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Natan Levy
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Please do your research! There is so much misinformation out there and a lot of lies.
Everyone should know the truth so please try to know as much as you can so you can spread awareness and help!
Free Palestine🇵🇸✌️
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Russia being banned from Eurovision but not Israel means that there are wars that are acceptable and some that aren’t. And that doesn’t sit right with me. (twitter)
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Occupation forces attack the funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh, the journalist they murdered:
Heavily armed forces are beating up Palestinians carrying Shireen Abu Akleh’s coffin, they’re charging at them with cavalry horses and assaulting them with batons (theyre also kicking those they knock to the ground) and threw sound bombs and stun grenades inside the French Hospital of Jerusalem. Here is the moment of attack:
They’ve besieged the hospital and demand Shireen’s coffin to be hidden inside a hearse instead of her being honored with visible a martyrs funeral being carried over the shoulders of Palestinians
The ocupation yesterday raided the home of Shireen’s family and took down Palestinian flags raised there. They detained Shireen’s brother the day after murdering his sister and ordered “no Palestinian flags. No chants. No walking procession”
Occupation forces have rushed the funeral and continued assaulting Shireen’s family, friends and mourners. They ripped away Palestinian flags (including off the hearse) and are attempting to suppress chants in honor of the martyred journalist
Israeli occupation forces have arrested several mourners for raising the Palestinian flag in occupied East Jerusalem. Abu Akleh’s niece, Lina Abu Akleh, has said Israeli forces are “still trying to silence” her aunt and the mourners gathered for the funeral.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shireen was a Palestinian Christian and the funeral has moved her body first towards the Church for the service then are moving her towards the Christian cemetery where she will be laid to rest.
The Israeli occupation army asked people “if they are Christian or Muslim”. And Muslims weren’t allowed in to participate in the funeral march. Occupation forces have also prevented thousands of Palestinians from entering the cemetery.
Despite agression and attempts of supression from the occupation Palestinians continue the funeral and resist by still raising Palestinian flags and chanting for Shireen Abu Aqala and for Palestine. Arriving in the dozens of thousands
Tumblr media
They murdered her and will not grant her peace even in death, the brutality of the israeli occupation against Palestinians is clear
Free Palestine
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God watching AlJazeera cover the death of Shireen Abu Akleh today is so fucking hard. Like watching Givara Budeiri sob on live TV... I am just so full of rage and frustration
Tumblr media
For anyone who doesn't know who Givara Budeiri is, she is an Al Jazeera correspondent who was arrested by Israel just last year for covering the Sheikh Jarrah protests.
While wearing a press vest, she was violently assaulted, and her cameraman's equipment destroyed, before the occupation forces detained her. She, like many journalists who are bravely reporting on Israel's crimes, is intimately familiar with Israel's treatment of the press and the threat of violence and death that she and her colleagues must live with everyday.
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From the
Carolina Journal:
A group of N.C. Jewish clergy leaders are calling out the N.C. Democratic Party for anti-Israel resolutions that were considered at the party convention held June 18 in Durham. Calling the resolutions potentially “dangerous.” the clergy members point to the party’s Platform Committee Special Report, which sets a wide range of positions that the state party takes in the upcoming year, including 2022 elections. The North Carolina Jewish Clergy Association issued a statement on June 17 that criticized Democrats’ resolutions that said Israel violated the human rights of Palestinians, called for an investigation into the alleged killing of a Palestinian-American journalist by Israeli forces, and establishing May 15 as Nakba Remembrance Day, recognizing the destruction of Palestinian villages. “Of the seven resolutions devoted to foreign affairs, three are focused on criticism of Israel,” said the NCJCA Steering Committee, including Rabbi Judy Schindler, Rabbi Eric Solomon (co-chairs), Rabbi Mark Cohn, Rabbi Lucy Dinner, Rabbi Andy Koren, Cantor Shira Lessek, and Rabbi Batsheva Meiri. “While some of our clergy are sympathetic to some of the claims embedded in the statements, on the main, these resolutions are not thoughtful nor balanced. In short, they contain one-sided representations of the complexities of the decades-long Arab-Israeli conflict.”
The document is ridiculously anti-Israel, to the point of calling for the destruction of the Jewish state via the fictional "right of return."
It includes:
Forcible Transfer: In which Israel has removed and demolished tens of thousands of Palestinian communities and homes that it refuses to recognize, even though those communities existed there for decades, in order to maximize land available to Jewish communities; by making it exceedingly difficult to remain in certain areas, through blocking building permits and access to utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity, amounting to forcible transfer through a policy of ‘relocation.’ Creation of Separate Reserves and Ghettos: The purposeful end goal of Israeli actions such as expropriation of land and forcible transfer is the fracturing and ghettoization of Palestinian lands. While Palestinians make up about 20% of Israel proper’s population, the vast majority are restricted to only 3% of its land... Denial of the Right to Leave and Return to Their Country, and the Right to a Nationality: ...In addition to making it difficult for Palestinians to leave Gaza and the West Bank, those wishing to return to their family lands are also faced by near-insurmountable challenges. While Israel gives any Jew, anywhere in the world, the right to immigrate to and become citizens of Israel at any time, even if they settle in occupied East Jerusalem or the West Bank, those Palestinians and their families who were either expelled from Israel in 1948 or fled from fighting in the region after that time are not granted that same right of return. Finally, by both not recognizing Palestine and holding the revocation of residency as a threat above all Palestinians, Israel denies the Palestinians a right to a national identity. By denying this right, Israel subjects all non-Israeli citizen Palestinians to a “state” in which they have no legal protections or rights, even to basic needs like food, water, and shelter, as can be seen in the actions of Israel towards these people;
The text is riddled with lies, half-truths and purposeful mixing up of different issues to give the worst impression.  Here's a really egregious example accusing Israel of dropping American bombs on civilians just for fun:
WHEREAS, as Israel has shown itself to be either unwilling or unable to address these human rights violations, the United States must ensure that American resources, such as the bombs used without justification on civilian targets this past May...
This is the wholesale hijacking of the NC Democrats by the extreme Left of the party. Many Zionists are concerned about the depth acceptance of the "Squad" mentality in the mainstream of the party, items like this document cement that concern.
It will be interesting to see the reaction from Zionist Democrats to this extreme anti-Israel document.
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important !! please read and reblog !!
it’s unfair of us to have platforms and not use it to speak up for palestinians. i have resources provided below for how you can educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that is happening in palestine right now and how you can help.
educate yourself
thread on what is occurring in sheikh jarrah, another thread
tw violence video of palestinian explaining the situation in sheikh jarrah
tw bombing video of al aqsa mosque being bombed
tw violence, tw bombing, tw shooting video of palestinians in al aqsa mosque
tweet explaining importance of al aqsa
a website where you can learn more about palestine
a video breaking down the history of the israeli oppressing palestinians
video of palestinian explaining the importance of spreading awareness
tw violence video of 16 yo palestinian boy being forcefully evicted from his home by israeli solders
tiktok of palestinian speaking about what is going on in her country. please see the links in her bio for more information— tiktok will not let me copy and paste her linktree
tiktok of palestinian speaking on situation in gaza
instagram page for jewish voices for peace, an organization working for liberation and justice for palestine
infographics explaining how to be an ally for palestine
some of the posts are triggering instagram of journalist sharing what is happening in palestine
tiktok explaining the situation in al lydd
books/articles you can read to learn more
free ways to help if you cannot donate
do NOT sign petitions !! they are not accounted for in the middle east and do nothing.
go to this website and simply click. update: i have heard from some people that this helps and from other people that it does not. please be wary with this source and do not depend on it.
watch this video to donate, it’s 3 hours long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
watch this video to donate, it’s 1 hour long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
if you are from the U.K., follow these instructions to call local MPs into action
if you are from the U.S., text RESIST to 50409 to urge congress to help palestine
thread of dua’as muslims can make to pray for palestinians
boycott israeli products
donate— it is better to donate directly to people rather than organizations, but i do have a few organizations listed.
do NOT donate to change.org
help children and hospitals affected by gaza bombing
help hungry children in palestine
donate to palestine child relief fund, known to be reputable
donate to united palestinian appeal, a direct charity
donate directly to journalist injured in gaza
ramadan zakat fund for palestinians in gaza
raise money for palestinian woman escaping toxic household
buy palestinian goods
i’ll add more links as i continue to find reliable sources and proper donations. please dm me other resources and i can add them to this list. if anything here is not trustworthy, please let me know immediately and i will take it down. free palestine until it’s backwards, pray for palestinians who do not know whether they will be safe in their own country.
last but not least, if you are a pro-israel, unfollow me immediately. i don’t need you on my tumblr. and do not use what is happening in palestine right now to be anti-semitic.
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Tumblr media
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islamic-quotes · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Debunking misinformation around Palestine.
Please spread this truth!
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Tumblr media
Yesterday, Israel bombed one of the biggest bookshops in Gaza. The Samir Mansour bookshop was one of the few publishing houses in Gaza as well. I saw a video of the owner of the bookshop fighting tears and talking about how much this bookshop meant to him and how he used to skip meals to be able to save money to get this bookshop going. This bookshop was part of the Kahil building which had various stores and offices.
In another video that was circulating, a guy from Gaza was explaining why Israel targets these buildings and towers. Every day you hear about a building targeted and leveled. He explains that these towers have been the main destination for the youth of Gaza as they usually contain coffee shops, bookshops, restaurants, educational and learning centres. So by destroying them, Israel is destroying memories and any potential for communal relationships. 
This is what we mean when we say Israel is not only committing a full blown genocide as we have been witnessing publicly for days now, with over 200 deaths in the span of a week (as of May 19, 2021), but also this other form of incremental genocide that has been ongoing for decades; even when Israel isn’t bombing Gaza on a daily basis, there has always been an effort to erase Palestinian history and culture, from appropriating tatreez and the Palestinian cuisine to destroying literary works.
Highly recommend watching The Great Book Robbery documentary for more on that as it goes into the details about Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian books during the Nakba.
Erasing culture is an essential component of settler-colonialism, and what Israel is targeting in Gaza right now is by no means coincidental or “accidental”.
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medullam · 5 months ago
... Amid news of the demolition and footage of the aftermath of the house in ruins, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called the expulsion of the Salhiyas and the destruction of their home a “war crime”. 
“The Saliyehs were expelled from their home in Ein Karem during the Nakba in 1948 & are barred under Israeli law from reclaiming it,” HRW’s Israel and Palestine director Omar Shakir said in a statement shared on Twitter. 
“These cruel acts turn the Salhiyehs into two-time refugees. This is what apartheid and persecution look like."
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otvaram-ti-dusu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Images like this crush my soul.
Don't ignore what is happening in Palestine, don't ignore people who also face war, while being called terrorists for their resistance.
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