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worldeventsae · 8 days ago
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evento · 5 months ago
What is Event Sustainability Management?
Event sustainability is a principle, with three important aspects: environmental protection, social growth, and economic progress.
ISO 20121 is an international standard, which specifies the practices that organizations in the events industry need to have in place to improve the sustainability of their services, products, and/or general activities. The standard guides organizations of all sizes in the management of social, economic, and environmental impacts.
Events, whether big or small, can leave their footprints in the society and environment by generating harmful waste. By becoming ISO 20121 certified, one will be able to host the same event but with minimal risks and impacts. You can also prove to the audience that you care about the social, environmental, and economic impacts while organizing events.
Benefits of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management
1-Increase the profits
2-Reduce costs
3-Control the amount of waste generated/produced
4-Improve the image and credibility of the event
5-Reach a wider audience and grow your access to sponsors
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soukalsayarat · 6 months ago
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Europe 2021, World's First One-Make Competition with Certified Sustainability
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Europe 2021, World’s First One-Make Competition with Certified Sustainability
Monza, Italy – The Ferrari Challenge Europe, the Prancing Horse’s one-make championship, has embellished its almost thirty-year history with an important award, ISO 20121 certification, the international standard for sustainable event management.   Thus, the Ferrari Challenge becomes the first one-make championship for combustion-powered cars to receive ISO 20121 certification, issued by TÜV NORD…
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blackmores1 · 9 months ago
ISO 20121 Consultancy in London
BS ISO 20121:2012 specifies the requirements for an Event Sustainability Management System to improve the sustainability of events. The standard applies to all types and sizes of organisation involved in the events industry – from caterers, lighting and sound engineers, security companies, stage builders and venues to independent event organisers and corporate and public sector event teams.
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