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#it be like that sometimes
kaijuno · 6 months ago
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redthornzzz · 2 months ago
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the only grandkid you'll get from me is a damn puppy
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ministarfruit · 9 months ago
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it’s about the emotional repression
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waokevale · 9 months ago
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Me, casually explaining to my friend, which side is which after describing them one by one each from this drawing I made be like:
-"Patton is the one on...The far left...? With the round glasses and the cardigan around his shoulders.."
"Logan is the one with square shaped glasses and a tie. A classic nerd"
"Roman is the one with the elegant gown and a sash wrapped around his chest + the crown, because he's a Queen."
"Virgil is the emo one rebelling against a belt"
"Janus is the one in a hat."
"Remus is like Roman, but on crack."
Her: K
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pharmaswift · 6 months ago
physically i’m here, mentally i’m driving a new maserati down a dead end street
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ghostlysenses · 4 months ago
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Ooo yesss @bee-lyne thank you for this request!
Remember guys my requests are currently open!!!!
check out my angst prompts for inspo!
Where did our friendship go?
Tw: sad, being replaced, mentions of KYS, Character death.
You and ranboo have been friends for the longest time
you did everything together!
You went to nikkis bakery
you helped him with his memory!
you did everything together
Neither of you left the others side!
heck even your houses were close together!
It was kind of a surprise to everyone on the smp when he left you in the dust....
It hurt you...
It started off by him hanging out with you less and less.. saying he was busy or calming to be doing something that day..
It hurt you but you understood
Then he wouldn’t answer the knocking on his door...
only for you to find out one day he moved...
I mean you didn’t want to hold him down in a place he didn’t want to be so you let him go.
But it hurt you the most when he stopped talking to you all together. If you see him out in public and day something, he flat out ignores you.
It broke everyones heart....
They saw how hard you tried to be his friend but no matter what you did...he never stayed
Whenever someone like Philza, Techno , or Tommy mentioned you, he changed the subject
{“Hey mate hows Y/n?” “Did you know L’manburg is now filled with glass?”}
its like he didn’t want to be associated with you anymore
even though you didn’t do anything wrong
But soon you got over it.
If he can move on you can too......right?
It didn’t feel the same doing everything alone.
You watched from afar as Ranboo lived his life with his family...
Tears in your eyes.
You did get over it though at some point..
You and Tommy both ran into each other once
And after a days and hours of talking and building
you guys became best friends.
You played pranks on people.
You built random towers.
you came up with nicknames!
You called him Boo a lot and he called you
you hung out a lot!
One day while you guys were sitting at the bench, listening to pigstep, rapping, making lyrics and laughing.
Ranboo came over.
Now he wasn’t looking for you, but he was looking for Tommy
“Hey Tommy I was wond-“
When he saw you and Tommy enjoying each others presence
He was a little upset... Sad but also pissed.
You replaced him???
that easy?
You looked over at him
“can I talk to you?” he said, you sighed and stood up
he took you a few feet away to where Tommy cant hear
“Y/n... are you... replac-“
you cut him off, HELL NO! there was no way he was going to make himself the victim
“Do they make you happier than when you were with me?” you said looking down....
he was confused
“Answer me!”
“I dont know what you mean..” he didnt know what to say...
“You replaced me, you stopped hanging out with me, now tell me, are you happier with them than you were with me? and please.... be honest”
He looks down, thinking about everything that happened these past few months.
He forgot all about his best friend
He forgot all about YOU!
he knew he was already in to deep but
you said foe him to be honest and...
how could he deny his best friend that?
You sighed “Goodbye...forever... Ranboo”
He felt his heart crack... and as you walked back to sit down with Tommy, getting back to rapping and hanging out with someone he desperately wish were him...
He heard yours shatter....
in to many
It sounded like glass...
You always told him you had a fragile heart...
He didn’t know what it went back then...
but he does now...
your heart was made of glass
and he broke it
with just a few words...
Its been about a year or two now...
the shattering sound of your heart replays in his head...
It haunts him...
He cries himself to sleep at night...
He wishes he was a better friend...
Maybe if he was...
You wouldn’t have trapped yourself under the ice in the Arctic....
Maybe Tommy wouldn’t feel so alone all the time now...
Maybe....your heart wouldn’t have shattered would be you he was platonically married too....
Maybe....he should’ve talked it out with you that day at the bench...
Maybe...He wouldn’t have been the one to find your body under the ice...
Maybe... you wouldn’t have died broken, sad, scared, and alone
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velv3tdream · 17 days ago
Sometimes it’s better to not talk about anything. To anyone.
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beamiedraws · 8 months ago
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Also take this while I’m here
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daily911 · a month ago
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Tumblr media
You're prettier than most, I'll give you that. That's the women's locker room. Don't mind the Ping-Pong table. We'll move it out in a week if you're still here.
Image ID: 2 gifs of Hen Wilson from 911, Season 2 Episode 9. Hen tries to stifle her emotions as her new Captain immediately reveals himself to be an absolute piece of shit.
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paladin-yue · 6 months ago
me, having literally seen the amount of sexual tension between Bucky & Steve & knowing how it resulted to nothing, rooting for sambucky like: 
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strqyr · 5 months ago
You know what would be funny? If everyone straight up has no idea who the summer maiden is. No one knows who the powers transferred to and she hasn't made herself known either. Then when they track her down, she's like 'Oh I thought I just had a cool semblance. Do I get paid for opening this vault thing?'
can we make this canon? better yet, have her first appear in the background as a recognizable vacuo citizen (kinda like the shovel lady) only to later reveal she was the summer maiden all along.
everyone has been looking for her for days and she's there just like "wow there's a lot of people looking for this maiden chick. wonder what that's all about. anyway, what should i eat for lunch today..."
(no one's going to pay her after finding out she's been right there the whole time)
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atalienart · 8 months ago
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Snow storm (my ocs)
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