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catmat · 3 months ago
When someone asks me how bad my headache is at its worse, I tell them that if someone offered me $1,000,000 to have this headache, even just for a few hours, I wouldn't take the money. That's how bad it is.
And they'll reply, "Oh, you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad."
Yes it can, and it is.
Believe people's pain.
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azertyrobaz · 2 months ago
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Pedro ‘I’m average height’ Pascal
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durchinmultiverse · a year ago
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stage parents
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akaashism · 4 months ago
you know your ship is good when you're perfectly aware that you wouldn't be able to stand being around them in real life because of how obnoxious they are together
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studyofawearymind · 2 months ago
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this is all i've been thinking about 🥲
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whisky-soul · 3 months ago
Might watch this every day until the movie comes out.
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shirozora-draws · 6 months ago
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Well, class is over now so I no longer have a 4-hour window where I doodle while tuning into lecture. Someone whack me with a spoon if I fail to post any sort of doodle next week.
This week's doodle post contains several weeks' worth of thoughts and ficcery crammed into a canvas after going without doodling for a week. Somehow I've become even more obsessive with the threequelfic half a month after NaNoWriMo. How??? If you bother to read the fine print, you'll now know Din borrows clothes at some point I faked a planet for a long-term setting. Mad as hell that I doodled a better-looking magic deer for Star Wars fic than for my original project. What the hell, man?
One could argue the real big goal of this week's doodle is just drawing Din/Pedro's face with floofy hair. Another is seeing how much of Luke's magical Mark face can I get before I pull up the ref pics. Had to pull 'em out to check the bottom third of his face but it's always nice to know I've nailed the basics of a readable Luke.
Also I wanted to doodle some kissing. This will not be a one-time thing.
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heythere-mel · 3 months ago
So you’re telling me we’re getting P in his undies for both the Bubble AND TUWOMT next month?! 🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼
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dollsome-does-tumblr · 3 months ago
help it’s been almost 24 hours since the finale and the agony of living in a world where our flag means death hasn’t been renewed for s2 yet is eating me alive
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mosstrades · a month ago
Sometimes. Sometimes it's really sweet to think about the way childhood media informed my trans identity... It's so sweet to remember how much of an escape Artemis Fowl specifically was for me, from 11 years old and onwards. To be plucked from discomfort and placed in that boy's head, how right it felt. To be fully transported to his world, and to those imperfect, gripping stories of wit and and kindness and intelligence and stubbornness and magic, how it softened the harsh edges of my mind. I joked once about his dramatic little "Artemis the hunter" speech and how it's no wonder I ended up being how I am, having that series as my favorite during my formative years- but also, yeah.
There's a reason that bit sticks in my head.
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ticklishbunny · 4 months ago
sadistic lers make my heart go ✨💓thump💓✨
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nejihguyas · 11 days ago
ngl its very concerning how literally none of the people in fma fandom who are gleefully rbing gifsets and clearly have watched the movie or at least seen the scar casting have said a peep about how scar's actor is a man in brownface
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maxsix · 5 months ago
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bytebun · 2 months ago
Put “📓” or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I’ll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven’t written but daydream about. You remember how that concept art for sw had force-sensitive padme (as a side-effect of being pregnant with the twins) with visions, and also of her showing up to mustafar with a knife?
Yeah, that fucks. But I mean, this would be a padme looking at her two great loves, both of them slipping from her grasp, and chooses… not anakin. Which is very different from my beloved vision of canon padme, which is to say - a good woman, to be sure. But not an angel. (and can we blame her for it? Perhaps from a distance.)
So Padme dies on Mustafar, choking on her husband's love.
Padme wakes in the bed of her marriage, visions of death like ash on her tongue. Her husband sleeps next to her, face soft and open in the moonlight - not for long. Anakin's always been a light sleeper.
She doesn't know what her face looks like, as he wakes. But he's asking Padme, love, what's wrong. Reaches out a hand to comfort her.
She flinches from it. From him.
She regrets it immediately, of course - her Anakin would ever hurt her. Just nightmares, she says, it was just a nightmare. Buries her face in his shoulder before that expression of surprise can be replaced by -- anything else.
She knows he's dangerous, of course, the same way any Jedi is, all power crackling just beneath the skin. But the point of being a Jedi is that they would never use it - not on anyone who didn't deserve it.
The hand cradling her shoulder is warm.
Dreams pass in time. She sends him off to the temple just before the sun rises, watches the plume of his tail lights till she loses him in the rest of Coruscant's morning traffic. Puts on her outfit for the Senate. Puts her head down and works.
She meets with her committee just after noon, the handful of delegates representing thousands sitting about her living room. If she hesitates to go the Jedi - Bail agrees as well. And the odd turning-over she feels in her gut when their committee meets with the Chancellor - well, it's not unusual for a pregnancy. She hides it with her usual grace.
It means nothing. It doesn't mean a thing. She puts her head down, tucks away her fear and her fury, and works.
And then - and then -
Smoke rises in the distance.
Padme runs. She'll never make it like this but - she crashes into Bail in the hallways of the Senatorial apartments, and then both of them are in his Tantive, speeding down the road to the temple.
There are clones. Padme is fast, and desperate, and a damn good shot when she needs to be. She doesn't - can't- look at the bodies in the hallways. She makes it to the inner chambers, ducks silent behind a doorframe, and there -
There's Anakin, 'saber a violent slice of blue in hand. In front of him there are -- children.
One hand clutched to her belly, she runs and falls to the ground between them.
"Anakin," Padme cries, "Anakin, please. Don't do this." She begs him to come with her, leave all this and raise their children, and for a second it seems as if it might work. "Come back to me -- I love you."
But love won't save her, he says.
He whips around, a bolt pinging off his 'saber, and she gets a flash of Bail's pale drawn face around the doorframe. Then she hits the wall with a crack, and she can't breathe -
Padme dies in the Jedi temple, choking on nothing.
Padme wakes in the bed of her marriage, husband sleeping next to her.
So basically, I asked myself, how do we go from canon!Padme to concept art!Padme? the tenative answer: brute force application of extreme time loop shenanigans. girl, aren't you tired of going apeshit :) don't you want to go another flavour of apeshit :)
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cheesy-kitten-liveblogs · 4 months ago
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Imagine you’re just at dinner with your friend and his parents, and all of a sudden his mother’s face just starts cracking open. I’d be horrified, too. I do love that there apparently was no reaction to a second fucking jaw? What they’re willing to accept is so funny to me. 
Of course, since this is all very cartoon-y, some of the horror is lessened, but imagine if it were more realistic. 
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searidings · 15 days ago
my sister & i were talking about unending love, and i was immediately reminded of "i'll take the desert, you take the coast", so i pulled it up and read some of it to her, and i got to the line "even if she still can’t look at a bunch of fresh kale without a deep twinge of something she’d prefer not to define," and golly and knocked me over, i was tearing up about it all. so good. so all that to say, thanks for writing beautiful words :)
bro this message has fucked me all the way up i'm so 🥺 truly and honestly thank you so much for this
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adhd-sweetdreams · 4 months ago
odd question, but I tried to google spoons made for sensory issues and they’re all wide, flat spoons which is the opposite of what I need-- anyone know of any good spoons that are small/round/deep? 
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angiestown · a month ago
what’s the deal with lettuce why is this plant that both tastes horrible and feels horrible in your mouth on every single sandwich and sandwich-adjacent food at every restaurant and fast food place why do people like it
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heythere-mel · a month ago
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wiseartbookslibrarieslover · 4 months ago
I'm not trying to start anything here but I'm genuinely curious/confused. I get shipping destiel as in oh yeah they're cute and flirty but how can you seriously ship them like they're so in love and would die for each other because I don't see it. I guess Cas would die for Dean (I also believe he would do the same for Sam or even for some random person because the guy has some seriously overblown sense of duty, not unlike Dean, except it kind of is but not the point here) but I don't think Dean would do the same for him. More importantly, I truly believe Dean is incapable of having a long-term (as in more than one hour) romantic relationship because he could never even pretend to care about anybody more than he cares about Sam. If he had to choose between saving Sam and literally anybody else, Sam would always win. (Although you might argue that in the first season or at least pre-series, John might have been more important but I don't think I have enough information to really judge that.) I'm not saying Castiel isn't his friend or that he's not important to him. I'm also not saying Dean's attracted to or in love with Sam in any way because I don't think he is, but you don't have to love somebody romantically to value their life more than somebody else's life's not that simple (or (pseudo-)romantic, this isn't Romeo and Juliet).
In other words - how can anybody seriously think destiel could ever be cannon while Sam is still breathing? And even if Sam died, Dean wouldn't just stop being Dean. He'd probably sacrifice himself (can we call it indirect suicide because that's pretty much what it would be), throw himself headfirst into some reckless fight with a vampire or some other monster and be happy to die because I don't think he even knows how to live without his brother anymore. Regardless of whether Cas was still alive or not. But if it was the other way around, I don't think Dean would deal with Castiel's death any worse than with Charlie's or Benny's or any other character's that was important to him but wasn't Sam (again John might be the exception here but there's more to it than just him being Dean's dad, it's also Dean blaming himself for his death).
Fanon is one thing, I don't care what you ship, but people are so adamanet that Dean and Castiel are in love and it's so obvious and I don't get how we can watch the same show and get such different impressions of what kind of guy Dean is and what his priorities are??? Especially because, while I'm not crazy about Castiel, he seems to be aware of what a weird, codependent relationship Sam and Dean have, and I can't even imagine him wanting to get between them. He's not blind, nor is he an idiot, I can imagine him wanting to be with Dean, but he'd know that Sam always comes first and I think he'd be cool with that (not sure I can say the same about Dean but again that's not that important right now).
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