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#it brings out all the bad people


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Me: *Watching a girl react to Monty Python and the Holy Grail*

The girl: It’s so stupid, I wasted my time. Don’t watch this unless you’re high.

Comment section: “Yeah, only guys like Monty Python.”, “My wife hates Monty Python and so does most women.”, “Millennials don’t get Monty Python.” And so on.

Me a millennial girl:

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man looking at toh stuff these past 2 hours have been so comforting, I kinda didnt realize I havent been able to let myself really feel comfortable these past weeks. oofa.

#this whole 'not being able to be yourself in a place where people who were supposed to be family make me uncomfortable' gig sucks, #the butts chronicles, #man me tired, #I am seriously just tired., #I feel kinda burned out on talking about my webcomic, #well not really Im p sure if I was able to without feeling weird about it I'd be ecstatic, #but ya know. yea., #anyways. today was h., #most of it was unfavorable but the parts where I eat mcdons and went outside for the dogs was okay, #I hit an old water bottle with a wood stick like basedballs and that was okay, #I also picked some oranges so that was hrm, #I think I wanna eat my minecraft cereals tomorrow. that sounds not too bad, #who knows tho for all I know it could be caramel flavored and me would hate that, #I really need to be on here more even if its just for nothing. yall genuinely do bring me I gues a sense of comfort, #like yea this is a shitty website but yall really are nice people and seem cool and I appreciate how much yall can be excited for yall's, #favorite subjects. I wish I could talk more and more about mine but Ive always felt annoying and I dont wanna be that here too., #granted I still am but ya know I dont wanna drive away yall with it. Its kinda happened irl before. even with my ex sorta, #wowie. typing at 4:50am sure is something. I should give out my switch friend code again. or give out my discord even tho I barely use it, #mainly cuz I do not know how to use it. I just put a funky lil profile pic and thats it so far., #for the longest time I didnt even know those 4 numbers were necessary lol, #but yea. tired. kinda sad also cuz earlier I thought about. yea., #rest easy yall and take care!
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Google search: how to tell my family that im pretty sure i, both my siblings, and maybe my mom are on the autism spectrum without sounding insane or like a hypochondriac asking for a friend–

#I saw a post earlier this week on self-diagnosing autism and I--, #I mean ive suspected maybe my brother was for a while now because he's always had a lot of trouble with flexibility and picky eating and, #basically a lot of the stereotypical boy with autism symptoms, #but for myself and my sister I always assumed we just had 'severe social anxiety', #which uh, #lets just say my 'social anxiety' was so bad when I was little that I would go selectively mute, #which obviously I know selective mutism can be caused by other things than autism but there's other things that make me think im on the, #spectrum that I won't get into because that could take a while, #anyways with my sister its less obvious but I think she could be too, #because she has a lot more sensory issues, #like she doesnt like people touching and hugging her without her consent, #and she gets sensory overload from too much noise, #my mom is less concrete but she's also introverted like me and my sister, #and one time my sis explained sensory overload to her and she said she got it too, #also she's super sensitive to smell and sound, #like. so sensitive, #anyways its just a theory but I think it has merit, #and now idk whether it would be better for me to keep my mouth shut or bring it up??, #cause like we've all learned to live with this it's not like its particularly debilitating, #but idk its been kinda nice since I figured it out for myself that ive been able to connect all these small things in my life to this source, #im thinking maybe id start with my sister?, #shed probably be most receptive to it, #but idk man, #yeah this is long so imma stop now, #just had to get that off my chest, #this is kinda scary to post even though I know y'all who follow me on here are super kind and accepting lol, #self diagnosing is scary cause its like yeah this would explain a lot but am I actually???, #yeah im just gonna leave this here..., #liz rambles
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(uh lore in the tags i guess)

#msa, #mystery skulls animated, #jay art, #msa arthur, #WHHOOOOOO this only took me FOUR MILLION YEARS anyway come get ur vampires, #i promised u lore so here is the lore, #Lewis Was Not The Only One Who Died In The Cave., #the difference is that arthur was only MOSTLY dead. mystery was able to bring him back, #but not without. uh. side effects. listen he's a trickster spirit who loves Prank's and Jokes hes not exactly like, #naturally gifted at bringing people back from the dead without some monkeys paw side effects you know, #(he's also very bad at saying goodbye to the ones he loves.), #anyway. arthur wakes up -1 arm and +1 throbbing headache with only hazy memories of what happened, #and -- this is critical -- He Is Entirely Unaware He Is A Vampire Now, #like he just has no clue ok he is BEREFT, #and his lifestyle is. not exactly conducive to vampirism, #[arthur voice] hey vivi i'm going to the bodega for some garlic pretzel bites you want anything, #[walks out into the Blazing Texas Sun] dang it's a hot one today, #he just keeps comin home with brutal sunburns and getting sick for no readily discernible reason, #(might have something to do with all the italian food. just a hypothesis), #vivi cracks it before arthur does. she's out here collecting evidence ace attorney style, #and then she finally puts a case together and jumps him like 'I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE', #he's like 'what', #she's like 'you're a VAMPIRE', #and he's like 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i don't believe you', #so now it's vivi trying to convince him to bite her and arthur NOT doing that (he's a little squeamish about blood @ the best of times), #while mystery sits there like 'oh no. oh no what have i done', #anyway catch arthur hunched in front of the fridge @ 2am ripping takeout sauce packets open with his teeth and drinking them, #(to be fair: he did this before turning as well. please don't tell anyone he lives like this), #OH YEAH BTW he doesn't manifest the wings until AFTER he has juiced up on blood so, #uh. yeah. once that happens that's gonna be hard to ignore
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My phone’s at 11% battery and I left my only charging cable in my car

I’m very tempted to let it ride and allow whether or not the alarm goes off tomorrow decide if I go in to work

#ignore me, #today was. bad, #[heads up the rest of these tags are just me venting and it's rly negative ok cool], #the two people who tested positive were out obviously. one of the people who is waiting on results was IN., #the OTHER person waiting on results is scheduled to be the ONLY OTHER PERSON I WORK WITH TOMORROW. ALL DAY, #and there were THREE OTHER PEOPLE who called out today as well, #I worked an hour unplanned/unapproved overtime and we still left a huge mess, #it's been unsustainable since like April and has only gotten worse as time went on but I think this might finally be the breaking point?, #we can't physically see this many cases with the staff we have. it's not just a matter of low-quality service it's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE, #(ahAHA..... god... and the person who may-or-may-not have COVID whom I'll be working with very closely all day tomorrow?), #(is an insufferable Blue Lives Matter shitstain who most definitely voted for Trump), #(I don't THINK they'd bring up politics unprompted but I'm not sure I'm willing to risk that chance because I would not respond well), #(I almost lost it today because the CSR at the front desk had a window open all morning streaming Fox News), #(I didn't even know that that person WAS a conservative until I saw that and now I want to tear the damned building down I felt so betrayed), #anyway I'm. I think I've pretty much talked myself into. not going in tomorrow. but we'll see how guilty I feel in the morning., #(no you know what. not even guilt could get me there tomorrow. the schedule is too bullshit for that.), #(the only thing that'll convince me to show up will be fear of taking too many sick days. because I've taken a LOT this year. but bro...)
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