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#it chapter 2

can you guys please send me some soft reddie or solangelo headcanons in my ask box? i’m having a really bad mental health day and i need something good.

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Headcanon Time!


So you know that obituary that dead-Adrian handed Richie in Derry? The one Pennywise wrote? Well, it breaks my heart that Richie thinks all of this shit about himself, that this is how he views himself and how he thinks his friends feel about him, and I love-hate it in an angsty way.

So to make myself feel better, I decided that I like to think that when Richie does die many decades later, it’s the absolute opposite of this bullshit. We’re going to say fuck the ending, in this scenario Eddie survived, and they got married; they had their three kids and lived the rest of their lives together, because I say so.

I’m not quite mentally prepared to even consider writing a whole ass obituary or to even imagine Richie dying (and whether or not Eddie died before or after Richie - not gonna go down that road!) but I do like to think that the end of it would maybe be something like this…

“He is survived by his three children and two grandchildren. He was dearly loved and will be dearly missed by his friends and family.”

Because in my AU, Richie is absolutely adored. Eddie absolutely loves the fucking idiot and would fight to prove it. Their three kids - two girls and their son - love the absolute shit out of him and always have; at least one of his daughters is married, and said husband loves Richie too, ditto for their kids (Richie’s a cool grandpa 😎). The Losers all see each other as family, and they love Richie/are so proud of how open he became about his sexuality/life. Richie has so many fans, young and old, who love him, especially after he came out and his relationship with Eddie became a thing.

Yes, I know none of what I’m saying is canon, but I’m still going to imagine it anyway because I hate the thought of Richie dying thinking he was unloved, thinking that he won’t be missed. Richie deserves to know how loved and adored he is by his friends and loved ones.

I’m projecting, I know, but just… Richie Tozier deserves so much better.


Originally posted by helaheim

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IT Rewrite

Stay With Me ( And You Can Dream Forever)

Chapter One



Rhiannon Erica Denbrough was born on January 4, 1976, six minutes before her twin brother William Stephen Denbrough, who everyone called Bill. Her parents Sharon and Zack doted on their children and the twins grew up absolutely inseparable. That was until five years later, little George Elmer Denbrough was born.

The five year old twins were confused and upset when it was explained to them that they would have to share their parents with another little baby and they took to hiding from their pregnant mother in protest of their new sibling, but on the evening of September 18th 1981 Rhiannon woke up from a nightmare crying for her Mommy to comfort her only to find her grandmother sitting in the living room, her parents nowhere in sight. The thought that her parents had left them caused Rhiannon to become hysterical, waking Bill up in the process who cried at the mere sight of his twin sister crying. After some comfort from their nanna they tuckered themselves out and the next morning they were both woken up by their father and bundled into the car to meet their baby brother Georgie.

The last time either of them had been in a hospital was a year ago when Bill fell off the swing set in their back yard and broke his arm. Four year old Rhiannon didn’t really understand what had happened but she knew that Billy was crying so she leapt off the swing set too to try and make him feel better, she ended up with a sprained wrist and neither of their parents were too impressed. But this time was different, they didn’t come in through the ER, they used the front doors, and neither of them were in pain when they were walking hand in hand with their dad towards the room that their Mom was lying in. The sight of their Mommy lying in the hospital bed triggered big smiles and instant chatter from the five year old twins who were immediately quietened by their mother. Rhiannon was the first person to spot the tiny bundle tucked up in their mothers arms and once her eyes met the blanket covered figure she fell silent, staring in awe and curiosity. “Do you want to meet him Rhiannon?” Sharon sounded tired but her soft smile stopped the little girl from hiding behind her father legs. She was thoroughly overwhelmed by the situation but her little feet carried her to climb on to the bed and nestle into her mothers arm looking down into the little face of her baby brother Georgie. Billy had a similar reaction to his sister and as soon as the twins saw little Georgie Denbrough they immediately became his protectors and closest friends.

The years passed by and soon it was 1988. Rhiannon was 12 and growing into a confident and talented little lady, her mom was teaching her piano and she loved to read while Billy loved art and Georgie was great at building things out of Legos. Playing her scales was something Rhiannon did every day after school before practicing through her pieces to get her grade. But that evening her parents were out on a date so she and Billy were babysitting Georgie. 

“Come on Georgie, you know we have already let you stay up an hour past your bedtime,” Rhiannon scolded lightly while tickling the boy into a fit of giggles. Billy walked back into the room after grabbing Georgie’s pajamas and lifted Georgie out of his big sisters torturous hold. “But Ro, I’m not tired,” Georgie complained before trying to smother a yawn. Georgie was trying to rebel after Sharon and Zack announced to the trio of siblings that they were in fact inspecting a fourth child, Georgie was not really excited to be a big brother. 

The twins shared a knowing look before Rhiannon started to help Georgie into his PJ’s, “Alright little one, what’s the matter?” She spoke softly tucking him in before she and Bill laid down beside their brother who let out a little sigh and began to spill out his worries. “I know that Mommy and Daddy love you and me and Billy, but I’m scared that when Mommy has her baby that her and Daddy wont have time for me anymore.” Georgie’s little face was sad and worried and Rhiannon immediately scooped him up into her lap letting him snuggle into her neck. “You know, we had the same worries when you were born,” Bill offered into the conversation his hand rubbing soothing strokes along the little ones back.

“Mommy used to sing us a song whenever we were worried about someone new joining our family,” Rhiannon confirmed smiling at Georgie’s awed face before he begged her to sing it for him too. Bill nodded at the slightly older twin before she caved, “alright, now come in close then.” Georgie laid tucked into her side while Billy sat on Georgie’s opposite side running his hand through Georgie’s blonde hair. Rhiannon smiled at the boys before her voice flowed out in the song she had memorised since she was a child.

Everybody is born to care, it’s something we were made to share, not to keep to ourselves all alone.

If you make room for someone new, doesn’t mean that there’s less for you, only means that our circle has grown.

Love knows, love grows, bigger than before.

In your heart there’s always more.

Georgie snuggled down closer to his big sister before letting out a big yawn, he loved when his big sister sang for him because she was really good. It was immediate comfort for the youngest Denbrough.

It’s magic the more you give it away, the more love comes back to you everyday.

Rhiannon smiled fondly down at her baby brother before poking his side’s to produce a sleepy giggle.

You are my Georgie and I am your Ro, always forever, wherever we go.

Love knows, love grows bigger than before, in your heart there’s always more,

Always more.

Georgie’s even breathing gave it away that he had finally fallen asleep so Rhiannon replaced her body with his stuffed turtle and her and Bill crept out of the room and shut the door. When Sharon and Zack came home that night to find the twins reading side by side they bid them soft good nights before going in to kiss Georgie goodnight.


Rhiannon let her fingers drift across the white keys trying to slowly muscle her way through learning claire de lune. Every wrong note was mounting on her nerves and she was getting frustrated with it. Her impending rage was interrupted by Georgie running in and out of the room towards the basement. “Be careful down there Georgie!” She called after her baby brother who quite honestly had a knack for getting in trouble. “I will!” He called back through the open door and Rhiannon took this as a cue to take one more crack at her piano lesson. But after another fail she was one step away from breaking their beautiful piano so she decided that the most ethical decision was to take a break. Her mind wandered as her eyes drifted towards the basement door, their basement was well organised so it shouldn’t be taking Georgie to find whatever he was looking for. Standing from her stool she crossed the room into the hallway and peered into the basement. It was dark and she couldn’t see Georgie down there. “Georgie, everything ok?” She called softly into the black void and was answered by Georgie sprinting back up the stairs with the box of wax in his hands, running right into the arms of his big sister who scooped up the little man and at his request, carried him back up to their brother Billy’s bedroom.

After melting down the wax herself so that Georgie couldn’t hurt himself Rhiannon watched as Bill painted the liquid over Georgie’s little paper boat to seal it from the rain. “Will you come out and play with me Ro?” Georgie pleaded using his puppy dog eyes on his big sister knowing they would work, they always did. “Sure Georgie, piano was getting boring anyway. Just wait for me at the door.”

The little boy ran out of the bedroom thanking his big brother for his toy before disappearing down the stairs and out of sight. Rhiannon turned her attention to her twin who was getting over being sick for the past week. Her hand met his forehead and feeling no temperature she smiled and told him to finish eating his soup and get a little more sleep. Shutting the door she crossed the hallway passing Georgie’s room and her parents room to finally meet her bedroom. Grabbing her green raincoat off the hook on her door she slid it on over her sweater and stuffed her feet into her matching green galoshes. She shut the door to her bedroom and began to walk down the stairs, breaking into a run when she saw the door open, Georgie no where in sight.

It was pouring outside and it took a second for Rhiannon to spot her baby brother in the rain before she found him kneeling over next to the storm drain, running to him she gripped his shoulders making him look at her “Georgie you can’t run off like that ok? Anything could have happened to you, promise me!” She ranted out in one breath her hand falling to the steel drain entrance, completely unaware of the glowing yellow eyes growing ever closer to her hand. She took one look at a swelling bruise forming on her baby brothers head before asking him.

“Did you hit your hea-”

White clawed fingers grabbed her wrist in an iron grip before ripping her down to the drain. She couldn’t even think in time to stop herself and her head burned when it smashed against the drain, a sick crack reverberated throughout the rainy street and Rhiannon was out cold, her blacked out body lying face down in the rain, blood running from her head. She was completely dead to the world, dead to the agonised screaming of her baby brother as he was dragged deep down into the sewers, on the intersection of Jackson Street and Witcham Street.

The regulated beeping of the room around her made the pain spike in Rhiannon’s head. Waking up caused her heart monitor to spike and for nurses to pile into the room pressing buttons and writing on charts. They were swiftly followed by Sharon and Zack who were failing to hide Bill behind them as they stood at the door. Her head was spinning and she begged a nurse to silence the beeping heart monitor that only grew faster and louder as her head swam. Her parents didn’t get any closer even though Bill was clearly reaching for his sister. Her confusion started to make her upset. “Where’s Georgie?”

She could read the heartbreak on her parents faces before her mother fell to the ground sobbing and her father refused to meet his daughters gaze.

Her confusion turned to disbelief, then hysteria. No. No that wasn’t possible. This was Georgie that they were talking about, her baby, he had to be ok. “No,” she whispered, the heart rate monitor next to her bed began screaming along with the girl who was strapped to it. “No No No NO NO NO YOUR LYING! HE HAS TO BE OK YOUR LYING!!” She began to rip the wires our of her arms screaming and sobbing. Nurses held her down as she thrashed and screamed for her baby brother before a doctor stabbed her with a syringe that began to make her head swim as her screams of Georgie’s name became whimpers as the drugs forced her brain to power off, sleep hitting her like a train.

Grief would haunt her for the rest of her life.


This is the first part of my IT Rewrite!

I love this series and I have been so excited to write this.

The song that Rhiannon sings to Georgie is a song called ‘Always more’ and it’s from a Barbie movie called Island Princess, this series is operating off the basis that those movies don’t exist 😂

I’ll be covering both It Chapter One and Chapter Two so get ready for one hell of a story.

Let me know if you want to be tagged and I hope you enjoy.


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huge thank you to @theodeckerofficial for this tag in my post because I simply could NOT stop thinking about it and had to write it DOWN



“Hi! Uh, hello, am I speaking with Mrs. Uris?”

“Yes, this is she… Who’s this?”

Beverly sags with relief and takes a deep, shaky breath. “Yes, okay, hi, Mrs. Uris. My name is Beverly Marsh, I apologize for calling but I’m an old friend of your husband’s… I-Is…” She tries to keep her voice steady. “Is he there with you?”

There’s a pause on the other line. Then a small, quivering voice. “Oh. N-No… He passed.”

Beverly pinches her eyes shut, knowing Richie, Bill, Mike, Eddie and Ben were watching her taking in the information. Guess Stanley couldn’t cut it. Seemed like some kind of fucking joke.

“When did it happen?” She asks, feeling the answer crawl up from the depths of her memory to stand front and center. She already knows.

Yesterday.” Mrs. Uris answers. “It… It was horrible—“ She sniffs. “—the way he died. H-His wrists… in the bathtu—“

“In the bathtub.” Beverly echoes, blood running cold.

Right.” Mrs. Uris says. There’s more sniffling on her line and Beverly feels like she should hang up now. Yeah, she really should.

“We’re all really sorry, Patty.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Beverly goes to hang up the phone, but Patty’s voice rings through again. “Wait,” she says. “What did you need?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You called for a reason, right? Stanley… isn’t here but, c-can I help in any way?”

Beverly falls silent and stares at her friends, not knowing what to say. They all look just as helpless. “No, don’t worry, Mrs. Uris, it was… it was something regarding Stan and unfinished business in his hometown.” She decides. Short and simple. The truth, but not all of it. Just enough of it. “Again we’re sorry for calling. Goodnight, Mrs. Uris.”

Wait—“ The call ends. Beverly pockets her phone and immediately fishes for a cigarette and a lighter. She needs to clear her head and take time to internalize all of it.

They all do. Patty included.

It’s not until the next morning where she rethinks this.

“Is that…?” Eddie peeks through the townhouse’s window, curtain in hand, and eyes on a blue Jeep parking across the street. A woman climbs out, backpack, duffel bag and suitcase at hand. She walks across towards the front yard and, soon enough, she stands at the door. A knock; Ben opens it for her.

“Beverly Marsh?” The woman huffs out. Bleached blonde hair among white streaks in a bob, tired green eyes hiding behind rectangular glasses and a wedding ring hanging from a chain around her neck. Ben gulps and makes way for her to walk through the door.

Beverly steps into the room, Mike and Richie with her and she stops upon seeing her. “Patty Uris?” She squeaks.

The woman breathes out a long sigh and sets her suitcase firm on the floor. “I found you. Finally.”

“Wait, this is Stan’s widow?” Richie points at her incredulously. “She’s here?! Why?!”

Beverly walks past him and grabs Patty by the hands. “Patty, what are you doing here— you shouldn’t have come, what were you thinking!”

Patty gently pries her hands away and grips at her duffel bag harder. “I’m here because you need Stanley. I…” She wipes a hand over her face, fatigue crystal clear in her body language. “I don’t know. We were always there for each other, he and I. And… if it’s business work, I can cover for him. I can help.”

The guys stiffen and don’t say a word. Bill fidgets in place and Eddie is looking away. Mike, Ben and Richie are simply trying to maintain their panic at bay.

Bev takes the wheel again. “That’s very kind of you, Pat, but this was a matter that only involves your husband. I-I— Well, I’m afraid you came all this way for nothing.”

“Nonsense.” Patty says. “You need Stan, so here I am. What do you need?”

Unsettling panic starts to settle on Beverly’s throat, disrupting the passage of words out. “Pat, no. Please go home. We’re okay.”


“Uh…” Ben tries. “Bev is right, Mrs. Uris. We got this, there’s no need for more help—“

“You said it first.” Patty says and the room stills again. Beverly’s brows furrow.


“I heard you over the phone. You knew my husband had passed in the bathtub before I told you.”

“Shit.” Beverly hears Richie mutter. It doesn’t help ease her nerves. “I… Patty, I can explain—!” She tries.

“No. No excuses, please,” Patty raises a hand. A deep, growing hurt shines evident in her frown. “I know this isn’t a… a normal business. Stanley wasn’t exactly normal either.” She clenches her eyes shut. “He had nightmares, that Stanley. Screamed and cried in his sleep. Said things like The turtle couldn’t help us, amongst other deeply unsettling things and then woke up the next morning remembering nothing of it. It scared me.”

None of the Losers speak. Patty takes her cue and continues.

“I always knew my husband had to be part of something bigger, something I never could comprehend or explain. It was a feeling, odd I know, but it was there.” She wets her lips. “So when I saw Stan answer the phone two days ago… a-and the bathtub… and now your phone call, Beverly Marsh, I knew it was all connected. The feeling was back and I knew whatever haunted Stanley in life had caught up to him.”

Patty lifts her hand to the ring on her chest. “I could never help Stanley with his nightmares in life. But I can help now. I don’t understand what is going on, but I am not leaving without setting things right in my heart. I’m not.” She firmly drops her duffel bag at her feet and gazes at the six adults before her. The tired green shifts into something more, a determined shine any of the Losers could remember seeing on Stanley Uris himself once upon a time. “So, I repeat myself: what do you need?

And just like that, Stanley was back.

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