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suhyla 2 days ago
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Here are some reflections on Surah Yusuf after reading When The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Mat茅 馃
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your-heart-is-a-treasure a day ago
Do not sell your soul in exchange for anything. This is the only thing you have brought into this world and the only thing you can take back.
- Rumi
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kafabillahisyahida 2 days ago
Jika harta, tahta adalah reward dalam hidup ini maka firaun lebih berhak dan special, Qarun lebih pantas dan istimewa dibanding Nabi Musa di sisi Allah. Dalam surah Al Fajr manusia sering menyangka, apabila dilimpahi nikmat maka Allah sedang memuliakannya, sedangkan bila ditimpa musibah maka Allah sedang menghinakannya . Maka Allah tutup asumsi2 tsb di ayat Berikutnya bahwa "bukan begitu" .
Sesungguhnya Harta, tahta, wanita anak2 sama sekali bukan reward ataupun parameter kesuksesan melainkan ujian untuk menentukan baik buruknya kita. Maka Ada sepantasnya tak terlalu gembira, tak ada tak semestinya putus asa. Ada org yg dilimpahi nikmat dunia, tp kadang hatinya kalah tenang drpd yg hidupnya biasa2 saja. Org berpikir Jomblo itu ujian, pdhl punya pasangan juga ujian. Dan belum tentu ujian jomblo lebih berat dr org menikah...
Jadi apa tandanya Allah sayang sama hambanya? Itulah "Taqwa" terlepas dari apapun status/kondisi kita, selama itu mampu mendekatkan kita pada Allah maka itu tanda Dia sedang memuliakan kita
Ringkasan kajian Ust. Nuzul Zikri Hafidzahullah
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muslamic-reminders 2 days ago
鈥淒o not lose hope nor be sad.鈥 {3:139}
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aszmxm 2 days ago
It was reported in Sahih from Ibn Az-Zubayr, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah used to say the following after the prescribed (obligatory) prayers:
賱賻丕 廿賽賱賴賻 廿賽賱賾賻丕 丕賱賱賴購 賵賻丨賿丿賻賴購 賱賻丕 卮賻乇賽賷賰賻 賱賻賴購貙 賱賻賴購 丕賱賿賲購賱賿賰購 賵賻賱賻賴購 丕賱賿丨賻賲賿丿購貙 賵賻賴購賵賻 毓賻賱賶 賰購賱賾賽 卮賻賷賿亍賺 賯賻丿賽賷乇賹貙 賱賻丕 丨賻賵賿賱賻 賵賻賱賻丕 賯購賵賾賻丞賻 廿賽賱賾賻丕 亘賽丕賱賱賴賽貙
賱賻丕 廿賽賱賴賻 廿賽賱賾賻丕 丕賱賱賴購貙 賵賻賱賻丕 賳賻毓賿亘購丿購 廿賽賱賾賻丕 廿賽賷賾賻丕賴購貙 賱賻賴購 丕賱賳賾賽毓賿賲賻丞購 賵賻賱賻賴購 丕賱賿賮賻囟賿賱購 賵賻賱賻賴購 丕賱孬賾賻賭賭賳賻丕亍購 丕賱賿丨賻爻賻賳購貙
賱賻丕 廿賽賱賴賻 廿賽賱賾賻丕 丕賱賱賴購 賲購禺賿賱賽氐賽賷賳賻 賱賻賴購 丕賱丿賾賽賷賳賻 賵賻賱賻賵賿 賰賻乇賽賴賻 丕賱賿賰賻丕賮賽乇購賵賳
There is no (true) God except Allah Alone with no partner or associate, His is the dominion and praise, for He is able to do all things; there is no strength and no power except with Allah;
there is no (true) God except Allah and we worship none but Him; His is the blessing and virtue and good praise;
there is no (true) God except Allah, we worship Him in all sincerity even though the disbelievers hate that.
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mindofserenity a month ago
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鈥 Allah will save you from it and from every destress
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bosnian-muslim a month ago
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May Allah swt bless and protect our mothers..
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yours-sincerelyy 7 months ago
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鈥淢y success comes only through Allah. In Him I trust and to Him I turn.鈥 鈥 Quran (11:88)
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laraibbukhari 2 months ago
What is love?
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wordsbyhisheart 29 days ago
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"So violently do I know the world."
鈥 Rainer Maria Rilke, "[Fragment of an Elegy]"
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be-a-muslim-1st a month ago
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theislamicpearls 9 days ago
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聽"Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us."聽
Al Quran 9:40
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mawjooda 8 months ago
Whatever you're yearning for right now... Pray for it. Pray for it at this very moment.
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alhamdulillah10 a month ago
To everyone carrying a heavy heart in silence, it鈥檚 going to be okay... All膩h will never burden a soul more than it can bare. Even when you feel like you have no one to speak to. You can speak to All膩h. Wallahi there is no greater feeling than laying your head down in sujood and just crying out your heart to All膩h.
He understands your heart, he understands your pain. He made you, he is testing you and your character. Turning to people will only leave you vulnerable and disappointed. But when you turn to All膩h, you feel secured, you feel safe.
There is beauty in talking to Allah. He listens to you as if you鈥檙e the most important person on earth. He guides you when there is no one else to guide you. He places contentment in your heart. I pray that All膩h makes it easy for everyone who is fighting their own struggles in silence, may All膩h grant you the peace and comfort you are searching for... Ameen.
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suhyla 6 months ago
A Muslim sister enters a taxi and sits in the front passenger seat, despite the back seats being vacant. 聽A Muslim brother walks past the Masjid while the call to prayer is being made and he doesn't enter it to pray. Another man is greeted with, 聽"Assalamu alaykum" and he doesn't return the greeting. As for the sister, she got into the passenger seat of her husband's taxi. 聽As for the brother passing by the Masjid, he had prayed at another nearby Masjid. 聽As for the one who did not reply to the salam, he was a deaf man. 聽Don鈥檛 believe everything your brain tells you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. One of the righteous of the past said, "If I saw an alcohol beverage dripping from a Muslim's beard, I would assume it was poured on him. 聽And if I heard a man on the top of a mountain saying, 'I am your Lord, the Most High,' I would say he is reciting a verse from the Qur鈥檃n." The great scholar Ibn Alqayyim said, "It's difficult to determine one's own intentions, let alone the intentions of others." Perhaps it's time to change the lens you are looking at others with.
Bilal Dannoun
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wrappedinamysteryy a month ago
When sin tempts you, remember that by committing it, you could be selling your jannah for temporary pleasures.
Instagram: wrappedinamystery
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mindofserenity 3 months ago
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bosnian-muslim 3 months ago
Drag your feet to the prayer mat, until one day your heart drags you. Force yourself to make dua, until one day your tears force you. Human beings become easily addicted to their habits, so tell me what greater joy than being addicted to the One who created you?
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sheymaaaaa a month ago
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Subhana鈥橝llah. Realist thing I've read.
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yours-sincerelyy 8 months ago
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鈥淎nd if you were to count the favours of Allah, you would never be able to number them.鈥 鈥 Quran (18:18)
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