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“ Isabella ! your boyfr— ”
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madyxuwu · 2 days ago
Here are some class doodles :)
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I didn't have any references so I'm pretty sure I got Julieta wrong, but uh, let's just say its artistic liberties.
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ettellessa-inatrix · a day ago
Disney, you have a platform and you like money and we like Encanto.
I'm here to present you with a business opportunity.
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skooterskootyskoot · 2 days ago
Anyone notice how in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” before the end when everyone is dancing around Mirabel, that Isabella’s face looks sad and afraid, despite Bruno giving her what sounds like the perfect future?
Almost like Bruno saw beyond the events of the movie to when Isabella allows her self to grow and live the life she wants, while Isabella is afraid that the future she was promised was to be married to Mariano and she has dreams (nightmares?) about it, and her powers growing and thriving would simply mean she would make more and more pretty flowers
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mozart-the-meerkitten · 2 days ago
Isabella: I’m sorry I’m like that. We used to have fun together, didn’t we?
Mirabel: Yes... before you got boring!
Isabella: Oh really? *throws flower paint at Mirabel*
Mirabel: *shriek-laughs and throws some back*
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shanisims · a day ago
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Will You Be My Valentine?
Isabella Aguilar Ruiz
Adventurous. Outdoorsy. Selvadorada native. Single.
@wistfulpoltergeist, Do you believe in love at first sight? Well Isabella does. As soon as she saw Mateo, she just knew they were meant for one another. Isabella believes that she is the perfect partner for Mateo, because she can teach him to Rumbasim, an local dance known to the natives of Selvadorada since he loves dancing. His cheerful demeanor is perfect for romps through the Selvadorada jungle since Isabella is adventurous, but get’s sad when she doesn’t find any hidden treasure. That self assured spirit matches her aspiration to explore the jungle and when they return to the Villa, a huge party will be waiting to put Mateo in the chatty, self assuring mood, he’s used to. Your kitten, Mateo, would be coming to a loving and eager home as Isabella’s heart belongs to him and him only. She shall be awaiting his arrival in her very own save.
Can Mateo be Isabella’s valentine?
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micmic022 · 3 months ago
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kokoroisbleeding · 16 days ago
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Bet they're the chaotic duo of the Casa Madrigal
I wish they interacted more in the movie :((
I love these two <33
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What Else Can I Do?
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cherryblossom2134 · a month ago
Hihi! I love your Camilo fics! They’re so good!
Could you do Camilo w/ a fem reader that is v popular in town bc she’s so sweet, helpful and can cook v well she gives major wifey vibes and everyone loves her, unfortunately that makes her have many suitors waiting in line for her and Camilo has a massive crush on her but he’s too nervy to talk to her so the whole Madrigal family help him out to set him up!
Thank you ilyyyy<33
Aww Darling thank you! And sure I do that.
Hope you like it :)
Un poco de ayuda
Camilo Madrigal x fem!Reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for Reader
Summary: Y/N is the sweetest girl known in the small village Encanto, also popular for her delicious food. Julieta and she are the best cookers in town, Camilo who has a big crush on her is to nervous to talk with her. So the Madrigals help him out.
Tumblr media
Camilo is not the Typ for being flustered or nervous because of girls, it's the opposite. Girls get usually these things when he flirts with them. He's pretty popular with them.
But ever since he noticed you, he doesn't care about them anymore.
He heard about Y/N a lot, of how kind she is and that her food is as good as Julieta's. He never believed it. How can someone's food be better than his Tía ones, there has to be a mistake, right?
But when one time, Antonio brought something from your food and Camilo tasted it. He was to stubborn to admit it, but it was delicious no doubt about it.
He wanted to know you, get to know more about you.
And when he saw you, he fell in love. Your gentle e/c eyes, with so much kindness and love inside it. Your h/c hair, which is shining in the sunlight. Your beautiful smile, it made him fall for you hard right away.
The way people in town love you, how you try to help everyone out. You're basically the perfect girl for him.
He wants to make you laugh and smile. He wants to be the reason you're happy. He wants to make you happy, just as you deserve.
So ever since then, he tried to talk with you. He really did, but when ever he was about to do it you got called by someone, and disappeared.
He also noticed how other guys tried to talk with you, he got so angry and frustrated when he saw it. But was relived right away when you showed them off.
Sometimes he would imagine how you both cook together and he tries your delicious food. Or imagine how his family would definitely love you.
Daydreaming is something normal for him to do when he has a crush.
And here he is again, sitting on a bench, and watching you. Helping an old lady out with their grandchildren.
If he doesn't get to marry you, he will be heartbroken.
"Okay Primo you gotta talk with her" Isabella appears out of nowhere next to him, the Oldest child of the Madrigals noticed it right away how he fell for you and never was able to speak.
Camilo flinches at her voice, looking over confused. He rolls his eyes and looks back to you, how you play with the children.
"Yeah, as if I didn't try" he scoffs at her, Isabella looks over to her cousin mad. She noticed his face expression when he looks at you, full of admiring.
She sighs, looking also to you and the children. "How many times?" She asks carefully.
"Lost count" Camilo mumbles. It's either he is to shy to talk with you or someone comes before him and takes you right away from his eyes.
"She doesn't even notice me, so what is the point?"
"If you don't try, you will regret it"
Isabella makes a bouquet of beautiful roses and gives them to him, she smiles at him. "Worth the shot, right?" She smirks.
He blushes, he should give you these flowers?! They are beautiful, of course they are from his prima but what will you think of him?!
"Come on!" Isabella pushes him to you over, the trips a few steps and is right before you. So close that your noses almost are touching.
The whole family knew about this, they've been watching Camilo trying to talk with you for almost a Month. The lost patience and helped him, made the plan which Isabella is doing right now.
He told his mother about you, Pepa noticed the shine in his eyes when he talks. He reminded him of Felix, when he was younger.
Mama's boy, can't hide anything from her. But he actually wanted advice what he should do to talk with you.
And of course she knew you, you helped her sometimes out. She wished that he would have the courage to talk to you, so you both could get to know each other and get together.
If not, pepa would made a hurricane.
You gasp shocked and look at him, suprised that someone is this close to you from out of no where.
Camilo's eyes widen, trying to register what his cousin just did. "DAMN YOU ISABELLA!" He curses his cousin in his mind, Isabella watches the scene with a satisfied smirk from afar.
Camilo backs up, and laughs nervously "E-Eheh... s-sorry" he stutters, gripping on the roses tight. Trying to calm his nerves down.
"I-it's okay" you tell him, your sweet voice bringing him goosebumps all over his body. "Ehm.. t-these are for you?" He tells you, giving the flowers his cousin made, more sounding like a question.
You look more beautiful in his eyes from close, he even notice the small freckles you have, which you can't see from afar.
You take them, your eyes sparkle. Even if it's cliché, you love roses. Especially red ones, symbol of love.
"T-thank you, they are beautiful" you say, with a gentle smile on your face. Camilo blushes, getting a big goofy smile on his face. "I'm Camilo" he introduce himself.
"I know" you chuckle "The shapeshifter Madrigal, you're quite famous" you smile "I'm Y/N, nice to meet you"
The children you were watching over, giggle at the scene and run away. "CAMILO AND Y/N SITTING ON A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G" the laugh while running away. Making you both blush madly.
Camilo coughs, rubbing his neck. "uhm I noticed you a while now, and uh... " you look at him with your e/c curious "if you wanna hang out sometimes?" He asks
You smile, you noticed him too. Also for a while now, but were just like him to shy to talk. "I would love to"
Camilo smiles, he's in heaven. He actually made it, he talked with you. Even with a little help from his family.
You both make out to meet tomorrow, at 3pm to eat something together. And that's how your love story started. With a little help.
Isabella and Maribel give each other a Highfive
"We're so gonna tease him about this"
"We definitely will"
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But I knew him. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) | dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
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Taron Egerton takes a dancing break while cooking on his Instagram story
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She's so pretty 💕
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Steve Harrington, the ninja™
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my sexuality is men in walls
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I’ll have you know I started playing Dragon Age 2
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