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More parallels?

Clarke lived in isolation for six years, now Echo, who *kind of* took her place ALSO gets a nearly 6 years sentence of isolation? I mean, that’s not even the solitary of Clarke’s first year in the skybox. Sky box. Sky Ring. Two empty planets. hmm.

She would have Hope and Gabriel for company while Clarke was alone except for Madi. 


Something to watch I think.

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My sister texted this morning to show me she was jamming to Taylor Swift while working from home. I sent her a video back, and it turned into this. 😂 We sent these clips to each other all morning/afternoon.

I was going to dub it over with the actual song, but the background noises of her cat’s fountain and our lip syncing make the video. 😸 @taylorswift @taylornation

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Not a lot to talk about that isn’t the mental spiral caused by this pandemic. It’s hard to not to feel alone. To feel disconnected. But then you find out someone you thought was your friend… isn’t. Perfect time to find out as it’s much easier to distance yourself from them these days. But my problem is that I trust the wrong people. My life isn’t perfect. My head isn’t right. But I need to start thinking critially and independantly. I need to start to look out for myself and no one else. To be a bit more selfish about it all. Care for myself. Try to achieve that balance where I can be happy in work again. To be happy and connected to people - to the right people. 

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The latest book I’ve read is Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. I had this book when I was in my early teens but lost it half way through reading (my sister probably stole it), so I finally managed to grab myself a new copy! 

Despite being a book for young teens primarily, iris a very deep story that stays with you once you’ve finished. I did find it a little hard going at times and did struggle to concentrate on the chapters but once you have finished and really think through the events I  the book, it can feel slightly haunting. 

PSA: I am going to be returning to work as of the 1st of June, meaning sadly I won’t have as much time for books, crafts and updating my blog but hopefully i’ll be able to find a balance!

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So for some reason Tumblr didn’t work for me for a couple of days and then I forgot I was doing this because I got out of the routine - I think its hard to remember stuff when everyday feels the same. But I’ve decided to continue where I left rather than just say ‘day 14′ or  whatever i’m on. Today i’m thankful for -

1.) My Hamster - his name is Pip which is short for Pippin, it was inspired by LOTR because our dog is called Bilbo and my brothers name is Sam. Honestly this hamster is all that keeps me sane. Like it’s crazy lonely in quarantine and while my family is here, I get aggravated easily and prefer being in my room. So my hamster is my bestfriend and child lol.

2.) How to train your dragon - dudes I’m obsessed with HTTYD like OBSESSED. My friend got me a toothless plush thing for my bday last year and yeh it’s the best. But honestly, the films are sooooo good and I could talk about them forever and I also am rewatching ‘Race to the Edge’ on Netflix to pass time. Yep, im a very cool person.

3.) Gotta say, it has to be the Bandstand Bandwagon groupchat again - they are just the best people ever and the conversations are so funny and I just love it!

Okay that’s all, hope you’re all safe and remember that you are loved :)

- E xx

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im introverted so i dont really suffer that much compared to extroverted and active people. im also not a fan of socializing that much. i like being in my comfort zone and be with some people that im really comfortable with. i have best friends and i love them and i also miss them. i know that technology makes it easier to communicate. but during this quarantine, i dont know if i just became TOO comfortable being just by myself or the isolation makes it hard for me to reach out.

im actually afraid that i wont be able to talk to people naturally when the quarantine is over. i sometimes really find it difficult to converse with people, and even with my friends. it honestly makes me feel bad, i love them and i always want to tell them that and i want them to feel it. but i feel like i subconsciously distance myself away from them. i like being alone but i dont like being lonely, and i just struggle too much because of that. i just hope everything will get better.

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