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Dear anon, I hope this finds you. Just a month ago I wrote a rather angsty piece of Billy post-mindflayer, and you then so sweetly requested something... softer and kinder for our poor tortured boy, and it seems that Tumblr has eaten that specific message, because I cannot for the life of me find it now, and I do not have enough requests in my inbox to have it just vanish in a jumble. But here you go, from me to you, some slight fluff and happy Billy.
“Enjoying the view, Harrington?” Billy grins.
To think that it's been over a year now. Time flew by and everything is back to normal now.
Well... as normal as can be. The Byers moved to Ohio, and from the way Nancy tells it, they're happy. There's a new chief of police, and although no one will ever compare to Hopper, he's handling it all pretty well. Dustin's currently on vacation in Utah, visiting his girlfriend, and he calls almost every day to ask for advice from Steve, who's loving every second of being a brother figure to that little dipshit. And Billy...
Billy's lying down on a sunbed by the pool. Eyes closed behind sunglasses, a knowing smile stretches out  his lips, and chest bare under the sun, scars exposed.
Steve's lying underneath a parasol they set up for him specifically, because ten minutes in the summer sun and he's as red as a lobster. He's on his side, head perched up on his hand as he stares at his boyfriend, who then tilts his head aside with a brow raised expectantly, waiting for a response.
So maybe not everything is back to normal, but Steve finds no reason to complain about the way everything is now.
“Yeah,” he says softly.
And Billy sits up, legs spread on to either side of the seat, smile growing till his lips parts with a show of teeth, and pats the empty space between his thighs.
It's been over a year now since Billy moved in. Half a year since he started letting people touch him again. Weeks since their first kiss. And Steve's heart still flutters all the same whenever Billy asks for his attention this way.
Three long steps and he's sitting down in front of Billy, at a safe distance where they're not touching yet, but close enough for him to count the numerous, subtle freckles, close enough to almost taste the sweat that rests across Billy's chest.
His chest, that's covered in deep scars several tones paler, reaching far and wide across the statuesque form of Billy Hargrove. The doctors at Hawkins Hospital had done their best to stitch up the death-defying wounds; they saved his life and helped him through recovery, but...
At first he wish they hadn't. Months that felt like years spent full of hate and shame of what's become of him now, barely a resemblance of the charming, irresistible bad boy he used to be. He feels like a husk of himself, and knows that there's no going back to the way it used to be. The way he used to be.
But maybe... maybe that's ok.
Because every single day, Steve's there, here, with Billy, a constant force of reassurance that he's worth more than his looks. That he's deserving of forgiveness. That he's... loved.
And he notices how far away Steve sits. Looks down at the gap between them, his smile slipping into something more tender and appreciative of how unwaveringly considerate his boyfriend is. Even though they've just barely started kissing and sleeping in the same bed, they've been “passively dating” for at least two months.
Holding hands in secret, cuddling on the couch, sharing milkshakes, and going to drive-in movies together. They've even attended a few dinner parties thrown by Claudia Henderson and Dustin, and everyone is always so understanding when Billy gets tired or anxious and needs to go home.
It'll take time getting used to, but they're all so patient with him, and he's sad, in a way, that this is what it took for him to find such honest happiness. Mournful of what could have been.
Grateful of what is.
Slowly, he reaches out for Steve's cheek, and the way he leans into the touch makes Billy forget everything bad in the world. He runs his thumb over those beautiful moles that dot Steve's skin, and moves in to meet those pretty lips.
“You know, they say it's rude to stare,” Billy says as he leans away again so that he can properly see all of Steve's face.
“You make it impossible not to.” He tries to meet those clear blue eyes through the sunglasses.
“Oh yeah?” There's a nervous twinge to Billy's voice at that.
He understands that Steve means it in every good way possible, but Billy's heart still beats with anxiety, so self-aware of what he looks like now. The only time he's ever shirtless is here at home, their home, free to try and become comfortable in his own skin again. An arduous journey, but one traveled hand in hand with the only person left to trust.
“Yeah,” Steve breathes and cautiously lifts his hand, asking for permission to touch.
Billy glances shortly at the hand, before meeting those honeyed eyes that shine just for him, and gives a light nod.
“You're so handsome, Billy,” his voice as light as a feather. He reaches up for the short, messy, blond curls, and runs his fingers through. “Your hair is getting long again; such gorgeous curls of gold.
A content little sigh escapes Billy, as he closes his eyes and focuses on how heavenly it feels to have Steve stroke his hair.
“You have such a strong jaw, the most perfect blue eyes, and your smile makes me weak in the knees,” he continues praising and entangling his fingers with blonde locks.
“Mmmh, Stevie,” Billy's voice barely above a whisper.
“Kiss me,” a gentle plea.
And Steve has no intention not to obey. He leans forward and is met with Billy halfway, lips fitting together perfectly like a puzzle, their skin made to touch one another for all of eternity in tender embraces.
Billy dares to move next, heart rampant as he scoots closer toward Steve, and feels him spread his legs around Billy's own waist, as they slot together. He pulls away from their kiss, just to wrap his arms around Steve's shoulders and hide his face in those dark locks, chests flush.
Where Steve's quick to close his arms around Billy in a tight hug, and dips down to kiss across his shoulder and up the neck. He takes a deep inhale to engrave this moment into memory forever.
“I love you,” Billy says in the most sincere way.
Because he does, he really really does, trusts him more than he trusts himself, although that shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. And he always has, there's just something about Steve that makes him believe everything's going to be good again, and he's trying so valiantly to make everything good again.
Billy feels like he owes Steve his life. Not in a bad way, like a debt to be paid, but like a promising opportunity to give him everything he deserves, and more.
Steve hums reverently. “I love you too, Billy.” And squeezes tighter.
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cas killing billie back in s12 inadvertently being his cause of death in s15. spn and its circular narratives.
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Dear Billy
Chapter Two:
Here I Go Again
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy Hargrove x F!Reader 
Summary: Billy Hargrove was Hawkin’s resident “Bad Boy”, and he loved to give you hell. Your relationship started May 1985, and ended July 1985. Or did it?
Rating: M+, Slow Burn, Kissing/Fingering
May 8th, 1985.
The embarrassment from last week's party had suddenly caused you to come down with a "Cold." After your very own brother and Billy Hargrove's step-sister caught the both of you in a full-blown makeout session. Looking back at that very moment, remembering your hands enthralled in Billy's infamous curls, your mouths moving sinfully - You didn't understand what had come over you. This was the man that had pushed every single one of your buttons, and yet, all you could think about was sitting in a car somewhere with him and going just far enough. In these moments replaying what had happened, you had turned to music - as you always did. George Michael was your choice of distraction. Over and over again, you let the music flood your ears to forget how Billy tasted. It was infuriating more than anything, just how much the exchange had bothered you. At this point, you weren't sure what you were more upset over. The fact that you couldn't stop thinking about that kiss - or the fact that he was nowhere to be seen. You wondered if maybe he had heard from someone that you had stayed home sick, and then you wondered why he hadn't called -or come around. But those thoughts were quickly followed by what you knew to be true, Billy Hargrove was no romantic. Nor was he known to be the "relationship type." It was today you realized you needed to come to terms that what happened, was a fluke. Which is why you had found yourself back in the parking lot of Hawkins High. Your cowardness had put you behind on schoolwork, but in all honesty, it didn't matter much to you. Education was all you looked forward to, it was one step closer to getting you out of this hell hole of a town.
You grudgingly made your way into the hallways, making your way through the swarm of people as you always did - which struck you confused. Part of you was sure that Billy would announce to the world that he had kissed the last Hawkins Virgin. But as always, you were invisible to everyone around you. Making your way to your beat-up locker, you looked to your watch knowing you had a few moments before that first bell. Focused on getting yourself situated, you almost didn't realize someone had come beside you. But that cologne was hard to miss.
"Where have you been?" Billy's voice questioned behind you.
"What's it matter to you?" You scoffed, shoving books into your locker with a hint of passive-aggressiveness.
"Well, you haven't been around-"
"I was sick." You quipped, "Do you mind?"
"Hey, what's your problem?" Billy placed his hand on the side of the lockers, preventing you from walking away.
"What's my problem?" You tried not to laugh, "You're going to make me late."
"Did someone piss in your rice crispies this morning?" Billy placed a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it instantly.
"You know you're not supposed to smoke on school grounds." You nodded, "And my problem is you."
"Little old me?" Billy spoke as the cigarette hung from his lips, "Whatever did I do?"
"You took advantage of me." You snapped, "Clearly I had been vulnerable, and I had alcohol."
"You kissed right back, sweetheart." He smirked, "But my apologies if it was unwarranted."
"Why haven't you told anyone?" You questioned, "I expected the king of the school to boast."
"Look, I didn't want anyone knowing that I kissed-"
"A Virgin?" You cut him off, feeling more frustrated.
"That's not what I was going to-"
"Forget it, Hargrove," You shoved his arm, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have chemistry."
You walked off angrily, not knowing what had come over you. Something about him made you want to scream, and not in a good way.
You had made a point to ignore him the rest of the day, which wasn't easy. You took solace in the fact that you had planned to go to a show tonight, with one of your only friends in this armpit of a town. You focused on that, knowing that in a few hours you could illegally get a hard beverage, and dance the night away with not a care in the world. Ironically, Stephanie was your college acquaintance, which meant she had no trouble getting you into places you didn't belong.
Your thoughts were interrupted by a pencil jabbing into your arm. You turned around with a scowl on your face, to see Eddie Munson with his arms up in defense.
"What?" You scoffed, wondering why on earth Eddie would be bothering you.
"So," He coughed, "Mrs. Fitch said I needed some help-"
"And?" You raised a brow, wondering where this was going.
"I was wondering if you could tutor me a bit." He whispered, looking somewhat nervous to even ask.
You hesitated, wondering if you had time for such a thing.
"I'll buy you a month's worth of coffee or something." He smiled sheepishly, "I got other forms of payment too-"
Your face contorted, hoping to God he didn't mean what you thought.
"Not that!" He defended, "I just Uhm, I got stuff, to help with numbing oneself."
You nodded slowly, somewhat thankful he meant drugs.
"That's okay." You smiled, "Coffee will be just fine."
"Hey, thanks." Eddie smiled again, and you appreciated how genuine he seemed.
You tapped his book, "We can start Friday."
"Great." He sighed, "You're a lifesaver. I can't retake this class."
You let out a small laugh, you knew Eddie was harmless - but you didn't know he had charm. You smiled once more, turning back to your studies.
Looking up briefly, you felt a gaze on you from across the room. There sat Billy, pen in his mouth - with a look that could kill. Ignoring the gaze,
you looked down, reading the sentence for the fourth time.
As you walked to your car, Stevie Nicks echoed in your ears. You considered this one of your favorite songs, being the most played on this cassette. There was some understanding you had with Stevie, especially when it came to Gypsy - you felt on some level she was singing to your soul. You sighed, feeling the exhaustion of the day - all you wanted to do was sit in your room and watch television. It wasn't long until you felt a hand on your shoulder. Pulling down your headphones, you turned to see Billy with a somewhat concerned expression.
"What?" You furrowed your brow, annoyed he interrupted your time with Stevie.
"What were you talking to Munson about?" He searched your eyes, "I saw the two of you, what looked like flirting."
"What?" You questioned, "Why does it matter, Hargrove?"
"You gotta thing for him?" He visibly swallowed.
"Again, I must ask, what's it to you?" You scoffed, continuing to walk to your car.
"I just-" Billy stumbled after you, "You gotta watch out for Munson, I know the kid, and he's-"
"A year older than you, so who's calling who a kid?" You laughed out loud, "What I talk to any guy about anything is none of your business."
"Why are you so difficult-"
"Why are you so invasive." You opened your car door, "Leave me alone, Hargrove."
You watched as he took a deep breath, letting you get into your car without defense. As soon as the door shut, his hands rested on your window.
"Look, Billy," You sighed, "You're off the hook. Alright?"
"What do you mean?" He questioned, "I just-"
"You don't have to have some guilt trip over what happened, Alright?" You half smiled, "We made out. Big deal."
"Is that so?" His lips slightly curved in what looked like a smirk.
"Yeah, it is so." You rolled your eyes, "I'm not harboring any secret feelings, I'm not wounded that you didn't call or follow up. We kissed. I'm not scribbling your name in my notebook."
Billy looked to the ground, biting the corner of his lip he looked almost disappointed - but you were sure you must've imagined it.
"Alright." He looked back into your eyes, tapping the window seal, "Your wish is my command, your highness."
You could almost smile at the nickname.
Turning the key, you listened as your car erupted with life. Billy stepped back, hooking his thumb into the low rise of his jeans. You looked once more as you drove away, wondering what on earth he could've been thinking at that moment.
The music was so loud you felt it tingle at your feet, it caused a sense of euphoria as soon as you walked through the club doors. Thankfully, your
parents were gullible and trusting enough to believe you when you had stated you had a study session planned with Stephanie. But yet here the two of you were, lost in a sea of drunken bodies. You appreciated her for more than getting you into places, she had a spunky personality that you admired. She was dressed for the occasion, her hair frizzed and pinned up - her clothes loud and full of color. You could only smile, knowing that she didn't care what a single soul thought of her. You had hoped one day to have such a carefree attitude. Stephanie was the kind of woman to lure people in with just her smile, she was unfiltered and bubbly - you had sworn she must've been the center of attention when she was in high school, which made you wonder why she took such a liking to you. She was the rainbow, you were the storm.
"You want something to drink?" Stephanie grinned at you, nearly shouting.
"Sure." You chuckled, pushing her through the crowd, "If we ever get to the bar."
You could hear the sound of Bon Jovi's voice vibrating through the air - which thankfully meant the band hadn't come to stage yet. Your eyes searched the room, seeing the variety of couples across the sticky club floor. It surprised you most, just how carefree people could become as soon as they danced their troubles away. You went with one of Stephanie's crop Def Leppard tees, along with ripped-up
jeans. Just cemented the fact that you and she couldn't be more different, she didn't even know who the band was - yet she had the shirt. Your eyes kept trailing the room - and that was when anger hit you. There in the corner of the club, sprawled across a battered couch sat Billy. With a cigarette in his mouth, he was surrounded by men and women much older than high school age. You watched with irritation as they laughed together, Billy with his arm around some blonde. Your eyes fixated on her suddenly, seeing her bright red lipstick - her hair as big as her chest. You chewed the inside of your cheek, wondering how on earth he got in.
"Here-" Stephanie stumbled beside you, handing you a clear drink.
"What is this?" You laughed, looking down and sniffing the concoction.
"Tequila." Stephanie snickered, "Trust me, babe. it'll change your life."
You raised a brow of doubt, "Oh will it?"
"Oh yes-" Stephanie stopped, gasping, "Oh my favorite song. Come on, let's dance."
"Oh, I don't-"
"I got you in, sparkles, let's go." She dragged you by the wrist, and you followed reluctantly to the dancefloor.
The sound of Whitney Houston filled your ears, her latest hit caused an eruption throughout the club. Smiling, you moved with Stephanie - knowing that this guilty pleasure was something you were okay with. You swayed back and forth, your hair falling over your shoulders with each movement. At that moment, you felt a smile creep on your lips - your hips unrelenting to the beat and you suddenly realized you were singing along. Laughter erupted between the both of you, she motioned to your drinks - and the both of you drank at the same time. You felt the burn of tequila as it went down and it quickly became the best feeling in the world. Shaking your head you kept dancing, your body swaying back and forth - but your feet came to a halt when you looked to the side of the dancefloor, Billy's eyes were on you - along with a beaming grin.
"I'll be right back." You tapped Stephanie's shoulder, and she quickly pouted, "Bathroom."
You wondered if you would be quick enough to get away, and you also wondered if it would've been horrible of you to skip out and escape from the bathroom window. Pushing your way through, you touched shoulders with nearly every person you passed, feeling the mixture of sweat and alcohol on your skin. Normally this would be grotesque to you but you liked the band so you were willing to endure. Pushing the door, you were thankful that no one had occupied the safe space. To your surprise, it was a single bathroom, which meant you had a moment to catch your breath in private. The door shut behind you, and your eyes were met with the filth of what a club bathroom looked like these days. As you went to lock the handle, you felt a force open the door.
"Sorry, occupied-" You choked out, but you were quickly overpowered.
Your nightmare came through the door with a smile, Billy.
"Hey, stranger." He grinned
"Jesus, get out, Hargrove." You were already exasperated, not in the mood for his antics.
"Calm down, angel." He chuckled, "Just came to check on you."
"Check on me?" You nearly laughed, "What am I, five?"
"No," Billy tilted his head, "This just normally isn't your scene."
"Are you stalking me?" You were half-joking.
"I could ask you the same thing." He went to put a cigarette in his mouth, but you quickly snatched it from him.
"You know this will kill you." You sighed, tossing it to the ground.
He was amused, "Well if it will take me out of this shithole sooner, time to light up."
"You're not wrong." You looked to your shoes, sighing at the thought of agreeing with him.
"Seriously." He quipped, "How did you end up here?"
"I have a friend." You looked back at him, his eyes looked almost concerned, "And you?"
"Are you truly asking me that?" Billy raised a brow, "This beats card games at Harrington's."
You smirked, "And here I thought you and Harrington were best buds."
Billy rolled his eyes, "It's called making friends so life doesn't suck entirely around here."
"You seem to hate it as much as I do." You bit your lip, "I think that's the first thing we can agree on."
"Not the first," Billy smirked, and you knew what he meant by that very comment.
"Billy." You swallowed, "It was just a-"
"Kiss?" He stepped closer, "Because I remember distinctly what the conversation was before that kiss."
"What, me being a virgin?" You got suddenly nervous, "Big deal."
Billy smirked, nodding to you as if he didn't believe a word you said. You suddenly looked to the small speaker at the corner of the bathroom, hearing the infamous "Here I go Again" cut in and out.
"Like a sign from God," Billy smirked, taking a step toward you.
"What are you doing?" You laughed nervously.
"Tell me you don't want this." He whispered, nearing you once more.
"Not here." You smirked, "Might get a disease."
Billy looked around the room, nodding in agreement. He stepped once again, now closing the space between the both of you. Catching your breath, you never realized just how much he towered over you. Without thinking, your hand reached to the fabric of his red button-down. Your finger trailed the exposed skin, he always left the top buttons undone of his shirt - you didn't realize just how much it affected you until he was this close. Your fingers fell to his belt, trailing the worn-out leather - you smirked wondering how many girls took part in that. When your eyes met his, you could see he was studying your every move - it was when you realized how blue his eyes were.
"Curious?" He whispered.
"Like a cat." You smirked, "How many women have undone this belt?"
"Does that matter?" Billy smirked back down to you, his fingers reaching up to trail your chin - then his thumb traced your lower lip.
"Maybe." You whispered, "Maybe not."
"You know how to drive someone crazy, you know that?" He whispered, his eyes fixated on your lips, "All I've been able to think about is-"
"Me too." You finished his thought, now looking to his lips in return.
"Do you trust me?" He smirked, his lips inching now to your own.
"Do you want the honest answer or the half-assed answer?" You whispered, smelling that hint of smoke and beer once again.
It was here in this moment, inches away from kissing him again - you realized just how badly you wanted this. Billy's mouth edged yours before touching them as he had before. The moment they touched you were drowned by your desire once again, the feeling - the taste of him sending you into a frenzy. You felt the fine line between disaster and desire with each movement, taking a breath you felt him tug your lower lip - the both of you once again fighting for dominance. The feeling of warmth flooded the pit of your stomach, and the growing need between your legs made you dizzy. In a swift movement, he pulled away - his lips red and swollen from the act.
"Wha-" You caught your breath, confused that he stopped.
"Tell me you want this." Billy searched your eyes, "Tell me."
Finally, you nodded.
Your lips crashed again, this time Billy managed to lead you to the sink of the bathroom. His hands were everywhere, touching every inch he possibly could of you. It took a moment for you to relish in the fact that his hands felt strong and steady, causing your mind to run wild with thoughts that had never crossed your mind before. As his lips now hovered over you, his dominant hand moved to the front of your fitted jeans. You looked down between the both of you, a pulse now radiating at the center of your body. His fingers fumbled carefully with the zipper, and your heart began to race - never had a man touched you like this, but every part of you screamed that you wanted more.
"You deserve to have the full experience" Billy groaned, "But I just need to do this."
"Wh-" Your words caught in your throat, feeling the warmth of his hand dip beneath the fabric of your underwear. You were certain your heart was going to give out
from excitement. You felt the pool of wetness, feeling slightly embarrassed you sheepishly looked at him. Part of you wondered if he was immune to what he did to you.
Billy laughed lowly, his hands feeling the effect he had, "And here I thought you hated my guts, angel."
You half-smiled, "Oh I do."
He chuckled, kissing your lips once again. The gentleness almost distracted you just enough. His hand dipped lower, his fingers meeting the sensitive nerve.
You gasped, pulling your lips from his you looked down to see his hand deep within your jeans.
"This feels good?" Billy whispered into your lips, his fingers beginning to move in a slow circular motion
You could only nod in response, your mind going blank from the amount of pleasure you felt. Biting your lip, your legs began to close around his touch. The feeling had rocked you to your core, you almost couldn't believe how something could feel so good.
"Billy-" You choked out, feeling a tightness in your stomach you could only imagine what that could mean.
His lips moved to the side of your ear, "It's alright, let go."
A wave of pleasure hit you at those very words, the sensation was unlike anything you had felt - the tightness released, causing your head to fall back to the mirror of the sink. As you came down from the high, your eyes slowly opened - seeing him look at you with complete content.
"Wow." You chuckled, feeling somewhat sheepish.
"That's not even the best of it," Billy smirked, leaning forward he kissed your lips once again - relishing the taste.
You were almost too lost in his lips to notice, but when you heard the uproar of the crowd, you decided now was the time to leave him - and yourself, wanting more. Pulling away with a teasing grin, you moved away from his hold to zip your jeans.
"See you tomorrow." You bit your lip, gripping the handle of the bathroom door.
Dumbfounded, you watched Billy stare at you. But it was causing you a sense of pride and confidence as you left the bathroom to rejoin Stephanie on the dancefloor.
You couldn't help but smile as you returned to reality, wondering what would happen next.
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Worth it?
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Toddler!Reader.
Summary: Wanda dream-walked into 838, seeing that she finally get to be with her kids but her daughter kind of notice something was off.
Warning: Multiverse of Madness.
Tumblr media
“Darling?" Wanda called out, bedroom door opening slowly with the light dimmed down.
Her youngest daughter was sleeping in bed, a thick comforter and blankets wrapped around her tiny frame.
She looked adorable, a soft tuft of hair peeked and spreaded out across the pillow as she snored quietly.
After all the effort into searching for her children through dozen of different dimensions, finally, Wanda had found them at last.
It took her everything of her to get here: she had travelled between worlds, had used hers and the Darkhold's magic to travel from one universe to another, one alternative realities after another until finally, she could see her sons and daughter again.
She had fought so many people that stood in her way, giving after an ultimatum while doing all they could to stop her from reaching her destination.
The only reason she hadn't been stopped was because they were all unaware of the true strength of the Scarlet Witch.
Everyone severely underestimated her abilities and that infuriated her immensely, she'd become so much stronger than before, yet people thought she was a pushover.
And she certainly didn't like the feeling of being treated like a weak woman, but it couldn't be helped.
And now, here she was, standing outside her daughters' bedroom, hands trembling as she tried her best to calm herself, trying desperately not to break down and cry on the spot.
The little girl stirred, making whiny noises as she buried her face back into the pillows, her body writhing slightly on the mattress.
Wanda smiled softly, moving to the foot of the bed and reaching over to gently stroke her forehead, trying to comfort her youngest child.
"Sweetie, it's Mummy," Wanda whispered, voice cracking as she said those words.
That seemed to wake up the girl who slowly began to open bleary eyes, squinting and blinking sleepily as she stared at her mother.
"Mum? Whuh..." She rubbed her nose sleepily against the pillowcase.
"I'm sorry to wake you baby girl, I just...wanted to say hi," Wanda smiled softly, sitting down at the end of the bed, watching how slow the girl was coming around, eyes still unfocused and mind groggy.
She reached up blindly, her fingers lightly brushing against her mother's hand, smiling when she felt the woman's grip tightening around hers.
"Are you okay Mummy? Why do you look sad?" The words tumbled from her mouth, concern laced every syllable and her small hands squeezed with reassurance when she noticed that her mummy was sniffling.
Wanda let out an almost strangled laugh, pulling her youngest daughter into a tight hug.
"Why would you think I'm upset Y/n?" She asked, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to keep her composure despite the tears threatening to slip past her defences.
"Eyes, red eyes, crying. Crying means you're sad," Y/n explained, looking around her room for any sign of where her mother's tears were coming from.
"Oh sweetie, I am just happy that you, Tommy and Billy are safe, that's why I'm crying," Wanda replied, running her fingers gently along Y/n's locks.
“But, we are safe, mama? Why worried?” The little girl tilted her head to the side, confused with her mother’s abrupt change in emotions.
Y/n‘a tiny hands touched the sides of her mother‘s cheeks, wiping away the stray tears that escape Wanda's lashes with her fist.
Wanda shook her head at the gesture, cupping Y/n‘s tiny palm with her own larger one.
"It’s an adult thing, don't worry about it sweetheart," She reassured the child, rubbing soothing circles on the young girl‘s palm.
Y/n shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and nodded her head.
"Okay then, mama," She murmured, yawning before closing her eyes once more, clearly ready for another nap.
“MUM! Tommy took my snack!” Billy screeched from downstairs, shattering both the Maximoffs’ momentary bubble of peace.
"I did not! ‘YOU’ took ‘MY’ snack! YOU DORK!" Tommy argued back, sounding extremely put out by Billy’s actions.
"No! YOU ate it ALL!"
“MUM!” They screamed for her, voices overlapping.
Wanda gave Y/n’s cheek one last gentle kiss before standing up and put her daughter back under the covers, tucking her in.
She leaned down once more, brushing Y/n’s hair behind her ear before planting a kiss on the young girl’s forehead.
"Get some good sleep now. I love you." She smiled reassuringly, leaning down once more to place a gentle kiss on Y/n’s head.
She turned to leave the room, hand already on the door handle to exit but she heard Y/n speak up again.
"Mummy, me do not like your actions lately."
Wanda froze in the doorway, a hand still gripping tightly onto the door handle. Her heart rate increased and for a second she considered turning around, which she did — to glance at Y/n and find a concerned expression on her face, but instead Wanda found herself looking straight into a pair of yellow eyes.
A pair of yellow eyes which were filled with nothing short of fear and uncertainty.
But Wanda brushed it off, pulling her unbothered smile she had perfected over countless months of grieving and painful memories.
She forced herself to smile, though her lips were quivering ever so slightly at the sight of Y/n's fearful gaze.
If there was anything else she hated, more than her lack of ability to control her powers, it was having to tell Y/n lies; telling the little girl what she wanted to hear to prevent her from worrying.
But this time, she had to lie to Y/n. She had to pretend as if things were perfectly alright, even if the entire multiverse was falling apart.
"What do you mean, my darling?" Wanda asked, hoping that her tone sounded normal enough and that the younger girl wouldn't notice the cracks in her voice.
Even if it was a complete and utter lie.
"I see things, mummy," Y/n replied, eyes narrowing, "And they don’t seem right to me.”
“What did you do?”
“I did everything I can.” Wanda responded, taking a deep breath and turning towards Y/n’s door, opening it with the intention to go and check on her sons, but as soon as she closed the door, Y/n called out once more:
"Is it worth it?”
She paused before walking away from the bedroom door, slowly spinning around to face her youngest child once more.
“Of course, sweetie,” She replied, a warm smile gracing her features, glowing red eyes coming to life;
“Why would you think otherwise?”
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chronic-boogara · 23 days ago
i hate you billy loomis
this was written by my lovley friend sofia who’s name i defiantly spelled right the first time. and "revised" and posted by me. 😩something a little longer for you filthy sluts.
billy loomis x AFAB reader , MINORS DNI!!, smut, dirty talking , unprotected sex, creampie, a bit of CNC? , billy being a psycho
y/n hates billy loomis. billy loomis hates y/n. how they ended up fucking in a deserted room at a party neither one knows.
Tumblr media
God you hated seeing him at parties. He always had some girl dangling off his wrist or grinding on him. If he could do that then why couldn’t you? It was only fair.
After the internal debate you had in your head, you go over to get a drink. Seeing the vodka, you immediately take a shot to relieve the anger you have built up over Billy. Fuck, you couldn’t stand him. Especially when he was dancing with someone other than you. It was infuriating despite the hatred you held towards him.
 “Y/N i didn't know you were here! I've missed you!” Stu comes up behind you, tackling with a bear hug. You lean back into his shoulder loving the feeling of safety in his arms. Much more comforting than his bitch of a best friend. Like seriously, you thought, what the fuck is up with Billy Loomis?
   “I missed you too Stewie!” turning around,you kiss him on his cheek and pour down the rest of your drink. Out of the corner of your eye you see Billy. He seems to be staring daggers at you and his poor best friend. You simply smirk and lean up to whisper in Stus' ear. 
  “Why don't you take me out on the dance floor, stu?” you softly bit down on his ear, loving the way Billy's body tenses at the close proximity you have with Stu.  
  “Ye-Yeah of course Y/N you know i can never say no to you” his hands reach lower down your spine towards your butt. You roll your eyes at how easy stu thinks it is to fuck you. Maybe you'd let him. 
 “Then let's go Stu, i've been dying to show you my new moves” you grab his hands and pull him with you.
Billy pushes away the girl he's currently groping and takes a step closer to the dance floor, towards you. Reacting to his movement, you move your own body closer to stu. Your body clearly takes control as you press your body to him, loving the way Billy clenches his jaw. 
 “C’mon Stewie, you're holding out on me. I know for a fact you can touch me in a lot of other places than my- What the fuck!” Billy stalks over to you and rips you away from his clueless friend. Of course he does this right as you were getting stu closer and closer to the desire thats been burning since you first arrived at this stupid ass party. You try to pry Billy's hand off but he only tightens it as he drags you through the house to a seemingly remote spot. 
  “Billy what the fuck are you-”
“Shut the fuck up Y/N. For such a smart girl you’re such a dumb fucking slut” he spits as he corners in on you. Literally, he's nudging you into the corner. You can't help but clench at the rough tone and pressure he's putting on your body.
What the fuck Y/N i thought you hated him, you think to yourself. 
  “Can you please let me out” you say trying to be as clear as possible, knowing you would rather die than get out of the position you were in right now. He laughs and inches his body closer until he's pressed against your core and your body is molded to the wall. 
“You think I'm just gonna let you get away with what you just did? Seriously Y/N, My best friend? How could you? Though I am expecting a lot from a stupid little whore.” you whimper as he spits the words out causing him to get impossibly closer to you. 
“Or maybe you wanted us both to fuck you? Is that right? Maybe next time I'll let you. But use your words big girl and tell me what the fuck you want” his hand inches over until its wrapped around your neck. You gasp at the sudden rough contact and writhe against his body. 
“I hate you Billy Loomis…but right now I need you to fuck me”. you whisper the best you can with his hand molded against your throat. You felt so pathetic under his grip but you had suppressed your urges for much too long
 “What? I didn’t hear that. You want me to punish you? Want me to punish you for being a bad little girl?” he grinds his teeth together as he sees the distress in your face. Enjoys the feeling of you subconsciously grinding into him as he grips your throat harder.
“Get on your fucking knees.” he realeases your throat and pushes you against the floor. You gasp and quickly catch yourself before you faceplant. As soon as he releases you, his hands are guiding you to him again. 
“You're gonna take my cock like a good girl and maybe ill think about letting you cum on my cock. Is that understood pretty girl? Use your words. Tell Daddy you understand.”
You struggle to find words as your eyes are focused on the tent growing in his pants. Of course he had to be fucking huge. With this delay of response, Billy gets your attention the only way he knows how. He slaps you across your face. You gasp as you immediately sputter out an apology and understanding of the situation about to occur. 
 “Good fucking girl, now suck my cock like you would Stu’s.” he coos grabbing your hands to guide them to release his cock. You quickly pull off his belt and unzip his jeans. You can’t help but grind your thighs together at the pleasure that grows because of this intimate moment. But as soon as you go to drag his jeans down, Billy notices your movement. He quickly pushes you away as you fall back against the wall dumbstruck.
“You desperate slut. Can’t even wait to get me off to start pleasuring yourself. Why don't I treat you to a lesson in respect? Get the fuck up.” he grabs your arms and drags you over to the couch conveniently placed in the room. 
 “Can you stop fucking manhandling me? You’re reminding me of how much I really dislike you”. you grumble as you shove yourself away from him. He cocks an eyebrow at this sudden phrase but quickly gets replaced by a smirk. He sits on the couch and pulls you down, situated over his hard-on. 
 “I like it when you get fiery, makes my cock so hard thinking about how much you hate me baby.” he says as he presses his cock into your stomach. Finally he touches you, although it's not the type of touch you expected. He slams his hand down, hard, on top of your ass. You jerk away at the unexpected pain that quickly becomes pleasurable. His fingers find their way under the too short skirt and skim across your soaked panties. You moan at the sudden contact and feel him twitch under you. 
“Please keep touching me like that billy please” you beg as he slowly drags his finger from one end of your slit to the other. He gets off on teasing you and you know this. You know that by the way he moans and adjusts himself when he flicks your pussy and you writhe in moan in his lap. Fed up with the fabric that still hides your body from him, he rips your skirt and panties off your legs. You gasp as you feel the cool air hit your pussy which results in another hard smack on your cunt. 
“Take your fucking top off for me. I need you face down ass up. Im gonna fuck you until you cant even think of that idiot Stu’s dick inside of you.” you shove off of him and eagerly throw your crop top off. As you look over at Billy, he's finally taking his clothes off.
You drool at the way his little happy trail leads to the v that hovers over his cock. You were fucked. He takes notice of your googly eyes and smirks. He moves his hand over his cock and starts to pump ever so softly. His jaw goes slack as he grips harder. You grow wetter just by watching him get himself off. You weren't sure if you hated him or yourself at that moment. Clearing your head, you get in position near the rear of the couch. You arch your back and wiggle your butt a bit as he makes his way behind you. You feel him slide against your hole, up and down, just teasing. 
“Billy come on please stop teasing. Ill say it okay ? I need you” you groan as you push back towards him. But he's faster than you. He grabs your hips and slams his cock deep inside of you.You gasp at the sudden intrusion until you feel his hand guiding your neck from off the couch. He brings your body to his as he fucks you with no mercy.
“You’re so fucking tight Y/N. I bet this is what you get off on every night. I bet you get off on the image of me fucking your brains out while youre too cock dumb to speak” you mewl instead of respond which earns another slap at your skin.
You hated how much you loved the pain. You hated how much your body loved this. You hated that you loved Billy Loomis
“Youre fucking me so good Billy…’mmm please don’t stop” you beg and cry out as he somehow pounds deeper into you. Words could not describe how pleasurable it was to have billy fucking you. As billy pounds harder, and you clench tighter, you both know you're about to come. 
“Billy, fuck ,im gonna cum please dont stop” you scream as you feel yourself nearing the edge. 
“Fucking cum for me slut. I wanna feel you coat my cock in your wet fucking juices. God, I hate what I'm about to do to you” he says.
You completely ignore the last part. Too caught up in your pre, during, and post orgasm bliss. You never even register the change of his hand to the cold sharp blade until he cuts. Just as he spills his seed into your tight cunt, he slides his knife through your hot and ready throat. He immediately regrets not forcing you to take his cock down your throat before he killed you. 
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tiredbeebo · 4 months ago
✓ Fuck Me Like You Hate Me | Billy Russo.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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➤ warnings; rough sex, biting, scratching, name calling.
➤ summary; Billy failed to do what you asked from him, again, and it was the last drop.
➤ wordcount; 1,9k
➤ taglist; @murdock-barnes @maddieinnit0 @rominaszh @nyx2021 @misstimeless @benbarneslut @all-art-is-quite-useless @tnrthings @crowssixof @rafaelakelley @oliviah-25 @M00kn1ghts
Tumblr media
Today was just one of those days. You had felt out of sorts from the moment your eyes opened. It didn't help that Billy's side of the bed was already empty, covers rumpled and pillow half off the mattress. He'd obviously gotten home after you passed out, then was off again before you even awakened. You grumbled to yourself as you crawled out of bed, thinking that you and he needed to have a talk.
As the day progressed, your mood went from bad to worse. Each and every little annoyance just seemed to pluck at your already frayed nerves. Midway through the afternoon you threw your hands up in frustration and cranked up the stereo, letting the raw pulse of music try to wash away your anger. The music was so loud that you didn't hear the door open, but you caught the faintest echo as Billy slammed it shut behind him.
You looked up in time to see his stony expression, mouth set in a hard line. "Must you have that noise playing quite so loud," he questioned as he shrugged out of his coat and tossed it aside. Billy didn't share your particular taste in music, but he usually didn't object to it unless he was feeling especially peevish. "Yes," you snapped in return. "What's set you off today," he asked, stalking past you on his way to the counter to fix himself a drink.
"I don't particularly enjoy waking up alone." "Well, at least you got to sleep in," Billy said with a bitter laugh. "I had to be up at an ungodly hour for work." "I asked you to wake me when you got in last night. And you didn't. Again."
Billy poured himself a scotch, neat, and turned to you before saying, "I meant to, but I must've passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow." "That's why you should've tried to wake me before you came to bed," you shot back.
You see the muscles in his jaw clench as he grits his teeth. "I was tired, baby," he says, emphasis heavy on the last word. "Work ran late and I knew I had an early morning, so..." "So you just decided to not bother with me," you cut in. "No! That's not what I meant..." "God, Billy! Am I really that much of an annoyance to you?!"
"An annoyance? What? Why are you being so ridiculous about this?" You felt your anger edge up a notch. "Ridiculous," you repeated in a low voice. "I'm being ridiculous because I asked you to do ONE thing. Just wake me up so I could actually spend a few minutes with you...and you totally blew me off! I'm being ridiculous because I hardly ever get to SEE you anymore?!"
Billy slammed his glass down on the bar and shouted, "Yes! Yes it's a bit fucking ridiculous that you're getting so worked up! We talked about this! You knew what you were getting into when we started dating!" You both stood there, staring at the other as the current song ended and the opening notes of 'Dig' by Mudvayne rumbled out of the speakers. You narrowed your eyes at Billy, suddenly so pissed that you could barely think straight.
"So that's supposed to make everything okay? I knew how tough your job was before I ever agreed to move in, so I should just be happy with whatever scraps of attention you throw my way?!" "No! God, why do you have to twist my words? That's not what I meant at all!" "Then say what you fucking mean," you screamed. Billy ran one slender hand through his sleeked back hair and shut his eyes momentarily. "Do you have any idea how infuriating it is trying to talk to you when you get like this," he growled.
"No, but I do know how infuriating it is to live with a man you never get to see! A man that hasn't even tried to touch you in almost three weeks!" Billy went still, his eyes boring into yours. "Oh, is that what this is about?" "It's part of it, but not all. Not by a long shot," you hissed. "Don't try and simplify everything down to one point, Russo." "You're the one that brought up how long it's been, so that makes it seem forefront in your mind! As if were I to give you a proper fucking, then perhaps you wouldn't be acting like such a bitch," he said, advancing on you.
Your eyes went wide at his choice of words as your mouth twisted into a snarl. You reared back and slapped him across his face, rocking Billy's head back and stopping his forward motion. "Don't you ever call me that! EVER," you growled. Quick as a snake, he had you in his arms, muffling any further protests as he assaulted your mouth. You struggled to bring your hands up to his chest, then shoved him back, panting in frustration.
You glared at one another for a long moment before you grabbed Billy's tie and yanked him down to your level, kissing him brutally. Billy pulled back from you and let loose a mocking laugh. "So I win, then?" "This proves nothing," you snapped and ran your tongue down his throat before sinking your teeth into his flesh. Billy hissed in surprise and tangled his hand in your hair, yanking your head back. You yelped as he dipped his face down and bit your shoulder in return, nearly breaking the skin.
"Can you take what you give?" he murmured, lips grazing the marks his teeth had left in your flesh. "Just...shut your mouth. I don't want to hear you speak right now," you groaned, bumping your hips into his and grinding on his rapidly hardening crotch.
Billy scowled down at you and spun you around by your hair, shoving you up against the wall. He slid his free hand up your skirt, ripped your panties away and then there was a moment of fumbling before he surged forward, filling your already slick cunt. Your cheek was pressed to the cool plaster and you rose to your tiptoes, thrusting back against him.
Billy brought his lips to your ear and snarled, "Shut my mouth? No, I think not. You are going to listen to every word I say while I use you like the filthy little whore you are. You want to be fucked? Once I'm done with you, girl, you won't be able to walk for a week."
He kept his body pressed against yours, pinning you in place as his hands dropped to your ass, spreading your cheek and allowing him deeper access. You squealed and scrabbled your nails against the wall, as Mudvayne gave way to Slipknot 'Spit It Out', and Billy increased the punishing pace of his thrusts.
You gave a strangled cry, clenching your cunt around his hard length as your first orgasm took you completely by surprise.
He hissed, "Oh, you LIKE that, do you? You like being hatefucked? I won't be gentle. I. have. nothing. for. you. beyond. this." Each word of his final sentence punctuated by a thrust harder than the last.
You bucked back against Billy suddenly, throwing him off balance, and twisting out of his grip. He reached for you and you both tumbled to a pile on the floor, wrestling for control. You won this round, climbing atop of his lean body and impaling yourself quickly on his cock, and he gasped in surprise. You leaned back, digging your fingers into Billy's thighs to steady yourself as you began to ride him roughly. He brought his hands up and gripped the front of your blouse, ripping the material apart, buttons ricocheted across the hall.
Billy palmed your breasts, squeezing roughly and pinching your nipples into hardened peaks as you continued to rock back and forth. "Bite me," you moaned. "I want to feel your teeth." He pushed himself upright and latched his mouth onto your right breast, tonguing your nipple before driving his teeth into your flesh. You grabbed the back of his head and held him against you, ragged shrieks coming from your throat as his teeth marked your body over and over.
Billy raked his nails down your back as you ground your ass down against him, trying to force more of his length into your sopping cunt. You growled in frustration, then pushed him back again and climbed off. He lay on the floor, watching as you stripped the rest of your clothes off with impatient motions. Once you were completely naked, you turned your back to him and went to the floor on your hands and knees. Peering back over your shoulder at him, you spread your knees wide, tilted your ass up high, and commanded, "Come fuck me, Russo. Fuck me like you hate me. Make me feel it. Make it hurt."
A cruel smile rose on his face and he moved to you, Slipknot faded into Korn, 'Beat It Upright'. You moaned in anticipation, then shivered as Billy's hands dug into your hips, steadying himself as he plunged his entire length into your waiting cunt. Billy's one hand slid up to the nape of your neck and he pinned you down, as he angled his body over yours. You arched your back, cheek pressed to the floor, breath coming faster. Billy grunted as he withdrew, then slammed forward again.
"You dirty little slut," he moaned. "I know how wet this song makes you. I suppose I should take advantage of that, hmm?" "Yes," you gasped. "Deeper. Now."
Billy leaned down and began singing along softly as he brutally filled you again and again. "Ass up high, make a motherfucker cry, it's so good that I could die"
You bucked wildly underneath him, your lust overflowing at hearing the lyrics rolling off his tongue as you felt every inch of his cock punishing you in such a delicious way. You let out a strangled gasp, feeling yourself constrict around him as you skated on the edge of release. Billy laughed in a low, dangerous tone and increased his pace, tearing your orgasm from you in time to the music. You shrieked until if felt like your throat would split, trembling like a leaf in a high wind.
Billy reached underneath you and cupped your cunt in one large hand, pressing his palm to your clit. He began to rub roughly as he continued thrusting violently, growling, "Keep coming for me, whore. I'd have you tight around me when I fill you with my fucking cum."
You keened, so overstimulated that you didn't even know if you could come again. But Billy gave you no choice. He worked deeper inside you, and manipulated your clit until you exploded again, while still spasming from the first orgasm. Billy's breath came ragged then, and he slapped your ass, hard, with his free hand, gripping your flesh tightly as he shot his cum deep inside you. "Oh, you little cunt," he growled, as he pulsed inside you and collapsed over your back.
You dropped to the floor, Billy covering you, and panted weakly. his breath rattled in your ear, and he said, voice strained, "Perhaps we should fight like that more often angel."
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palettehao · 8 days ago
Debunking a Stupid Twitter Take*
Basically op mentioned Byler (not even in a romantic shipping way and then this person replied saying it's never gonna happen and Mike's straight followed by this ↓)
Tumblr media
Firstly I hate the take that El needs Mike's help defeating Vecna seemingly just with the power of love, which I find very stupid, cheap and done in lazy writing. I'm so sick of Eleven's character being brought down to just being Mike's girlfriend or that she needs him to function or something along those lines, when that's certainly not the truth. This was literally a huge plot and why they broke up in season 3, because she was always dragged around doing what Mike wanted, her head constantly filled with what Mike thought was cool with Mike's opinions on things etc... Season 3 was meant to let her grow as her own person specifically away from Mike.
Her getting support from her friends definitely helps her emotionally with all of the things she's had to fight and face, but realistically she's never needed Mike/anyone to defeat an enemy she's perfectly capable of doing that on her own, plus I think her recent development and getting her powers back has definitely given her more strength to defeat Vecna.
(And I know S3 her friends helped her sm, but in the end it was her knowledge about Billy that saved her, which Mike tried to stop her from doing cause he didn't trust her anyways-)
It's the fact that this person says "it was a memory of unconditional love that gave her the strength to beat him before" is completely wrong?? Unless I was watching a different show then El remembering what happened to her mother and how they were ripped away from each other brought her the emotion of anger, which was what she used to defeat him then, not love, anger. Which everyone should know because 001 literally tells her that's how he brought out his own powers.
Uh and Mike and El's fight definitely wasn't about unconditional love it sounded more like it was teetering on the edge of unrequented love.
Tumblr media
This part really just irks me so much, I'm so incredibly sick of people still not getting, refusing to say that Will is gay. At this point if you don't see the signs that are so blatantly in front of your face, not even hidden, then you're probably just homophobic. I've seen this take about Will and people not accepting his sexuality too many times, after season 4 and all the moments he's had with Mike, after all the interviews and articles about his sexuality specifically people still refuse to say he is gay, it's honestly so infuriating.
I'm not even going to bring up Byler in depth, but if you genuinely cared enough and considered a gay couple being in the show, and took them seriously then you would see how people are able to see a deeper connection within their relationship. It's as simple as that but you don't even want to recognize the canonical gay character so..
And then the take on the painting is also stupid. Because again if you paid attention and would take him seriously then you would notice all the not so subtle details about him crumpling up the painting after Mike was distant with him, or seeing how hopeful he was after their heart to heart bedroom scene when he grabs it again. To put it simply all you have to do is think logically and you would see that his actions speak so loudly, because why would he need to drag the painting around if it wasn't for Mike why would he make a painting for Mike and El, why would they emphasize the importance of this painting and about how it could be for someone he likes in the very beginning if it wasn't for some type of development for him specifically.
I just genuinely don't understand how blind some people can be so blind...
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fific7 · 4 months ago
Cold as Ice - Part 2
Billy Russo x Reader
A/N: Based on the song by Foreigner, but a really chill female singer/acoustic version of it I heard on my travels and which I now can’t find anywhere 😒
Summary: Set in my Punisher S1 AU, it does not follow canon. Billy Russo has one cold little heart, and you find this out to your cost. But will Fate allow you to turn the tables on him? Angsty, zesty 🍋 and fluff mixture.
Warnings: 18+ NSFW due to sexual content, including unprotected, between consenting adults* in some chapters. Drinking and swearing.
*Irl, please use protection, let’s be careful out there.
(My photo edit)
Tumblr media
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
I've seen it before, it happens all the time
You're closing the door, you leave the world behind
You're digging for gold, you're throwing away
A fortune in feelings, but someday you'll pay
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
He turned on his heel and left, slamming your door behind him.
You picked up a bottle of shower gel and threw it with all your strength at the door. It banged off it and dropped with a thud onto the floor, and you sincerely hoped that Russo had heard it crashing against the door as he’d walked away.
Luckily, the bottle had remained intact as that would’ve been a complete pain to clean up.
He was so infuriating! Walking into your apartment and asking if you were seeing Glenn! The complete brazen cheek of him. You didn’t know what you’d ever seen in him. Then you had to laugh at yourself…. well, of course you knew what the attraction had been. The air of danger about him, his mischievous nature, his handsome face, his tall athletic frame, his undoubted skills in bed, the size of his….
Enough of that! you admonished yourself, beginning to sort through the pile of clothes and toiletries he’d returned to you. You were going to launder them as soon as possible - you didn’t want any residual scent of Russo remaining on them. And as for that Anvil t-shirt of his you used to sleep in, you’d probably be best putting that in the trash. But then you realised that he hadn’t even included it. The mean pig! you thought, he knew you liked that t-shirt. In that moment of outrage, you chose to ignore the fact that you’d just thought about throwing it out.
You bundled all the clothes into the washing machine. Luckily there were no whites in there and you could wash them all together. Slamming the door shut, you added the detergent liquid and set it going on a program.
Good riddance to Russo! you thought.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
On Monday, Karen grabbed you for lunch and grinning, began to tell you what Frank had said when she’d filled him in on the current situation between you and Billy.
“He went ballistic!” she crowed, “Totally freaked. He was so mad at him! He was gonna call him right then but I persuaded him not to. Thought it might be better if he calmed down first.” She ate a mouthful of food, chewing thoughtfully. “He’s gonna speak to him about it today. Wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of that little chat, I tell ya.” She paused before she took another mouthful, “He just couldn’t understand why he’d done it. Said he’d seemed more loved up than he’d ever seen him before so it just made no sense.”
You shrugged, “Look, I really appreciate that Frank’s all fired up on my behalf, but it’s not gonna change anything. Russo’s made up his mind - he was bored, got complacent, the grass was greener, commitment issues, blah blah blah - whatever the reason was, he’s decided he didn’t want to be with me any longer and that’s that. I know him - he’s the most stubborn sonuvabitch I’ve ever met, he’ll never change his mind once it’s made up. And I don’t want him back anyhow.”
Karen cocked her head, looking at you over her forkful of pasta, “Honestly? You don’t?” You stared right back at her, “No, I don’t.” She smiled, “So if he walked in here right now, prostrated himself on the ground in front of you and swore undying love, you’d tell him to do one?” You swirled up a big forkful of your own pasta, “Yup. I would, I swear to you I would.” She kept smiling, “Okay… whatever you say.”
You knew she didn’t believe you. “I mean it, Karen. How could I ever trust him again knowing he’s pulled a stunt like this on me? And he might not have gone home with her that night, but who knows what he’s been getting up to since? - either with her or whoever else.” You shook your head and shovelled the pasta into your mouth, “Nope, I just wouldn’t go there,” you said while chewing.
And you meant it, you really did.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
Your date with Glenn was okay, you reflected as you made your way to the subway. But it kind of reminded you why you hadn’t made much of an effort to keep in touch. He’d been very focussed on his career at that point, and it seemed that nothing much had changed. It was all he’d talked about.
He was a nice guy, he really was - but he just didn’t light your fire. Not like… No!! not going there, remember?
So you’d suggested that you meet up for coffee sometime to catch up again, and had been grateful when he hadn’t either argued or tried to suggest an actual further date. You didn’t think he really wanted to date, to be honest - he was a workaholic from the sound of it so it probably didn’t fit in with his plans.
But even if there was no future in it, it had still been nice to be treated like a queen for the evening. After the way Billy had behaved, it was reassuring that you were considered worth wining and dining.
A car flashed past you and while you only caught a fleeting glimpse of it as it disappeared into the distance, you could’ve sworn… no, really, that would be too much. And you were sure that Billy wasn’t invested enough to be stalking you.
Was he?
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
You mentioned the two possible sightings of his car to Karen the next day. She looked thoughtful, then said after a few moments, “You know that’s something that can happen in domestic abuse cases.” “Oh, no,” you said quickly, “nothing like that ever happened with him.” She nodded, saying, “Just hear me out,” before continuing, “The guy in the relationship is more than likely a control freak and is usually a cheater himself, but can’t stand it if there’s an outside chance his partner is seeing someone else. So even though they might’ve split up, he’ll stalk her to confirm if she is or not. This could be a version of what Billy might be up to. He finished it but now can’t deal with the thought that you’d get with someone else.”
“Mmmm,” you mused, “it could be the case. He’s got a huge ego.” “Yes, but you know that beneath all that bravado, he’s very insecure. Due mainly to his upbringing.” You nodded, “Yes, I know that had a much bigger impact on him than he ever let on.” “Well, I’m gonna ask Frank to see if he can find out something on the down-low.” You laughed, “Is Frank even capable of doing anything on the down-low?!” Karen joined in your laughter, “I can see how those two don’t necessarily go together but believe me, Frank can do subtle when he wants to.” “Ooh can he, indeed?” you smirked, and she slapped your hand lightly, “Enough of that,” she smirked back.
“But the more I think about it,” you continued, “let’s lay out the facts. Billy likes to be in control. He’s egocentric but is insecure. He used to be a sniper and now he owns his own security firm, who offer surveillance as part of their services.” You thought for a moment or two, “But I’m still not sure he’s invested enough to care. He was pretty indifferent to me those last few days in the run-up to his restaurant stunt.”
“I still think the pros outweigh the cons,” commented Karen, “and we’ll see what Frank can find out.”
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
You found yourself out on another date that Friday night. A guy from the news desk had somehow found out you were single again and had asked you out.
Once again, he didn’t exactly rock your world but hey, he was an okay guy and a date’s a date when it comes down to it. It was better than moping at home with a bottle of alcohol and a bucket of ice cream, watching some Netflix show you’d probably already seen.
But this time, you were provided with irrefutable evidence that Billy was following you. His sleek Rolls Royce Wraith was blatantly parked right opposite the restaurant and you spotted it as you were saying goodnight to your workmate. There didn’t appear to be anyone in it, and as you walked along you found yourself glancing nervously at the buildings round about you in case Billy was perched on top of one them, sniper rifle in hand.
You rushed down the subway steps and at least felt marginally safer down there.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
“Yeah, Frank says he’s definitely tailing you,” confirmed Karen on Monday morning while you both made yourselves a coffee in the staff kitchen. “How did he find out?” you questioned her, anxious in case Billy would now suspect you knew about it. Although parking his car right across from the restaurant you were in was hardly trying to be invisible, and you said as much to Karen.
“Oh yeah, I don’t think he’s worried if you know or not,” she nodded, “Frank had mentioned your name and then pushed his buttons about you dating again. He said Billy’s face looked like thunder when he said that, and so Frank then said he hoped he wasn’t doing anything crazy like stalking you. Billy instantly tried to act casual and said that he wasn’t, but Frank can tell when he’s lying. And he was definitely lying.”
“Well, he’s a trained sniper so he’s not making any effort at all to stay out of sight. I mean, this is all just getting crazier by the minute! He’s the one who finished with me, for fuck’s sake!” Another colleague walked into the kitchen at that point and gave you a look, so you mouthed “Sorry” and gestured for Karen to follow you back to your desk.
Once you were both seated there, you continued, “I really don’t know what to do… it’s got to stop. And I don’t want it to get to the stage where I have to get a restraining order. Not that they’re worth the paper they’re written on. But you know what I mean.”
Karen looked a bit uncertain then replied, “How about you text him? Tell him to stop.” “And you think that’s likely to stop Billy Russo?” you said, glumly, “You know how stubborn he is.” “Well, it’s worth a try, and also it’s documenting the steps you’ve taken to get him to cease and desist.” “To use as evidence when he’s tried for shooting me dead from a rooftop?” you said, amused. She pulled a face at you, and you said, “Okay, okay… I really don’t think it would come to that but that’d be his preferred m.o., let’s face it.” “Just try it… he might surprise you.”
That evening at home, you took a big slug of your G&T and picked up your phone. Typing in Billy’s number from memory (you were somewhat ashamed to admit), you then set out a polite request to Billy to stop following you around, avoiding the word ‘stalking’ in case it was a bit too much. Hitting send, you sat back and wondered what his response would be.
Ting! You grabbed your phone and opened the message app, before laughing out loud. Billy had typed, “Who is this? You’ve got the wrong number.” Oh funny, very funny, you thought, copying your message to him to the word. Cheeky big devil. You typed a reply, “You know who it is. And just stop the tracking, okay?”
No reply this time, which didn’t surprise you in the least.
Lying in bed later that night, you thought to yourself, what next? Do I try and video him if he turns up wherever I am?
Your phone chimed, and you sat up to see who was messaging you so late. As if you couldn’t guess.
“No.” That’s all it said.
Then 2 seconds later, “Sleep well.”
Your stomach lurched and you looked over at your window - yes, your blinds were closed. Huh, just a good guess on his part then that you’d been trying to get to sleep.
But it had still given you chills for a second.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
Everywhere you went now, you felt like you were being watched but you told yourself that this was the power of suggestion and also the product of your overactive imagination.
Telling Karen the latest instalment at lunch the next day, she was really irritated with Billy’s response. “Really? That’s what he said? Exactly what you’d said to him and then just “No” and telling you to sleep well?” She shook her head and sipped at her smoothie, “He’s a manipulative jerk! Well, the next thing you do is try and get some shots of him following you.” “Yup, I’d reckoned that would be my next move. I did tell you he wouldn’t give up but I guess it was worth a try like you said.”
Walking to the subway after work, you caught a fleeting glimpse of Russo ducking out of sight up ahead of you. He was totally doing that on purpose because if he was surveilling you for real, you just wouldn’t see him. So he was trying to get under your skin. I won’t let him! you promised yourself but still didn’t feel entirely comfortable during the rest of your journey.
The next few days followed pretty much the same pattern. Billy disappearing out of sight round a corner, his car speeding past you. Didn’t the guy have a day job any more? He seemed to spending all his time stalking you.
You were genuinely beginning to wonder if you should call the cops.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
You’d decided to have lunch out one day as the sun was shining and there was a nice gentle breeze. Buying a sub from your favourite deli, you headed to the park and sat yourself down on an empty bench, unwrapping it and taking a healthy bite.
Then you spotted Billy on a parallel path to the one you were on. A rage took hold of you, this was just too much! You leapt up, sandwich in hand and took off running towards him. Bumping into several people as you rocketed along the path and then down over the grassy section between you and Billy.
He’d of course spotted you heading towards him like an angel of vengeance and melted into the trees next to the path he was on. By the time you reached where he’d been, he was nowhere in sight.
“Billy!!!!” you screeched, “This stops! Right now!”
Apart from an elderly lady walking her dog, who looked at you like you were an escaped lunatic and loudly tutted at you, silence was the only response.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
Karen looked concerned, “He’s obsessed!” she said, sipping her drink. You two were in a local bar as you’d felt the need for some alcohol after your lunchtime encounter with Billy. “I’m gonna talk to Frank again,” she said, “I really think he needs to have a word.” You shrugged, sucking up some of your cocktail through the straw, “I’m not sure it’ll make any difference, though.” She shook her head, “He’ll listen to Frank,” she maintained, “whereas he’s not paying any attention to you.” She grinned, “Apart from stalking you night and day, of course.”
You grimaced, “I’ve had it with him, Karen, I really have. He’s lost the plot! He finishes with me but I’m the one getting stalked! It should be the other way round, shouldn’t it? I should be the bunny boiler, not him.” She laughed, “Yes, that’s the way the movies generally paint it. But we know that in Billy’s world, he’s lost control of you and is now discovering he doesn’t like it, one bit.”
“Well, he really needs to give it up, he really does,” you muttered, “I swear I’m gonna call the cops otherwise.”
“Let me speak to Frank, I’m sure he’ll be able to help,” Karen said soothingly.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
Another Friday night, another date. This time a guy you’d met in your local coffee shop and who’d chatted you up persistently until you’d agreed to meet him for a drink. He was cute but you weren’t sure how it would go and as you didn’t know him, you’d texted Karen the details so she knew where you were.
The date was okay, pretty mediocre to be honest. Another guy who spent the whole evening telling you his life story without asking you one thing about yourself. You believed in an equal exchange of information and that definitely hadn’t happened. So you’d wished him goodbye without any offer of meeting up again and whilst you saw a disappointed look crossing his face, you weren’t going to give in. Another instalment of his life story you could do without.
You headed to the subway, deep in thought about disappointing dates and stalker ex-boyfriends. Really, you should’ve been paying more attention to your surroundings. Hands grabbed your arms and you were thrown through the side door of a small dark van.
Landing with a crash on the hard surface of the interior, you gave a groan and then saw a balaclava-clad face approaching yours.
A cloth was placed over your nose and mouth, you smelt something sharp, chemical, and you began to lose consciousness.
The dark eyes of your kidnapper stared into yours as the darkness closed in rapidly.
»»————————————-———- ⚜ ———————————-————-««
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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directdogman · 3 months ago
were there any dialtown characters you expected fans to dislike/hate but people ended up liking? or vice versa?
Was a tad worried about both Mingus + Norm. Part of their routes is pointing out that they each see the world in a very specific, but equally incorrect way, and was worried that players would have the 'incomplete' forms of both characters baked into their minds as both only fully learned the error of their ways late into the game. Actually, come to think of it, I was MORE worried about Mingus than Norm, as Norm has staggered character development and by the halfway point in his route, the faith he olds in his old worldview has already become shaky. Mingus only really comes around at the very end, though. Also, a lot of DT draws on my personal experiences (bc they're just kinda there, y'know, to pull from. in my brain) and one of the inspirations for Mingus is a really unlikable person irl. So, I was worried I couldn't make her, y'know, not infuriating to be around and totally unlikable? Glad fans seem to think otherwise though! I guess I got the ratios roughly correct tee hee Alternate note: Was hoping the fandom would wanna dropkick Little Billy and by and large, they do, so hey, bonus-bonus.
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thewritingdoll · 8 months ago
“i hate this part.” “what part?” “seeing you happy without me.” + billy russo, he's the one who's saying the 1st and third line. please spare me no pain, i need to cry
being TOTALLY honest, i don’t know if this is really as sad & cry-worthy as it is just.. infuriating jdkdkd
𝒹𝓇𝓊𝓂 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝒶 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓉 | ᥇.᥅.
fandom marvel
featuring billy russo x ex!reader (f)
rating sfw, heed warnings
content warning poorly written angst, suggestions of domestic violence, allusions of mistreatment & a toxic relationship
summary maybe, he hoped you were as miserable as he was.
word count 1.3k / mini musing
attention not proofread. please reblog. do not copy/translate/repost.
Tumblr media
you were trying your best to ignore it. to ignore him, and the way your stomach knotted up when you saw him. just sitting there, his oblivion gaze flickering to your table every so often. you felt sick when his eyes were upon you, hit by a tidal wave of memories.
the fights. all the screaming. your tears outlining the pain in mascara over your cheeks. you thought about the last night you spent with him, and how your bags had been packed by the door, and yet you lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling and listening to the sound of his breathing. he wasn’t sleeping, he was doing the same. you were crying, and not once did he wrap his arms around you for comfort, not once did he move an inch— just laid there, listening to the sound of your broken heart like a glass shattering on the floor. you might as well have been miles apart, because the few inches between you felt like an ocean of unspoken words.
“Babe?” your fiancé’s voice pulls you out of the memory; he’s in the booth across from you, and his head is cocked to the side, wariness plain on the soft countenance. “Where’d you go?”
“Huh?” you mutter, testing the strength of your voice. it wasn’t as strong as you’d like, so you can only imagine what you must’ve looked like, staring into space with your eyes welling up with tears, breathing getting faster, “Oh, uh, sorry. Nowhere, I’m right here.” you force a smile and reach over to hold his hand on the table, ring glinting under the dim lamps. you don’t look to Billy again, because despite the fact that every memory you kept of your time with him was a shitty one, your heart still aches to see him. your feet still yearn to carry you to him. your hands still try to reach out and take his face, and your lips want nothing more than to plant themselves against his.
pathetic, you thought.
“What were you saying?”
“Oh,” your fiancé shrugs, before his hand careens to take yours, lacing his fingers between yours, “just about the cake, I mean, do you really want Devil’s Food? We can get any flavor under the moon, ya know?”
“What’s wrong with Devil’s Food?” you tease, squeezing his hand and wearing a playful smirk.
“Nothing!” he replies, playfully defensive, “I’m just saying— I love you, but I will have to laugh if you get big, brown chunks of cake caught in your teeth during the reception, you know that right?”
you both crack up, and for a moment, you forget about Billy in the corner. with him, you ended up smiling until it hurt, laughing until you cried, and loving every moment of it.
“There’s a problem with your card, sir,” the waitress approaches, looking meek and apologetic as she shifts on her heels. frowning, you look up at the same time as your fiancé.
“What’s up? Did it get declined?”
“No… not exactly. We just need you to call your bank and confirm the payment.”
he nods, sliding out of the booth seat, “Sure, yeah I’ll handle it.” he looks to you, smiles just as apologetically, and reaches up to kiss the back of your hand before he lets go of it, “Meet you outside?”
you nod, already reaching to gather your belongings, “Sure, yeah, do what you have to do.” and he strode off, tagging along behind the waitress whilst putting his phone to his ear. once alone, you nibble on your lip, eyes flickering to the table in the corner. you catch Billy’s gaze this time, and something in your stomach turns. you have to go over there. there’s anger and confusion swirling within your stomach when you hitch the strap of your purse on to your shoulder and stomp over to the table, crossing your arms over your chest; he’s looking down, into his nearly empty beer bottle when you reach him. “What are you doing here?”
he shrugs, bringing the beer to his lips.
it wasn’t enough for you. “Are you following me?”
“I was in the neighborhood,” he replies, flippantly.
“Bullshit.” you knew he was lying, but you also knew he would never admit it if he were.
“He seems nice.”
you scoff— something deep inside you, something warm you once held for Billy Russo had died and was decomposing in the cavity he left in your heart. “Yeah, he is.”
his brow quirks when he finally looks over at you, “And, since when do you like nice guys?”
stand your ground. “Maybe I just got tired of the assholes,” you reply, the words felt like acid on your tongue; you had to expel it before it destroyed you, “and, of course, the obvious perks.”
“Which are?”
“He doesn’t make me cry and he’s never killed anyone.” your brows furrowed, and you notice the grip on the neck of his bottle grows tighter. good, you think, it felt good to get to him like he always got to you. “He’s never once hit me, or even threatened—“
“Yeah?” Billy cuts you off with a snort as he points to you with his bottle, “Just give him time, sweetheart. He’s gonna be just like every other guy you’ve ever known. He’ll be just like me.”
you feel sick. shaking your head, you glance towards him. he doesn’t see you over here, which was probably for the best. turning back to the table, you place both hands on it, leaning close to whisper your words like they held a dirty secret. “No, you’re wrong, Billy. He’s not like you, which is why I love him the way you’d never let me love you.” once said, you push yourself off from the table and turn to traipse towards the door.
“I hate this part.”
you stop; against your better judgement, you stop in your tracks and turn to look at him again. your heart rate kicks up, and you grip the strap of your bag with one hand, eyes narrowed. “What part?”
Billy stands up from the table, slow, tugs on the hem of his shirt to straighten it out, before he takes a couple of steps towards you. you take a couple of steps back. old habits die hard, and you weren’t sure what Billy was capable of doing, anymore. he pauses when he sees the reaction, watching a subtle fear spread across your countenance, a cautiousness learned on the palm of his hand. for a moment, you can see an ugly, glaring visage of guilt wither his typical stoicism. “Seeing you happy without me.”
“Let’s not lie to each other anymore, Billy,” you mutter, hands shaking so you hide them from him. “I was never happy with you, and you weren’t happy with me.”
“Maybe you’re right,” his voice is practically a whisper as he takes another step closer. you knew better, but you’re frozen in place. he tilts his head, dark eyes filled with an abyss of things he never said. he wouldn’t say them now. not ever. “But you were the closest thing to it I’ve ever had.” his hand flees to touch your face, but you angle your gaze in the opposite direction to avoid it, or perhaps, to hide the expression you wore now. it didn’t matter, either way, and he leans forward to press a chaste kiss to your temple, before sidestepping you.
moments later, as you leave the restaurant with your fiancé, holding his hand, your eyes betray him, and scan the parking lot for Billy.
he isn’t there.
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becauseicantthinkwritings · 8 months ago
Demon!Billy: You're dreaming about him, when he starts to fuck you slowly, when you wake up you realize that maybe it wasn't just the dream! God!Billy: He gets turned on seeing you angry, he tells you to take your frustration out on him, and that if you're good he shows the true power of a god! Vampire!Billy: You angrily ask him if he wants a bag of your blood to leave you alone, but he prefers to drink straight from the fountain where he can enjoy the heat - Moon Moon
Demon Billy:
This is his exclusive look below.
Tumblr media
He loves watching over you while you sleep. He knows you find it creepy, so he tries not to be in the same room. He still has his eyes and ears focused on your sleeping form.
He enters your room quickly when you say his name. He searches for danger before his eyes zero in on you. You've worn a short, blue nightdress to bed, with nothing underneath, the curve of your ass peeking out. He could just pull the sheet off your legs, and push his cock into your pussy. You'd probably let out a little cry as he fills you up. Maybe you'd fuck back on him too in your sleep. He stands there and think about what having you would feel like- the intoxicating way you'd wrap snugly around his large cock.
He can't help but move closer, pushing your dress a little higher to get a look at your slit. He thinks about how little your body is compared to his, there's no way you could take his cock without crying. He smirks and backs away from you, leaving your room in an effort to catch his breath. He wanted to serve his master, in every way possible.
(I just feel like God of war, Billy, walks around permanently shirtless in his temple ... sooo...)
Tumblr media
You seethe in rage after looking through the mirror into the human world. How dare they destroy your life and move on so quickly! You watch your horrible best friend hold your mother while she cries! You walk to the edge of Billy's temple and you scream.
Billy's at your side in moments. He watches you rage, the anger coming off you in waves. He soaks it in, using your emotions to fuel his power.
"I'm going to kill both of them!" You say turning to him finally acknowledging his presence.
He doesn't say anything, but you're so mad and you're not thinking.
"Why'd you bring me here? Why couldn't you just let me die!" You shove at him. He knocks your hands away, which only infuriates you more.
You kick and scratch at him and his only response is making an attempt to restrain you.
You end up face down on the floor at the front of his temple. He flips you around easily, fire burning in his eyes as he pushes his cock into you.
"Calm down." He growls, hips thrusting into yours.
You moan at the feelings flooding through you.
"Can't believe I have to take you on the steps of my temple like some common bitch for you to fucking relax." He grits.
You sigh his name in response and he laughs.
"Gotta say, you're fucking hot when you're angry."
Your fingers dig into his skin, you reach up to bite his shoulder and he grunts.
"We'll get your revenge, little one, don't worry."
Vampire Billy:
Tumblr media
"Why the fuck would i drink your blood from a bag when I have the fresh source, eager and willing in front of me?"
"Whoo said I was willing?" You ask in disbelief.
"Your pussy did, after I made her cum for the fourth time on my cock yesterday."
You swallow at the reminder of his thorough lovemaking.
He comes closer to you, filling your space with his body.
"You taste so fucking good after you've cum so many times. Your blood coursing with all that euphoria from your brain." He kisses your forehead, "My own personal blood whore." He teases.
You push away from him.
"I'm nobody's blood whore!" You grit out, turning away.
His arms wrap around you from behind.
"Don't be mad, it's a compliment. I'd kill anyone you ask me to. I'd do anything you want, just to continue having access to your neck... and your cunt."
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dramavibes · a month ago
stray thoughts from my watchlist #3 ;; may 9th-may 15th, 2022
Two shows may have come to an end but I somehow managed to start another three? Insomnia is just such an enabler.
Tumblr media
(Most relatable line of the past week. I’m people and also me.)
Previously on these channels.
(List ordered by enjoyment level, so to speak.)
🗓️ ongoing series
🇹🇭 KinnPorsche - ep 6 → Things got so long they required their own silly post.
Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Secret Crush On You - ep 14 (finale) → I’m going to miss SCOY and this gang sooooo much. The little show that could! Loved the way it all came full circle by the end, and the writing for these characters and relationship was just so TIGHT. I only regret not having more of Daisy and Touch (but yay for Daisy being back!!), and i wish Som had a little more to her character because Looknam killed one of the most emotionally charged scenes in the whole show (you know the one) and was otherwise severely underserved by the script. Once again I have to commend the whole cast’s absolute commitment (but Seng and Billy in particular, because... really now), and I don’t know if I’ll watch another performance this year that’ll make me feel a character’s fondness for their beloved the way Billy’s did. That boy is a gem. 
Tumblr media
🇯🇵 Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss! - ep 4 → Not to be that person who makes food metaphors (I am exactly that person) but this show is like biting into American-style dark chocolate chip pancakes: soft and sweet and delightful until those bittersweet notes hit your tongue. I spend the twenty minutes of each episode smiling to myself and then I’m reminded: “Oh, but this is actually kind of sad.”  This week: Cohabitation shenanigans! Kouta slowly but surely catching even more feelings while starting to view things outside of the good luck/bad luck dichotomy. “He’s always thinking about me.” (Naoya 🤝 Light On Me’s Shin-woo.) Naoya being the less annoying jealous person to ever (fictionally) exist??? Kouta unequipped to face (or smash into) Naoya’s abs OR nipples. When I say it’s a DELIGHT (but kinda sad).
Tumblr media
🇹🇼 Plus & Minus - ep 6 → These boys are going through it and I love that for me as much as I hate it for them (but mainly I love it for me). We are halfway through, so it was mathematical that if someone gathers their courage the other has to play the “I love you, bro” card (with a side of warm thoughts; I think bartenders should be paid as much as therapists). The thing with the friends-to-lovers trope, one of the reasons it’s so good, is that all those years of deep friendship? They just so happen to also be years of build-up, of planting drunk kisses on your bro, of (often mutual, if in denial!) pining, and all that anticipation... 😮‍💨 Let’s just say I’m feeling very grabby hands about what’s (hopefully) coming. (I am... not sure how we got where we did with the secondary couple.)
Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Star and Sky: Star in My Mind - ep 6 → This shows goes to such random places at times that I have to pause and stare at the ceiling for a few seconds, and despite that I’m still enjoying the hell out of it. Kluen was marginally more emotionally competent in this episode, or at least he TRIED to be, and still made an absolute mess of it (he’s so insecure, goddamn it, and the way he feels he doesn’t deserve Dao’s love, that he should be alone 😩 my child). Dao has a point (or fifty) and I can’t fault him for wanting (demanding!) clarity and getting rightly infuriated when he doesn’t get it, but a few moments just seemed overreactions to me (but, admittedly, my tolerance for that is fairly low). Once again, the best scenes always take place in the kitchen, and the way Kluen carefully whips his lil’ head up when Dao tells him that people (him, it’s Dao, he’s people) worry about him... Gosh. Joong’s eyes and soft voice continue to carry the emotional side of this story all by their lonesome. Phoon is officially The Worst; Sean and Noel, voices of reason, still the best.  I don’t exactly know why but Kluen’s answer during this exchange messed me up a bit (and it’s only maybe 43% because of Joong’s voice, I swear): - Was I the reason you broke up with Gia? - Yes. You were. But it wasn’t your fault. You just made me realize how I felt.
Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Dear Doctor, I’m Coming for Soul - ep 8 → Well, I’m definitely curious about next episode? Because we do have still four more episodes to go...and would they, really? (I ask as if I never watched the British show Primeval.) But if they DO, then... reaperS in love...with each other? I mean, I’ll take it. Still enjoying the family side stories and they are providing a bit more context for the characters as well (perhaps a bit late), but the little rooftop tête-à-tête between Kheeta and Nathee was my favorite part of the episode. 
Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Cupid’s Last Wish - ep 8 → Can you believe this show made me think for six whole episodes that Mix couldn’t act? What a truly unfortunate character to have to play. When Win is allowed to just be calm or serious or pining or sad (or basically anything other than a shouty irrational man child who makes no! sense! at! all!) Mix delivers it beautifully (the cave scene—side note but Earth’s FACE and his Period Drama Hero Energy™... I will never get tired of it—and later at the hospital), but the writing continues to be all over the place, just wildly baffling.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Cutie Pie - ep 12 (finale) → I am very, very bad at dropping dramas or quitting books (but I’m getting better!), and that’s why I stuck with this show right until the end despite the fact that it was NOT! working for me on any level. (I am such an asshole to myself.) I was just never on its wavelength, I guess. I didn’t particularly enjoy the cast (but I’d be curious to see them all in something else) and I didn’t like how every line delivery never made me forget the fact that I was watching actors delivering lines, if that makes ANY SENSE; I didn’t feel any chemistry between the various pairings; and I disliked the writing and hated the way this show was shot. So, really, the takeaway: I am such an asshole to myself. But I’m glad that everyone else on this hellsite enjoyed it!  (But I do judge myself and NuNew’s scrunched-up lil’ face is me @ me.)
Tumblr media
🇰🇷 Ocean Likes Me - ep 5 & 6 → I’ve got nothing.
🏃 and also [some spoilers]
🇹🇭 Ingredients - ep 1-3; What Zabb Man! ep 1-2 → Buddy watching both of these with my bff. The first is just vibes: two boys hanging out, eating food, washing their hands properly. The second is very silly and nonsensical so far, which I need as a break to the considerable emotional damage KinnPorsche causes me, lmao 😩.
🇹🇭 Together With Me - ep 1-3 → Started this one because I wanted to initiate myself to the very popular Max & Tul actor pairing, but wanted to save Manner of Death for a later time and I couldn’t find a way to stream Bad Romance legally. I can already see why these two are as popular as they are, but I don’t have any feelings about the show as of yet other than HAS KORN BEEN PINING FOR KNOCK??? and the usual regret for the girl who’ll (inevitably?) get the short end of the stick. 
Tumblr media
🇨🇳 Word of Honor - ep 23-26 → No new thoughts, just Wen Ke Xing thinking out loud how nice it would be if they could live at the manor forever and Zhou Zishu replying “Why can’t we?” I’ve probably said it before and I will undoubtedly say it again, but when ZZS calls WKX “Lao Wen” in that soft voice plus deliberate way of his... Names, man. Yes.
Tumblr media
🇰🇷 Light On Me - COMPLETED → Just a very enjoyable, proper kdrama. Production values were infinitely better than other Korean BLs I watched; there was an actual story rather than the no plot, just vibes of, again, other Korean BLs, and a very classic love triangle at that, one to which the show was fully committed; the cast was perfectly competent. Even So-hee wasn’t completely thrown under the bus! Nice.
Tumblr media
🇹🇭 Until We Meet Again - COMPLETED → I enjoyed this a lot. DESPITE THE TROPE (Ange, how often do you need to restate that... but, listen, I loathe it). It was pretty solid overall and I didn’t get any of the usual restlessness that hits me towards the second half of most dramas/tv I watch. I can’t say that it ever got me in my feelings in the way that I always hope a story will, but that’s generally hard to do (and I think at the moment my feelings are exhausted because of all the emotional energy KinnPorsche requires of me lmao, goddamn it 😩). Fluke really acted his lil’ heart out in the last episode, what a gem. Seeing as I started the drama because of a gifset of a scene between Win & Team (⬇️), it goes without saying that I’ll be watching Between Us in November
Tumblr media
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looooooooomis · a year ago
F I N A L  G I R L  |   T W O
Tumblr media
You were his final girl. And there was no chance in hell that anyone or anything was going to mess that up.
p a r t  t w o  |  h a l l o w e e n   n i g h t
masterlist here
pairing: billy loomis x f!reader   word count: 4.3k   warnings: implied/referenced cheating, swearing (obv), drinking, implied smut, genuine S M U T, rough oral, thigh-riding, unprotected sex, all that fun stuff.
Billy couldn’t keep his eyes off you.
Not that he ever really could – and who could blame him, really – but tonight? Tonight, you were on a whole other level.
Stu’s house was packed to the brim with people, too fucking packed for Billy’s liking, but he’d make do. He might have wanted nothing more than to ditch the party, throw you over his shoulder, and have his way with you all night long but he couldn’t exactly do that. Not the first two, at least. But the second he could escape, he would, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t getting his hands on you tonight.
Maybe it was your little talk in the cornfield last night or maybe it was on account of that goddamn Halloween costume you were wearing but Billy was ready to have you all to himself. He needed to have you all to himself tonight.
It wasn’t as though he hadn’t seen you in your cheerleading uniform before, in fact, he’d seen you in it a thousand times prior to tonight but the way you wore it tonight made him harder than he could fathom. The skirt was hiked shorter than usual making you appear all the leggier in your white knee-high socks and tennis shoes and the though the top hadn’t changed all that drastically it, like the rest of you, was covered in fake blood. There were drops of crimson corn syrup, now long dried, dripping from those perfect lips of yours and continuing down your throat until bleeding into the material of your cropped cheerleading top. The sliver of skin showing your abdomen had a single bloodied handprint on it as well and your thighs, those gorgeous fucking thighs of yours, had a few more messy handprints that seemed to trail up your leg before disappearing beneath the hem of your skirt.
He was in agony watching you carry on laughing with Tatum from across the room. You had no right to look that fucking good tonight, not when Sidney was directly beside him idly talking to Randy about some stupid fucking test that he couldn’t bring himself to care about.
How could he focus on anything besides you tonight?
“Your girl’s looking hot tonight,” Stu chimed in quietly, smirking knowingly across the room towards where you and Tatum stood. “All that blood. All that leg.” He made a purring sound and grinned. “You going to be able to keep it in your pants until tonight?”
“Subtlety, dickmunch,” Billy growled. “Try it sometime.”
Throwing his hands up in mock surrender, Stu giggled and sprung across the room towards where you and Tatum were. Without missing a beat, Billy watched Stu throw Tatum over his shoulder, much to her chagrin, before running back to Billy, Sid, and Randy. Shooting Billy a wink, Stu mouthed a quick ‘you’re welcome’ before carefully plopping Tatum onto her feet. Sure enough, there you were, following the happy couple with a smile on your face as you joined them.
“Whole party just saw your girlfriend’s ass, numb nuts,” you laughed, playfully smacking Tatum’s ass. “Cute panties though, girl, take me next time. I’ll pick myself up a pair.”
Tatum grinned and cozied herself into Stu’s side. “Deal,” she chuckled, battling with the fake vampire teeth in her mouth. With a groan, she took them out and chucked them into the trash bin a few feet away. “Remind me again why I thought that would be a good idea.”
“So, you’re a vampire,” Randy mused, eyeing her all-black attire. “That checks out. You’ve got the personality down pat.”
Stu furled his brows as his girlfriend smacked Randy’s chest. “We’re both vampires, idiot, isn’t it obvious? I’m wearing a fucking cape.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Randy rolled his eyes and glanced around the circle of friends surrounding him. “The rest of you I got right off the bat. Sid’s a witch, Billy’s a moody looking skeleton boy and Y/N is a dead cheerleader.”
“Ah, ah, ah,” you clicked your tongue and pointed your beer bottle towards him in mock-outrage. “I’m not a dead cheerleader, Randy, I’m a demonic cheerleader. There’s a difference.”
“Oh, so you’re just a regular cheerleader, then.” Randy teased. When all he got was another smack to the chest, he surrendered. “Alright, alright. What’s the difference?”
“Well, for one,” you shrugged, “I’m not the victim. I’m the bad guy.”
“Bad guy, huh?” Billy piped in, watching you with that heavy stare of his. “What makes you so bad?”
“I eat boys,” you simply said, holding his purposeful gaze.
The corners of Billy’s lips raised in a small smirk at the innuendo but rather than let on, he simply ducked his head down and ran a hand through his hair. You were playing with fire tonight and it was obvious to him that you knew as much.
You’d definitely pay for that later on.
“Well, I think you look hot,” Sid smiled. “Blood and all.”
“Thanks, Sid,” you smacked on a smile and took a rather hasty gulp of beer. “You’re look like a babe tonight, too.”
“Thanks,” she flushed and looked down at her red dress. “It’s Tatum’s dress, I was scared it was going to be a little much on me.”
“Just enough,” you corrected with an honest smile. With your mouth suddenly dry and your guilt at an all-time high, you licked your lips and gave her a wink. “Billy’s a lucky guy.”
Leaning into Billy’s lean frame, Sid tilted her head up and placed a quick kiss to the side of his mouth. Averting your eyes immediately to the island between you and the doting couple, you tried not to let your discomfort show as you polished off the rest of your beer. That never got an easier to watch, no matter how much reassurance you got from Billy on the matter. At the end of the day, you were in love with Billy Loomis all the while being best friends with Sidney Prescott, his extraordinarily kind and sweet girlfriend. It was bound to be a tough pill to swallow.
From across the kitchen island, you caught Stu’s eye and for a brief moment, you saw a something eerily close to pity flicker across his face. Clearing your throat, you shook your empty bottle at the group and nodded towards the garage. “Anybody need a refill?”
“Yeah, sure,” Stu shrugged. “There’s a whole other keg in there actually. Be a dear and grab it?”
“A keg?” You snorted. “Who am I? The Hulk?”
Stu’s grin was cheeky as he nodded towards the garage. “Billy’ll help,” he simply said, squeezing Billy’s shoulder. “And hurry up, would you? Crowd’s getting thirsty.”
Rolling your eyes, you glanced at Billy briefly before nodding down the hall. “Come on, lover boy.” You teased, smiling apologetically at Sid who appeared none the wiser. “Be back in a sec.”
The hall leading down to the garage was crowded and full of your classmates dressed to the nines for Halloween. A few of the girls you were friends with smiled at you as you walked by, as did some of the guys, but the only thing you could focus on was the weight of Billy’s stare on your ass as you walked ahead of him. Sure, you mighthave been swinging your hips a little more than you should have been, but who could blame you? You were buzzed and Billy looked stupidly good tonight in his leather jacket and skeleton make-up. Even if said skeleton makeup was mostly gone from the amount of times he’d unwittingly rubbed at his face over the course of the night.
Pushing the door to the garage open, you held it open for Billy and shot him a brief smile as he walked into the chilly garage before closing the heavy door behind him. Walking down the steps towards the giant keg, you glanced over your shoulder and nearly laughed at the smouldering look he was giving you atop those steps. Turning around to face him fully, you gestured to the doorknob. “That thing have a lock on it?”
“Why?” He asked, leering. Slowly, he descended the steps towards you. Every step he took was agonizingly slower than the last but, being just as stubborn as he was, you remained firmly rooted in place with your own small smile in tow. “What would you have me do to you that would require a lock?”
“Who says you’d be doing anything?” You asked. “I’m the one who eats boys, remember?”
With a growl, he snaked his arms around your hips and pulled you into him. You could feel his budding erection through his jeans as he leaned down and nipped the base of your neck. The moan that escaped your lips on account of feeling his teeth dragging along your pulse point filled the empty garage and made Billy smile into the sensitive flesh. “Look at you in this fucking outfit. You’re a fucking tease, you know that?”
“Who’s teasing?” You asked. Reaching down, you gently squeezed him through his jeans and smirked when he swore under his breath. “I have every intention of following through.”
He kissed you hard and raked his fingernails up your bare thigh. The fake blood adorning your body might have been bone dry at this point in the night, but as he slid his hand beneath your skirt and rubbed his finger along the lace of your thong, a throaty laugh escaped his lips. You were so fucking wet. “Someone could come in here any second,” he whispered, pushing his finger beneath the material of your thong. The hiss that tore out of your throat sent him into a frenzy as he pinched your clit. “That get you wet, sweetheart? Knowing someone could walk in on us while I fuck you silly?”
“Billy,” you groaned, instinctually spreading your legs a little more to allow him full access to your slicked folds. “Lock the fucking door.”
“No,” he sucked at your bottom lip. “I want the whole fucking house to see us.”
Despite every rational part of your brain pleading with you to pull away from the infuriating man, you couldn’t. Not with how good he tasted on your lips and certainly not with his methodical fingers rubbing and pinching at your clit.
But two could play at that game.
Uncurling your fingernails from his shoulders, you got to work on his belt. Within seconds, it was gaping open as you fiddled with the button of his jeans and zipper before tugging them just far enough down his thigh for his cock to spring free. Biting down on his lip, you gave him a firm tug. “Lock. The. Fucking. Door. Loomis.”
You heard him laugh under his breath as he backed you into the keg. Once the back of your knees hit the coolness of the metal, you lost your footing and fell back against the piping along the top. The tap managed to hit you right on the tailbone, causing fireworks to explode behind your eyes, but with Billy’s deft hands still working your clit into a frenzy, you couldn’t bring yourself to care all that much. Stepping between your thighs, Billy’s hard cock danced across your wet folds as he tugged your underwear to the side. Your entire body was prepared to feel that familiar rush pure ecstasy that always followed that first, messy thrust. You were desperate for it in that moment, you craved it. But just as the tip teased its way down from your clit to your entrance, the garage door creaked open to reveal Stu’s handsome but mischievous face.
“Knew it,” he pretended to giggle as he quickly slid into the garage, being sure to shut it after to ensure nobody else saw the two of you. “Part of me thought ‘no way, they wouldn’t do it in my garage’ but the rest of me knew better. And, here you are.”
Swearing under his breath, Billy stepped away from you and ensured you were covered up entirely as he re-did his pants and belt. “You’re a real asshole, you know that?”
Between being caught up in the heated moment and feeling both shame and guilt for being caught, your cheeks must have been the colour of the devil himself as you ambled back onto your feet.
“Cock-block, asshole, the guy who just saved you from your girlfriend walking in on the two of you,” he casually waved it off, “I go by many names.”
“Shit,” you groaned, “how long were we gone for?”
“Not long,” Stu shrugged. “She just thought you two might need help seeing as how you were taking a few minutes.” He grinned. “Seems like you two kids had it all figured out, though.”
“Fuck-off for a second, would you?” Billy sighed and ensured Stu had turned around before looking back at you. Not wasting another second, he gently cradled your face and brushed something off of the tip of your nose. “White face paint,” he explained. Once he was sure it was gone, he leaned in and placed a sweet, chaste kiss to your lips. “Sorry about this.”
“Should have locked the door, Loomis,” you reminded him with a wink. Fixing your skirt, you walked back towards the steps and nodded towards the keg. “I’ll let you two carry that behemoth into the kitchen.”
Sliding past Stu, you opened the garage door and re-entered the crowded hallway. No one looked suspicious of you as you crept out and even when you re-joined Tatum and Sid – Randy having since left to tail some blonde chick in his algebra class – you simply smacked on a grin and asked them what you’d missed.
“Where’s Thing One and Thing Two?” Tatum asked, glancing over your shoulder.
“The keg’s a beast,” you simply said, “Stu showed up to help so I figured I’d leave it to them. Machismo bull-shit and all that.”
You hated how easy it was to lie to them. The guilt was still there, the guilt was always there, but over time the lying had become almost second nature to you. You could have a girl’s night with Sid, watch shitty movies all night long, and then proceed to fuck her boyfriend at two in the morning as she was sound asleep back home. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair.
And yet as Billy and Stu moseyed into the kitchen with the keg in tow, the look Billy gave you was enough to silence the swell of guilt boiling to the surface of your gut. It wasn’t a smoulderingly sexy look, not even an irritated look from having been cock-blocked by his best friend. No, this look was something different. Something softer, gentler, than the Billy everybody else knew so well. This look was one he’d reserved just for you. It was same look you got when he was half-asleep at three in the morning, groggily smiling across at you as though you’d hung the moon. The same one that seemed to take you in and memorize you as though half-expecting you to disappear before his very eyes. It was a look of pure wonderment, pure sincerity.
“You girls want to play beer pong?” One of the guys from the hockey team asked as you, Tatum and Sid watched the pair struggle.
“Yes,” the answer was out of your mouth before you had time to register the request. Dragging Tatum and Sid towards the dining room table, you shot one final glance at Billy before focusing ahead.
You were going to slip-up if he kept looking at you like that.
You’d barely managed to scrape all of the fake blood off of your face when you heard the familiar thud of your bedroom window. You were still dressed in your bloodied cheer uniform and the bloodied handprints smearing up your thighs and along your abdomen were still ever-present as you popped your head out of your washroom only to find Billy casually sitting on the edge of your bed.
“Couldn’t have waited until after I showered?” You asked with a small frown. “I look like Carrie from the neck down.”
Smirking, he pushed himself off of your bed and sauntered over towards you. He had since cleaned the skeleton make-up off of his face and the leather jacket had long been shed, but he still looked handsome as ever grinning across at you.
“I was hoping I’d catch you before you changed,” he admitted.
You raised your eyebrow and leaned against the doorway. “And why’s that?”
He said nothing at first, simply just reached forward to scrape his thumbs against your nipples which were pressing firmly against the thin material of your top. “Just because it’s after midnight doesn’t mean Halloween has to be over,” he slid his hands beneath the hem of your shirt and tugged it over your head. In nothing more than your skirt and knee-high socks, Billy’s calloused hands began to squeeze your bare breasts all the while never breaking eye contact. “Figured the demonic cheerleader might want to get one last kill in for the night.”
You hummed your approval as he pinched at your nipples. “And you’re volunteering yourself?”
Billy smirked and leaned down towards your chest to allow his mouth to consume your nipple. His expert tongue swirled along the sensitive nub a few times before devouring it entirely. Sucking and pinching and biting at your breasts, you barely noticed him steer you towards your bed until the soft material of your blankets were bawled into tensed fists.
“Billy,” you moaned, eyeing him through half-lidded eyes as he teased your nipples. “Fuck. Get up.”
Not listening to you whatsoever, he continued his assault on your tits before you finally gave his cock a firm squeeze from outside of his jeans. “Billy,” you repeated. When his cloudy stare caught yours, you cocked your head to the side and pat the mattress. “Get on the bed.”
With a smirk, Billy released your nipple before clambering onto the edge of the bed. Hitching your skirt up your thighs, you climbed over his lap and straddled him. His hungry eyes swallowed you up as you leaned into his face, your hair fell around you like a blanket, shielding you both away from everything around you as you very slowly tugged his head up to place a kiss to his nose.
His hands were on you immediately. They skimmed down your arms and waist and hips before giving your ass a long, firm squeeze. “You’re fucking perfect.”
You smirked and lowered yourself further down onto his lap so your clit was overtop his jean-clad thigh. “Shut-up,” you teased, slowly sliding back and forth atop his strong thigh. “Kiss me.”
With a quiet laugh, he craned his neck up to capture your lips as you continued to rock back and forth on his thigh. He wasted no time in hiking your skirt further up your body to allow him better access to your bare ass to which he hungrily massaged and grabbed. Moaning into his mouth, you felt his one of his hands wander from your ass and up your waist before giving your naked breast another firm squeeze. His mouth hungrily enveloped your breast as you gently flung your head back. Between the sensation of his tongue on your nipple and the feel of your clit scraping against his strong, muscular thigh, you were in heaven.
But fair was fair. If he wanted to be your ‘last kill of the night’? The very least you could do was play along.
Throwing your head back in ecstasy as he gently bit and sucked at your pert nipple, you reached down and unbuckled his belt. Your movements were frenzied as you worked on undoing his jeans next, and when you finally managed to undo his zipper, you unlatched your tit from his mouth and began to shimmy down his legs.
Billy watched you settle between his legs, barely taking notice of the damp streak on his thigh as you peeled his jeans down his hips. His cock sprang to life for the second time that night and as he watched your hungry eyes scrape over his painfully hard erection, he could have come right there.
Your lips were puffy from your little make-out session, your cheeks flushed. And as your chest heaved with each shallow breath you took, your already perky nipples only hardened. Scraping your fingernails up his thighs, you wasted no time in licking your way up from the base of his cock to the tip, swirling your tongue around his head as your hand gently massaged his balls. With hungry, half-lidded eyes, Billy watched that pretty mouth of yours take him. Slowly at first, but soon you fell into an easy rhythm as you sucked him off. He threw his head back as his fingers curled around your hair and tugged. Fuck, you were so good. And if he wasn’t careful, he’d blow his load in your mouth before you two could finish what you started in that damn garage.
Giving your hair another tug, you released his cock with a resounding pop and furled your brow. “Problem?” You asked stubbornly.
Without a word, he leaned forward and captured your lips in a bruising kiss as he carefully pulled you back onto the bed. Only rather than join you, he took his position between your thighs and tugged your thong clear off, exposing your extremely wet, throbbing pussy.
“Billy, let me fi—”
Before you could so much as think of your next few words, Billy buried his face between your thighs.
A guttural moan tore out of your lips as his dept tongue circled your clit, and as he inserted two fingers inside of you, you bucked into his mouth and grabbed a fistful of his hair. Billy’s tongue was euphoric, methodical. He lapped and sucked at your clit as his free hand reached up to play with your exposed breasts, rolling your nipple between his fingers roughly. “Billy,” you rasped out, squeezing your eyes shut as that familiar heat began to encroach its way up your body. Curling his fingers inside of you, you nearly screamed. Thank god your parents weren’t home. “Billy, fuck.”
You were going to come. Any second now. You felt that mind-numbing pleasure build up in your toes and up your legs and as he gave your clit another long, glorious suck, you let it overtake you. Your entire body shook as you bucked into his mouth. Stars flashed behind your eyes as a strangled moan tore from your throat.
Releasing your clit, Bily kissed and licked his way up your body before leaning forward to capture your lips again. You could taste yourself on his lips as you leaned forward and as your eyes caught sight of his erection, you opened your thighs on instinct. Pulling away from his mouth, you nudged your nose against his to catch his eye and reached down to stroke his unbearably hard cock. “Fuck me, Billy.”
He seemed to search your eyes for a moment as you pulled him back onto the bed. Once he was laying down, you wasted no time in climbing on top of him. Reaching down, you guided the length of him inside of your wet folds and slithered it along your clit before lowering yourself onto him. He hissed at the sensation and squeezed your ass, watching your breasts bounce with every bound you took. Leaning forward, he caught one in his mouth and bit down on your nipple, relishing in the moan he received on account of it. He must have bit harder than intended as within seconds, he could taste a metallic fluid rolling onto his tongue. Blood. Your blood. Looking back up at you, unsure of your reaction, his cock twitched inside of you when all you did was groan and tug at his hair.
You liked it.
Swirling his tongue around your nipple, Billy’s hands held your hips as you swiveled and bounced on top of him. He was going to come soon, he knew he was, but when he watched you reach down and begin to stroke your clit as he was buried inside of you, that was it. Leaning forward, he found your lips again as he came undone inside of you. “Fuck,” he rasped out, holding you firmly in place as his cock writhed inside of you.
Feeling his cock twitch, you waited on his last few pumps before breaking your kiss. “Happy Halloween, Loomis.”
A slow, lazy grin tore across his lips. The pair of you were stark naked in the middle of your bedroom, he was literally still inside of you, and yet there you were. Both grinning stupidly down at each other as your words sunk in. Slowly, you slid off of him and joined him on the bed your naked chest heaving up and down as he reached out to brush a strand of hair from your face.
“You going to kick me out of your bed so that you can shower?” He asked quietly.
“No,” you shrugged. “Not yet.”
Billy blinked, mild surprise showing on his face. But, before another word could be said, he leaned in and gently kissed your lips. Unlike the kisses you two had shared in the heat of the moment, this was soft and deliberate. And, as he pulled away, he placed another kiss to the tip of your nose before relaxing into the sheets. “Good,” he mumbled, pulling a thin blanket up your naked bodies.
You smiled and relaxed into the warmth in his chest. You absolutely should be slinking off to the bathroom to shower all the fake blood off of you, but that could wait another few minutes. For now, against Billy’s chest, basking in the pale moon glow shining in through your bedroom window, this was the only place you wanted to be.
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hood-ex · 3 months ago
Emily, Gail Simone tweeted for people to tweet their most romantic pairings and of course she retweeted a post that was D*ckB*bs (and from a tweeter who is awful to other Dick pairings to boot). But I was wondering if you had any DC or Dick pairings or the like that you find romantic. Or do you normally not care for romance?
Omg that Twitter thread is stressing me out because why is no one mentioning Billy and Teddy?? Like hello?? They're clearly the superior couple??
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling #1
But anyways. I root for single Dick and single dad Dick because I'm not all that interested in his romantic life. I do enjoy dickkory from TNTT series, but I'm fine with them just being friends now. At this point, if he had to stay in a relationship with someone, I wish he would have been able to stick with Bea.
Not only do I like her and think she's good for Dick, I feel like it's more peaceful for Dick to be in a relationship that's not with either Babs or Kory. That way the Babs fans aren't like, "Tehe, it's all about dickbabs!" and the dickkory fans aren't like, "Dickkory forever, bitches!"
Although, whenever Dick is in a relationship outside of those two ships, the fans of those two ships tend to complain quite a bit. "When is he going to get back with Babs?" or "Wish these two would break up already so he can get back together with Kory."
Like arghhhh! There's no winning! And then the writers end up getting rid of the person Dick's in a relationship with, leaving the dickbabs and dickkory windows back open. It's infuriating.
So, yeah, I tend to prefer a focus on Dick's familial relationships and friendships.
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tomhollandisabae · 8 months ago
730 days - billy russo x reader | part 2
series masterlist
fandom; the punisher
summary; billy threatens y/n to go with him at some gala
warnings; angst, mature themes, mature language, metions of blood, threatening w knief, masturbate (MINORS D.N.I / 18+)
words; 1.6k
Tumblr media
A couple of days later, your father hadn’t even tried to communicate with you, it was as if he didn’t even care about you, thing which was upsetting you a lot. Billy was being kind of cold towards you, but it wasn’t as if you were seeing each other a lot, as a matter of fact that you were always locked in your room, which turned out to be billy’s room too.
The first night he tried to sleep with you, not in any suggestive way, he just attempted to sneak into the bed while you were asleep, but as soon as you felt something move besides you, you pushed him off the bed, resulting in him falling onto the ground. He never tried to do that again, it was as if he was respecting your decision, yet how would you believe that since he had kidnapped you.
You had missed human contact, in any kind of way and you wanted so bad to leave this house. Billy had even taken your phone too and you couldn’t talk to anyone. You were still mad at him, who wouldn’t be, but you managed to stay as much as you could away from him. However, you still liked him and couldn’t hold back, but think about how it would be if he one day sneak into your room again and started kissing you, then removing your clothes and then at the end, fucking you. you wanted him so bad and having him wandering around the house for the most part of the day that he wasn’t at anvil, was infuriating.
You had thought many times about touching yourself, but you didn’t want to give into him, didn’t want to let him know that he’d won. You hated that, your ache about him and you wanted to tease him back, but it was as if nothing was affecting him, or he was pretending so…
Letting out a heavy sigh, you made your way downstairs and into the kitchen to grab something to eat, because you didn’t eat lunch and now you were starving to death. In your displeasure though, billy was there too sitting on the couch watching tv with just a pair of grey sweatpants on. You tried not to look at him and opened the fridge to find something eatable. As you did so and closed it, you felt an arm wrapping around your waist and you were yanked behind and against a firm chest. Billy…
“haven’t seen you today princess” he whispered as he placed his head in the crook of your neck making chills run through your body.
“wasn’t that wonderful?” you said ironically and pushed away his arm from your waist, resulting in him to let out a small chuckle.
“couldn’t agree more” he winked at you as you turned around and you rolled your eyes.
“come on princess don’t be like that” he smirked and you didn’t said anything back, making him sigh deeply “anyways, there’s this gala tonight that we have to attend so be ready at 8” he said and sat back down on the couch.
“excuse me?” you exclaimed and he looked at you.
“what?” he simply said,
“I’m not going anywhere with you” you said and he let out a dark laugh sitting back up and walking towards you.
“you don’t understand princess. This is the reason I have you with me, to be my little doll that I’ll be showing of at your daddy” he smirked looking down at you “this is the only reason I’m keeping you alive” he continued and your eyes widened “yes princess, I decide whether you leave or not, me and only me” he finished.
“fuck you” you said with a trembling voice.
“you just have to ask sweetheart and I’ll obey to that” he grinned at your comment and your eyes widened.
“I’m not coming” you threw your hands in the air by the frustration and tried to leave but he grabbed you by the hair snatching you back at him while pulling from his pocket a small knife pointing it at your neck.
“either you’re coming with me or I’m slashing your throat leaving you here to bleed to death while I’ll be watching tv, your call” he hissed in your ear and you gulped.
“I dare you…” suddenly feeling more confident you gripped at his wrist digging your nails into skin, drawing blood.
“fucking bitch” he breathed out and pressed even more the blade to your throat.
“you need me, we both know that. You can’t kill me. What will your little buddy think about it?” you bit at your lip trying to hold back your smirk.
“I fucking hate you” he said and finally let go of you pushing you away with force, making you gasp “you’re still coming with me though, because even if I can’t kill you, I can kill your friends and whoever else you care about” his eyes darkened and you felt your blood stop running in your veins by what he told you.
“billy…” you whispered his name, feeling helpless.
“I spoke” he gritted his teeth.
“okay…” you finally gave in with a deep sigh.
“good, I’ll bring you up your dress in a minute” he said as he signed for you to go to room.
After a few minutes that you’d reached your room you heard someone knocking. Opening it you saw billy with a huge back in his hand.
“this is yours. Be ready by 8” he explained and left without a second word.
Moments later, you decided to open the back and inside you saw the most beautiful dress. It was a long, silk, black dress without a back and you felt definitely in love with it. Did billy bought it for you? looks like he might be a bastard, but he’s a bastard with good taste.
You finally went to take a bath, relaxing by the events of the day and tried to avoid thinking about what will happen later. Once out, you wrapped a towel around you and started daydreaming as you started with your hair routine, as billy had made sure to provide you with everything that you had back home.
You started thinking about him though, about how it would be to have him there right next to you. what if you’d attend this event as his actual girlfriend and not as a pawn. You wanted him to wrap his arms around you as he did earlier, you wanted him to kiss your neck and places more southern. Without even thinking your hand made each way towards your heat that was already soaking and not just by the water. You closed your eyes and felt your heartbeat increasing as you run your fingers between your folds. You rubbed your clit for a moment before guiding your fingers at your opening and pushing two of them inside you as you gasped. You pumped them in and out of you thinking about billy’s fingers. How good they were wrapped around your neck at firs day that you came here. You wanted him to bury them deep inside as, you wanted him to make you cum a thousand time only by using them… and then maybe he’d bury his head between your legs too.
You let out a moan at the feeling. You imagined that these were his fingers, he was the one controlling your body, your orgasms, everything… you wanted him to ruin you. with your thumb you rubbed your clit, feeling your high approaching as you imagined billy’s face looking right into your eyes.
“oh fuck… billy…” you moaned loudly as you came on your fingers.
Seconds later and after you had calmed down, it was as if you had returned on the planet earth and hoping that he didn’t hear you, you washed your hands and with trembling legs, you made your way back in your room to get ready.
An hour later you were finished. You had wore the dress that billy gave you as you combined them with your black high heels and had put on night make up. Once ready you took your small black and silver purse and made your way downstairs.
When you went to the hall that was leading to the entrance way, billy was standing there putting on his suit jacket and you couldn’t help yourself but check him out as he had his back on you. you finally decided to pretend as if you were clearing your throat and he turned around looking at you as you saw his jaw dropping at the sight of you.
“are… are you ready?” he asked after a few moments clearing his throat too.
“yeah…” you answered and walked towards the door as he grabbed his keys, but before you could walk past him, he grabbed your arm stopping you.
“if you dare to try anything, say anything or attempt to leave, all your friends are dead” he threatened and you gulped nodding “I didn’t hear you” he hissed shaking your arm with force “did you understand?” he asked.
“yes” you said.
“good” and with that you left his house and made your to the private garage that was in his building.
Well, that’ll be a tough night…
part 3
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buckysbloom · a year ago
Ocean Eyes
Tumblr media
summary: It's late at night, and Steve is still gone. And when he returns, it might be the last time you're together.
pairing: Steve Rogers x female!reader
word count: 809
warnings: angst, cursing, cheating (mentioned), implied smut, Steve is kind of an ass here
a/n: This is my first time posting my work! This was inspired by Billie Elish's Ocean Eyes. Also note that English isn't my first language, therefore I apologize for any mistakes.
Tumblr media
It was quiet in the compound. The hallways silent, while you could see the never dying lights of New York through the windows. The skyline illuminated the night sky so much, one could say morning comes. But it was late at night. And the only thing you could hear in the Avengers headquarters were the soft steps of her naked feet on the cold tiles.
Waited too long. Too long.
Troubled she went to her room. Weighted down with weariness, but she had to wait. Wait. Wait for him. He was gone for hours. Not a shadow of him. And she was waiting for him. She knew where he was, though. Knew what he did. Knew what he hid.
But she waited.
Sleep would be too sweet. She ignored her body’s signs of fatigue and decided to fight the demons in her mind. The desperateness, the hopelessness, the frustration. They spread, like a disease that can’t be healed, like an eternal darkness.
Expected too much. Hoped too much. Dreamt too much.
The lamp on her nightstand shone as she entered the room. Next to her bed. The bed, that she shared with him. The bed, in which she opened up to him so many times. In which she committed herself to him in such a special way.
It all seemed like a silly dream now. Far away from reality. But it was real and so so close.
He stood with his back to her. Unbuttoned his shirt and threw it in the corner. He turned around as she entered the room, a smirk on his face.
“Hey babe…” - “Where were you?” A simple question.
“On the mission with Buck. I thought I told you?” A lie.
“Don’t bullshit me, Steve,” she hissed, stepped closer to him and bore her finger in his chest “Bucky came back hours ago. Told me about his free day!”
Heavy tears started to spring to her eyes and threatened to fall down her face.
“Were you in town again? With her?”
“Babe…” - “Did you go there again?!” Screams cut the silence.
A pause. “Yes…” The truth.
The warm tears ran down her cheeks and fell to her cold feet. She tried to look at him, but his gaze was directed to the floor. Deathlike stillness rested on both of them again. She spoke with a small voice “Do you still love me…?”
It was soft, quiet. But still it pierced through the oppressive silence. Like a cry, loud enough so he could hear it. But he remained silent.
She was at the end of her patience. Overtired, frustrated, infuriated and saddened at the same time.
It was too much.
“Steve, do you still love me?” Still seeking his gaze.
He lifted his head up and the only thing he did was to look in her eyes. The blue colliding with her eyes and she fell from dangerous cliffs into the threatening sea of his eyes.
“Do you still love me?” Louder, tears running. “Did you ever love me?” Punches against his arms. “Talk to me!” Screams. “What did I do wrong?” More punches. He stepped back and she stepped forward, so he took every hit. It didn’t bother him anyway. He was Captain America, after all. Incredible. Invincible. Irresistible.
“Why don’t you love me?” Voice breaking. “Say something. Anything!” Giving in to the emotions.
She looked him in the eyes. Deep blue. The bottomless ocean. The crashing waves grabbing her. Pulling her to its core. Drowning her. Becoming one with her tears.
She stopped hitting and he pulled her to him, pulled her into his arms and stroke over her hair and kissed her forehead and felt the remorse, the regret, while she absorbed his warmth and clung to him and indulged in the safety of his arms and her tears ran and fell and dropped onto his chest and she sobbed into his shoulder and both of them stood there, forgetting time and holding each other.
Then his hands wandered up to her face, holding it and looking in her puffy eyes. No words were spoken. She grabbed his upper arms, searched his face for a sign, anything, as did he. Slowly moving, their lips brushed and then they collided. Raw emotions. Feverishly. Fiercely.
His hands roamed her body and he picked her up, lips never parting, holding on for dear life. Her hands moving to his head, hands grabbing his hair. He lays her down on the bed, climbing on top of her and pulling on her clothes. And one last time she opened up to him. Letting him inside her, letting him touch her, letting him make her forget.
But both of them knew what would follow. Both of them knew, what would happen. Both of them knew there would be an end. An oh so apparent end.
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lonelier-version-of-you · 2 months ago
What a fucking letdown of a finale.
Killing Jac is a decision that’s just stupid beyond words. By far Holby’s most iconic character and this is how they fucking treat her? Everything they’ve put Rosie through for the show and they can’t even give her character the happy ending she’s always been asking for? It’s infuriating.
I would go so far as to say Holby, under its last producers, appears to have an obsession with killing traumatised female characters, specifically abuse survivors, instead of letting them have happy endings. They started small, with Carole. Then they immediately moved on to Jac.
Compare Jac and Henrik. Two characters who have both led very sad, tragic lives. Both traumatised. Both chronically mentally ill. Both coded as bisexual. But Henrik gets to come out and gets a happy ending, if a very confusing one. Jac just ended up dead.
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘m’ and ending with ‘isogyny’. Fuck this show.
And they didn’t even let her last past the first, like, 10 minutes of the episode. Yikes.
I can’t say anything more about Jac because I’ll get too upset for words if I do, but... she deserved better. That’s it. That’s all I can say.
As for Henrik. My darling, darling Henrik. He deserves a tribute post for everything he’s done over the years, but I don’t have the words to write him one just yet, so here’s what I can say about him in the finale: I’m glad the last thing I ever get to remember Henrik Hanssen for is him smiling at the man he loves. I’m glad we got that. I am grateful beyond words for it, I truly am.
But they just wasted so much time with Henruss. The Billie pregnancy plot, shipping Russ off to Leeds. I wish I could appreciate this ending for them more, but I’m just so disappointed in what their storyline became. Henrik’s internalised homophobia was glossed over. Russ’s grief was glossed over. We didn’t get a single mention of Gaskell, Henrik’s first ever male love interest, and how that trauma would surely have affected Henrik’s relationships - especially with men.
And we don’t even get to know what Henrik’s actually doing now? Has he quit Holby and is he gonna move to Leeds, will he stay at Holby and go long-distance with Russ, or what? I dearly hope Casualty will tell us. And I dearly hope he’s quit, or at least quit the CEO job, because there’s no happy ending for him if he’s still in that role.
Guy Henry was amazing throughout this episode, though. I have no words for his performance.
Everyone’s acting was amazing, really. Bob Barrett, Paul Bradley, Belinda Owusu... a lot of great performances in this episode.
And I did like that little moment with Henrik and Lexy complaining about the government. Gotta give Holby credit for that.
The little scene with Henrik and Mo was excellent, too. Even if it did make me cry.
The rest of the cameos, though... I wasn’t expecting much, but somehow Joseph only being there for 2 seconds in person was worse than if he was a vision Jac had. The Berena cameo was alright, nothing much.
I did actually love Ric’s cameo, though. It was short, but sweet. It’s nice to have the last thing we remember of him be him being busy at work, still saving lives.
And the montage of cast photos at the end was lovely. A better tribute to the show, I felt, than the episode itself was.
The stuff with Ken, and Dom and Josh and Ange, was alright, but didn’t feel like finale material.
I’m trying to find more to say. I wish I had more to say. But I just can’t, it seems. All I can say is I’ll miss Henrik Hanssen, and Jac Naylor, and all the other wonderful characters. I won’t miss the show.
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triquetrine · a year ago
here have some quick andreil + halloween headcanons (inspired by this)
the foxes spam the groupchat with photos of each other’s decorations and costumes and activities
andrew and neil’s apartment sets up trick or treating so the kids can go down the hallways and to other buildings in the complex
neither of them really participated in halloween as kids, so they want to make into a thing just because they can now
they always have to buy a shit ton of candy because not only are there a lot of kids who come by, andrew eats most of it in the week leading up
he claims halloween is lowkey stupid but he spends 2.5 hours decorating their front hallway so the little kiddos can see it when they open the door
they carve jack o lanterns and neil always does a wonky fox that eventually gets less wonky over the years and andrew bounces around between spooky faces and just...carving out a giant shapeless blob
they get thing 1 and thing 2 costumes for the cats except it says “bastard 1″ and “bastard 2″ 
neil, every single year without fail, dresses up as kevin day and draws the jankiest looking chess piece on his cheek just so the groupchat gets the delight of an all-caps rage text 
(dan almost peed her pants laughing at that one)
andrew slaps two different pairs of cat ears on and very seriously tells kids he dressed up like sir and king and they LOVE it
occasionally he’ll put in more effort, which means a white lab coat and glasses and a tag that says: “dr. aaron minyard”
when kids want to know who dr. aaron minyard is he tells them “the biggest nerd on the planet” 
aaron is torn between being infuriated and weirdly touched
andrew is really good with kids and it comes to him naturally, but neil has to try a little harder
one time a harried mom brings her three kids by their door, and the youngest is dressed like a black cat and freaks out when she sees king because it’s her twin!!
neil sits on the ground and holds him in his lap so she can pet him, and she’s so attached that she doesn’t want to leave and the mom and the older kids are getting kinda impatient
so neil tells the mom if she’s okay with it, he’ll remain sitting in the threshold of his apartment with her daughter standing out in the hall and she can finish up the row then come back
he spends ten minutes entertaining an extremely talkative five year old named gracie while she pets king, and he does a pretty great job
by the end of it gracie declares neil her “best friend” because no one else at school wants to be her friend and some kid named billy said her costume was “lame”
the mom comes back, profusely thanks neil, and then he and gracie part ways
neil, turning to andrew immediately: “i’m gonna throw hands with a five year old”
andrew: “i’m in” 
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