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#it gets old real fast
breezy-cheezy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More (aro)Ace!Noct drawings of varying quality!! I really enjoy this headcanon, y’all. Also channeling alot of my own “Asexual struggles(tm)” in many of these doodles. Consider:
- Prom wanting to watch those sappy rom-coms and Noct joining to hang out but immediately falling asleep.It’s a working arrangement.
- Regis doing the well meaning “I want Grandkids” thing and Noct just wants a Nap. Iggy will support. 
- Everyone lives AU, Noct and Luna get married (Luna is ace too), Insomnian officials pushing for an heir to the throne. Cue even MORE ace panic from your royal aceness. Proceeds to crack more puns and tries to name his best friend’s baby as the heir to the throne. Prompto cannot let his kids go through what Noct had to, so nO.
- Can a king adopt children and make them heir? Noct WILL find a way lol.
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imjaneees · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘See this shit I have to deal with?’ the sequel
Another one from @incorrectikesenquotes .....
 Ya know, something’s really wrong with my hand these days. It just keeps itching and itching and then shit like this happens. Whatever it is that my hand has, it’s probably terminal.
Please forgive my shit.
Characters belong to Cybird~
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bunnybokuto · 4 months ago
wakatoshi ushijima + gn reader.
⤷ warnings: minors dni, nsfw, daddy kink, reader is called “pretty”, 15 minute word dump.
Tumblr media
dilf!wakatoshi who hasn’t lost an inch of height in his older age, and still towers over everyone he meets. his muscle definition didn’t go away either, thick wrists indicating that his power is truly unmatched.
when you first meet, his intense gaze intimidated you, and you wondered what you could’ve possibly done wrong to deserve this death glare. in reality, he was just imagining how pretty you’d look all dressed up for him instead of this useless event. he never cared for press even when he was “young and desirable”, but the fact that he’s now called a “living legend” just irritates him. he coaches professional teams now, instilling his passion into the men, but he’s never found someone who inspires him quite like you.
you plague his imagination, inspiring such filthy thoughts every time he sees you in your team manager’s uniform. oh, how he wishes he could tear that shirt off of you and make you cry for him, sobs of “daddy! daddy, please!” but for now, hearing you yell at the boys to stop being such lazy asses will have to do. he likes hearing the passion in your voice, coming from annoyance and fury, and he wishes you’d yell at him like that so he’d have a chance to put you in your place. so he’d have a chance to make you gag and slobber on his fingers and train you to be good, just like he knew you could be.
he always did like a challenge, and he thinks getting you to want him just as badly as he wants you might be his favorite one yet. it’ll take as much teasing as he can muster, sure, and lots of lingering touches, but he’s aware of the effect he has on people. even with the gray hairs that fleck through the rest, he knows he’s still desirable. the way your eyes lit up when he suggested you call him ‘sir’ instead of ‘ushijima’ told him that truth perfectly clear.
you’re basically calling him daddy already, he thinks, so he’s sure you’ll break soon. he’s counting on it, actually, because fucking his fist to the thought of you is getting real old, real fast.
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feliix · 8 months ago
like this ↠ han jisung (18+)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ Jisung x Reader ↠ genre: smut, fluff, established relationship!au ↠ rating: m ↠ word count: 2.6k ↠ summary: being stuck in quarrantine with your boyfriend seems all fun and games until you’re in need of an attitude adjustment, and Jisung is sure to it give you. ↠ warnings: explicit sexual content, dom!jisung, sub!reader, dirty talk, thigh riding, praise kink, nipple play (like a lot of it too idk?), teasing, overstimulation, aftercare ↠ a/n: I don’t even know how this happened it was supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away, enjoy!
Tumblr media
After a long day of doing absolutely nothing, it's finally bedtime. Normally it would be nice to snuggle up next to your significant other before blissfully drifting off to sleep – but this time is different. Today was absolutely exhausting. Maybe exhausting is a bit too harsh to describe it – but Jisung was in one of those moods today that entailed him being excessively bothersome, and that’s enough to deal with on its own.
Being cooped up in your tiny shared apartment is nothing short of tiring. You love Jisung, yes, but spending every waking second with someone constantly for weeks on end is finally getting to you. This routine where you wake up together, go to virtual work next to each other, eat together, and then go to bed together is getting old real fast.
Today in particular drove you over the edge. The longer the day went on, the worse his antics became. His teasing ways only grew more and more irritating; it was to the point where Jisung kept doing things for the mere sake of pissing you off. It’s become his only source of entertainment in your tiny space. He kept saying or doing things that bothered you just enough to warrant a dirty look from you, but nothing was ever enough for you to stay angry over. But that only lasted so long. Jisung is nothing light of an instigator; being cooped up in your apartment together for days on end only makes it worse.
And once you crawled into bed tonight you were sure that these instigating antics of his would fade away, but there must’ve been something in the air tonight.
Now he’s cuddled up against your back, which would have been nice on any normal occasion. Except for this time his slender fingers are terrorizing your sides by jabbing you between the ribs every now and again.
“Knock it off,” you huff, swatting your hand back at him to stop. Yet, he remains pressed up against your back, squeezing you tighter his arms. Because of your positioning, you’re unable to see the amused look that's currently spreading across his face. Your annoyance only entices him to do it again, seeing how far he could get before you snap.
“Knock what off?”
You can practically hear the smile in his voice, which only annoyed you further that he’s finding amusement in your misery.
“Stop poking me,” you sigh as you do your best to wiggle out of his grip. Sleeping on the opposite side of the bed from Jisung is never as comfortable, but at this point you were desperate. Thank god you have a king-sized mattress.
“Y/N,” he whines as a pout forms on his face at the loss of contact, “I just wanna cuddle.”
But soon his arms are stretching back out and his top leg is wrapping over your body, pulling you back into him. An annoyed sigh leaves your lips as you surrender.
Trapped between all four of his limbs, you let out a forced sigh, biting your tongue to stop yourself from lashing out. You’d already gone through the entire day without an argument – there’s no use in starting one now. After living together this long he can tell the intentions behind the sounds of your breath, and now he was feeling kind of bad for bothering you. This sigh in particular was filled with annoyance, so much so that you weren’t able to respond to him with a coherent thought.
He does his best to make it up to you, kissing the nape of your neck sweetly before nuzzling into your back again. You notice the grip of his legs loosening around you, slowly allowing yourself to get comfortable again.
“I just miss you, Y/N.”
“We’re together all the time, Jisung.”
“That’s not what I mean,” he says matter-of-factly. Without a spare breath, his lips begin trailing up your neck, leading to your cheek and then landing on your ear before whispering, “I miss you.”
The low, gravelly tone in his voice makes a knot tighten in your stomach. Your mouth waters as your core begins to ache, understanding the intentions behind his words. “Y-you do?” You swallow thickly, eyes opening to stare at the wall in front of you as you wait for his next move.
“Mmhm,” He asks while his fingers begin to graze against the bottom of your shirt, tracing small circles on the material before pushing it aside and sliding his hand underneath. Goosebumps quickly cover your skin at the cold sensation of his fingertips meeting your stomach. His small ministrations against your smooth skin have you chasing after your own breath; more and more arousal begins to flood between your thighs by the second, “Do you miss me?”
“Y-yes,” you gulp back harshly, voice hanging on for dear life when his fingers make their way up to your torso, landing on one of your nipples. A satisfied hum leaves his lips as he squeezes the hardened bud between his fingers. You keen at his touch, your body quickly spasming as the pool of arousal between your thighs grows.
“I don’t like the attitude you’ve been giving me lately,” he whispers in your ear causing a shiver to travel your spine at the feeling of his hot breath fanning onto your cheek.
“I-I haven’t.”
You’re being honest, or so you believe in your own perspective. But Jisung has noticed how short your fuse has been ever since you’d started working from home. So, in Jisung nature, he retaliates in the only way he knows how; to be as big of an instigator as humanly possible. Anything he could do to push your buttons, he will do. That’s always been his way of getting back at you for your bad attitude. Unfortunately, you just kept on like normal, thinking it’s nothing but all the time you’ve spent together. Man, are you dead wrong.
“I don’t think so,” he pinches your nipple harder this time. Instinctively, your back arches in pleasure in reaction to his tough, flinching, and then relaxing as he soothes the area afterward.
“You don’t?”
“Nope,” he confirms, quickly grabbing you by the waist to flip you over. It catches you off guard, losing your breath in the heat of the moment as your back meets the mattress. Your eyes meet his as he hovers above you, and it doesn’t take very long for you to notice the dark and lustful look that’s taken over.
In an instant your lips chase after his, begging for more contact as desire fills your veins. His lips meet yours in a heated kiss; his tongue quickly darts out to tease the entrance of your mouth. But just this isn't enough for you, you want more – need more. It's hard to ignore the arousal soaking through your underwear, all you want is to satisfy your needs. No matter what you have to do to make things up to him.
Swiftly, his hands loop under the sides of your panties, ripping them off of your body by tearing them straight down the middle and tossing them across the bedroom. Your immediate reaction is to scold him for ruining a completely good pair of underwear – but once you see the dark look in his eyes you know that's no longer a good idea.
When his fingers reach for your cunt a smug smile spreads across his face. He’s pleased with how aroused you are already, just from him teasing your nipples for a few short minutes. “You wanna make it up to me?” His eyebrow quirks pompously following his question.
Slowly, Jisung shifts up on the bed, propping himself up against the headboard to sit upright. You give him a confused look before he responds by patting his thigh, telling you to hop on.
Eyes widening in response to his action you instinctively shuffle towards him on the bed, bringing yourself up to your knees before staring directly at his hand over his thigh. You glace up at him once more, reassessing the situation to get another non-verbal confirmation of what exactly he wants.
With an encouraging nod of his head and lift to his brow, he’s motioning to his thigh again – except this time is different. His slender fingers grip around the fabric of his shorts, dragging them slowly upwards to expose the muscle underneath. Jisung’s hand remains on his leg, squeezing his muscular thigh to entice you as your mouth waters in amazement.
“I’m getting impatient,” his stern tone breaks you out of the trance you’re in. Shaking your head you return back to your current state, realizing how tight you’re squeezing your legs together right now.
Without making Jisung wait any longer, you scoot closer to him, slowly moving onto him by enclosing each of your legs on either side of his thigh. You sink down onto him gently, the feeling of his bare skin under you already sending another rush of arousal to your core.
Your eyes lock with his before you make any more movements, waiting for him to give you the cue to go, even though you have such a strong urge to start going. His pupils are blown out and dark, filled with desire as he admires your vulnerable state before him.
With one swift movement, his hands grip the sides of your waist, looking up into your eyes to watch your every reaction. You let him take control of you as he begins to guide your actions, shifting you forward ever so slightly on his muscular thigh. Instantly you shudder at the feeling; the sensation is foreign, unlike anything you’d done before. But you’re focused on obeying him – now that your head is buzzing with lust you’re too
“Like this,” he coaxes you as he sways your body back and forth a few times, hands still tight on your hips. The arousal pooling from your core makes it easy for you to glide back and forth on him. Your breath catches as your clit drifts over his muscular thigh, quickly stammering to hold yourself up by placing your hands on his shoulders.
“Feels good?”
An amused look is prevalent on Jisung’s face, eyes narrowed while a cocky grin lines his lips. You’re quick to respond with a nod, not trusting your voice as you’re still out of breath and shaky. Jisung takes this as an opportunity to ease up on the grip his hands have on you; he’s signaling for you to do it on your own now. For more support you move your hands to his chest, flattening your palms against him to give yourself an easier way to move.
Your legs buckle the second you begin grinding yourself on his thigh. A moan escapes your lips as your arousal coats his thigh, clenching tighter to get more friction to satisfy you. “Like this?” You’re able to choke out while your pace picks up. You’ve begun rocking forward slightly to give extra stimulation to your clit, pushing yourself closer to his chest each time. But with you shoving your chest so close to his face, he can’t help but reach out and knead them over your t-shirt.
Jisung’s hands quickly scramble to the bottom of the shirt, lifting it off your body in one swift motion. He’s careful not to disrupt you in the process. Once the garment is removed and flung somewhere to the side he reaches back out for you, his palms finding your bare breasts. He cups them gently, swirling his fingers so that his thumbs circles your nipples with every stroke.
Your head rolls back with the added pleasure, orgasm building faster with each rock of your hips. Goosebumps trail close behind as his hands travel down your body, finally settling on your hips. Your eyes screw shut in bliss as he flexes his thigh, the ridges formed by his muscles adding the needed friction under you.
The surface of his thigh becomes even more slippery as you continue to ride him – it’s your essence that's covering every inch. The slick surface makes it easier for you to move against him; pleasure overtaking your senses as you grind harder into his tensed muscles.
“Doing so well for me Angel,” his voice is raspy, yet comforting. His praise has you keening into him, only wanting to move faster to hear him compliment you more. As you open your mouth to speak a desperate whine escapes. It’s not what you intended to do but Jisung is still satisfied, smirking at your needy squeal as you get yourself off on his leg.
Your eyes slam shut as you try to focus on your movements. The growing ache in your knees is slowly beginning to tire you out, but you can’t stop now. You’re so close.
“I’m so tired,” you whine, frustration laced through each word you exhale deeply. Your movements begin to slow in fatigue; It feels like you’ve been at this forever. Whatever you’re doing just isn’t enough to reach your peak.
Hot tears prick in the corners of your eyes as you feel your high starting to slip away. You’ve already worked hard enough, building up a sweat and painful throb in your core begging for release. But Jisung can see the agony written all over your face, and he knows you well enough by now to leave you to suffer alone.
“Hey it’s okay, just a little longer baby,” he comforts you as grip on your waist tightens once again, “you’re doing so good.”  Following his praise he begins to guide your movements once again, rocking you back and forth on his leg with the strength of his arms. Relief sets in as Jisung takes control, finally easing up your stress and allowing yourself to focus on your high.
He coerces your body over his toned muscles, your clit catching on every crease with each glide of your hips. And if his help wasn't enough, his body soon begins to lean forwards, pulling you towards him as his lips catch you in a heated kiss.
A steep groan leaves your lips as his teeth catch your bottom lip between them. Soon his lips are leaving yours, trailing kisses across your cheek and down your neck. You know where he’s heading – the extra sensitive spot just above your collarbone he knows all too well.
Jisung’s lips attach to your skin, sucking harshly on the area before stroking his tongue over the sensitive skin. The familiar band in your stomach is tightening once again, begging to snap with just a little more stimulation. It’s hard to catch your breath now; the overstimulation from the rock of your hips and his mouth sucking dark marks onto your neck is enough to send you over the edge.
Your body collapses as a sharp moan leaves your throat. Bliss overtakes you as your body falls into Jisung, his arms wrapping around you to hold you close. Your orgasm overtakes all of your senses as you impulsively shake with each spasm of your wall. Luckily Jisung is there to aid you through your high. His toned arms hold your tired body while you recover, peppering gentle kisses along your cheek while whispering praises in your ear.
As your shaking begins to subside Jisung helps you maneuver off of his leg. He’s gentle to lay you down beside him – moving the pillow so it supports your head just right. You’re in bliss as his arms cradle your exhausted body, feeling like you could fall asleep right here. The subtle sounds of his breath comfort you, closing your eyes as you relax back into his arms.
Maybe you’ll think twice before giving him an attitude again.
Tumblr media
‘Like This’ is copyright 2020 @chaangbin​​, all rights reserved. Please do not repost on any platform or translate without permission.
Tumblr media
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cactiem · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marcus Lopez x Reader
Requested: Nope
Summary: Having had enough of your brother, you help Marcus
GIF Not Mine
"Absolutely not, Y/N." Chico lowly said in your ear, joining you at your locker as you watched Marcus walk down the hallway, fumbling with a piece of paper.
"Whatever do you mean?" You asked, feigning ignorance.
"You know what I mean. I know that look. I don’t want you getting involved with him. End of discussion." He ordered. You rolled your eyes at his behaviour. It wasn’t unusual but it was getting really old real fast. You bit your lip, holding back a snarky response and shut your locker, walking away from him as you mumbled a whatever.
Chico's orders rarely affected you anymore, having had enough of being his lap dog for years. You wanted out from his grip on you for so long but never got fully out. Whenever you got close, Chico would find out and squash your chance. You knew you had to do something, not only for your sake but for Maria too, and seeing Marcus gave you an idea.
No one was in the corridor but you and Marcus. You waltzed over to him, surprising him with your presence. He knew who you were, or most importantly who your brother was, through whisperings. Thinking you were going to beat him up too, Marcus took a step back, putting on the tough exterior he created. "Relax, I’m not here to hurt you." You let out a laugh. Marcus was wary but ultimately followed your instruction, still on guard a little though.
"How can I trust you? Your brother is Chico, right, and he wants me dead. How do I know he didn’t send you?" Marcus asked.
"Because, I’m not my brother and I don’t obey his every word. I’m my own person." You told him. Marcus bobbed his head, not fully believing you. You huffed at his lack of trust in you and went into your bag, grabbing something you hoped would make him incline to believe you.
"What is this?" Marcus wondered as you put your knife in his hand, cupping his hand around the elegant handle with your own hand.
"This is to stab Chico in the back. I want him gone and I want him to feel betrayed as you do it." You whispered in Marcus's ear before walking away.
"Why me though?" He called after you.
"Because he’d see it coming from me." You said, turning around to continue walking away.
Tag List (Still Open): @mayaslifeinabox @lunarmoonwolf @princess-of-the-fandoms @live--aloud @les-bio-lie @ivvitm1109 @seninjakitey @sayas-katana @literally-anythin @love-giselle @magical-fandoms @aesthetic-fuck-my-edits @its-good-but-taken @wonderpodia @flowercrowns3438 @casualcolorstarfish @scentedpeaches
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ssaalexblake · 2 months ago
Anyway shout out to me who had a anxiety nightmare over vaccinations and needles even though I have literally never in my life been scared of needles????? Like even jabs when I was really little I didn't care, didn't make a fuss, was the nurses favourite kid BC I didn't flinch or run away (if they'd done my sister before, doubly so, BC once upon a time she fainted when the Other sibling was getting a jab lol)
Me @ my brain wtf????
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thefirstneonphoenix · 5 months ago
After Tim does something Bruce wouldn’t approve of:
Jason: No. You can’t just become the family disappointment. I’m the family disappointment. I’ve been the family disappointment for years. Do you realize how much work goes into being the family disappointment??
Dick: Newsflash Jason, we’ve all been, “The family disappointment.”
Damian: tt- I haven’t.
Tim: I assure you, you have been.
Stephanie: Fairly certain I became the family disappointment last week after spending 47 minutes arguing with Bruce about whether or not the Earth was flat. He Did Not appreciate the donut earth theory.
Cass: Only 47 minutes?
Stephanie: We segued into the moon landing being faked.
Cass: Ah.
Jason: Y’know, Goldie, may have managed to be the family disappointment back before there was actual competition, but I’m fairly certain Cass and Duke have never done anything worthy of being crowned the disappointment.
Cass: Not my fault Bruce loves me more than the rest of you.
Stephanie: Ouch.
Duke: Generally, being the family disappointment is not something people compete over. But if we’re going to compete, I’m pretty sure I can at least earn an honorable mention.
Tim: Yeah, well I have made the hall of fame. Bruce is gonna flip.
Damian: You’ve never even killed anyone.
Stephanie: He has a point. Out of all of us, you’re the bootlicker.
Tim: My bootlicking days are over. I’m about to go through the most intense teenage angst and rebellion anyone has ever witnessed.
Dick: Good luck with that. Pro tip: it gets real old, real fast. Make sure you don’t screw over your relationships too much.
Stephanie: You’re still not gonna beat the whole 8 heads in a duffel bag thing.
Jason: I’ll admit, that was a tad dramatic.
Duke: A tad? Yes, a tad dramatic.
Jason: Ok, it was a lot dramatic, but either way, it secures me top spot as family disappointment. None of y’all are gonna take that.
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rideordoyoung · 2 years ago
submerged || Lee Know
Tumblr media
t o  s k i p  s t r 8  t o  t h e  s m u t  l o c a t e  t h i s  d i v i d e r:
Tumblr media
★ 𝔹𝕖 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕪 ★:
female reader
asshole!Minho (kinda)
fun times in a tub
slight degradation
ruff sex
People in every room. Every goddamn room. I mean, it’s not like you lived in a mansion with a million of them but this was still ridiculous. Your two “best friends” just got done bragging about their latest dick appointments KNOWING you’re stuck at your parents house for your brother’s performance.
The house had always been packed and you felt so free once you moved out, but now you were back and frustrated. Your younger sister was right above you on the top bunk, tapping away at her phone. Your younger brother and mom were in the living room, twin brother and his band mates in the room across the hall, older brother in the basement, dad in the master bedroom...
The toilet seat was too uncomfortable to get off on... should you sit on the floor? It’s kinda disgusting but it could work. Then, it hit you. The tub. A bath would be extremely relaxing, and you could use some cleaning. And why not as masturbation to the list of pros?
You had lube and bob (the dildo) in your bag, it was time. You toted those and your clothes and towel down the the first floor bathroom. You had your wireless headphones in your ears, wondering what you should listen to. Sexy music? Men whimpering? You were so excited. Why hadn’t you thought of this sooner?
As you were making your way to the door, out came Minho. As in Lee Minho that you screwed around with all summer before junior year of high school. He looked damn good. You thought he was alright before, he had a nice smile and a way with words, but now? Your knees turned to jello. His hair was lighter, you preferred darker hair but man was he changing your mind. Those big bright eyes were seemingly gone. His expression was dark and brooding. His features looked much more sculpted and sharp.
It wasn’t even that long ago but he looks so different. Before you guys messed around because you were hormonal kids. You even reminisced about him to your friends saying you didn’t know why you were always glued to him.
But now, it was hard just to pull your eyes away.
“What’re you doing here?” The wicked smile on your face was probably really creepy from his perspective.
“Umm I’m in your brother’s band?” He was looking at you like you were a complete idiot. His slight uncivilized nature was ever so slightly turning you on more.
“Really? So you’ve been here these past couple days? Whatever, that doesn’t matter. What really matters is how good you look.”
He finally smiled. He looked tired in the sexiest way.
“Is that a dildo?”
You looked over at the bag containing your risqué belongings and yup, Bob was just poking out of a small opening in the zipper. He was the first man in a while to make you feel embarrassed. You wouldn’t show him that, of course.
“Yes... and he has a name, y’know. It’s Bob.” right after saying that you felt like slapping yourself. Why were you so self conscious all of a sudden?
He chuckled, “What the fuck’re you talking about?”
Alright. His asshole-ness was getting real old real fast. It’s only been like 2 minutes. You flashed him a sarcastic smile before snarling and pushing past him.
“Move I need to take a bath.”
“With Bob? Yeah, right.”
You spun on your heels to look back at him.
“That’s my business.”
“Would it have been my business too if I acted on that compliment and stupid grin?”
You froze, eyes wide and cheeks hot. It was his turn to wear the stupid grin as he looked over his shoulder at you. He turned around fully to take in your abashed self.
“Were you looking for a little company?” He cocked his head to the side, mocking your previous efforts.
“N-no! I have all the company I need in Bob, thank you very much. I’m not sure what you’re thinking but you’re not going to be anymore affective than my hand and this dildo, buddy.” Finally gaining your confidence, you reach up to pat his chest condescendingly but he grabs you by the wrist. He pushes against the wall beside the bathroom door, staring into your eyes before smacking his teeth and looking away in disbelief.
“You’re not a virgin- I know that for sure- so why’re you acting like one? A human is always superior to a hunk of plastic.”
“It’s not just the “hunk of plastic”, duh. It’s all in the wrist work-“ you wriggle your wrist within his grasp, “-and I’m pretty sure I know more about my body than you do.” You challenge.
“Oh really?” He quirked his eyebrow before roughly grabbing your right breast. You gasped loudly, dropping the items in your hands. You peeked at the living room to your right. Thankfully your mother had the tv cranked up high.
Minho brought your attention back to him by twisting your hard nipple between his index and middle finger. You felt your womanhood quiver as you clenched your thighs together. He used his other hand to grab your hair and pull your head to the left, exposing your neck. He pressed his mouth to your sensitive skin, kissing, licking, and biting. You arched you back into him, loathing every reaction you made to his actions.
Rapid footsteps up the stairs from the basement cause the two of you to snap away from each other. He awkwardly stood there, clearing his throat as you picked up your belongings. After your oldest brother passed the both of you and headed upstairs. After a bunch of awkward silence, Minho spoke up.
“You gonna run that bath?”
You looked at him for a couple of seconds before realizing what he was referring to. “R-right.” He laughed at you again as you scrambled into the bathroom. He followed you in, closing and locking the door behind him. You turned the knob and activated the shower.
“What’re you doing, I thought you were taking a bath?”
“The shower is louder.” You said, not looking back at him. You grabbed bubble bath and bath oil.
“Wait wait wait, what’s all that?”
“Stop asking so many questions.”
“I only asked two.”
“I don’t care, and they’re for r e l a x a t i o n.”
“You really think we’re gonna be relaxing? Wait actually, give me that oil.”
“Okay... weirdo.” You toss him the oil and plugged the bathtub. Minho grabbed both of your shoulders and turned you to look at him. He began pulling your shirt off.
“H-hey I can do that by myself!”
“Shut the fuck up and put up your arms.” You obliged and he slid the tee all the way off. Good thing you weren’t wearing a bra. He would’ve probably broke both your arms trying to take it off.
“Eager are we?”
“No, you’re just taking your sweet ass time. Now please shut up.” He presses his lips yours, immediately using tongue, just like he used to. Before it was really weird but now you were so eager to taste him. You shimmied your sweats and panties off before leaning into him.
He pulled away and opened the oil. He began pouring the cool liquid all over your hot skin, making you wince. He rubbed the oil all over the surface of your body, massaging it in. He was about to rub it into your nether regions but you stopped him. You dug through your risqué bag looking for your lube before you finally found it.
By the time you turned back around, Minho was sliding his boxers down his muscular thighs. His cock sprung up and slapped against his stomach. It was thick and red, the veins deliciously prominent. He snatched the lube from your hands while you weren’t paying attention and squirted some in his hand. He rubbed it into before cupping your womanhood.
You whimpered as he rubbed his fingers over your wet slit.
“Fuck, you don’t even need this.” He growled into you ear. He added more to his hand anyway, making your vagina slick with your own and the artificial liquids. He stuck two fingers into your hole and began fucking your pussy with them. You hook your arm around his neck as he does so. The tips of his fingers massage your g-spot bringing you absolute euphoria.
Just as you’re about to cum he pulls out his fingers.
“Get in.” He ordered dominantly. You comply, sliding the glass door over and stepping into the steaming water. The water from the shower head hit your torso as you sat down.
Tumblr media
Minho stepped in after you and hoisted your left leg onto the side of the tub. He slides the door shut before sinking his hips closer to yours. He spent no time lining up his cock and pushing it into your hole. You threw your head back. The feeling of his cock stretching your walls was painfully sweet. He growled as you clenched around him.
“Were you always this fucking tight?” His thrusts picked up speed, causing the most delightful friction. Your legs began to quiver, thighs tensing. You rested your right foot on the front of the tub, preventing yourself from slipping.
“A dildo? Better than me? What’re you fucking stupid?” He spat as he pounded his cock deep inside you. You threw your head back, drenching your hair.
When the tub got 60% full, you heard Minho yell out, causing you to open your eyes.
“What? What’s wrong?”
“The water’s fucking cold now!”
Goddamn this plumbing. You reached behind him and shut the water off. As soon as that sound lifted, you hear footsteps outside of the door, and the tv was lower.
“Well shit, what do we do now?” Minho whispered, his confident demeanor gone.
“Be quiet I guess.”
Minho’s eyes were still fixated on the door as someone else walked past. You thought now was a good time to see if his turn on’s were still the same too. You pushed your hips up to meet his, wriggling and whimpering with a pout. He looked at you with confusion.
“Stop that." He furrows his brows at you, shaking his head.
"Then fuck me!" You whisper-yell.
"The water's gonna make noise."
"Stop being a pussy."
Minho lifted his hand out of the water and wrapped it around your throat.
"Do you even shut the fuck up?" He tightened his grip, preventing you from saying a stupid quip. His thrusts are gentler, not in a caring way, but a cautious one. He closed the gap between his and your hips, burying himself deep into you. He uses his other hand to clamp around your mouth as your eyes rolled back.
He starts up his steady movement, trying his best to not make any noise. You guys were doing a damn good job because someone came and wriggled the doorknob.
"Hello? Someone in there?"
You slap Minho's wrist and he removes his hand from your mouth.
"Yeah, dad. I'm taking a bath."
"It's so quiet in there, my bad." As soon as his footsteps fade away Minho starts rocking into you, splashing noises a plenty.
"What're you doing?"
"He said it was too quiet right?" His cock was barreling inside you right into your poor g-spot. Over and over he hits right where you need him. Your legs tremble and you lace your fingers through his hair. He's looking straight into your eyes, biting his lip.
"Fuck I'm gonna cum-" his thrusts go sloppy as he bucks into you a few more times. He pulls out and shoots ribbons into the water, groaning lowly.
Tumblr media
"So how exactly are we getting out of here?" He asks out of breath.
"Discreetly I guess."
"You better not get us caught, I'll be pissed off if it's weird around me and your brother." He complains as he steps out of the tub.
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Birthday Bewilderment • Spencer Reid
pairing: spencer reid x fem!reader
summary: "I think [Y/N] broke Derek's nose."
request: Yello! Can I I request a spencer fic where they go to throw y/n a surprise party bc shes been feeling really down after cases and when she walks in she accidently punches Derek bc she got scared of them yelling surprise
warnings: one kiss, swearing, that's about it.
authors note: this is probably terrible but here we are. i also didn't include the case part, i hope that's okay???:)
Tumblr media
Spencer had been acting weird all week, bordering on sketchy. He had been extremely skittish -- only around you, funnily enough -- and trying to avoid you as much as possible. Which was abnormal for Spencer.
You had tried cornering at least once a day to try and figure out what was going on, but the sneaky bastard managed to wiggle his way out of any situation. How? You never knew, but it was getting old real fast.
“Hey, Pen?” You walked into Garcia's office and planted yourself on one of her desks, making her yell at you for sitting on her precious equipment. “Sorry.”
“No worries my lovely little cherub.” She smiled widely, swivelling in her swirly chair, motioning to one of the other ones in her lair. “Sit, sit!”
You grabbed it and made sure to position it right in front of her, “Can I ask you a question?”
Penelope’s brows furrowed slightly, confusion evident on her features. “Of course! What’s going on?”
You quickly shook your head, laughing slightly. “It’s nothing bad, it's just... Reid’s been acting kind of funny lately, and I was wondering if--” Before you could finish your sentence, Garcia spun her chair around to face her computers quicker than you could say the word ‘spin’.
“Nope, no.” You watched her shake her head as she muttered to herself.
“Penelope??” You tried to gain her attention, but ultimately failed.
“Oh would you look at that! I have a thing down at...thing.” she switched all her monitors off before standing up abruptly “It was good talking to you [Y/N]. Okay, bye now.” she walked out of the bat cave whilst shaking her head once again and muttering things you couldn't decipher, leaving you once again puzzled.
Not needing to be in the room anymore, you decided to leave and track down someone else who might know what was going on. And you had just the right person in mind; JJ. She of all people would know what would be going on with Spencer. She is the closest person to him, other than you after all.
As you walked back into the bullpen, you spotted Derek who was in an intense conversation with Garcia. Thing down at thing my ass. You waved at them as you walked past but didn't bother in engaging with them as they were obviously talking about something private.
Finally, you had made it to where JJ was which was in the round table room, going over some files like she normally would. As you walked in, you chose to go at it with a different angle. As the first way didn't work, maybe the second way would work.
“Hey Jayje.” You smiled politely at the blonde as you sat down on the seat next to her.
She smiled brightly back at you, shutting the case file she was reading. “Hey, I was just thinking of you.”
“Were you?” You asked her, cocking your head to the side slightly.
“Yeah, I just remembered that it’s your birthday tomorrow, isn't it?”
You groaned loudly and covered your face with your hands, “Ugh, don’t remind me.” You never did find birthdays worth celebrating. Wow, you are one year older. What a joy. Sarcasm intended.
“Oh come on, [Y/N]. It won't be that bad.” You sent her a pointed look, meaning that chances are you will be sent on a case like all the other birthdays had been. “Besides, you have all of us.”
“I had you guys last year. And the year before that, and the year before that. And then--”
“Okay,” she chuckled lightly, “I get it. Besides, I think that this birthday will make you want to celebrate them more often.”
Now that caught your attention. “What do you mean?”
“I can’t tell you that, I’m afraid.” JJ said whilst smirking, beginning to gather up her stuff off the table.
“Where are you going?” You asked.
“I'm off to have lunch with Will and the boys.” She clarified, shouldering her black bag. “See you later, [Y/N].” Before you had a chance to reply, she disappeared out the door with you once again being left alone with zero answers. You huffed and leaned back in your seat, arms folded over your front.
Before long, it was the end of the day and everyone was finally able to leave. Much to your dismay, you left the BAU with just as little information as you had at the beginning of the day. It was pissing you off tremendously.
Gathering up your stuff, you looked around briefly. It was oddly empty. And quiet. Which was extremely unusual for the BAU. You frowned for what felt like the ninetieth day that day and walked around a bit, trying to see if there was anyone in. Thankfully, there were some agents still on shift but not many, not as many as there should be. You were confused but decided not to give it any thought, opting to head home for some much needed rest.
Once you arrived at your apartment, you walked your way up the long stairs which just further added to your annoyed state, wishing you took the elevator. You managed to reach your door without stopping for a break, which happened much more often than you had liked to admit. You put your key in the lock and opened it, throwing it on the nearby counter. Just as you were about to turn around, the lights turned on. “Surprise!!” A cacophony of noise erupted from all around your apartment, making you panic. So panicked in fact, you accidentally punched the person to your left in the nose.
“Shit!” Your eyes widened in realisation, it was Derek you had punched.
“Oh my god! Jesus.”
“Happy Birthday.” He said, wincing slightly when he spoke. Turning around to face everyone else in the room, which turned out to be Spencer, Penelope, Hotch, Aaron, Emily, Will and the boys, you started laughing.
“My birthday’s tomorrow guys.” You pointed out, looking at Spencer mainly as he must have been the one to set the whole thing up.
“I know,” he smirked, walking towards you. “I do have an eidetic memory.”
“So then why did you do this,” you motioned to everything around you “today?”
Spencer carried on walking until he was directly in front of you, a hand lightly caressing the side of your face. He smiled and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “Because I know how much I annoyed you this week by ignoring you and you wouldn't have lasted another day. And I know how much you hate your birthday and today isn’t technically your birthday, so…”
You stared at him, a smile playing at your lips and a blush making its way onto your face. “That’s really sweet.”
“Sorry, what was that? Couldn’t hear you.” Spencer teased, you hitting him playfully in return.
“Thank you.” You said softly. “I love you.”
He tilted your chin up towards him, staring down at you, “I love you.”
You felt Spencer’s lips on yours before you even knew he was kissing you. It was a soft yet passionate kiss, which made the moment even more amazing. You truly did love the man, no matter what.
“Guys,” JJ spoke, causing the two of you to break apart. “I think [Y/N] broke Derek’s nose.”
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llokilaufeyson · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i don't ever wanna see anyone complain again about lack of content because it's your own damn fault that more and more creators stop posting. we spend hours upon hours making edits and this is what we get. and then people go whining about how this site is dying and how there's barely anything in the tags anymore. fuck off, honestly. how about you actually do what this site is for? REBLOG to share with others. otherwise there's not gonna be any more content for you to LIKE because this shit is getting old real fast.
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minsdolly · 29 days ago
Hockey!au: Jungkook
༄ 18+, 0.9k
༄ Jungkook x reader
༄ Jungkook's favorite things in life are simple; being goalie, defending his captain's honor, and fucking your mouth after your ballet class ends.
Jungkook waits patiently for Johnny to show up. For being the team captain, he sure loves to be late. Jungkook doesn't necessarily care that he shows up late, he cares that it makes practice run late and he has to miss picking you up from ballet class.
Fuck. Your muscles being relaxed, being able to bend however he wants. You being too exhausted care what he does to you. Fuck
Jungkook sighs, getting hard just thinking about it. Johnny better hurry the fuck up or he's going to be missing a goalie.
“Sorry man.” Johnny’s voice catches him off guard.
“Where have you been dude?” Jungkook says a little too aggressively.
“Mark stole my parking spot.” Johnny huffs. “Had to go around a few times to get one.”
“Mark? Mark Lee?” Jungkook skates after him.
“Yeah. Short one, with the highlights.” Johnny begins to move the puck between his hockey stick.
“How you lost ____ to him is beyond me. Going from your sexy ass to Lord Farquad? Couldn't be me.” Jungkook mentally pats himself on the back when Johnny snorts something ugly at his nickname for Mark.
Of course Jungkook knew who Mark was. It was only the fuckhead who had been handing them their ass since last year. It's been getting old real fast.
“I don't want to talk about her.” Johnny locks his jaw, and waits for Jungkook to assume the position, and watches as Jungkook nods at him.
“You just seem tense.” Jungkook shrugs, then gives him the nod.
Johnny begins to shoot pucks at him, and Jungkook, being graceful yet aggressive, blocks all of them.
“How the fuck do you miss only on game day?” Johnny asks, out of breath.
“Because Haechan is a little cheater, he passes it to Sungchan and that walking tree has some strength in his arm.” Jungkook shoots them back at Johnny. “Where the fuck he keeps said strength, a mystery man.”
“Hey you going to Kun and Taeyong’s frat party this weekend?” Johnny asks, setting the pucks up in a row.
“Hell yeah man. Besides, ____’s little girlfriend has a date with Jimin so she practically asked me to go.” Jungkook cracks his neck, then returns to his defense position.
“How are things with ____?” Johnny begins to shoot the pucks at him.
“Great, actually a couple of days ago we exchanged I love yous.” Jungkook blocks all of them, even accidentally hitting Johnny in the arm with one.
“Fuck you.” he hisses in pain. He begins to rub his shoulder, “I love yous? You started dating 3 months ago dude.”
“I know man. Fuck.” Jungkook exclaims. “I've never felt this way about anyone before. You know the other night we fucked 4 times in one night. Then I went to sleep and dreamed we were married, woke up with my dick in her mouth. I swear to god she’s gonna be my wife.”
“Marriage already?” Johnny laughs a little.
“Look I know you told ____ you were gonna marry her after college and 3 weeks later she dipped on you but-” Jungkook’s eyes widen with realization. “Hey shit I'm sorry man, that wasn't meant as malicious."
“It's all good man.” Johnny waves him off. “I'm glad you're happy. She's a good girl.”
“In more ways than one.”
“Easy there tiger.”
“Says the guy who fucks his weekly playthings on the locker room floor for everyone to walk in on.” Jungkook smacks him lightly with the stick.
He follows Johnny off the ice and back into the changing rooms.
“Still can't believe Mark’s petty ass really got someone as tall as you on his team.” Jungkook snorts as he slips his gear off
Johnny stays silent as he changes.
“Sooo.” Jungkook leans against the locker and crosses his arms. “When do Taehyung, Ten, and me got the green light to beat him and Mark’s ass?”
“For what?” Johnny snorts.
“Uhh I don't know? That punk stealing your girl? Him stealing your parking spot? Sungchan being as tall as you?” Jungkook gives him a goofy smile. “C’mon captain, lemme fuck em up in your name. Let me defend your honor.” Jungkook does a half-assed bow.
“What honor?” Johnny smirks back at him.
“Johnny Suh you dirty dog. Speaking of dirty, who is the lucky fuck this week?” Jungkook reaches for his shirt.
“Dunno. ____ if she behaves.”
A beep of Jungkook’s phone catches his attention, making him reach for it.
Babyrina 🙆🏻‍♀️🩰: where are u? :(
“Ah fuck.” Jungkook sighs.
“I forgot to pick up baby.” Jungkook mentally kicks himself.
“Go. I'll put everything away.” Johnny nods.
“Owe you one.”
Jungkook can die and can go straight to heaven. He swears it.
If he dies with his dick in your mouth, he'd be a very happy happy fucking man.
“Fuuuuck.” Jungkook moans.
You move your mouth up and down on his dick, his hand holding your ass.
“You feel so good baby.” he praises.
It had only been a minute of you getting in his car before you insisted on blowing him in the parking lot.
“I should edge you. For being late.” you pop off his dick and pout.
“Please don't, baby. You're so good.” Jungkook begs. He never begs.
So you put your mouth back on him. His grip on your ass tightens, singling you to suck a bit harder. Jungkook cums with an almost guttural growl, shooting his cum down your throat.
You sit up and wipe your face, giving him doe eyes.
“What?” he asks, fucked out.
“I'm hungry.” you whine. “Can we get dinner?”
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radio-kisses · 8 years ago
You know as much as I hate that whole "to hit a woman is to live like scum" quote, I've gotta say, because regardless of how off it felt to me the fact of the matter is he said it and it has to make sense to his character somehow, maybe he wasn't totally being a hypocrite and trying to play gentleman. Maybe he was just actually speaking out of experience. You know like attacking Rukia when he was first introduced. He himself probably feels like scum, trash, or what-the-fuck-ever, for hurting her.
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yelena-bellova · 2 years ago
Let Me Go - Steve/Natasha Fanfic
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve and Natasha go to Vormir to collect the soul stone, not knowing what sacrifices will have to be made in order to claim it. Requested by anon: Can you write a romanogers fic where instead of nat & clint at vormir, it’s nat & steve instead :) thank you! Warnings: lots of angst, INTENSE HEARTBREAK, endgame spoilers and character death… Word Count: 2,974 Note: This one WRECKED ME. I actually almost cried writing it, and yet I simultaneously loved getting to write it. I took dialogue from both Infinity War and Endgame but tweaked some scenes to reflect Steve and Nat’s friendship…I wrote it platonically, but if you squint you can read it as a romantic thing…Good luck, and don’t hate me!  “I’ll bet the raccoon didn’t have to climb a mountain.” Steve and Natasha begrudgingly trudged up the snowy mountain. Nobody on the team had ever seen the soul stone or where it laid, so the trek they had to make had come as an unwelcome surprise. They had almost reached the top and while the super soldier was perfectly fine, Natasha had broken a sweat and was trying to regain her breath.
“Technically he’s not a raccoon.” Steve quipped.
“Oh whatever, he eats garbage…” she remarked.
Before Steve could let out a laugh, a haunting voice spoke up from a dark corner under a rocky overpass.


Steve took a stance and held up his shield. Natasha cocked her gun and pointed it towards the unknown voice. A hooded figure began to float out of the darkness towards the pair.

“Natasha, daughter of Ivan.”

Closer and closer he moved, his face still hidden. But the more the figure spoke, Steve’s blood began to boil…He could never forget that voice.

“Steven, son of Sarah.”
“Who are you?” Natasha asked unflinchingly.
“Consider me a guide to you and to all who seek the soul stone.”

“Oh, good.” Natasha retorted, her voice filled with doubt that whoever or whatever was underneath the cloak was anything close to friendly. Steve still hadn’t moved, he stood frozen in place trying to keep almost 80 years of rage under control.

“You tell us where it is then we’ll be on our way.”

The figure moved closer towards them, finally revealing his face. To Natasha, he may have just been a demonic looking creature but to Steve, he was a pure evil taking form in a man who had plagued his nightmares for years.
“Oh, if only it were that easy.” Red Skull said.

“How the hell are you still alive?” Steve demanded through gritted teeth. Natasha looked to him, 
“You know this guy?”

“Unfortunately, the Captain and I share a…painful history.” Red Skull explained, never breaking eye contact with his old nemesis.

“It’s about to get real painful real fast if you don’t start explaining.” Steve hissed.
Natasha broke her stare towards Red Skull and looked to Steve. Rarely ever had she seen her friend so angry, clearly this guy and Steve had crossed some very unfriendly paths before…
“A lifetime ago, I too sought the stones. You remember, Captain Rogers. I even held one in my hand, but it cast me out. Banished me here, guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess.” the dark figure explained solemnly. Steve remembered the experience Red Skull was explaining all too well...
He stood at ease, but kept his shield on his wrist, ready to strike the man. Natasha slowly lowered her gun, taking her cue from Steve. Red Skull proceeded to float down a path, they followed hesitantly. He led them to a stoney cliff, Red Skull stopped and let them go forward to peer over the edge.
“What you seek lies in front of you, as does what you fear.”
Natasha stared down into the dark abyss longer than Steve did, his priority at the moment was watching every move Red Skull made.
“The stone’s down there.” Natasha observed, unable to see the stone, but in her heart knowing it was there. Steve walked away from Red Skull to join her again, looking down as if expectant the stone would float out of the darkness up to them. 
“For one of you. For the other,” Red Skull began,
“In order to take the stone, you must lose that which you love.” 

Steve and Natasha both froze, her lips parting and his brows furrowing. Red Skull’s words may have spoken almost like a riddle, but they were smart enough to figure out what would be required of them. They were also desperate enough to hope they were both horribly wrong in their assumptions.
“An everlasting exchange.” 

They both said a silent prayer that they were wrong.
“A soul”


“For a soul.”
Steve broke from his position and turned to Red Skull, a look of unbelief and rage on his face. No. He had already lost his life once because of this monster, he wasn’t about to lose it again. Nor was he about to lose Natasha. Either he was lying or there was some loophole that they hadn’t figured out yet.

“You’re lying. Why would I trust a word that comes out of your mouth? ” Steve accused.
“Your words are ones I have heard for many years, Captain. But unfortunately, what I say is true.” Red Skull said.
Steve’s jaw clenched, part of him believed the former Nazi but the majority of him was hell-bent on denying what actions might need to be taken. He stalked back over to Natasha, who was now sitting on a rock, hunched forward and deep in thought.
“I still think he’s lying.” Steve fumed. She shook her head ever so slightly, still staring at whatever plan she’d made in her head that only she could see.
“No. I don’t think so.” she replied.
“Why, cause he knows your father’s name?” Steve asked, walking back towards the edge of the cliff to look over again.
“I didn’t.” Natasha muttered softly. Steve turned back and slowly walked towards her.
“Thanos left here with the stone, without his daughter. That’s not a coincidence.” she continued.

Natasha had always been the more pragmatic between the two of them, and she was always the one to make sense when Steve was too deep down his own rabbit hole. If she believed Red Skull, then there was probably no chance that he was lying. The realization of what needed to be done sank into Steve’s stomach and he began to feel sick. He managed to mumble a “Yeah…” before turning his eyes to the ground.

Natasha had already run a million scenarios through her head…She had only briefly gone through the denial that her Steve had. She had looked for any possible loophole, failing to come up with any scenarios where both of them walked away from this with the stone. While he was peering over the edge of the cliff, she had turned to look at him. Steve’s entire life was based upon sacrifice, she’d be damned if she was going to watch him make another.
But it wasn’t just him that was playing into her decision…She’d spent the past five years looking for ways to undo what Thanos had done. Preparing for any possible plan, just like the one they were part of now, that could result in bringing back everyone they’d lost. If she could play any part in reclaiming half the population, she wouldn’t give it a second thought.
She wouldn’t hesitate to throw herself off of that cliff so that Steve could walk away with the stone. 
“Whatever it takes.” she stated, matter of factly.
Little did she realize that Steve had come to the same conclusion she had, only their roles were reversed.
“Whatever it takes.” he repeated.

 Natasha stood up quickly from her seat to walk over to him, still standing in his place on the edge.
“If we don’t get that stone, billions of people stay dead.” she spoke.
Steve nodded solemnly, unable to look her in the eyes. He knew that what he was about to do would hurt her, but he couldn’t bear to let her make this sacrifice after everything she’d been through. 
“Then I guess we both know who it’s gotta be.” he remarked.

“I guess we do.” she replied.
They shared a look of mutual understanding, only for Steve’s expression to change to confusion.

“I’m starting to think we mean different people here, Natasha.”
 “For the last five years I’ve been trying to do one thing; get to right here. That’s all it’s been about, bringing everybody back.” she explained.

“No, don’t even think about it…” he ordered, his captain voice seeping through.
“What, you think I want to do it? I’m trying to save your life, you idiot.” she quipped. 
Steve grabbed her wrist as if to prevent her from suddenly disappearing and also to steady himself.

“Well I don’t want you to.” he stated. “Do you honestly think I’m going to let you do this when we both know it should be me?” 

“Do you think I’m going to let you throw away your chance at the life you lost?” she remarked. She could see that Steve wasn’t following, so she explained further.

“We have the ability to time travel now. You can go back after this is all over. Take back the life you were robbed of, you can be with Peggy. Are you saying that you don’t want that?” 

Steve could honestly say he hadn’t even considered the possibility about going back to the ’40s and restarting his life till Natasha had brought it up. Yes, after over a decade in the present, he still wished to return to his own time. Yes, not a day went by where he didn’t long to hold Peggy in his arms again. But he wasn’t about to let Natasha sacrifice herself just so he could be selfish.
“I couldn’t live that life knowing I sent an innocent person to her death just so I could have it.” he said, tears beginning to form in his steely eyes.
“I’m hardly innocent, Rogers. You know the things I’ve done.” she muttered, trying not to let her own tears spill out.
Steve opened his mouth to say that her past didn’t define her future, to tell her that she was a better person than she gave herself credit for, but Natasha put her hand on his arm and held tight, silencing him. Every emotion she was feeling she conveyed to him in her eyes. Her fear of death, her anger towards Thanos, her love for her family, but most importantly, her determination.
“Let me do this.” she whispered.
Steve had argued with her enough over to years to know that once she set her mind to something, there wasn’t a single person dead or alive who could talk her out of it. And that was what broke his heart the most…
It wouldn’t matter what he said, she was the one going over the edge.
He looked down at her hand on his arm, dropped his shield and placed his hand over hers. His finger tracing the back of her hand as if to memorize the warmth of it.

“You’re a pain in my ass. You know that?” he said, something that would have made both of them laugh in a different circumstance. She nodded, a flood of memories with Steve washing over her. She didn’t want to leave him, she didn’t want him to be alone…But if her laying down her life could give him Bucky, Sam and the chance to be with Peggy back, there was no question about it.
Steve wrapped his arms around her, she did the same,  both of them trying to memorize the feeling of one another. They’d never admit it to one another, but they both shed silent tears into each other's shoulders. A decade of friendship and partnership about to end all to have a shot at a plan that wasn’t even guaranteed to succeed. They finally pulled apart from each other and Steve wiped a tear from her cheek, 

“Okay, you win.”
Natasha nodded, as if to convince herself to begin moving towards the edge of the cliff. Steve gave her a small smile, but their touching moment turned sour quickly. Before she could take her first step, he whipped into action and pinned her to the ground.
Natasha may have been determined, but Steve was stubborn. And sometimes that was more dangerous than determination…

“Go get yourself that life.” he said, referring to the conversation they’d had back at the compound over a peanut butter sandwich. Before he could move, Natasha swiped his leg and flipped him on his back. Standing over a shellshocked Steve and pointing her widow’s bite cuff at his chest,
“You first.” she remarked. Firing the electric charge from her wrist, it hit Steve and caused him to let out a pained groan. Natasha turned away from him, took half a second to work up her courage, and started sprinting towards the edge of the cliff. No turning back now…But the incapacitating effects of her electric charge hadn’t lasted as long as she’d hoped and Steve was up on his feet as she took off. He grabbed his shield from the ground and launched it at her, hitting in the legs and knocking her to the ground. Natasha grunted and looked up from her spot, Steve began running but didn’t break eye contact with her. He wanted her to be the last thing he saw before his death, he wanted to die with his last thought being of Natasha living a happy life. He had almost made it to the edge of the cliff when he leaped into the air, making peace with the fact that he was about to die.
Until Natasha tackled him midair and they both began to free fall towards the bottom of the chasm.
Natasha fired her grappling hook to the side of the cliff, Steve gathering her in his arms to prevent her from letting herself go, and they both swung towards the side of the cliff. As they hit it, it knocked them both and Steve lost his full grip on Natasha. She rolled out of his arms and he frantically reached for her, managing to grasp her wrist. He examined the rope and looked down to his hip, the other end of the grappling hook attached to him so he couldn’t fall. For once when he looked down at her, Natasha looked genuinely scared. Scared that he was still going to find a way to make his own play, but also scared to let go of his hand.

 “Damn you.” he grunted.
He reached down to her, trying to grab her other hand and pull her up, but he couldn’t reach out that far. He strained relentlessly, stretching his fingers as far as they could go. He groaned and grunted, but he still couldn’t reach her. The sad part was that Natasha wasn’t holding on to him, nor was she reaching out to grasp his other hand. Sadly, she had won their argument…There was no way for Steve to save her from this terrible fate. Her tear-filled eyes met his, 
“Let me go…” she instructed, taking the softest tone she could with Steve. She knew that what she was about to do was going to plague him for the rest of his life. She would become the face he saw in his nightmares, she would become the ghost that would follow him around and he would forever blame himself for not doing more to try and save her.
But it was the only way…
Steve blinked away the tears, as he leaned towards her again in one last failed attempt to save her. He knew he couldn’t save her, but he couldn’t let her go either… 
“No…No, please, no.”
Natasha stared up at him, giving him a small smile and nod through her own tears. As if granting him permission to let go, silently pleading with him to let her die…
“It’s okay.” her voice cracking as she reassured him that she had accepted her fate, but also that she would not hold it against him that he let go.
Steve let out a small sob, still refusing to let go of her wrist…

“Please…” he whimpered out.
At that moment, everything surrounding them disappeared. The winds silenced themselves, the snow stopped falling, it was just them. Two friends trying to convey ten years worth of feelings, memories, and things they had both decided were better left unsaid. This was the end of their journey together.
With a final grunt, Natasha pulled her arm out of Steve’s grasp and began free falling through the air.
“NO!” Steve cried out, forcing himself not to unclip the hook and dive after her. He watched his best friend’s body tumble through the air, turning away only for a second, then looking back. He was going to be with her till the very end, even if he could only do it from a distance. 

As Natasha fell, she had a feeling of complete and total peace wash over her. She didn’t doubt for a second that the team would complete their plan and that everybody would be brought back to life. She wouldn’t be there to see it happen in real life, but she could see it perfectly in her mind. Her last thoughts were of Clint and his family, laughing and eating dinner in their kitchen. Tony and Pepper playing with their daughter. Vision holding Wanda in his arms. Sam and Bucky teasing and taunting each other relentlessly over a round of beers. And Steve. Steve dancing in a picturesque 1940’s living room, swaying to a soft song with the love of his life in his arms.
She smiled and closed her eyes, letting go for the second time.
The next thing Steve knew, he was awakening in a shallow pool of water. He scurried to his knees, looking around him for any sign of Red Skull, the stone, or Natasha...
Nothing. Nobody. No stone.
Had Natasha’s sacrifice been in vain? Had Red Skull truly been lying?
This was what Steve was beginning to believe until he looked down to his hand, the soul stone resting in it.
Steve had never experienced a more hollow victory.
Holding the stone in his hand, he pounded his fists against the water, and let himself fall apart.
They were one step closer to winning, but he had just suffered his greatest loss.
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love-armin · 2 years ago
Reason to love Armin:
Tumblr media
Because saying he’s “weak” is getting old fast, y'all. Real fast. So old, in fact, that while you were practicing the word “weak”, he practiced abdominal workouts and got himself abs. 
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multimetaverse · 2 years ago
Andi Mack 3x01 Review
The Boys are Back was a fine episode but there are some big problems with the writing. Let’s dig into it.
All of the Bex and Bowie and Ham and Celia scenes were very well done. I think it will make things much easier for the show now that Bex and Bowie are engaged.
It was nice to see some more Celia and Bex bonding and we get confirmation that Cloud 10 is now open.
The D day (dimples) joke was well done
I’ll give props to Terri for keeping Walker’s habit of showing up uninvited consistent. I suspect that this was just a teaser for him interrupting the group hang in ep 3. 
It was nice to see some sweet Andi and Buffy friendship moments which we’ll hopefully see again sooner rather than later. 
I’m also glad that both Buffy and Walker recognized that the situation might be awkward for Andi.
The CGI for the wedding dream was very well done. And even though it was just a dream sequence the wedding looked very very nice.
That Bexie kiss was spicy for Disney but it really captured the passion of the moment. 
I wonder if the last shot of the series will be the whole cast dancing at Bex and Bowie’s wedding.
When the show explores important topics and issues it does very well but when it just focuses on teen drama it often falls flat. 
How many times have we’ve been through this exact same ‘’what are we’’ drama with Jandi? It’s like Terri wants us to forget about their cute date and tearful farewell in 2x25 or the entire episode she dedicated to Andi choosing which boy she would be with that was literally called Andi’s Choice. Obviously Jandi is endgame and obviously they need to have drama but Terri really does need to let them have more cute moments and fluff otherwise all this drama just seems pointless.
Right from the previously on segment they went hard with showing us that Andi still has some feelings for Walker. Which as of now makes her the other woman in Wuffy’s relationship, at least until ep 3 rolls around and Walker and Andi have a talk at Andi’s apartment. Whether those lingering feelings played any part in her breaking up with Jonah we don’t know because Terri didn’t bother to write any explanation for that scene.
It doesn’t make sense that Buffy would have waited so long to make a move after twirling her hair at Walker 2+ months ago but it’s necessary so that the fallout of the Wuffy/Wandi drama isn’t too extreme. 
It was jarring to see how the focus on Buffy and Walker shifted right away to Andi’s reaction. It’s unusual to see Buffy’s story lines given such short thrift- that’s usually reserved for Cyrus’ story lines. Now I fully expect Buffy to have lots of focus in the coming eps but it does show that the priority in this mess of a story line is Andi. I would have to assume that Terri knew when she was writing ep 1 that Marty would be able to return otherwise I can’t see why she would have already dug Wuffy’s grave.
There’s really not much to say about Cyrus in this ep. He was completely useless and that bad British accent is something that might entertain kids for a few lines but it gets old real fast. As I’ve mentioned before, this ep draws a clear dividing line between the female characters who have boys coming back for them and Cyrus who has no one. That Terri wasn’t able to or didn’t bother to write in a quick line about Cyrus hanging with TJ is likely because Disney hadn’t made a final decision on allowing canon Tyrus in 3a yet. I do think that TJ will be mentioned before ep 5 and the ep he is mentioned in will mark when Terri got final permission. 
If anyone is still worried that Tyrus isn’t endgame this ep should put your fears to rest. The idea that this show will be allowed to introduce a 3rd gay character for Cyrus to date in the 20-25 eps it has left is laughable. Unfortunately this ep proves what has become increasingly clear as the series has gone on, that when it comes to Cyrus he can only get serious focus on his sexuality but not serious focus on anything else. 
That Cyrus’ story line is being stalled until TJ returns will become clear even to very casual viewers by the time ep 5 airs but Disney’s censorship of Cyrus’ arc also affects other story lines. There’s no real need to put Andi and Buffy in a quasi love triangle or have Andi and Jonah immediately on the outs but Disney will want to emphasize all the straight ships before Tyrus rises. This is why I think that Wuffy is still going after the drama in ep 3 and that Jandi will get together again in ep 4 if they don’t already get back together in ep 2.
Looking Ahead:
Glad to see Aunt Mei come back, her and Celia have a great dynamic. It’s almost cruel of Disney to allow Cyrus to call Jonah the perfect boyfriend while not letting him mention his soon to be boyfriend. While the extended promo frames it as a make or break moment for Jandi, I’m sure their heart to heart won’t be nearly so dramatic. And on the plus side the timeline will finally be fixed as 3x02 must take place on September 24th 2018.
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awed-frog · 3 years ago
Anyway, I’m probably the only dumbass on Earth who didn’t know about this, but turns out there’s an easy way to use a foreign keyboard if you’re taking an online course like Duolingo and you’re beyond fed up with trying to learn their transliterated bullshit (which is okay if you’re only just starting, but tends to get real old real fast).
Tumblr media
[Exhibit A: the abomination of Смауг, volume I]
So, you simply go here -
Tumblr media
- (while trying to forget Google will soon twist and turn our entire souls like Rubik’s Cubes and this will finally bring about the end of civilisation as we know it) and click this shiny button -
Tumblr media
- (I’ll assume you’re all browsing on Chrome because I’m an optimist and believe the best of humanity) and next you get this magnificent thing -
Tumblr media
- which goes from Afrikaans to Zulu, and then you select the keyboards you need and add them to the window on the right and ta-daa!, you get this magnificent goblin-sized icon up in the corner -
Tumblr media
- and if you click on it (*tears up, gets fainting salts*) you can pick the one you want to use -
Tumblr media
- (for now I only installed one, RUSSIAN KEYBOARD FOR DUMMIES, because I can never remember which letter is which when I’m using the real one without stickers - old age is a farce and a tragedy, people) and finally -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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serendiii · 2 years ago
Your fic res are always on point. Is there any fic from magnus' perspective that you especially like?
oof the pressure is on. i always love putting together these rec lists bc i almost always go back and reread every single fic i include. i adore magnus pov (even if it can get real depressing real fast), but nevertheless, here are some recs, old and hopefully new:
What's It Gonna Be by lemonoclefox: a classic that belongs on every rec list ever! a pride and prejudice au malec with magnus as elizabeth (a baker who keeps running into the handsome but irritating/rude/hoity toity alec), and alec as darcy (a businessman who blurts out dumb things sometimes but is actually a little bit enamored of the local baker).
The Visitation by starkraving: asmodeus comes to find magnus for the first time since magnus banished him, in the setting of a war zone in the 1850s. this one’s not cute or sweet, so don’t read this if that’s what you’re searching for, but it’s one of my favorite depictions of the horror that asmodeus truly represents, the twisted love he has for his son, and the absolute powerlessness magnus faces in front of his father.
nobody told me it would be like this by Fatale (femme): a bunch of short, irreverent, goofy stories about magnus and alec living together, and the shit that drives magnus crazy about it. heartwarming and hilarious and so full of love.
Good Our Whole Lives by beatperfume: another classic (imo at least). alec’s a prostitute who catches magnus’ eye; events ensue. painful to read, at times, when you consider the respective experiences magnus and alec went through to get where they are, but also an extremely heartfelt story about falling in love when the rules say you shouldn’t.
archipelago by oh_la_fraise: post 3x10 coda about how magnus handles losing his magic. which is to say -- not well. which is to say -- he might end up getting drunk with his boyfriend’s mom. which is to say -- maybe it all ends up okay.
A Horse That Loves You by Lemur710: an old forever fave (lol bc apparently old means 2 years ago). magnus learns what it means to love a shadowhunter with a parabatai -- someone who’s a soulmate, a bonded friend, a person that magnus definitely isn’t.
i know there are more stellar ones out there but i’m about to go rock climbing so i gotta hop off lol. if anybody has other favorites, please drop a note so i can share them (which is code for i also wanna read new stuff so hit me up!).
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fuck-customers · 2 years ago
Every night around 9-10, people start to ask when the store closes. I tell them we close at 11 every day. The number of people who say “oh wow I hope you don’t have to be here that late!” Like....... thanks????? Idk it’s not like an awful thing it’s just awkward as hell and gets old real fast, so by the time the 5th person in a night says it I’m a little ticked off
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