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#it just aint the same

Like I already wasn’t excited for the track this weekend because bleh ovals plus after last weekend but now without Lewis??

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what if 😳 i sold this url 🤑🐍 and terminated my account 🥰😍🥳🙈

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alone in the silence

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the difference between the korean version of rewind and the chinese version is the same as the difference between two completely different songs

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So is Hanbyul gonna come back on ASC because I miss having that dumbass there.

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murkyickysoba replied to your post:SOMEBODY ALREADY HAS YOOKEE-TAREOOMEE URL IM SO…

What about just plain yookeetareoomee?

the name NEEDS the dash to replace the =

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kicks at floor and mumbles i miss erikar

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“…It’s OK to not be friends/[close] with people anymore. People change, and as much as you want to maintain a friendship you’ve had for years, friendship is a two-way street. If someone isn’t treating you the way you deserve/want, don’t be afraid to let go. Having a lot of time invested into someone is an awful reason for keeping a toxic relationship.

Choose Love.”

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i wish Mirai would hurry and win just so Hiromi can wear a scarf again

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here’s a gripe nobody asked for but i’m so annoyed about fucking wandavision because now the witch and wiccan tags are full of shit about this show and marvel absolutely shredded the scarlet witch as a character because in the comics magneto being her father is literally a fucking INTEGRAL AND INSEPARABLE part of her character and they don’t even fucking TALK ABOUT HER BROTHER BEING QUICKSILVER IN THE FUCKING MOVIES and hey maybe the show is good but considering that it’s based on this dogshit hackjob of a scarlet witch characterization that marvel did in the avengers series i’m fucking doubtful but WHO KNOWS maybe that’ll change since the disney and fox merger lets marvel use x men again but i’m NOT HOPEFUL and all it does is annoy me because avengers movies (and honestly most of marvels movies in the past decade) are so not good and so far separated from the source material and SO CONCERNED WITH FANSERVICE AS THEIR MAIN MONEYMAKING OBJECTIVE that i don’t think that’s gonna change

and that’s on that but y’all ain’t ready to have that conversation

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ranboo’s sunglasses look like a pair of sunglasses i have. i could cosplay as this child. 

but also, i got them at a school event. for free. so if they’re the same glasses, either he likes the fast food restaurant or he’s just a cheap bitch too. 

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#my friend (has c*vid): i’m sad ur not concerned at all u didn’t facetime me or anything#first of all i literally asked her hows 🦠#she answered ‘it aint shit yet’#didn’t know what to respond..... so just didn’t say anything#then she replied with ?#and i said ‘what lol that’s good i guess’#so ur sad as if u care to know how i when u go away.....#i mean we go months without talking or calling or facetiming#anytime i try there’s an excuse :/#so i guess i’m just burnt out of that#plus this girl is a trumpie and she fucking knows how much it upsets me for her to constantly bring it up and she still fucking does it#over and over#idk i guess i’m just tired of friendships turning out like this and i just need some distance yk#i don’t want to lose her i want her to grow the fuck up and give me the same respect i give her#i mean on thursday.......or friday last week#she texted me: ‘also tr*mp is daddy’#to which i replied: ‘i’m a raging lesbian but you do you i guess’#and then she replied: ‘[hashtag]lesbiansfortrump’#excuse me what????#u say things like this u know upset me and then get upset when i don’t say enough abt u being sick when idk what to say#ok lol i see how it is#i’m just so 🤪#i love her dearly but the way she treats me sometimes is so conflicting#she’s not a shitty person believe it or not - but she’s really self-centered and kinda doesn’t even notice how she treats people......#ugh this has turned to a whole rant sjsjshsj#it’s been on my mind too much lol#gabrielle gabs on
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ok real glad that gdq is still happening but god. i miss the crowds

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