ended up getting hurt.
“hola, mi amor. what a beautiful day, huh?” you greeted as you walked up to her, not noticing as she rolled her eyes.
“not now, Y/N.” she muttered bitterly, putting on a fake smile as she helped out the townspeople.
“oh.” you frowned at her tone, hurt flashing through your eyes. “well, maybe tomorrow we could go down to the river? you know, like we used to?” you asked quietly.
“fine.” she agreed, making your smile grow back.
she didn’t come. you were sat at the river, wallowing in your pity with your knees up to your chest. tears gathered in your eyes as you let flies conquer the food you had left out for her.
sighing, you stood to your feet, not noticing the tears that fell, and cleared up the river side. you ignored the few madrigals that you had seen on your way to their casita.
“Y/N, hi!” mirabel smiled widely at you, but your usual smile wasn’t there.
“where’s isabela?” you asked, dropping your stuff on the floor. mirabel frowned and pointed up to isa’s door. you nodded and stormed up to the door, walking in without knocking, making her quickly sit upright, shocked. “¿Qué demonios te pasa?”
“what?” isabela asked at your tone.
“you just- you left me there.” you accused, but she didn’t even flinch. “do you even care?” she stayed quiet, making you scoff. “por supuesto que no.” you mumbled before slapping your forehead. “estupida.”
“Y/N, i-“
“it’s fine, isabela.” you rolled your eyes. “forget loving me, did you even like me?”
“great.” you said sarcastically, throwing your hands in the air. “i can’t believe i had the audacity to think that there was a chance of you loving me as much as i loved you.” isabel’s glanced at the floor guiltily. “i was so madly in love with you, but you-you-“ you couldn’t even finish the sentence before a sob left your throat. “i hate you so much. so, so much.”
“Y/N, i’m sorry.” isabela apologised, but you just rolled your eyes and held out your hand.
“give it to me.”
“my ring. give it to me.” you gritted out, but she stalled. “now, isabela. you clearly don’t want it, so i’ll keep it until i find someone that does.” tears gathered in isabela’s eyes as she took off the ring, placing it in your palm. “gracias.” you said, before leaving the room, jumping at the sight of all of the madrigals stood outside. “uh- hi.” you said, and they all waved at you awkwardly. “bye.”
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georgethatperson · 2 days ago
Hi friend! If you have some time, can I request a reader x Isabela fanfic, where reader is kinda troublesome (doesn't like starting fights, but ending up joining them), and Isa gets a lot worried ^^
It's okay if you don't want to do this, have a good day?
Isabela x GN!Reader
"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" The chants grew louder as a girl pushed Y/N.
The person in question scowled and tried to step away, only for a jab to be thrown at their stomach. Finally, they retaliated.
The fight went on for a few minutes, punches, kicks, bites and slaps being thrown around, until, finally, Luisa had arrived at the scene, and held Y/N and the girl a few inches above the ground.
"What is going on here?!" Alma Madrigal, the matriarch of the Madrigal family and the unofficial leader of the town, stepped forward, her usual frown on her face.
"Lucia started it, señora Alma!" One of the townspeople spoke up, making a few other nod.
"Snitch." The girl in question scowled. Y/N glared heavily at her, not paying any attention to the others around them.
"Why did the fight begin?"
There was a moment of brief silence.
"She talked about Y/N's papa." Someone whispered to the older woman, making her frown deepen.
It was common knowledge that the lack of male figure in Y/N's life was a sore subject for them. His death had hit the village hard, but Y/N and their mother was affected the most.
"Señor Garcia, please take your daughter home and give her an appropriate punishment. Might I suggest more chores and letting her wounds heal without any of my daughter's food?" Alma suggested, no, ordered.
"Sí. Lucia, vamos." The man took the young woman's wrist and practically dragged her away from the scene.
"Y/N, follow me." Alma led them up to casita, letting them both in and entering the main room. “Sit.” She ordered. “Your mama will give you a punishment for fighting, but I will let you explain yourself to Isabela.” And, with that, she promptly left the room, returning a minute later with the brunette in tow.
“Y/N?” Isa asked worriedly, taking a seat beside her lover. “You got into another fight.” She observed, tracing her fingertips over a rapidly forming bruise on their cheek.
“Sí.” They responded, voice clipped.
“Cariño.” Isa warned, placing her hand on their leg comfortingly.
Y/N’s shoulders dropped, their head tilting down slightly. “She was talking about papa.” They revealed. “Said he was weak for dying, even with your mama’s food.” Pressure build up behind their eyes “He left us, Isa.” They sniffed. “He left me.”
Isa sighed and wrapped her arms around them, letting them cry softly into her shoulder.
“He promised. He promised he wouldn’t leave an-and he left! He died!” They sobbed, bringing tears to Isa’s eyes.
“Oh, mi corazón...” She murmured, her hand rubbing their back softly. “It will get better.”
A/N: A tiny bit of angst there at the end but I didn’t really know how to end it. I hope you enjoyed!
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nooneno · a day ago
The word too much
"when isabela lets slip a tiny-but important- piece of information that falls into the ear of her youngest sister, what can come of it?"
warnings : i don't know, grammatical errors.
Pairing : Isabela Madrigal x femReader
--- not my gif ---
Tumblr media
Mirabel had never been so happy. Really. Since the discovery of Bruno's vision, of his hidden life between the walls of the casita and the destruction and reconstruction of the said house, things have changed a lot. And for the best, fortunately. Not only did she finally feel that she had found her place within her family - a happier family today - but above all (and this she may never admit out loud except with the help of a knife to her throat) her relationship with her oldest sister was improving in a way she could have never dream of less then a year prior. Obviously there were still things to work on but Isabela was making an effort, and that was already enough in Mirabel's eyes. And just like for their casita, Mirabel was ready to participate in the reconstruction of this relationship. And just like when she wanted to save their Casita, her plan (although honest and filled with good intentions) is a terrible one and is, without a doubt, a horrible idea.
« it's a terrible idea. »
« Ho but you already knew, didn't you !»
In front of the unnecessary and exaggerated shouting of her cousin, Dolores contents herself with massaging her temples and closing her eyes, a breath of annoyance escaping from between her lips.
« Mirabel, when will you understand that I know a certain number of things, mainly things that I am not supposed to know and therefore not things i go and tell to the first comer.»
«ho, really now ?» the younger woman replies, crossing her arms, an arched eyebrow and a wry look on her face. the memory of a much more "talkative" cousin still fresh in her mind.
Unbothered, Dolores ignores the insistent gaze and takes the time to finish washing the last dirty plates still in the sink.
«let's say there are things more difficult to keep to yourself than that»
«how is this situation less difficult to ignore ?!»
«will you stop shouting !»
a large jet of water suddenly comes in contact with Mirabel's face, completely blurring her vision, which is enough to silence her for a moment, Taken aback.
«you're giving me a headache»
«how is this situation less difficult to ignore ?» the teen repeats in a whisper this time while taking off her glasses to wipe them with her skirt.
Dolores wipes her hands with a towel before returning her attention to her young prima. «I don't know, Mira, maybe because unlike the possibility of the whole casita falling apart, Isabela's sentimental and personal affairs don't really concerne me.»
She stops for a moment, her ear perking at a sound unheard by the other Madrigal, before picking up a napkin to wipe Mirabel's nose
«not more than they concern you»
and with that she turns around and leaves the kitchen, looking for the noise she juste heard and which , she thinks , might be more worthy of her time than the shenanigans of Julietta's youngest daughter.
But Mirabel was still far from the very idea of ​​giving up. According to her, it was her duty as a little sister who wishes to help her big sister... Well, to help her big sister.
When she woke up that morning, Isabela first felt a feeling of deep unease, as if a small ball of anxiety was forming in the depths of her stomach. The sensation had worried her all the more since she hadn't felt it since the reconstruction of the casita and the return of her uncle Bruno. And she can recognize this feeling pretty easily since it had been a life companion since the day she received her gift. A feeling which almost took all the air out of her lungs the day Mariano put a knee down in front of her, a ring between his fingers. But this morning there was no reason to feel that way. She no longer had to claim the perfection imposed by her abuela , Mariano was (strange as it was) in a relationship with her prima Dolores and even her relationship with Mirabel was - ... wait, Mirabel...
How come the feeling got a little stronger every time she thougt About her younger sister's name ?
Isabela hastily left her bed, in a hurry to get dressed.
Mirabel was up to something.
Even if in recent months, the young adult and the teenager had taken the time to work on a new relationship and learned to listen to and understand each other a little more, that did not mean that Isabela was less wary of Mirabel because, when Dolores happened to find -by accident- her nose in other people's businesses , Mirabel stuck hers in with a stubbornness matched only by Luisa's physical strength. And, unfortunately for Isabela, a few months ago, she did the unforgivable mistake of reporting to the young Madrigal, a piece of information that would certainly have done better to remain confidential...
--- three months prior ---
«some of us have bigger problems ! You selfish entitled princesse !»
« Selfish ?! i've been stuck being perfect my whole entire life while you were free to be who ever you wanted to be !»
««excuse you ? do you think it's easy to be the so unperfect Madrigal ?!» Mirabel spats with disdain, clinging to a flowerpot , petals unpleasantly tickling her nostrils.
«and you think it's easy to live up to the expectations of the family when there is always someone - you ! - to ruin everything ?! The only thing you have ever done for me is mess things up! »
« Nothing is messed up! You can still marry that big dumb hunk! »
« I never wanted to marry him! I was doing it for the family! »
« Oh, my gosh. Isa-»
when she no longer feels pulled back, Mirabel straightens up, ready to take her sister in her arms but the latter does not seem to have finished speaking when a frustration that has been contained for far too long is finally released.
«nothing was expected of you! no role or character to interpret! no public to entertain ! you were free! you ARE free ! »
«Por el amor de Dios, you even have (Y/n) ! »
« what ?»
------ three months later ------
From there everything went too fast, Isabela managed to grow a cactus for the first time in her life and the next thing she knew she was singing with her youngest sister on the casita rooftop.
But now that she thinks about it, dressed in her new dress, in front of her mirror, her worried eyes fixed on her reflection, Isabela feels little flowers growing on the top of her head.
Your name was the word too much.
The young adult inhales deeply while running a hand through her long jet black hair.
«Dios mío, soy ridículo...»
Was the situation really that ridiculous? Maybe if we assume that Isabela, yet so fond of having control over her image and her life, has ridiculously and unconsciously fallen in love with Mirabel's best friend.
Once again, a detail that would have done better not to have fallen into Mirabel Madrigal's ear, especially when we know that...
(Y/n) (l/n) was not known in encanto to be a big fan of senorita perfectat Isabela Madrigal.
Quite the opposite actually.
A bit of context : the 20 years old woman met the Madrigals when she was only 13 years old. Having just arrived in Encanto with her mother and sister, she was looking for a little job and ended up as a babysitter for Mirabel and Camilo, both were eight years old at the time.
If at her first meeting with the eldest of Luisa and Mirabel the young girl had retained no bad feelings (except that the brunette seemed- according to (l/n), already a little too narcissistic for her age) with time , her opinion has changed dramatically and mainly because of Isabela's behavior towards the young girl (y/n) was babysitting.
«But that is in the past !»
«who are you talking to ?»
Snapped out of her thoughts, Mirabel turns her attention towards the new voice only to be met with the copy carbon of herself looking at her with curiosity.
«i don't have time for your games Camilo, i'm on an very important mission right now.»
Resuming his original form, the young boy remains curious. a small smile appears at the corner of his lips as he lets his gaze follow his cousin's. No matter what the girl was interested in this time, everything with her always took turns that were very amusing to watch.
From a certain distance.
Finally, from the top of the balcony where the two Madrigals were perched, the boy ended up seeing the subject of interest of Mirabel.
(Y/n) was in the village, helping a man carry shovels and rakes.
With a chuckle and a growing smirk, Camilo casts an amused look at the other teenager.
«i don't know what you are up to again, prima, but i'm here for it.»
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asherthefirst · a day ago
Isabela NSFW alphabet
insert reader, gender-neutral reader
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex) aftercare is very important to her, but she'll probably just cuddle up with you while you both are in the tub.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) her neck. since she was born to be perfect and not be different she wants to prove to people otherwise. her favorite body part for you is your hips.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically) she likes when you cum on her face, also maybe her legs.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) she thought of tying you up and just taking you, making you cum everywhere on her. but she was too scared to ask you.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?) like Dolores, she wouldn't be that experienced, but considering she's 21 her tia probably gave her the talk, her parents would be too scared to tell her.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying) Missionary 100%
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.) she'll say some jokes here and there and act childish, but she's 99% serious, idk where that 1% went.
H = Hair (how well-groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) clean all the way baby, but some little hairs here and there.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect) like Dolores, she tries to act romantic but fails, but she'll admit it.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon) not that big of a masturbater, but does it sometimes.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks) she def has a degrading kink, you cant prove to me otherwise.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do) anywhere where it's loud so no one has to hear her scream.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going) you loving her gets her going, compliment her sexually and she gets turned on.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn-offs) nonconsensual stuff.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) she likes both, giving and receiving. sometimes if you're cuddling with her she'll just grind against you, then she starts to get you off.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.) rough and slow. she'll grind on you hard but go slow.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) she likes quickest if you're fast enough.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.) loves taking risks, but if you don't it's fine, she'll still love you either way <3.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?) depends on how long the first round was and if you used any kinks.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?) she probably has some anal vibrators just lying around, you found them once and decided to tease Isabela, now you both use them every once in a while.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) teasing is her personality in bed and you can't prove to me otherwise, she'll call you pet names and tease you for the noises your making, "such a good lover...I love the sounds your making, so perfect."
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) quiet if her family is home, if they aren't she's so loud the house is echoing. and houses only echo if there's empty space!
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character) she likes the way you say her name in Spanish, so she always asks you to speak in Spanish to her.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) no bra cause small breasts go brr. some purple panties with flowers on them, and her ass is big.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?) low unless you're sleeping with her.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterward) she wants to make sure you are okay first after cleaning up but ends up falling asleep cause shes is too tired.
Yes, I'm procrastinating on a request and part 2, so what?
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fluffyheadcanonsyus · 23 hours ago
oooh, can i request an isabela x gn!reader?
Isabela x gn!reader headcanons <333
Art by smoustart on Twitter!
Tumblr media
Did you know Isabela is 21??? I didn’t 😳
I am not the biggest fan of pre-song Isabela, so I wrote for post-song Isabela! Hope you don’t mind <333
* Omg you twooooo <333
* Couple goals right there
* Plant moms plant moms
* If you are dating her you automatically become a cactus mom no matter the gender
* She gives you so many bouquets!
* And not just roses and pretty flowers, some can actually be really interesting
* But you soon found out that a bouquet of cacti isn’t the best idea
* If you prick your finger she will patch it up while apologising 🥺
* You have to shower daily from all the colorful powder you get on yourself
* Group showers maybe 👀😏
* You brush her hairrrr and it’s so smooth and soft and niceeeee
* Don’t wanna bleach ur hair to dye it? *Poof* magic powder
* Cuddle time is so cute
* Y’all just giggle together and play with each other’s hair
* You two just can’t stay still for more than 5 seconds
* Always rolling around, tickling, changing positions
* Bruno doesn’t let you watch his tele-novelas together because you disrupt the rats
* Cuddling while sleeping just ends up with you two tangled together with the blankets
* The laundry is so hard to do with all her colorful powders all over the clothes ;-;
* Laundry dates <333
* You go on walks every morning
* If you’re not a morning person, she’ll just drag you anyways
* You sometimes wonder if she thinks your nose looks like a smashed papaya
* She assures you she doesn’t
* You are the dancing queeeens 🎶
* Dancing with her is honestly just jumping around at this point
* You braid her hairrrr and she makes flowerssss to put in her hairrrrr
* She loves putting flowers in your hair
* Will tie them with hair ties if your hair is too short
* This lady never gives up, you WILL have flowers in your hair
* Overall y’all are goofy af it’s so cute <333
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mxssromanoff · 13 hours ago
prompt; isabela, dolores, and mariano with an s/o who woke them up in the middle of the night just to tell them weird 3am thoughts
warning/s; slight mention of gore...?
a/n; i'm new to tumblr and it's 3am, spare me
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
she'd be annoyed at first
you're really waking her up just to tell her that she could kill everyone in the Encanto by making plants burst out of their bodies like some sort of alien xenomorph?
it was such a gruesome and disturbing thought
but you were just so adorable that she couldn't get mad at you
especially with the way your eyes lit up as you explained to her the different ways she could use her powers
it was endearing
not everything you said made sense to her but she still listened to all of it anyway
you did get drowsier somewhere along the way though
isa noticed that and decided to pull you closer, wrapping her arms around your body
then your words started to slur until she could hardly understand anything at all
but isa didn't close her eyes until she was sure you were done with your story, incomprehensible mumblings and all that
the moment she heard your soft snores, she gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead
“Good night, mi vida.”
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
this girl was confused as hell
was something wrong? were you in pain? why were you waking her up?
then you told her about how humanity could possibly be immortals but oxygen might be slowly poisoning everyone
she'd stare at you as if you just grew a second head
until she actually thought about it herself only then would she get you
of course, dolores wouldn't actually believe that but it was still a fascinating thought
you went into detail about how that could be
and she listened intently to every word that came out of your mouth, nodding to every piece of information
she could honestly listen to you all day (night?). sleep be damned
although she'd regret that later on as she grew sluggish on her duties later that day for staying up so late
her abuela would scold her for it and you'd apologize to her, actually feeling guilty
“I'm sorry for making you lose sleep, mi amor.”
but Dolores would only brush it off and kiss you on the cheek, a fond smile on her face
“It's okay. I love hearing you talk.”
Tumblr media
a/n: need more content for this beautiful hunk tbfh
Mariano Guzmán
he'd be concerned, asking you if you were alright
“Racecar backwards is still racecar.”
and he gasped so loud upon that realization
okay, maybe he was just doing it to humor you
mariano writes songs and poems, he's bound to notice the existence of palindromes at some point
regardless, this sweet guy had offered a few words he knew that were the same read backwards
“A nut for a jar of tuna” had you absolutely looking at him like he was some sort of wizard
he felt a little proud for that, not gonna lie
then you asked him if he's ever written something similar for poetry
he never did
but you can bet on him writing exactly just that for his next poem for you
which he actually did and presented to you the following week
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camileeon · a day ago
First of all, congrats for the 200 girl!
Just found out your blog, really liked it :) I wanna ask a short fic with that B10 dialogue, with Isabela and a really clumsy reader s/o, that reminds her of her father, if you don't mind ^^
Have a nice day!
🍵- She fell for them with no regrets.
🦋- GN!Reader (they/them) x Isabela (she/her)
It was a lovely spring day out for the lively magical town of encanto, various plants along with other flowers blossomed and bloomed happily as their eye catching colors showed so.
Most were over at Casita's, lending out a helping hand to the family along with other town's people on springtime festival preparations. Everyone was all busy organizing, placing decorations in it's proper places, cooking with tia julieta even. Wanting it to be flawless even if the family long overlooked that term, but still.
thing is.. they weren't very well versed in the perfect part.
Y/n was very clumsy and didn't have much finesse through their actions, often times they were stumbling over their own two feet, constantly toppling something over or just spilling something and causing a mere mess for them to clean up after.
They pleaded to themselves as soon as they walk in to look for the walking floral bliss which most suitors swooned for as well as being the same girl that never failed to strum a harmonious melody using their heart strings even from a glance far away, ambling towards her as soon their eyes met. Seeing how her eyes lit up almost instantly, pulling them into a warm embrace while squealing a bit from excitement
“Ah alas my lovely rose! You made it! Come help me with the potted plants!”
Gesturing her hand swiftly to make some of their favorite florals into a flower crown and sat it on their head, before pulling out of the embrace to tug them by the wrist towards the open porch which filled with delicate handmade vases and containers.
“I can't decide on which one to put out, it's a dilemma between these ones i made..” She hummed as she brought her finger up to her lips, pondering about all it's different hues and textures.
“ they all look beautiful either one you choose mi amor.” responding to her before looking through them with her and eyed which one would've suited the supposed color theme for the fiesta, letting out a few thoughts and words about it in the process.
“ Maybe we should go for these cacti and marigolds, I heard mama and Tia liked how they looked together.” She remarks before seeing them nod in agreement with her, they now both started to move the pots and vases towards the entrance.
Luisa wasn't around due to being busy with her own errands before going back to them but they fortunately managed somehow, y/n lifted the last pot of cacti towards the entrance but before they could've stepped on to the tiled floor, they weren't looking forward and bumped into someone and felt their grasp on the pot drift away just for it to shatter on the ground in pieces as a shard from the porcelain pot cuting their palm in the process. Hearing the shatter, nothing but worry and concern filled Isabela's mind and quickly got to y/n who sat on the floor quietly hissing in pain due to the wound
“Y/n are you okay-” but before isabela could finish her sentence they started to ramble
“Isa I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where i was going and bumped into someone- Your favorite pot! And your cacti- and- agh im just a klutz-”
Isa's eyes softened at how they spoke, listening to their overwhelmed breaking voice, reaching her hands out to their shoulders to calm and help them compose themselves. “Alright alright, calm down, breathe in and breathe out y/n.” rubbing and tracing circles on their back as they slowly inhaled and exhaled, following her instructions carefully.
They leaned into her embrace as soon Isabela wrapped her arms around them comfortingly, then cupping their cheeks in the palm of her hands
“Well done, see? You're okay, mi corazon.” she assured as she began to admire their features while their face was in her hands, the way their smile showed again once more after all that had happen just minutes ago, the way their face glistened by the sheen light of the spring sun.
“Hm, You're lucky you're cute.” she added in a joking tone, giving them affectionate kisses on their cheeks. Y/n couldn't help but retort at what she said
“wait- you're not mad at all?” tilting their head to the side as they walked to the booth of food that Julieta put up, just in case a situation like theirs would occur or someone was just simply needing an arepa to fill themselves up.
“Well, usually I would be.. but i realized just getting angry at something simple won't really fix anything.. ” Isabela admitted, handing them an arepa from the wheaved basket on the table. Y/n took a bite out of it and good as new, their cut healed as if it wasn't even there to begin with, getting a hold of their hand as she continues to speak.
“Besides I can grow so much more cacti as I please, along with making better pottery for them. Though again, sometimes it can depend on who did it too..” Isabela rarely had the heart to get frustrated with them in the first place and it really shows how much she adores them, usually just getting irritated when it's her younger hermanas, primos and prima, still learning how to keep it at a minimum.
“Amor let me, let me make it up to you just say the wor-”
“i said it's fiiineee, and I don't care if you're clumsy, it's adorable. You remind me a lot of my dad.” it was true, both very accident prone and even the slightest wrong move from them can result to a domino effect, affecting other people in the vicinity.
It was something they always found as a flaw and a big insecurity to themselves especially because of how embarassing it was for them, though Isa could care less on how they were and the flaws that they had sticking out for anyone else to see. They admired them because they're how they truly are, every imperfection is embraced by her. The euphoric moment they walked into her life made her realize she's so much more than what she already was, learning and determined to finally be herself with nobody stopping her.
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camilosangel · 2 days ago
Hi! You said you would like requests, so maybe you could do a platonic Isabela x overstimulated gender neutral reader? I feel inspired after my matchup. If not, that’s cool 💜
hiii!! i hope u like it ❤️❤️
focus on me
Tumblr media
platonic!isabela madrigal (she/her) x overstimulated!gn!reader (they/them) headcanons!
warnings: being overstimulated ?
if your in public, she’ll likely either lead you to a secluded area or go up to la casa madrigal and to her room!!
brings you something to drink and a comfort food (if you have one)
will go out and do your chores for you!!
always asks if it’s okay to hug you
sorry there aren’t a lot!! i couldn’t think of much :((
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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Parings: Mirabel Madrigal x GN Reader, Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader, Luisa Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Horror, Yandere
Synopsis: Yandere! Madrigal Grandkids with a Darling! Reader that doesn't like to be touched by them
TW: Self harm, Kidnapping and Other yandere stuff
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Mirabel is very patient with you and she understands that you're not gonna submit easily and you're probably going to distant yourself from her when you find out what she's doing
This whole thing started because your boyfriend had cheated on you then dumped you and after that, your best friend mirabel was no longer the girl you once knew and became friends with in the first place.
There will be times were she gets a bit upset at you but she won't get so upset that she visibly shows it though eventually she'll just disregard your feelings and just go on like you weren't crying and begging for her to let you go as she dragged you everywhere and anywhere
She gets upset when you run from her whenever she tries to take you somewhere or go near you because she's just trying to protect her best friend and there's nothing wrong with wanting to protect the people you care about, right?
Mirabel won't hurt you physically but she will hurt you emotionally and mentally, she'll manipulate you into believing that the world is dangerous and that everyone's out to get you and that you need to stay with her at all times or else the world and everyone in it will hurt you
It always works, anytime you're distant from her, she just reminds you that she's the only one that's safe to be with and you immediately go to her, when she does that, you're like a little child that's holding onto their friend or parent because they're scared.
Mirabel stood inside your room as you were balled up in the corner, you were crying and begging for mirabel to go away and leave you alone but mirabel didn't move or say anything and just looked at you through her glasses lens, the shine from the sun shining through your window covered her eyes though "Mirabel, please just go away!" You yelled as tears streamed down your face, your parents weren't home and they never were whenever situations like this happened.
It was almost like mirabel knew when to come over and take you with her "I would but if I go then someone might come and hurt you! You know the world's out for you right, I keep telling you!" She said as she adjusted her glasses allowing you to know see her eyes and she walked over to you but you whined loudly so she backed away "The world is out for me..?" You mumbled as you wiped your eyes and mirabel nodded in response "Your mom, your dad, my family, everyone is out for you and I'm the only one that's going to be able to protect you. You're fragile so you can't protect yourself." Mirabel said as she put both of her hands together.
You started sobbing again but instead of scooting farther away from the colombian girl, you got up and ran into your best friend's arms and cried in them "I'm sorry mirabel! I just thought that you we-" You said but mirabel interrupted you as she placed her finger over your lips and she rubbed your head as you sobbed into her shoulder "It's okay.." She said as she hugged you tightly "Just don't do it again..ever." Mirabel said though she knew it would happened again but as long as you ended up in her arms allowing her to protect you from the dangers of the world then it was worth it.
She had to protect you from everyone and everything.
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela is also patient with you like mirabel but to a certain extent though isabela may be older and more mature than all her siblings and cousins but that just put more stress on her and she did not need you to put more stress on her because you were trying to be difficult
This all happened because you started getting more friends and isabela got jealous of them and she made you dump them
Isabela would get angry if you didn't let her touch you, she would just lock you up in her room and keep you there, wasn't like anyone would really notice because you didn't live with your parents, you lived by yourself but not anymore. You lived with isabela now but it's not like you had an option
Isabela would just threaten you into going with her though she would never actually do it though it does depend on her threats, she gets in your head and makes you think that she'll actually do it
Isabela will always keep a flower on your body that you don't know about so that she can find you if you ever run away from her, it'll be a flower that she could smell from miles or a colorful one that she can spot from far away
Though she's not as mean as you would think, she's actually quite nice which makes her threats even scarier because of her tone change
You were running in through the trees as fast as you can, somehow you managed to escape from isabela and you didn't have a plan at all but your feet were starting to hurt and your knees were slowly giving out and you felt that you couldn't go on anymore but you were afraid that isabela would catch you if you did because you assumed that she was already on her way to find you but what you didn't know is that she already knew where you were and she was closer than you think.
You reached a lake that you were about to run around but then your legs gave out and you fell face-first into the muddy lake water making you sob more than you already were then you heard the familiar sound of isabela's flowers and vines making you try and crawl away but then vines wrapped around your ankle making your eyes widen and it's like your body froze because you didn't move when isabela raised you in the air upside down and you stared at her in fear.
Isabela used the vines to bring you towards her and your face was now inches away from hers "Look at you, all dirty! My mami made you that (shirt/dress) and look how you treat it." Isabela said as she glared slightly at you making you nearly shit your pants and isabela then turned you right side up and then started walking back to the town with you trailing behind her with vines around your limbs as you sobbed.
Isabela just drowned out your sobbing until it actually got annoying "Now, now..no need to cry..you weren't going to get very far anyways." She said as she stopped walking and turned around to face you, she ran her dark brown fingers across your cheek, you started to think that maybe isabela didn't think of you as a friend and maybe this situation wasn't platonic at all.
You hadn't stopped crying making isabela a bit angry so she grabbed the side of your face that her hand was on and gripped it hard which would for sure leave a bruise later and it just made you cry harder from the pain "Cariño~ I need you to stop crying before I hurt you." The dark-skinned colombian woman said as she glared at you with her brown eyes, the same brown eyes that you used to find comfort in but this wasn't the same girl you became friends with
You didn't stop crying but you did stop making noise and just cried silently, it's not exactly what isabela wanted but she'd take it so she started walking again as you were behind her with globs of hot tears running down your face, you were never going to get out of this situation and you now knew it so you just decided to submit to her because not submitting would just make things a lot harder for you.
Isabela had won and she couldn't be happier.
Luisa Madrigal
Just like her sisters, luisa is patient with you but she'll never get upset at you or hurt you in anyway and she's kind to you but it's all just a plot to manipulate you into thinking that she's safe and it works
Luisa does get a bit confused on why you're so distant from her and why you're being so difficult because she gives you everything
This all started because luisa spotted you one time in encanto so you to became friends and friends protect each other but luisa took it too far
Your relationship with luisa was a bit complicated as one moment you wouldn't let her go but the next you would be pushing her away and begging her to not touch you or come near you and she obliges but if she has to go somewhere, she'll have to go near you to take you with her or tie you up
You were going insane so you could never make up your mind, luisa had kept you away from other people for so long that you were starting to loose your mind and luisa was really the only person you really saw so if you wanted a caring friend, you'd have to go to luisa and then you'd remember that she was your captor not your friend
Though, it could be worse. Luisa at least let you go outside and talk with her family from time to time if she was in a very good mood
You sat in luisa's lap as she brushed your hair and you just sat there doing nothing but you had tears running down your face and down your neck, you didn't understand why you kept coming back to the strong girl even though you would kick and scream when she would come and try to connect with you but it didn't matter how confused you were or how badly you wanted to stop but you craved for some other human contact than luisa forcing you to go outside.
You pulled a sewing needled from out your sock and stabbed your thigh with it without breaking your eye contact with the wall, you felt the blood trickle down your thigh, the blood dripped on the floor, drip by drip and you pushed the needle farther down in your skin making more blood spew out before luisa grabbed it from your hands "(Y/n)! You can't do that, I though I took that from you.." She said putting the needle somewhere that you couldn't see and you didn't say anything but you nodded.
It was like you were a mindless doll that didn't do anything and luisa wanted you not that "You did but I found it, 'm sorry.." You said sensing that she wasn't happy with your lack of words, luisa smiled again and you sighed as you knew that this was how you were going to spend the rest of your days.
Alone with luisa.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores doesn't really care at all, she's clingy so she doesn't care that you don't like to be around her at all or that you don't like to touch her
Dolores would just wait until you tire yourself out from kicking, sobbing and screaming then continue on with her day with you by her side
Eventually, you'll just get tired of resisting and just give in and let her touch you and come near you, not like it would matter anyway because dolores could care less if you resist or not
This whole thing stared because you were the child of one of alma's friends and you got introduced to dolores and dolores just wanted to protect you so badly, from the world and from everyone that was going to 'take her best friend away'
Dolores wasn't mean, she was almost as nice as luisa but she was just clingy and wanted you with her at all times, she didn't trust anyone else with you. She might let camilo or antonio talk with you or like hang around you because she knows that they won't try to take you from her
Dolores barely got mad at you but when she did, she didn't do much but she just did all the things that you hated, when you hated her going near her, she would go near you and she would do this until your crying and begging for her to stop and that'll you'll be good
Dolores dragged you around by your hand as she walked around the encanto, you walked besides her as you stared at where you two connected, her hands were soft and warm and beautiful but not to you, you hated the way that her hands felt against yours and you hated everything about her but it's not like you could do anything.
Dolores had complete control over you even though you always tore away from her and cried whenever she tried to come near you or touch you but that was only behind closed doors, on the outside, you just let dolores drag you around as you didn't want to cause a scene because the last time you did that, you weren't allowed outside for a few months.
You hated yourself because you let this happen and you didn't do anything about it and it was because you were scared, you were scared of dolores and what she might do, you eventually realized that there was no point in fighting back with her so you just let dolores cling to you and come near you but you didn't have to like it.
Dolores knew that you didn't like it but she couldn't care less, she was just glad that you weren't resisting anymore because now she could protect you without you having to fight her back.
But that was a huge mistake you made.
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo's a gentleman and is respectful no matter what so if you don't want him to come near you or touch you, then he won't. If you don't want camilo to do something to you then he won't do it
Though, camilo will make his point that he's only like this with you because he's trying to protect you
It ended up like this because you were camilo's best friend and he didn't like how you were getting close with mirabel but he didn't hurt mirabel, he just made you stop being friends with her and that's how his obsessive behavior started and it got worse as days went on
Camilo did get upset sometimes when you wouldn't let him touch you because just like his sister, he's very clingy so he started to shift into your parents because he knew that you missed them after he took you so you would run up and hug them because that would be the only contact you would get from them even if it wasn't really them
Camilo doesn't hurt you physically but he does hurt you mentally and emotionally, he makes you think that he's gonna let you go if you cuddle him or cling to him but obviously that's a lie but it manages to work on you everytime, maybe it was because you were slowly loosing your sanity being with him all the time
Camilo was just trying to protect you! He doesn't understand why you always yell that you hate him because he was supposed to be your best friend..In his opinion, it's your fault. You shouldn't have gotten that close with mirabel in the first place.
Camilo and you sat about two feet away from each other and you two were both on camilo's bedroom floor sitting criss-cross, you were sobbing into your hands as you looked down and camio just sat there staring at you "(N/n), I'm not lying, I'll let you go if you hug me." Camilo said breaking the silence in the air but you sobbed harder "No! No! You're lying! You're a liar! You won't ever let me go!" You yelled as you removed your hands from your face and you had globs of hot tears falling from your lash line and onto your cheeks, snot was running out your nose and slowly moving down to your lip.
It was fucking gross but who wouldn't cry so hard that snot's running from their nose if they were in your situation? Who the fuck were they to judge you? You didn't exactly know who 'they' were but they sure were in your head "I'm not lying (n/n)." Camilo said as he brought his hands to the sides of your face and brushed his thumb against your cheek wiping your tears in the process.
Camilo was obviously lying but you didn't see that, you looked up at him with your teary (e/c) eyes and you gave in and hugged him though everything in your body told you not to, camilo then plastered a smug look on his face as he hugged you tightly.
You were so dumb, that's why camilo had to do this, that's why he had to protect you.
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brunosswife · 8 hours ago
Isabela:You smell like trash,I can take you out?
Isabela:If you were a pineapple you'd be a fine-apple.
Isabela:are you an alien?cuz you abducted my heart.
Isabela:My name is Isabela,but you can call me tonight.
Y/N:Isa,what are you doing.
Isabela:trying to win you over with pickup lines
Isabela:Is it working?
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forciela · 3 hours ago
isabela madrigal relationship headcanons !! ♡︎
Tumblr media
note: i hc isabela as lesbian!! so this will be written for non-man reader.
masterlist ♡︎
Tumblr media
• okay, first things first isabela KNOWS EVERY and I mean EVERY trick in the book
• every pick up line, the whole shabang
• it takes a lot to impress her i mean she’s been admired her whole life
• i think she’ll really be interested by someone who doesn’t y’know
• fall at her feet if that makes sense
• which is exactly you so ??? lucky you!!!
• you’ve never believed the “señorita perfecta isabela” crap
• when she shows up in your shop one day, you’re confused ?? but interested
• allegedly she’s on the run from the countless men in the encanto trying to become her mariano
• you laugh and she loves it
• you guys are quick friends and stay as friends for a while, she’s really into self discovery and really what matters rn is HER
• and you respect that completely even though she’s all you can think about
• the banter is chef’s kiss
• you aren’t sure if she likes you ?? but only bcs she won’t rlly explicitly say it
• but there’s signs
• she’ll accidentally burst with flowers around you and exotic flowers will just grow ??
• sometimes you’ll see her cousin camilo teasing her and you’ll be like !! huh !!
• isabela tells you to ignore it but you’re onto her!!!!
• she laughs extra hard at EVERY single joke you make
• and you know you’re really not that funny, maybe a little bit but not comedian level
• “i hate you so much”
• she says with the BIGGEST smile on her face
• late night convos on her bed
• her head is across your lap, you aren’t much of a talker and isabela is happy to fill the space
• you love it, she’s so passionate it’s adorable
• so about isabela, she’s always thinking of others and their needs
• her whole life was spent trying to make her family happy
• so when YOU take care of her and ask her what she wants without HER having to do anything for it ?
• she’s so confused
• but slowly she realizes she doesn’t NEED to do anything for your affection, you just love her because she’s her
• no strings attached
• as isabela learns about herself she’ll definitely start taking the initiative more
• love and the idea of sapphic love itself are REALLY new to her
• she wants to kiss you SO bad and you look SO good every single hour of the day
• but she physically CANT
• she’s shy and cute and you love to tease her when she does nice things for you
• “i’m trying to do something nice here, can you stop? just for a second? please?” she’ll storm off and you run after her apologizing even though you don’t mean it bcs she’s too cute
• you guys are so far gone it hurts sometimes and everyone in la casita is tired of it
• luisa and mirabel devise a plan
• of course camilo and dolores have to get in it, antonio even rounds up his animal friends
• one night, mirabel calls you both down
• and what do you guys see ?!
• the freaking courtyard full of roses (where did they even get those?!)
• there’s a table with two seats sat at the center with drinks & julieta’s beautiful dishes
• the sight made her burst into a million flowers
• you can’t help but grin
• “we got really tired” dolores would apologize to isabela as hundreds of cactus pop up to murder her
• isabela can’t believe she’s in on this too
• you’re more than happy and pull up her chair
• she’s a little awkward and taps her glass trying to figure out what to say
• you’re patient and she loves you for it
• she decides to stop being a pussy and finally just say it
• “i love you, alot”
• it sounds so good to hear, but it’s too golden of a moment to let go
• “tell me something i don’t know”
• “you are such an ass”
• she almost gets up and leaves but you’re quick on your feet and pull her in for a kiss
• she tastes like heaven and hell and you can’t get enough because wow ,, you’re kissing isabela madrigal and she’s kissing YOU back
• you both end up laughing in the kiss bcs how the hell did y’all end up here ??
• “i’ve always loved you, princesa”
• “yeah? then kiss me harder”
• believe me, you do
Tumblr media
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malouloutezz · 19 hours ago
Okayyy I WAS SUPPOSED TO WRITE A FEW REQUESTS TODAY , (I’ve heard that one before) bUT I FEEL EXTREMELY SICK AND TIRED SO IM TAKING IT EASY TODAY !! (I’ve already passed out but 🧍‍♀️)
Just did a covid test to make sure I’m okay, but so sorry for the inconsistent posting schedule! Ik it can be annoying and I’m really sorry 😭
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strawberryclumsy · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Note: this is my first fanfic so I sincerely apologize for anything that may be wrong. I also do not speak Spanish so if any of the Spanish is wrong please inform me!! (Isa might be the tiniest ooc) This takes place after the end of the movie. This is also pretty short as I was in school and tired.
Reader is gender neutral!! I only write Gn reader!
Warnings: none :D
Summary: Isabela and you share a day off together
Word count: 224
Isabela was in her room on her bed while you were resting your head on her lap. It was silent as you guys just enjoyed each other's presence. “You are so pretty mi vida” Isabela said as she broke the silence. “Thank you” was your response , as Isabela sat there stopping her hand that was running through your hair.
“Why do you do that?” “Do what” “Thank me whenever I compliment you.” the question made you sit there, Unresponsive as you thought on your reasoning. The perfect explanation came to mind as you started your response, “Well, I do it to show my adoration and compassion for you as well as to show you that I love you enough to thank you.” While speaking you sat up from her lap, making eye contact and smiling at her.
When you finished all she could do was smile and laugh, her laughs were contagious as you started to laugh along with her. Eventually calming down, she grabbed you by your waist and held your cheek as she kissed you. You smiled as you kissed back, pulling away and laying your head on her chest while hers was laying on your head.
As you close your eyes, your body relaxes as Isabela falls backward onto her bed, still holding you. Soon you slowly drift off to sleep.
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soundofalling-sand · 19 days ago
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
Tumblr media
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just-some-lesbian · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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bozowrites · 15 days ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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dos-oroguitas · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
The Madrigals had been more of a family to you than your own flesh and blood, what happens when your own family wants to take advantage of that? Platonic! Madrigal Family x Gender Neutral! reader
masterlist !! part 2 is here!
requested by @frogbe
Tumblr media
You’ve always struggled fitting in with your own family. If you could even call them that. You were always the odd one out, left behind and forgotten by those that you considered loved ones.
You couldn’t blame them though. You were a curse, a stain on your family’s name. All because your father had knocked up the maid while he was married. At your birth, you were quickly abandoned by your mother who had insisted on leaving the village of Encanto, unable to bear the shame of bearing a bastard child as well as the fact that you had reminded her of your father, now dead in the ditch after gambling away his life savings. And so you were left on the doorsteps of your grandfather’s home.
He had begrudgingly taken you in, though not because he wanted to. Far from it. You were there so his family could look and feel good about themselves. You existed to make them look better.
The citizens of Encanto knew none the wiser. To them, from the outside looking in, your ‘family’ was kind to clothe you, feed you, and treat you like their own.
Your grandfather’s family never paid enough attention to you, however. Not even when you were starving and wandered the streets of Encanto, rummaging through rubbish and taking what you can get. You’d often be seen eyeing the different shops’ displays or even eating leftovers someone had just recently left. You were left to fend for yourself and somehow, you were okay with that.
Though you would soon find out there was a home somewhere in Encanto for you. They weren’t of your blood but they had treated you as such. With loving smiles and caring touches, your home was with the Madrigals.
And then you heard from a little grapevine that Julieta Madrigal often had leftover food from all the cooking she did for her healing. Though you weren’t exactly that well versed with the Madrigals. On the contrary, your grandfather forbade you from interacting with them.
“You stay away from the Madrigals, pendejo. You’ll only make a mockery of our name.” They would say in disgust when you would ask them about the amazing Madrigals. Each time you showed curiosity about them, you were always shut down and pushed away. So you stopped the questions.
Though you would often hear Mirabel, or as your grandfather liked to call her, ‘No Miracle Mirabel’, sing about her family and you couldn’t help but stare in awe from far away, scurrying off to continue the errands that no child your age should’ve been doing after she was done. Lifting things half your size and running around town, you were basically the family’s errand child.
Though as your stomach grumbled, you figured looking for those leftovers in the Madrigal rubbish bins was better than coming home and eating nothing. So off you went, looking around and sneaking onto the hill that Casita was perched upon.
You were a minute into raking through the trash and eating bits of stale candies and pastries here and there before you heard a ‘hm’. You lifted your head up quickly, banging the back of your head on the lid of the rubbish bin you were scavenging in and then suddenly passing out.
Dolores was only curious. She hadn’t expected you to be so startled that you had managed to hurt yourself and faint in the process. “Ay, I killed her!” She exclaims as she quickly rushes forward, taking you into her arms. The commotion had woken up the family who had quickly rushed to see Dolores with a child in her arms.
Camilo would gasp dramatically. “You killed them..” He would then be swiftly elbowed by his papá Felix and would get a shake of his head in disapproval. “What? I can’t say she killed them? What is that? Not alive.”
“They’re still alive, tonto!” Dolores had huffed at her brother before Pepa came rushing over with Julieta who had quickly checked you over, taking out some arepas from her pocket. She had emergency arepas, just in case.
You would stirr at the yelling, eyes fluttering open to gaze at Julieta who offered you a gentle smile as you winced, head pounding. She would part your lips before placing the arepa near.
“Here, you’ll feel better when you eat this.” Sniffing at the arepa, you couldn’t help but notice that this one didn’t have the smell of trash or rot in it. You don't need to be told twice as you open your mouth wide. Julieta didn’t expect you to take it all in one big bite! She was thinking of a small bite! Small! You practically inhaled the arepa in her hands.
It didn’t take long for you to feel much better though.
“Can I.. Can I have some more..?” That, my dear, was the exact moment all of the Madrigals had decided in their minds that you were family.
All your days after that would be spent more and more in the Madrigal house. They insisted on you coming over after you were done with your chores and errands. Suddenly you understood why the amazing Madrigals got their name. They were amazing.
Abuela Alma would often gently pull you aside and fix your untamed hair when she saw you in the streets, asking some of her grandchildren to help you out when they saw you. You would protest heavily of course but she would shake her head at you.
Julieta and Pepa doted on you. They had taken it upon themselves to share the motherly duties when it came to you. You would almost always be carrying a mochilas filled with empanadas, your favorite. Julieta and Pepa would team up with Mirabel to get you new clothes and they embroidered designs that symbolized all of the Madrigal family in a beautiful pattern on your clothing.
Agustin and Felix? Best dads ever. They were both protective of you, however. When they caught wind that your grandfather was treating you badly again, they had almost knocked down his door. You had to beg them to refrain from doing so.
After all, your grandfather was still family.. right?
You would find yourself whisked away and hanging out with the girls of the Madrigal family. You were a baby. Though you were a few years younger than Mirabel, you were still a baby in their eyes. Isabela would almost always make your favorite flowers, showering you with them when you were having a bad day.
Luisa would often ask you to confide in her. She was technically your big sister now too. And despite your protests of not wanting her to carry your burden, she would shake her head. Leave it all to her, she would say.
“That’s what big sisters are for.” And the two of you would tear up and hug one another, sobbing at how you appreciated each other.
Mirabel would often embroider designs on your clothings, and would even make matching sets but tailored for more of your style and convenience. She even got you those mochilas you used to carry your food around with. She embroidered your initials on every belonging that you had.
Camilo and you were a very unlikely duo. He was a troublemaker, you were not. He was confident and loud, you were not. But somehow, for some reason, you get roped into his shenanigans.
“Psst, (Name), you got any more arepas from Tia Julieta?” Yeah, Camilo Madrigal uses you to get more food. And you don’t mind, you were given so many everyday anyways.
He would often try to run around and be you for a change since you almost always got into no trouble. Once in your form, he had managed to break a vase and he had expected to be scolded severely but instead, they didn’t even bat an eye.
“Our little (Name) can do no wrong, the vase was broken already when it got there.”
Antonio had taken a liking to you too, calling you big sister/ brother often and had made sure to keep you safe, sometimes asking his little animal friends to keep an eye out for you. The rats in your grandfather’s walls happily did that though as you were known for feeding them from time to time.
Tio Bruno was a bit more distant at first. He was sure you would be frightened by him but you had happily asked to watch his rats perform when Mirabel brought the topic up. Soon enough you had your own role in his plays, you would play the little mice that Bruno has casted as the main rat leads’ children.
You would ask for a vision once and he was afraid of scaring you off so he had declined at first, only for you to reassure him that he could never scare you off.
But he didn’t budge. He was still working on not being frightened of doing visions. And you understood that.
Though your grandfather had caught wind of your closeness with the Madrigals. After a long day of doing his errands, he was waiting in front of the door as you opened it, a disgustingly sweet smile on his face.
He treated you better tonight. He had asked you to join him and his family for dinner. Your uncles and aunts are scrutinizing and gazing at you intensely.
“So, you and the Madrigals..” He says after a moment of silence. “It turns out you aren’t as stupid as you look.” He smiled crookedly. “Good.”
You expected to be scolded but your eyes had widened as for the first time ever he had praised you. But you should’ve known better than that.
“We can use that, (Name). You can use that to our advantage.” He murmurs with a smile. “Stick with them, take advantage of their kindness.. they’re a very respected family and associating with them is a very fortunate opportunity.”
And you stand in your seat, swallowing thickly as all eyes are on you. You trembled but you couldn’t let your grandfather think that you were doing this for something to gain. You mustered up the courage, stammering.
“No.” And for a moment again everything was silent.
“No?” He says in a scarily calm tone and you feel your body stiffen.
“You forget yourself. I was kind enough to keep you in, you see. I fed you, clothed you, I made you.” He had roared. “And without me, listen carefully, without me you are nothing!” The harsh words stung and you had to remind yourself to keep breathing.
“Without me you won’t be standing here right now, pendejo.” And even though you didn’t want to believe him, a small part of you thought so too.
And you clenched your fists. “I won’t do what you ask of me.” You gazed up at your grandfather defiantly. “I.. The Madrigals are more family to me than you’ve ever been. I don’t want.. I don’t want to use them for your own sick gain.”
Your grandfather was silent before he sat back in his chair. “Is that so? Then go live with them. You think they’ll take you in? You’ll see that they’re just like me, I took you in out of pity. They don’t love you. They’re only saving face, plastering fake smiles. I thought you were smarter than that. You’re a bigger fool than your whore of a mother who left you to die on our doorsteps.”
Your lower lip trembled and before you could say another word, you were thrown out by your aunt at your grandfather’s request. The clothes that Mirabel had worked hard on to embroider now muddy as rain began to fall on your small frame.
"You'll come back, you'll see." Were the last words your grandfather had said to you before slamming the doors on your face.
Hiccuping, you try to gather your thoughts, gazing at the hill where Casita was. What if he was right? What if they did it just out of pity? What if they were just using you again?
Your feet carried you to Casita’s front lawn and before you could say a word, just like all those months before, Dolores found you. You ran into her arms, sobbing as you held on tight. The rest of the family had come out to hug you as well, whispering sweet nothings.
She heard and she couldn’t help but tell the family. Pepa had both been heartbroken and angry that someone could say such cruel things to a child. The rain that had messed up your clothes? She’d apologize later.
Julieta was rolling up her sleeves, rolling pin in hand as Agustin tried to reason with his wife.
“Julieta, mi amor, we can’t. Me and Felix found a few unattended bees’ nests in the forest, we can use that instead.” He would nod solemnly as Felix had enthusiastically nodded beside him. “They wouldn’t even know it was us! In and out job.” He reassures both Julieta and Pepa.
The Madrigal grandkids just held you tight, with Isabela plotting to fill your grandfather’s garden with sundews and cacti. Luisa planned on just letting the donkeys around town roam his home. Maybe even make it the donkeys’ own litter box. Camilo, the menace that he was, was already thinking of ways he can make their life inconvenient. And sweet Antonio had asked the rats to chew their clothes up.
Abuela and Tio Bruno were the last one to approach, gently cupping your cheeks in her frail hands, thumbs gently wiping away the tears that continued to fall from your eyes.
“Shh, nieta/ nieto. You’ll be okay. You’re okay..” And you purse your lips. “How are you so sure..?” It had felt the world was against you.
Bruno placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, placing an unfamiliar green slab in your hands. And it took you a while to know what it was or what was depicted on it. It was his vision slab and you were on it.
“Because you’re home, (Name).” And you didn’t know why he said that but as you look down, you had an inkling of an idea.
It was you, smiling so brightly and happily with the Madrigals and Casita behind you. And although no other words were said, you gazed up at the faces of the family that you considered your own.
“Welcome home, (Name).” They said with a smile and you couldn’t help but smile as well.
“I’m home.”
Tumblr media
Platonic! Madrigal fics makes my heart so happy. I’ve always loved the found family genre. I hope you guys like this one too! Let me know what you think!
My attempt to make reader gender neutral! Sometimes I forget that I sprinkle fem/masc words in so please let me know if I missed one so I can change it!
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camilosbf · a month ago
Well, since I love Isa and saw u maybe wanted some more request of her, what about a fluffy Isabela with s/o who are in a secret relationship but never have time alone cause the Madrigals keep interrupting them? And in the end, Isa just shouts "CAN I HAVE ANY PEACE WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?" and carries s/o away to her room
≡;- ꒰ °peace and quiet ꒱
↳ ISABELA MADRIGAL, fluff, isa just wanting some alone time with you
a/n : ahh i love all the isabela requests i’m getting!! shes such a sweetheart honestly. i enjoyed writing this :))
Tumblr media
Isabela had been itching to get some alone time with you. The past few days were quite tiring and all she wanted was to lay down with you and talk.
But her stupid family just kept stealing you away from her!
The initial inconvenience was her mother, Julieta. Isabela had been dragging you through the gates of Casita and before she could make her way upstairs, her mom shouted out for you. Isa had to wait through a 10 minute long conversation about ingredients, recipes and an invitation for dinner, and when she finally got you back…Tia Pepa came out of nowhere with thunder above her head. This lead to you worriedly asking if she was okay, and then an added 5 minute conversation involving the both of you complementing each others clothing choices.
Isabela had snatched you away as soon as the conversation ended, not wanting to waste another second when the two of you could be in her room by now.
You were only a metre away from her door when;
‘Ooo Isabela, is that your girlfriend?’
On any other occasion, Isabella would’ve shouted at Camilo and told him that you two were just friends, but right now, she really couldn’t be bothered. But you could,
‘Just jealous you’ll never get one yourself, Camilo?’
And thus, Isabela had to wait through yet another 5 minute long conversation consisting of the two of you insulting each other. That was it.
Isa pulled you away from Camilo and dragged you the remaining distance to her door. Right as she touched the door knob;
‘Time for dinner!’
Seriously?! Isabela felt her eye twitch. No, it was okay! As long as you both ate quickly, you’d be able to go upstairs and finally get some alone time together.
Yeah… about that.
Dinner ended taking much longer. Everyone at the table had something to say to you. Even Alma! Wether it was asking how the food tasted (Julieta) or asking about your favourite animal (Antonio), each person wanted to speak to you.
As soon as the last person said what they needed to say, Isabela grabbed your arm and pulled you up from the table.
‘If you’ll excuse us, we’re heading up to my room.’
‘Oh but I just wanted to ask-‘
And with that, Isabela picked you up bridal style and began carrying you up the stairs, ignoring the shocked faces of everyone at the table (excluding Dolores, who had known for a while.)
Lets just say, when you finally entered her room that night, you didn’t leave for a looong time.
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larrythe1st · 4 days ago
y/n, walking into their own house: hello, people who do not live here
camilo: hey.
isabela: hi.
dolores: hello.
mirabel: hey!
y/n: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
camilo: we were out of doritos
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