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I wasn’t trans, and I wasn’t cis. I was an alien. An alien that happened to look “female” to humans but liked the sound of he/him pronouns better. My species didn’t even know what a gender was. Do you know how many times it had to be explained to me before I got it? Please don’t call me transphobic for saying that I wasn’t trans, just an alien. - #hybridnova
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Consider: Logan being the one the other’s go to when they’re hurt/stressed/etc. Roman wounded after adventures? He’ll patch him up and give him a talking to. Virgil’s anxious? He’ll help him assess the thoughts and calm him down. Patton feeling overemotional? He’ll rationally comfort him and try to help.

But what happens when he’s the one hurt/stressed/etc.?

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You guys ever wonder if Something Rotten! was a result of the Kirkpatricks loving Shakespeare too much or hating him too much

I mean the entire premise is that Shakespeare is an ass but also a hot piece of ass, it’s like an excuse to thirst over him

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I was tagged by @noir-renard for this! ahh thanks! I’m very bad with choosing but let’s see how this one goes

honey and lemon or milk and sugar // musicals or plays // lemonade or iced tea // strawberries or raspberries // winter or summer // beaches or forests // diners or cafés // unicorns or dragons // gemstones or crystals // hummingbirds or owls // fireworks or sparklers // brunch or happy hour // sweet or sour // Rome or Amsterdam // classic or modern art // sushi or ramen // sun or moon // polka dots or stripes // macarons or croissants // glitter or matte // degas or seurat // aquariums or planetariums // road trip or camping trip // coloring books or watercolor // fairy lights or candles

I swear if i gotta do this one in a few weeks again i’ll have all different answers… anyway i tag @snitchdeoro @regenwolf @drarrytrash @lamoraktoujours @triggerlil @appelscruff and whoever feels like doing it ofc :)

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There’s a page somewhere between the introduction and the last sentence worth bookmarking before you know the whole story. And maybe just, don’t read the rest. I’m not a good storyteller and I don’t want you to find out. I can set up a scene worth a glance, but everything falls apart after a while, and not just the words, but the binding itself–all loose ends and cheap glue. Don’t pull the string in the second to last chapter or I’ll unravel. I am trying to be half of what I am but until then, just hang out in the footnotes for a bit. 

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is Screech friends with Jockey? because I think they'd be great friends

Not gonna lie, I do feel like they would probably be pretty good friends

Idk if the dude who made Jockey would agree tho, and honestly I’m too afraid to ask bc that’s just how it be sometimes gdndbfbvb

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The NHS needs me working, not as a patient, so Watson is off for the foreseeable future and I am not riding.

It’s a decision I have not made lightly but nothing is usual at the moment. Accidents happen, but by hanging up my tack for the foreseeable future I am reducing that risk.

Stay home. Stay safe.

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This reminds me btw of a very wise thing my extremely weird and quite trad inclined philosophy prof used to say, that one critical/evaluative glance from their mothers breaks girls far worse than a lifetime of dehumanizing male gaze

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