#it is sunday i do not want to not feel good on a day off
thewitcheress2389 · 2 days ago
could I request #5 "I just want to take care of you!" with Geralt?? specifically him saying it to the reader
love you!
Those Darn Alghouls
A wise man once asked, “What’s the difference between a ghoul and an alghoul...?” 
#5 “I want to take care of you!”
Tumblr media
How were you to know?
Here you were, lying down in some makeshift cot, nearly bleeding out because you mistook an alghoul for a ghoul. The spikes and stripey pattern should’ve been a dead giveaway, but you were just glad that Geralt didn’t lecture you on that.
He had plenty of other things to lecture you in.
And for a man who doesn’t say much, boy did he have a lot to talk about. The witcher may not be good with talking about his feelings, but when it came to monsters, he was the expert.
“How could you not see the difference?” Geralt muttered while dabbing at one of your bloody wounds, causing you to wince.
“Sorry I didn’t go to witcher Sunday school like you.” You talked back to him which in turn caused him to “accidentally” press too hard against your wound.
“My bad.” He said in a monotone voice, causing you to roll your eyes. 
Normally, Geralt would be more worried and concerned about your well-being. However, seeing as you only had a couple of scratches and bite marks, he wasn’t so worried. If you could talk back, you were going to live. 
But he was still a little concerned. This time it was a mix up between ghouls. What if next time it was a mix up between two other monsters, like a forktail and a wyvern. Geralt couldn’t bear the thought of you in such pain.
“What’s my diagnosis, Dr. Witcher?” You said teasingly as he finished cleaning your cut, moving to clean the rag in a pail of bloody water. He tried not to roll his eyes at your words.
“You’ll live.” He simply said while moving to get rid of said bucket.
“Bummer for you, huh?” You said with a grin, deep down hoping he would say otherwise. For a second, the witcher smiled slightly.
“No. I would miss your sass too much.” He responded before moving to dump the water far from where you guys were resting, not wanting any monsters to smell the blood and close in. When he came back, he saw you were absentmindedly looking out the window.
“What’s on your mind?” Geralt asked while taking a seat on the ground nearby.
“I was just thinking...my wounds weren’t too severe, and I could’ve treated them myself, so...why did you feel the need to do it for me?” You finished your thought while turning to look at him. Geralt looked a little boy who got caught stealing. Most likely because you placed him in a position where he had to talk about feelings.
“Some of your cuts would’ve been hard for you to reach.” He tried to explain himself, but you weren’t buying it.
“Yeah but-” You started to say, but he cut you off.
“I want to take care of you!” The emotion behind his voice was something you’ve never heard from Geralt before. The way he raised his voice in order to get his point across.
It was enough to get you flustered.
“Take care of me?” You repeated in hopes for clarification. He looked anywhere but your eyes.
“Yes. I want to be there for you, even just for the small scratches. Anything I can do to make you feel better.” The witcher confessed before finally looking at you. His amber cat-like eyes dove into your e/c, searching for any trace of how you felt about the situation.
“Well...that makes me feel so much better.” You told him while moving some hair behind your shoulder. He gave you a confused look.
“I thought you were doing that out of pity.” You said with a giggle, and that’s when Geralt smiled a bit as well.
“Perhaps a bit.” He said, and you gave him a mock offended look. 
After that playful banter, Geralt began to fish through one of Roach’s saddlebags. He informed you that even though your wounds were minor, you were still going to rest for the rest of the day.
“And in case you get bored...” The witcher walked over and threw a book at your feet. Picking it up, you saw it was the witcher’s bestiary, full of all the known monsters. You gave him quite the look.
“After I come back from finding us some dinner, I expect you to tell me the difference between ghouls and alghouls.” He said with a slight smile at your groan before disappearing into the wounds. However, he was also smiling at not just your obvious misery at having to read that doesn’t book, but also something else.
You didn’t need any rest.
The witcher just wanted another excuse to care for you.
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amethystwritesbts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
-The Way I Hurt-
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Hoseok)
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drabble
Warnings: Explicit language, angst, some sexually charged scenarios but I wouldn’t call it smut.
Summary: A short story inspired by Olivia Rodrigos “Traitor.”
Requested by: Anonymous
Tumblr media
“You know something we’ve never talked about?” Hoseok sits down on the sofa beside you, setting a bowl of cheesy popcorn between you.
“What’s that?” you wonder, stuffing a handful in your mouth.
“What exactly happened between you and the-one-we-don’t-speak-of,” he tosses a kernel up and catches it in his mouth.
Your hand falters over the bowl.
“I guess not, but there’s a reason we don’t speak of him, ya know?” you tease.
Hobi shrugs, “I’d like to know, if you want to tell the story that is, about what he did to you.”
What he did to you.
“He never hit me or anything like that, if that’s what you’re trying to find out,” you explain, uncomfortably.
“That’s good, but I didn’t think as much. You’re not the type to let anyone put hands on you without decking them,” he kisses your cheek as he pulls you into him, “he still hurt you though. I can feel it. Tell me,” he presses.
You pull his arms tighter around you.
It started with text messages. That much you remember clearly, because you felt so ridiculous about it. Felt absurd for being jealous - felt like you were playing right into a stereotyped role of possessive partner.
“Who’s that?” you asked, casually enough. You and Jungkook had been playing Mario Kart when his phone chirped with a new text.
“It’s just someone from work,” he responded.
“Oh, who?” you knew his coworkers pretty well. All of them really, except for the new girl who’d started as the new piercing specialist a few months back.
In truth, even at the sound of her name your Spidey-senses tingled, something about the sound of it off his lips made you uncomfortable. That should have been your first warning really, because you weren’t the possessive type.
You nod, trying to keep any hint of uncertainty out of your voice, “How’s she getting on, in the new job?”
“She’s doing great, really good at her job.”
That’s all he offered, so you pressed your lips together and nodded some more, “What does she need so late, on a Sunday?”
The tiniest silence ensued, certainly not long enough to be suspicious, not quick enough to be defensive, “Meeting tomorrow before the shop opens,” he sets the phone down, shoving it far into the crevice of the couch, “ready for the Mushroom Cup?”
The texts only got more frequent.
“Lena texts you all the time,” you blurt one afternoon, “I don’t really like it.”
He looked at you blankly, not really any emotion present. No anger, no defensiveness, no humor - which actually would’ve been nice, for him to laugh it off because you were being silly.
“We work together,” he shrugged, “we’re friends. Am I not allowed to have friends now?”
“You’re right, I’m being stupid, I’m sorry.”
You leaned over the counter to kiss him, you say nothing about the fact that his kiss feels lacking, like he’s doing it because he’s supposed to.
You say nothing when he begins to leave the room inconspicuously when he gets a message. You say nothing when you notice he’s deleting conversations once he responds, not all, just hers.
You keep quiet, so you can keep Jungkook. In your heart, in your very soul, you love him too much to lose him.
Things had been quiet and uncomfortable between you and Jungkook for too long. You decided to take the initiative and shake things up.
You slipped into the lingerie you’d bought a few days prior while Jungkook laid in the bedroom.
“Hey,” you lean in the doorway as his brown eyes look up at you. You swallow the insecurity you feel when you watch him quickly fiddle with something on his phone before casually scooting it under the pillow.
“What do you think?” you smile, playing with the black lace.
“You look good.”
You frown a bit. You were kind of shooting for more along the lines of beautiful, stunning, like the things he used to say to you. Hell, you’d even take something playful like “you look good enough to eat.”
Instead you get complimented as if you’re about to leave for a job interview as a carnie. I can be the clown, you think bitterly.
Fuck it, you’re already in here. Just push through.
You smile and walk towards the bed where he lays. You straddle him, pressing your pelvis flush against his hips.
“I don’t like how things have been so quiet around here lately,” you whisper, then kiss him, “so I want you to make me get real loud, mmk?”
You lean in for another kiss but he pulls back a bit.
“I’m just…not really in the mood right now, you know?” he says, looking at the mattress.
You sit back on his thighs, wounded. Actually, wounded doesn’t really begin to cover it.
“Are you fucking serious?” you ask, gesturing to your body. Every fiber of your existence is trying not to cry.
“I’m sorry?”
You stare at him for a moment, your lip shaking, and he sees it - you know he does. He sees how absolutely pathetic he’s made you feel.
You hop off him to drag your sorry ass back to the bathroom to put your clothes back on, the tears forming in your eyes.
“Hey, ___, look, we can do it okay? It’s fine…”
“Fuck that,” you shake your head. “I’m not going to let you fuck me out of pity Jungkook. It kind of defeats the point if I know you don’t want me, you know?”
You’re full crying now.
“What do you want from me then?”
“I don’t want a fucking thing, Jungkook, not a thing. Get back to texting Lena, sorry I fucking interrupted,” you spit.
“God! Stop being so fucking paranoid! It’s insufferable!”
You have half a fucking mind to grab his phone right out of his hands, pull up whatever disgusting conversation between he and Lena is going on, but you know he probably deleted it the second you walked in.
Instead you just look at him, your eyes wet and your face dripping tears, “I don’t know how much longer I can fight through this Koo. I just don’t know.”
After that night things only got worse.
You didn’t see Jungkook most days anymore. He’d stay at the tattoo shop well after closing, making sure you were asleep before he got home in the early hours of morning.
God only knows what he’s been doing there. With her.
So when Jungkook walks through the door at 2am and you’re sitting at the counter drinking a mug of coffee, his eyes widen.
He smells like a very floral perfume, certainly nothing he’s got in his drawer in the bathroom.
You sigh.
“You’re up?”
“Yes, I needed to speak to you,” you say.
He sets his keys on the counter and shrugs awkwardly, “Here I am, what did you need to tell me?”
“I just wanted to let you know that I took the day off to pack my stuff, whatever is happening between us…it’s not worth it to you to try and fix it with me, so I’m moving out and I think it’s best if we just call it quits, don’t you?”
This is it, you think, the tears coming already. If he wants to fight for it, he will. If he loves you still, if he loves you like he used to - when he would hold you all day, or wake you up in the middle of the night just to fuck, when he would stare at you from across the room - he’ll fight right now. He’ll fight for you.
His eyes do tear up, and you hold your breath waiting for his words.
“Okay,” he nods tearfully, “I think it’s been over for a bit.”
You look away from him, your hand coming over your mouth to quiet your cries.
You had expected it, but a part of you had hoped it would still be there, the tiniest flicker of love that he’d want to rekindle.
After two weeks your heart had gone from bleeding out to a steady, ever present ache.
A friend had insisted you meet for coffee, you needed to get out of the house and you finally relented at the promise of a giant vanilla iced latte.
Except the second you walked into the café, there he was, cuddled up with her in a booth in the back. He’s whispering something in her ear and you see her giggle. The smile on his face so familiar to you - it’s something you’d been wishing to see again for weeks.
“I gotta go,” you cry, your voice faltering as you back toward the door.
You lock eyes with him and you can see his expression change from romantic fluff to sheer panic as the tears spill onto your cheeks.
You knew it. You knew it had been her all along. It took her two months to unravel a love that you thought was so deep. Two months to destroy it all, and he willingly let it happen. Took him two weeks to be snogging her in a coffee shop.
You’ve never felt so betrayed, so stupid, so broken.
“___! Wait! Wait!” Jungkook calls as you stomp down the sidewalk to your car.
You stop and turn to him, not giving a shit that you look like a disheveled mess. He made you this way, he may as well get a good look.
“It’s not what you’re thinking, I never touched her never did a thing with her while we were together I swear,” he says. There’s no ‘I’m sorry’ no remorse, only defense from something you never even accused him of.
“You didn’t have to Koo! You fucking traitor…you’re a liar, that’s all I need to know,” you shout, seething, teeth gritted so hard your jaw hurts.
To this, he says nothing. So you just shake your head and turn your back on him.
“That’s it, really,” you relax into Hobis chest and he kisses the side of your head.
“I’m sorry baby, that he did that,” he says, giving you a little squeeze.
“It hurt, I really thought he was it, you know?” you wiggle loose and turn toward Hoseok, “but now I know better,” you cup his cheek with your hand.
“Yeah?” he smiles.
“Yeah, I had to go through it all, to get to you. To find a person who chooses me, you choose me Hobi - everyday you wake up and I’m enough and you make me so happy. I love you,” you say, kissing him deeply.
“I love you too baby, so much,” he pulls you in and you snuggle on the couch eating popcorn and watching your favorite show.
1. Hey anon, here you go. I hope you like it my darling 💜 I know you asked for a happy ending, and perhaps you meant a happy ending with JK - but I just couldn’t think of a happier ending than finding someone who would never betray you like that.
2. This is obviously dedicated to my lovely anon who requested it, but also to some of my friends on here who may need a reminder that there is someone out there who will consistently, every day, choose you. Don’t waste too much time on the ones who don’t okay? You’re worthy of being chosen.
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hamster-on-fire · 4 months ago
we just had our house flood with a family we're probably closest to out of everyone & like. the whole house felt so wonderfully chaotic. like. yes. hi these are my extended siblings. and we are all family & they love us even tho we're boring & we love them bc theyre just. them. and shouldnt life be like this every now and then. shouldnt your essays be interrupted bc theres a friend knocking on your bedroom door and a jump scare waiting for you from a pseudo-little brother & shouldnt meals be eaten like a jigsaw puzzle round the table, whirling and twisting for cutlery and different cheeses and bread - bread! - and we talk about scotland - scotland!!- where its full of possibility and arent ppl the best?? arent MY people the best???
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lebrookestore · 7 months ago
#rant ahead wOo#............................................................................................................................................#.................................................................#...................................................................................................................#tw: self hate?? idk lmfao#suddeny i feel really bad about myself#so i was supposed to go to church for som sunday school bs#but i have a cough and last minute my dad remembered that fact so he went 'can she go? because she doesn;t even make an attempt to control i#ok sir u try controlling an hrad cough#its HARD ok and its always there that tickle#and anything can set of a fit of coughing#its not something i can control i mean i try and i try hard but its really#well..hard#and of course my mother the ever religious extremist catholic shot me a dirty look like 'oh how dare my child not go to church'#fuck off#idk man ive studied all day i work hard and yet#they dont even see it. they just want me to do what they want even when its out of my hands#i told my mom 'hey i finished the syllabus for this subject!'#'ok have you finished all? if you get bad marks you will ruin your life? i will only know when the results come'#WHAT THE HELL?? JUST SAY GOOD JOB#everytime she says shit like this it doesn't make me want to do better it just discourages me#:///#then i fall into a slump of self hate and god its awful#because i never measure up to what she wants no matter what i do#'you dont sing enough do you know how mich im paying?'#'you dont play your piano well enough'#'you dont study enough'#for once just ONCE i want to hear 'good job you did well'#brooke rambles#dl
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toadcircus · 7 months ago
so i used to work 32 hours over 4 days. now i moved back home and the only shifts they had for me when i transferred is friday saturday sunday 13 hours. ive been doing this for 3 weeks and im going to have to quit because this literally feels like a punishment instead of a job. i barely make any money and yet i cant see my friends or hang out with my family because theyre mostly working 9-5 weekdays. i need to get out of here also my manager doesnt like me as always LMAO
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boastyles · a year ago
Why is today so much worse than yesterday holy shit
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ladiablesse · 2 years ago
shsjsjskdk i’m so confusedddd
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bitchslapcapital · 2 years ago
looks like it’s sad boi hours all day today
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heroquills-a · 3 years ago
( sorry if drafts are a bit slow right now. this past month has been wearing me a bit thin & my mental health is starting to take a nose dive,, i might have to take a short break from writing so i can just. recover. there’s been a lot going on on my end of things & frankly im just tired and just want to rp but i have too many other responsibilities nagging at me that i can hardly even find the motivation to do just that. )
#🌀 — later guys! i’m outta here! �� ooc. ❫#.vent#i'm honestly so got damn stressed#between having to work basically all this week with today/yesterday being one of my days off and next sunday being the other#i have to go grocery shopping then and also help my parent with bills#and then i have art projects that i gotta do#one of which i was ! almost done on!! but now i gotta fucking start over because apparently its not good enough for the ppl i'm working with#like the resolution was bad or something and i have to start from the ground up and they wanna have another god damn meeting with me#about it and im just so frustrated its such a motivation killer i hardly had the drive to finish it at all and now i have to start over im s#so pissed#and then i have another thing i promised myself i'd finish by the end of the week#and to top it all off our internet is probably gonna get shut off anyday now or at the end of the month because our roommate has been#skipping out on the internet bill again and im. so god damn done#nevermind the fact i've been depressed bc this time of the year is always depressing for me#i've lost so many ppl around this time of the year and it just sucks being reminded about#i don't even have the time to be sad about it because life decided it wanted to throw every responsibility at me at once this month#just feel like curling up in bed and laying there for the next few weeks honestly#yeah not to like be sad or depressed on main but frankly life is just shit right now and i can't even really find motivation to do what#makes me happy right now so#i'll probably get one last draft done and then take a breather#for how many days ? i dunno honestly#i dunno how often i'll be able to come online and actually rp this upcoming month because of our fucking roommate cheating us out again#god im so frustrated i feel like pulling my hair out
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lesbianstarlightglimmer · 3 years ago
Going to bed now! Nighty night!
#me#meowz#today was not a good 'last full day before school starts back' day. first i wake up not feeling the best next my brothers#keep me waiting in my running car for like 10 min which wouldntve been so bad if the amazon car hadnt shown uo#*up and handed me a huge heavy package to carry up the small hill of our driveway and somehow get into the house w it#like seriously why didnt he at least offer to help he motioned me over and dumped the package on me#and i couldnt not go down there bc he saw me bc i had already pulled outta the garage and then when we went to lunch finally at#1230 we ate at wendys and i asked for a chicken sandwich and they gave me a hamburger which that wasnt a biggie mistakes happen#i just felt rushed bc it took them a bit to get me the chicken and then it took a hot minute for me to eat it meanwhile my brothers#were p much done eating by the time my sandwich got there so i felt rushed to finish you know? then my youngest brother#was harassing me about going to target bc hes content to stay at home 24/7 but i am not! plus i needed some stuff at target#and then after target i had to finish up the laundry then dinner made me sick and i was nervous the whole time my dad was awake#and my mom wasnt home bc of the whole 'gotta entertain him or else hell explode on me' thing also my grandma called AGAIN#and was like 'do you want me to move the kitchen table&chairs back where they were and even tho i kept saying it was fine and id figure it#out later when i was settled in she kept going back to it and saying she could 'if i wanted to' but since she KEPT pushing it#i finally gave in and just said 'sure thanks' sHE IS GOING TO DRIVE ME NUTS AND IM NOT EVEN LIVING THERE YET UGH#also i have a bad stomach/headache bc of the stress of tomorrow and...the rest of the semester lol#at least my mom offered to drop my stuff off while im working in sunday school so i dont hafta put out over 2 hours to drive and then get to#the house to drop stuff off and turn around to go to my meeting. now i just gotta go to the meeting and then to the house#lot less stressful...i hope
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doublemastectomy · 10 days ago
#negative and venting in these tags#+ I'm not at ALL grounded rn so like. u know#I don't have the proper words rn. but I'm just hoping very much today is just an off-day like most sundays have been lately.#and maybe I can be somewhat functional again tomorrow#I wish I had more positive things to talk about maybe tomorrow will be better and I'll have more positive things then#I'm just so tired and keep not being able to think well. and I just spent like 3 hours just laying down#like resting but not sleeping and I really wish I were at least more ok with being like this#cause I'm not. but I'm too tired to do anything about it when like -_- I've got spirits putting thoughts in my head#and like touching me and telling me things and I couldn't get them to go away even if I wanted to cause I'm just too tired#and their presence is so. heavy on me like their energy or whatever just Weighs u down when too many of them get close#so I can't move I just have to lay there and listen to them and it's so. horrifying#but at the same time it's like!!! the best feeling in the world it's literally better than anything. and I wish it weren't#I wish real physical things felt good to be around too :-(#I wish I could be grounded and functional and awake like normal humans seem to be even in situations like mine#one of the spirits is still touching me now. like. on my ribbcage and I don't know why but it feels . impossible to describe#or to compare to something else lol#I don't know why. they're doing that I don't know what they're trying to do with me exactly.#it's like electricity but softer maybe. not sharp. dull warm radiating pulsating pressure very alive. I can feel them like under my skin#ok it's getting late. I'm running out of what energy I have left I need to go to bed#and in the morning I'll have breakfast and take my vitamins and maybe I'll be a little better and more awake#and I'll get bloodwork or something done soon and I'll see a new therapist and maybe we can do something and my brain won't be so fuzzy#they told me to trust them tonight also. they said I'm not in any real danger and I need to just let myself rest when I need to#<- one of the angels said that I mean#even if that's more often than most people I need to like. just lay down and rest more and trust them to take care of everything & Im safe#so ok
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widevibratobitch · a month ago
#yeah. ok. so one thing's certain.#i can either keep singing or keep losing weight. can't have both.#i have had. SUCH a shit day today. slept for 15 hours. cried (again) during my singing lesson.#first thing my singing teacher asked me when i came in was 'are you alright' cuz apparently i look that bad lol#i mean. yeah. havent showered or brushed my hair since saturday. havent even washed off my make up since sunday.#no ok. ive washed the foundation off but i have just been adding more and more mascara layers since saturday and they crying them off lol#so yeah. i am perhaps not in the best mental nor physical state. ive been close to fainting yesterday and today.#and i am suicidal again which. not ideal.#my flat's a mess. like a total total mess.#and i cant sing. i just cant. i cant take a proper breath i cant support it.#my singing teacher said im looking very pale and she's noticed ive lost weight and that i havent been well for some time now#but today was bad enough that she finally said something and i just fuckin lost it lol#so yeah she hugged me and was really very sweet. i love her. she's amazing.#but thing is. i really gotta start taking care of myself because it cant keep going like this. i am a mess. a royal fuckin mess.#i have no energy. im weak all the time. i sleep way too long and i look and feel like shit.#and if i want to keep singing i need to stop this. but if i start eating normally ill gain weight again#and i wont be able to deal with that mentally. not when i am literally so close now to looking like i have always wanted to look#so yeah. im just. caught in the middle. there is nothing else i want to do. i may occasionally hyperfixate on other fandoms and music but#ultimately opera is my whole life and there is nothing else i wanna do. nothing else i CAN do either. the only other thing im good at#is english. maybe italian if i moved my ass and started studying properly. this is what my dad has always been telling me to go for#this is a rELiAbLe cArEeR FieLd. fuck this. id literally rather die than end up like my dad with a well-paid job in a reliable career field#and dreams that he cant let go but never has and never will be brave enough to actually pursue them. id literally rather die. really.#my father is a living breathing cautionary tale for me.#but then again. if i stop losing weight i will gain it again. possibly go back to how i was before. and now that i have finally#known what's it like to be maybe not thin per se but at least not fat anymore and ive heard so so many compliments#and just. generally the way people are treating me now is so nice. and my self confidence is stronger too#its just so much easier and nicer to function in a society like that. im not nearly as self conscious as i used to be.#so what if maintaining it is literal hell and it ruins pretty much every aspect of my life lol#i dont know what to do. im so fucking scared of each and every option. i just went to buy groceries and i said fuck it and i bought like.#real actual food. and now i came home and i regret it and am afraid to eat that but in that grocery store i really was ready to fix my life
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doebt · 3 years ago
i just got home i feel like i’m deceased
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holaitse · 4 months ago
bro,, i literally told my manager i couldn't work tmr or tuesday bc i fell like shit right?? and what does she do?? she sends me the schedule and i have to work tmr and tuesday like wtf????? :))))
#i literally have to work 5 days AGAIN#i literally worked sunday last week & that was so busy then i had to work ALL FIVE DAYS OF THE WEEKDAY#RESULTING IN ME FEELING DIZZY ON MY FRIDAY SHIFT & HAVING HEADACHES TO THE POINT WHERE I HAD TO CALL HER & TELL HER I COULDN'T COMPLETE#MY SHIFT#& I LITERALLY TOLD HER TODAY I COULDN'T WORK TMR OR TUESDAY BC I DON'T FEEL GOOD & SHE REPLIED 'ok got it feel better'#& WHAT DOES SHE DO????????#FUCKIN MAKE ME WORK TMR & TUESDAY LIKE BROOOO#I'M LEGIT GONNA FUCKIN CRY I HATE MY FUCKIN LOFE SO MUCH.#LIKE I LEGIT FEEL SO STRESSED OUT W FATIGUE I LITERALLY NEED TO REST & FEEL BETTER BUT NO I HAVE TO FUCKIN WORK TMR & TUESDAY#WHEN I ASKED FOR THOSE FUCKIN DAYS OFF#LIKE ARE U JOKING????????#ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME???????#& THE FACT I HAVE TO WORK ON THE WEEKEND TOO LIKE???????#I FEEL SO STRESSED OUT BRO#I LEGIT JUST WANNA CRY & JUST REST BC LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK MAN?????????#& i want y'all to understand i HARDLY ask for days off in the first place#i literally work MORE than my other coworkers#& this is how i get repayed like are u kidding me???????#this it literally the 3rd time i asked the day off & this is the 2nd time she does this#i legit can't stand this like how is this fair??????#i don't fuckun feel good & i tell u that & u say it's ok i get those days off but then u make me work on those days???????#how is that fair????????#& the fact ik if i tell my boss or manager i'm tired they're gonna say 'take it easy' as if it isn't gonna be monday & ppl have school off#& it's gonna be busy asf#like how am i supposed to take it easy if it's gonna be super busy & IT'S MONDAY meaning there's gonna be SO MUCH TO DO???????????#i'm literally crying i already feel so fuckin stressed out#🗣 — speaking
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work update...
#they offered me to change ny shift from to 7am#the one i have is from 1pm#i agreed bc well.... i think its a good opportunity....#there's not much to do at this hour however theres other like areas of our company that i haven't encountered yet#so now that i will encounter them I'll have the opportunity to grow#and I'm kinda flattered they picked me tbh bc i feel like a lot of people would've loved to have a morning shift#(it's not one u get to choose)#but they picked me ..... even tho idk anything about the areas of the job im about to be introduced to#I've barely been working a month#also my days off will be different altho that's starting from August that felt so far away when i was talking#to the manager about it but that's literally only two weeks...#anyway my new shift starts on Sunday after my current days off friday and saturday#then in august I'll have Wednesday and Thursday off#it has its upside too ig bc 7am shift is like ... midnight for ny so theres not as much work obv#and then on the weekend its even less so thats a W also#ive worked sundays until now and ive just been chilling 🤣🤣#a downside tho is that the supervisor who helped me a lot i wont be seeing him as much anymore.... </3#and I'll have to be stuck with the guy that's actually my supervisor that i fucking hate and dont want to ask for advice ever#the other guy had the same shift as me and my supv has the morning shift ugh....#idk why they'd assign me to a guy who's there for 3ish hours of my 8 hour shift 😑#i think that's all... kinda rambled i should go to sleep gnightttt#bottom.txt
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MISTAKE, rafe cameron
Tumblr media
summary: the pogues make a grave mistake breaking apart rafe and y/n and try to fix it
notes: happy easter ( or just ur regular old sunday ) ma bbys! here is a terrible lil fic i wrote a couple months ago then forgot abt it so here we are.
warnings: angsty as hell, sad bby rafe and the pogues being jerks :/
Tumblr media
THE pogues had make a mistake, a very big mistake breaking apart two people that were perfect for each other.
y/n and rafe.
you see, a week ago the pogues found out about rafe and y/n’s secret realasinship.
john b being extremely pissed at his younger sister for dating and especially dating a kook, rafe cameron.
as for sarah, she felt the exact same way. she was mad at rafe for dating one of her friends but she also knew rafe and instantly thought that he was just you for sex.
and pope, jj and kiara, were very pissed at y/n for even talking to a kook and especially macking on one.
so in conclusion they group split them up without even think of the twos feeling and quickly moving one like it never happened.
Tumblr media
“poguie!” jj burst into her room without warning only to see her sleeping in a pile of her blankets and pillows “you gotta see the waves! come let’s go surfing everyone’s come we’re picking up sarah come!” jj exclaimed happily.
“no” the girl mumbled from the blankets not moving one inch.
“y/n come on!” jj chuckled knowing his best friends happy manner trying to find it as he’s know her his whole life.
“go away jj” she whispered turning her body away from him.
jj’s brows furrowed at her actions thinking she was just tired or sick “okay fine but jb’s not gonna be happy” he closed the door.
Tumblr media
“what’d you do to rafe?” wheezie spoke as she entered her sisters room as she was getting ready to hang out with her friends.
sarah scoffed at the accusation “i didn’t do anything to him” looking away and back at her dresser mirror as she adjusted her top.
“you look away when you’re lying” the youngest cameron sister said sitting on her bed.
“wheezie it doesn’t matter” sarah sighed turning to her sister.
“yes it does!” she exclaimed make sarah “he was changing! he was actually talking to me not like any of you do, he and y/n don’t even hang out with me and and he won’t even leave his room or see anyone” wheezie spoke.
“wait… you knew about him and y/n?” sarah muttered looking at her sister.
“wow” wheezie scoffed “that’s what you got from that” she rolled her eyes getting off the bed and waking towards the door.
“wheez-“ sarah tried to speak.
“no sarah don’t” wheezie turned to look at her sister as she opened the door “maybe just try and think about me and rafe for once instead of ignoring us for you friends and boyfriend” she spoke harshly before slamming the door shut leaving sarah teary eyed in her room alone.
Tumblr media
three knocks hit the rafe cameron’s room door.
knock, knock, knock.
“rafe” he instantly recognized the voice not bothered to even look or turn towards the door.
“um, wheezie told me you haven’t gotten out of bed for a few days, you good?” sarah’s timely asked steeping in the room looking at the bed that had rafe shaped lump in it.
“fuck off sarah” he spoke not wanting to even hear his sisters voice.
“i just wanted to see if-” before she could finished asking if her brother was okay a honk sounded from outside and the yells from her friends.
“go see you little friends and fuck off” rafe reaped himself wanted his sister to leave him alone.
sighing sarah quickly leaving the room and off to the twinkie.
Tumblr media
“hey, have you guys talk to y/n today?” sarah asked the group as they sat on the beach each with bears in their hands.
“yeah i did” jj spoke making the group look at him “she would not get out of bed it was kind were like she was-”
“never gonna get out of bed” sarah questioned interrupting him putting together the peaces.
“yeah..” jj looked towards sarah as everyone else did.
“whats wrong with that? i mean she's just tired right?” john b questioned looking between the two.
“wheezie came to me this morning really worried it about rafe” the kook girl said as she tried to get the rest of her friends to connect the dots “he wouldn't get out of bed once”
“nuh uh, they are fine they wouldn't have worked out anyway” pope shook his head.
“yeah no way was i gonna let my younger sister and rafe date any longer” john b said mad at the connection of the two.
“guys i think she right” kiara spoke looking up at the group “as much as i hate to admit it i think she's right about them, i mean have any of you even seen y/n this week?” the goup sighed knowing she was correct.
“we gotta fix this don’t we?” john b sighed looking up at the group.
Tumblr media
“y/n?” pope knocked at the routledge girl’s door as the group stood around it.
the pogues looked at each other with weary eyes as they here’d a shuffle from inside but the door wasn’t opened of even touched.
pope slowly pushed the door open the rest of the group following looking into the room only to see y/n placing different objects inside a cardboard box.
“what baby poguie” jj spoke calling his her by the nick name he came up with years ago.
“i’m giving back all the stuff rafe gave me since you guys made me break up with him” the young girl wiped a stray tear from her eye placing another one of sweater in the box.
“is that rafe’s sweater?” sarah questioned as she had recognizing the sweat from somewhere.
“yeah is it” y/n placed the swallowed her sob placing the sweater in the box “all this stuff is his” she looked at the box and the belongings around it.
the group looked at the belongings and their friend in shame seeing what their selfish actions had truly done.
“um we wanted to let you know that you can get with rafe again we won’t break you guys up again” john b swallow looking at his sister breaking apart.
“wow” y/n scoffed “thank you so much for you’re permission” she laughed placing the last belongings in moving to the other side of the room slipping on her shoes.
��so you going to?” kiara asked for the group.
“get back together with him?” pope muttered.
“he probably doesn’t even want to” the girl scoffed picking up the box “probably hates me” sge moved passed the group walking through the house picking up the keys to the twinkie as they followed.
“he doesn’t” sarah spoke as y/n open the door walking out to the twinkle.
“whatever sarah” y/n brushed her off as she got in the twinkle pushing the box into the passenger seat.
“he’s misses you more that you think” the kook girl yelled from the porch as the group stood that watch y/n drive away from the house.
Tumblr media
three knock sounded at the door for the second time that day on the kook boys door.
knock, knock, knock.
rafe didn’t move not wanting to talk or look at his sister leaving the door unanswered.
knock, knock, knock.
the knock sounded around the room rafe groaned throwing the pillow off his head yelling “sarah! fuck! off!”
“i’m not sarah”
rafe instantly recognized the more than familiar voice quickly jolting up in his bed looking at the door rafe panicked.
his eyes were rimed with a sore red from crying for the past week, his hair unkept and his room a mess.
quickly getting off of the messy bed goosebumps rising onto the cameron boys skin as the air hit his bare chest.
“j-just a minute” rafe stuttered trying to make his bed as fast he could then taking the large amount of clothing and shoving it under his bed as fast he could.
scampering over to the mirror is dresser held the boy fixed his hair as best he could which was not well and made he way to the door.
placing his hand on the handle rafe opened the door revealing the girl that broke his heart.
he almost smiled before looking down only to see a box of his own belongings making his heart drop.
“hi” she looked up at the tall mess of a boy “could i come in?”
“uh, yeah” he moved aside letting the girl walk in.
muttering a small thanks the girl walked into the room swelling a lump in her throat as she looked at the mess of a room knowing it was her fault he was like this.
“so up what’s up” rafe placed his hand on the back of his neck rubbing it back and forth knowing exactly what was ‘up’.
“i thought you would want your stuff back” y/n looked down at the box then up again to him.
“oh, yeah i- um,” rafe stumbled over his words panicking quickly, y/n noticing she placed the box on the ground as fast she could then quickly placing her hands on his cheeks shushing him seeing this exact same behaviour from the boy.
“you’re okay” she looked into his eyes before he pulled her into his grasp, his hands on her waist holding on for dear life.
“why” he sobbed into the crook of her neck as he broke down from the emotions he’d held in all week.
“shhh, rafe” the girl held him as he cried “come on
after calming rafe down the two ended up on the side of the kooks bed sitting in silence
"so, how are you?" rafe asked the girl breaking the silence they'd been sitting in.
“i've been better” she sighed looking up at rafe.
“i guess you know how i’m doing” the boy shrugged snorting at the statement as did the girl.
y/n looked down at the floor sighing.
“can i ask you something?”
the girl looked back up nodding
“why’d you do it?” rafe took her hands into his larger one wrapping them into his “why’d you break up with me?”
“i- um” y/n stuttered unsure of what to say “john b saw us that day on you’re balcony when he was working, told the pogues and then made me break up with you”
y/n looked up at rafe to see him looking down at their joined hands as he was deep in his thoughts.
“did you want to though?” rafe asked looking back up at the girl.
“did i want to break up with you?” 
the cameron boy instantly nods his head yes not looking up.
“rafe” y/n took her hands from his and placed them on the sides of his face making him look up at her their eyes meeting.
“i never wanted to break up with you” she moved her thumbs up and down his cheeks.
“so if they-“ 
“if they never made me break up with you, i would never had in the first place”
rafe smiled placing his hands on the girls waist  pulling her closer.
“fuck them” the cameron boy looked up at y/n “i don’t care what they say, y-you’re my girl and nobody can say anything else” he pulled her into his lap.
“yeah?” y/n smiled moving her hand around his neck as she straddle him.
“fuck yeah”
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Tumblr media
meet me at our spot
pairing: steven grant/gn!reader
ratings: none on this one! just vibes <3
word count: 1.1k
a/n: my first moon knight fic!! honestly we should have ran bets on how long this would take.
It had been four days. Almost a whole week had gone by without so much as a single text from the man who was supposed to meet you for brunch three days ago. Normally you would have already deleted his number.. Maybe even blocked it.
But this was different. Because it was Steven.
Steven Grant. Who started off as just another work acquaintance— Meeting after one particularly long day where you found yourself wandering around the museum after closing, subsequently and quite literally running into him as you walked around the newer exhibit.
He had then spent the next thirty minutes talking rather animatedly about how the poster had managed to get the amount of Egyptian Gods there wrong and then he spent the next hour almost expertly telling you about each one. You found it endearing, to say the least.
That was almost three months ago. In that time span you had become rather close with the gift shop worker.. The friendship constantly tiptoed on the edge of something more but, much to your chagrin, it never quite made it across to the other side. Obviously it didn’t help that in that time he had missed at least four planned outings.
Okay so maybe he wasn’t the most reliable person in the world. And, it was disheartening to say the very least. But you had always known something about Steven was… Different.
At eleven fifteen on the dot your phone began to ring— And you knew the name that would be on the caller id before you even glanced at it. You picked it up and swiped to answer it in one motion as you brought it to your ear.
“Good afternoon, sunshine.” The newer nickname made you smile to yourself as you sat back down on the couch. “Ready for a spot of the best tea in London?”
Your heart sank dreadfully in your chest as you could practically hear the smile on his face. These were your least favorite parts of these calls.
You stayed silent for a moment as you tried to remember the easiest way to break it to him.
“Steven… You do know what day it is? Don’t you?” The silence that followed on the other end told you he didn’t.
“It’s Thursday.” His voice wavered as he spoke and you frowned to yourself. “Isn’t it Thursday?”
God you loathe this part especially.
“It’s Sunday, Steven.” Your voice was sorrowful as you moved to rest your elbow back on the arm of your couch, tucking your feet underneath you.
“But we just made the plans yesterday.” He spoke quietly as if he were only talking to himself and you shook your head.
“We made the plans Wednesday. It’s Sunday now, love.” You could hear the disappointed huff he exhaled through the phone and you sighed sadly.
Seeing him lost in any capacity was never easy but knowing he had lost almost an entire week never gets easier. He mumbled your name on the other end of the line—
“Christ. I’m so, so terribly sorry. I don’t know what’s happening?” His voice even sounded lost. Making your heart sink further into your stomach.
“It’s okay.” You started to reassure him and promise him it was fine but he quickly interjected.
“No. It’s not. I’m— I’m so lost.. All the time. And you..“
You cut him off before he could continue. “I am just happy to hear your voice.”
You couldn’t see him but you clearly heard the breath that left his lips as he relaxed slightly. The corner of your lips turning up into a relieved smile just before an idea pops into the forefront of your mind.
“If you’re feeling up to it— The day is still young. We could still go to tea? Maybe go see a play? Make a whole day of it.” Steven was silent on the other end of the line as you waited for him to respond.
“I wouldn’t want to interrupt your day off, sunshine.” The nickname again made your stomach feel as though it did a flip as you shook your head.
“My day has been boring up until my phone rang just now— You would be doing me a favor, really.” You shrugged your shoulders as you tried to sound nonchalant.
The sound of silence told you he was contemplating it on your behalf and the nagging voice in the back of your mind reminded you that he could say no but you brushed it off. Your ears perking up at the sound of him sighing—
“Well when you put it like that…” Steven trailed off and you smiled to yourself. Plans already hatching in your head.
“Meet me at our spot in twenty?” You asked, even though you already knew the answer and he breathed a laugh.
“You’ve got yourself a deal.”
Your spot was the middle way point of the stairs that led up to the entrance of the museum.
You smiled to yourself as you looked up the stairs from across the concourse to see Steven sitting there expectantly. You smoothed your hand down the front of your coat before looking up to see him as his eyes met yours and he stood hurriedly with a small wave. You waved back before making your way up the large concrete steps towards him.
As you stopped beside him he immediately started apologizing.
“I’m so sorry. I wish I could say it won’t happen again but I—.” You hand moved to gently squeeze his arm reassuredly.
“It’s okay, Steven.” You eyes bore into his as you spoke before he glanced down at your hand and back up. “What ever is going on with you— We’ll figure it out. Yeah?” You raised you eyebrow as your hand moved to squeeze his gently and he nodded.
“Yeah. We will.” His voice came out surprisingly calm and you smiled at him before releasing his hand and letting your arm fall at your side. You moved to look out, taking in the familiar sights. Eyes moving upward to glance at the blue sky that was littered with clouds.
“It’s a beautiful day, today isn’t it?” You sighed as the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.
“Absolutely stunning.” Steven mumbled under his breath just as you turned to look at him, a bright smile on your face that made his heart beat sputter in his chest. He looked at you for what he silently deemed a second too long before taking in a breath and plastering on a smile of his own. “Let’s not waste another second of it, shall we?” He extended his arm for you to take and the laugh that tumbled from your lips made his knees feel like gelatin as you wrapped your arm around his.
“We shall.” You nodded as the two of you carefully bounded down the steps.
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Lazy Sunday Sex with the Haikyuu Boys
Tumblr media
Characters included: Bokuto, Asahi, Iwaizumi, Kenma
Warnings: Minors/Ageless blogs DNI, gn!reader, no pronouns used, unspecified genitalia, lazy sex, dry humping, this is the most vanilla thing I've ever written I think, go me /hj.
A/N: I wrote this as an exercise to get back into writing more like I used to, I hope it's okay! Also if you would like to see this with other characters from other shows, let me know!
Tumblr media
Bokuto would be the kind to wake you up by humping your back or leg depending on how you sleep, setting the tone for the day from the very beginning.
He’d be the kind to keep you in bed all morning by lazily fucking you or being lazily fucked by you or both, just adoring your company more than anything, praising you and telling you over and over again how lucky he is to have you.
If this is your first day off together in a while, he will make sure to show you exactly how much he missed you by making you cum so hard you see stars <3. He definitely won’t stop until you’re both absolutely sated and spent, but he will order takeout for the two of you afterwards, moving to the couch after having whatever takeout your heart desired. It’s a calm atmosphere, domestic and familiar, and neither of you would trade it for the world.
“Baby,” you wake up Bokuto, who has been humping your ass for the past minute, waking you up in the process. It wasn’t bothersome but you could feel how hard he was and you’d rather he cum in you or your mouth than on the fresh bedsheets. Sundays are days of rest, after all, not the time to do laundry and make the bed.
“Hmm? Oh- sorry,” he says sheepishly once he was conscious, his voice thick with sleep, rubbing his eyes as his grinding comes to a halt.
“It’s okay.” You smile, turning around to place a tender kiss on his lips. You pull back making a face, which he reciprocated. Morning breath.
“Want me to help you out?” You ask, knowing the answer before Bokuto can even give it.
You spit in your hand before gliding it down Bokuto’s body, grateful you both sleep naked, taking his heavy leaking cock into your hand.
“I’m so glad we have the day off.” You say, pumping his length slowly, smiling at the way he slowly thrusts into your hand.
“Me, too. Love you. Missed you this week,” he whispers against the shell of your ear, slightly nibbling it as he groans shamelessly, cumming into your hand. Well, at least the sheets weren’t ruined.
But, from the look in Bokuto’s eyes, you know it wouldn’t matter anyway.
He likes taking his time with you no matter what, which is why when you have a day off, he will make sure he makes you cum on his mouth, his hands, his cock, whatever it is you need he will give it to you, so lazy sundays are the best time for him to really make you feel amazing.
He would probably initiate it in the early afternoon, spending the morning eating breakfast and reading together on the couch, like the old couple you are. But at some point in the afternoon, he makes sure to call you over to him in order to kiss you passionately, letting you know what you are in for. He loves drawing all those pretty sounds out of you, making your back arch and skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Definitely a passionate lover, and if the time allows it, lazy fucking is more than on the table. It’s his favourite way to take you completely apart.
“Come on, another round, please.” Asahi begs quietly, smiling at the way you thrust back against him.
Your back is flush against his as he lazily thrusts into your hole, the sound from his length dragging in and out of your walls absolutely lewd and so hot, you completely lose yourself int he feeling.
“Okay,” you sigh, not because you’re annoyed but because you’re feeling so good, it’s almost overwhelming. You lost count of how many times you’ve cum, and you don’t know if you can hold on much longer with the way Asahi’s cock is hitting that sensitive spot inside you with every other thrust.
“That’s my baby,” Asahi whispers, finding your nipples and tugging at them, making you groan lowly in response.
“Don’t hold back, let go, you deserve this.”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!! He is the most passionate lover in the Haikyuu universe. He will have you however you desire, and will heed to all of your needs. You both work a lot, so getting a day off together is a blessing, and he makes sure to take good care of you. He wakes up before you, so he brings you breakfast to bed, and once you’re done, he gently spoons you as you scroll through your phone, his hand idly wandering across your body, eliciting goosebumps as those hands travel further south, making sure you’re okay with it before dipping a trained hand into your underwear, kissing your shoulder as he jerks you off, grinding his hardening cock against your ass. It’s not desperate, or forceful in any way. There’s some comfort to it somehow, familiarity and love that can only exist if you’ve established a good relationship which, thankfully, you and Iwaizumi definitely have. He pours everything he can’t say into his actions, just lazily fucking you until you come undone. He’ll also cook you lunch which you’ll eat watching a movie later.
“What are you doing?” You ask with mock-suspicion at the way Iwaizumi’s hand was trailing across your sensitive spots he’s memorised ages ago.
At this point, you both knew you weren’t focusing on your phone anymore, closing your eyes as Iwaizumi drags his nails so tantilisingly across your skin.
“Mmh, feels good.” You murmur, now completely discarding your phone. In response, Iwaizumi kisses your shoulder, dipping his hand into your underwear, finding your already aroused sex, smirking against the skin of your back.
“I’m glad, baby. You deserve to feel good. So don’t hold back, I’ll make sure to take good care of you, okay?” He whispers as he starts stroking your sex in earnest, kissing your neck and nibbling at the soft skin.
With Kenma it always depends on his mood. I think his libido is definitely insane and he loves desperately fucking you, no matter what, and he definitely likes it rough. However, after a long stream, on his day off, he’s just happy to spend the day with you wihtout having to use too much energy, eating ramen in front of the TV, watching a movie both of you have seen so many times you can recite it line for line. It’s a comfort thing, and you both cuddle on the couch, Kenma on top of you as you idly hold hands. But, when he starts kissing your neck and you feel his growing erection against your thigh, you can tell neither of you are going to focus on the movie anymore in a second.
It’s not like you didn’t know the movie that was playing on the flatscreen TV of your apartment. In fact, it was both yours and Kenma’s favourite movie. However, it was hard to focus on whatever was going on when your boyfriend, was grinding against your crotch, kissng you absentmindedly, moaning against your lips.
“You taste like ramen.” He mentions, breaking the kiss for a second, smiling softly at you.
“So do you,” you reply, poking him in his side, which made him jolt slightly.
“Hey, no fair…” He murmurs, but ultimately returning to kissing you, his hands wandering under your shirt.
“Wanna turn off the tv and go to bed?” You ask quietly, but Kenma shakes his head.
“No, want you here,” he whispers softly, pulling down your boxers enough to expose your aroused sex to the cool air.
“Okay,” you respond, taking his cock into your hand. You loved lazy Sundays with your boyfriend.
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miss-femme-fatale · 2 months ago
Can you give us an (detailed) example of your daily routine? I’m trying to level up too but it’s hard without examples
Tips for Creating a Daily & Weekly Routine 🤍
A weekly schedule checklist is beneficial for you to print out and have on hand.
The only way a weekly routine will work for you is if you work the weekly routine.
Review your weekly routine regularly and revise it as necessary.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Detailed Daily & Weekly Routines
Mindful Monday
Mondays for me is dedicated to mindfulness.
Mindfulness to me means ensuring my mindset is in tip-top shape to combat the coming week. Just 15 mins of meditation and centring yourself, really can do wonders. Getting your mind, body, and spirit in line with your spiritual values and goal also just feels really good.
Toilette Tuesday
I have a soft spot for all things French. The word 'Toilette' means the process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one’s appearance.
My weekly toilette includes washing my hair, grooming my eyebrows, applying a facial mask, etc. Those little maintenance things need to be done regularly to keep your body lovely and scrumptious in all your femininity.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wash Wednesday
Wednesday is the perfect day for cleaning. Time to pull out that feather duster, mop, broom, and vacuum. Wednesdays are when I clean and organize the house, office space, computer, and other frequented spaces.
Thoughtful Thursday
This is the day I have reserved as a reminder to do something thoughtful for someone else. Of course, throughout the week, I try to remember to do this. It is important to put this on my agenda so that I don't overlook it. This, much like taking care of myself is very important to me. Thinking of others and nurturing my relationships with loved ones.
Maintenance, care and attention are paramount for effectiveness and longevity.
Fridays are set aside for reviewing the week’s events. Reflecting on the following questions helps to put things into perspective. What could I have done differently? How can I improve for next week? What goals need to be added, revised, or checked off the list?
I like to meal plan for the week and get the groceries done in one shot.
On Saturdays, I also love to read. I enjoy reading about all things fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, marketing.. all the things that make me better able to help and communicate with readers here on this blog.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sunday Funday
This is a leisure day, that is dedicated really to whatever you want. Take this time to do something you love. I especially enjoy learning new things. On this day I can delve deep into perhaps a movie or a book to learn about something new.
Hope this helps! 🤍
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siriusblackswhcre · a month ago
a tease
❦ pairings: post azkaban!sirius black x fem!reader
❦ warning: smut!, fingering, unprotected sex, pet names (whore, doll, slut etc.)
❦ word count: 1,7 k
❦ a/n: I CAN FINALLY POST. also. . . not my gif.
Tumblr media
you were horny.
that's how it all started. well, it actually began with the wet dream you had that night before and even though you couldn't really remember it, made you needy for your boyfriend.
sirius didn't help your state at all. he wore a black shirt with two buttons unbuttoned and his sleeves were rolled up, knowing how much turn-on it was for you. one would say he knew exactly how you were feeling that day.
you were sitting on one of the many chairs in the kitchen of grimmauld place, staring at the black wall of the house as you imagined all of the things sirius could do to you when the order meeting is over.
you glanced at him. his hair was nicely styled but you knew it wouldn't be after you'd be pulling it as he'd eat you out on his bed.
his hand came into your view next. his rings were hugging his fingers and you couldn't help but dream about how the material of it would feel cold against your skin as he'd choke you, your legs around his waist with his dick so deep inside of you that-
"miss y/l/n!" moody's voice made you snap out of your filthy thoughts. "what do you think about it?"
you blinked. "what do i think about what?"
moody sighed and rolled his eyes, annoyed that you weren't paying attention nor to his words or your surroundings for the past hour. "rescuing potter from his uncle and aunt's house on privet drive on sunday."
"yeah," you nodded. "sure, that would be amazing."
you swore that from the corner of your eye, you spotted sirius smirk.
that bastard, you thought, of course, he knew!
after the meeting and dinner, you were ready to drag sirius upstairs to his bedroom and let him fuck you senseless.
as molly cleaned the table, you helped with washing the dishes when sirius approached you. his hand met your face gently, turning it to him, and pulled you into a deep kiss. you wrapped your arms around his neck as he gripped your ass, you could feel his fingers at the place you needed him the most, causing you to moan into his sweet mouth.
normally, you would slap his hands away because the children (hermione, ron, ginny, and the twins) were still downstairs but now you just really didn't care.
after you both pulled away, you opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off before you could even get a noise out of you.
"remus asked me to help him with something earlier this day," he smiled innocently, almost too innocently for your liking. "see you later, darling."
and then he walked away and you hoped he was able to feel your eyes that were burning holes to the back of his head.
• • •
you were sitting on an armchair in the living room, trying to focus on your book that was in your hands. you also rubbed your thighs together, trying to get rid of the pulse in your clit. you even thought about going upstairs and pleasuring yourself but you knew that your hand couldn't make you feel as good as sirius could.
speaking of sirius, he and remus were in a conversation that you weren't listening to for obvious reasons. one of them was that you were too busy with undressing sirius with your eyes. but you were still angry so you looked at sirius as if you wanted to kill him.
angriness and horniness were not a good combination.
you had finally enough. "sirius," you called, "can I have a word with you?"
remus, who has seen the deadly looks you were sending to his friend, let out a 'ooooh' sound and said "looks like someone is in trouble" before saying goodbye to both of you and apparated to his cottage.
"so what is it, darling?" he asked, leaning backwards on the armchair, his legs wide apart.
you bit your lip at the sight. you wanted nothing more than get on your knees between his legs and suck his cock until he—
no, stop it, y/n!
"you know," you said as you began to walk towards him. when you did, you ran your finger across the soft material of the armchair behind his head. "i know exactly what you're doing. dressing like that, knowing i'll have the biggest desire to fuck you right now and right here. teasing me like that in the kitchen and then leaving me as if you didn't know i was needy." you got closer to his ear. "that was very mean of you."
"it's not my fault," he began, "that you're a slut for m– ooh." his dominant side quickly left him when you began to paint his neck with pretty dark purple marks, your hands unbuttoning the other buttons of his black shirt.
"that i'm a slut for what, hm?" you asked.
"you can blame me, can you?" you said confidently, making him blush. you loved seeing him shy for you. "i think you are the most handsome men i've ever met. and god, how good you are with your hands and tongue. i love when your cock is so deep inside of me, hitting spots i didn't even know that existed." he shivered as your hot breath hit the crook of his neck. "but let's be honest, it's so easy to make you horny too." your hand made its way from his chest souther, dangerously close to his dick.
sirius could sense when you were about to move your fingers even closer so he stood up walked to you and before you could say anything, he threw you over his shoulder and began to quickly make his way upstairs to his bedroom, with you hitting his back.
when you two arrived to his room, he threw you on the bed and fastly climbed on you and pinned your hands above your head, making you unable to do anything.
sirius then moved his knee to your pussy, making you gasp at the contact. the man repeated his movements few more times until he got a moan out of you.
"please," your submissive side enetered your body again. "please, fuck me. i need your cock."
"impatient, are we?" he chuckled lowly and you nodded eagerly. "too bad, pretty girl, you gotta wait a while." he pulled your shorts and panties aside and his two fingers dived in your clenching hole. "godness, you're already so wet. all that for me?" when you didn't answer, too lost in the pleasure his fingers, that he was thrusting in and out of you, way causing, he slapped your thigh harshly. "answer, you slut!"
"yes!" you moaned loudly, throwing your head back and gripped the sheets. "it's all for you!"
sirius wanted to hear your sweet moans but also didn't want to get interrupted by molly, who would yell at you to keep it down, so he pulled his wand out of his pocket and casted a silencing charm on the door.
he continued his movements but now with faster pace, causing you to shut your eyes tightly as you felt the knot in your stomach building by every hit to your g spot.
you gripped sirius' arms, making small moons on his skin as he whispered unspeakable things into your ear, feeling your walls clenching around his fingers.
you arched your back, knowing that you won't be able to hold your orgasm any longer.
"come on, cum," said sirius. "i know you want it as much as i do, just let go."
and so you did. the knot in your stomach finally snapped and your thighs shook, you moaned so loudly that you were afraid that the silencing charm won't work.
"good girl," he whispered when you calmed down and caught your breath. "now, get on your knees and hands, baby."
"no, please, i'm too sensitive," you begged but still obeyed, getting into the position he wanted you in.
"aw," he cooed, taking off your shorts and underwear, "but this is what you wanted, isn't it? to get fucked like the whore you are. besides, if you didn't want this, you would say our safe word, this only seems like a mindless begging for me. " he unbuckled his trousers, his boxers slid down and he began to stroke himself. "what's our safe word, dove?"
"that's right. you're such a good fucking slut."
it was only two seconds after when you felt the tip of his cock teasing your dripping hole. and then, there was a slightly burning feeling which faded away after few thrusts.
your head fell to the pillows on his bed as he gripped your hips, his fingers will definitely leave bruises on your skin.
you suddenly felt his hands leaving your hips. they were now on your upper back, trying to get rid off of your shirt. you, surprisingly, managed to take it over your head and throw it on the floor. sirius then unclapped your bra and his hands attacked your breasts, swirling your nipples between his thumbs and pointing fingers.
sirius picked you up so your back were against his chest, his v-line meeting your ass with every thrust, that were harsh.
his rough movements were making you scream as his cock caressed that spot perfectly, bringing you closer to your high.
you digged your nails into sirius' thighs as the man's right hand left your chest to draw circles on your clit.
the room was soon filled with moans, cries and your screams of sirius' name as if it was the only word you knew at the moment (which probably was).
your boyfriend's cock was still exploring those deep parts of your pussy that you didn't know that existed as you came with a loud moan, legs shaking as you feel forward on the pillows.
it didn't take long until sirius was coming too, he pulled out – you whimpered at the loss of contact – and painted your ass and back with his seed.
sirius went to the bathroom and brought a towel with which he cleaned you up with. as the material of the cloth touched your sensitive clit, you hissed.
"i know," sirius mumbled. "i'm sorry, doll."
it was few minutes later when you found yourself in the arms of sirius black as you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.
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