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#it is so fucking good i have never seen anything like it
scooby-doo-is-best-robin · 2 months ago
Good mom Jade content
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Titans (1999) #8
Roy Harper stands while leaning over a table. He slips a paper out of his wallet setting it next to some money and a mostly empty coffee cup. His fingertips brush the slip of paper as he walks away. The table sits empty for a panel. Someone in a green dress steps up and grabs the paper, her hand has long fingernails. The other side of the paper shows that it's actually a photo of Lian Harper as a toddler, smiling up at the camera, surrounded by stuffed animals and dressed in overalls with a sunflower on them. Underneath the photo "Hi to mommy from Lian" is handwritten (slightly messily). The final panel shows Jade smiling down at the photo lovingly, looking almost wistful.
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beelzebvb · 7 months ago
diavolo is constantly surrounded by others -- by barbatos, by lucifer, by the other brothers. 
but even surrounded by them, he is lonely, isolated, distant-- until he meets you. 
(even lucifer, despite how many times he has practically begged him not to, keeps his distance, tries to maintain some semblance of professionalism and respect.) 
and you... you do not fear him. you are not concerned that some minor transgression will result in swift, violent retribution, nor do you feel it necessary to keep a respectful distance from him. 
you treat him like a friend, and it never fails to shock him. your bright, genuine smile as you wave to him from across the hall, or when you sit across from him, chatting idly, is breathtaking. 
and when you touch him, it is without hesitation. and whether it is a hand on his arm as you pass him, or a hug goodbye after afternoon tea, diavolo feels as though he might fucking melt. 
he wants so badly to hold you there, feel the warmth of your hands, your breath, your chest against his body. he would so willingly take anything you gave him, so long as it is more than in passing. but he knows that anything more is unacceptable, dangerous. so he steels himself, hides the way he deflates every time you step away behind bright smiles and casual, and hopes you do not notice. 
(he desperately wants you to notice.)
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redstainedsocks · 8 months ago
Here's the thing I wish people would understand: if you shit on creators too much just for the act of creating, you know what happens?
They stop.
If you bash everything that doesn't fit with your own personal tastes and comfort levels, those messages of things not being "good enough" or "palatable enough" or even of being "morally wrong" get back to the people who make things. And you know what happens then?
The creators second guess, and their creativity dries up, and they don't feel sharing is worth the effort it takes.
Creativity is a gift and it's a gift many of us like to share so we can collectively have fun playing and making sand castles together.
The more people start saying "well you can't do this" and "you can't do that" and "you can only do that if...", the more you're going to lose anyone who creates anything. Because it's not worth the drama, and it's not worth the draining exhaustion, and it's not worth the time.
And it doesn't matter if you never directly say it to any one person, it doesn't matter if you only generalise. Creators hear it. It seeps in. We're all only here to have fun on our own time, and once that stops being fun, what do you think we'll do?
And some people might think that's fine because it will only weed out the creators they have issue with, but these things have a knock on effect. You get rid of the one you think is a problem, but that creator is a source of inspiration and encouragement to half the creators you do like, and they see the sudden void and wonder if maybe they should be more cautious too. And before you know it the whole domino set up has been knocked down.
You're never going to get an entire platform to change to suit you, you have to change how you interact with the platform to fit with your own wants and needs.
You can have your own comfort levels, and you can have your own likes and dislikes, and curating your own experience is absolutely encouraged and for the best. But if consumers--and fellow creators--of content continue to be belligerent about what and where and how things can be created, even in spaces they don't have any involvement in... there won't be any space left to curate, because all the creators will already be gone.
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lovemesomefictionalboys · 3 months ago
anyway the current mood is
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#would you believe this this about the mystery character i’ve mentioned being in denial over#listen i think a lot of things are just adding together but i’m Emotional#like i was looking at other stuff his actor has done so i could either use it as inspo for headcanons/looking at images of him in outfits he#normally doesn’t wear so i can imagine him in Normal Clothes n stuff#and the actor played robert in a production of company and like. i’ve never seen company#i just know it as ‘that musical being alive is from’ and i hadn’t even heard being alive fully#that was until a few minutes ago where i found a recording of him singing so i could be like ‘owo what’s his singing voice like’#and like... i can get emotional over fictional media but i don’t cry at it. i‘ve only cried at one fictional thing in my life.#but oh boy i got damn near close there. i don’t even know the context of the song or anything it just fuckin hit me#and like maybe it’s because it relates to the potential f/o character and i’m emotionally attached to that one#or maybe it’s because his performance was fucking amazing and i’d never fully heard it so i was surprised it lived up to the hype#or maybe it’s because it’s late at night and i get more emotional at night#honestly it’s most likely because the song is really relatable and is in fact one of the main reasons i selfship in the first place#like dear god that song was so relatable it hurt#but i think the other reasons contributed#but sad boy shit aside. i now know my potential f/o has a good singing voice#he doesn’t have the vibe of someone who would ever sing but yknow#the more you know!#rich asshole my beloved 🤎📚🍷#a crimes original
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puppys-rhythm-heaven · a month ago
why do people think that remixes being repetitive’s a bad thing? cuz it isn’t. it really isn’t.
OH ALSO SOMETHING I REALIZED (don’t mind me screaming): UH. REMIX 8′S REPETITIVE TOO??? MAYBE NOT AS MUCH AS DS’ OTHER REMIXES (in remix 8 it’s just the individual parts within themselves that’re repetitive, as opposed to the others where they have like one, maybe two, parts that repeat a bunch) BUT. WITH THE LOGIC OF “DS’ REMIXES ARE BAD BECAUSE THEY’RE REPETITIVE” SHOULDN’T REMIX 8 BE BAD TOO???
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pinksakuraskies · a month ago
I’m genuinely so fucking bad at reading social cues and it’s really hard for me to hear what people say to me (especially if there are other noises in the environment, idk how else to explain other than there being too many sounds), so I’ve been in so many awkward social situations recently and it makes me want to die 😃
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pochapal · 8 months ago
do i really have Gender going on or did i just spend too much time around trans and trans adjacent spaces and end up subconsciously tricking myself
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narratorquestionmark · 4 months ago
it has come to my attention that vanilla and sonic would honestly hate each other
#vanilla is like. respect is so important. so are manners and proper ettiquette. respecting authority & elders is important.#and sonic is like ive never respected anyone before in my life and im not about to start now#the thing is tho is that those two have such Vastly different views on respect#bc sonic is just like. SO heavily against like. inequality? and treating others different#so sonic isn’t really going to treat the president or a friends mom or a friend different from each other#they get the same level of respect bc no one is better than each other#vanilla tho absolutely values manners and a respectful attidyde and kind of traditional values#vanilla & sonic would absolutely clash in the original Japanese versions tho bc of the way sonic talks#bc sonic doesn’t use the right suffixes of respect (i can’t think of the word. honorifics?)#and he literally adresses everyone in the same way. like the way he talks is like going ‘hey bro what’s up’ to like an old Man U just met#vanilla would lose her mind over his uncoothness#there’s a lot of other reasons why they would clash too tho#like sonic just. doesn’t have Any respect for authority figures. (fuck the military!)#which is good. but vanillas a mom so she would kind of be seen as an authority figure? so they’d probably clash a bit#especially since vanilla would want to kind of like. adopt him. make him civil. tame him. maybe make a son out of him.#but sonic wouldn’t want to be chained down by anything so like vanilla and him just would not mix well.#plus i mean. all of the adults in. sonics life are like. shady at BEST#Eggman. gun. literlaly any authority figure tried to murder him at least once#& i feel like if sonic had parents they wouldn’t be very good ones considering they let a (potentially at youngest) eleven year old go on#adventures around the world stopping a mad scientists. and that sonic was the only one who stood up to Eggman and he was like. again. 11.#i just think sonic values freedom way too much to be bothered with social constraints and over protective parents#whereas vanilla completely involves herself in those things so the two of them would clash So Badly#vanilla’s like thank u for saving me and my kid but u are an awful role model for my child so stay away#and sonics just like. hm i don’t trust adult figures so i gotta make sure ur treating cream okay so u can’t get rid of me that easily!#so they like. try not bicker in front of cream but they DEFINITELY don’t like each other for a very long time until they slowly get to#understanding each other and vanillas like. oh so he really is just a nice guy who thinks everyone should be treated equally and just wants#to help people and do good and isn’t intentionally rude just has a different view on politeness#and sonics like oh maybe vanillas actually like trustworthy and stuff.... and a good parent.... huh#also sonic introduces vanilla to vector and vanilla & vector get married after a few years and vanillas is like. okay sonic can have a few#rights. and anyway the two of them get closer after a few years but initially they absolutely despise each other
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ziracona · 9 months ago
GOD I love UBW. Like, that show came for me personally and hit me so deep. I can’t say enough. The ending???? The hopelessness but determination the whole time and the core ethics questions and personal journey for Shirou?? God the chant for Unlimited Blade Works itself??? Fuckin my girl Rin out here spitting straight truth the whole time “It’s too cruel” it is!!! “Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right”??? SHIT it sure doesn’t!!! THE ENTIRE SEQUENCE TO Last Stardust???? “Hey. That’s hell thay you’re walking into?” (°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥д°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥) “That is indeed stupid. But I cannot laugh at it.” SHIT. What a mood. “When I look at it and see myself destined to walk on the same path my heart trembles” BOI. Archer winning but choosing to lose because he’s really still the same person deep down too??? “But then no matter how much time passes, you’ll never be saved!” Girl I weep. Anyway Unlimited Blade Works is a work of art and it ripped out my whole soul but in a way I can live with.
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andgently · a year ago
And when my cries to god were met with indifference I picked up a pen. I wrote my OWN deliverance
Tumblr media
#that's what gets me. that's the line that fucking. KILLS me in more way than one bc like that's. god idk how to explain it he just did every#single thing on his own in the beginning he wrote his way out he rose up on his own. but that strength turned into pride and he begins to#victimize himself. he's right. god met his prayers with indifference. he had to figure out how to get out himself. that's something I#understand horribly well and it continues with his need to leave a legacy and his feeling that he's running out of time it's that slow#motion car crash (I've used that comparison before but it's the best I can think of) of 'I need to do more I need to make a name for myself#I need to be enough I need to prove that I'm enough and I'm valuable & I'm someone that can't be replaced I am inimitable I am an original'#that turns into arrogance and corruption and desperation into greed but it's so twisted up in his head that he can't tell the difference.#hamilton is not a good man. I hate the fandom so much bc he's not a good man and I don't want him to be seen as such especially when people#don't recognize that he didn't get it together until after it's quiet uptown and even then he wasn't good he's still a damn politician.#imo it's the line 'I start to shake when I realize that we're in the same spot my son died is that why' that he fucking gets it through his#head that he's been so wrong this entire time but anyway. that desperation served him well but it stayed when he'd made a name for himself#and it turned into corruption. and in hurricane. he's 100% victimizing himself. 'I'll write my way out' my fucking guy you fucked your way#in. this is your fault. there's no coming back from this. so it's a mixture of genuine 'the only person I've relied on is myself and it#hurts but I did it I got out and I'm proud' and 'I won't acknowledge that I've fucked up bc how can I do wrong when all I want to do is#serve this country' which he hasn't done in a while by that point. I get that. it's awful but I understand the fear and the anger that that#comes from and that's why I'm still so attached to that dumb fucking musical bc I've never seen or heard anything that so accurately brings#across the desperation that he has. that I have. every day you fight like you're running out of time. and when my prayers to god were met#with indifference I picked up a pen I wrote my own deliverance' he's wrong. but in his mind he's right and it makes sense that he thinks#that and god. slow motion car crash. nothing good can come from it the second act is about corruption and greed and arrogance and everyone#woobifies the man. you can't do that and also fucking don't do it to the historical people my god#I hate it sm when people woobify characters they do it to tony too. and peter lol like stop#they're arrogant angry fucks that want to help people so desperately that they'll tear themselves apart in order to do it#tony is arrogant. he gets better he begins to catch himself and his ptsd didn't help but he's arrogant. every damn mcu character is dknfkdnf#peter isn't. Arrogant per say. but he's steve's type of stubborn and that's dangerous. all of these people are dangerous and not always#morally correct and. why woobify these characters when you can explore how they actually interact with the world with each other#isn't human error fucking incredible. focus on it. show people's shortfalls show their mistakes and their unforgivable actions and show how#they react to it. show if they realize. tony realizes. steve has the potential to. hamilton certainly fuckin didn't for a long time#stevetony fascinates me bc of how similar and incredibly different they are. they have an understanding.#that's what tony giving him the shield was. the handshake. even in a1 on the helicarrier they saw themselves in each other's eyes#the writers preferred drama to them using their similarities and differences as a strength and it sucks bc that's what's interesting
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lecliss · a month ago
Also the fact that Psychonauts 2 comes out in exactly a month is something I cannot perceive. How many years has it BEEN??? It doesn't feel real. In as early as like 30 fucking days or something, you can hold that babey in your hands. Psychonauts 2 REAL!!!!
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somelazyassartist · 6 months ago
#okay it's like 4 am and I've been stressing out for hours now and the only thing I've eaten all day is chips so maybe I'm just delirious rn#and maybe my mind's just wandering and I'm not thinking straight right now#but I'm having so many mixed feelings about how i want to transition and it's making me really emotional I'm trying really hard not to cry#i don't know what i want and that scares me because how can i try to become my 'real me' through transition if i don't know who the real me-#-is supposed to be??#for every good thing i like about an appearance i might want to work towards there's 10 things i hate about it#and that's only because my ideal body ideas all clash with one another and it'd be impossible to look like all of them at once#so none of them end up sounding good and then i just pick them apart and now transitioning scares me because i hate everything i want to be#and i know no matter how hard i work I'd probably never get there anyways so what's even the point in trying#my mom won't fucking listen to me when i tell her not to out me to people I'm not ready to be open about my identity with#so i already hate myself even more than usual because of it#and i can't stand myself anymore#i can barely look in the mirror i can't stand seeing my own body i just wanna fucking kill myself so i don't have to look at it anymore#i hate my appearance now andi hate what i want to be and I'm never going to be seen the way i want to be and i don't want to do this anymore#i hate everything about myself i just want to fucking die#I'll be fine tonight I'm not gonna do anything but that's how i feel#vent#death tw#death trigger warning#suicide tw#suicide trigger warning
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junesqueer · 8 months ago
Lukewarm take: spn sucks ass bc their entire plot layout relies on making the main characters endure Terrible Trauma but each Trauma has to be worse than the previous ones in order to maintain the tone and drama. The characters and audience becomes desensitized to Normal Terrible Trauma so they must go to absurd lengths to provoke emotional responses.
But they forget that a show that is Bad Things Followed By Worse Things is unsustainable. Eventually it just becomes ridiculous and hopeless because they never put in sufficient time into any kind of recovery, and even if they did, after a certain degree of Trauma, they exceed what is fathomably tolerable--such as centuries of torture constant death and resurrection etc etc etc.
It's 15 seasons of making characters endure terrible things until the idea of any kind of recovery is a long lost dream and that fact backs them into a corner when it comes to any kind of satisfying ending.
Of course it ended the way it did. This is the only thing they know how to write.
#and it worked too bc yall are too fucking stupid to realize where the show was going#dont take this too seriiusly i stopped watching like 6 seasons in#and i cant tell you how absurd it is that watching 6 seasons is a negligible amount#you know how many shows i have seen 6 seasons in??? i think maybe 4 total#dumb fucks watching 15 seasons of the same damn bullshit lol whats it like to rely on a fictional show for your mental health#bet it sucks huh#okay but no seriously even just 6 seasons of that show depressed me so much#bc i couldn't stop thinking about when the story would end#about how they would recover and live with themselves#and pretty quickly i realizes that this was a question the writers had never even briefly considered#they had a formula for suffering and it worked like a damn charm so they kept going and going#and watching a show that i knew would never ever have a satisfying ending wasnt worth it#watching a show that only existed to torture the characters felt too sadistic for me idk#bc i kept trying to think about how they would ever be happy and i knew that with the kinda trauma they were written to endure....#they would never be able to be happy#they would always suffer unless they died for good#of course the ending is this way#how did you ever delude yourselves into thinking it would be anything different?#all they have ever done is make them hurt and it made them so rich they never had to do anything else#this was always how it was gojng to end: depressing and cheap and cruel and unsatisfactory#thats all the show was all along#dont come at me with hate tho please dear god#not particularly interested in an argument and very judicious with the block button#spn#supernatural#spn finale
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