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#isn’t this awesome!!
sneakyboymerlin · 6 months ago
I think it’s about time I shared this with all of you, you lovely folks.
Elyan is a big reader. He has a full bookshelf in his chambers and he’s read everything on it at least twice. It’s all he does in his spare time, really, is read.
The knights sometimes try to drag him out to the tavern but he’s only forty pages from finishing this book, maybe next time, Gwaine. Merlin has more success taking him out to pick herbs because Elyan can walk and read at the same time, but this results in Elyan tripping over roots as often as Merlin does.
Wait, Percival did what at training? Elyan can’t believe he missed that! It reminds him of what his favorite character did about sixteen pages back, give him a second to find the right passage.
Gaius is trying to decipher some ancient text when Elyan swoops in, a dozen books in his arms that he’s already familiar with, and basically solves the problem that Gaius has been working on all day in under ten minutes.
Merlin is gone for a week to visit his mother in Ealdor, so when Elyan catches Arthur struggling to write his speech, Elyan just grabs it out of his hands and starts editing it to pieces. Arthur could cry from gratefulness because his own was boring and generic, and Elyan actually has amazing prose.
Geoffrey appreciates Elyan’s love of reading and ends up gifting him some of the dustier tomes in his library because he knows they’ll be well taken care of in Elyan’s hands, which have callouses both from writing and from his swordsmanship.
Elyan is Camelot’s resident nerd and he’s proud of it.
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anxious-shadowling · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The Twitter trending guy can accurately describe the dream smp but doesn’t know what movie Maleficent is in.
This dude definitely watches the streams.
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chalky · 4 months ago
Oh boy I love Las Nevadas
GirlGasGate BossLightKeep, a lil creature born from the earth, a god who was guilt tripped into it, an unwillingly homeless child, the head of Big Prison, and a furry with daddy issues so intense he gets nightmares about it. Also, one dead sheep.
What are we calling this family dynamic? My vote is for trainwreck
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beebleboosuwu · 7 months ago
From Big Fish to Wicked to School of Rock then finally to Beetlejuice,
Alexander Michael Brightman’s contributions to theatre and civil rights movements have been astounding. A two-time Tony Nominee (School of Rock, Beetlejuice) he has been pushing his career not just on stage but behind a vocal booth and behind the camera as well and we have been loving it so far.
Tumblr media
He knows the importance of mental health and physical health in terms of singing, his iconic voice took years to perfect with the help of doctors and other vocal technicians.
We love this man and ever since quarantine dropped on us like Beetlejuice showing up right after the Maitlands death, he has given us smiles and belly aching laughter to get us through the days.
Boq, Dewey Finn, Beetlejuice, Kenny, Fizzarolli are my personal favourite roles he has played through-out the years. And because of him I now dream of performing for audiences and making them laugh. Alex is an hilarious joker and some jokes don’t quite land but he always tries to reconcile so that every one gets a chance to laugh.
Though he may not have won his Tony nominations (I mean it was hard to contend when School of Rock came out with Hamilton and Hadestown came out when Beetlejuice came in) he won Broadway Star of the Year from in 2019. He beat out Reeve Carney (Hadestown), Andrew Barth Feldman (Dear Evan Hansen, Ratatouile Musical), Santino Fontana (Tootsie), Eva Noblezada (Hadestown), Karen Olivo (Moulin Rouge!), Jeremy Pope (Ain’t Too Proud), Ali Stoker (Oklahoma!), Aaron Tveit (Moulin Rouge!) and Adrienne Warren (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical)
Happy Birthday Alex (Feb 5th, 1987)
Tumblr media
ROCK ON AND KILL SOME BITCHES (not really tho but do get hella wasted)
Tumblr media
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bugshroom · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
AWOOOOGAH 😻💐🍄💞💗🥰👏😽✨💘😻
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Hey Ya’ll!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve kind of put this blog to rest. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve touched it at this point, and I’m not sure if I’ll come back to it anytime soon. Just don’t have the interest in DHMIS like I used to.
That being said, I am still (somewhat) active on my main blog, which can be found here. If you guys still like my art and stuff, you can go there to see more of it!
Be seeing you! 👋
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genosvechnikov · 8 months ago
uhh probably an unpopular opinion rn but “he certainly didn’t have to apologize” about carter hart saying sorry for breaking his stick on a live broadcast is...not a good take. i love carter, i don’t blame him for being extremely frustrated or even infuriated, he has every right to be, but we gotta stop treating men breaking shit when they get mad like it’s endearing. i think it was so cool of him to sincerely apologize for that and THAT is the attitude we should be praising tbh
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sukipershipper · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I suppose since I’ve started watching RE8, the one big question I’ve had was always in regards to Moreau. What would he have looked like if the Mutation hadn’t fucked him up?
I suppose my take on it is he’s still a fish, but his body and actual appearance isn’t as disgusting. He still has signs of the mutation on him, but he is in better control of it. He’s also still a doctor and still trying to perfect his experiments.
Anyways, that’s my take on fishy fish. I love him greatly, he deserved better in the game.
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latinposeidon · a month ago
I honestly really just love the idea of Luke and Willie not getting along very well. They don’t dislike each other or anything - they actually genuinely like and respect each other - they just don’t mesh well individually. Like Willie likes music, sure, but he’s more interested in dancing than playing, so they don’t really engage with Luke’s conversations. And Luke really struggles to focus on topics that aren’t about music, which makes it hard to talk about skateboarding, ghost stuff, or emotions with Willie.
To me they feel like the type of people who are only friends in group situations and don’t particularly like hanging out one-on-one. Just,,,,,, both of them knowing they’re probably not gonna be close friends but still making an effort to hang out with each other because they know how much Alex cares about them
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Perfect Vision
Baljeet: Buford is refusing to wear his glasses to see faraway objects.
Buford: Dude, look. I wore the glasses for a day. My eyes are better now. Everyone move back and I’ll show you.
Buford: *points to Baljeet* Baljeet.
Buford: *points to Isabella* Cuphead.
Buford: *points to Phineas* Dorito.
Buford: *points to Ferb* Sasquatch.
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sincerely-fooule · 5 months ago
i feel like y’all like posts... but don’t actually read them??
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inkykeiji · 6 months ago
Now that it’s been established that Touya-nii has a big pp I can’t stop thinking about Touya-nii training readers mouth so he can properly be able to face fuck her. Obviously he could just go for it but that would probably end in some unpleasantness for both of them. So there had semi regular lessons on pp sucking for reader right? Get her nice and used to having her mouth stretched wide and throat fucked. No I’m not currently obsessing over sucking Touya-nii off why would you ever say that
OOOOOH ANON!!!!!! ANON ANON ANON YES absolutely, he’d be throat-training her on the regular. like, he’d be ON TOP of that shit yk??? super organized with a whole goddamn regimen outlining how much they’ll increase the size of whatever object they’re using to throat-train her, when and for how long etc etc. like a whole detailed schedule
and he’s super strict about it, never ever let’s her get out of a ‘lesson’, because she’s gonna learn how to deep throat him, and she’s gonna learn how to do it well, goddamn it
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