nanominyo · a day ago
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Iskall doodle. Was practicing bodytypes. Need more practice.
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So I found that like- arcane art filter people were talking about, and I tried it out on bdubs- OMG???
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Got a little confused with rens glasses but I mean-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The generator does not like Scott and jimmy much (albeit they still look fine but (think it’s the teeth and the eyebrows that are throwing it off), they look like siblings. but Atleast Norman is cute!! But of course he is, when is Norman not
Okay now it’s all just scuffed
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t think ima do anymore of these but if you wanna play around with it you can find the filter here, have fun
It takes a few minutes, and it’s kinda finicky but here ya go I guess
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Iskall hoped that with Grian joining the server he and Xisuma would have someone who could help keep mumbo from destroying the server with his increasing crazy inventions instead they gained some who keeps threatening to destroy the server with increasing wacky wars and antics. And x is too busy to stop either of them because he has to deal with the other mad scientists of the server.
The real threat to the server was the members all along- /j
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m00n-art · 2 hours ago
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he's sitting on an invisible chair i didnt want to draw it
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blue-starlight · a day ago
ok i am so confused rn so question for hermitcraft fans: is the guy with the white hair anime skin etho or iskall because i THOUGHT it was iskall but apparently not??? and now i'm realising i actually have no idea of the difference between these two they might be the same person for all i know at this point (i think they've melded together in my brain?) so uh. help? who is etho and who is iskall and which one is the weeb
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bobiku-i-guess · a day ago
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this is deffinately not a notif i was expecting.
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bottomfeederhoe · 3 months ago
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Hermitcraft!! <3
(Click for better quality)
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bebagerie · a month ago
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Alright! I think that wraps it up folks, quest to assign every hermit an elytra has been completed! :)
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beacon-lamp · 24 days ago
hermitcraft propaganda: a season 8 addendum
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so.  you wanna hermicraft because someone told you it was a fun, lighthearted vanilla minecraft smp series?  
do not proceed.  instead, please refer to the season 7 masterpost for more information.
you wanna watch hermitcraft because you wanna see these family friendly minecraft veterans go batshit feral with a beaming smile on their face as the world shatters around them? 
welcome to hermitcraft season 8.
Where Do I Start Watching?
start with grian.
watch the ceo of buildmart in his natural habitat, building a breathtaking base and playing pranks on his friends.  his videos are always a good mix of building and shenanigans with the other hermits.  he also tends to instigate a ton of chaos.  in general, very entertaining to watch.  has absolutely zero redstone knowledge/content though 
(if you’re looking for someone like grian but slightly to the left and who also attempts redstone, try bdoubleo100).
check out hermitcraft recap.
zlopxp and pixlriffs write and upload weekly recap videos on everything that has been happening on the server.  if you’re truly lost on where to start, start here.  when i first got into hermitcraft, i would watch the recap videos to see what everyone was up to.  and if something someone did sounded interesting, i would then check out that hermit’s episode/channel.
official hermitcraft website with links to every member’s channel
more information on every hermit’s attributes and general vibes
official hermitcraft wiki
for more info.
If my intro wasn’t enough to convince you and you want more info, here are
(Some Changes To) The Basics
“vanilla” minecraft
gameplay is still, for all intents and purposes, in survival vanilla minecraft all megabuilds and redstone engineering were created in 1.17 vanilla minecraft
completely new world.  everyone starting fresh.  
as always, you Do Not need to watch any previous hermitcraft seasons to start watching season 8.  each season can be essentially seen as its own independent series
so just jump right in and start with episode 1.
shorter season - 6 months
in the past, hermitcraft seasons have lasted around a year, if not longer.  season 8 only lasted 6 months, starting on june 19, 2021 and ending on december 22, 2021.  
and at an average upload speed of 1 video per week, this makes the season a lot easier to binge.  if you’re looking for something to get you through the content drought over the holidays, look no further than a hermit’s season 8 episode playlist.
here are mumbo’s comments on the shorter season, if you’re curious.
minecraft proximity chat mod enabled
this was a new feature added this season that elevated the inherent collaborative nature of hermitcraft and really brought the place to life. there were a lot more spontaneous interactions between the hermits as they didn’t necessarily have to plan a discord call in order to talk to each other.  
two new members: Pearlescentmoon and Geminitay
go give them some love, they did wonderful their first hermitcraft season!!
base-sharing and close-knit districts
in the past seasons, everyone would build their own base in their designated corner of the hermitcraft server.
this season, all the hermits were confined to the same island/continent and had to get creative.  many formed districts with their immediate neighbors.  some pairs decided to share a base.  
there was a lot more collaborative building projects this season given the space limitation.
no centralized shopping district
most hermits built shops near their bases or in their districts.  some have small pop up stands around the island.  others have travelling businesses.
massive breathtaking builds and genius redstone engineering  
it is still hermitcraft after all.
More Important Additions
Server-Wide Lore.
lore?  in my hermitcraft?  it’s more likely than you’d think.  best of all, it gets really fucking angsty at the end.  
(to be fair, there has always been lore in hermitcraft, but they were typically self-contained story arcs that were neatly wrapped up after a few weeks)
the Moon Big plotline began around 4 months into season 8, on november 9, 2021 in grian’s s8 ep 21, and continued on until the very end of the season.  
the implications of this plot may continue on into season 9, but we won’t know until the season starts.
xisumavoid also has an entire plotline this season involving his villainous alter-ego Evil Xisuma, who has made an appearance in previous seasons. feel free to watch his videos this season, as his lore also involved several other hermits.    
Hermatrix: An ARG (Alternate Reality Game) by Rendog and Docm77
listen.  i watched doc’s episodes this season, and my brain could barely understand his game-breaking redstone engineering, let alone the entire arg he and ren crafted this season.  
so i will graciously defer to the experts on this one.
hermatrix explained by ssilentwillow
hermatrix page on the hermitcraft wiki
check out the hermitcraft reddit for even more info.  and the r/hermitcraft discord has channels specifically dedicated to the arg, if you’re interested in that. 
note: the ARG does influence the lore in their episodes, but you do not need to understand it to watch ren or doc’s episodes this season.  the arg is also only relevant in their episodes and does not influence the other hermit’s episodes/perspectives.
Some Final Comments
season 8 is by far the most experimental and creative hermitcraft season to date.  everything, from the insane builds to the mind-bending game-breaking redstone to the increased amount of collaboration between hermits to the overarching plot to the end of the season, has been absolutely Incredible to watch.  it’s still a lot of fun.  it’s still mostly lighthearted.  it’s still basically vanilla minecraft.  it’s still the hermitcraft we’ve all come to know and love, just with a bit More. 
i wholeheartedly mean this when i say this season has seen some of the best minecraft smp content on youtube.  
if you’ve made it to the end of this addendum, i hope you check out hermitcraft season 8.  you won’t regret it.  and if you do, please feel free to come yell at me in my inbox.
as always, for more information, go to @hermitcraftpropaganda​.  or shoot me a message.
see you all in season 9.
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bdoubleowo · 2 months ago
headcanon. Bdubs's eyes do this
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woodsie · a month ago
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kiwinatorwaffles · 3 months ago
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the redstone-eaters of hermitcraft
i remember seeing a headcanon somewhere on this cursed app that the redstoners ate redstone but i thought it would actually make sense with the robots/cyborgs of the server who do redstone. and here they are
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Grian collects coins, Mumbo collects ribbon, Iskall collects little carved emeralds, Scar collects animal prints, Pearl collects flowers, Etho collects rugs, Doc collects old books - 🌿
*nods* agreed
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ceramic-galanter · 7 months ago
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In honor of Season 8 starting very soon, I drew every (more or less) active hermit!
There’s 24 of them. this took forever. Watch Hermitcraft
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ivi-prism · 3 months ago
Bench trio and Architecs are more similar than you think
Graphs by me! As I procrastinate an essay
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ghastspidergwen · a month ago
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posting this before the 1.18 lore drops
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pomodoko · 6 months ago
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Season 8 is out and I am super excited to see what everyone is going to do, especially with PearlescentMoon and GeminiTay as the newest members!
[Edit: fixed xB’s skin tone to look like a healthier tan]
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bitter-goodbyes · 25 days ago
Hermitcraft enjoyers, how we feeling?
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beacon-lamp · 7 months ago
if you’re looking for:
main character syndrome who’s just here to cause problems, try grian
good times, try scar
an elder god of minecraft who has mastered everything and is just here for chaos, try etho
beautifully detailed builds and interiors made by the most feral little man, try bdoubleo100
someone with multiple brain cells, try pearlescentmoon and geminitay
someone with one (1) brain cell, try mumbo jumbo or iskall85
actual vanilla survival minecraft, try xisumavoid or impulseSV
the most unhinged redstone player you’ve ever seen, try tangotek or zedaph
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mahgck · 25 days ago
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