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19daysmemes · 54 minutes ago
Mo Guan Shan saying He Tian's name can be something so emotional
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lacallemojada · a month ago
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I wanted everything to never end. Can we start again and leave a light on?
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sharpesjoy · 5 months ago
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1.14 | 4.11
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exploring-with-blue · 6 days ago
POV: you are about to receive a little kissy
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thejedijunkyard · 7 months ago
i often think about the fact that in the books, after the ring was destroyed, arwen gave frodo her necklace, and that he often clutched it and fidgeted with it as a sort of ring replacement before he left for the undying lands
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a-dealwithgod · 2 months ago
thinking of dustin and lucas gifting erica the donation box that contained all the party’s old memories and games and essentially their childhood. like they’re passing down this sense of naivety and creativity and wonder that they all held at her age before their lives change. but at the same time almost definitely dooming her to the same fate as them. turning her from a kid with a wild imagination filled with magic and friendship to fighting monsters that aren’t supposed to be real
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thefreeblog · 9 days ago
Its really something that Vegas is not broken by all the hatred, abuse and disgust which has come his way all his life. It just took a little bit of care (and love dare I say) to break him and come apart.
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pyro-peony · a month ago
Nick Nelson’s hair swoop is something that can be so personal
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elfyourmother · 10 days ago
having feelings about King Aymeric’s crown being a gift from Hraesvelgr, an ancient relic of the time of the second peace between men and dragons, when Ishgardian kings were crowned with jewels gifted by dragons as a sign of the covenant between them. this specific crown Aymeric has was intended for Haldrath, and after Ratatoskr’s murder, Hraesvelgr nearly destroyed it in a fit of rage and grief but Shiva stayed his hand and so he just sealed it away
that crown was in the same vault as the ancient Dragoon armor he gave Estinien
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damerondjarin · 6 months ago
finally saw encanto last night and it meant more to me than i can explain that the lead had glasses
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notifits-you · a year ago
on why the line “i’ve started baking again” by niki is so important
on jack’s stream after it’s revealed that tommy has been brought back to life, he goes to niki to begin their plan for vengeance again. but niki ultimately doesn’t agree to doing so, responding to the question of why with the all too good line “i’ve starting baking again”. 
it’s so important (and extremely underrated) because even in such a little line, she says so much. niki has moved on from vengeance and destruction. and slowly but surely, niki is beginning to heal again. 
and it’s in such a human way. because no one just wakes up and immediately becomes better, you don’t just decide “i’m okay now” and move on. instead you slowly begin to fall in love again with the things you never thought you’d enjoy again. 
and that’s baking for niki, because baking reminds her of a time with wilbur, the wilbur before pogtopia. and after his death, she stops baking, blowing up her own bakery during doomsday. and for niki to be baking again is so important to her character 
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sam-blackbird · a month ago
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Excuse me, I'm just having a moment right now n right here 'coz they use the they/them pronouns and I use them too so every time I heard a character going with those, I'm dying of happyness
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uppastthejelliclemoon · 3 months ago
What was kitten hood like for bombalurina, Demeter, Cassandra, rumpleteazer, Victoria, and tantomile, like? Do you have any headcanons?
she was actually a quiet kitten! She liked sticking close to her mom, and if Jennyanydots wasn't around, then she was always Demeter's shadow after her little sister was born. After Tugger was born, they became attached at the hip, and it wasn't uncommon to see the two of them giggling and playing with each other.
She was SUCH a curious kitten! As soon as she'd wake up, she was out of the Junkyard and going off on adventures, usually followed by Bombalurina, Munkustrap and Tugger. She was also a very loud kitten, always squealing and laughing and chatting, and making up some fun game for everyone else to play with her!
She doesn't remember most of her kittenhood, but she did spend a few years with a group of humans after being adopted from Egypt. She led a very sheltered life, never allowed to leave the house, as she was being trained to be a show cat. It eventually got to be overwhelming, and Cassandra left as soon as she was old enough to be on her own.
Rumpleteazer was on the streets for her kittenhood with Mungojerrie. The two of them spent their early years dodging humans and dogs, and hid in whatever alleys they found. Macavity found them one cold night, and it was easy for two starving kittens to immediately attach to the tom who gave them a warm place to sleep and food.
She spent most of her kitten years at Bustopher's clubs, but also at the Junkyard! She was a very curious queen, and loved listening to the stories of the older Jellicles about their own pasts. She learned from Jennyanydots how to dance, and practiced alongside Plato, who was easily her best friend just after Mistoffelees.
Tantomile was always a quiet cat, but she loved all the time she was able to spend with her mother and brother. Her favorite thing as a kitten (besides playing with Coricopat) was listening to the plays that Asparagus got to be part of when he was younger, and she actually spent quite a bit of time with Tumblebrutus, as the two of them were absolutely glued to Asparagus' side.
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yourhumbleservant152 · 9 months ago
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taeyungie · a year ago
the airplane landed after the years 🥺
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its-captain-sir · 29 days ago
I don't think I've really talked about it before cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to spoil it or not but. holding the ending of my dino game close to my heart
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barbabetos · a month ago
i can’t think abt holding my faves faces or having my face held because then i become rabid and then will dissolve into a puddle of goo
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frannisgoingtohell · 5 months ago
oh SHIT-
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onlyoneof-whipped · 4 months ago
ooo always pulling out props for choreos we stan magicians!!
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feelitstillmp3 · a year ago
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❝  time has looked at your faces. and time .. time never forgets ❞
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