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lupivulpes · 7 hours ago
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Sisters Madrigal
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Encanto but it’s just the Madrigals T-posing/arms outstretched
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flyawayjay · 2 days ago
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ahem. i just finished encanto and realized that this tweet is, in fact, quite true
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missvifdor · 2 days ago
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Ok, so I've read loads of Encanto fiction where Mirabel dies or time travels. And I thought of this: A fiction where Mirabel dies crushed by Casita and the Madrigals wish to go back in time to do better and apologize to Mirabel! And the wish is granted!
The Madrigals go back in time, the day of Antonio's ceremony and Mirabel is alive and now they all have a chance to do better and Bruno is no longer hiding in the walls!
The only one who doesn't remember anything is Mirabel and when she sees her family's new behavior, she just finds it suspicious and thinks it's just a cruel joke on their part.
I would love that so much! A second chance story where the Madrigals relearn how to be a family and regain Mirabel's trust and help her feel like a full member of their family! Please, if anyone likes the idea and has the time and inspiration for it, write endlessly! I so want to read a story like this!! 😫😫
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harryxdraco5576 · a day ago
What encanto characters would post on Instagram:
Mirabel: Random quotes, pictures of her family (mostly Antonio,) pictures of her and her parents, her clothes, random pretty things in town.
Isa: She’s an influencer, posts daily, kinda gives off Amelia vibes if you’ve ever watched bizardvark, her page inspires people to be imperfect, pretty plants she’s made, videos of her sisters.
Luisa: Barely posts, doesn’t really know what to post either, pictures of Isa and mirabel, does more commenting than posting.
Julietta: 47927381992747910109384656829 Pictures of her kids.
Agustin: Only has like 5 posts, is on the app to keep up with the pictures his wife posts.
Antonio: Too young to be on Instagram but if he was, purely pictures of animals
Camilo: Prank videos, posts a lot, selfies, has posted thirst traps (Pepa took them down, he put them back up,) he actually covers serious topics sometimes to.
Dolores: Not very active, mostly posts pictures of her and Mariano.
Pepa: On there to monitor Camilo, posts quotes sometimes.
Felix: Everyday poster, dad jokes, dance videos, always doing challenges and trends, loves to collab with Camilo.
Bruno: Doesnt really get the app, mostly posts really bad selfies of himself.
Abuela: 0 posts, she uses it to stalk her family.
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gale-gentlepenguin · a day ago
Marinette got Luisa's Problems
Adrien got Isabella's problems.
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kinschi · 16 hours ago
i love dolors and isabela's non-existent relationship so i like to think they definitely have sleepovers where they do each other's hair and paint their nails(and gossip) isa also gives dolores relationship advice about mariano :)
They'd definitely be besties and have sleepovers and do all that stuff!! I wish we got to see them interact in the movie (that's why we need a show) but they grew up together and are really close!! I mean look at this!!
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fandomshatelgbtqpeople · a day ago
Doloris gets a boyfriend, which she deserves. But I wish too that Luisa got a girlfriend.
I do too but also I wouldn't want it to be like the Star Wars kiss scene if you catch my meaning. Like while Dolores getting with Mariano is a very quick moment it also is the end of an entire subplot. Mariano is a pretty empty character but he is integral to the story for both Dolores and Isabella and I would want something similar. I feel like Encanto with it's focus on generational trauma and strict family structures and keeping up appearances is the perfect movie to address how all those things contribute and are affected by homophobia, particularly in the Latine community.
We see with Isabella's courtship with Mariano that Alma sees the relationships of her family as a way to continue the Miracle by creating new generations of gifted Madrigals. The pressure to marry placed on Isabella is also a pressure to marry someone who can have biological children with them. This is also stems from them not knowing the source of the miracle and thus the strain to protect it. Alma has no idea if the miracle only effects children who are Madrigals by birth or if a child who is adopted into the Madrigals could be given a gift.
Additionally there is the element of keeping up appearances. I'm sure when any of the Madrigal kids showed any interest in queer things Alma was like "What will people think?" and reminded them that they have to an example to the community and always be of service.
Also I realize that all of this could come across as Holmesian reasons why Luisa and Isabella aren't textually queer, but in reality they are reasons why from a Doyleist perspective, Encanto is the perfect movie to tackle these issues and I would love for a sequel to delve into it.
I actually have a really good idea for a sequel too.
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Mirabel's expressions are everything-
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Plus Agustín...
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beepscat · an hour ago
- Camilo's kinda scared of Bruno when he move back in at first, he doesn't actively avoid him but would have a very awkward smile if bruno trys to start a conversation with him
- Both Bruno and Camilo bond over being theater nerds and that's how Camilo became gradually less scared of Bruno
- Bruno will sleep literally anywhere accept his room
- Pepa and Julieta are extremely scared of Bruno leaving and not coming back to the point where if everyone is gonna go somewhere and Bruno wants to stay home someone will chaperone him, even Antonio (which Bruno hates the most because being babysat by a baby isn't really the best look)
- He's eventually trusted to be on his own but it took some time
- Dolores adored Brunos telanovelas ever sense she was 12, she used to cry at the dinner table when something bad happened or jump for joy or gasp very loudly, she even drew pictures of some of her favorite moments (she kept some of them)
- When Antonio was a baby he would used to cry hours and hours non stop until someone gave him to Mirabel
Baby Antonio:*has been crying for hours*
Alma: Will you make them stop!
Pepa: What do you think I've been trying to do!!!
Mirabel: I'm home from school!
Pepa: Oh, Mirabel, can you hold them please, I need to get something
Mirabel: Ok
Pepa drops Antonio in Mirabels arms and he falls asleep immediately
Pepa:...........are...yOU...KIDDING ME!!!
- When Isabella and Mirabel were younger and Isabella would hurt Mirabels feeling really bad she would feel terrible and always consider apologizing but never did
- Pepa and Julieta would get violent with others if they hurt Bruno when they were young but as more people said worse and worse things they felt like they were hopeless to fight and gradually stopped
- Pepa used to be boy crazy
- On several occasions when they were young Pepa would ask Bruno to see the future between her and her boy of the week, and when they ended up bad Pepa would chase Bruno ups and down the casita trying to fight him for making that happen (Julieta wanted to murder them both)
- Pepa and Julieta didn't celebrate their birthday the entire 10 years Bruno was gone, people still gave them presents and wished them a happy birthday but for the most part it was a quiet day that people just pray to get it over with
- They would both stay up all night and tell story's of all the three of them together and whether the story was embarrassing, sad, heartfelt, funny, ridiculous, frustrating, or joyful they would both end in tears (and so did Bruno)
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igose · 22 hours ago
I think I relate to Isabela but in a different way
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You see, she's been stuck being perfect since she was born. And I have been stuck being good, smart, calm, happy, careful, mature, doing great at school, loving math and science (because all the smart kids love them and can do them) Shortly, I've been stuck being the perfect child for my entire life.
The first time she makes a cactus is like me looking at my university entrance exam results and seeing how well I did on social studies even thought I didn't even study for that. That moment is when she realized she could be much more then what people expect from her. She wouldn't be perfect and she would be fine. Just like how I realized I could've studied social studies and I would still be fine (better, actually)
Actually my parents are fully supportive of what I wanna do, but I've been so brainwashed by the "Smart kids do math and science and become doctors, stupid kids do other things and be less successful" stereotype that I didn't realize my potential on other things and how much I wanted to do them instead.
I am listening to What Else Can I Do over and over again while thinking about this. I could make other flowers and I regret not realizing this sooner, but I am also so greatful that I realized this when I was 18. Even though it was so obvious, it can be still hard to understand that perfect image you have is not you. And it's harder to change that and be yourself. But you can do it. I am doing it right now and it's great.
So from now on, no more just roses. I will do what I want to do.
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disneyprincessglory · a day ago
Camilo after being rejected by his crush
Camilo: *sighs dramatically*
Isabella: what’s wrong with you?
Camilo: if we weren’t cousins would you date me?
Isabella: no.
Camilo: why :(
Isabella: first off I’m a lesbian. Second off who did your hair it is not cute. Third off, *points at his shoes* those are fucking slippers.
Camilo: everything after “I’m a lesbian” was just personal.
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joytri · 2 days ago
Stars don't shine, they burn; and the constellations turn
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belleski · a month ago
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✨hot and cold✨
Part 2 (the triplets) 
backgrounds under the cut because i’m really proud of how they turned out
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mischief-marauders · 26 days ago
Bruno in the walls watching everyone harmonize about how much they hate him:
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nodos-still-breathing · a month ago
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vinnie-cha · 4 days ago
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Madrigal Trios! ✨
Instagram | Twitter | Etsy | BigCartel
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pantalonesdezebra · a month ago
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Quality time with uncle Bruno
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araminakilla20 · 2 months ago
Encanto fact you probably didn't notice
It seems that in the Madrigal Family the number 3 is a recurring number when having offsprings.
Alma and Pedro have triplets: Pepa, Julieta and Bruno.
Julieta and Agustín have Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel.
Pepa and Felix have Dolores, Camilo and Antonio.
And Bruno?
Well... in books, other 2D material and in the storyboard preview of "We don't talk about Bruno", he is always accompanied by three rats.
He probably owns more than three for sure, but he's always potrayed near the family with three rats.
For the three children he never had.
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helloyd · 19 days ago
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