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koiopp · 2 days ago
i wonder how awkward dolores and isabellas interactions were when isabella was getting engaged with marianno 
Tumblr media
camilo witnessing all of this:
Tumblr media
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universal-quoteland · a month ago
Time for some incorrect quotes :~
Camilo and Isabella: we would die for you Mirabel
Mirabel: no if i die for both of you first !
Camilo and Isabella: DON'T YOU DARE!
Bruno : are they alway like that?
Antonio: yep
(This are my thoughts after seen how both of them run behind mirabel when she tried to get to the candel)
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fairytale-writes · 13 days ago
dating the madrigals!
Tumblr media
Madrigal dating hcs!
Tumblr media
This girl knows how to treat her partner right!
She’d honestly be the perfect girlfriend, i think this because i can see her loving to go out and stay in for dates!
You want to go out dancing? She’s there! Oh no, you’re not feeling the social atmosphere? No prob! She’d be down for a night of stayin in and just talking with you.
I also like to think that she can cook, she spends a lot of time with Julieta learning so that she can bring you dinners and snacks.
Her love language is definitely words of affirmation or quality time. ‘I love you’s and ‘you are heard, my dear’. Oh my god. She explodes with butterflies.
Loves to paint your nails too- a nice red colour- or if youre really against flashy colours she will do black.
LOVES to do your hair, long or short she’d accessorise it.
As soon as she hears a bit of gossip she comes straight to you and spills it. Your goss talks her favourites
Tumblr media
Takes time for her to learn how to love, id think
Wont show it but is super affectionate in private,, her privacy is pretty much destroyed in a house where she lives with her whole family and the house is ALIVE so she loves going out with you where she can treat you like a s/ o without being teased
Loves to pepper your face in kisses, dont @ me
Is always so inspired by things you do, she actually lets herself be imperfect around you (more of what we saw in what else can i do)
Her love language is most likely physical affection and quality time
On lazy days she’d love to have you lay on her chest and just sleep there while she reads or listens to music
Likes to look at the stars with you, she actually is pretty well educated when it comes to astronomy
Actually gets a little jealous, because she is actually with someone she loves and is scared of losing you.
Tumblr media
you two are together 24/7
sometimes you will just sit together in silence, enjoying each other’s company
you two can be such goofy shits. the type of people to laugh at nothing at 2 am and then fall asleep right after
she’s not much of a cuddles person but LOVES holding hands
Her love language is definitely gift giving, she loves receiving AND giving gifts. More so giving though. She will make you all sorts of adorable crafts
she loves drawing !! and she loves to draw you, she draws you often too. doodles and sketches to full fledged paintings. they are always gorgeous and capture you perfectly
believe it or not she can be a flirt
she may not be smooth but she might toss a wink or flirty comment here and there
Tumblr media
This man ADORES you
He invests so much time learning about the things you like so he can talk to you about it
his love language is prolly physical affection and words of affirmation— even then he still loves quality time and gifts!
He always sneaks out of the casita at night to go out with you and do silly shit around the town!
before you started dating he would always be intimidated by your presence, and shapeshift into you whenever you were mentioned subconsciously
— a little something like this
luisa: I was in the town today and Y/N helped me gather up some of the donkeys- they sure have a way with animals
camilo, just upon hearing your name: y/n? where?
luisa: camilo you’re—
camilo: let’s keep this between us.
he also loves cuddling and having his arms around you at all times
well not all times but he’s a very touchy person!
here are your hcs for the night my darlings! i’m happy knowing i can send y’all to sleep with somehopefully not cringe head canonsi appreciate all the notes and followers, thank you all! you motivate me to write more content:))) sorry for no bruno this time around i just wanted to keep it to the grandkids :)
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jara-l-art · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
I relate to the three of them so much so I just HAD to draw them 💜 my precious girls
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fluffyheadcanonsyus · 3 days ago
oooh, can i request an isabela x gn!reader?
Isabela x gn!reader headcanons <333
Art by smoustart on Twitter!
Tumblr media
Did you know Isabela is 21??? I didn’t 😳
I am not the biggest fan of pre-song Isabela, so I wrote for post-song Isabela! Hope you don’t mind <333
* Omg you twooooo <333
* Couple goals right there
* Plant moms plant moms
* If you are dating her you automatically become a cactus mom no matter the gender
* She gives you so many bouquets!
* And not just roses and pretty flowers, some can actually be really interesting
* But you soon found out that a bouquet of cacti isn’t the best idea
* If you prick your finger she will patch it up while apologising 🥺
* You have to shower daily from all the colorful powder you get on yourself
* Group showers maybe 👀😏
* You brush her hairrrr and it’s so smooth and soft and niceeeee
* Don’t wanna bleach ur hair to dye it? *Poof* magic powder
* Cuddle time is so cute
* Y’all just giggle together and play with each other’s hair
* You two just can’t stay still for more than 5 seconds
* Always rolling around, tickling, changing positions
* Bruno doesn’t let you watch his tele-novelas together because you disrupt the rats
* Cuddling while sleeping just ends up with you two tangled together with the blankets
* The laundry is so hard to do with all her colorful powders all over the clothes ;-;
* Laundry dates <333
* You go on walks every morning
* If you’re not a morning person, she’ll just drag you anyways
* You sometimes wonder if she thinks your nose looks like a smashed papaya
* She assures you she doesn’t
* You are the dancing queeeens 🎶
* Dancing with her is honestly just jumping around at this point
* You braid her hairrrr and she makes flowerssss to put in her hairrrrr
* She loves putting flowers in your hair
* Will tie them with hair ties if your hair is too short
* This lady never gives up, you WILL have flowers in your hair
* Overall y’all are goofy af it’s so cute <333
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fushsiaelectrica · a month ago
Tumblr media
Isabella is officially turning over herBEST HAIR IN THE FAMILY crown to her tio
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thatsoanjie · 11 days ago
Let’s talk : Encanto (and astrology!)
I wanna see more from each character individually and their struggles with their powers- like :
• Camilo having an identity crisis over the fact that people value him more for who he transforms into rather than valuing him above all else
• What’s behind Luisa’s door?? Camilo’s??? Pepa’s??? Does it reflect their power directly or does it provide them a safe haven for them to feel like themselves in?
• Pepa’s struggle with keeping her emotions in check. Why wasn’t she chastised the way Bruno was? Her gift controls her more than she controls it and most of the time (during the movie especially), it’s counterproductive to the society they live in.
• Dolores upon receiving her gift- it must’ve been overwhelming for her to receive all of her power at once. Did the room just provide her with soundproofness just so she can hear peace and quiet for one fricking moment
• Do people in the village take bets on the type of gift a child gets
• Dolores knew that Bruno was living in the walls since like, age 7. She must’ve had this understanding with him to not tell the family until they either figured it out on their own or wanted to see him again desperately. Was she just shocked at Mirabel saying that she has a prophecy of Bruno just because it’s finally happening? At least 10 years later?
• Can we get a first person POV of Antonio’s world with the animals telling him the effects of colonialism and deforestation on a larger scale
• Do you think Abuela has this rule on her kids that when they find a partner, they have to bear offspring? Is this why they also chastised Bruno more than Pepa? Because he wanted a different life for himself?
Finally, my take on the characters for each zodiac sign :
Aries : Camilo. Pure middle child with comedic relief to be accepted in the family energy. Only an Aries is capable to have approx 2 mins of screen time and steal the whole mf show. Also carries the familial burdens without sharing much of his own, but remains loyal in the comfort of the family. A bit stubborn and pessimistic though, especially with the “what is this? Not a house” that Aries also portray.
Taurus : Mirabel. A great listener, emotionally sturdy (doesn’t let her emotions rule her the way others do), (SPOILERS) and, in my opinion, the best option for becoming the matriarch of the house. Ready to let bygones be bygones (as long as the other party apologizes then yeah everything’s fine lmao).
Gemini : Dolores. Isn’t necessarily agreeable to everything the family does, and we see that when it comes to. Just like geminis, Dolores picks her loyalties with great care. Imo, due to their natural dual faceted social personalities, Dolores can still function in the family and know all the gossip (literally) while only choosing to spill things that feels are necessary for the progress of the family.
Cancer : Luisa. Cardinal water sign. Luisa, although having a tough outer shell (literally), she’s still in touch with her emotions. In my experience, cancers always pretend like they’re fine to everyone, but have that sense of vulnerability. Cancers have that motherly nature, and, like we see in Surface Pressure when she weighs everything to the weight of Mirabel and the family burden, it shows that she cares very deeply for everyone in the household, even when it’s not reciprocated.
Leo : Augustin. You might think that you have the most boring character but uhm- NO. The way I see it, Augustin is socially perfect in a sense. Although he is clumsy (fire signs I’m looking at you), he knows he can rely on his wife to be there at the end of the day. He has that air of importance, but not to the point where it gets suffocating for his kids. Very loyal and supportive to his family, he wears a token to symbolize each of his kids. Leos are always first to treat others like the best thing that’s happened to em, and Augustin is the best example of that.
Virgo : Alma Madrigal (Abuela). Alma possesses the caring and social (see: giving back to the community) qualities of a mutable sign, while having the rigidity that earth signs provide. She is very nitpicky about her family portraying perfection for the sake of society, and makes that very clear when she ostracizes some kids for not wielding their power well enough, or not having one at all. But overall possesses the organizational skills to be the first matriarch of the family Madrigal, and that gets reflected in her Virgo nature.
Libra : Isabella. Listen ik you would’ve put her as a leo, it’s just that Libras act perfect for other reasons than self interest and she’s still social and open to growth either way. I feel like leos act perfect and treat other people like they’re perfect in self-interest. Which is not a bad thing. But purr. Everyone sees Libras as these perfect social creatures at the center of beauty, which is due to their ruler planet being Venus. Is there a more “venus” person in the movie than Isabella?
Scorpio : Is there a more acceptable answer than Bruno for this (i don’t think so). Look, he was just trying to do his thing and everyone comes and ruins his mojo without trying to get his side of the story. Scorpios are contrarians in nature, and although the gift he has is useful to the family, he is ostracized nonetheless (can we talk about the plate he drew for himself like he just wants to be a part of the family ffs)
Sagittarius : Félix Madrigal (Mirabel’s uncle). I feel like Félix has all the traits of being a mutable fire sign : Life of the party, great sense of humour, can put up with a lot of Pepa’s emotional baggage, and is very loyal to Pepa, even when Abuela constantly reminds her to keep her emotions in check.
Capricorn : Pepa. Listen. Everyone says that fire signs have the biggest mood swings, but Capricorns have it so that the entire society feels it 😭 absolutely no hate to capricorns whatsoever, because a lot of people rely on your skills in order to grow, cultivate and keep the society going. And I feel like the Capricorn-Sagittarius dynamic is perfect for Pepa and Félix
Aquarius : Antonio. I feel like it’s obvious, but having the gift to communicate with animals is a quirk that can only be attributed to aquarians. They don’t try to act perfect (we see this with his emotional vulnerability to Mirabel), and he communicates everything in a pragmatic manner without outright offending anyone.
Pisces : Julieta Madrigal (Mirabel’s mother). It might seem very typical for pisces to be attributed Julieta, but listen. She’s a healer. She doesn’t judge Mirabel for not having a gift (and is ready to back her up against her own mother, but misses the social cue when it comes to telling abuela to mind her business in the staircase). Like, no matter what her kids do, she’ll feel like they’re perfect in every sense and nothing can change that. She doesn’t expect perfection out of Mirabel, and I’m sure she actually reminds Luisa and Isabella to take a break when they need to.
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constellle · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
hey cis, i want not a sound out of you
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anja-nuehm · 15 days ago
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r-michelle-a · 9 days ago
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rachelloryn · 19 days ago
Okay so I have a Agustin and Julieta heacanon.
Given how accident-prone he is they 100% met when he got hurt and she had to heal him. He was probably always getting scrapes, bruises, and broken bones.
Then she would be there with food ready to heal him while gently scolding him for being so reckless. He would smile and say he’d be more careful, both of them knowing he wouldn’t. They both liked each other since forever but didn't say anything, until one day she was making him something after he fell into a hive of bees again and Julieta jokingly said, “You know, with all the accidents you have I’m starting to wonder if you do it just to see me.”
He looked down and slowly took a bite of his empanada. His face went back to normal and she realized that it wasn’t the bee stings that made it red. She froze and he finally looked up with a small smile and said, “Maybe.”
And that was that.
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aro-ace-headcanons · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[image ID; four images of Isabella from Encanto, identical except for the backgrounds, which are four different pride flags. The flags are demisexual, demiromantic, demirose, and lesbian. End image ID] Isabella is a demirose lesbian!
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a-todd-illustration · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' the person dancing behind Isabella is the fish lady, but once she goes out of frame, it's Delores.
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pluralslimes · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela stimboard
(Made by a fictive of her but doubles and kins etc are welcome!)
Sources: 💐
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nectarine500 · 7 days ago
Okay so I’ve been on tumblr for over a year and have never posted so-
I make art.
Have Encanto art! I’m in love with Camilo ❤️
Tumblr media
If you like please well- like, repost and follow me! And check me out on Instagram! My name over there is njennerart. I have more stuff posted over there 👉
Tumblr media
Don’t repost without credit pls
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dear-old-sputniks-friend · 20 days ago
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scarletsaphire · 23 days ago
Something really interesting about Isabella’s part in all of the songs is how, whenever she’s singing/being sung about in the first half of the movie, the music is slower. In “The Family Madrigal” there’s the whole thing about her being the perfect golden child, which is a significant shift in sound from the rest of the song. In “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” her part is soft and positive and the polar opposite of the entire rest of the song.
And then, once we get to “What Else Can I Do” we have the part with Mirabel going “You just seem like your life’s been a dream”, once again being the slowest part of the song. I think it creates an interesting parallel because it establishes that the slower softer sound is the front that she’s putting on, and how it’s isolated her from the rest of the family.
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Tumblr media
grows a flower, the town goes wild, she's a perfect golden child!
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arty-bi · 26 days ago
Designing the madigals but older like mirabell is now the head of the family(abula became too crusty to be the head) Dolores is married with triplets all aged 5 Isabella is married to Eden( My oc sue me) with a son( the oldest he was born from the magic of the house like literally he was made from the magic)Camilo is married to another oc, Lorenzo( my boys is trans) and has twins Luisa is the cool single aunt and Antonio is like a teen????? Idk but the designs are in process(please don’t come at me for having oc x canon if u don’t like it please just move on and don’t hold a knife to my throat) I plan on adding a plot somewhere with the nest gen so… stay tuned?
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rachelloryn · 22 days ago
Encanto is literally one of the best Disney movies of all time.
The story, the characters, the music. Everything was amazing.
Did I cry every five minutes? Yes. Did I love every second of it? Also yes.
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