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#it looks like no one has really seen it and even if they do
lady-merian · 25 minutes ago
For the WIP ask meme, The Dream Story and Prompt, please?
Dream story (a better name will come when I actually work on this)
So I don’t often remember my dreams. Even when I do, they seldom make a good story. This was one of those memorable dreams that I wanted to be sure I remembered, so I wrote down what I could remember and extrapolated from there, based on the very strong feelings the dream gave me.
This is what I wrote:
I had a dream last night that was part Alastair Coldhollow, part Leith Torren, part Tahn Dorn, part something else I don't know what.
Sort of like Alastair, this guy in my dream had worked as a hired sword, then assassin, but a bit more like Leith, he didn't really know what he was in for until it was too late. More like Tahn, fear kept him tied to his…employer…  but warred with the guilt of knowing he was doing wrong until he couldn't stand it anymore. He left, but like Alastair it was with the knowledge that his employer would put a price on his head and the true authorities would want him for his crimes. I think his evil employer had protected the guy as long as he was serving his purposes, but when he leaves, the evil employer (who may be plotting rebellion?) wants him back, dead or alive.
The differences between this guy and all my other favorite ex-assassins is that he has a family. Two younger sisters, one married, and the other living with her and her husband. When my guy (he needs a name) quits, he goes to them because he hasn't seen them in a long time and he fears he may never see them again. He really thinks he's going to die, one way or the other.
They don't know any of this. He doesn't want to tell them, but the elder sister's husband somehow knows about it.  I think he was personally hurt somehow by my character, and kinda hates him for it. He guilts my character into telling the older sister at least about it.
Unbeknownst to my character, that sister is seriously ill, maybe dying. This may be why she forgives him completely, and it helps the husband to forgive him too. (That is, seeing the guilt and hearing the full story.)
Up till now, he's thought of himself as a monster, unforgivable, and almost ready to turn himself into the true authorities in the hopes of at least getting them to look into his evil employer's (EE from now on) plots, though he doesn't see much hope in that as it might look like an excuse for his deeds, but at least whatever they do to him it wouldn't be as bad as the EE catching him and "making an example of him". I remember a sense of dread along with the guilt in the dream. Hopeless.
He wants to help his sister live. One life he can save. He knows something that the local healer wouldn't know, tied to his service to EE.
Somewhere he'll come across the gospel, but other than that I don't know what happens.
Update:More story thoughts this morning (6/9/17. I wish I'd written the date when I had the dream, maybe a few months ago?)
Anyway, I think a child, someone the younger sister's age, should be the one to tell him the gospel. He'll resist, saying (somewhat patronizingly) that it's a nice story, but in his experience when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. The child, upset, will probably bring up the eyewitnesses, who were tortured and died rather than give up their faith, and would they have done that if they knew it wasn't true?
But that reminds him more of the things he did. He answers something along the lines of "even if it was true, your God would want nothing to do with me."
This story has to be in first person. I know. I've said things like that before. If I ever write it, I will try.
Will I work on a changed names version of the gospel, or will I do it like Tahn in the way she kept it real? I still don't know for sure what I'm doing on Erandir’s Reckoning. It's got the potential to be in the same storyworld, but I don’t know.
"I knew all along that I'd die because of this. The only question was whether it'd be the rope, the sword, or a traitor's pyre."
-my mc. He so needs a name.
Idk. This gets the feel of what I'm thinking. Man, I want to write this.
That’s all I have for the dream story  I’m letting the ideas percolate while I focus on my main stories and prompt  
this one is the easiest to describe. I’m in a very small writing group (small as in, two people besides me) that takes turns picking a prompt (usually one word) and writing short pieces based on them (my shortest was around 140 words, which I realize is hardly even a drabble but that was a rough week. My longest is around 1,500 words.) This year we switched from weekly prompts to making it two or three weeks for each prompt. Life got busy and I write slow. We often write things set in our respective story worlds, but we’ve used it as a way to branch out and explore different stories, new characters, different writing styles, and one of them even spun a neat little self-contained serial story that concluded last year.
It’s great fun. And I’d say this even if they weren’t my sisters.
I’m going to post a prompt here that has technically been finished, but I want to continue off of it sometime. It was partly inspired by the dream story, it might even be repurposed for that story if I ever get around to writing it.
I sat on the ground, trying to get my breathing under control. My hands were tied securely in front of me. A mistake, maybe, on my captors' part. They ought to know I didn’t need my hands free to be dangerous. If I was the only one in this trouble, escape wouldn't be much of a problem.
I wasn't.
Two years ago I wouldn't have cared about the kid beside me, wouldn't care that any attempt to escape on my part would have terrible consequences for him.
Two years ago I would have been on the other side. I would have had a weapon of my own ready to point at him if he tried anything.
I tried not to look like I cared now. If my former comrades had any idea of the lengths I would go to keep him safe, he'd be used against me. More so than he already was.
"Kid" was a misleading term, I suppose, but that's how I thought of him. He wasn't a literal child. He was old enough to fight for the Resistance, after all, and unlike some they didn't allow child soldiers.
He was maybe twenty. Maybe not. I felt ages older. Some of that was his youthful idealism. Most of it was the fact that I'd been living by my wits for almost as long as he'd been alive.
His name was Cade, and he was one of the few in the Resistance who trusted me enough to go on a mission with me. For that, I owed him my best efforts.
I knew how this would go. As soon as a prison transport arrived we would be taken to the Capitol and charged with treason. They would try to learn anything they could from us about the Resistance before we were sentenced. Given Cade's youth, he might not be executed outright. Especially if he gave them something useful. But that was a slim chance, and not one I was willing to take.
For me, there would be no mercy. Unlike Cade, I deserved to be called a traitor. I'd served with the Emperor's army for years until I couldn't ignore my conscience any longer. I’d known when I deserted that I was a dead man if I was ever captured. Joining the Resistance hadn’t changed a thing in that respect. They'd make an example of me either way.
I wasn't yet sure if it was really worth it. Had I made any difference at all?
It would definitely go worse for Cade if he was connected to me. I couldn’t let that happen.
He sat beside me now, unnaturally still. Usually he was a bundle of energy. Always in motion. Maybe he knew enough to conserve his energy for what was to come. His head drooped so that his mop of brown hair fell across his forehead, but I knew he was awake.
We were under guard, but for the moment no one was close enough to hear if we talked quietly. I seized the chance.
"Cade," I whispered.
He looked up, a question in his expression, but he didn't speak.
I took a breath. "When the transport comes, I'm going to give you an opening. When you see the chance, don't think twice, just run. Got it?"
"What about you?"
I lifted my shoulders. "If all goes well, I'll take off in the opposite direction and we'll meet later. No sense making it easy for them, all right?"
And they'd go for me. I knew they would. I clenched my hands to stop a tremor from showing.
His brows knit together. "I don't like your 'if.'"
"You don't have to like it. You just have to run as hard as you've ever run in your life and don't waste time looking back. Promise me you’ll run."
He looked hard at me. "Are you sure about this?"
"Promise me, Cade."
He studied me a moment more before finally saying, "All right. If you promise me you'll really try to get away."
Kid was smarter than I'd given him credit for. Worth any sacrifice on my part. He would do what I could not, and see this fight through to the end.
"Sure. I promise."
My words sounded hollow, even to me; for who would ever trust a traitor?
The end (for now)
Whew. It’s different from my usual prompts, but it seemed like a good choice for this since it was inspired by the dream story. I do have this thing about Ex-assassins. Thanks for asking!
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phantasmiafxndom · 25 minutes ago
Hi me again ^-^ thank you for answering my question and if you ever write it I'll read it 😊 so I don't know if you'll accept this request or not but if you do can you make the Pet AU with any boys of your choice from Twisted Wonderland and kinda nsfw please??
Big thank you if you do it love you😘😊💕
Sooo..... I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do a Pet Au for this fandom. >.> My normal route is either “non-human characters are domesticated” or “human characters as hybrids”. And since Twisted Wonderland has furries, neither of those really work. I’m uhhhh.... stuck. 
Thus, this isn’t gonna be Pet Au. It’s gonna be like... Slave Au or something, idk. A friend helped me figure out a general concept, which amounts to the characters in question being basically pets, just without the inhuman/domestication concept. I’m not giving any context here for now, because that requires thinking this through, and I’m not doing that until if/when I make this an actual Au. XD
I tried to pick a varied selection, so here we go!
. . . 
His main issue in this Au is that he wants to be a companion type. But instead of having that kind of connection and “treasured” role that he longs for, Vil always finds that goal out of reach. He’s too intimidatingly pretty and externally cold and particular to be seen as comforting or approachable, and that combined with his good looks mean that he’s usually stuck as a mere trophy piece. Vil’s existence is one of discontent. He struggles with wanting to be loved but never being more than a pretty “thing” to use. 
He’s the very definition of “making the best of it”. Whether he likes his situation or not, Ruggie is going to do whatever it takes to get ahead and live comfortably. Dignity doesn’t matter a bit to him. He’ll be as servile and submissive as his owner requires. For good food, gentle treatment, and the vital fondness of his owner, Ruggie won’t hesitate to throw away his pride and do what he needs to. However, he can also be somewhat tricky toward his owner, and tends not to be the most loyal one to keep.
Nervous wreck defines it better than anything. Azul is constantly on edge in this kind of situation. He can never relax when he knows that he could be punished at any second for messing up. There’s way too much for him to worry about. However, he’s intelligent and crafty enough that he has his methods for getting ahead. He’s a lot smarter than he’s given credit for. Azul definitely tries to manipulate his owner and pull some strings to feel safer, but his main motivation is simply avoiding suffering. 
In Jamil’s case, he has a very specific strategy for staying ahead. For the most part, he’s all but perfect. Almost perfect. Jamil tends to use calculated, measured “mistakes” to make sure that he’s never too perfect. While he’s always good enough to keep his value and remain in his owner’s favor, Jamil also knows better than to get ahead of himself and set people’s standards for him too high. He’s very bitter about his position in life, but knows that he has to do what’s necessary to live as safely as possible. 
He’s... an interesting case. Rook constantly gets passed from owner to owner primarily because of the fact that he’s deeply, incredibly weird. Even as a slave, he’s creepy and unnerving enough that people don’t want to be around him for too long. He’s been with a lot of people, seen a lot of places, and has kept the same bizarre outlook through all of it. Nothing seems to bother Rook in any way. No matter how bad of a situation he’s in at any given moment, he’s constantly finding the beauty in it. 
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turinn · 34 minutes ago
❤️ hello hello! can i please ask for letter a c and w from the alphabet prompt for rinne?? thank you so much, i hope we both enjoy his special day!!
A. Asking you out
At first, Rinne doesn't so much ask you out as much as... pretty much drags you along with him? As observant as he is, he can be genuinely an idiot sometimes, so he doesn't even realise he hasn't taken the most vital step of starting your relationship, which is asking you if you want to date him. It's after your first "date", when you remark on how you're kind of surprised that he didn't just drag you to a pachinko parlour and make you his good luck charm like usual, that it hits him that he forgot to tell you his intention for the outing. As stupid as THAT was, he's smart enough to know that saying "well, this was meant to be a date" would probably be even stupider, and he kind of shuts down for a moment wondering how to fix his mistake. The thing is, Rinne really likes you. And as much as he loves a risk, he's realised in the time he's spent pining for you that you're one of the few things he's not actually willing to risk losing. After a moment or two, he chuckles awkwardly. "Yeah, well. I wanted to show you I could do it."
"Do what?"
"Be more than just some gambling idiot. Ya know... be a good boyfriend. 'Cause then you're more likely t'accept when I ask ya on a proper date." Rinne's been asking you out for months at this point, with a stupid grin on his face and an obnoxious laugh, and you almost decline on instinct. But this time is different. There's no smile, stupid or otherwise, and certainly no laugh. You've only ever seen him this serious maybe once or twice, when family or the corruption of the idol industry have been brought up in a way he hasn't been able to brush aside with a joke. And now, he's this serious again, and it's about asking you on a date. The way you close your mouth a few seconds after opening it encourages him to go on. "Well, what d'ya say? Did I do a good enough job? Will ya give me a proper chance, a real date?" He's back to his usual self when you accept, throwing himself on you with a grin and a hyena laugh. The serious look in his eyes from before is a good indicator of how much you mean to him, though.
C. Celebrating your/their birthday. (I'm just doing his because of how long it got)
Celebrating Rinne's birthday is kind of chill, in a Rinne kind of way. You spend the morning in bed, tangled together, him being as annoying as ever everytime you try to get up. It's his birthday! Ya gotta let him lie in! He'll insist, as if it isn't 5 hours after you'd normally get up. And then, 5 minutes to noon he'll spring up and throw your clothes at you and rush about, yelling about "why aren't you moving quicker!! We're gonna be late!" He doesn't tell you what for and he doesn't acknowledge that it's literally his fault you were still in bed and in your pyjamas 😐 He's Rinne what do you expect? By half 12 you're at his favourite pachinko parlour and he's going on about how lady luck has to smile on him because it's his birthday today or some bullshit, but you're not allowed to leave his side because you're his extra special good luck charm! You'll spend a few hours there, surprisingly he wins every time, and on the way home you'll buy enough cheap beer and snacks to floor a small legion from the shop on the corner, and crash on the couch, watching a movie he picked out and chose to pay absolutely no attention to in favour of kissing you. When Niki gets home that evening, Kohaku and HiMERU trudge in behind him, as do the rest of ASOBI club and a few members of CRAFTMONSTER, and Hiiro and Aira. He's surprised, because apparently nobody mentioned they were having guests, but he's always happy for a party, and somehow he manages to rope everyone into a game of Werewolf, which is especially interesting when most of the adults get a few beers in them (Kohaku is the designated responsible person, which is probably sensible even when the rest of the unit are sober.) It's a quiet night, by Rinne standards at least, and the day ends as it started- with you in his arms, wishing him a happy birthday, and him whispering that he loves you in response.
W. Waking up to them
Waking up to Rinne is surprisingly gentle. He's a fairly deep sleeper, so you'll probably wake up before him, gentle sunlight streaming through the window. He clings to you in his sleep, absolutely wrapping himself around you and pulling you as close as he can. It's hard to wrestle your way out of his grip, and most mornings you feel warm and muggy from the proximity, though it's kind of nice, too. If he wakes up first, the way he wakes you up is so sweet, if you told anyone they wouldn't believe you. He'll press gentle kisses to your cheeks, whispering your name until your eyes flutter open, and then he'll grin at you and mumble "time to get up, sleepyhead" into your ear, kissing you properly before you can groan at him. If you're late, that goes out the window, and he'll probably just chuck a bottle of water over you.
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I just saw rn the oc post thingy😭
Imma post some questions cuz I'm curious bout your ocs🤩
(Any of em really)
⭐ What is your OC afraid of? Any crippling phobias or some such? How do they act when scared and what helps them calm down? Does anyone ever find your OC scary? Why?
🔥 Give us a list of general likes and dislikes, such as colours, textures, music, weather and other stuff!
💖 Has your OC ever been in love, be it romantic or platonic or otherwise? Who with and did they ever express their feelings or keep it private? How long did these feelings persist / do they still feel this way?
💗 What would your OC say is their best feature? Why? What do their friends / family / lover(s) / people they know think is their best feature and why?
🍇 Day or Night? Sun or Rain? Summer or Winter?
🍋 Does your OC act petty and jealous easily? What sort of things make them feel like this and do they experience guilt for getting so worked up? How do they deal with these emotions when they get them? If your OC doesn’t feel like this often, why not?
Ruri!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Tumblr media
If it's ok I guess I'll do Lizzie!!!! :) one of my Ikevamp Oc's (the one I actually talk about) ! :) it was hard writing a tumblr post while writing a French test about two French ladies way back when that seemed to very much be crushing on eachother...😅 but I'm done the test now! Anyways....
She's really scared of showing people when she's really worried or frightened because when she was growing up usually men were typically seen as the "strong and smart" people and women as well sadly the opposite so she's sick of people thinking that women are inferior to men so she never wants to look worried or frightened around men.
Obviously it's different in Le Comte's mansion because they don't see her, Mc, or Anne (Spoopy's ikevamp oc! I hope it's ok to talk about her! She's so cool I love her so much!!!!!!!) As weak at all! But it's just a feeling that's hard to shake...
She mostly just gets frustrated with herself a bit when she does act worried or frightened or in need of help from some of the guys...I guess it's just something that's deeply ingrained in her!
I guess she feels better when people get very impressed with her and genuinely like going to her for help instead of asking some random guy...
Oh! I guess occasionally she may come across as intimidating...not "scary" exactly...because she can recognize when any small injuries are in need of better care and she's also not opposed to bringing you to her room and like stitching a wound like right at that very moment...and she does sound pretty strict when she does that...she does not fool my opinion that level of care and smartness would be intimidating but welcome 😅
Oh! Likes and dislikes! She likes the colors white and purple! She loves the smell of clean new bed sheets! She loves the shine of her newly cleaned medical equipment which she keeps VERY clean! She loves playing with Meredith which is her pet!...she doesn't listen to music often so I'm not even sure she has a preference in music...but she does like singing lullabies to Meredith sometimes! :) and occasionally Mc sometimes...if she wants that...and she likes the weather a bit cloudy! That way it's not too warm and not too cold! :) she finds clouds pretty especially when in the evening they're so many different colors!!! :D
She dislikes unsanitary places because she knows what aliments could be hiding in that filth...and also who enjoys sitting in filth? Absolutely nobody...ever...and she doesn't like seeing anyone mess around with filth either! She will clean it up if she can! She dislikes it when people poke fun at her blunders (if she makes any) and she dislikes absolutely needing to drink blood regularly...but she's used to could be far more useful in an iv for someone! At least that's what she thinks...she gets so caught up in reading her medical books sometimes she forgets she even needs it until someone brings her some and reminds her to drink it...she wants to find a way to make herself more like Napoleon...who is a demi-vampire...that's just one of her many projects...
She gets furious when you neglect your health! So drink your water, eat your food, and don't forget to sleep at night! And she will monitor you if she's worried! Heck she might even sleep in the same room as you if you've really really worried her...
Also nobody should dare say "oh are you the nurse?" To her...she's a doctor! She's worked hard to get there! Don't assume she's a nurse because nurses are associated with women!!!
Oh! Um...romantic love? I guess like every other route Mc if you pick Lizzie to read 😅 and she might be crushing on Anne and Faust a bit...just a bit...shhhhh!🤭 (if Spoopy is ok with that) not that she'd ever act on having a crush (she's also a bit afraid of being romantically in love)...she likes pushing thoes feeling back...but platonically EVERYONE IN THE MANSION AND VLAD'S CASTLE!!! SHE CARES ABOUT EVERYONE SO MUCH!!! so yes she would sit by thier bedsides all night if they got sick...and maybe let Arthur, Faust, and Charles help out since they have experience...but she would still fuss over them!!!! And definitely ask a million times if they washed thier hands after doing a checkup or something...
Oh and if you think getting a check up is a nuisance then she will track you down! Don't test her! And she will look quite intimidating! She cares about you more than I guess you realize!
Her feelings don't really change...if she loves you platonically then it's forever! :)
Yes she loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (and anyone else reading this)
Lizzie really likes her hands as her best feature! :D they've saved countless lives!
But second place is her hair since she spends time making it just right! :)
I think probably the residents in the mansion would find her hair her best feature since they could probably tell that she honestly puts effort into it!
For Lizzie day and night is practically the same thing...neither bother her and she doesn't have a preference 😅 but she loves it sunny but with clouds in the sky!!! I guess out of seasons autumn is her favorite! Because no frostbite, no burning in the sun, and no pollen in large's sort of the least problematic...although colds tend to pop up a bit more...
Lizzie being petty and jealous? Ok maybe a little jealous...if someone compliments Arthur's or another character's medical skills and forgets about her...she might get a bit jealous because of course...he's a man...or course you remember about what the man does...but she'll get over it! And she is proud of thier accomplishments! And she adores working with them!!!!
Hugs!!! This took a long time to think about!!! Thank you!!! It was so fun!!! :D
Sorry for all the mistakes.....this was a bit like extreme multi-tasking for me! Writing a French test, eating food, and being on tumblr 😅 good thing the teacher was chill about our cameras being off! I probably did so bad since I payed more attention to this then the test I was writing! Hugs!!!
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hillsbrady · an hour ago
Why are you against Scarlet RPers trying to redeem themselves?
Anon, I don’t know if you know this, and I’m sure every Scarlet ‘redemptionist’ doesn’t know this, but there is in fact an organization dedicated to the eradication of the Scourge, Burning Legion, and other evil forces on Azeroth and beyond that was founded by former Scarlets who saw the flaws in the Crusade, and it is 100% a thing in lore.
Tumblr media
Now, now, I know, “bUt wHaT aBoUt tHe fOrSaKeN??’ To which I say, I hate to break it to you, but the Alliance didn’t do jack shit about the Forsaken for over a decade until Anduin finally realized shit needed to get got after Teldrassil. The reason I bring up the Alliance is because that’s where the Forsaken-hating “Redemptionists” go because they think being an Argent is lame.
But, really, I’m against Redemptionists because they get everything WRONG. I’m sorry, but Scarlets acting like a bunch of uwu anime girls dressed in skimpy clothing being controlled by dudes jerking off to the art they get of said characters is one of the most offensive and cringe things I’ve ever seen in terms of how it’s shitty to women, corruptive of the idea of what redemption looks like, and how it’s plain lore-breaking.
There is no “redeeming” the Scarlet Crusade as a whole, especially since such notions only come from players and have never once been entertained by Blizzard or even hinted at. They are written as the classic trope of ‘well-intentioned extremists’, which is always written in a sympathetic context but not enough to forgive the blatant evil said extremists commit. Writing your character as a Scarlet who feels guilty about the evil they did and wants to atone for it is fine, but they will never achieve that by standing around Stormwind screeching about the ‘filth’ that plagues the city while wearing the Scarlet Crusade tabard. To me, a Scarlet Redemptionist is one who tries to redeem THEMSELVES rather than the Crusade, because the Crusade has been forever tainted and there is no way its image will ever be rehabilitated. Trying to redeem the Crusade just comes across as ‘I want to kill every single undead being on the planet and anyone who aids them, and I want you to think I’m a hero for this goal rather than the villain you think I am’.
And no, I will never assume the best of intentions with the Church bringing Scarlet Crusaders in. That move was 100% motivated by the fact that the Bleak Spire left the Church after they learned a certain Cardinal was undead, and that they left a hole in terms of who the main base would be besides RoL. Especially since the Church spent a decade before excommunicating anyone who even had a slight critique of how things were being ran. You had actually good Paladins correctly pointing out the sin of greed that the priests were guilty of, getting excommunicated for it, but now you’re telling the Church wants to redeem a faction of zealots guilty for the mass murder of countless innocents and isn’t in fact using them to try and seem more popular than they actually are?
Give me a fucking break.
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dreamsmpmybeloved · an hour ago
Bedrock Bros HCs because I'm In Denial
OR: How It Could Have Been
-Tommy is a morning person through and through. He wakes up with the sun and has energy Immediately.
-Techno can't even be Classified as a night owl. He's more of a Habitual Insomniac.
-Of course, this clashes a Lot, with Tommy often Accidentally or Purposefully waking Techno up early due to being loud
-Techno comes up with a genius solution to this problem
-He's already training Tommy to fight better, sand he was planning on adding critical thinking lessons anyway, so he starts teaching Tommy how to be more stealthy, and tells him to practice in his house
-He pretty much gives Tommy to steal whatever he wants, as long as Techno doesn't notice, but it's worth it for the extra sleep he gets
-Tommy Really doesn't like being pitied, or people offering help. it's something Techno notices almost immediately upon Tommy's arrival
-And He's Not soft, he's willing to let Tommy fend for himself, but Tommy steals from his stuff anyway
-So if he happens to leave extra items in chests he knows Tommy looks in, like extra food, or blankets or golden apples, it's not on purpose
-He just needs somewhere to store all of his incredibly important and also helpful for one's survival items
-If Tommy Notices, he doesn't comment on it
-The hidey-hole Tommy lives in is Terrible, it's cold and dank, and Techno doesn't Like Tommy, but he doesn't want him to die of hypothermia because that's just sad
-Unfortunately Phil is still under house arrest right now, so Techno tries to finish Ghostbur's cabin
-He's not a Terrible builder, but he stole the idea for his house from someone else he'd seen before he joined the server, so he's not great either
-It's a tiny bit of a mess and once Tommy sees what he's doing he insists on helping, making it even more of a mess
-Tommy ends up living there until Techno adopts his army of dogs, and with the help of Phil, they manage to build a nice-looking tower for Tommy to live in that connects to Techno's house
-He loves the tower more than anything, though he doesn't admit it out loud
-Techno always makes hot-chocolate for Tommy because that's what kids drink, right? And Tommy always excepts it, but one day he sees Tommy making a cup of tea in the tower and he switches to that
-Tommy's quite surprised, but happy and starts telling Techno about all the different flavours and stuff
-Techno had No Idea Tommy was so passionate about tea, and he definitely makes a few British jokes in
-But the next time he makes tea for Tommy, it's with one of those Flavours, and Tommy is surprised because he didn't think Techno was really listening to him
-Of course, this prompts Techno to become an Expert Tea Maker to show how much he learned from Tommy explaining it to him
-Tommy visits a few libraries and secretly starts reading up on Greek mythology to surprise Techno
-Since Techno was so eager to learn about one of his hobbies, he wants to learn about one of his, and though Techno isn't that talkative about his hobbies he has a Lot of mythology books so he takes a Guess
-One day Techno's discussing Something, and it reminds Tommy of something he read so he Casually drops a reference to it
-Queue Techno Shock and Questioning
-And then they talk about mythology for like 4 hours
-Tommy has a Lot more fun than he thought he would, and starts looking into other mythology too because he genuinely finds it interesting
-Techno is So Proud
-Tommy eventually does start to trust Techno more
-He hasn't fully forgotten what Techno did to him, but he clearly sees Techno's not the same
-So he asks Techno if they can sit down and talk about things
-Obviously they can't talk about everything all along
-And it's hard for the both of them
-But they manage to come to some sort of understanding
-L'manberg is home to Tommy, but so is the cabin, and he cares more about people than he cares about land
-So he gives Techno permission to destroy L'manberg, as long as he leaves the citizens unharmed
-He also makes him promise he'll only do it as a Last resort, thinking maybe if they can disband the government But keep the Land, it'll work just as well
-He opens up about exile eventually, with Techno putting together the pieces when words fail for Tommy
-Techno realises that he, at some point, Has been using the same methods as Dream, so he Stops doing so and makes an effort to respect Tommy's own opinions, even if they're different
-It's not perfect, they still argue, but they make more of an effort to compromise, because at the end of the day, anarchy is all about letting people believe what they want freely
-Either way, if the government is disbanded or L'manberg is destroyed, Tommy chooses to stay by Techno
-He definitely doesn't give up his friendship with Tubbo, and he definitely makes it clear to Techno that as-well, inviting Tubbo to his tower to hang out often
-He gets Those two to talk as-well, since Techno needs to hear from Tubbo how his actions did things
-Techno has a Little bit of a superiority complex, but they're getting there
-When Puffy announces Therapy for the server, he Absolutely signs up Techno and himself
-Things get better, relationships heal, and when new problems arise, they're ready to work together
-Tommy is a founder of the syndicate this time, and once he warms up to Ranboo (who still moves to live with Phil and Techno) the two get along Very well
-He's still best friends with Tubbo, but he definitely becomes good friends with Techno again
-When the disc war comes around, Techno is there at the portal with everyone else
-There's no visit to the prison this time, Techno convinces Tommy he doesn't Need to visit Dream to get closure
-The server is still Bad, but the two of them stick together this time, no matter the problem they face
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shadowwing15 · an hour ago
Secret Lover
Tenya Iida x f!reader
Summary: Tenya visits his family for dinner and tells them that he has an girlfriend
Tw: nothing only fluff and a bit of fun
Author's Note :
Hello my Friends. Here is another idea of me. @wow-life-love4 and @uwu-iwanttodie you wanted to be tagged. Finally I finished this. It is a bit shorter than I thought, but it is still funny. Hope you like it. If you have ideas or requests than you can ask me to write it.
Love. It is a big word for Tenya. Before he came to UA he didn't thought much about it. But then he met you. You both quickly became friends and a part of the Dekusquad. And as time goes by, Renya realizes that he feels something more and deeper than friendship towards you. At first he tries to ignore it, but in the end he has to be true : he has fallen hard for you. With the help of Deku and Ochaco he finally confesses. You accepted with no hesitation , because you felt the same towards him. At this day , five months ago, Tenya felt happier than ever before.
In the last months you learned much about each other and Tenya was sure he made the right decission in asking you out and not ignoring his feelings. You just made him feel so much happiness and love, he couldnt imagine these past time without you. You always accepted it, when he didn’t had as much time as he wanted for you, due to schoolwork. When he was studying for an upcoming test you studied with him or brought him snacks and drinks. After training when he felt sore, you just lay him down on his bed and massage him. And the best thing were the daily cuddle sessions. With you in his arms he felt so saved and loved, that sometimes he thought that all this was just a dream.
Even after this long time of dating he hasn't told his parents or brother yet. Until this day. His parents asked him if he would like to come over for dinner, since he lived in the UA dorms now and they hadn't seen each other for a long time. And who was he to deny it. And so he was sitting here at the table with his parents and his brother Tensei, eating his favorite dish: Beefstew.
Tensei and his father were talking about hero work, while Tenya and his mother listened to them. After a short pause, Tensei asked Tenya:" So when will you get a girlfriend ?", out of fun. Thinking that Tenya would say something like "I dont have time for one at the moment" or even " Not before I finish school", he took a sip of his grape juice only to spit it out again through his nose, after hearing Tenya answer :"I already have one." . He was prepared for anything but not that he would say, that he has an girlfriend, in such an casual tone as if he got asked how the weather was outside. But not only Tensei was shocked but also his parents.
As Tenya looked up from his plate, he looked into the wet and shocked face of Tensei. "What?", he didn't understand why Tensei was so shocked," Have you thought that I would nervr find one, or what?", he asked after giving his brother a tissue. He just spoke his head while cleaning his face, then he cleared his throat before speaking."No. I was just a bit confused and surprised that you said it in such an casual tone, as if it isn't important. So how long have you been together by now?" "Five nearly six months, I...." "SO LONG ALREADY?" Tensei nearly yelled. "Why haven't you told me ? I am your brother. Don't you love me ?" "No jts not like that. Yes you are my brother and I love you, but because we haven't seen us in the last months I kinda forgot to tell you." "Forgot to tell me? How can you forget to tell me that you have an girlfriend?" "Well school was very stressful and you didn't asked, so I didn't thought that it was so important to tell you immediately." Tenya tried to calm his brother down. Sadly it didn't really went well. "Just because I haven't asked it wasn't so important to tell me ? Do you know how long I waited for this day? And you tell me that it isn't that important ?" "Well yes... but... You know what? I will just call and ask her if she would like to come over for dinner some day, so you can meet her, better ?" "That is an wonderful idea, Tenya.", his mother answered before the discussion between hi and Tensei would go on. How about Saturday? "she asked. "Sure. I will ask her." And with that Tenya left the table. Tensei began to eat again and mumbled something about how important a girlfriend is. After Tenya finished the call, he returned to he table." Y/n would love to come over on Saturday." "Great" "So brother tell us something about her." Tensei said, now calmed down. "Well, Y4n is a wonderful person. She always helps 9ur fellow classmates, no matter how many things she still has to do. She also prepares Bentos for them. Even for the teachers. It is likeshe has an 6. Sense, because she always knows who likes what and who has eaten something and who not. She also plans study sessions for everyone and brings their favorite snacks and drinks." "So she is a bit like a female version of you." "Well, Kaminari told us one day that we are like the class patents so...." " Yep a female version of you, brother. Is she also so uptight ?" "No in these matters Y/n is more relaxed." "Good. Maybe she can help you to get this stick out of your ass." "TENSEI!!!!!!" Tenya yelled. "What? I'm just saying." Tensei laughed. "But serious, after what you told us about her she must be a really friendly person." "Yes. Yes she is." "Well. I cant wait to meet her. But niwi have to go to patrol. Good night brother." And with that Tensei left the table. Now Tenya and his parents were alone in the room, but they didn't asked any questions, so they all remained in silence. After Tenya finished his plate, he helped his parents to get the dirty dishes into the kitchen,before he said his goodbyes and land made his way back to the dorms. On his way, he had many thoughts about the upcoming meeting between you and his family. But Tenya was sure that they will love you as much as he loved you.
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clmsgeek62 · an hour ago
The Cassat Affair, and the Morgan Family Drama (Part 1)
She knew David. She knew about your affair with Samantha. Also, was the couch comfy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What happened before? What is going on while David is gone? Let's take a look at what happened at home.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back at home, Donna is playing around with her daughter Evelyn. She had her suspicions towards Samantha and David, but she brushes it off for now before having a chat with Neo Wyatt (a retired surgeon I made)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Things seem to be doing well with the kids, but David is still missing. He's probably staying at the office building. It's not like he's going around town to meet up with their friend Samantha right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Things are doing well at night. And then mood swings happened.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a typical morning on Thursday with the kids eating breakfast, and unsurprisingly, David is not home. And then Joseph got caught trying to set up a trap in the kitchen sink and got scolded by Donna.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Carolyn is just doing her thing, and Donna is teaching Evelyn to walk. And then David finally arrived home to work on an article. Where was he all this time?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David is actually in Samantha's house, having flirty exchanges with each other. He is here not only to stay over but to see his baby as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David seems to enjoy seeing a new baby girl with Samantha. These two were using their laptops, and then back to their flirty exchanges.  I mean, even after the baby Kiki was born, nothing else will happen, right?  Because nothing is DEFINITELY happening here.
(actually, it really happened but it’s NSFW and Tumblr has the anti-NSFW thingy since Dec 2017, so...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While Joseph is still having mood swings, and Evelyn is playing with the pegs, Donna is calling one of her neighbors. During the chat, she heard the news about a baby girl that belonged to Samantha Cassat. It was only at this call where she found out who the father is.
Tumblr media
"David! We need to talk! Right now!" "Not now, Donna. I'm trying to work here-" "I know about the baby, David! we're going to talk RIGHT NOW!"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"H-how did you-"
"I heard the news about the baby, and I've seen Samantha's love letter to you! YOU SLEPT WITH HER LAST NIGHT, DIDN'T YOU?!"
"Donna! Please! I can explain-"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David could only sleep on the couch in shame while Donna is so pissed, she wanted to slap him in the face. (unfortunately, her good trait prevents her to do many mean interactions aside from arguing or accusing)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Later, Donna is seen helping Carolyn with her homework. Joseph then tries to apologize for his recent behavior and begged for forgiveness.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ironic for someone with the lucky trait, his luck betrayed him, and now he's sleeping on the couch.
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blueseasfanfics · an hour ago
Some Affection
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Description: Loki calls you into his room after your work as his maid has ended. He's acting weird, and ends up wanting your company and some affection. You find out, he's way more affectionate than he lets on. So gentle, lots of fluff.
Word Count: 1.3k
A/N: Hi everyone! I'm feeling much better today. Managed to bake and everything. Here's another Loki fic set in Asgard, where you're working for him. I'm still open for requests too! You can see my full list of fandoms in my bio. And for longer, personalized commissions, at the link below. Hope you have a good day!
Want to support me for only $3 or commission a personal fic from me? Incredibly personalized and great prices! Check out my ko-fi:
Loki had called you from your rooms by terrifying a courier boy into doing it.
It’s after your bedtime, your working day is all over. You’re in a nightgown, for Odin’s sake.
The child came to your door, shivering.
“M-master said he wishes to see you at once.”
You and Loki had an...odd relationship. One that would have been looked down upon by the court, being as you were his servant and him a Prince and all. It wasn’t even that romantic, but it was closer than it should be.
You shouldn’t be calling him just Loki for example. Even in your head.
You both still had to put up appearances.
But making a child like this cry was out of the question.
“Hush, I’ll be there in a moment. Come in and sit, have some hot chocolate.” You say sweetly to the child, beckoning them inside your tiny quarters and giving them a cup you had made for yourself.
“Stay here until you feel better.” You smile and they nod, smiling back, and you leave.
On your long walk to Loki, you stewed. He didn’t need to yell at all, considering it was the boys job to courier messages. And the fact the boy was ten.
Your footsteps are loud against the tile flooring, the sound echoing against the empty walls.
Hel. He could have come to get you himself. It’s not like anyone else dares to be near him, no one would have seen.
You come upon his door, a huge wooden thing that reached up to the ceiling. Carved into it were his various exploits. You find a new one every time you come to his door. You don’t have the patience to find the new one this time however, and you knock sharply on the wood.
It opens at the first knock, and Loki is on the other side. He’s mildly bedraggled, face paler than usual and hair out of it’s usual neat setting.
“You have a lot of nerve-'' You start to hiss but he just walks away from the door, leaving it open for you. In a huff you come in, closing it gently behind you, before whirling around to yell at him.
Instead, you find him sitting in a large armchair facing the window on the opposite wall.
He had never outright ignored you before.
You come up slowly behind him, looking out the window with him. It shows half of Asgard, the bustling city and people, and half is of the sea. Tranquil and blue. The sun is just now setting on the horizon.
“Sir?” You say, worried about what kind of mood he was in.
“You were getting ready to yell at me earlier. I thought I should have a nice view when you do.”
“Are you alright?”
“What are you angry at me about?”
“You made the boy cry.”
“Not my intention.”
“Sort of hard to make a child cry without reason.”
“He wouldn’t go get you. Said you went to bed for the day. I may have gotten a bit nasty.”
“And I will apologize to him in the morning.”
“Good.” You say slowly, confused. He never just laid back like this, let you dictate what he was going to do. He loves to bicker. To talk in general, really. But he was incredibly quiet, and it was unnerving.
“Why did you-”
“Get me a drink, will you?” He waves a finger over to his liquor cabinet, and you take little time in pulling out his favorite and pouring him a glass. You pour it tall, and when you bring it to him and he takes the first drink, he deeply sighs.
“Thank you.”
“Is that-”
“Come in front of me.”
After a bit of hesitation, you stand in front of him. You feel awkward blocking the window, but he simply drinks and looks at you. His legs are splayed, and he’s half slumped in the chair. He isn’t as princely, poised, as he usually is.
His eyes are missing the spark they usually have. He’s looking at you but he’s almost looking through you, and at some point he just closes his eyes and rubs a temple with a long finger.
“Loki?” You say softly.
“Are you alright?”
“Not exactly.”
“Is there something I can do to help?”
He stays silent for a moment more, then drops his hand to the arm of the chair and looks at you again.
“Get on my lap.”
“What?! You cannot possibly expect-”
“Gods, no, not that. You have such an impure mind. Just...touch me. I need…”
“How emotive of you. Yes. Affection.” His voice is soft, and when you hesitate again he holds out his hand to you.
You take it and he tugs you easily onto his lap. You try to climb on it as elegantly as you can, straddling him while also keeping some distance from him.
Even closer to him, you see the exhaustion and sadness etched in his face. The sun behind you has descended into a deep orange, plunging the room into deeper and deeper darkness.
He takes another sip from his glass, then looks back at you. Even being inches from his face, you don’t feel nervous at all. You reach out and touch his cheek, and he nestles his hand in your palm and closes his eyes.
This is a side to Loki you’ve never seen before. You don’t think anyone’s ever seen it before.
Completely and utterly vulnerable. You wrap your arms around his neck.
Bringing yourself up against his chest, his free hand wraps around the small of your back, keeping you close to him. You lay your head on his shoulder as he does the same to you, his face in your neck.
He sets the drink down on the table next to him, and his other arm wraps around your waist too.
You think of saying something to break the silence, but he seems so tranquil just holding you that you don’t want to disturb him.
Plus, you find this incredibly calming as well. He smells like mint and mountain air, and the warmth from his embrace is lulling you to sleep.
He must have noticed because he pulls away from you slightly.
“You seem tired.” He murmurs, and you shake your head.
“I’m here for you, I’m awake.” You say, but then you yawn.
“Ah yes, yawning because you’re fully awake.”
“I don’t want to leave you.”
He studies you from just a few inches away, then pushes some of your hair behind your ear.
“You’re an odd one.” He murmurs.
“Should I take that as an insult?”
“Some would say it as an insult. I say it out of kindness.”
“Oh, a compliment from Sir Loki. My favorite thing in the world.” You say sarcastically.
“I thought your favorite thing in the world was a horse.”
“Same difference.”
“Are you calling me a horse?”
“As a compliment.”
He chuckles, and you smile. He seems ever so slightly back to his normal self.
“Loki, are you alright?”
“I just had a long day. I needed a drink and some company.”
“How about some sleep?”
He thinks for a moment, looking into your half-lidded eyes. He nods, standing up easily with you still in his arms.
You tighten your grip on his neck out of surprise, which makes him chuckle again.
“I won’t drop you.” He murmurs into your ear as he brings you to his bed, letting you down slowly. You quickly get comfortable under his blankets and he slides in next to you after taking off his shirt.
He faces away from you, and you look at his back. Still littered in scars you couldn’t identify nor want to.
Hesitantly, you slide your hand around his waist, pressing yourself against his back. He lets out a deep breath, and you close your eyes.
You fall asleep to the smell of mint and the sound of his steady heartbeat.
You wake up alone in bed, with the ghost of a kiss on your forehead.
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31, Nicotino
Martino should have known this would happen, when he bought Nico a smartphone for his birthday. That, eventually, he'd sign up on Instagram and use it to share his art. And that was just fine, but then they boys heard about it and Luchino got into his head that he had to be Nico's agent - since I Contrabbandieri di Porri were still waiting for their big hit - and that the views on his profile would benefit from showing some 'work in progress' videos.
Marti was quite certain that he'd say that his creative process was something too intimate to be shared, that part of uNreal99 's charm was their anonymity  and laugh Luca's proposal off. Except he didn't. He listened intently, nodding along and saying that he would consider it as long as his boyfriend was okay with it. A statament which, of course, hit a nerve and had Marti laugh bitterly.
"Now you make it sound like you need my permission to do things, Ni." He had snapped, in a biting tone.
"It's not that." Nico had clarified, reaching out to stroke his knuckles soothingly. "It just wouldn't feel right doing things that could upset you, if I can help it. You know that you always come first, right?"
"Awww, you guys." Luchino had cut in, trying to placate his friend as well. "Forget I've even asked if it's gonna 'cause a rift between you guys. Federica would kill me if she found out I was responsible for Martinico - Rames, Nicotino, however you want to call this beautiful union of yours - splitting up over this."
"Lu. Luchì. Calm down. You too, Nico. We're not even having an argument, here. Of course I'm okay with it. If anything, it's you two suggesting that I wouldn't as if I were some kind of jealous freak..."
It doesn't bother bother him at all, really. They are all just nicknames on a screen, with no chance on getting their dirty little hands on his boyfriend in real life. Plus, the raunchiest comments are things like 'your biggest fan since day one' , 'the true work of art is you' , 'this world is lucky to have so much beauty in it, and you certainly do your part' all coming from the same account that always ends their messages with a 'kisses from N.' The only one Nico never fails to reply to, with a rose and heart.
Well, that does bother him a little. Not too much, honestly. He's just curious about all this flirting since, well, Nico never fails to mention in the captions to his photos or in his videos that he's got a boyfriend. Why they keep on stalking his profile, then, liking every post? Why is Ni being so nice to them? Does he need to step in and tell this person to leave him alone?
"Who's this nadia.morriconi44 who liked your post on instagram? Who liked all of your posts, really, and keeps sending you kisses in the comments?" He asks one day, casually, over lunch.
"And what about it? Are you jealous?" Nico teases him a bit, not letting him answer to that as he goes on "I do admit she tends to go a bit overboard with the compliments, but that's how she is. She is married and, besides, I'm way too young for her. "
Okay, so that '44' in her nickname is her age?
"As if that had ever stopped people from being stalkers. Or creeps. She wouldn't be the first woman in her forties hitting on a man in his twenties... And why are you talking as if you know her personally..." He doesn't, does he?
What if she's someone he got to meet through his parents?
"Because I do, Marti. I can call her right now, and ask her to lay off the praise." Nico doesn't even need to dial the number, he has it saved on his phone. What the... "I'm not sure she'd read my reply on Instagram, or look at Directs. She barely even opens Whatsapp. She's worse than me, when it comes to technology... Nonna? Hi, it's me Nico. Yeah, yeah I'm good. I'm just calling because Marti has seen all your likes and comments on my posts and wants you to stop stalking me."
No-nonna? Nadia Morriconi is Nico's grandma? From which side, exactly? What's with all those pictures from art galleries and clubs from every corner of the world... Isn't she, like, nearly eighty or something? Why does it even matter? How is he supposed to face her, whenever they will finally have a chance to meet in person? And no, Nico can't put her on speaker. He needs to run away and hide, cursing his stupid possessiveness. She probably thinks her sweet Niccolò should kick him out and find someone better. Somebody who trusts him and doesn't see him as a serial cheater, always ready to have another man or woman on the side.
"Martino, dear. I'm sorry." Why is she the one apologizing. It doesn't make sense. He should be the one... "Nico is my only grandson and I'm so proud of him that I tend to step over the line sometimes, and make a little uncomfortable with my compliments. Besides, I didn't realize how it'd look from your side. No need to apologize, I get it. You're talking to someone who can't stand to hear 'Carlotta' because that's the name of his first girlfriend. Which, for the record, still flirts with him - as if he hasn't been married to ME for more than fifty years   - and he's just too naive and keeps saying she's just being polite. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?"
It sure does. Comforting, even.
"He still keeps in touch with Maddalena and Luai, can you believe? Sure, they are both going out with other people at the moment, but between you and me... And don't get me started on how people look at him, even though they know he's with him. There's this guy from Foggia, at his Uni, which Nico claims to be straight but..."  That gets him a well earned pinch on his thigh from Niccolò.
"Well, when you two are done gossiping about me let me know."  He pouts, pretending not to be amused by those two teaming up against him.
"Will do, Ni. Now, Nadia, where was I..."
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evermore-fashion · 2 hours ago
As someone who can't wear heels because of disability, and to be honest wouldn't really want to even if I could because I don't like to be in pain or have my movement impeded, I LOVE flats and boots on the runway. Normalise that you can looks smart/professional/fashionable/dressed up without having to wear heels! There's so much judgement when I show up to events or nights out in flats because they're seen as inherently casual or unprofessional. It constraints women's choices, forces us to put up with a discomfort that men don't have to, and penalises those with disabilities when we assume heels are the default for women.
I completely agree with you, and whilst I’m able bodied I live in boots and flat shoes in general as I just find them comfier to wear. Also wearing heels especially ridiculously high ones can do a lot of damage to your feet in the long run and I’d rather not go down that road if I can help it. I’m not against heels completely though as they can look absolutely gorgeous when paired with the right outfit but for me personally I prefer comfort over style.  Like you’ve pointed out perfectly though this highlights another one of the many stereotypes women have been boxed into for far too long. If you want to wear a stunning dress but opt for a pair of kick ass leather boots, flats or even trainers (sneakers) then I always say go for it. Fashion is constantly evolving and it needs to continue to highlight the idea that not every woman wants to wear high heels with a dress or gown. I love that Alexander McQueen has been doing this look in variations for years and I hope Sarah Burton continues with it because I love seeing alternative looks at the forefront of mainstream high end fashion.
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itz-darktrax · 2 hours ago
Some Shower Thoughts about BH6TS
1. Karmi is the person that looked at Hiro/captain cutie the most. How did she not notice who "captain cutie" really is? She literally looks into his helmet most of the time.
2. Is anyone concerned that Aunt Cass has a room dedicated to her winner knives?
3. So recently Baymaksu pointed out the potential of Cass being a villain. This makes me wonder if she can be an accomplice to Momakase. Or maybe even her partner in crime because of her knife inventory and cooking skills. Heck, she even has the guts to stab someone with a knife in self-defense when she took them to good luck alley.
4. In Obake Yashiki, Everyone's fears were explained except for Gogo's. Like what's up with her and leprechauns.
5. Is Honey Lemon's fear of hippos gone? because she was seen Hugging the nerd gang with all of the robot mascots including hyper potamus.
6. Hmm I wonder what happened to Trina? She was never seen after legacies. Assuming She's gone because NBB claimed in the first episode that he lost his "family".
7. I have no clue how Gogo's discs did not slay anyone. Because at the velocity she throws them and the thinness of the discs it must be sharp enough to cut something. This was proved in Big Roommates 2 when Gogo accidentally sliced Honey's Flowers clean. She also made a dent in the wall with her discs in the process. Honestly, it would be cool if her discs could do that to enemies because let's be real. All she does is bonk them with one of her discs and engages in a physical attack to finish them off.
8. I honestly have no clue how the hell Cobra surviving falling down a volcano. So I assume she's immortal because she does not look any different since then.
Thanks for reading my show thoughts
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syarmine · 2 hours ago
Mandarin LEP Program (Semester 2, 2021)
On the 7th of May 2021, I was given the opportunity to take one of the roles of being a master of ceremony for this event. At first, I was hesitant when I received the news from my lecturer but then I realised I am given a partner to co-emcee with and that should lessen my anxiety and doubts about it. With that, I decided not to reject the role and take it up as a challenge at improving myself and my public speaking skills. Prior to this, I did have an experience of co-emceeing with a classmate of mine a few years ago for an almost similar event where it was conducted in English/Malay-Arabic for students who were enrolled in Arabic language Level 2 at my college, However, I didn’t want to count it as I had only stated around two sentences in Arabic and that was pretty much it, so I wouldn’t actually say that I had co-emceed here kind of.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried or anything and so, I suggested that my co-emcee and I prepare our scripts and so we did. Aside from that, due to my always doubting myself and worrying nature, I informed my lecturer that it’s better if we did a rehearsal 2 days before the actual event. To be very honest, I felt really bad for requesting such because I had seen my lecturer’s schedule for each week and that he is amazing for handling 5 classes that go on for 2 hours for each session and conducted twice a week so you do the math. I was surprised when he agreed to it and is looking forward to it as well. With that, I knew I had to work hard and not let him down on this one.
The rehearsal went well and that we were told to improve some minor parts but aside from that everything was well-planned. On the day of the event, I was half excited and half nervous, thinking about the number of distinguished guests who would be watching and participants that will be attending the event. It was nerve-wracking honestly, but I had to keep myself calm and tell myself that I can do this! I had to trust myself at this point because I had invested a lot of effort into this and even practised and rewrite my script the night before just so I do not mess up in the event.
Fortunately, the event went well and that everyone had a great time! I felt relieved that I was able to stay calm while reciting my lines up until the end of this event. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome of me taking up this challenge even though it wasn’t the best for others, but at least it was the best that I had given. I may not be the best master of ceremony out there yet but I am in the process of learning to become better and I accept my mistakes because that makes me human and that humans are not perfect. I don’t seek such perfection but what matters most is that I DID IT! I am happy at the fact that I was able to overcome one of my fears in life again, public speaking. Besides that, having a co-emcee who has my back definitely was a plus point and I am very thankful for having a supportive committee for this event. 
It was a great opportunity if you ask me. I am happy that I took this role and who knows? perhaps in the future, I would likely take up more of these roles and become better and eventually become a great speaker someday. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jade-marie · 3 hours ago
What happen to "if you want to be the king. You the gotta kill the king" I WANNA WATCH THAT SCENE ON REPEAT. So sick of this show changing things in canon to make their shity storylines "work" nothing about s1/s2 even s3 suggest that Rio wasn't the BOSS. I always figured he had someone to answer to but not in this way. Im legit so confused with this storyline oes that mean Nick was in charge the entire time?
Literally! Give me that version of Rio back! The one who fucking laughed while a gun was being pointed at him. They do this all the time, “developing” characters by contradicting everything they’ve already established about said character. I always figured he had a “boss” that provided him with capital/connections in exchange for a cut of the profits, and as long as he kept his end of the deal up, there was no drama. But because of the fallout of the shooting, money stopped flowing and now the boss is breathing down his neck. That makes sense with what we’ve seen so far.
I was talking to @harpersplay and obviously the whole “Nick the boss” storyline is bullshit anyway, but if this was their dynamic the whole time - it really doesn’t work.
If Nick has always been beating Rio for fucking up, that would’ve been clear in the flashbacks. If Rio has always had someone breathing down his neck like this, he’d be more careful. If he’s previously faced violent consequences for fucking up, he wouldn’t have looked so scared/confused during that scene.
But if this was the first time, why would that be the thing to set Nick off? Rio’s entire crew got arrested in s1, he almost went to trial in s2, his cash operation was burned, his pill operation was tanked, he was shot and ended up in custody for 2 months, he’s been short on cash drops because of Beth. All of these incidents would’ve had Nicks attention but this is what set him off?? Nah.
They’re retconning everything and making Rio no more than a scared little boy being bullied into playing gangster by his cunt of a big brother and it’s so dumb.
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is it cool that i said all that? is it chill that you’re in my head?
read on ao3 here!
Camera flash. Microphone being shoved in their faces. Voices clamouring to get their attention. Camera flash. Shouting. Screaming. Camera flash. “Ladybug! Chat Noir! Over here!” Usually, the flurry of reporters does not bother Chat Noir, but that day, they just reminded him of the day just passed. He grimaces, steeling himself, opening his mouth in preparation to speak.
You’re Chat Noir now, not “Adrien Agreste: son of Hawkmoth”. They don’t hate you. You can do this .
He catches a glimpse of Ladybug giving him a reassuring smile, nodding when she knows he can see it.
Deep breaths. You got this.
He is even more grateful for the mask covering his face as he delicately weaves his way through his responses; he could almost pretend that the unfriendly sentiment he had been feeling in his life for a while now is directed at someone else, that he is completely separate from the drama that has been following his family, him in particular, for the last few weeks.
Ironic, considering the event they are currently at is a ‘celebratory dinner’ (though he knows that’s just fancy talk for “rich people party’) hosted by the Mayor of Paris in celebration of Hawkmoth’s defeat and the beginning of an era of peace.
He goes quiet for a moment. Ladybug glances over at him, and seeing through his hasty veiling, gently sends a pulse to his hand.
We’re in this together , the expression she gives him seems to say.
He squeezes back, gently so the cameras watching their every move don’t get any ideas.
You and me against the world . ...
She’s twirling on the dance floor, absolutely gleaming in her deep red dress, the skirt of it fanning around her in a perfect circle. Her smile could brighten up the whole room if she wanted it to, but she was smiling at him , spinning as she looked at him, and Chat Noir felt like he would combust if her gaze is locked on his for any longer.
Luckily for him, she breaks her focus, instead focusing on the bar and its shining, spotless tabletops. Unluckily for him, she begins to walk closer, grinning all the while.
“Wanna drink? There’s some really good ones!” She says, picking hers up from a nearby table, humming in satisfaction as she takes a sip.
“Sure.” He replies, and lets her drag him over to the refreshments area, her arm pulling on this like she were a child waiting to show him her secret hideout.
It has been so long since he saw her like this, young, careless, and free.
The past few years have been too hard on her, he observes, I’m glad she can laugh again . ...
“Honestly, I’m glad that they didn’t invite that Agreste boy.”
“Yeah actually, he was probably in on it the whole time.”
He tries not to let the voices affect him, tries to let them slide over him like a waterfall rushing over rocks. He tries to mask his pain, even as Ladybug walks up to him and gives him a concerned look.
Even as her eyes scrunch up adorably as she tries to figure out what’s off about him.
“You know,” she begins, “you’ve been really quiet lately. Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, I’m uh,” He tries so hard not to look over at the people talking by the refreshments. A quick peek out the corner of his eye, praying that it is too short for her to catch. “I’m fine. Just been a long day, I guess.”
Quiet for a minute. Then a soft “Oh.”
Ah, she’s seen them.
“Come with me Chat Noir, I know the perfect place for us to go.” She says loudly, drawing attention to her and interrupting the not-at-all-about-him conversation. The people stop out of shock, mouths agape at Ladybug making such a sudden outburst.
“Ha, can you imagine? Ladybug. ” He hears emerging from the party-goers, their faces turned back towards one another.
“Guess everyone’s different when they’re tipsy.” One chuckles, obviously suppressing a more booming laugh in fear of being chastised.
He nervously looks at her pulling his arm, but all he says is a slight self-assured smirk and soft eyes looking back at him.
“Eh, they can say whatever they want about me. As long as they stopped talking about you , that’s all that matters.”
He mutters softly, “Thank you, Marinette.”
She smiles.
“Anytime, Adrien.”
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