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#it chapter 1

Okay what about a Fall Out Boy Nobody puts Baby on the Corner/ 7 Minutes in Heaven / sophomore slump based Richie/Eddie fic, where they are together but can’t be out because Derry & Sonia and maybe Eddie dates Myra or at least has to take her to Homecoming and Richie is so jealous and angry at their circumstances (maybe he is playing on stage cause you guys always make him cool) and just wants to take him away.

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request:  okay but what about a model reader x photographer richie and at a lewd photoshoot things get hella steamy!!!!! ahhhhhh pleaseeee

a/n: aaaa i loved writing this sm,, i got a biiiit carried away this is vv long ty fr the request!

contains: smut, oral, fingering, unprotected sex, praise, a lot of plot, im lowkey proud of this, model!reader x photographer!richie, fluff, angst but not really, i imagined this wt mid to late 20s richie, pretty vanilla

words: approx 4k words, i got carried away


“the cahmera loves you dahling.”

“richard, shut the hell up.”

you were currently doing a photo shoot for beverly’s summer collection, or, would be, if richie knew how to zip it for a couple seconds.

“I told you,” he mutters, adjusting some setting on his camera, “stop calling me richard.”

you giggle, tilting your head as he directed you, “but it just sounds so professional,” he barely had to move his hand for you to know how he wanted you to adjust yourself; the two of you had been doing shoots together for years, a damn near psychic bond between the two of you.

“it sounds stupid,” he says but he’s smiling as he says it. he makes another gesture and you turn your head to the side, your summery skirt swishing around you. you loved this year’s collection. so much colour, so much liveliness. bev really hit the nail in the head with every collection, but every year without fail, she somehow outdid herself.

you hear the shutter of the camera and adjust your pose again, the action almost second nature now. bev designed the clothes, you modelled and richie photographed. the rest of the losers joked that you and richie were meant for each other in that way.

meant for each other, you muse, sticking your hands on your waist and throwing your shoulders back, looking at richie rather than the camera, maybe.

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•Chapter 3•

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(Summary: Eddie and his merman’s relationship evolves with the mer’s new found voice.)

Also shout out to @ambitiousskychild on tumblr for being my beta!


Eddie’s eyes went as wide as the full moon, his eyebrows had practically sky rocketed and his jaw hit the floor. 

When he finally gathered up the energy to speak, he couldn’t help the tone of his voice, it wasn’t really angry…. It was just loud, “What the fuck! You kiss me and now you can speak?”

“Of course I can speak! Everyone can,” he shot back, his own voice growing louder to match Eddie’s. 

“But you had to kiss me to do it?” 

“Uh- yeah, I need saliva for the spell to work,” the merman said in a ‘well duh’ tone. 

“SPELL!?” Eddie’s stomach dropped. 

“Yeah! How do you think I just magically learned human-” But before the merman could continue, Eddie got to his feet. 

“I-I, I can’t do this,” he stammered. He could barely look at the fish in his tub, he rushed out of the bathroom, practically tripping as he tried to stand. 

“Oh come on cute ass!” He called after Eddie. 

Eddie hesitated as he stood at the top of the stairs, without missing a beat he flipped the fish off and left the house. He needed to get as far away from that thing as he could. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUck. fuCK. FUCK!

The only coherent thought he could create inside his head. 

It was a little ironic that he ended up standing on the beach when he wanted to escape his- the merman. 

His knees wobbled from beneath him, causing him to take a seat on the warm sand. 

He kissed me. 

Eddie couldn’t deny that he did kinda enjoy it. The way their lips moved, it was as if they were on the same wavelength, two jigsaw pieces finally clicked together. And Eddie hated it. 

He hated how much he enjoyed the kiss, he hated how much he’s grown used to his trashmouth, he hated how cute he was. What he hated most was that one day he’d have to go back into the ocean, to his home. The idea made Eddie sick to his stomach, and he knew why. As much as he hated to admit it, he had developed a crush on the scaly creature. It was just something about the way that Eddie was able to be himself when he was with the mer, how they made eachother laugh and smile. Even if it couldn’t talk! Eddie always felt at home when they were together, even if they were just sitting in silence. There was nowhere else he’d rather be.

After his realization struck, that’s when he noticed the hot tears that had begun to stream down his face. And it was all because he was crushing on a creature of the sea…


It took him a while, maybe even hours, to fully compose himself, but he did. When he did he tried so hard to think of things on the brighter side. 

“Okay… So it- he can talk. That’s great! We kissed, that’s great. Sure it felt like literal heaven on earth but that’s fine. It’s all fine. Fuck, well at least I can fianlly find out his goddamn name,” Eddie chuckled at that last bit. 

He still sat on the beach when his eyes finally returned to their normal look, after crying. His hands had found their place in the sand by his side, mindlessly digging and tossing the sand. He stopped when he felt something hard in his grasp. He glanced to the side and saw something sticking out of the sand where his hand had just been. Eddie picked it up and held it up. The sun shined down on the small piece of sea glass Eddie held. 

The stone brought a smile to his face and a memory to mind. He remembered the mer’s glasses, how their lenses were made out of some sort of sea glass, how eager the mer was to finally see the world, see Eddie.

“Scales and sea glass,” Eddie smiled and pocketed the stone, finally ready to go back inside. 


Eddie walked with his back straight and his chin high, he marched into his house and up the stairs into the bathroom. The merman stirred, turning to watch as the human stopped in front of the tub.

“Hi, I’m Eddie Kaspbrak.” He introduced himself and stuck his hand out. He mimicked the fish and made a little grabbing motion with his fingers. He smiled halfheartedly. “Give me your hand. It’s how us- humans introduce ourselves.”

The merman silently raised his hand out of the water and placed it inside Eddie’s. It was a little awkward with the webbed fingers and the claws, but it was still something. 

“I’m Richie. Richie Tozier.” The merman, Richie, smiled, glad to see his human didn’t look completely mortified like he did before. 

Eddie smiled, Richie Tozier, I like the sound of that. 


The next few days were interesting. Now everyday when Eddie walked into the bathroom he was greeted by his merman, Richie, who he learned had a love for talking, and had a trashmouth, of course. Constantly joking about fucking moms and doing crack (how did he know about cracK? Eddie will never know). Although they fell into a groove, that was their constant bickering, they also began subtle flirting with each other, something Eddie wasn’t sure if Richie meant in a platonic way, or if he shared the same feelings that Eddie did. 

“Okay so you’re telling me that this kid- Peter?” Richie asks. 

“Peter,” Eddie confirmed, a ghost smile on his lips. 

“So Peter gets bits by a tiny tiny spider and suddenly he gets powers? How the hell does that work?” Richie had his chin resting on the edge of the tub, looking down at the comic book Eddie was reading for him. 

Eddie laughed, something he seems to be doing a lot of now that Richie can talk, “How the hell am I supposed to know? It’s like you and your powers-” Eddie ducked his head, raised his hand and flicked Richie’s forehead, “Aqua man,” he smirked. 

“Oh I am so not Aquaman. I’m more of a…. Batman, ya know? Cool and mysterious,” Richie smiled into the distance. 

Eddie laughed, like hard. 

“HEY! I can be mysterious! I was a myth to your kind for the longest fucking time,” Richie nodded his head proudly. 

“No, you jackass. You’re so not cool.” Eddie looked over at Richie, he blushed when he saw Richie was already staring at him. 


“Fuck I hate this stuff,” Eddie almost gagged as he shoved another mussel into his mouth. 

“Then why do you eat it?” Richie asked, mouth full of fish. Eddie grimaced slightly then swallowed the food in his mouth. 

“‘Cause I gotta start eating fish at one fucking point,” Eddie twirled another forkfull of pasta, shoving it in his mouth, then putting a couple mussels in there as well, at least if he mixed it up then he wouldn’t taste them as much. 

With Eddie buying so much fish for Richie (plus Richie gave him hell for not liking fish), he decided he might as well try to get accustomed to it as well. So he started off small, mixing seafood into his normal meals and such, tonight was pasta and mussels in a white wine sauce. Eddie had learned that he was actually a pretty good cook. 

“What even is that?” Richie gestured to the pasta with a clawed finger. 

Eddie twirled another forkful, added a mussel then held it out to Richie. The mer smiled at the gesture and opened his mouth. He chewed, swallowed and smiled. 

“Damn, Eds! That’s good!” Richie hollered.

“How many times do I have to tell you-” Eddie started. 

“Don’t call me Eds, I’m too cute for my own good… blah, blah, blah” Richie mimicked Eddie’s voice. The compliment sent a warm feeling through Eddie’s chest as he glanced away. 

“It’s spaghetti by the way,” Eddie said shyly. 

Richie cocked an eyebrow, “Spajetti?”. 

“Spa-get-ti” Eddie giggled as he over pronounced the word. 

“Spaghetti?” Richie asked. 

“Spaghetti.” Eddie confirmed, a small proud smile on his lips. 

“Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie inquired, eyebrows raised. 

Eddie’s eyes went wide, “No, no, no,noooo. Please don’t start calling me that,” Eddie begged, but there’s no sorrow in his voice, just pure amusement. 

“Whatever you say Spagheds,” Richie winked. 

“God I hate you,” Eddie laughed. 

Richie let out a little happy huff of air through his nose as his gaze fell on Eddie, “I hate you too”. 


Richie’s life changed drastically the day he got caught up in that storm and washed up inside of Eddie’s pool. Sure it was a big change from what he was usually used to, which was aimlessly floating around the ocean, but now he got to aimlessly spend his days inside of a cute boy’s bath tub. And he’s really cute. Cute, cute, cute…

The morning light came in through the bathroom window, directly onto Richie’s face. His eyes fluttered open, immediately scanning his blurry surroundings. 

Shit, glasses. 

Richie leaned over the side of the tub and aimlessly felt around for his glasses which he always took off before he fell asleep, in fear of them somehow breaking in his sleep. His fingers brushed over the glasses, so he flicked his fingers and got his claws out, which gave his fingers a little bit more length. With that, he was able to slide his glasses closer to him. He grabbed them and put them on. The world cleared around him. He let out a sigh as he moved his hands to rest behind his head with his elbows out. He watched the morning sunlight dance over his blue scales, the light reflected onto the ceiling, creating a trippy design on the bathroom ceiling. 

Richie’s head snapped to the side when he heard the door creak open, and in walked a very tired-looking Eddie. 

“Good morning, my dearest Eddie, and how’s thy doing on this fine morning?” Richie asked in a british accent. Eddie took a seat on the closet toilet.

“Morning Trashmouth,” Eddie smirked as he sat down beside him on the floor instead of the toilet (it was something Eddie had started to do more ad Richie loved it). Eddie glanced over at Richie, fatigue still glazed over his eyes, his hair all disheveled. “I barely got any sleep, again,” Eddie sighed and rubbed his temples. 

“Nightmares?” This was something Richie had grown used to, Eddie’s nightmares usually revolved around his parents’ death, or the ocean.

Richie reached out (his claws retracted) and pushed a loose strand of golden brown hair behind Eddie’s ear. He left his hand cupping Eddie’s cheek. Eddie’s hand soon drifted up to rest upon the mer’s. He leaned into Richie’s touch. 

“Wanna talk about it?” Richie asked, comforting Eddie. 

“No… Rich, it’s the same as always,” Eddie looked over at Richie, just the sight of his merman made Eddie’s chest warm and his palms all sweaty. 

“What if, one day, we go out to the beach and I-I can try to help you swim?” Richie knew it was a crazy idea, he wasn’t even sure how Eddie would get him there, but he knew one day he’d have to go back. He didn’t like thinking about the day he’d have to leave Eddie. So he was determined to make every moment count. Richie also couldn’t stand to see Eddie so terrified of the wafer, so he might as well try to help. 

Eddie’s eyes went wide for a second, “Me? In the water? Remember last time that happened?” The two recalled the first day they met, when Eddie fell into the pool, and Richie saved him. 

“We’ll take it slow,” Richie assured. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Eddie let out a little chuckle, he really liked how much Richie cared for him, it made him feel safe. “Well, until then, how does breakfast sound?” Eddie slowly pulled Richie’s hand off of his cheek, but kept holding on until he stood. 

“Sounds great,” Richie grinned and winked as Eddie left to go get the food. 

The two ate together and talked like usual. Eddie explained his plans for the day ahead. His friend Mike had something, called a cat? Richie wasn’t sure what that was but apparently it had babies and Eddie and his group were going to see them. Richie wasn’t too sure what was gonna happen, but Eddie seemed excited, so he was happy. 

The bell rang throughout the house, Eddie had told him how it meant someone was at his front door. “Shit, that’s Bill. I gotta go Rich, see you later?” He asked even though he knew the answer. He grabbed the plates and containers and stood to leave. 

“I won’t be going anywhere,” Richie smirked, he blew Eddie a kiss before the human left. 

The merman knew it was stupid to crush on a human. Everyone always told him how humans were sinister monsters who’d skin him and eat him, or rip off his tail and leave him to die. But everything changed when he met Eddie. His human was sweet and gentle, sure a little worrisome and asthmatic, but he cared for Richie, more than anyone ever has before. So of course it was easy to fall for him, especially since he was so cute. I mean, come on! Look at him, that little face. And his cute ass! 

When Eddie was gone, Richie tried his best to keep himself entertained. Sometimes he’d talk to Goldy, but that fish was pretty quiet and he found Richie annoying. He’d read the comics Eddie left him, well it was more Richie just admiring the pictures as he had yet to understand human writing. Eddie would also leave the little music player for Richie to use and tune to his pleasure, a radio was it? Whatever it was, Richie liked the music, and after a couple days he began to recognize the songs and then when he heard a song he knew he’d get all excited and try to sing along. After he’d usually fool around with his powers, play with the water and stuff without making too much of a mess. But the best part of any day was always when Eddie returned home to him. 

“Edwardo is that you?” Richie called out to Eddie. 

“No it’s a burglar! Yes of course it’s me!” Richie could hear the smile in Eddie’s voice as he bounded up the stairs. 

“Hey Eds,” Richie smiled, relieved to see him again. 

“Hey yourself, Trashmouth” Eddie entered the bathroom, ruffled Richie’s hair then took a seat on the floor beside him. 

“How were the tittens?” Richie asked excitedly. 

Eddie giggled. “You mean Kittens?”. 

“What now?” Richie’s brow furrowed. 

“Kittens, I went to go see baby cats today, here, look,” Eddie whipped out his phone and showed Richie some pics of the babies. 

“So you can take uh-” Richie waved his hand around, grasping for the right word, “Photos? Photos with that?” he asked. 

“Yeah, er-here” Eddie clicked a couple things then turned the phone to Richie. 

“Woah,” Richie gaped as he stared at himself in the selfie cam. “Take photos of me!” He begged happily. 

Eddie rolled his eyes playfully as Richie struck a pose. “You’re such a drama queen.” He giggled as he snapped a couple pics. Eddie took enough photos so just started a video. 

“I know right?” Richie smirked and magically flicked some water at Eddie. 

“Hey!” he giggled. Eddie turned the camera around so he could see himself as he sat back down beside Richie. “Say hi,” he suggested as Richie leaned forward.

“Hey guys, Richie Tozier here,” Richie announced in a TV announcer voice. “Here with me today is the adorable Edwardo Kaspbrak.” He pinched Eddie’s cheek. 

Eddie swatted his hand away, “That’s not my name dickwad,” he mused.

“I know but you love it so much,” Richie smirked. 

“I really don’t.”

“But I know what you do like,” Richie claimed and kissed Eddie’s cheek. 

The sudden show of affection nearly caused Eddie to drop his phone. His heart was racing and his stomach was full of butterflies. He ended the video and slid the phone back into his pocket. 

“Ew gross, fish germs.” He tried to hide his embarrassment as he wiped his cheek with the back of his hand. 

“Oh come on Eddie, you love me,” Richie dragged out the O. 

Eddie stood up and glanced out the door, quickly he changed the subject. “You hungry for some dinner? I can make you some pasta if you want?” he asked. 

“The only pasta I need is you, Spaghetti,” Richie smiled happily. 

“God, you’re such a sap,” Eddie sighed as he walked out of the room. 

“Ha! I don’t even know what sap means!” Richie called out after Eddie. 

Eddie made the same pasata he had from a couple nights ago. Though he wasn’t the biggest fan of the mussels, he did enjoy the white sauce it was in. He made the pasta and put his on a plate, then added some more fish to Richie’s and put it in a bowl. 

They ate dinner together and joked around like usual. When the sky grew dark and the moon came out, Eddie let out a yawn. 

“Well, that’s my cue. I’m gonna go to bed,” Eddie said, stretching. 

“Okay,” Richie looked a little disappointed, even though he too was about to fall asleep. He never seemed to get enough time with Eddie. 

“Goodnight trashmouth,” Eddie leaned over and kissed Richie’s forehead. The gesture acted as a way of payback for the little stunt Richie pulled during that video. Eddie could visibly see Richie blush as he looked up at him with those big blue eyes. 

“Goodnight Eds.”

“That’s not my name!” Eddie smirked, turning to leave.

“Wait-Eds, I’ve been meaning to ask, what does that button do?” Richie pointed to a small red button above the main water controls of the tub. 

Eddie yawned and waved his hand around, “It doesn’t matter, Rich. Just please don’t touch it…. Goodnight.”

Richie stared at the doorway as he watched Eddie leave. Well shit, now i’ve gotta test it out. Richie’s mind was slipping in and out of sleep as he poked the button with the tip of his tail fin. Sadly sleep took him away before he could see what it did.

Word Count: 3072

AH GUYS I ADORED THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH! Richie and Eddie are just so cute and chaotic. But damn y'all aren’t even ready to see what happens next chapter OMG. On that note, I will see all of you next monday where you find out what the red button does. Until then…
So Long and Goodnight



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Depends- when we have sleepovers, we either make a blanket fort on the floor, or we all go into separate rooms (ex: at Bill’s place, there are many guest rooms + his basement where we have a very large beanbag chair.) But sometimes we need breaks where we sleep separately for whatever reason.

We definetly cuddle a lot though.


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Originally posted by alyssabmichelle

word count: 7,429

warnings: nsfw (smut but it’s vanilla), cheating, pining, angst(?)

summary: when things get heated between bill and richie, richie takes it a step further. now things are heated between bill, richie, and bill’s girlfriend. 

a/n: this concept is awful and this whole fic was written for my own self indulgence so i hope you’ll forgive me

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Depends on the context.

If someone is trying to flirt with another loser, we go full blown jealousy mode

But I also got jealous of Bev + Eddie earlier today cause they were cuddling (cuddling with those two is the BEST) and I just asked if I could join them and they said hell yeah.

We don’t really get jealous over serious things cause we KNOW we’re gonna stay faithful. Plus we’re all poly, so if anyone ever started to like someone, we would sit and talk about it 👉👉

The last time I remember being jealous was when this mess of a relationship was just Bill and Eddie. I had liked Eddie for a while, and I kinda liked Bill too. I just tried dealing with it by acknowledging how happy they were together.


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