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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#it does fit tho

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#faiza talks, #play monsta x - jealousy. mp3, #bas x oh-aew, #i told sunset about you, #BAS! FELT! SOMETHING!!!! HE FEEELTTTT A TINGE A STREAK OF SOMETHING U CANNOT TELL ME HE DIDNT., #LOOK AT OH-AEW'S FACE HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S TREADING ON THIN ICE IN THAT 4TH PIC BYEEEEE, #heres the thing tho i dont think oh-aew or ANY of the boys have mentioned ANYTHING about teh to bas., #like bas literally knows Nothing about teh whatsoever so this is All so new to him, #on top of him already dealing with his ~feelings~ for oh-aew he has this whole history of teh to deal with too., #like it makes sense teh knows Nothing about bas bc he cut all contact but bas? he had the boys to tell him about teh, #but no ones said anything. oh-aew was perfectly ok to keep teh boxed up and locked and stored away for life., #and bas fit the bill as placeholder for teh. so all these feelings come in and oh-aew feels them all for bas! but does so for teh too!, #god this is gonna be so Messy and Angsty I CANT WAIT!, #but heres also the thing. bas is V V V observant and he'll probably pick up on teh x oh-aew real quick tbh., #but its a question of self sacrifice and LISTEN. I DO NOT WANNA SEE BAS HAVING A SAD ENDING. but its 99.9999999% gonna happen., #siiiiigh 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔., #its the way i Cannot get over just how comfortable oh-aew feels around bas tbh. like. he feels like he doesnt need to prove himself At All, #in front of bas as opposed to everybody else in his life. he just feels so ... enough .... with bas and thats so so healthy for him., #and bas LITERALLY ... he. he is so patient and calm and chill and understanding and lovely with oh-aew i ..... 😔🥺😔🥺😔🥺
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…. concept - electric incubus demon kaminari fic with 505 by the arctic monkeys as the song for the fic. Where its starts off as a pwp but then goes on to get slightly fluffy and the angst kills you in the ending

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not me thinking Yeosang got this ugly hair because of my INCEPTION theory but I refuse to believe anyone would think this was an objectively good idea without having ulterior mtoives to style him like this 

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I don’t know this for sure, but you can kinda tell the new op/ed weren’t made for the anime specifically. Very likely they did what a lot of anime do and grab some Hot New Track of an artist and tie it to the ip. Not a bad thing mind but definitely a tad of a let-down after hearing the original op come for your throat at the end of the first ep.

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i added this in the tags probably after you saw it but i think a helpful thing might be like, really letting your brain go based on your interests bc what motivates me to actually go draw something is having an idea i want to visualize or otherwise see realized. and “idea” doesnt mean like Grand Concept its usually just a character interaction or bit of dialogue or a situation. and i just really want to see it happen, which motivates me. so going at it from that angle might help?

like idk how you personally experience adhd but if you hyperfixate or w/e just really let that guide you a bit. take time to think about things that interest you and see if that makes you feel a need to put it to action. if youre fighting with your ADHD to draw you can kind of navigate it by feeding into other facets of the disorder

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