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#it made me feel so sick

Might meet my girlfriends family this winter and I’m so nervous about my ARFID making things awkward or offending someone by not being able to eat their food 😩 truly glad I’m not self conscious about the body hair situation anymore but ARFID makes me so panicky and miserable when it comes to anything relating to food in social situations ugurbjfjfnshd I literally will crack and start crying over the smallest amount of food-related stress or pressure

At least i know I’m autistic now and I know that’s the source of my disorder versus several years ago when I had no clue why I was like this. At least now I can try to say “sorry, I’m autistic and it makes eating food difficult but I promise it’s nothin personal” instead of just begging people to understand or saying I’m allergic to random shit or throwing away food when nobody’s looking

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i woke up from a dream where i was running my voice raw calling out the corrupt politicians and government of my country to their faces for how fucked up everything is and all they did was stay silent and ignore me

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Just want to make things clear on here: if you write, draw, allow, or excuse in/cest in any form or fashion, get the fuck away from this blog. Your views are actively harmful and I want you nowhere near me or any of my work. This applies to other similar subject matters, such as non/con, abuse, beas/tiality, and other vile tropes that I have seen far too much of in this fandom. This is not inviting argument. This is not up for debate.

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I picked up a few new followers and just wanted to say hi and welcome 😁 I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog. I try to make it a pleasant experience.

There’s a lot of x-files here, and other stuff I enjoy. I have a very soft for Gillian (Anderson) and David (Duchovny). But I hope you already know that 😁

If you have any questions, requests or anything at all, my inbox is always open for everyone!

Thank you for following me 🤗

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15. post the last line you wrote without context.

(already posted the last line so heres a line i wrote recently and liked!)

It was early enough that the light coming through the window was that pretty, watery gold that only came with autumn dawns, and it hit Gene in such a way that he looked as though he were made of light.

17. describe a fic that is still in the ‘ideas’ stage.

ok so. i like a good ghost story and i have been listening to my malarkey playlist on repeat for the past week (especially smoke signals ohmygod) so i thought about a longer fic where skips ghosts starts haunting malarkey once he gets back to the states. i like angst but i dont want this to have a sad ending so im working out the semantics of it, but i wrote a 300 word intro i like so we’ll see where that goes.

19. what’s your favorite character headcanon?

ive mentioned this a couple of times but like. i really like the idea of speirs and lip going on museum dates :) <3 especially the big boston museums like!! i know they would spend so much time with the sargents in the mfa and speirs could take lip through the ancient roman art and talk abt every person portrayed in a bust. and just. the two of them sitting in the courtyard at the gardner, listening to a performance……. speirs drags him up to where the paintings were stolen and spends an hour talking about theories and stuff……..yeah………

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